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NW Region Meet

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Deer Valley HS, Glendale

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trae Armstrong10.79aDeer Valley
2.11Dionee Marrero11.21aSandra Day O'Connor
3.10A'Myer Armstrong11.26aDeer Valley
4.11Antony Thompson11.30aWillow Canyon
5.11Alex Harris11.31aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Dean Allen11.36aDeer Valley
7.11Myles Spearman11.53aValley Vista
8.12Jeremiah Oakley11.59aValley Vista
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trae Armstrong10.73aDeer Valley
2.11Dionee Marrero10.99aSandra Day O'Connor
3.11Dean Allen11.27aDeer Valley
4.10A'Myer Armstrong11.30aDeer Valley
5.11Antony Thompson11.32aWillow Canyon
6.11Myles Spearman11.35aValley Vista
7.12Jeremiah Oakley11.37aValley Vista
8.11Alex Harris11.38aSandra Day O'Connor
9.10Chanel Francis-Roberts11.39aDeer Valley
10.11Marcus Setoki11.42aSandra Day O'Connor
11.10Camryn Dryden11.46aMountain Ridge
12.10Austin Cottrell11.54aSandra Day O'Connor
13.12Marquis Bundy11.56aBoulder Creek
14.11Jerome Burnett11.63aWillow Canyon
15.10Braden Reber11.85aBoulder Creek
16.9Ryan Parenteau11.86aBoulder Creek
17.9Kameron Jones12.07aBarry Goldwater
17.10Dylan Spradling12.07aBoulder Creek
19.10Chayce Comins12.13aKingman
20.11Khalil Glover12.14aBarry Goldwater
21.10Charles Payne12.15aKingman
22.12Gabe Lumas12.35aKingman
23.10Dexter Horvath12.46aMountain Ridge
24.9Erik Pichardo12.55aKingman
24.12Ben McCrossman12.55aMountain Ridge
12Joshua ReedDNSMountain Ridge
12Deonte SmithDNSWillow Canyon
12Giovanni PascascioDNSValley Vista
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trae Armstrong21.34aDeer Valley
2.12Giovanni Pascascio21.74aValley Vista
3.11Marcus Setoki22.40aSandra Day O'Connor
4.11Dionee Marrero22.54aSandra Day O'Connor
5.11Myles Spearman22.74aValley Vista
6.12Marquis Bundy23.11aBoulder Creek
7.10Chanel Francis-Roberts23.21aDeer Valley
8.11Alex Harris23.54aSandra Day O'Connor
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Giovanni Pascascio21.69aValley Vista
2.12Trae Armstrong22.27aDeer Valley
3.11Dionee Marrero22.60aSandra Day O'Connor
4.11Myles Spearman22.77aValley Vista
5.11Alex Harris22.91aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Marcus Setoki22.92aSandra Day O'Connor
7.12Marquis Bundy23.03aBoulder Creek
8.10Chanel Francis-Roberts23.07aDeer Valley
9.12Jalane Jackson23.16aValley Vista
10.12Jeremiah Oakley23.30aValley Vista
11.11Hayden McClain23.34aSandra Day O'Connor
12.11Dean Allen23.44aDeer Valley
13.10Camryn Dryden23.49aMountain Ridge
13.12David Fitzgerald23.49aBoulder Creek
15.10Braden Reber23.84aBoulder Creek
16.10A'Myer Armstrong23.90aDeer Valley
17.10Charles Payne24.30aKingman
18.9Kameron Jones24.42aBarry Goldwater
19.11Ryan McKinley24.44aBoulder Creek
20.11Donovan Espree24.49aWillow Canyon
21.11Jerome Burnett24.55aWillow Canyon
22.10Chayce Comins24.59aKingman
23.12Gabe Lumas25.27aKingman
24.11Khalil Glover25.51aBarry Goldwater
25.10Collin Stratton25.97aKingman
26.11Alex Calle26.60aMountain Ridge
10Dexter HorvathDNSMountain Ridge
12Deonte SmithDNSWillow Canyon
11Antony ThompsonDNSWillow Canyon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trae Armstrong47.09aDeer Valley
2.12Giovanni Pascascio48.35aValley Vista
3.11Alex Harris49.92aSandra Day O'Connor
4.12Jalane Jackson51.10aValley Vista
5.12Ryan Elliot51.33aSandra Day O'Connor
6.10Chanel Francis-Roberts51.67aDeer Valley
7.11Chris Pyle53.13aSandra Day O'Connor
11Zac NewmanDNSValley Vista
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Giovanni Pascascio49.28aValley Vista
2.12Trae Armstrong49.76aDeer Valley
3.11Alex Harris50.19aSandra Day O'Connor
4.10Chanel Francis-Roberts50.47aDeer Valley
5.12Jalane Jackson50.92aValley Vista
6.12Ryan Elliot51.17aSandra Day O'Connor
7.11Chris Pyle51.36aSandra Day O'Connor
8.11Zac Newman52.01aValley Vista
9.12David Fitzgerald52.04aBoulder Creek
10.11Zach De la cruz52.18aBoulder Creek
11.12Nick Alejandre53.07aSandra Day O'Connor
12.11Jake Mihelich53.43aWillow Canyon
13.11Daniel Nunez53.83aMountain Ridge
14.11Michael Sabado54.02aWillow Canyon
15.11Wyatt Morris54.05aBoulder Creek
16.10Basel Shaban54.57aBarry Goldwater
17.9Alex Carey54.97aDeer Valley
18.10Dominic Perna55.68aBoulder Creek
19.11Donovan Espree55.74aWillow Canyon
20.11Lorenzo Martinez55.87aKingman
21.11Shawn Wong56.42aDeer Valley
22.10Dexter Horvath57.08aMountain Ridge
23.9Dominic Dubay57.95aKingman
24.9Brandon Kelly58.19aKingman
25.9Erik Pichardo58.87aKingman
26.9Mario Ceccarelli59.89aBarry Goldwater
9Calvin KinneyDNSBarry Goldwater
12Shaquille DouglasDNSBarry Goldwater
11Ryan KistlerDNSWillow Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Haun1:57.26aKingman
2.11Austin Galeazzo1:58.30aBoulder Creek
3.12Michael Wagner1:58.48aMountain Ridge
