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CYO Dev. Meet 12

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Liberty HS, Hillsboro, OR

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Jason Talley11.87St. Pius X      
2.8Rocky Martin11.93Our Lady of the Lake      
3.8Evan Brehm11.96St. Pius X      
4.8Devin King11.99Holy Family      
5.8Zach Jolie12.44St. Pius X      
6.7Keegan Dillon12.68St. Pius X      
7.8Grant Mathews12.78St. Pius X      
8.8Nathan Welch12.85St. John the Apostle      
9.11-12Cameron Russell12.86Our Lady of the Lake      
10.8Enzo Czysz13.03Holy Family      
10.7Samuel Arnot13.03Our Lady of the Lake      
12.7Jared DeVore13.41St. Pius X      
13.8Joshua Webb13.45Our Lady of the Lake      
14.8Matthew Henningsen13.76St. Pius X      
15.7Nick Wiley13.79St. Pius X      
16.7Kyle Duitsman13.87St. Pius X      
17.8Patrick Kelly13.89St. Pius X      
18.8Matthew Ruka14.13St. Pius X      
19.7Ibrahim Youm14.40St. Pius X      
20.7Nathanael Wessels14.43St. Matthew      
21.7Max Harbert14.47Our Lady of the Lake      
22.8Richard Pahl14.60Our Lady of the Lake      
23.7Peter Earnshaw14.63Our Lady of the Lake      
24.7Gavin Seifert14.64St. John the Apostle      
25.7Trey Smith14.75St. Matthew      
27.8Ryan Ford15.75St. Pius X      
28.7Zack Pelster15.82St. Matthew      
29.8Eric Enghold16.63St. Pius X      
30.7Ryan Forster17.18St. Pius X      
31.8Josh Rickman17.24St. Pius X      
X 100 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Aidan Maloney14.02St. Matthew      
2.6Quintin Thomas14.22St. Matthew      
3.6Harris Brown14.24Our Lady of the Lake      
4.6Tyler Helms14.38St. Pius X      
5.5Michael Malone14.39St. Pius X      
6.6Cal Motylewski14.46Our Lady of the Lake      
7.5Sam Romeo14.82St. Matthew      
8.5Sam Zener14.90St. Matthew      
9.5Gabriel LeRiche14.99St. Matthew      
10.6Michael Schwan15.05St. Matthew      
11.6Luke Schwartz15.18St. Pius X      
11.6Ivan Sinkus15.18Our Lady of the Lake      
13.6Max Czysz15.19Holy Family      
14.5Melvin Bowman15.30St. Pius X      
15.5Jackson Jolie15.31St. Pius X      
16.6Calvin Bryant15.33St. John the Apostle      
16.6jacob Lipke15.33St. Pius X      
18.5Luke Lorber15.47St. Matthew      
18.5Neal Blaisdell15.47St. Matthew      
20.6Alex Woolverton15.48St. Pius X      
21.5Alex Hart15.49Holy Family      
22.6Nicholas Meisburger15.71Our Lady of the Lake      
23.5Lane Marshall15.74St. John the Apostle      
24.5Gabriel Grant15.85St. Matthew      
25.6Elijah Smith16.07St. Pius X      
26.6Ethan Swift16.19St. Matthew      
27.6Michael Ryan16.33Our Lady of the Lake      
28.6Nico Enriquez16.34St. Pius X      
29.6Benjamin Lyman16.36St. Matthew      
30.6Devon Burt16.39Our Lady of the Lake      
31.6Cole Shearer16.47St. Pius X      
32.6austin Arthur16.48St. Pius X      
33.5Hunter Clasey16.84St. Pius X      
34.5Jacob Petersen17.16St. John the Apostle      
35.5Dean Wilson17.22St. John the Apostle      
36.5Noah Nurse17.35Our Lady of the Lake      
37.5Blake Schneck17.39St. Pius X      
38.6Dustin Asher17.54St. John the Apostle      
39.5Zachary Meyer17.96St. Matthew      
40.6Shawn Eilersen17.99St. John the Apostle      
41.5Mitchell Brost18.12St. John the Apostle      
42.6Hunter Schaefer18.15St. Matthew      
X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Jack Kelley15.10Our Lady of the Lake      
2.4Israel Swan16.08St. Matthew      
3.4John Migchelbrink16.11St. Pius X      
4.4Aaron Rudder16.13Our Lady of the Lake      
5.4Zachary Werner16.15St. John the Apostle      
6.4Grayson Landon16.28St. Matthew      
7.4Morpheus Nithikhun16.31St. John the Apostle      
8.4Reece Sullivan16.81St. Pius X      
9.4Cole Lundmark16.82St. John the Apostle      
10.4Nick Lytle16.92Our Lady of the Lake      
11.3William Flanagan17.12Our Lady of the Lake      
12.4Diego Guitirreze17.18Holy Family      
13.3Luca Capriotti17.36St. Pius X      
14.4Lance Schoening17.42St. Matthew      
15.4Daniel Rosetti17.46St. Matthew      
16.4Joel Gonzalez17.65St. Matthew      
17.3Lincoln Haldorsen17.90St. Pius X      
18.3AJ Mart17.97St. John the Apostle      
19.3Braden Hansen18.18Holy Family      
20.3Adam Elle18.23Holy Family      
21.3Isiah Jannsen18.32St. John the Apostle      
22.4Benjamin Joshi18.45St. Pius X      
23.3Oscar Romeo18.48St. Matthew      
24.4Cameron Hardy18.50St. Matthew      
25.3Cole Peters18.66Our Lady of the Lake      
26.3Owen Hubers19.06St. Pius X      
27.4Keenan Smith19.39St. Pius X      
28.4Peter Hull19.44Our Lady of the Lake      
29.3Brian Kennedy19.56St. Pius X      
30.3Lance Peterson19.66St. Matthew      
31.4Jaden Schnoor19.85St. John the Apostle      
32.3Liam Broughton20.17St. John the Apostle      
33.3Noah Browning21.39St. Pius X      
34.3Liam Meshorer21.71St. Pius X      
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Jason Talley24.23St. Pius X      
2.8Zach Jolie24.95St. Pius X      
3.8Evan Brehm25.04St. Pius X      
4.8Devin King25.57Holy Family      
5.7Keegan Dillon26.41St. Pius X      
6.8Enzo Czysz27.07Holy Family      
7.11-12Cameron Russell27.11Our Lady of the Lake      
8.8Joshua Webb27.53Our Lady of the Lake      
9.7Nick Wiley27.55St. Pius X      
10.8Matthew Henningsen28.41St. Pius X      
11.8Patrick Maloney30.04St. Matthew      
X 200 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Sam Romeo29.89St. Matthew      
2.6Tyler Helms29.98St. Pius X      
3.6Cory Taylor30.04Our Lady of the Lake      
4.6Quintin Thomas30.13St. Matthew      
5.6Luke Schwartz30.48St. Pius X      
6.6Morgan Roth30.58St. John the Apostle      
7.6parker MacMillan30.81St. Pius X      
8.5Jackson Jolie30.85St. Pius X      
9.5Sam Zener31.66St. Matthew      
10.6jacob Lipke31.67St. Pius X      
11.6Nicholas Meisburger32.05Our Lady of the Lake      
12.5Gabriel LeRiche32.06St. Matthew      
13.5Trafford Turkiewicz32.30Holy Family      
14.6Elijah Smith32.69St. Pius X      
15.5Neal Blaisdell32.84St. Matthew      
16.6Connor Wood33.29Our Lady of the Lake      
17.6Jackson Petitt33.32St. Pius X      
18.6Benjamin Lyman33.35St. Matthew      
19.6Evan Sklar33.69Our Lady of the Lake      
20.6Cole Shearer33.77St. Pius X      
21.6Ivan Sinkus33.97Our Lady of the Lake      
22.6Michael Ryan34.13Our Lady of the Lake      
23.5Hunter Clasey34.34St. Pius X      
