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Beach District - Cox, Green Run, Salem at Tallwood

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Virginia - 6A
Frank Cox
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Damian Smith11.01aGreen Run
2.12Michael Smith11.46aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.12Kimdrick Feaster11.54aSalem (Virginia Beach)
4.11Rafael Moore11.64aTallwood
5.11Jaylen Carr11.66aSalem (Virginia Beach)
6.11Temuchin Hodges11.71aSalem (Virginia Beach)
7.9Colten Brown11.79aSalem (Virginia Beach)
8.10Anthony Scott11.86aGreen Run
8.12Brehon Daniels11.86aSalem (Virginia Beach)
10.11Torian Cameron12.01aSalem (Virginia Beach)
11.11Cartrell Taylor12.04aTallwood
12.-Javon Jones12.09aFrank Cox
13.-Keis Morgan12.11aFrank Cox
14.9Keonte Yorkshire12.18aTallwood
15.-Jalil Blackwood12.19aGreen Run
16.11Paris Waugh12.24aTallwood
17.-Jaylin Brice12.35aFrank Cox
18.11Andrew Motuapuaka12.49aSalem (Virginia Beach)
19.9Ramone Ward12.52aSalem (Virginia Beach)
20.9Josh James12.54aTallwood
21.-Taj Coleman12.61aFrank Cox
22.-Dillon Jacobs12.70aSalem (Virginia Beach)
23.9Valanti Lambert12.78aSalem (Virginia Beach)
24.9Micheal Cherry13.19aSalem (Virginia Beach)
25.-Jacobi Mason13.24aFrank Cox
26.11Tyris Bowenmiller13.27aSalem (Virginia Beach)
27.11James Church13.44aSalem (Virginia Beach)
28.9Nijee Cox13.66aSalem (Virginia Beach)
29.-D'mitri Hill14.30aGreen Run
30.-Axel Bellars14.47aFrank Cox
30.-Jonathan Frazier14.47aSalem (Virginia Beach)
32.-Harry Williams15.20aGreen Run
33.12Larry Crisp16.00aGreen Run
34.-Jeffery Wilson18.02aGreen Run
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Damian Smith21.69aGreen Run
2.11Temuchin Hodges23.32aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.12Michael Smith23.34aSalem (Virginia Beach)
4.11Malique Rayford23.55aTallwood
5.9Colten Brown23.73aSalem (Virginia Beach)
6.11Jaylen Carr23.76aSalem (Virginia Beach)
7.-Jalil Blackwood24.02aGreen Run
8.9Keonte Yorkshire24.21aTallwood
9.-Jaylin Brice24.79aFrank Cox
10.10Anthony Scott24.81aGreen Run
11.11Torian Cameron24.97aSalem (Virginia Beach)
12.9Micheal Cherry25.40aSalem (Virginia Beach)
13.9Tim Norwood25.60aGreen Run
14.11Kamyri Turlington26.40aTallwood
15.11James Church27.52aSalem (Virginia Beach)
16.-Axel Bellars28.77aFrank Cox
17.-Nick Williams34.29aFrank Cox
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marik Jolley51.75aTallwood
2.11Christopher Church53.16aTallwood
3.12Jacob Whitaker55.09aGreen Run
4.9Josh James55.80aTallwood
5.9Tim Norwood55.92aGreen Run
6.10Kevin Herrow57.17aTallwood
7.-Chris Ruddinger57.18aFrank Cox
8.-Darius Boney57.89aGreen Run
9.-Steven Irvin59.73aTallwood
10.11William Milbourne1:01.40aGreen Run
11.12Kai Taylor1:03.75aTallwood
12.-D'mitri Hill1:06.67aGreen Run
13.-Jonathan Frazier1:07.45aSalem (Virginia Beach)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Patrick O'Connell2:05.93aFrank Cox
2.11Stephan Ellington2:07.44aTallwood
3.12Glenn Rose2:07.52aTallwood
4.11Ovey Meaux-Charles2:09.54aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.12Andriy Owufriyenko2:14.09aFrank Cox
6.11Chris Dowdy2:15.26aFrank Cox
7.-Chase Reidenbach2:19.66aFrank Cox
8.-Sam Hon2:23.37aFrank Cox
9.12Dennis Charles2:23.91aTallwood
10.9Noah Dietz2:24.43aFrank Cox
11.10Terry Wilson2:25.72aSalem (Virginia Beach)
12.10La'Darrius Morgan2:26.24aTallwood
13.11Morgan Meader2:31.38aFrank Cox
14.12Logan Langlier2:32.59aFrank Cox