4.11Jeren James1:59.06aMountain Ridge
5.11Ryan Kistler1:59.40aWillow Canyon
6.12Casey Lozano1:59.91aBoulder Creek
7.12Eric Allen2:02.18aDeer Valley
8.10Alex Nova2:02.21aBoulder Creek
9.10Javon Tigue2:02.23aDeer Valley
10.11Preston Hammond2:02.28aKingman
11.10Aaron Meek2:03.06aDeer Valley
12.12Steven Wagner2:03.73aMountain Ridge
13.11Louis Delavara2:04.79aKingman
14.10Rodolfo Ayala2:05.01aMountain Ridge
15.11Gabe Gonzales2:06.08aSandra Day O'Connor
16.12Coleman Anderson2:07.13aBoulder Creek
17.12Damon Sweetland2:07.39aSandra Day O'Connor
18.12Shaquille Douglas2:10.05aBarry Goldwater
19.10Dominic Anaya2:11.58aDeer Valley
20.11Ryan Wesson2:13.99aSandra Day O'Connor
21.11Daniel Hermosillo2:14.42aValley Vista
22.9Brandon Bosh2:15.84aWillow Canyon
23.10Patrick Webb2:17.22aKingman
24.11Logan Brewer2:17.81aValley Vista
25.11Imani Davis Payne2:17.83aValley Vista
26.11Adrian Pesqueria2:18.47aBarry Goldwater
27.9Tanner Jensen2:19.18aWillow Canyon
28.10Mark Lazan2:30.87aBarry Goldwater
29.9Ryan Kole2:37.13aBarry Goldwater
10Nathan HartDNSWillow Canyon
12Justin NeveuDNSSandra Day O'Connor
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Wagner4:23.84aMountain Ridge
2.10Nick Dale4:27.67aMountain Ridge
3.12Steven Wagner4:29.89aMountain Ridge
4.10Alex Nova4:32.24aBoulder Creek
5.11Jacob Prickett4:34.90aBoulder Creek
6.10Patrick Webb4:35.46aKingman
7.11Daniel Hermosillo4:41.06aValley Vista
8.11Tyler Leightner4:41.09aWillow Canyon
9.12Damon Sweetland4:41.60aSandra Day O'Connor
10.11Aron Kirkendoll4:45.65aBoulder Creek
11.12Ryan Allen4:46.90aBarry Goldwater
12.11Darryn Rohr4:47.00aMountain Ridge
13.11Shaun Wooten4:47.03aKingman
14.10Issac Cannon4:48.44aDeer Valley
15.11Ryan Wesson4:51.24aSandra Day O'Connor
16.9Lukas Meyer4:51.58aBoulder Creek
17.9Nathan Haines4:52.57aDeer Valley
18.12Jonathan Barrett5:02.92aBarry Goldwater
19.9Tanner Cardiff5:03.38aKingman
20.12Justin Neveu5:05.06aSandra Day O'Connor
21.9Tanner Jensen5:05.84aWillow Canyon
22.11Adrian Pesqueria5:06.76aBarry Goldwater
23.11Chance Droeg5:08.40aDeer Valley
24.9Ryan Kole5:10.43aBarry Goldwater
25.10Samuel Smith5:13.18aSandra Day O'Connor
26.9Brandon Bosh5:15.65aWillow Canyon
27.12Robert Mann5:24.34aDeer Valley
28.10Tyler Lindsey5:36.95aWillow Canyon
11Vali MarianDNSValley Vista
12David HaunDNSKingman
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Wagner9:40.90aMountain Ridge
2.12Steven Wagner9:49.29aMountain Ridge
3.10Nick Dale9:51.63aMountain Ridge
4.10Alex Nova9:56.30aBoulder Creek
5.11Daniel Hermosillo10:11.53aValley Vista
6.11Austin Galeazzo10:16.17aBoulder Creek
7.11Aron Kirkendoll10:21.09aBoulder Creek
8.11Jacob Prickett10:22.66aBoulder Creek
9.9Nathan Haines10:23.38aDeer Valley
10.10Justin Elitz10:24.57aMountain Ridge
11.12Ryan Allen10:29.25aBarry Goldwater
12.11Vali Marian10:31.65aValley Vista
13.10Issac Cannon10:32.62aDeer Valley
14.11Tyler Leightner10:32.89aWillow Canyon
15.12Justin Neveu10:35.43aSandra Day O'Connor
16.11Ethan Swenson10:44.36aKingman
17.10Patrick Webb10:44.75aKingman
18.11Shaun Wooten10:46.95aKingman
19.10Samuel Smith10:47.77aSandra Day O'Connor
20.10Dustin Ratcliff11:04.87aDeer Valley
21.11Samuel DeMouy11:12.52aDeer Valley
22.12Jonathan Barrett11:15.59aBarry Goldwater
23.11Collin Pedron11:17.34aBarry Goldwater
24.10Tyler Lindsey11:22.82aWillow Canyon
25.11Logan Brewer11:39.41aValley Vista
26.10Isaac Panaligan12:45.54aWillow Canyon
10Jonathan RuizDNSWillow Canyon
11Ryan WessonDNSSandra Day O'Connor
12Damon SweetlandDNSSandra Day O'Connor
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kenneth Wright15.47aDeer Valley
2.10Austin Walashek15.48aBoulder Creek
3.12Ian Carey15.61aDeer Valley
4.12Malcolm Cavin15.95aMountain Ridge
5.12Willy Valdez16.54aKingman
6.12Joel Addabbo16.81aDeer Valley
7.12Braven Carlson17.05aBoulder Creek
10Milan HowardDNSSandra Day O'Connor
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Austin Walashek15.49aBoulder Creek
2.12Ian Carey15.62aDeer Valley
3.10Kenneth Wright15.72aDeer Valley
4.12Malcolm Cavin16.01aMountain Ridge
5.12Joel Addabbo16.55aDeer Valley
6.12Willy Valdez16.83aKingman
7.10Milan Howard17.07aSandra Day O'Connor
8.12Braven Carlson17.13aBoulder Creek
9.12Garrett Whitehead17.31aKingman
10.10Skyler Burgess17.32aKingman
11.11Collin Donahue17.89aWillow Canyon
12.12Branden Phillips18.06aMountain Ridge
13.10Kevin Tran18.12aDeer Valley
14.9Jonathan Thiesse18.46aValley Vista
15.11Matt Marquette18.72aMountain Ridge
16.11Darian Kamin18.75aKingman
17.9Bailey Farrior19.23aSandra Day O'Connor
12Daniel RudolphDNSSandra Day O'Connor
9Brett WoodDNSMountain Ridge
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Carey40.14aDeer Valley
2.11Darian Kamin40.46aKingman
3.12Garrett Whitehead41.60aKingman
4.12Braven Carlson42.19aBoulder Creek
5.10Kenneth Wright42.51aDeer Valley
6.10Anthony Phelps44.57aDeer Valley
7.11Darien Smith45.80aWillow Canyon
