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CYO Developmental Meet 1A

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Milwaukie HS, Milwaukie

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Nick Isham12.7hSt. Clare      
2.-Chris Colley12.7hValley Catholic      
3.-Aidan Moore13.1hSt. Clare      
4.-Levi Gregg13.2hSt. Clare      
5.-Alex Derhalli13.3hFranciscan Montessor...      
6.-Eric DeKay13.3hAll Saints      
7.-Daniel Perman13.4hSt. John the Apostle      
8.-Anthony Rhemrev-Field13.4hSt. John the Apostle      
9.-Jordan Wilkie13.4hSt. Clare      
10.-Patrick Kempster13.5hHoly Family      
11.-Remi Rufai13.7hValley Catholic      
12.-Mario Delegato13.8hHoly Family      
13.-Marcus Brannon14.0hAll Saints      
14.-Brandon Life14.0hAll Saints      
15.-Aubrey Prom14.1hHoly Family      
16.-Ryan Kain14.1hHoly Family      
17.-Nicholas Thomson14.1hValley Catholic      
18.-Dean Oberg14.7hSt. John the Apostle      
19.-Dan Rubalcava14.7hHoly Family      
20.-Alex Waters15.5hFranciscan Montessor...      
21.-James Peterson15.7hHoly Family      
22.-Parker Kimball16.1hHoly Family      
23.-Daniel Davis18.0hHoly Family      
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Alexander Castillo13.8hSt. Anthony      
2.6Shane Richards14.2hValley Catholic      
3.-Alexander Tracy14.4hHoly Family      
4.-Xavier Coleman14.4hSt. John the Apostle      
5.5Joseph Alfieri14.6hValley Catholic      
6.-Colin Meisner14.6hFranciscan Montessor...      
7.-Harrisen Stach14.6hSt. Anthony      
7.-Marty Ramos14.6hSt. Anthony      
9.-Chase Burnham14.6hSt. Clare      
10.6Zachary Caballero14.7hValley Catholic      
11.-Logan Hillerns14.7hHoly Family      
12.-Brodie Kelley14.9hSt. Anthony      
13.-Benjamin Colley15.1hValley Catholic      
14.-William Chapman15.2hSt. Anthony      
15.5Tyler Nguyen15.3hValley Catholic      
16.-Sam Ruef15.3hValley Catholic      
16.-Zachary Wease15.3hSt. John the Apostle      
18.-Thomas Perman15.3hSt. John the Apostle      
19.-Jacob Larsen15.5hSt. Anthony      
20.-Anthony Newman15.8hSt. John the Apostle      
21.-Jared Malone15.8hSt. Ignatius      
22.-Shaka Klang15.9hSt. Ignatius      
23.-Andrew Kirvin- Quamme15.9hSt. Ignatius      
24.-Kyle Kahler16.0hFranciscan Montessor...      
25.11Christian Burkhartsmeyer16.0hSt. Anthony      
26.-Jaylin Robinson16.1hSt. Anthony      
27.-Nicholas Cross16.1hSt. Anthony      
28.-Alexander Glenn16.2hSt. Ignatius      
29.-Jarrod McKay16.3hSt. Ignatius      
30.6Zachary Holden16.3hValley Catholic      
31.-Paul Bundy16.4hFranciscan Montessor...      
32.-Chijioke Ughamba17.1hHoly Family      
33.-Sebastian White17.2hSt. Clare      
34.-Hayden Corrado17.4hSt. Anthony      
35.5Terrance Compton17.5hValley Catholic      
36.-Luke O'Connor17.7hSt. John the Apostle      
37.-Levi Banks17.9hHoly Family      
38.-Oliver Muhle-Bruce18.0hAll Saints      
39.-Henry Robin18.1hSt. Ignatius      
40.-Thomas Callahan18.2hHoly Family      
41.-Dylan Underhill18.5hSt. Anthony      
42.-Nathan Modlin18.6hSt. John the Apostle      
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Jack Block15.8hSt. Anthony      
2.-Jamiah Shirley15.9hSt. Clare      
3.5Ian Hamel16.1hFranciscan Montessor...      
4.4Matthew Ferguson16.1hSt. Anthony      
5.-Parker Shaffer16.3hSt. John the Apostle      
6.9Parker Crosgrove16.6hHoly Family      
6.3Michael Alfieri16.6hValley Catholic      
8.-Jonathan Ho16.7hValley Catholic      
9.-Leo Steiner16.7hHoly Family      
10.-Nathaniel Gregos16.8hHoly Family      
11.-Michael Karin16.8hHoly Family      
12.-Roark Beisel16.9hSt. Clare      
12.-Nash Lisac16.9hHoly Family      
14.-Brett Moore17.1hSt. John the Apostle      
14.-Steven Greaux17.1hHoly Family      
16.-Michael Angyus17.4hHoly Family      
17.-Dominick Moulton17.5hSt. Ignatius      
18.-Trenton Soelberg17.6hSt. Anthony      
19.-Alex Compton17.7hSt. Anthony      
20.-Jacob Wease17.7hSt. John the Apostle      
21.11Jack Kain17.7hHoly Family      
22.-Jereme Wilkie17.8hSt. Clare      
23.-Jeremy Cansler17.8hSt. John the Apostle      
23.-Samuel Seachrist17.8hAll Saints      
25.-Kevin Casey17.9hSt. Anthony      
26.4Nash Rauen18.2hSt. Anthony      
27.4Mark Dekay18.4hAll Saints      
28.-Paul Davis18.5hHoly Family      
29.-Nolan Corrado18.6hSt. Anthony      
30.-Grant Houser18.6hHoly Family      
31.-Drew Cannon18.7hSt. Clare      
32.-Kristopher Alvarez18.8hSt. Anthony      
33.-Paul Parodi18.9hHoly Family      
34.-Christian Goo19.0Valley Catholic      
35.-Michael Jolibois19.1hSt. Anthony      
36.-Asa Bross19.2hAll Saints      
37.-Eric Prom19.2Holy Family      
38.-Dan Sims19.4hAll Saints      
39.-Erik Homgren19.4hSt. Clare      
40.-Tristan Seyer19.4hSt. John the Apostle      
41.4Daniel Barnes20.2hPortland Lutheran      
42.-Graham Smith20.7Holy Family      
43.-Justin Quijada-Huck21.1hHoly Family      
44.-Cavanaugh Lefor21.4hSt. Clare      
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Aidan Moore26.9hSt. Clare      
2.-Eric DeKay27.2hAll Saints      
3.-Patrick Kempster27.9hHoly Family      
4.-Daniel Perman28.3hSt. John the Apostle      
5.-Nicholas Thomson28.8hValley Catholic      
6.-Anthony Rhemrev-Field29.0hSt. John the Apostle      
7.-Dan Rubalcava29.3hHoly Family      
8.-Remi Rufai29.7hValley Catholic      
9.-Alex Waters32.6hFranciscan Montessor...      
10.7Anthony Alfieri33.2hValley Catholic      
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Xavier Coleman29.5hSt. John the Apostle      
2.-Alexander Castillo29.9hSt. Anthony      
3.5Joseph Alfieri30.1hValley Catholic      
4.-Colin Meisner30.5hFranciscan Montessor...      