24.5Ian Finn34.41Holy Family      
25.5Blake Schneck34.82St. Pius X      
26.5Nathan Reilly34.83Holy Family      
27.5Gabriel Grant35.43St. Matthew      
28.6Hunter Schaefer39.15St. Matthew      
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Jayden Holgado31.28St. Matthew      
2.4Jack Kelley32.73Our Lady of the Lake      
3.3William Podeschi33.91Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Israel Swan34.02St. Matthew      
5.4Chais Belcher34.75St. Matthew      
6.4Nick Lytle35.04Our Lady of the Lake      
7.4Daniel Rosetti35.44St. Matthew      
8.4Grayson Landon35.76St. Matthew      
9.3Noa Taylor35.86Holy Family      
10.4Reece Sullivan36.07St. Pius X      
11.4Zachary Werner36.23St. John the Apostle      
12.3Noah Rozzell36.36Holy Family      
13.3Jack Ensminger37.71Our Lady of the Lake      
14.4Evan Wehbe37.74St. Pius X      
15.3Quinn Beckley37.76St. Pius X      
16.4Diego Guitirreze38.06Holy Family      
17.3Satchel Servin38.21St. Pius X      
18.4Aden Lehr39.54Holy Family      
19.3Noah Luty40.17St. John the Apostle      
20.3Derrick Drango41.02Our Lady of the Lake      
21.3Samuel Allie41.26St. Matthew      
22.3John Krigbaum42.15St. John the Apostle      
23.3Timothy Pearse44.06St. John the Apostle      
24.3Noah Schwengels-McGarth45.67St. Matthew      
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Grant Mathews59.08St. Pius X      
2.7Samuel Arnot1:00.08Our Lady of the Lake      
3.7Keegan Dillon1:01.41St. Pius X      
4.8Brendan Quinn1:03.02Holy Family      
5.8Jonathan Edwards1:03.98Our Lady of the Lake      
6.7Jared DeVore1:06.05St. Pius X      
7.7Ibrahim Youm1:06.07St. Pius X      
8.7John Walsh1:06.69St. Matthew      
9.7Seancarlos Gonzalez1:08.29St. Matthew      
10.7Peter Earnshaw1:12.29Our Lady of the Lake      
X 400 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Luke Schwartz1:07.79St. Pius X      
2.6Nate Schmidlin1:10.34St. Matthew      
3.6parker MacMillan1:10.65St. Pius X      
4.5Jackson Jolie1:11.98St. Pius X      
5.5Trafford Turkiewicz1:12.95Holy Family      
6.5Luke Lorber1:13.24St. Matthew      
7.6Alex Woolverton1:14.76St. Pius X      
8.5Drew Howells1:14.88Our Lady of the Lake      
9.6Connor Wood1:15.93Our Lady of the Lake      
10.6Jackson Petitt1:16.05St. Pius X      
11.6Tyler Helms1:16.28St. Pius X      
12.6Ethan Swift1:16.68St. Matthew      
13.5Ian Finn1:17.45Holy Family      
14.6Nico Enriquez1:17.75St. Pius X      
15.5Braden Buerk1:19.42Holy Family      
16.6Spencer Stroud1:20.54Holy Family      
17.6Evan Sklar1:21.27Our Lady of the Lake      
18.5Alex May1:23.16Holy Family      
19.5Henry Slatore1:23.53Holy Family      
20.5Danny Cappalonga1:24.45Holy Family      
21.6Evan Clark1:26.60Our Lady of the Lake      
22.6austin Arthur1:26.63St. Pius X      
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Jayden Holgado1:09.86St. Matthew      
2.4Aaron Rudder1:16.00Our Lady of the Lake      
3.4Alexander Platt1:18.77Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4John Migchelbrink1:20.00St. Pius X      
5.3Roman Sinkus1:20.44Our Lady of the Lake      
6.4Cole Lundmark1:22.26St. John the Apostle      
7.3William Flanagan1:24.68Our Lady of the Lake      
8.3Noa Taylor1:26.88Holy Family      
9.4Chais Belcher1:28.86St. Matthew      
10.3Satchel Servin1:29.75St. Pius X      
11.3Jaden Rotter1:33.61St. Pius X      
12.3Braden Hansen1:35.55Holy Family      
13.3Derrick Drango1:39.50Our Lady of the Lake      
14.4Gabriel Steinhoff1:39.87St. Matthew      
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Zack Lavier2:18.03St. Pius X      
2.8Daniel Thompson2:22.48St. Pius X      
3.8David Bridges2:26.50St. Pius X      
4.8Luca Ostertag-Hill2:27.77St. Pius X      
5.7Alex Harbert2:28.02Our Lady of the Lake      
6.8Matthew Ruka2:29.45St. Pius X      
7.8Stephen Fey2:31.99St. Pius X      
8.8Jacob Hillman2:32.56St. Pius X      
9.8Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski2:34.71St. Matthew      
10.7Dominic Arce2:39.16St. Pius X      
11.8Keenan Robinson2:52.55Holy Family      
12.7Logan Schnoor2:52.98St. John the Apostle      
13.8Christopher Goodman2:55.27St. Pius X      
14.8Josh Rickman3:11.55St. Pius X      
X 800 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Cameron Thompson2:31.79St. Pius X      
2.6Eric Brecht2:34.18St. Pius X      
3.5Jack De la motte2:46.06St. Matthew      
4.6parker MacMillan2:53.29St. Pius X      
5.6Justin Denson2:55.19St. Pius X      
6.5Braden Buerk3:05.30Holy Family      
7.5Nathan Reilly3:06.02Holy Family      
8.6Michael Schwan3:06.47St. Matthew      
9.5Parker McKenna3:10.13St. Pius X      
10.5Kemper Finn3:14.09Holy Family      
11.5Thomas Owen3:14.67Holy Family      
12.5Henry Slatore3:15.60Holy Family      
13.5Alex May3:26.62Holy Family      
14.5John Fey3:35.84St. Pius X      
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Marcus David2:44.48Our Lady of the Lake      
2.4Jackson Lewis3:03.48St. Pius X      
3.3Roman Sinkus3:05.68Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Alexander Platt3:07.32Our Lady of the Lake      
5.3Jaden Rotter3:25.30St. Pius X      
6.3Owen Hubers3:40.76St. Pius X      
X 1500 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Zack Lavier4:42.47St. Pius X      
2.7Alex Harbert4:56.11Our Lady of the Lake      
3.8Stephen Fey5:07.13St. Pius X      
4.8David Bridges5:09.30St. Pius X      
5.8Zach Enriquez5:09.55St. Pius X      
6.8Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski5:10.00St. Matthew      
7.8Nicholas Reed5:24.77St. Pius X      
8.7Cody Grater5:46.07St. Pius X      
9.8Christopher Goodman6:22.51St. Pius X      
10.7Gavin Seifert6:29.91St. John the Apostle      
X 1500 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Eric Brecht5:22.60St. Pius X      
2.5Jack De la motte5:35.71St. Matthew      
3.6Cal Motylewski5:48.55Our Lady of the Lake      
4.6Harris Brown5:50.52Our Lady of the Lake      
5.6Justin Denson5:57.28St. Pius X      
6.5Parker McKenna6:05.43St. Pius X      
7.6Ivan Sinkus6:12.54Our Lady of the Lake      
8.5Benjamin Hill6:18.23St. John the Apostle      
9.5Noah Nurse6:21.89Our Lady of the Lake      
10.5Henry Slatore6:26.40Holy Family      
11.5Danny Cappalonga6:27.42Holy Family      
12.5Max Franz6:31.71Our Lady of the Lake      