12Malcolm CavinDNSMountain Ridge
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ian Carey41.08aDeer Valley
2.11Darian Kamin41.54aKingman
3.12Garrett Whitehead41.66aKingman
4.12Malcolm Cavin41.73aMountain Ridge
5.12Braven Carlson42.71aBoulder Creek
6.10Anthony Phelps42.94aDeer Valley
7.10Kenneth Wright43.23aDeer Valley
8.11Darien Smith43.25aWillow Canyon
9.9Brett Wood43.28aMountain Ridge
10.12Willy Valdez43.66aKingman
11.10Milan Howard44.23aSandra Day O'Connor
12.11Omid Mobarak44.28aValley Vista
13.12Joel Addabbo45.15aDeer Valley
14.9Bailey Farrior45.40aSandra Day O'Connor
15.10Collin Stratton45.60aKingman
16.12Zaveios Horton46.75aBoulder Creek
17.9Jonathan Thiesse46.94aValley Vista
18.11Matt Marquette48.75aMountain Ridge
19.11Zack Bodnar49.43aWillow Canyon
20.10Anthony Greenier50.39aBoulder Creek
11Collin DonahueDNSWillow Canyon
9Malik MoodyDNSValley Vista
12Branden PhillipsDQMountain Ridge
12Daniel RudolphDNSSandra Day O'Connor
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dionee Marrero
Hayden McClain
Austin Cottrell
Marcus Setoki
42.17aSandra Day O'Connor
2.-Dean Allen
Tray Wright
A'Myer Armstrong
Chris Landram
42.87aDeer Valley
3.-Donovan Espree
Deonte Smith
Jerome Burnett
Antony Thompson
43.46aWillow Canyon
4.-Jeremiah Oakley
Avery Mickens
Tre Tate
Zac Newman
43.54aValley Vista
5.-David Fitzgerald
Braden Reber
Austin Walashek
Dylan Spradling
43.92aBoulder Creek
6.-Dominic Dubeay
Charles Payne
Chayce Comins
Gabe Lumas
7.-Mario Ceccarelli
Kameron Jones
Khalil Glover
Basel Shaban
46.61aBarry Goldwater
-Camryn Dryden
Ayo Adeyemi
Dexter Horvath
Malcolm Cavin
DQMountain Ridge
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Giovanni Pascascio
Avery Mickens
Myles Spearman
Zac Newman
3:17.94aValley Vista
2.-Eric Allen
Trae Armstrong
Chanel Francis
Anthony Phelps
3:20.63aDeer Valley
3.-Andrew McDonald
Nick Alejandre
Alex Harris
Ryan Elliot
3:25.27aSandra Day O'Connor
4.-Zach De la cruz
Ryan Parenteau
Casey Lozano
David Fitzgerald
3:26.14aBoulder Creek
5.-Antony Thompson
Michael Sabado
Jake Mihelich
Ryan Kistler
3:28.00aWillow Canyon
6.-Malcolm Cavin
Jeren James
Rudolfo Ayala
Daniel Nunez
3:31.64aMountain Ridge
7.-David Haun
Louis Delavara
Preston Hammond
Darian Kamin
8.-Mario Ceccarelli
Kameron Jones
Basel Shaban
Khalil Glover
3:39.51aBarry Goldwater
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rudolfo Ayala
Nick Dale
Darryn Rohr
Jeren James
8:08.03aMountain Ridge
2.-David Haun
Louis Delavara
Patrick Webb
Preston Hammond
3.-Tyler Leightner
Michael Sabado
Jake Mihelich
Ryan Kistler
8:17.37aWillow Canyon
4.-Javon Tigue
Aaron Meeks
Eric Allen
Anthony Phelps
8:20.51aDeer Valley
5.-Robert Gladding
Matt Kautzman
Jake Prickett
Casey Lozano
8:23.87aBoulder Creek
6.-Damon Sweetland
Justin Neveu
Gabe Kutter
Ryan Wesson
8:44.89aSandra Day O'Connor
7.-Logan Brewer
Imani Davis Payne
Vali Marian
Daniel Hermosillo
8:50.72aValley Vista
8.-Jonathan Barrett
Ryan Allen
Adrian Pesqueria
Shaquille Douglas
8:55.63aBarry Goldwater
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brice Kaszubinski52-03.00Mountain Ridge
2.10Zach Harris50-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
3.11Christian Gutierrez45-08.00Kingman
4.12John Reed43-09.00Deer Valley
5.12Tyler Randlett43-02.50Mountain Ridge
6.11Wyatt Smilie42-09.50Deer Valley
7.12Fernando Dominguez42-08.00Mountain Ridge
8.12Austin Foster42-05.00Willow Canyon
9.12Cody Carlson41-10.50Boulder Creek
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brice Kaszubinski52-03.00Mountain Ridge
2.10Zach Harris50-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
3.11Christian Gutierrez44-02.00Kingman
4.12John Reed43-09.00Deer Valley
5.12Tyler Randlett43-02.50Mountain Ridge
6.12Austin Foster42-03.00Willow Canyon
7.11Wyatt Smilie42-00.00Deer Valley
8.12Cody Carlson41-10.50Boulder Creek
9.12Fernando Dominguez41-08.00Mountain Ridge
10.12Gabe Swaba41-05.00Willow Canyon
10.12Tyler Henegar41-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
12.12Brandon Bendele39-11.00Valley Vista
13.11Matt Sahotsky39-07.00Deer Valley
14.10Josh Roubik39-04.00Deer Valley
15.12Justin Low39-01.00Kingman
16.12Kyle O'Connor38-10.00Mountain Ridge
17.10Jack Gilliam38-05.00Kingman
18.11Joe Morrison38-02.00Sandra Day O'Connor
19.9Xavier Campos36-02.00Valley Vista
20.12Sam Trujillo35-01.00Kingman
20.11Gerardo Obeso35-01.00Valley Vista
22.9Ivan Ramirez33-05.00Barry Goldwater
23.11Dale Ellis33-00.00Barry Goldwater
24.11Nathaniel Lazan29-05.50Barry Goldwater
11Sawyer ElmsDNSSandra Day O'Connor
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Randlett151-04Mountain Ridge
2.11Steven Acuff149-00Deer Valley
3.11Christian Gutierrez127-08Kingman
4.12Gabe Swaba127-04Willow Canyon
5.12Greg Whalen127-00Deer Valley
6.12Austin Foster126-04Willow Canyon