5.-Brodie Kelley30.9hSt. Anthony      
6.-Logan Hillerns31.8hHoly Family      
7.-Jaylin Robinson33.1hSt. Anthony      
8.-Shaka Klang33.2hSt. Ignatius      
9.-John Nizich34.2hSt. John the Apostle      
10.-Jacob Larsen34.5hSt. Anthony      
11.-Jarrod McKay34.5hSt. Ignatius      
12.-William Fredericks35.9hHoly Family      
13.-Austin DeClerck36.6hAll Saints      
14.-Sebastian White36.8hSt. Clare      
15.-Nathan Modlin41.0hSt. John the Apostle      
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Andrew Collier33.8hFranciscan Montessor...      
2.-Jonathan Ho35.4hValley Catholic      
3.-Garrett Jones35.7hHoly Family      
4.-Dylan Ruesch35.8hHoly Family      
5.-Nash Lisac36.8hHoly Family      
6.-Michael Angyus37.6hHoly Family      
7.-Jacob Wease37.6hSt. John the Apostle      
8.3Sean Richardson40.1hFranciscan Montessor...      
9.4Mark Dekay40.3hAll Saints      
10.-Leo Steiner40.8hHoly Family      
11.-Drew Cannon41.1hSt. Clare      
12.-Ethan Parker41.6hPortland Lutheran      
13.-Anthony Romanaggi42.3hHoly Family      
14.-Aidan Mellies42.5hHoly Family      
15.-Asa Bross43.0hAll Saints      
16.-Gavin Bradley43.8hSt. Ignatius      
17.-Dominick Moulton43.9hSt. Ignatius      
18.-Christian O'Connell44.1hHoly Family      
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kyle Hagmeier1:01.7St. Clare      
2.-Alex Derhalli1:09.1Franciscan Montessor...      
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Chase Burnham1:10.6hSt. Clare      
2.6Shane Richards1:13.4hValley Catholic      
3.-Nicholas Cross1:14.9hSt. Anthony      
4.-Harrisen Stach1:15.1hSt. Anthony      
5.11Christian Burkhartsmeyer1:20.3hSt. Anthony      
6.-Carlos Coleman1:24.8hSt. John the Apostle      
7.-Donavon Smith1:26.9hPortland Lutheran      
8.-Ian Robinson1:30.2hHoly Family      
9.-Henry Robin1:38.6hSt. Ignatius      
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Jamiah Shirley1:16.3hSt. Clare      
2.-Dylan Ruesch1:19.3hHoly Family      
3.4Jackson Frank1:21.9hAll Saints      
4.3Michael Alfieri1:23.5hValley Catholic      
5.5Ian Hamel1:24.1hFranciscan Montessor...      
6.-Nathaniel Gregos1:25.8hHoly Family      
7.-Robert Bergin1:27.2hHoly Family      
8.-Roark Beisel1:27.7hSt. Clare      
9.9Parker Crosgrove1:28.8hHoly Family      
10.-Jereme Wilkie1:32.4hSt. Clare      
11.-Drew Cannon1:33.0hSt. Clare      
12.-Grant Houser1:34.6hHoly Family      
13.-Gavin Bradley1:39.0hSt. Ignatius      
14.-Jack Howard1:39.2hSt. Clare      
15.-Aidan Mellies1:42.4hHoly Family      
16.-Garrett Jones1:44.5hHoly Family      
17.-Anthony Romanaggi1:46.7hHoly Family      
18.-Graham Smith1:57.3hHoly Family      
19.4Keenan Robinson2:02.3hHoly Family      
20.11Jack Kain2:04.4hHoly Family      
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Justin Rocereto2:37.5hValley Catholic      
2.7Andy Holstrom2:38.0hValley Catholic      
3.-Alex Westby3:19.8hValley Catholic      
4.-Anthony Micallef3:24.9hFranciscan Montessor...      
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Felipe Montoya2:47.2hValley Catholic      
2.-Santo Cordorelli2:58.2hSt. Clare      
3.-Leland Beatley2:59.1hAll Saints      
4.-Patrick Walsh3:01.3hSt. John the Apostle      
5.-Parker Mooney3:18.3hFranciscan Montessor...      
6.-Ian Robinson3:25.9hHoly Family      
7.-Joshua Link4:08.4hSt. John the Apostle      
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Jonathan Ho3:04.0hValley Catholic      
2.-Robert Bergin3:10.8hHoly Family      
3.3Sean Richardson3:24.5hFranciscan Montessor...      
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Justin Rocereto5:22.0hValley Catholic      
2.-Nathan Chatterton5:40.4hHoly Family      
3.-Jason Cross5:50.4hSt. Anthony      
4.-Michael Kardas6:03.8hSt. Anthony      
5.7Anthony Alfieri6:07.0hValley Catholic      
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Felipe Montoya5:32.2hValley Catholic      
2.-Marty Ramos5:40.5hSt. Anthony      
3.-Tyler Myers6:13.3hHoly Family      
4.-Benjamin Seachrist6:17.1hAll Saints      
5.-Hayden Corrado6:49.7hSt. Anthony      
6.-Patrick Storment7:11.6hSt. Anthony      
7.-Tarek Wirfs7:17.1hSt. Anthony      
8.-Parker Mooney7:45.9hFranciscan Montessor...      
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Liam Keaney5:51.3hAll Saints      
2.-Kyle Baldes5:59.6hSt. Anthony      
3.-Parker Shaffer6:00.0hSt. John the Apostle      
4.-Jack Block6:43.1hSt. Anthony      
5.-Jack Howard7:00.2hSt. Clare      
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.7Andy Holstrom11:08.1hValley Catholic      
2.7Connor Garcia11:29.1hValley Catholic      
3.-Jason Cross11:57.7hSt. Anthony      
4.-Kyle Hagmeier12:41.1hSt. Clare      
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Alex Joseph11:24.0hAll Saints      
2.-Patrick Walsh12:38.3hSt. John the Apostle      
3.-Thomas Perman12:46.4hSt. John the Apostle      
4.-Kirk Dettmer13:10.8hHoly Family      
5.-Ruben Sola13:21.8hHoly Family      
6.-Noah Conrad13:22.1hHoly Family      
7.-Carl Sonnenschein13:27.5hHoly Family      
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.3hFranciscan Montessor...      
2.-Relay Team 43.4hSt. John the Apostle      
3.-Erik Homgren
Jack Howard
Cavanaugh Lefor
Jereme Wilkie
43.8hSt. Clare      
4.-Trenton Soelberg
Michael Jolibois
Nash Rauen
Nolan Corrado
44.2hSt. Anthony      
5.-Tristan Seyer
Jeremy Cansler
Brett Moore
Alexander Bridgeman
46.0hSt. John the Apostle      
6.-Relay Team 46.3hHoly Family      
7.-Leo Steiner
Paul Parodi
Aidan Mellies
Robert Bergin
46.3hHoly Family      
8.-Relay Team 46.4hHoly Family      
9.-Keenan Robinson
Graham Smith
Grant Houser
Parker Crosgrove
47.0hHoly Family      
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kyle Hagmeier
Jordan Wilkie
Levi Gregg
Nick Isham
53.2hSt. Clare      
2.-Reilly Spaniel
Justin Rocereto
Nicholas Thomson
Chris Colley
56.0hValley Catholic      
3.-Anthony Rhemrev-Field
Dean Oberg
Daniel Perman
Nick Anderson
56.6hSt. John the Apostle      
4.-Patrick Kempster
Dan Rubalcava
Aubrey Prom
Mario Delegato
56.6hHoly Family      
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Joseph Alfieri
Felipe Montoya
Zachary Caballero
Shane Richards
58.9hValley Catholic      
2.-Alexander Castillo
William Chapman
Marty Ramos
Brodie Kelley
59.5hSt. Anthony      
3.-Noah Conrad
Alex Tetherow
Alexander Tracy
Kirk Dettmer
1:01.9hHoly Family      
4.-Kyle Kahler
Colin Meisner
Sean Caster
Paul Bundy
1:02.5hFranciscan Montessor...      