15.10Logan Desantis2:32.90aGreen Run
16.-Ben Christman2:33.25aFrank Cox
17.10John Hood2:33.70aTallwood
18.10Zander Lietech2:34.92aFrank Cox
19.10Wyatt Montgomery2:35.76aGreen Run
20.12Mitchell Brown2:38.00aGreen Run
21.10Craig Gash2:39.32aGreen Run
22.-Sang Kim2:42.20aFrank Cox
23.-Joshua Hunsburg2:44.93aTallwood
24.-Harvey Macklin2:48.04aTallwood
25.10Matt Eberwein2:49.48aTallwood
26.9Joseph Crawford2:51.96aSalem (Virginia Beach)
27.10Noah Pritchard2:53.62aTallwood
28.-Zackary Jensen2:58.82aSalem (Virginia Beach)
29.11Phillip Gonzales3:04.34aSalem (Virginia Beach)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Patrick O'Connell4:40.52aFrank Cox
2.12Glenn Rose4:43.75aTallwood
3.11Chris Dowdy5:13.30aFrank Cox
4.11Calvin Hensler5:15.00aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.10Tucker Blythe5:15.49aFrank Cox
6.9James Henderson5:18.39aTallwood
7.10John Hood5:33.88aTallwood
8.10Logan Desantis5:37.09aGreen Run
9.12Logan Langlier5:44.85aFrank Cox
10.-Joshua Hunsburg5:54.83aTallwood
11.-Nathan Craft5:56.01aFrank Cox
12.11Michael Edwards5:56.40aSalem (Virginia Beach)
13.-Harvey Macklin5:59.00aTallwood
14.9James French6:02.79aFrank Cox
15.10Matt Eberwein6:04.25aTallwood
16.-Shamus Peed6:05.29aTallwood
17.9Matt Dullum6:06.41aFrank Cox
18.9Josh Kautzman6:07.74aFrank Cox
19.11Chris Lipscomb6:13.50aFrank Cox
20.10Noah Pritchard6:17.59aTallwood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Billy Burgess11:17.33aFrank Cox
2.12Kevin Schesventer11:27.59aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.12Sean Wade11:53.97aTallwood
4.11KC Brown12:01.80aFrank Cox
5.9Derrick Bradford12:11.25aTallwood
6.9Troy Rogerson12:24.21aFrank Cox
7.9Nicholas Wilson13:00.85aTallwood
8.11Will Mason13:09.38aFrank Cox
9.11Matthew Zelig13:20.78aTallwood
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Smith15.34aSalem (Virginia Beach)
2.12Christopher Hawkins15.49aTallwood
3.11Malcolm White15.70aTallwood
4.-Walker Anderson20.21aFrank Cox
5.-Xavier Levine20.75aFrank Cox
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Malcolm White41.63aTallwood
2.12Larry Crisp42.61aGreen Run
3.12Christopher Hawkins43.68aTallwood
4.12Corey Kennedy45.34aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.11Dwight Bland46.48aGreen Run
6.-Walker Anderson47.90aFrank Cox
7.11Jirani Lowe48.57aTallwood
8.-Xavier Levine49.10aFrank Cox
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kimdrick Feaster
Brehon Daniels
Michael Smith
Jaylen Carr
43.25aSalem (Virginia Beach)
2.-Khalib Brown
Temuchin Hodges
Torian Cameron
Colten Brown
43.79aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.-Relay Team 44.60aGreen Run
4.-Relay Team 44.70aTallwood
5.-Relay Team 46.82aFrank Cox
6.-Nijee Cox
Dillon Jacobs
Ramone Ward
Micheal Cherry
50.55aSalem (Virginia Beach)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dennis Charles
Malique Rayford
Steven Dumber
Tyrese Goffney
2.-Relay Team 3:40.54aGreen Run
3.-Relay Team 3:48.33aTallwood
4.-Relay Team 3:50.20aFrank Cox
5.-Nijee Cox
Dillon Jacobs
Valanti Lambert
Ramone Ward
4:09.94aSalem (Virginia Beach)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:00.93aFrank Cox
2.-Sean Wade
Kadeem Rayford
Stephan Ellington
Derrick Bradford
3.-Kevin Schesventer
Ovey Meaux-Charles
Calvin Hensler
Terry Wilson
9:11.28aSalem (Virginia Beach)
4.-Relay Team 9:45.78aGreen Run
5.-Relay Team 10:07.06aFrank Cox
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Anderson48-02.00Tallwood