7.10Zach Harris126-01Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Joe Morrison125-05Sandra Day O'Connor
9.12Cameron Kading119-10Mountain Ridge
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tyler Randlett149-01Mountain Ridge
2.11Steven Acuff149-00Deer Valley
3.10Zach Harris129-07Sandra Day O'Connor
4.11Christian Gutierrez127-08Kingman
5.12Gabe Swaba127-04Willow Canyon
6.12Greg Whalen127-00Deer Valley
7.12Austin Foster126-04Willow Canyon
8.11Joe Morrison125-05Sandra Day O'Connor
9.12Cameron Kading119-10Mountain Ridge
10.12Brice Kaszubinski118-00Mountain Ridge
11.12Cody Carlson114-09Boulder Creek
12.10Chris McAllister113-04Barry Goldwater
13.12Cody Lovrien109-11Kingman
14.11Gerardo Obeso108-00Valley Vista
15.12Justin Low107-10Kingman
16.12Kyle O'Connor104-00Mountain Ridge
17.11Ryan Patterson98-05Boulder Creek
18.11Dale Ellis98-03Barry Goldwater
19.10Anthony Fund93-04Deer Valley
20.11Nathaniel Lazan92-08Barry Goldwater
21.9Ivan Ramirez87-05Barry Goldwater
22.10Jack Gilliam87-03Kingman
23.9Xavier Campos78-10Valley Vista
24.12John Reed1-08Deer Valley
12Tyler HenegarNDSandra Day O'Connor
12Brandon BendeleNDValley Vista
11Hayden SimmonsNDSandra Day O'Connor
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Gutierrez6-00.00Deer Valley
2.10Austin Walashek5-10.00Boulder Creek
3.11Blake Henson5-10.00Valley Vista
4.12Jeff Bonham5-10.00Mountain Ridge
5.10Chayce Comins5-08.00Kingman
6.11Marcus Jarrett5-08.00Boulder Creek
7.9Justin Revels5-08.00Mountain Ridge
8.12Chris Landram5-08.00Deer Valley
9.9Antonio Roberts5-06.00Deer Valley
9.11Albert Luna5-06.00Willow Canyon
11.12Randyll Roberts5-04.00Boulder Creek
11.10Brian Carney5-04.00Deer Valley
11.11Matt Howard5-04.00Boulder Creek
11Louis DelavaraNHKingman
10Ayodele AdeyemiNHMountain Ridge
9Tanner CardiffNHKingman
11Daniel NunezNHMountain Ridge
10Chris McAllisterNHBarry Goldwater
12Andrew McDonaldNHSandra Day O'Connor
11Avery MickensNHValley Vista
11Tiger ScottNHSandra Day O'Connor
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bo Haddock15-00.50Deer Valley
2.12Joshua Reed13-06.50Mountain Ridge
3.12Joel Addabbo13-00.50Deer Valley
3.11Vali Marian13-00.50Valley Vista
5.11Darien Smith12-06.50Willow Canyon
6.10Brian Linhart12-00.50Deer Valley
6.12Stephen Klein12-00.50Boulder Creek
8.12Jacob Arrington11-06.50Deer Valley
8.12Chris Bodnar11-06.50Willow Canyon
8.11Zach Goettl11-06.50Boulder Creek
8.10Clay White11-06.50Willow Canyon
8.12Ian Barreda11-06.50Sandra Day O'Connor
13.10Cooper Isben10-06.50Valley Vista
13.10Brandon Cook10-06.50Valley Vista
15.9Joe Ernst9-06.50Mountain Ridge
15.9Tom Ernst9-06.50Mountain Ridge
15.9Hy Rillero9-06.50Boulder Creek
18.10Troy Lucas8-06.50Mountain Ridge
10Brandon RogersNHSandra Day O'Connor
10Jacob RiddleNHValley Vista
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hayden McClain22-05.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Zac Newman21-01.50Valley Vista
3.10Austin Cottrell20-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
3.10Austin Walashek20-05.00Boulder Creek
5.12Jeff Bonham20-00.50Mountain Ridge
6.12Chris Landram19-10.00Deer Valley
7.11Blake Henson19-08.00Valley Vista
8.10A'Myer Armstrong19-06.50Deer Valley
9.9Justin Revels19-04.00Mountain Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Hayden McClain22-05.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Zac Newman21-01.50Valley Vista
3.10Austin Walashek20-05.00Boulder Creek
4.10Austin Cottrell20-01.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.12Chris Landram19-10.00Deer Valley
6.11Blake Henson19-08.00Valley Vista
7.10A'Myer Armstrong19-06.50Deer Valley
8.12Jeff Bonham19-05.00Mountain Ridge
9.9Justin Revels19-04.00Mountain Ridge
10.11Alex Gutierrez19-01.00Deer Valley
11.11Tiger Scott19-00.00Sandra Day O'Connor
12.11Ryan McKinley18-10.00Boulder Creek
12.11Dean Allen18-10.00Deer Valley
14.12Garrett Whitehead18-06.50Kingman
15.10Braden Reber18-06.00Boulder Creek
16.10Ayodele Adeyemi18-01.00Mountain Ridge
17.10Grant Canning17-08.00Boulder Creek
18.10Daniel Riccardi16-09.50Kingman
19.9Frederic Wagner16-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
20.10Cooper Isben16-01.50Valley Vista
21.10Skyler Burgess15-05.00Kingman
12Gabe LumasNDKingman
11Avery MickensNDValley Vista
11Darien SmithNDWillow Canyon
11Daniel NunezNDMountain Ridge
10Basel ShabanNDBarry Goldwater
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hayden McClain47-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Auston Hillman44-06.50Deer Valley
3.10Sy Munden42-05.50Deer Valley
4.11Tiger Scott41-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.11Alex Gutierrez40-04.00Deer Valley
6.11Tanner Court40-02.50Boulder Creek
7.10Ayodele Adeyemi39-08.50Mountain Ridge
8.12Joel Addabbo39-03.00Deer Valley
9.11Marcus Setoki38-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Hayden McClain47-10.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Auston Hillman42-10.00Deer Valley