5.-Nicholas Cross
Jaylin Robinson
Jacob Larsen
Christian Burkhartsmeyer
1:02.8hSt. Anthony      
6.-Carlos Coleman
Anthony Newman
Zachary Wease
John Nizich
1:05.6hSt. John the Apostle      
7.-Andrew Kirvin- Quamme
Shaka Klang
Henry Robin
Dominick Moulton
1:09.2hSt. Ignatius      
8.-Relay Team 1:21.2hPortland Lutheran      
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Kyle Baldes
Jack Block
Matthew Ferguson
Ryan Weiss
1:07.0hSt. Anthony      
2.-Relay Team 1:08.9hHoly Family      
3.-Jamiah Shirley
Drew Cannon
Jereme Wilkie
Roark Beisel
1:11.1hSt. Clare      
4.-Christian Goo
Vishal Vanka
Joseph Kiefer
Michael Alfieri
1:15.3hValley Catholic      
5.-Robert Bergin
Anthony Romanaggi
Christian O'Connell
Justin Quijada-Huck
1:21.8hHoly Family      
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Joseph Alfieri
Zachary Caballero
Sam Ruef
Christian McDonald
5:12.6hValley Catholic      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Brian Collins36-00.00St. Ignatius      
2.-Jordan Wilkie35-04.00St. Clare      
3.-Ryan Kain34-05.00Holy Family      
4.-Reilly Spaniel32-06.00Valley Catholic      
5.-Aubrey Prom31-08.00Holy Family      
6.-Justin Stangel30-04.00Holy Family      
7.-Kyle Hagmeier29-02.00St. Clare      
8.-Hunter Hauer28-00.00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Daniel Perman27-00.00St. John the Apostle      
10.-Nick Tetherow26-11.00Holy Family      
11.-Kyle Johnson23-09.00St. John the Apostle      
12.-Joshua Link19-11.00St. John the Apostle      
13.-Nick Anderson19-08.00St. John the Apostle      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Noah Conrad30-11.00Holy Family      
2.-Alexander Glenn29-02.00St. Ignatius      
3.-Tarek Wirfs28-06.00St. Anthony      
4.-William Chapman28-03.00St. Anthony      
5.-Alex Tetherow26-09.00Holy Family      
6.-Benjamin Colley24-01.00Valley Catholic      
6.-Donavon Smith24-01.00Portland Lutheran      
8.-John Nizich22-11.00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Thomas Callahan21-11.00Holy Family      
10.-John McClory21-09.00St. Clare      
11.-Austin DeClerck21-06.00All Saints      
12.-Alex Rodenbeck21-05.00St. John the Apostle      
13.-Chijioke Ughamba20-10.00Holy Family      
14.-Luke O'Connor18-10.00St. John the Apostle      
15.-Ted Acton18-08.00St. John the Apostle      
16.-Ian Robinson17-08.00Holy Family      
17.-Samual Tuomi17-03.00Portland Lutheran      
18.-Sean Caster17-02.00Franciscan Montessor...      
19.-Carl Sonnenschein15-02.00Holy Family      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Eric Prom20-04.00Holy Family      
2.-Dan Sims19-04.00All Saints      
3.-Paul Davis19-03.00Holy Family      
4.-Koalii Kauhi18-09.00St. John the Apostle      
5.-Ryan Weiss17-04.00St. Anthony      
6.-Nash Lisac16-07.00Holy Family      
7.-Ethan Parker16-00.00Portland Lutheran      
8.-Jacob Wease15-07.00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Addison Livengood14-11.00Portland Lutheran      
10.-Tariko Duarte14-05.00St. Clare      
11.-Kristopher Alvarez13-11.00St. Anthony      
12.-Jeremy Cansler13-05.00St. John the Apostle      
12.-Tristan Seyer13-05.00St. John the Apostle      
14.-Trenton Soelberg13-04.00St. Anthony      
15.11Jack Kain10-00.00Holy Family      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Anthony Rhemrev-Field125-00St. John the Apostle      
2.-Patrick Kempster125-00Holy Family      
3.-Justin Stangel120-00Holy Family      
4.-Brian Collins120-00St. Ignatius      
5.-Daniel Perman118-00St. John the Apostle      
6.-Devin Hill96-00St. Clare      
7.-James Peterson94-00Holy Family      
8.-Marcus Brannon89-00All Saints      
9.-Parker Kimball83-00Holy Family      
10.-Alex Waters82-00Franciscan Montessor...      
11.-Nick Anderson74-00St. John the Apostle      
12.-Kyle Johnson58-00St. John the Apostle      
12.-Joshua Link58-00St. John the Apostle      
14.-William Fredericks45-00Holy Family      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.-Alex Tetherow109-00Holy Family      
2.-Tarek Wirfs108-00St. Anthony      
3.-Noah Conrad104-00Holy Family      
4.-Paul Bundy90-00Franciscan Montessor...      
5.-Donavon Smith82-00Portland Lutheran      
6.-Hayden Corrado77-00St. Anthony      
7.-Alexander Glenn76-00St. Ignatius      
8.-Carlos Coleman74-00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Brodie Kelley74-00St. Anthony      
10.-Alexander Castillo74-00St. Anthony      
11.-Alex Rodenbeck67-00St. John the Apostle      
12.-Kyle Kahler65-00Franciscan Montessor...      
13.-Nicholas Cross63-00St. Anthony      
13.-Zachary Wease63-00St. John the Apostle      
15.-Dylan Underhill59-00St. Anthony      
16.-Jarrod McKay58-00St. Ignatius      
17.-Ted Acton55-00St. John the Apostle      
18.-James Nizich53-00St. John the Apostle      
19.-John Nizich51-00St. John the Apostle      
20.-Marty Ramos50-00St. Anthony      
21.-Samual Tuomi34-00Portland Lutheran      
21.-Ryan Hull34-00Holy Family      
---Daniel PermanNDSt. John the Apostle      
---Austin DeClerckDNSAll Saints      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Nolan Corrado62-00St. Anthony      
2.-Chrisopher Bright57-00St. John the Apostle      
3.-Jack Block56-00St. Anthony      
4.-Eric Prom50-00Holy Family      
5.9Parker Crosgrove47-00Holy Family      
6.-Dan Sims45-00All Saints      
7.-Trenton Soelberg45-00St. Anthony      
8.-Vishal Vanka44-00Valley Catholic      
9.-Dylan Ruesch43-00Holy Family      
10.-Michael Jolibois42-00St. Anthony      
10.-Christian Goo42-00Valley Catholic      
12.4Daniel Barnes37-00Portland Lutheran      
13.4Nash Rauen36-00St. Anthony      
14.-Steven Greaux35-00Holy Family      
15.-Ethan Parker34-00Portland Lutheran      
16.-Alex Compton33-00St. Anthony      
17.3Joseph Kiefer32-00Valley Catholic      
18.-Kristopher Alvarez29-00St. Anthony      
19.-Kevin Casey26-00St. Anthony      
19.4Keenan Robinson26-00Holy Family      
21.-Addison Livengood23-00Portland Lutheran      
22.-Graham Smith17-00Holy Family      
---Ryan WeissDNSSt. Anthony      
---Paul DavisDNSHoly Family      
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Levi Gregg4-11.00St. Clare      
2.-Anthony Rhemrev-Field4-07.00St. John the Apostle      
3.-Nick Isham4-07.00St. Clare      
4.-Nathan Chatterton4-05.00Holy Family      
5.-Justin Stangel4-03.00Holy Family      
6.-Alex Derhalli4-02.00Franciscan Montessor...      