13.5Kemper Finn6:32.85Holy Family      
14.5John Fey7:12.09St. Pius X      
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aaron Rudder5:45.60Our Lady of the Lake      
2.4Joe Nizich5:47.88St. John the Apostle      
3.4Jackson Lewis5:53.29St. Pius X      
4.3Roman Sinkus6:03.34Our Lady of the Lake      
5.3Isiah Jannsen6:25.00St. John the Apostle      
6.4Evan Wehbe6:32.76St. Pius X      
7.4Cameron Hardy6:36.68St. Matthew      
8.4Benjamin Joshi6:51.08St. Pius X      
X 3000 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Daniel Thompson10:06.85St. Pius X      
2.8Luca Ostertag-Hill10:22.26St. Pius X      
3.8Jacob Hillman10:32.55St. Pius X      
4.7Austin Migchelbrink10:34.34St. Pius X      
5.7Seancarlos Gonzalez11:38.53St. Matthew      
X 3000 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Cameron Thompson10:39.94St. Pius X      
2.5Riley Marshall12:35.18St. Matthew      
3.5Noah Kurzenhauser12:40.56St. John the Apostle      
4.5Ian Finn12:55.31Holy Family      
5.5Thomas Owen13:26.25Holy Family      
6.5Timothy Brewer14:16.33St. John the Apostle      
X 4x60 Shuttle Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.04St. John the Apostle      
2.-Relay Team 45.61St. Matthew      
3.-Relay Team 45.72Holy Family      
4.-Relay Team 45.95St. John the Apostle      
4.-Relay Team 45.95St. Pius X      
6.-Relay Team 47.30St. Pius X      
7.-Relay Team 47.52St. Matthew      
8.-Relay Team 47.63St. John the Apostle      
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Jason Talley
Grant Mathews
Zach Jolie
Evan Brehm
48.40St. Pius X      
2.-Patrick Kelly
Ibrahim Youm
Matthew Henningsen
Jared DeVore
56.10St. Pius X      
3.-John Walsh
Seancarlos Gonzalez
Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski
Patrick Maloney
57.07St. Matthew      
4.-Hunter Schaefer
Trey Smith
Zack Pelster
Nathanael Wessels
1:15.72St. Matthew      
X 4x100 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.30St. Matthew      
2.-Relay Team 57.41Our Lady of the Lake      
3.-Relay Team 58.82St. Pius X      
4.-Relay Team 1:00.56St. Matthew      
5.-Relay Team 1:01.90St. Pius X      
6.-Relay Team 1:03.80Our Lady of the Lake      
7.-Relay Team 1:04.15Holy Family      
8.-Relay Team 1:04.88St. John the Apostle      
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:02.50Our Lady of the Lake      
2.-Relay Team 1:05.03St. Matthew      
3.-Relay Team 1:08.13St. Pius X      
4.-Relay Team 1:09.96Holy Family      
5.-Relay Team 1:10.06Our Lady of the Lake      
6.-Relay Team 1:16.16St. Pius X      
X 4x400 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:10.65St. Pius X      
2.-Relay Team 4:29.45St. Pius X      
X 4x400 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:53.83St. Pius X      
2.-Relay Team 5:15.86St. Matthew      
3.-Relay Team 5:25.35Our Lady of the Lake      
4.-Relay Team 5:44.86St. John the Apostle      
5.-Relay Team 5:50.12Holy Family      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cub - Finals
1.5Lane Marshall30-08.50St. John the Apostle      
2.6Morgan Roth30-05.00St. John the Apostle      
3.5Gabriel LeRiche27-08.50St. Matthew      
4.6Cory Taylor25-06.00Our Lady of the Lake      
5.5Aidan Maloney25-03.00St. Matthew      
6.6Michael Ryan23-04.00Our Lady of the Lake      
7.5Parker McKenna22-02.00St. Pius X      
8.6Calvin Bryant19-02.00St. John the Apostle      
9.5Luke Lorber18-10.00St. Matthew      
10.6Hunter Schaefer18-03.00St. Matthew      
11.5Thomas Owen17-05.00Holy Family      
12.6Dustin Asher16-04.00St. John the Apostle      
13.5Gabriel Grant16-02.00St. Matthew      
14.5Mitchell Brost16-00.00St. John the Apostle      
15.5Braden Buerk15-07.00Holy Family      
16.5Zachary Meyer12-09.00St. Matthew      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Morpheus Nithikhun20-08.00St. John the Apostle      
2.4Joe Nizich20-05.00St. John the Apostle      
3.4Austin Canchola19-07.00St. John the Apostle      
4.4Peter Hull18-07.00Our Lady of the Lake      
5.4Jackson Lewis17-08.00St. Pius X      
6.3Cole Peters17-07.00Our Lady of the Lake      
7.4Cameron Hardy17-01.50St. Matthew      
8.4Alexander Platt15-05.00Our Lady of the Lake      
9.4Jaden Schnoor14-09.00St. John the Apostle      
10.3Noah Luty14-01.00St. John the Apostle      
11.3Luke Wiley14-00.00St. Pius X      
12.4Samuel Day13-10.00St. Pius X      
12.4Aden Lehr13-10.00Holy Family      
12.3Noah Schwengels-McGarth13-10.00St. Matthew      
15.3Adam Elle13-06.00Holy Family      
16.3Garrett Jewell13-05.00St. Matthew      
17.3Oscar Romeo13-02.00St. Matthew      
17.3Liam Broughton13-02.00St. John the Apostle      
19.3Luca Capriotti12-05.00St. Pius X      
20.6Alexander Cain12-00.00Holy Family      
21.3Timothy Pearse9-10.00St. John the Apostle      
22.3Liam Meshorer9-02.00St. Pius X      
23.3John Krigbaum8-10.00St. John the Apostle      
24.3Xander Immroth8-02.00Holy Family      
3Noah RozzellDNSHoly Family      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Cadet - Finals
1.8Brendan Quinn37-02.00Holy Family      
2.8Eric Enghold35-06.00St. Pius X      
3.8Nathan Welch32-06.00St. John the Apostle      
4.8Ryan Ford32-05.00St. Pius X      
5.8Christopher Goodman29-08.00St. Pius X      
6.8Patrick Kelly28-03.00St. Pius X      
7.7Jonah Campbell23-08.00Our Lady of the Lake      
8.3John Krigbaum22-00.00St. John the Apostle      
9.7Zack Pelster19-11.00St. Matthew      
10.7Logan Schnoor19-05.00St. John the Apostle      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadet - Finals
1.11-12Cameron Russell119-10Our Lady of the Lake      
2.7Samuel Arnot117-10Our Lady of the Lake      
3.7Max Harbert111-07Our Lady of the Lake      
4.8Jonathan Edwards111-01Our Lady of the Lake      
5.8Joshua Webb107-05Our Lady of the Lake      
6.7Alex Harbert104-08Our Lady of the Lake      
7.8Stephen Fey104-02St. Pius X      
8.8Patrick Kelly102-02St. Pius X      
9.8Mark Krigbaum99-01St. John the Apostle      
10.8Matthew Henningsen96-09St. Pius X      
11.7Jonah Campbell94-09Our Lady of the Lake      
12.7Cody Grater81-10St. Pius X      
13.7Zack Pelster80-05St. Matthew      
14.7Nathanael Wessels76-02St. Matthew      
15.8Eric Enghold68-07St. Pius X      
16.8Josh Rickman63-09St. Pius X      