3.10Sy Munden42-05.50Deer Valley
4.11Tiger Scott41-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.11Alex Gutierrez40-04.00Deer Valley
6.11Tanner Court40-02.50Boulder Creek
7.12Joel Addabbo39-08.00Deer Valley
8.10Ayodele Adeyemi39-04.00Mountain Ridge
9.11Marcus Setoki38-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
10.12Garrett Whitehead38-04.00Kingman
11.11Darien Smith37-09.50Willow Canyon
12.12Stephen Klein37-09.00Boulder Creek
13.9Frederic Wagner37-07.00Sandra Day O'Connor
14.12Tre Tate36-06.50Valley Vista
15.11Collin Donahue36-05.00Willow Canyon
16.11Blake Henson35-10.50Valley Vista
17.10David Amador34-08.00Kingman
18.11Alec Gibelyou30-03.50Kingman
11Weston LudwigDNFWillow Canyon
10Daniel RiccardiNDKingman
12Fernando DominguezDNFMountain Ridge
11Avery MickensNDValley Vista
11Matt HowardNDBoulder Creek
10Grant CanningDNFBoulder Creek
12Ben McCrossmanNDMountain Ridge

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kandice Yourist12.59aWillow Canyon
2.9Chayla Lynch12.81aDeer Valley
3.11Nneka Uchendu12.95aWillow Canyon
4.12Tiffany Williams13.00aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Tailyr Noble13.42aDeer Valley
6.10Juliette Cossey13.43aSandra Day O'Connor
7.12Summer Brown13.43aDeer Valley
8.9Shanice Tremble13.46aValley Vista
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kandice Yourist12.59aWillow Canyon
2.12Tiffany Williams12.80aSandra Day O'Connor
3.9Chayla Lynch13.00aDeer Valley
4.11Nneka Uchendu13.06aWillow Canyon
5.10Juliette Cossey13.12aSandra Day O'Connor
6.10Tailyr Noble13.22aDeer Valley
7.12Summer Brown13.25aDeer Valley
8.9Shanice Tremble13.27aValley Vista
9.12Sarah Glemba13.39aSandra Day O'Connor
10.10Paulina Delgado13.44aKingman
11.9Shelby Hutton13.53aWillow Canyon
12.11Alissa Mercer13.58aDeer Valley
13.11Megan Rettler13.60aBoulder Creek
14.10Jessica Smith13.61aBoulder Creek
15.12Catrina Hines13.70aBoulder Creek
16.10Jasmine Rand13.74aBarry Goldwater
17.10Cassidy Chriest13.76aSandra Day O'Connor
18.12Darrielle James13.88aBoulder Creek
18.9Brooke Pszotka13.88aBarry Goldwater
20.9Allyson Henson14.31aValley Vista
21.12Mykayla Pettway14.96aKingman
22.10Alissa Coughlin14.99aMountain Ridge
23.10Janelle Bethea15.00aMountain Ridge
24.12brenda Aguilar15.81aKingman
25.10Kellie Caron16.34aBarry Goldwater
11Toni TatzelDNSKingman
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kandice Yourist25.08aWillow Canyon
2.9Chayla Lynch26.12aDeer Valley
3.12Tiffany Williams26.13aSandra Day O'Connor
4.11Nneka Uchendu26.32aWillow Canyon
5.10Juliette Cossey26.98aSandra Day O'Connor
6.10Tailyr Noble27.15aDeer Valley
7.9Yasmine Alveraez27.51aDeer Valley
8.11Kristen Parks27.52aSandra Day O'Connor
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kandice Yourist25.24aWillow Canyon
2.12Tiffany Williams26.20aSandra Day O'Connor
3.9Chayla Lynch26.61aDeer Valley
4.11Kristen Parks26.65aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Juliette Cossey26.70aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Nneka Uchendu26.86aWillow Canyon
7.10Tailyr Noble27.03aDeer Valley
8.9Yasmine Alveraez27.15aDeer Valley
9.12Summer Brown27.41aDeer Valley
10.12Sarah Glemba27.58aSandra Day O'Connor
11.11Taylor Cunningham27.69aBoulder Creek
12.9Jacquelyn Arcella28.01aValley Vista
13.9Shelby Hutton28.08aWillow Canyon
14.11Megan Rettler28.65aBoulder Creek
15.12Catrina Hines28.81aBoulder Creek
16.10Jasmine Rand29.04aBarry Goldwater
17.10Florence Molo29.46aValley Vista
18.9Brooke Pszotka29.73aBarry Goldwater
19.10Alissa Coughlin30.39aMountain Ridge
20.10Janelle Bethea30.72aMountain Ridge
21.11Amber Tackett30.77aKingman
22.12Mykayla Pettway30.94aKingman
23.12brenda Aguilar32.32aKingman
11Chelcie CruzDNSWillow Canyon
10Jessica SmithDNSBoulder Creek
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tiffany Williams57.87aSandra Day O'Connor
2.10Tailyr Noble59.62aDeer Valley
3.11Kristen Parks59.63aSandra Day O'Connor
4.11Dystnie Eckblad1:00.03aValley Vista
5.12Alex Kopp1:00.62aSandra Day O'Connor
6.10Paulina Delgado1:00.85aKingman
7.11Taylor Cunningham1:00.93aBoulder Creek
8.9Yasmine Alveraez1:02.11aDeer Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tiffany Williams58.51aSandra Day O'Connor
2.11Kristen Parks1:00.35aSandra Day O'Connor
3.11Dystnie Eckblad1:00.39aValley Vista
4.10Tailyr Noble1:00.90aDeer Valley
5.9Yasmine Alveraez1:01.17aDeer Valley
6.12Alex Kopp1:01.40aSandra Day O'Connor
7.10Paulina Delgado1:01.69aKingman
8.11Taylor Cunningham1:03.10aBoulder Creek
9.10Tyler Puglisi1:04.42aDeer Valley
10.9Jacquelyn Arcella1:05.74aValley Vista
11.11April Sorenson1:06.83aDeer Valley
12.10Janelle Bethea1:07.67aMountain Ridge
13.11Chelcie Cruz1:07.93aWillow Canyon
14.12Mykayla Pettway1:07.98aKingman
15.9Leah Bassik1:07.99aBoulder Creek
16.10Heather Weninger1:11.17aKingman