7.-Dean Oberg4-00.00St. John the Apostle      
8.-Nick Anderson3-10.00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Kyle Johnson3-08.00St. John the Apostle      
---Parker KimballNHHoly Family      
---Joshua LinkNHSt. John the Apostle      
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Xavier Coleman4-01.00St. John the Apostle      
2.-Colin Meisner4-00.00Franciscan Montessor...      
3.-Zachary Wease3-10.00St. John the Apostle      
4.-Patrick Walsh3-08.00St. John the Apostle      
4.-Patrick Storment3-08.00St. Anthony      
6.-William Chapman3-08.00St. Anthony      
6.-Alex Rodenbeck3-08.00St. John the Apostle      
8.-Sean Caster3-06.00Franciscan Montessor...      
---Tyler MyersNHHoly Family      
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Chris Colley15-09.00Valley Catholic      
2.-Michael White15-00.00St. Ignatius      
3.-Nick Isham14-08.00St. Clare      
4.-Aubrey Prom14-06.00Holy Family      
5.-Brandon Life14-01.00All Saints      
6.-Justin Rocereto13-09.00Valley Catholic      
7.-Mario Delegato13-05.00Holy Family      
8.-Anthony Micallef13-05.00Franciscan Montessor...      
9.-Marcus Brannon13-04.00All Saints      
10.-Dan Rubalcava12-09.00Holy Family      
11.-Devin Hill12-08.00St. Clare      
12.-Remi Rufai12-07.00Valley Catholic      
13.-Aidan Moore12-03.00St. Clare      
14.-Jordan Wilkie11-07.00St. Clare      
---Daniel DavisNDHoly Family      
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Shane Richards12-10.00Valley Catholic      
2.-Sam Ruef11-10.00Valley Catholic      
3.-Harrisen Stach11-09.00St. Anthony      
4.-Patrick Storment11-08.00St. Anthony      
5.-Paul Bundy11-05.00Franciscan Montessor...      
6.-Jared Malone11-05.00St. Ignatius      
7.-Chase Burnham11-04.00St. Clare      
9.-Andrew Kirvin- Quamme11-00.00St. Ignatius      
9.-Sean Caster11-00.00Franciscan Montessor...      
10.-Christian McDonald11-00.00Valley Catholic      
11.-Felipe Montoya10-10.00Valley Catholic      
12.-Jacob Larsen10-07.00St. Anthony      
13.-Kyle Kahler10-00.00Franciscan Montessor...      
13.-Shaka Klang10-00.00St. Ignatius      
15.6Zachary Holden9-02.00Valley Catholic      
16.-Ted Acton8-09.00St. John the Apostle      
17.-Logan Hillerns8-07.00Holy Family      
18.-Nathan Modlin8-04.00St. John the Apostle      
19.-Benjamin Seachrist8-03.00All Saints      
19.5Terrance Compton8-03.00Valley Catholic      
21.-Levi Banks6-00.00Holy Family      
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.5Ian Hamel11-09.00Franciscan Montessor...      
2.-Michael Angyus11-07.00Holy Family      
3.-Ryan Weiss11-05.00St. Anthony      
4.-Parker Shaffer10-11.00St. John the Apostle      
5.4Matthew Ferguson10-10.00St. Anthony      
6.-Andrew Collier10-08.00Franciscan Montessor...      
7.-Christian Goo10-04.00Valley Catholic      
8.3Michael Alfieri10-02.00Valley Catholic      
9.-Dominick Moulton9-05.00St. Ignatius      
10.-Jeremy Cansler9-04.00St. John the Apostle      
10.-Alex Compton9-04.00St. Anthony      
10.4Nash Rauen9-04.00St. Anthony      
13.-Aidan Mellies9-03.00Holy Family      
14.-Kyle Baldes9-00.00St. Anthony      
15.3Sean Richardson8-10.00Franciscan Montessor...      
15.-Tristan Seyer8-10.00St. John the Apostle      
17.-Vishal Vanka8-09.00Valley Catholic      
18.-Brett Moore8-08.00St. John the Apostle      
19.-Asa Bross8-07.00All Saints      
20.3Joseph Kiefer8-06.00Valley Catholic      
20.-Nolan Corrado8-06.00St. Anthony      
20.-Jack Howard8-06.00St. Clare      
23.-Koalii Kauhi8-03.00St. John the Apostle      
24.-Cavanaugh Lefor8-01.00St. Clare      
25.-Gavin Bradley7-05.00St. Ignatius      
26.-Christian O'Connell7-04.00Holy Family      
27.-Michael Jolibois7-03.00St. Anthony      
28.4Mark Dekay7-02.00All Saints      
29.4Daniel Barnes7-00.00Portland Lutheran      
29.-Ethan Parker7-00.00Portland Lutheran      
31.-Tariko Duarte6-10.00St. Clare      
32.-Kevin Casey6-09.00St. Anthony      
33.-Kristopher Alvarez6-08.00St. Anthony      
34.4Keenan Robinson6-05.00Holy Family      
35.-Justin Quijada-Huck6-01.00Holy Family      
---Garrett JonesDNSHoly Family      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Julia Read13.3hAll Saints      
2.-Lindsay Goff13.4hSt. John the Apostle      
3.-Madison Shaffer13.5hSt. John the Apostle      
4.-Julia Sholian13.6hSt. Clare      
5.-Garmai Gorlorwulu13.6hSt. Anthony      
6.-Kelly Olsen13.8hSt. Clare      
7.-Kylie Svendsen13.8hSt. John the Apostle      
8.-Sierra Duarte14.0hSt. Clare      
9.-Samantha Bradford14.2hSt. John the Apostle      
10.-Danica Anukam14.3hHoly Family      
11.-Erin Treat14.4hSt. Anthony      
12.-Lora Ross14.5hSt. Anthony      
13.-Rylie Schlottmann14.6hSt. Anthony      
13.-Baylee Newman14.6hSt. John the Apostle      
15.-Mariah Schneider14.6hHoly Family      
16.-Emily Basile14.8hHoly Family      
17.-Sierra Arlauskas14.8hSt. John the Apostle      
18.-Veronica Pham14.9hSt. Anthony      
19.-Danielle Brown15.0hSt. Clare      
20.-Mary Cate Bundy15.0hFranciscan Montessor...      
21.-Libby Minniti15.2hSt. Anthony      
22.-Gloria Davis15.2hHoly Family      
23.-Natalie Auger15.3hSt. Ignatius      
24.-Koryn Murphy15.3hHoly Family      
25.-Michele Micallef15.3hFranciscan Montessor...      