17.7Trey Smith63-05St. Matthew      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cub - Finals
1.6Morgan Roth119-03St. John the Apostle      
2.6Max Czysz109-07Holy Family      
3.5Lane Marshall92-00St. John the Apostle      
4.5Sam Romeo85-02St. Matthew      
5.6Spencer Stroud79-05Holy Family      
6.5Jacob Petersen67-10St. John the Apostle      
7.6Devon Burt65-08Our Lady of the Lake      
8.5John Fey64-06St. Pius X      
9.5Noah Kurzenhauser64-00St. John the Apostle      
10.5Alex May63-01Holy Family      
11.5Alex Hart63-00Holy Family      
12.6Justin Denson62-03St. Pius X      
13.5Timothy Brewer60-09St. John the Apostle      
14.6Calvin Bryant60-05St. John the Apostle      
15.6Evan Clark56-00Our Lady of the Lake      
16.5Dean Wilson53-00St. John the Apostle      
17.5Nicholas Friesen47-01Our Lady of the Lake      
18.6Shawn Eilersen44-02St. John the Apostle      
19.6Issac Bridgeman41-03St. John the Apostle      
20.6Ethan Swift40-03St. Matthew      
21.6Dustin Asher36-04St. John the Apostle      
22.5Zachary Meyer34-00St. Matthew      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Joe Nizich91-01St. John the Apostle      
2.4Austin Canchola78-00St. John the Apostle      
3.4Peter Hull65-02Our Lady of the Lake      
4.3AJ Mart62-08St. John the Apostle      
5.3Quinn Beckley56-09St. Pius X      
6.4Benjamin Joshi56-03St. Pius X      
7.4Daniel Rosetti56-02St. Matthew      
8.6Beau Westergaard55-11St. Matthew      
9.4Joel Gonzalez49-08St. Matthew      
10.4Reece Sullivan48-11St. Pius X      
11.3William Flanagan48-09Our Lady of the Lake      
12.3Jaden Rotter46-10St. Pius X      
13.3Derrick Drango44-05Our Lady of the Lake      
14.3Noah Luty43-00St. John the Apostle      
14.6Alexander Cain43-00Holy Family      
16.4Nick Lytle41-06Our Lady of the Lake      
17.3Samuel Allie41-05St. Matthew      
18.3Oscar Romeo38-11St. Matthew      
19.3Isiah Jannsen38-09St. John the Apostle      
20.4Keenan Smith38-08St. Pius X      
21.4Evan Wehbe38-07St. Pius X      
22.3Noah Browning38-00St. Pius X      
23.3Luke Wiley37-08St. Pius X      
23.4Diego Guitirreze37-08Holy Family      
25.3John Krigbaum35-10St. John the Apostle      
26.3Noah Schwengels-McGarth34-11St. Matthew      
27.4Samuel Day33-11St. Pius X      
28.3Cole Peters33-08Our Lady of the Lake      
28.3Garrett Jewell33-08St. Matthew      
30.3Jack Ensminger32-02Our Lady of the Lake      
31.3Braden Hansen28-10Holy Family      
31.3Brian Kennedy28-10St. Pius X      
33.4Aden Lehr28-08Holy Family      
34.4Gabriel Steinhoff27-07St. Matthew      
35.3Timothy Pearse27-04St. John the Apostle      
36.3Lincoln Haldorsen25-00St. Pius X      
37.3Xander Immroth24-09Holy Family      
3Noah RozzellDNSHoly Family      
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Evan Brehm5-04.00St. Pius X      
2.8Devin King5-01.00Holy Family      
3.8Nathan Welch5-00.00St. John the Apostle      
4.8Patrick Maloney4-10.00St. Matthew      
5.7Kyle Duitsman4-02.00St. Pius X      
5.7Logan Schnoor4-02.00St. John the Apostle      
X High Jump - Cub - Finals
1.5Aidan Maloney4-04.00St. Matthew      
2.6Quintin Thomas4-03.00St. Matthew      
3.6Eric Brecht4-02.00St. Pius X      
4.6Spencer Stroud4-00.00Holy Family      
5.5Benjamin Hill3-10.00St. John the Apostle      
5.6Michael Schwan3-10.00St. Matthew      
5.5Riley Marshall3-10.00St. Matthew      
5.6Jackson Petitt3-10.00St. Pius X      
9.5Timothy Brewer3-08.00St. John the Apostle      
10.5Drew Howells3-06.00Our Lady of the Lake      
5Max FranzNHOur Lady of the Lake      
6Issac BridgemanNHSt. John the Apostle      
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Patrick Maloney15-05.00St. Matthew      
2.8Enzo Czysz14-11.00Holy Family      
3.8Jonathan Edwards14-08.00Our Lady of the Lake      
4.7John Walsh14-00.00St. Matthew      
5.7Peter Earnshaw13-00.00Our Lady of the Lake      
6.7Jared DeVore12-07.50St. Pius X      
7.7Nick Wiley12-06.00St. Pius X      
8.7Nathanael Wessels12-05.00St. Matthew      
9.8Zach Enriquez11-11.00St. Pius X      
10.7Ibrahim Youm11-08.75St. Pius X      
11.8Ryan Ford11-07.25St. Pius X      
12.7Max Harbert11-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
13.8Mark Krigbaum10-07.50St. John the Apostle      
14.7Ryan Forster9-09.75St. Pius X      
15.7Seancarlos Gonzalez9-04.00St. Matthew      
16.7Trey Smith8-10.00St. Matthew      
X Long Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Cory Taylor12-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
2.6Harris Brown12-10.00Our Lady of the Lake      
3.6Cal Motylewski12-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
4.5Riley Marshall11-05.00St. Matthew      
5.6Evan Sklar11-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
6.5Nathan Reilly10-11.50Holy Family      
7.6Benjamin Lyman10-11.00St. Matthew      
8.6jacob Lipke10-10.25St. Pius X      
9.6Elijah Smith10-06.00St. Pius X      
10.6Nicholas Meisburger10-05.50Our Lady of the Lake      
11.6Nico Enriquez10-04.25St. Pius X      
12.6Cole Shearer10-03.50St. Pius X      
13.5Neal Blaisdell10-01.00St. Matthew      
14.6Nate Schmidlin10-00.00St. Matthew      
15.5Dean Wilson9-10.00St. John the Apostle      
16.5Blake Schneck9-07.50St. Pius X      
17.5Danny Cappalonga9-06.00Holy Family      
18.6Evan Clark9-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
18.6Devon Burt9-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
20.5Noah Nurse9-01.50Our Lady of the Lake      
21.6austin Arthur8-07.50St. Pius X      
22.5Kemper Finn8-05.00Holy Family      
23.5Jacob Petersen8-03.50St. John the Apostle      
24.5Nicholas Friesen7-09.50Our Lady of the Lake      
25.6Shawn Eilersen6-03.75St. John the Apostle      
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Jayden Holgado12-11.00St. Matthew      
2.4Jack Kelley11-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
3.4Marcus David11-06.00Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Austin Canchola11-04.50St. John the Apostle      
5.4Morpheus Nithikhun11-01.00St. John the Apostle      
5.4Zachary Werner11-01.00St. John the Apostle      
7.4Grayson Landon10-08.00St. Matthew      
8.3William Podeschi10-07.00Our Lady of the Lake      
9.4Israel Swan10-06.00St. Matthew      
10.3Jack Ensminger9-11.75Our Lady of the Lake      