17.10Chelsie Parish1:11.63aBarry Goldwater
18.11Vanessa Nelson1:11.92aBarry Goldwater
9Shelby HuttonDNSWillow Canyon
12Makaela PrattDQWillow Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elizabeth Cardiff2:21.65aKingman
2.10Kaylee Franks2:25.26aSandra Day O'Connor
3.10Davilyn Rohr2:25.51aMountain Ridge
4.12Mackenzie Giglio2:25.55aDeer Valley
5.10Amelie Hinson2:28.41aBoulder Creek
6.11Krystal Bell2:30.28aDeer Valley
7.12Isabelle Hurtado2:30.71aDeer Valley
8.11Karen Hanson2:30.82aMountain Ridge
9.11Alissa Hazine2:32.19aBoulder Creek
10.12Ashley Stamper2:33.58aMountain Ridge
11.11Dystnie Eckblad2:34.71aValley Vista
12.11Katie Hosfield2:34.87aSandra Day O'Connor
13.12Alex Kopp2:39.29aSandra Day O'Connor
14.12Shannon Lepicier2:39.79aDeer Valley
15.12Alexus Milobar2:40.43aValley Vista
16.12Jordyn Bentley2:44.11aSandra Day O'Connor
17.10Alexis Bathauer2:45.28aKingman
18.10Heather Weninger2:46.73aKingman
19.10Olivia Anderson2:47.13aKingman
20.9Allison Riddle2:47.20aValley Vista
21.9Gabrielle Deason2:47.49aBoulder Creek
22.9Kacey Molera3:15.44aWillow Canyon
11Jessica AndersonDNSBoulder Creek
10Cari SteenDNSMountain Ridge
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elizabeth Cardiff5:10.37aKingman
2.10Cari Steen5:23.50aMountain Ridge
3.10Kaylee Franks5:26.55aSandra Day O'Connor
4.9Kyra Lopez5:36.69aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Christiana Benites5:39.73aMountain Ridge
6.11Katie Hosfield5:50.37aSandra Day O'Connor
7.11Brooke Binns5:50.45aBoulder Creek
8.12Mari Nyhaug5:50.60aMountain Ridge
9.10Amanda Williams5:56.56aKingman
10.12Erin Kloberdanz5:57.59aDeer Valley
11.12Priscilla Molina5:58.09aValley Vista
12.10Heather Weninger5:58.92aKingman
13.9Allison Riddle6:00.25aValley Vista
14.11Rachel Gassdorf6:01.38aBarry Goldwater
15.9Sara Silverstein6:01.60aDeer Valley
16.11Rylie Herrington6:03.20aBoulder Creek
17.12Jordyn Bentley6:03.54aSandra Day O'Connor
18.9Taylor Woods6:04.99aDeer Valley
19.12Alexus Milobar6:05.26aValley Vista
20.10Caberay Beets6:07.15aDeer Valley
21.11Ellie Wiemeyer6:11.44aMountain Ridge
22.10Olivia Anderson6:23.63aKingman
23.10Samantha Dalessio6:27.56aBoulder Creek
24.9Rachel Davis6:29.81aBoulder Creek
25.9Kacey Molera7:00.03aWillow Canyon
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elizabeth Cardiff11:31.47aKingman
2.10Amber Christian11:50.94aMountain Ridge
3.10Kaylee Franks11:55.92aSandra Day O'Connor
4.9Kyra Lopez12:08.94aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Christiana Benites12:21.09aMountain Ridge
6.11Lindsay Fischer12:41.38aMountain Ridge
7.12Erin Kloberdanz12:47.24aDeer Valley
8.12Priscilla Molina12:47.76aValley Vista
9.11Brooke Binns13:03.49aBoulder Creek
10.11Katie Hosfield13:04.98aSandra Day O'Connor
11.10Amanda Williams13:05.47aKingman
12.11Rachel Gassdorf13:13.51aBarry Goldwater
13.12Victoria Fernandez13:33.69aMountain Ridge
14.9Gabrielle Deason13:45.86aBoulder Creek
15.10Olivia Anderson13:48.49aKingman
16.10Ashley Beebe14:07.45aValley Vista
17.9Rachel Davis14:10.50aBoulder Creek
18.9Mindy Bardin14:22.84aKingman
19.9Kacey Molera15:31.57aWillow Canyon
20.9Rebekah Mann15:38.93aDeer Valley
21.11Jessica Paduganan16:02.01aDeer Valley
22.9Alexandrea Nez17:17.69aDeer Valley
12Librete ReyesDNSValley Vista
10Samantha DalessioDNSBoulder Creek
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexandra Tyra16.30aDeer Valley
2.12Tessa Kelley16.97aDeer Valley
3.12Ariel Gregiore17.18aBoulder Creek
4.9Shanice Tremble17.71aValley Vista
5.10Hailey Tang17.78aMountain Ridge
6.10Bethany Waldvogel17.81aMountain Ridge
7.12Hannah Meyer17.85aSandra Day O'Connor
8.11Emily Whelpley17.98aBoulder Creek
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Alexandra Tyra16.42aDeer Valley
2.9Shanice Tremble17.22aValley Vista
3.12Tessa Kelley17.30aDeer Valley
4.12Ariel Gregiore17.31aBoulder Creek
5.10Bethany Waldvogel18.03aMountain Ridge
6.11Emily Whelpley18.22aBoulder Creek
7.12Hannah Meyer18.29aSandra Day O'Connor
8.10Hailey Tang18.55aMountain Ridge
9.12MaryKate Lusson18.58aMountain Ridge
10.9Ranzel Tino18.61aBarry Goldwater
11.9Kennedy Wandelt19.08aSandra Day O'Connor
12.11Megan Kelly19.15aSandra Day O'Connor
13.12Sam Shelley19.40aValley Vista
14.11Jalen Dunn19.48aDeer Valley
15.12Amber Reed19.53aMountain Ridge
16.10Florence Molo19.70aValley Vista
17.9Michaella Stone20.22aDeer Valley
18.12brenda Aguilar20.88aKingman
19.11Toni Tatzel21.68aKingman
20.9Sierra Bagley22.96aWillow Canyon
-Olivia LeeDNSBoulder Creek
9Justice GarciaDNSValley Vista
11Karissa DillonDNSSandra Day O'Connor
10Alison OwenDNSKingman
12Jemima-Grace OsoDNSBarry Goldwater
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tessa Kelley47.46aDeer Valley
2.9Shanice Tremble47.97aValley Vista
3.10Alison Owen49.07aKingman
4.10Hailey Tang49.71aMountain Ridge