26.-Mallory Martz15.5hHoly Family      
27.-Taylor Lutostanski15.7hSt. Anthony      
28.-Camille Phillips16.1hSt. Anthony      
29.-Jessica Adsitt16.2hHoly Family      
30.-Sarah Schwartz16.3hSt. Anthony      
31.-Keisha Hicks16.7hHoly Family      
32.-Aishwarya Vardhana16.8hValley Catholic      
33.-Noel Delone16.9hSt. Ignatius      
34.-Nicole Holden17.1hValley Catholic      
35.-Azia Lewis17.3hSt. John the Apostle      
36.-Eyerusalem Abebe19.2hHoly Family      
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Megan Ferguson14.3hSt. Anthony      
2.-Katherine Brouns14.4hHoly Family      
3.-Victoria White14.7hSt. Ignatius      
4.-Claire Bange14.7hSt. Anthony      
5.-Amanda Keller15.0hSt. Clare      
6.-Emma Marquard15.0hSt. Clare      
7.-Kelsey Cathcart15.1hSt. Ignatius      
8.-Melange Gavin15.2hSt. Anthony      
9.-Celeste Raymond15.2hAll Saints      
10.-Rachael Gottsch15.4hHoly Family      
11.-Devyn Kauhi15.5hSt. John the Apostle      
12.-Jennifer Lidster15.5hSt. John the Apostle      
13.-Sarah Warke15.6hSt. John the Apostle      
13.-Kayla Cosio15.6hSt. Anthony      
15.-Catherine Enger15.8hValley Catholic      
16.-Megan Lundgreen15.8hSt. Anthony      
17.-Phoebe Luc15.8hSt. Clare      
18.-Jaime Goff16.0hSt. John the Apostle      
19.-Bryn McKillop16.0hHoly Family      
20.-Kaylin Bierly16.1hValley Catholic      
21.-Ana Garrigo16.1hValley Catholic      
22.-Scarlett Herinckx16.3hSt. Ignatius      
23.-Marvah Gorlorwulu16.3hSt. Anthony      
24.-Alyssa Mische16.3hSt. John the Apostle      
25.5Gabrielle Rosenthal16.4hValley Catholic      
26.-Annamarie White16.4hHoly Family      
27.-Jasmine Ford16.6hSt. Anthony      
28.-Lindsay Cannon16.7hSt. Clare      
29.-Camille Klein16.8hHoly Family      
30.-Nicole Heitzman16.8hSt. John the Apostle      
31.-Elle Hauer16.8hSt. John the Apostle      
32.-Jacie DeMers16.8hSt. John the Apostle      
33.-Madeliene Grubb16.9hSt. Ignatius      
34.-Elizabeth Alvarez16.9hSt. Anthony      
34.-Emalee Moore16.9hAll Saints      
36.-Valerie Cansler17.0hSt. John the Apostle      
36.-Brogan McLaughlin17.0hHoly Family      
38.5Paola Phipps17.1hPortland Lutheran      
39.-AnneMarie Minniti17.1hSt. Anthony      
40.-Sarah Sparks17.2hHoly Family      
41.-Carly Adams17.3hSt. John the Apostle      
42.-Canon Chrisman17.5hHoly Family      
43.-Ellen O'Dell17.6hSt. John the Apostle      
44.-Lauren Pisaneschi17.7hHoly Family      
45.5Morgan McDougal18.0hValley Catholic      
46.-Laura Brehm18.0hSt. John the Apostle      
47.-Lauren Shoemaker18.0hValley Catholic      
48.-Katie Buerk18.1hHoly Family      
49.-Kennedy Polk18.8hSt. John the Apostle      
50.-Haley Yohn18.9hSt. John the Apostle      
51.-Alexa Michelson18.9hFranciscan Montessor...      
52.-Sierra Kornblum19.4hSt. John the Apostle      
53.-Alexandra Jorgenson19.4hHoly Family      
54.-Tsehaywork Abebe23.9hHoly Family      
---Kristen ParrenoNTHoly Family      
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Gabriella Donaldson15.6hHoly Family      
2.-Melinda Ford15.7hAll Saints      
3.-Ava Mickola15.7hHoly Family      
4.-Ashlee Jaha16.0hAll Saints      
5.-Madeline Curzon16.1hSt. Anthony      
6.-Elderin Schmidt16.3hAll Saints      
7.-Catherine Danna16.4hHoly Family      
8.-Marlee Leonard16.5hValley Catholic      
9.-Whitney Marks16.6hSt. Anthony      
10.-Kylie Westermeijer16.8hHoly Family      
11.-Emily Perman16.9hSt. John the Apostle      
12.-Cecelia Lewis17.0hSt. John the Apostle      
13.-Emiko Kahler17.1hFranciscan Montessor...      
14.-Chloe Hester17.2hHoly Family      
15.3Ellen Koukel17.2hValley Catholic      
16.-Olivia Coleman17.3hSt. John the Apostle      
17.-Natalie Shaw17.3hSt. Anthony      
18.-Alicia Ralls17.5hSt. John the Apostle      
19.10Adriana Bolton17.5hSt. Clare      
20.-Amanda Summers17.5hHoly Family      
21.-Megan Bloom17.6hValley Catholic      
22.-Sarah Mische17.8hSt. John the Apostle      
22.-Cali Cunningham17.8hValley Catholic      
22.-Hannah Caruso17.8hSt. Anthony      
25.-Kate Ann Huckey17.8hSt. Anthony      
26.-Jena Johnston17.9hFranciscan Montessor...      
27.3Mariel Shoemaker18.1hValley Catholic      
28.-Zoe Bilton-Smith18.1hHoly Family      
29.8Sophie Bange18.3hSt. Anthony      
29.-Beth BoBzien18.3hHoly Family      
31.-Maggie Redshaw18.4hSt. Clare      
32.-Sarah Bright18.4hSt. John the Apostle      
33.-Adele Underwood18.5hFranciscan Montessor...      
34.-Katrina Beslic18.6hHoly Family      
35.-MacKenzie Comeau18.7hValley Catholic      
36.-Danielle Persons18.7hSt. John the Apostle      
36.4Cecillia Pham18.7hSt. Anthony      
38.-Taylor Westermeijer18.8hHoly Family      
39.-Gretel Baur18.8hFranciscan Montessor...      