11.3Noa Taylor9-10.00Holy Family      
12.3Adam Elle9-08.00Holy Family      
13.4Joel Gonzalez9-07.00St. Matthew      
14.4Daniel Rosetti9-06.00St. Matthew      
15.3AJ Mart9-04.50St. John the Apostle      
16.4Cole Lundmark9-04.00St. John the Apostle      
17.3Owen Hubers9-02.00St. Pius X      
18.3Lincoln Haldorsen8-11.00St. Pius X      
19.4Keenan Smith8-09.00St. Pius X      
19.4Lance Schoening8-09.00St. Matthew      
21.3Luke Wiley8-08.00St. Pius X      
22.3Noah Browning8-05.00St. Pius X      
23.3Liam Meshorer8-04.00St. Pius X      
24.4Jaden Schnoor8-01.50St. John the Apostle      
25.3Satchel Servin8-01.00St. Pius X      
26.6Beau Westergaard7-10.00St. Matthew      
27.3Brian Kennedy7-04.50St. Pius X      
28.6Alexander Cain6-11.00Holy Family      
29.3Liam Broughton6-08.00St. John the Apostle      
30.3Garrett Jewell6-04.00St. Matthew      
3Samuel AllieDNSSt. Matthew      
3Luca CapriottiDNSSt. Pius X      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Maddie Rabing13.79Our Lady of the Lake      
2.8Rylie Keudell13.84Our Lady of the Lake      
3.8Audra Neyman14.00St. Pius X      
4.7Bonnie Romeo14.04St. Matthew      
5.7Nicole Brandt14.45Holy Family      
6.7Gracie Doherty14.58St. Pius X      
7.7Sally Luciano14.60St. Matthew      
8.8Kerry Plunkett14.61St. John the Apostle      
9.8Riley Hackley14.70St. Pius X      
10.8Madeline Darrow14.72St. John the Apostle      
11.7Hannah Croy14.80St. Pius X      
12.7Gianna Milton14.98St. Matthew      
13.8Kathleen Kelley15.12Our Lady of the Lake      
14.7Brooke Elorriaga15.24St. Pius X      
15.8Janine Rook15.95St. John the Apostle      
16.7Claire LeRiche15.96St. Matthew      
17.7Avery Sanford16.02St. Pius X      
18.8MacKenna Gordon16.35Our Lady of the Lake      
19.7Patience Humble17.27St. John the Apostle      
20.7Rachel Dickinson17.43Holy Family      
21.7Megan Schiedler26.70Our Lady of the Lake      
X 100 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Estella Darrow14.80St. John the Apostle      
2.6Lena Colson14.84St. Pius X      
3.6Emily Wenzel14.85St. Pius X      
4.5Kamryn J Jones14.96St. Matthew      
5.6Holly Hartmeier15.16St. Pius X      
6.6Avery Eves15.27St. Pius X      
7.6Carson Miller15.51Our Lady of the Lake      
8.5Hallie DeVore15.64St. Pius X      
8.6Maile Sakamoto15.64St. Pius X      
10.6Deborah Brigman15.68St. Matthew      
11.6Clancy Gerwig15.86St. Pius X      
12.6Emily Pollard15.90St. Pius X      
13.6Olivia Rovang16.19St. John the Apostle      
14.5Morgan Kirnak16.20St. Pius X      
15.5Catherine Marsh16.32Holy Family      
16.5Grace Mathews16.40St. Pius X      
17.5Lydia Johnson16.48Our Lady of the Lake      
18.5Audrey Lewis16.53St. Pius X      
19.5Shelby True16.62Our Lady of the Lake      
20.5Ariel Meshorer16.64St. Pius X      
21.6Kathryn LeMoine16.70Our Lady of the Lake      
22.6Justina Tunnell16.72St. Matthew      
23.6Kelly Sandoval16.73St. Pius X      
24.5Olivia Rees17.09Our Lady of the Lake      
25.5Abagail Delaney17.36Holy Family      
26.5Paige Monaghan17.61St. Pius X      
27.5Megan Guske17.74St. Pius X      
28.5Seraiah Ochse17.77St. Pius X      
29.5Olivia Lashley18.07St. Pius X      
30.5Olivia Testa18.24Our Lady of the Lake      
31.6Brynn Baker18.36St. John the Apostle      
32.5Anna-Kate Treske18.55Our Lady of the Lake      
33.5Ellie Bamer18.73Holy Family      
34.5Ellie Wiley18.97St. Pius X      
35.5Clare Kennedy18.99St. Pius X      
36.5Julia Luty19.22St. John the Apostle      
37.5Emma Ramsey20.52St. John the Apostle      
38.5Zoe Dickinson21.32Holy Family      
X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Shelyn Pendergrass-Anderson15.15St. Pius X      
2.4Gabriella McVicker15.70Our Lady of the Lake      
3.4Kate Diedrich16.25Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Anna Holt16.47St. Pius X      
5.4Nedya Sawan16.57St. Pius X      
6.4Betsy MacMillan16.84Our Lady of the Lake      
7.4Emma Rovang16.90St. John the Apostle      
8.4Addison Green16.99St. Pius X      
9.4Sarah Lewis17.02Our Lady of the Lake      
10.3Savanah Fitts17.29St. Matthew      
11.4April Coyle17.36Holy Family      
12.3Molly Jenne17.70St. John the Apostle      
13.3Ava Johnson17.80St. John the Apostle      
14.4Lauren Joyce17.85Our Lady of the Lake      
15.4Lauren Baumer17.90Our Lady of the Lake      
16.3Ellie Will17.94St. Matthew      
17.4Emma Altig17.95St. Pius X      
18.4Lauryn Hopkins18.04St. John the Apostle      
19.3Sarah Koch18.12Holy Family      
20.3Emily O'Connor18.32St. Matthew      
21.4Catherine Ryan18.36Our Lady of the Lake      
22.3Antonia Martin18.52Holy Family      
23.4Saksen Hathaway18.63St. Pius X      
24.3Katya Kurkoski18.72St. Pius X      
25.3Sarah Wease18.73St. John the Apostle      
26.4Zora Kurzenhauser18.76St. John the Apostle      
27.3Samantha Ford18.83St. Pius X      
28.4Kinley Hoag18.88St. Matthew      
29.4Madeline Craven18.93Our Lady of the Lake      
30.3Riley Thayer19.10Holy Family      
31.3Ariana Lampros19.20St. Pius X      
32.3Madeline Schmitz19.29St. Matthew      
33.3Avery Csaszar19.46Our Lady of the Lake      
34.4Megan Howard19.75Our Lady of the Lake      
35.3Cassidy Giles19.77St. John the Apostle      
36.3Katie Bell19.85Our Lady of the Lake      
37.3Wynn Brown20.01St. Matthew      
38.3Samantha Winters20.12St. John the Apostle      
39.3Nicole DiMarco20.17St. Matthew      
40.4Kaci Cadiz20.25St. Matthew      
41.3Amiyah Holford20.36St. John the Apostle      
42.3Lauren True20.69Our Lady of the Lake      
43.4Sarah Link21.27St. John the Apostle      
44.3Aislinn McCarthy21.71St. John the Apostle      
45.4Colette Heesacker22.26St. Matthew      
46.3Eleanor Ramsey23.99St. John the Apostle      
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Courtney Harmon27.56St. Pius X      
2.8Maddie Rabing27.60Our Lady of the Lake      
3.8Audra Neyman28.14St. Pius X      
4.8Rylie Keudell28.72Our Lady of the Lake      
5.8Riley Hackley28.80St. Pius X      
6.7Hannah Croy29.62St. Pius X      
7.8Samantha Marioni29.75St. John the Apostle      
8.7Audrey Bright29.85Holy Family      
9.7Nicole Kiley29.96St. Pius X      
10.7Bonnie Romeo30.31St. Matthew      
11.8Samantha Nizich30.51St. John the Apostle      
12.7Natalie Luquin31.47St. Pius X      
13.7Alissa Campista32.70St. Matthew      