5.11Megan Kelly50.33aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Alexandra Tyra50.68aDeer Valley
7.10Bethany Waldvogel50.81aMountain Ridge
8.11Emily Whelpley51.49aBoulder Creek
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Shanice Tremble47.83aValley Vista
2.12Tessa Kelley48.08aDeer Valley
3.10Alison Owen50.05aKingman
4.11Megan Kelly50.26aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Hailey Tang50.58aMountain Ridge
6.11Alexandra Tyra51.42aDeer Valley
7.11Emily Whelpley51.59aBoulder Creek
8.10Bethany Waldvogel52.01aMountain Ridge
9.12Ariel Gregiore52.26aBoulder Creek
10.12Hannah Meyer52.27aSandra Day O'Connor
11.11Jalen Dunn53.34aDeer Valley
12.12Sam Shelley53.39aValley Vista
13.12MaryKate Lusson53.81aMountain Ridge
14.9Michaella Stone55.06aDeer Valley
15.9Kennedy Wandelt55.77aSandra Day O'Connor
16.10Stephanie Goulart55.80aKingman
17.10Florence Molo55.93aValley Vista
18.9Sierra Bagley56.16aWillow Canyon
19.12Amber Reed56.29aMountain Ridge
20.12brenda Aguilar57.65aKingman
21.11Toni Tatzel1:03.36aKingman
11Karissa DillonDNSSandra Day O'Connor
-Olivia LeeDNSBoulder Creek
9Justice GarciaDNSValley Vista
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sierra Begley
Nneka Uchendu
Kandice Yourist
Makaela Pratt
49.22aWillow Canyon
2.-Mackenzie Giglio
Tessa Kelley
Alissa Mercer
Chayla Lynch
50.16aDeer Valley
3.-Sarah Glemba
Kristen Parks
Juliette Cossey
Cassidy Chriest
50.20aSandra Day O'Connor
4.-Kellie Caron
Jasmine Rand
Brooke Pszotka
Tinio Ranzel
53.61aBarry Goldwater
5.-Alissa Coughlin
Janelle Bethea
Hailey Tang
Amber Reed
54.67aMountain Ridge
6.-Leanne Jeffers
Mykayla Pettway
Toni Tatzel
Amber Tackett
-Taylor Cunningham
Catrina Hines
Darrielle James
Megan Rettler
DQBoulder Creek
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tailyr Noble
Tessa Kelley
Krystal Bell
Chayla Lynch
4:03.64aDeer Valley
2.-Alex Kopp
Cassidy Chriest
Juliette Cossey
Kristen Parks
4:08.28aSandra Day O'Connor
3.-Jessica Anderson
Taylor Cunningham
Amelie Hinson
Jessica Smith
4:10.36aBoulder Creek
4.-Elizabeth Cardiff
Alison Owen
Stephanie Goulart
Paulina Delgado
5.-Ashley Stamper
Bethany Waldvogel
Cari Steen
Karen Hanson
4:17.80aMountain Ridge
6.-Eva Hopper
Brooke Pszotka
Chelsie Parish
Vanessa Nelson
4:43.40aBarry Goldwater
-Chelcie Cruz
Nneka Uchendu
Kandice Yourist
Makaela Pratt
DNSWillow Canyon
-Dystnie Eckblad
Florence Molo
Shanice Tremble
Jacquelyn Arcella
DNSValley Vista
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christiana Benites
Cari Steen
Davilyn Rohr
Karen Hanson
9:58.38aMountain Ridge
2.-Krystal Bell
Shannon Lepicier
Mackenzie Giglio
Isabelle Hurtado
10:17.81aDeer Valley
3.-Kaylee Franks
Cassidy Chriest
Katie Hosfield
Jordyn Bentley
10:19.87aSandra Day O'Connor
4.-Jessica Anderson
Amelie Hinson
Allie Hazine
Brooke Binns
10:22.88aBoulder Creek
5.-Dystnie Eckblad
Priscilla Molina
Alexus Milobar
Allison Riddle
10:37.78aValley Vista
6.-Olivia Anderson
Alexis Bathauer
Heather Weninger
Amanda Williams
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Conlin40-00.00Deer Valley
2.10Kellie Caron35-02.00Barry Goldwater
3.10Jordan Taylor33-11.00Deer Valley
4.11Mikayla Preston33-07.00Barry Goldwater
5.12Monica Hayward31-11.00Willow Canyon
6.11Amber Tackett31-09.50Kingman
7.12Kalie Matthews31-06.50Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Martha Bale31-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
9.11Tiffany Marcum28-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Amanda Conlin40-00.00Deer Valley
2.10Kellie Caron34-02.00Barry Goldwater
3.10Jordan Taylor33-11.00Deer Valley
4.12Monica Hayward31-11.00Willow Canyon
4.11Mikayla Preston31-11.00Barry Goldwater
6.11Amber Tackett31-09.50Kingman
7.12Kalie Matthews31-06.50Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Martha Bale28-07.00Sandra Day O'Connor
9.11Tiffany Marcum27-11.00Sandra Day O'Connor
10.9Sydney Yonsetto27-10.00Valley Vista
11.9Alyssa Homsey26-05.50Deer Valley
12.12Theresa Hutchison26-02.00Mountain Ridge
13.10Victoria Rand24-11.50Boulder Creek
13.10Lexus Sorah24-11.50Deer Valley
15.9Alisha Heitz24-03.50Kingman
16.11Hannah Graves23-09.00Mountain Ridge
17.11Ki'ana Earely22-07.00Valley Vista
18.11Leanne Jeffers22-04.00Kingman
19.10Kyra Berger22-02.00Valley Vista
20.12Katie Froumis21-04.50Sandra Day O'Connor
11Shelby DreyNDBarry Goldwater
10Megan FormanNDBoulder Creek
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Graves113-00Mountain Ridge
2.12Monica Hayward103-04Willow Canyon
3.11Amber Tackett102-10Kingman
4.11Amanda Conlin98-06Deer Valley
5.12Kalie Matthews93-02Sandra Day O'Connor
6.11Mikayla Preston91-01Barry Goldwater
7.11Martha Bale90-09Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Shelby Drey89-03Barry Goldwater
9.10Kellie Caron88-08Barry Goldwater
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Hannah Graves113-00Mountain Ridge