40.-Deanna Mische18.9hSt. John the Apostle      
41.-McKenzie Phillis18.9hSt. Clare      
42.-Hailey Gammon19.0hAll Saints      
43.-Sofia Fangon19.1hSt. Anthony      
44.4Samantha Nizich19.3hSt. John the Apostle      
45.-Carly Adams19.4hSt. John the Apostle      
46.-Julia Engstrom19.4hSt. Anthony      
47.-Emily Sunderland19.5hValley Catholic      
48.-Madeline McDougal19.6hValley Catholic      
49.-Jaclyn Naranjo19.7hHoly Family      
50.-Julianna Fustolo20.0hSt. John the Apostle      
51.-Alexis Heitzman20.3hSt. John the Apostle      
52.-Tiana Swenson20.4hHoly Family      
53.4Madeline Darrow20.8hSt. John the Apostle      
54.-Caroline Cassinelli21.3hSt. Clare      
55.4Virgina Link21.7hSt. John the Apostle      
56.-Natalie Doerfler22.3hHoly Family      
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Garmai Gorlorwulu28.2St. Anthony      
2.-Lindsay Goff28.6hSt. John the Apostle      
3.-Sierra Duarte29.4hSt. Clare      
4.-Kylie Svendsen29.5St. John the Apostle      
5.-Kelly Olsen30.0hSt. Clare      
6.-Erin Treat30.4hSt. Anthony      
7.-Samantha Bradford30.6St. John the Apostle      
8.-Libby Minniti30.9hSt. Anthony      
9.-Emily Basile31.0Holy Family      
10.-Ellen Holt31.0St. Ignatius      
11.-Anna Gilles31.2hValley Catholic      
12.-Sierra Arlauskas32.0hSt. John the Apostle      
13.-Natalie Auger32.2hSt. Ignatius      
14.8Keeley Peneyra32.5hValley Catholic      
15.-Louise Nistler32.6hValley Catholic      
16.-Taylor Lutostanski33.2hSt. Anthony      
17.-Laura Smale33.4St. Anthony      
18.-Keisha Hicks35.6hHoly Family      
19.-Molly O'Conner35.8hSt. John the Apostle      
20.-Noel Delone36.8St. Ignatius      
21.-Eyerusalem Abebe41.8hHoly Family      
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Gabrielle Rosenthal31.1hValley Catholic      
2.-Celeste Raymond32.0hAll Saints      
3.-Kayla Cosio32.1hSt. Anthony      
4.-Rachael Gottsch32.5hHoly Family      
5.-Jaime Goff33.4hSt. John the Apostle      
6.-Marvah Gorlorwulu33.5hSt. Anthony      
7.-Amanda Keller33.7hSt. Clare      
8.-Megan Lundgreen34.4hSt. Anthony      
9.-Caroline Holt34.4hSt. Ignatius      
10.-AnneMarie Minniti34.4hSt. Anthony      
11.-Alyssa Mische34.5hSt. John the Apostle      
12.-Lindsay Cannon34.6hSt. Clare      
13.5Paola Phipps35.0hPortland Lutheran      
14.-Megan Ferguson35.0hSt. Anthony      
15.-Nicole Heitzman35.4hSt. John the Apostle      
16.-Emma Marquard35.5hSt. Clare      
17.5Annika Holstrom35.5hValley Catholic      
18.-Andrea Novak36.0hHoly Family      
19.-Emalee Moore36.1hAll Saints      
20.-Jasmine Ford36.2hSt. Anthony      
21.-Lauren Pisaneschi36.3hHoly Family      
22.-Phoebe Luc36.3hSt. Clare      
23.-Valerie Cansler36.8hSt. John the Apostle      
24.-Elizabeth Alvarez37.6hSt. Anthony      
25.-Ellen O'Dell37.8hSt. John the Apostle      
26.-Megan Shaw39.0hSt. Anthony      
27.-Haley Yohn39.1hSt. John the Apostle      
28.-Hannah Portwood40.5hSt. Anthony      
29.-Kaylin Bierly45.6hValley Catholic      
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Ashlee Jaha34.2hAll Saints      
2.-Gabriella Donaldson34.4hHoly Family      
3.-Megan Bloom35.7hValley Catholic      
4.-Catherine Danna35.7hHoly Family      
5.-Whitney Marks37.3hSt. Anthony      
6.-Natalie Shaw38.7hSt. Anthony      
7.-Deanna Mische39.7hSt. John the Apostle      
8.-Maggie Redshaw39.8hSt. Clare      
9.-Zoe Bilton-Smith40.3hHoly Family      
10.-McKenzie Phillis40.5hSt. Clare      
11.-Sophie Ziels40.8hValley Catholic      
12.-Sofia Fangon40.9hSt. Anthony      
13.-Kate Ann Huckey41.8hSt. Anthony      
14.-Catherine Rose43.8hSt. Ignatius      
15.-Tiana Swenson47.4hHoly Family      
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Erin Gibbs1:07.0hSt. Anthony      
2.-Julia Sholian1:07.4hSt. Clare      
3.-Lora Ross1:08.6hSt. Anthony      
4.-Sierra Arlauskas1:11.8hSt. John the Apostle      
5.-Elyse Fleck1:12.6hSt. Anthony      
6.-Blake Bowers-Adams1:19.6hHoly Family      
7.-Mallory Martz1:21.2hHoly Family      
8.-Danielle Brown1:24.9hSt. Clare      
9.-Molly O'Conner1:25.5hSt. John the Apostle      
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Claire Bange1:10.4hSt. Anthony      
2.-Melange Gavin1:11.0hSt. Anthony      
3.-Kelsey Cathcart1:12.3hSt. Ignatius      
4.-Bryn McKillop1:13.8hHoly Family      
5.-Justine Keller1:16.0hAll Saints      
6.-Caroline Holt1:16.5hSt. Ignatius      
7.-Emma Paustian1:19.1hAll Saints      
8.-Camille Klein1:22.9hHoly Family      
9.-Megan Shaw1:25.7hSt. Anthony      
10.-Katie Buerk1:32.1hHoly Family      
11.-Alexandra Jorgenson1:37.1hHoly Family      
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Emily Perman1:22.3hSt. John the Apostle      
2.-Ava Mickola1:27.1hHoly Family      
3.-Melinda Ford1:30.2hAll Saints      
4.-Noelle Gammon1:30.4hAll Saints      
5.-Deanna Mische1:35.5hSt. John the Apostle      
6.-Shalada Rush1:38.0hPortland Lutheran      
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Arushi Raghuvanshi2:53.5hValley Catholic      
2.-Lindsay Damiano2:54.7hSt. Anthony      
3.-Erin Gibbs3:01.0hSt. Anthony      
4.-Cecilia Becker3:35.0hHoly Family      
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Sarah Medved3:04.1hValley Catholic      
2.-Justine Keller3:04.8hAll Saints      
3.5Annika Holstrom3:06.1hValley Catholic      
4.-Emma Paustian3:13.5hAll Saints      
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Melisande Gavin3:06.1hSt. Anthony      
2.-Shalada Rush3:28.3hPortland Lutheran      
3.-Noelle Gammon3:29.9hAll Saints      
4.-Sarah Mische3:33.0hSt. John the Apostle      
5.-Emily Perman3:47.9hSt. John the Apostle      
6.4Anika Raghuvanshi3:53.7hValley Catholic      
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Louise Nistler5:53.7hValley Catholic      
2.-Arushi Raghuvanshi6:02.6hValley Catholic      
3.-Katie Humphrey6:03.2hSt. Anthony      
4.-Lindsay Damiano6:03.5hSt. Anthony      
5.-Ellen Holt6:05.4hSt. Ignatius      
6.-Hailee Strength7:00.3hSt. Anthony      
7.-Catherine Ramos7:23.9hSt. Anthony      
8.-Camille Phillips7:33.1hSt. Anthony      
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Sarah Medved5:59.1hValley Catholic      
2.-Jacie DeMers6:14.1hSt. John the Apostle      
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Tara Hassett6:30.2hValley Catholic      
2.9Kara Shea6:38.9hAll Saints      
3.-Abigail Diess6:59.8hAll Saints      
4.-Celeste Hatfield7:21.9hSt. Anthony      
5.-Melisande Gavin7:46.8hSt. Anthony      
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Sara Seiwald11:56.6hValley Catholic      
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Noelle Gammon
Melinda Ford
Elderin Schmidt
Ashlee Jaha
40.0hAll Saints      
2.-Relay Team 42.7hHoly Family      
3.-Sarah Bright
Madeline Darrow
Olivia Coleman
Emily Perman
42.9hSt. John the Apostle      
4.-Relay Team 43.0hHoly Family      
5.-Cali Cunningham
MacKenzie Comeau
Marlee Leonard
Sophie Ziels
43.9hValley Catholic      
6.-Lauren Shoemaker
Molly Nistler
Ellen Koukel
Madeline McDougal
44.2hValley Catholic      
7.-Adele Underwood
Gretel Baur
Jena Johnston
Emiko Kahler
44.3hFranciscan Montessor...      