14.7Gianna Milton33.13St. Matthew      
14.7Avery Sanford33.13St. Pius X      
16.7Kali Drango33.86Our Lady of the Lake      
X 200 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Anja Reeber31.19St. John the Apostle      
2.6Avery Eves31.29St. Pius X      
3.6Deborah Brigman31.44St. Matthew      
4.5Payton Shaffer31.81St. John the Apostle      
5.5Hallie DeVore32.74St. Pius X      
6.6Emily Pollard32.92St. Pius X      
7.5Saxton Miller33.01Our Lady of the Lake      
8.6Clancy Gerwig33.02St. Pius X      
9.6Carson Miller33.23Our Lady of the Lake      
10.5Morgan Kirnak34.07St. Pius X      
11.5Tori Anderson34.16St. Matthew      
12.6Justina Tunnell34.30St. Matthew      
13.5Grace Mathews34.45St. Pius X      
14.6Olivia Rovang35.17St. John the Apostle      
15.6Kathryn LeMoine35.58Our Lady of the Lake      
16.5Ariel Meshorer35.97St. Pius X      
17.5Scarlet Vance36.13St. John the Apostle      
18.6Madelyn Will36.22St. Matthew      
19.5Olivia Rees36.49Our Lady of the Lake      
20.5Olivia Eaton36.60Our Lady of the Lake      
21.5Paige Monaghan37.44St. Pius X      
22.5Megan Guske38.40St. Pius X      
23.5Clare Kennedy41.30St. Pius X      
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Shelyn Pendergrass-Anderson33.58St. Pius X      
2.3Savanah Fitts34.77St. Matthew      
3.4Lily Sieber35.04Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Betsy MacMillan36.23Our Lady of the Lake      
5.3Ava Johnson37.00St. John the Apostle      
6.3Sarah Koch37.27Holy Family      
7.4Charlotte Hill37.74St. John the Apostle      
8.3Molly Jenne37.77St. John the Apostle      
9.3Jaylnn Gill37.82St. Matthew      
10.3Elizabeth Maloney38.83St. Matthew      
11.3Samantha Ford39.56St. Pius X      
12.4Sydney Okoneski39.59Our Lady of the Lake      
13.3Katya Kurkoski40.63St. Pius X      
14.4Emma Altig40.74St. Pius X      
15.4Megan Howard40.78Our Lady of the Lake      
16.3Ariana Lampros41.37St. Pius X      
17.3Ellie Will41.67St. Matthew      
18.3Wynn Brown42.17St. Matthew      
19.3Sofia Lumaco42.90St. Pius X      
20.3Madeline Schmitz43.21St. Matthew      
21.3Nicole DiMarco43.74St. Matthew      
22.4Kaci Cadiz45.58St. Matthew      
23.4Sahnie Calkins45.64St. Matthew      
24.3Isabella Conlon48.80St. Matthew      
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Nicole Kiley1:05.97St. Pius X      
2.8Maddie McGarry1:08.40St. Pius X      
3.7Nicole Brandt1:08.66Holy Family      
4.8Samantha Nizich1:09.16St. John the Apostle      
5.7Madelyn Kelly1:10.57Our Lady of the Lake      
6.7Alissa Campista1:11.24St. Matthew      
7.8Riley Hackley1:12.07St. Pius X      
8.7Sally Luciano1:13.91St. Matthew      
9.7Kate Cyr1:14.45St. Pius X      
10.7Olivia Cooper1:15.20Holy Family      
11.8Marin Motylewski1:15.59Our Lady of the Lake      
12.7Claire LeRiche1:22.60St. Matthew      
X 400 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Alayna Connor1:07.28St. Pius X      
2.5Willa Grund1:10.16Holy Family      
3.5Kamryn J Jones1:11.49St. Matthew      
4.6Emily Wenzel1:12.05St. Pius X      
5.6Clancy Gerwig1:13.04St. Pius X      
6.6Holly Hartmeier1:13.40St. Pius X      
7.6Darby Olson1:13.50St. Pius X      
8.6Maren Kain1:13.80Holy Family      
9.6Lena Colson1:14.52St. Pius X      
10.6Maile Sakamoto1:15.00St. Pius X      
11.5Gabby Navarro1:16.24St. Pius X      
11.5Catherine Marsh1:16.24Holy Family      
13.6Kelly Sandoval1:18.03St. Pius X      
14.6Carson Miller1:18.49Our Lady of the Lake      
15.6Gabriella Brown1:18.53St. Matthew      
16.5Grace Williams1:19.04St. Matthew      
17.6Amber Mills1:19.49Our Lady of the Lake      
18.6Addison Rinck1:22.59St. Matthew      
19.6Madelyn Will1:25.54St. Matthew      
20.5Olivia Lashley1:25.67St. Pius X      
21.5Lucy Rohlman1:34.41St. Pius X      
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Kate Diedrich1:18.42Our Lady of the Lake      
2.4Lily Sieber1:19.06Our Lady of the Lake      
3.3Jaylnn Gill1:25.03St. Matthew      
4.4Ava Harman1:25.29Our Lady of the Lake      
5.4Sydney Okoneski1:30.92Our Lady of the Lake      
6.3Ellie Will1:32.02St. Matthew      
7.3Elizabeth Maloney1:32.42St. Matthew      
8.3Elyse Shanley1:35.08Holy Family      
9.3Riley Thayer1:38.77Holy Family      
10.4Sahnie Calkins1:43.05St. Matthew      
11.3Isabella Conlon1:50.59St. Matthew      
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Nicole Griffiths2:28.58St. Pius X      
2.7Madelyn Kelly2:55.27Our Lady of the Lake      
3.7Olivia Cooper3:05.20Holy Family      
4.8Marin Motylewski3:06.33Our Lady of the Lake      
5.7Nicole O'Brien3:09.04Our Lady of the Lake      
X 800 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Alayna Connor2:33.31St. Pius X      
2.6Grace David2:37.54Our Lady of the Lake      
3.6Kelly Makin2:37.94St. Pius X      
4.6Taylor Chiotti2:38.50St. Pius X      
5.6Jill Makin2:49.54St. Pius X      
6.5Willa Grund2:51.77Holy Family      
7.5Elizabeth Rinck2:52.70St. Matthew      
8.5Gabby Navarro2:59.86St. Pius X      
9.6Julia Peterson3:07.34Our Lady of the Lake      
10.6Leslie Mathany3:10.12Our Lady of the Lake      
11.5Catherine Marsh3:11.65Holy Family      
12.5Lindsay Drango3:15.45Our Lady of the Lake      
13.5Audrey Chu3:20.82St. Pius X      
14.5Audrey Lewis3:23.18St. Pius X      
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Addison Green3:16.23St. Pius X      
2.4Emma Rovang3:25.86St. John the Apostle      
3.4Zora Kurzenhauser3:31.48St. John the Apostle      
4.3Cydney Stables3:32.69St. Matthew      
5.4Saksen Hathaway3:33.04St. Pius X      
6.4Charlotte Hill3:33.30St. John the Apostle      
7.3Pariss Stark3:41.24St. Pius X      
8.3Sofia Lumaco3:57.37St. Pius X      
X 1500 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Nicole Griffiths5:04.80St. Pius X      
2.8Maddie McGarry5:33.43St. Pius X      
3.7Peyton Hudspeth5:41.89St. Pius X      
4.7Mariah Pyle5:57.31Our Lady of the Lake      
5.8Kendra Jackson6:11.99Our Lady of the Lake      
6.8Virgina Link6:56.17St. John the Apostle      
7.7Mary Shaye Brost7:02.09St. John the Apostle      
X 1500 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Kelly Makin5:28.86St. Pius X      
2.6Taylor Chiotti5:32.53St. Pius X      
4.6Jill Makin5:50.46St. Pius X      
5.6Leslie Mathany6:17.12Our Lady of the Lake      