2.12Zack Ryan43-08.00Tallwood
3.12Clifton Jones42-10.00Tallwood
4.11Dalton Edwards40-03.00Frank Cox
5.11Andrew Motuapuaka39-02.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
6.10William Norfleet38-07.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
7.12Jamarcus Powell38-05.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
8.10Stephen Rohde38-00.00Tallwood
9.9Christopher Wanzong37-00.00Tallwood
10.12Joe Burt36-04.00Frank Cox
11.12Ethan Wood34-00.00Frank Cox
12.10Matt Sherman33-10.00Frank Cox
13.-Jason Finton33-09.00Green Run
14.-Zackary Jensen31-02.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
15.9Isaiah Lloyd30-10.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
16.-Zackary Dove-Brown30-09.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
17.-Daniel Vowell30-01.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
18.12Mitchell Brown28-10.00Green Run
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zack Ryan136-07Tallwood
2.12Jordan Anderson128-03Tallwood
3.9Isaiah Lloyd114-01Salem (Virginia Beach)
4.12Ethan Wood104-06Frank Cox
5.10Stephen Rohde104-06Tallwood
6.9Christopher Wanzong102-02Tallwood
7.12Joe Burt101-08Frank Cox
8.11Dalton Edwards91-07Frank Cox
9.-Daniel Vowell90-07Salem (Virginia Beach)
10.10Matt Sherman86-07Frank Cox
11.-Liomata Motuapuaka85-06Salem (Virginia Beach)
12.-Zackary Dove-Brown66-03Salem (Virginia Beach)
13.-Jason Finton61-07Green Run
14.-Zackary Jensen57-04Salem (Virginia Beach)
15.12Mitchell Brown52-03Green Run
--10William NorfleetFOULSalem (Virginia Beach)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dennis Charles6-04.00Tallwood
2.12Kory Bullard6-02.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
3.12Larry Crisp6-02.00Green Run
4.12Jeremy Jones5-10.00Green Run
5.10Kevin Herrow5-08.00Tallwood
6.10Marik Jolley5-08.00Tallwood
7.10Terry Wilson5-06.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
8.11Kamyri Turlington5-04.00Tallwood
---Taj ColemanNHFrank Cox
--12Emberado RichardsonNHSalem (Virginia Beach)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Malique Rayford8-00.00Tallwood
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rafael Moore22-08.00Tallwood
2.12Ronniere Whaley20-07.00Tallwood
3.-Jaylin Brice20-04.00Frank Cox
4.10Kevin Herrow19-10.50Tallwood
5.11Torian Cameron19-10.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
6.11Cartrell Taylor19-05.00Tallwood
7.10Anthony Scott19-04.50Green Run
8.11Dwight Bland19-00.00Green Run
9.10Terry Wilson17-07.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
10.9Keonte Yorkshire17-00.00Tallwood
11.11Paris Waugh16-07.00Tallwood
12.11Tyris Bowenmiller14-10.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
13.10Kesean Brown14-04.00Green Run
--12Emberado RichardsonFOULSalem (Virginia Beach)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jaylin Brice39-10.00Frank Cox
2.10Kevin Herrow38-10.00Tallwood

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justice Seward12.75aSalem (Virginia Beach)
2.12Jasmine Hankins12.87aTallwood
3.11Shailan Burton13.12aFrank Cox
4.11Wade Watta Kamara13.47aGreen Run
5.11Sheila White13.73aSalem (Virginia Beach)
6.9Maria Adams13.80aFrank Cox
7.10Presious Iverson13.86aSalem (Virginia Beach)
8.12Analysa Isaac13.87aSalem (Virginia Beach)
8.11Keeajah Baldwin13.87aTallwood
10.10Sydney Shaw13.95aTallwood
10.10Melanie Sawyer13.95aSalem (Virginia Beach)
12.10Diamond Roberts13.98aSalem (Virginia Beach)