8.-Sofia Fangon
Kate Ann Huckey
Julia Engstrom
Sophie Bange
45.6hSt. Anthony      
9.-Cecelia Lewis
Sarah Mische
Deanna Mische
Julianna Fustolo
45.7hSt. John the Apostle      
10.-Alexis Heitzman
Kate Miles
Samantha Nizich
Erin Kirby
48.2hSt. John the Apostle      
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Samantha Bradford
Kylie Svendsen
Baylee Newman
Madison Shaffer
56.8hSt. John the Apostle      
2.-Danielle Brown
Sierra Duarte
Kelly Olsen
Julia Sholian
57.9hSt. Clare      
3.-Erin Treat
Taylor Lutostanski
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Rylie Schlottmann
58.8hSt. Anthony      
4.-Relay Team 1:03.6hHoly Family      
5.-Sarah Schwartz
Veronica Pham
Libby Minniti
Camille Phillips
1:05.1hSt. Anthony      
6.-Relay Team 1:07.9hSt. Ignatius      
7.-Katherine Brouns
Eyerusalem Abebe
Keisha Hicks
Annamarie White
1:08.3hHoly Family      
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Devyn Kauhi
Jennifer Lidster
Sarah Warke
Laura Brehm
1:02.7hSt. John the Apostle      
2.-Kayla Cosio
Elizabeth Alvarez
Megan Ferguson
Megan Lundgreen
1:03.0hSt. Anthony      
3.-Caroline Holt
Scarlett Herinckx
Kelsey Cathcart
Victoria White
1:03.2hSt. Ignatius      
4.-Emma Marquard
Phoebe Luc
Lindsay Cannon
Amanda Keller
1:05.2hSt. Clare      
5.-Alyssa Mische
Jacie DeMers
Elle Hauer
Jaime Goff
1:05.5hSt. John the Apostle      
6.-Andrea Novak
Brogan McLaughlin
Lauren Pisaneschi
Rachael Gottsch
1:09.8hHoly Family      
7.-Catherine Enger
Alison VanDyke
Lauren Shoemaker
Kaylin Bierly
1:10.1hValley Catholic      
8.-Morgan McDougal
Alexandra Griffin
Gabrielle Rosenthal
Ana Garrigo
1:10.1hValley Catholic      
9.-Marvah Gorlorwulu
Megan Shaw
AnneMarie Minniti
Hannah Portwood
1:10.8hSt. Anthony      
10.-Camille Klein
Katie Buerk
Canon Chrisman
Bryn McKillop
1:11.5hHoly Family      
11.-Relay Team 1:19.4hHoly Family      
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Amanda Summers
Gabriella Donaldson
Ava Mickola
Catherine Danna
1:10.2hHoly Family      
2.-Madeline Curzon
Celeste Hatfield
Whitney Marks
Natalie Shaw
1:11.4hSt. Anthony      
3.-Adriana Bolton
McKenzie Phillis
Maggie Redshaw
Caroline Cassinelli
1:11.9hSt. Clare      
4.-Chloe Hester
Tiana Swenson
Taylor Westermeijer
Kylie Westermeijer
1:14.9hHoly Family      
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Erin Gibbs
Elyse Fleck
Lora Ross
Katie Humphrey
4:45.8hSt. Anthony      
2.-Keeley Peneyra
Arushi Raghuvanshi
Aishwarya Vardhana
Louise Nistler
5:02.9hValley Catholic      
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Claire Bange
Jasmine Ford
Melisande Gavin
Melange Gavin
5:18.6St. Anthony      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alyssa Frangipani30-04.00St. Ignatius      
2.-Lindsay Goff26-00.00St. John the Apostle      
3.-Aishwarya Vardhana24-00.00Valley Catholic      
4.-Katie Humphrey23-03.00St. Anthony      
5.-Molly O'Conner22-07.00St. John the Apostle      
6.-Lora Ross22-06.00St. Anthony      
7.-Catherine Ramos22-03.00St. Anthony      
8.-Hailee Strength21-05.00St. Anthony      
9.-Azia Lewis20-02.00St. John the Apostle      
10.-Sarah Schwartz20-01.00St. Anthony      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Danielle Kirby23-09.00St. John the Apostle      
2.-Sierra Kornblum23-06.00St. John the Apostle      
3.-Valerie Cansler20-00.00St. John the Apostle      
4.-Kennedy Polk19-10.00St. John the Apostle      
5.-Haley Yohn19-00.00St. John the Apostle      
6.-Lauren Shoemaker13-11.00Valley Catholic      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Taylor Isert16-09.00St. John the Apostle      
2.-Sarah Mische15-06.00St. John the Apostle      
3.-Alliyah Burrell14-00.00St. John the Apostle      
4.-Danielle Persons13-05.00St. John the Apostle      
5.-Cali Cunningham13-04.00Valley Catholic      
6.-Marlee Leonard13-00.00Valley Catholic      
7.-Erin Kirby12-11.00St. John the Apostle      
8.-Alicia Ralls12-05.00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Deanna Mische12-00.00St. John the Apostle      
10.-Alexis Heitzman11-03.00St. John the Apostle      
11.-Hailey Gammon9-08.00All Saints      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Katie Humphrey72-00St. Anthony      
2.-Alyssa Frangipani60-00St. Ignatius      
3.-Louise Nistler59-00Valley Catholic      
4.-Alexandra Lacandazo44-00Valley Catholic      
5.8Keeley Peneyra42-00Valley Catholic      
6.-Laura Smale42-00St. Anthony      
7.-Veronica Pham39-00St. Anthony      
8.-Catherine Ramos37-00St. Anthony      
9.-Sarah Schwartz34-00St. Anthony      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.-Devyn Kauhi70-00St. John the Apostle      
2.-Katelynn Ion68-00St. Ignatius      
3.-Jaime Goff64-00St. John the Apostle      
4.-Alyssa Mische59-00St. John the Apostle      
5.-Valerie Cansler54-00St. John the Apostle      
6.5Paola Phipps53-00Portland Lutheran      
7.-Danielle Kirby53-00St. John the Apostle      
8.-AnneMarie Minniti52-00St. Anthony      
9.-Marvah Gorlorwulu35-00St. Anthony      
10.-Ellen O'Dell32-00St. John the Apostle      
11.-Sierra Kornblum29-00St. John the Apostle      
12.-Alexa Michelson26-00Franciscan Montessor...      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Cecillia Pham59-00St. Anthony      
2.5Molly Nistler52-00Valley Catholic      
3.-Savannah Robinson49-00St. Anthony      
4.4Samantha Nizich42-00St. John the Apostle      
5.-Shalada Rush41-00Portland Lutheran      
6.-Tara Hassett36-00Valley Catholic      
7.-Celeste Hatfield35-00St. Anthony      
8.-Hannah Caruso35-00St. Anthony      
9.-Madeline Curzon33-00St. Anthony      
9.-Emily Sunderland33-00Valley Catholic      
11.-Kate Miles32-00St. John the Apostle      
11.8Sophie Bange32-00St. Anthony      
11.-Julianna Fustolo32-00St. John the Apostle      
11.-Catherine Rose32-00St. Ignatius      
11.-Jaclyn Naranjo32-00Holy Family      
16.-Alliyah Burrell31-00St. John the Apostle      
17.-Natalie Doerfler28-00Holy Family      
18.-Julia Engstrom18-00St. Anthony      
---Kate Ann HuckeyDNSSt. Anthony      
---MacKenzie ComeauNDValley Catholic      
--4Anika RaghuvanshiDNSValley Catholic      
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Elyse Fleck4-05.00St. Anthony      
2.-Mary Cate Bundy4-04.00Franciscan Montessor...      