6.5Abigail E Hill6:45.57St. John the Apostle      
7.5Audrey Chu6:48.37St. Pius X      
8.5Katherine French6:53.61St. John the Apostle      
9.5Ellie Bamer6:56.97Holy Family      
10.5Meaghan Andersen6:57.42Our Lady of the Lake      
11.5Sara Mularski7:26.96Holy Family      
12.5Emily Clare7:37.20St. Pius X      
3.5Elizabeth Rinck5:37.34St. Matthew      
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.3Cydney Stables6:52.90St. Matthew      
X 3000 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.7Samantha Slusher11:22.53St. Pius X      
2.7Aliya Mahmoud11:39.26St. Pius X      
X 3000 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Hallie DeVore12:41.21St. Pius X      
2.6Darby Olson12:43.38St. Pius X      
X 4x60 Shuttle Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Lauryn Hopkins
Ava Johnson
Emma Rovang
Sarah Wease
43.75St. John the Apostle      
2.-Isabella Conlon
Nicole DiMarco
Emily O'Connor
Jaylnn Gill
45.02St. Matthew      
3.-Saksen Hathaway
Sofia Lumaco
Shelyn Pendergrass-Anderson
Pariss Stark
45.46St. Pius X      
4.-Relay Team 45.49Our Lady of the Lake      
5.-Relay Team 45.70Our Lady of the Lake      
6.-Relay Team 46.41Holy Family      
7.-Wynn Brown
Cydney Stables
Madeline Schmitz
Ellie Will
46.45St. Matthew      
8.-Sarah Link
Zora Kurzenhauser
Aislinn McCarthy
Samantha Winters
48.72St. John the Apostle      
9.-Kaci Cadiz
Sahnie Calkins
Colette Heesacker
Kinley Hoag
48.81St. Matthew      
10.-Cassidy Giles
Amiyah Holford
Molly Jenne
Eleanor Ramsey
50.01St. John the Apostle      
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Audra Neyman
Gracie Doherty
Natalie Luquin
Courtney Harmon
54.74St. Pius X      
2.-Relay Team 56.42Our Lady of the Lake      
3.-Nicole Kiley
Brooke Elorriaga
Kate Cyr
Hannah Croy
56.68St. Pius X      
4.-Madeline Darrow
Maria Kraus
Samantha Nizich
Kerry Plunkett
58.22St. John the Apostle      
5.-Alissa Campista
Gianna Milton
Bonnie Romeo
Sally Luciano
58.43St. Matthew      
6.-Relay Team 1:01.76Holy Family      
X 4x100 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Relay Team 59.35St. Pius X      
2.-Relay Team 1:01.46St. John the Apostle      
3.-Relay Team 1:05.39St. Matthew      
4.-Relay Team 1:06.05St. Pius X      
5.-Relay Team 1:08.33St. Matthew      
6.-Relay Team 1:08.62Our Lady of the Lake      
7.-Relay Team 1:08.91Holy Family      
-Relay Team 1:09.76Our Lady of the Lake      
8.-Relay Team 1:10.25St. John the Apostle      
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:07.27Our Lady of the Lake      
2.-Relay Team 1:12.73St. Matthew      
3.-Relay Team 1:12.75Our Lady of the Lake      
4.-Relay Team 1:13.40St. Pius X      
X 4x400 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:44.52St. Pius X      
2.-Relay Team 4:57.62Our Lady of the Lake      
X 4x400 Relay - Cub - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:36.92St. Pius X      
2.-Relay Team 5:07.53St. Pius X      
3.-Relay Team 5:24.69Holy Family      
4.-Relay Team 5:26.40St. John the Apostle      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
1.8Maddie Rabing39-09.00Our Lady of the Lake      
2.7Kali Drango27-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
3.7Maria Kraus25-08.00St. John the Apostle      
4.7Claire LeRiche21-08.00St. Matthew      
5.7Patience Humble21-01.00St. John the Apostle      
6.7Mary Shaye Brost18-03.00St. John the Apostle      
7.8Virgina Link16-08.00St. John the Apostle      
8.7Megan Schiedler10-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cub - Finals
1.6Emma DeVine23-01.00Our Lady of the Lake      
2.5Kamryn J Jones22-05.00St. Matthew      
3.5Brynne Monaghan21-02.00St. Pius X      
4.6Addison Rinck20-09.00St. Matthew      
4.5Sara Mularski20-09.00Holy Family      
6.5Grace Williams19-11.00St. Matthew      
7.5Tori Anderson19-05.00St. Matthew      
8.6Gabriella Brown19-01.00St. Matthew      
9.5Alexy Kennedy17-04.00St. Matthew      
9.5Emma Ramsey17-04.00St. John the Apostle      
11.5Willa Grund17-02.00Holy Family      
12.5Meaghan Andersen15-08.00Our Lady of the Lake      
13.5Julia Luty15-03.00St. John the Apostle      
14.5Zoe Dickinson12-10.00Holy Family      
15.5Clare Kennedy9-11.75St. Pius X      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Kaci Cadiz19-07.00St. Matthew      
2.4Ava David19-01.00Our Lady of the Lake      
3.4Emma Altig16-07.00St. Pius X      
4.4Anna Holt16-06.00St. Pius X      
5.3Sarah Wease15-04.50St. John the Apostle      
6.4Ava Harman15-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
7.4Sydney Okoneski14-08.00Our Lady of the Lake      
8.4Sarah Link14-01.00St. John the Apostle      
9.4Zora Kurzenhauser13-11.00St. John the Apostle      
10.4Betsy MacMillan13-05.00Our Lady of the Lake      
11.3Eleanor Ramsey12-05.00St. John the Apostle      
12.4Lauryn Hopkins12-02.50St. John the Apostle      
13.3Samantha Winters12-02.00St. John the Apostle      
14.3Isabella Conlon11-10.00St. Matthew      
15.4Madeline Craven11-05.00Our Lady of the Lake      
16.4Catherine Ryan11-01.00Our Lady of the Lake      
17.4Addison Green11-00.00St. Pius X      
18.4Sahnie Calkins10-01.50St. Matthew      
19.3Aislinn McCarthy9-05.00St. John the Apostle      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadet - Finals
1.8Samantha Nizich85-06St. John the Apostle      
2.7Aliya Mahmoud74-09St. Pius X      
3.7Kali Drango71-01Our Lady of the Lake      
4.8Janine Rook64-07St. John the Apostle      
5.7Megan Schiedler21-03Our Lady of the Lake      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cub - Finals
1.5Tori Anderson62-03St. Matthew      
2.5Morgan Kirnak59-11St. Pius X      
3.5Gabby Navarro56-00St. Pius X      
4.5Emma Ramsey53-08St. John the Apostle      
5.6Emma DeVine52-01Our Lady of the Lake      
6.5Lindsay Drango51-11Our Lady of the Lake      
7.6Addison Rinck50-01St. Matthew      
8.5Olivia Rees46-05Our Lady of the Lake      
9.5Anna-Kate Treske42-03Our Lady of the Lake      
10.5Julia Luty40-02St. John the Apostle      
11.5Lucy Rohlman38-06St. Pius X      
12.6Brynn Baker37-05St. John the Apostle      
13.5Shelby True35-01Our Lady of the Lake      
14.5Ariel Meshorer33-00St. Pius X      
15.5Meaghan Andersen29-05Our Lady of the Lake      
16.5Olivia Testa29-02Our Lady of the Lake      