2.12Monica Hayward103-04Willow Canyon
3.11Amber Tackett102-10Kingman
4.11Amanda Conlin98-06Deer Valley
5.12Kalie Matthews93-02Sandra Day O'Connor
6.11Mikayla Preston91-01Barry Goldwater
7.11Martha Bale89-01Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Shelby Drey88-01Barry Goldwater
9.10Kellie Caron87-07Barry Goldwater
10.12Theresa Hutchison86-04Mountain Ridge
11.9Jacqueline Kientzler85-06Valley Vista
12.9Alisha Heitz83-07Kingman
13.11Sarah Wilden81-04Deer Valley
14.9Alyssa Homsey78-04Deer Valley
15.9Sydney Yonsetto78-03Valley Vista
16.11Ki'ana Earely78-02Valley Vista
17.10Jordan Taylor74-09Deer Valley
18.11Leanne Jeffers67-03Kingman
19.11Tiffany Marcum67-00Sandra Day O'Connor
20.10Emma Weaver63-11Boulder Creek
21.12Katie Froumis60-09Sandra Day O'Connor
22.9Sabrina Long57-00Boulder Creek
23.10Kyra Berger50-03Valley Vista
10Megan FormanDNSBoulder Creek
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaysee Pilgrim5-02.00Barry Goldwater
2.10Jemima Idemudia5-00.00Deer Valley
3.12Sharlene Ganem4-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.9Sabrina Younger4-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.11Lindsay Dusard4-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
6.9Sarah Brett4-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
6.9Alexa Graves4-06.00Mountain Ridge
6.11Jessica Anderson4-06.00Boulder Creek
6.9Jacquelyn Arcella4-06.00Valley Vista
10.10Natalie Manriquez4-04.00Deer Valley
10.11Tiara Pionke4-04.00Deer Valley
10.9Monique Bell4-04.00Deer Valley
10.12Megan Treece4-04.00Mountain Ridge
12Alisha KotranzaNHWillow Canyon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Diana Diep10-06.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Tiara Pionke10-00.50Deer Valley
3.12Samantha Calle9-00.50Mountain Ridge
4.12Dakota Staren8-06.50Deer Valley
4.11Bethany Krasuski8-06.50Sandra Day O'Connor
6.12Megan Treece8-00.50Mountain Ridge
7.11Sarah Wilden7-06.50Deer Valley
8.9Alyssa Salvaggio7-00.50Sandra Day O'Connor
9.12Haley Tibbs6-06.50Deer Valley
9.9Alicia Hubert6-06.50Boulder Creek
10Gwen BrouwerNHBoulder Creek
12Rachel MalmgrenNHWillow Canyon
10Sydni QuinceyNHWillow Canyon
10Allie MooreNHMountain Ridge
12Alisha KotranzaNHWillow Canyon
10Hannah BaumNHValley Vista
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tiffany Williams16-07.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Alissa Mercer16-05.50Deer Valley
3.12Sharlene Ganem15-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.12Devin Molinar15-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.10Hailey Tang15-08.00Mountain Ridge
6.12Summer Brown15-04.00Deer Valley
7.10Paulina Delgado15-01.00Kingman
8.9Yasmine Alveraez15-00.50Deer Valley
9.12Mackenzie Giglio15-00.00Deer Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tiffany Williams16-07.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Alissa Mercer16-05.50Deer Valley
3.12Sharlene Ganem15-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.12Devin Molinar15-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.10Hailey Tang15-08.00Mountain Ridge
6.12Summer Brown15-04.00Deer Valley
7.9Yasmine Alveraez15-00.50Deer Valley
8.12Mackenzie Giglio15-00.00Deer Valley
9.10Paulina Delgado14-10.50Kingman
10.10Alison Owen14-05.50Kingman
11.12Stephanie Croker14-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
12.9Alexa Graves14-00.50Mountain Ridge
13.9Sierra Bagley13-09.00Willow Canyon
14.10Stephanie Goulart13-06.50Kingman
15.9Allyson Henson13-05.50Valley Vista
16.9Destiny Horton12-10.00Boulder Creek
17.12Darrielle James12-07.00Boulder Creek
18.10Hailey Larsen11-05.00Mountain Ridge
9Ranzel TinoNDBarry Goldwater
12Megan TreeceNDMountain Ridge
11Nneka UchenduNDWillow Canyon
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Summer Brown35-07.00Deer Valley
2.12Makaela Pratt34-06.00Willow Canyon
3.10Jessica Smith34-03.00Boulder Creek
4.9Yasmine Alveraez33-09.00Deer Valley
5.11Megan Kelly33-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
6.12Diana Diep32-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
7.12Devin Molinar32-04.50Sandra Day O'Connor
8.10Jemima Idemudia32-02.00Deer Valley
9.12Megan Treece28-10.50Mountain Ridge
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Summer Brown35-07.00Deer Valley
2.12Makaela Pratt34-04.50Willow Canyon
3.10Jessica Smith34-03.00Boulder Creek
4.11Megan Kelly33-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.9Yasmine Alveraez33-02.00Deer Valley
6.12Diana Diep32-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
7.12Devin Molinar32-02.00Sandra Day O'Connor
8.10Jemima Idemudia31-06.00Deer Valley
9.12Megan Treece28-10.50Mountain Ridge
10.9Allyson Henson28-05.00Valley Vista
11.10Stephanie Goulart27-08.50Kingman
11Alissa MercerNDDeer Valley
12Stephanie CrokerNDSandra Day O'Connor
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