3.-Anna Gilles4-01.00Valley Catholic      
4.-Lindsay Goff4-00.00St. John the Apostle      
5.-Erin Treat3-10.00St. Anthony      
6.-Danica Anukam3-10.00Holy Family      
7.-Samatha Thomas3-10.00Holy Family      
8.-Kenzie Harris3-08.00Holy Family      
8.-Jessica Adsitt3-08.00Holy Family      
8.-Molly O'Conner3-08.00St. John the Apostle      
11.-Koryn Murphy3-08.00Holy Family      
---Alexandra LacandazoNHValley Catholic      
---Michele MicallefNHFranciscan Montessor...      
---Madison ShafferNHSt. John the Apostle      
---Erin GibbsNHSt. Anthony      
---Sierra ArlauskasNHSt. John the Apostle      
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Claire Bange3-09.00St. Anthony      
2.-Jaime Goff3-06.00St. John the Apostle      
3.-Megan Atkinson3-06.00Holy Family      
4.-Annamarie White3-06.00Holy Family      
---Ellen O'DellNHSt. John the Apostle      
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Sierra Duarte14-06.00St. Clare      
2.-Kelly Olsen13-03.00St. Clare      
3.-Samantha Bradford12-07.00St. John the Apostle      
4.-Libby Minniti11-04.00St. Anthony      
5.-Camille Phillips11-03.00St. Anthony      
6.-Arushi Raghuvanshi11-00.00Valley Catholic      
7.-Kenzie Harris10-10.00Holy Family      
8.-Alexandra Lacandazo10-09.00Valley Catholic      
9.-Taylor Lutostanski10-07.00St. Anthony      
10.-Anna Gilles10-03.00Valley Catholic      
11.-Laura Smale10-00.00St. Anthony      
12.-Veronica Pham9-07.00St. Anthony      
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jennifer Lidster12-10.00St. John the Apostle      
2.-Alison VanDyke12-08.00Valley Catholic      
3.-Melange Gavin12-04.00St. Anthony      
4.-Victoria White12-03.00St. Ignatius      
5.-Catherine Enger12-00.00Valley Catholic      
6.-Alexandra Griffin11-11.00Valley Catholic      
7.-Megan Ferguson11-10.00St. Anthony      
8.-Devyn Kauhi11-08.00St. John the Apostle      
9.-Sarah Warke11-07.00St. John the Apostle      
10.-Jasmine Ford11-04.00St. Anthony      
11.5Morgan McDougal11-00.00Valley Catholic      
12.-Kayla Cosio10-08.50St. Anthony      
13.-Kelsey Cathcart10-08.00St. Ignatius      
13.-Katherine Brouns10-08.00Holy Family      
13.-Hannah Portwood10-08.00St. Anthony      
16.-Elizabeth Alvarez10-05.00St. Anthony      
16.-Emily Perman10-05.00St. John the Apostle      
16.-Megan Lundgreen10-05.00St. Anthony      
19.5Paola Phipps10-00.00Portland Lutheran      
20.5Annika Holstrom9-09.00Valley Catholic      
20.-Danielle Kirby9-09.00St. John the Apostle      
22.-Nicole Heitzman9-08.50St. John the Apostle      
23.-Andrea Novak9-08.00Holy Family      
24.-Madeliene Grubb9-07.00St. Ignatius      
25.-Emalee Moore9-06.00All Saints      
26.-Kaylin Bierly9-04.00Valley Catholic      
27.-Brogan McLaughlin9-03.00Holy Family      
28.-Ana Garrigo9-00.00Valley Catholic      
29.-Megan Shaw8-08.00St. Anthony      
30.-Megan Atkinson7-08.00Holy Family      
31.-Kennedy Polk7-02.00St. John the Apostle      
32.-Kristen Parreno6-11.00Holy Family      
33.-Alexa Michelson6-05.00Franciscan Montessor...      
---Lindsay CannonDNSSt. Clare      
---Amanda KellerDNSSt. Clare      
---Sarah SparksDNSHoly Family      
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Tara Hassett11-07.00Valley Catholic      
2.-Ashlee Jaha11-07.00All Saints      
3.3Ellen Koukel11-01.00Valley Catholic      
4.-Marlee Leonard11-00.00Valley Catholic      
5.4Madeline Darrow10-03.00St. John the Apostle      
6.-Whitney Marks10-02.00St. Anthony      
7.-Adele Underwood9-11.00Franciscan Montessor...      
8.-Megan Bloom9-08.00Valley Catholic      
9.-Madeline McDougal9-05.00Valley Catholic      
10.4Anika Raghuvanshi9-04.00Valley Catholic      
10.-Emily Sunderland9-04.00Valley Catholic      
12.-Shalada Rush9-03.00Portland Lutheran      
13.-Maggie Redshaw9-01.50St. Clare      
14.3Mariel Shoemaker9-00.00Valley Catholic      
14.4Cecillia Pham9-00.00St. Anthony      
14.-Madeline Curzon9-00.00St. Anthony      
17.-Emiko Kahler8-11.00Franciscan Montessor...      
18.5Molly Nistler8-10.00Valley Catholic      
18.-Cali Cunningham8-10.00Valley Catholic      
18.-Sophie Ziels8-10.00Valley Catholic      
21.-Beth BoBzien8-07.00Holy Family      
22.-McKenzie Phillis8-06.00St. Clare      
22.-Elderin Schmidt8-06.00All Saints      
24.-Olivia Coleman8-04.00St. John the Apostle      
24.10Adriana Bolton8-04.00St. Clare      
26.-Sarah Bright8-02.00St. John the Apostle      
27.-Caroline Cassinelli8-00.00St. Clare      
28.-Sofia Fangon7-11.00St. Anthony      
29.-Natalie Shaw7-10.00St. Anthony      
30.-Gretel Baur7-08.00Franciscan Montessor...      
31.-Cecelia Lewis7-07.00St. John the Apostle      
32.-Zoe Bilton-Smith7-06.00Holy Family      
33.4Virgina Link7-05.00St. John the Apostle      
34.-Erin Kirby7-01.00St. John the Apostle      
35.-Katrina Beslic6-07.00Holy Family      
36.-Julianna Fustolo6-05.00St. John the Apostle      
37.-Savannah Robinson6-03.00St. Anthony      
38.-Kate Miles6-02.00St. John the Apostle      
39.-Hannah Caruso5-09.00St. Anthony      
40.-Natalie Doerfler4-05.00Holy Family      
---Hailey GammonDNSAll Saints      
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