17.5Zoe Dickinson26-04Holy Family      
18.5Emily Clare18-05St. Pius X      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Lauren Joyce54-09Our Lady of the Lake      
2.3Savanah Fitts47-08St. Matthew      
3.4Kinley Hoag45-10St. Matthew      
4.4Sarah Link39-08St. John the Apostle      
5.4Gabriella McVicker38-05Our Lady of the Lake      
6.3Eleanor Ramsey38-00St. John the Apostle      
7.4Ava David36-07Our Lady of the Lake      
8.3Ariana Lampros29-04St. Pius X      
9.3Emily O'Connor27-01St. Matthew      
10.3Cassidy Giles26-09St. John the Apostle      
11.4Colette Heesacker22-04St. Matthew      
12.3Pariss Stark19-11St. Pius X      
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Kendra Jackson4-07.00Our Lady of the Lake      
2.7Maria Kraus4-06.00St. John the Apostle      
3.8Bridget McCarthy4-05.00Our Lady of the Lake      
4.7Nicole O'Brien4-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
5.7Madelyn Kelly4-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
5.8MacKenna Gordon4-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
5.7Bonnie Romeo4-02.00St. Matthew      
8.8Kathleen Kelley4-00.00Our Lady of the Lake      
8.8Madeline Darrow4-00.00St. John the Apostle      
10.8Kerry Plunkett3-10.00St. John the Apostle      
11.7Sally Luciano3-08.00St. Matthew      
X High Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Jill Makin4-03.00St. Pius X      
2.5Estella Darrow3-10.00St. John the Apostle      
3.5Anna-Kate Treske3-07.00Our Lady of the Lake      
4.5Sara Mularski3-04.00Holy Family      
4.5Seraiah Ochse3-04.00St. Pius X      
6.5Katherine French3-02.00St. John the Apostle      
5Lindsay DrangoNHOur Lady of the Lake      
5Lucy RohlmanNHSt. Pius X      
5Abagail DelaneyNHHoly Family      
6Brynn BakerNHSt. John the Apostle      
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.7Audrey Bright13-11.00Holy Family      
2.8Audra Neyman13-10.75St. Pius X      
3.7Hannah Croy13-03.25St. Pius X      
4.7Natalie Luquin13-00.50St. Pius X      
5.8Kerry Plunkett13-00.25St. John the Apostle      
5.7Maria Kraus13-00.25St. John the Apostle      
7.8Kathleen Kelley12-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
8.8Madeline Darrow12-09.50St. John the Apostle      
9.7Nicole Kiley12-08.50St. Pius X      
10.8Nicole Griffiths12-04.00St. Pius X      
11.7Gianna Milton11-06.00St. Matthew      
12.7Brooke Elorriaga11-05.75St. Pius X      
13.7Olivia Cooper11-05.00Holy Family      
14.7Rachel Dickinson10-01.00Holy Family      
15.7Patience Humble9-04.25St. John the Apostle      
16.8Virgina Link9-03.50St. John the Apostle      
17.7Mary Shaye Brost8-09.00St. John the Apostle      
X Long Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Emily Wenzel13-02.00St. Pius X      
2.6Anja Reeber11-06.50St. John the Apostle      
3.6Maile Sakamoto11-06.00St. Pius X      
4.5Payton Shaffer11-03.00St. John the Apostle      
5.6Lena Colson11-01.00St. Pius X      
6.5Abigail E Hill10-09.75St. John the Apostle      
7.5Audrey Chu10-09.25St. Pius X      
8.5Saxton Miller10-08.25Our Lady of the Lake      
9.5Estella Darrow10-07.00St. John the Apostle      
10.6Olivia Rovang10-05.00St. John the Apostle      
11.6Madelyn Will10-04.50St. Matthew      
12.6Holly Hartmeier10-04.00St. Pius X      
13.6Deborah Brigman10-02.00St. Matthew      
14.6Gabriella Brown10-01.00St. Matthew      
14.6Kathryn LeMoine10-01.00Our Lady of the Lake      
16.5Audrey Lewis9-08.75St. Pius X      
17.6Emily Pollard9-07.75St. Pius X      
18.6Justina Tunnell9-07.00St. Matthew      
19.5Grace Mathews9-06.75St. Pius X      
20.5Paige Monaghan9-05.25St. Pius X      
21.5Megan Guske9-02.50St. Pius X      
22.5Isabella Gonzales9-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
23.6Julia Peterson8-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
24.5Scarlet Vance8-07.50St. John the Apostle      
24.5Grace Williams8-07.50St. Matthew      
26.5Ellie Wiley8-06.00St. Pius X      
27.6Amber Mills8-05.75Our Lady of the Lake      
28.6Leslie Mathany8-05.00Our Lady of the Lake      
29.5Ellie Bamer8-03.50Holy Family      
29.5Seraiah Ochse8-03.50St. Pius X      
31.5Olivia Lashley8-01.25St. Pius X      
32.5Emily Clare5-08.00St. Pius X      
5Olivia EatonDNSOur Lady of the Lake      
5Olivia TestaDNSOur Lady of the Lake      
5Shelby TrueDNSOur Lady of the Lake      
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Kate Diedrich12-04.00Our Lady of the Lake      
2.4Anna Holt10-05.00St. Pius X      
3.4Ava Harman10-04.00Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Shelyn Pendergrass-Anderson10-02.50St. Pius X      
5.4Lily Sieber9-10.00Our Lady of the Lake      
6.4Emma Rovang9-09.00St. John the Apostle      
7.3Sarah Koch9-04.00Holy Family      
8.3Katya Kurkoski9-02.75St. Pius X      
9.4Colette Heesacker9-02.00St. Matthew      
10.4Lauren Joyce9-00.00Our Lady of the Lake      
11.4Sarah Lewis8-09.00Our Lady of the Lake      
12.3Avery Csaszar8-08.00Our Lady of the Lake      
13.3Madeline Schmitz8-07.00St. Matthew      
14.3Samantha Ford8-06.00St. Pius X      
15.4April Coyle8-05.00Holy Family      
15.3Ava Johnson8-05.00St. John the Apostle      
17.4Kinley Hoag8-03.00St. Matthew      
18.3Pariss Stark8-00.25St. Pius X      
19.4Saksen Hathaway8-00.00St. Pius X      
20.3Nicole DiMarco7-11.75St. Matthew      
21.3Emily O'Connor7-11.00St. Matthew      
21.4Megan Howard7-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
23.3Sarah Wease7-09.00St. John the Apostle      
24.3Elyse Shanley7-08.00Holy Family      
25.3Riley Thayer7-06.00Holy Family      
25.3Molly Jenne7-06.00St. John the Apostle      
25.3Cassidy Giles7-06.00St. John the Apostle      
28.3Katie Bell7-05.00Our Lady of the Lake      
29.4Madeline Craven7-04.00Our Lady of the Lake      
29.4Catherine Ryan7-04.00Our Lady of the Lake      
31.3Sofia Lumaco7-01.50St. Pius X      
32.3Elizabeth Maloney6-07.00St. Matthew      
33.3Wynn Brown6-03.00St. Matthew      
34.3Lauren True6-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
35.3Amiyah Holford5-09.00St. John the Apostle      
36.3Samantha Winters5-04.50St. John the Apostle      
4Charlotte HillDNSSt. John the Apostle      
3Antonia MartinDNSHoly Family      
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