12.10Jasmine Johnson13.98aTallwood
14.10Symone McCullough13.99aSalem (Virginia Beach)
15.10Erica Valentine14.04aGreen Run
16.9Morgan Dee14.13aGreen Run
17.12Megan Landis14.27aFrank Cox
18.10Asia Hutchison14.36aFrank Cox
19.-Teshuna Bacon14.48aSalem (Virginia Beach)
20.10Donovan Merrill14.55aFrank Cox
21.9Richardson Grace14.62aSalem (Virginia Beach)
22.9Mustafa Miasia14.75aSalem (Virginia Beach)
23.10Jade Cameron14.85aSalem (Virginia Beach)
24.9Kelly Penn15.21aFrank Cox
25.10Ebony Story15.40aGreen Run
26.-Taylor Santiago15.56aFrank Cox
27.11Jayanna Smith15.61aFrank Cox
28.-Giovanna Kinney16.11aTallwood
29.-Natalie Upton17.97aFrank Cox
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Wade Watta Kamara27.45aGreen Run
2.11Sheila White27.94aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.9Kia Jefferson27.97aFrank Cox
4.9Maria Adams28.37aFrank Cox
5.10Sydney Shaw28.50aTallwood
6.10Melanie Sawyer28.57aSalem (Virginia Beach)
7.10Diamond Roberts28.83aSalem (Virginia Beach)
8.12Megan Landis29.13aFrank Cox
9.11Keeajah Baldwin29.34aTallwood
10.11Tia Neal29.64aTallwood
11.9Morgan Dee29.95aGreen Run
12.9Richardson Grace30.19aSalem (Virginia Beach)
13.9Mia Stephens30.32aFrank Cox
14.9Mustafa Miasia30.35aSalem (Virginia Beach)
15.9Kelly Penn30.40aFrank Cox
16.-Teshuna Bacon30.78aSalem (Virginia Beach)
17.10Jade Cameron30.87aSalem (Virginia Beach)
18.9Anais Turner31.35aGreen Run
19.11Olivia Rau32.07aTallwood
20.11Jayanna Smith32.47aFrank Cox
21.-Taylor Santiago33.83aFrank Cox
22.-Giovanna Kinney33.84aTallwood
23.-Karin Li35.95aTallwood
24.12Kabrina Boyd37.24aTallwood
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kami Armistead1:02.09aTallwood
2.11Dya'mond Perry1:03.47aTallwood
3.11Wade Watta Kamara1:04.43aGreen Run
4.9Taeyana Reynolds1:04.62aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.9Kia Jefferson1:05.20aFrank Cox
6.10Xandria Green1:06.75aTallwood
7.10Jasmine Johnson1:07.03aTallwood
8.9Anna Gunter1:07.74aFrank Cox
9.10Asia Hutchison1:08.33aFrank Cox
10.10Erica Valentine1:08.46aGreen Run
11.9Mia Stephens1:11.11aFrank Cox
12.11Taylor Szeligowski1:12.46aTallwood
13.11Olivia Rau1:17.17aTallwood
14.9Ayanna Juarez1:21.20aTallwood
15.-Emily Tull1:21.72aTallwood
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cierra Westry2:50.07aTallwood
2.12Krystina Mantzouranis2:51.39aTallwood
3.10Caitlyn Kimberly2:52.03aTallwood
4.10Dejonee Burnett2:54.01aTallwood
5.11Katie Kubecki3:00.42aFrank Cox
6.9Kelsey Jones3:06.72aTallwood
7.11Jaquie Jennette3:08.39aFrank Cox
8.12Kelly Frostick3:14.12aFrank Cox
9.-Haley Stern3:15.18aTallwood
10.12Sara Hon3:16.15aFrank Cox
11.11Jazminn Hazelwood3:17.88aSalem (Virginia Beach)
12.-Melissa Dela Cruz3:19.60aTallwood
13.11Melissa Dullum3:24.83aFrank Cox
14.9Isabelle Anonas3:27.22aTallwood
15.-Tracie McGee3:35.15aSalem (Virginia Beach)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryanna Ruff6:08.97aFrank Cox
2.9Chloe Fanelty6:20.83aTallwood
3.9Nina Ragle6:29.55aTallwood
4.10Kelsie Rohler6:33.47aTallwood
5.12Kelly Frostick6:36.30aFrank Cox
6.12April Aralar6:52.68aSalem (Virginia Beach)
7.9Ashlei Miles6:52.84aTallwood
8.10Jackie Wilson6:54.82aFrank Cox
9.11Jaquie Jennette6:57.82aFrank Cox
10.11Melissa Dullum7:04.15aFrank Cox
11.10Marissa Brokaw7:09.35aGreen Run
12.12Kyndal Stakes7:57.89aTallwood
13.-Tiana Bailey8:42.80aTallwood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryanna Ruff13:33.02aFrank Cox
2.12Mia Carrington13:47.22aTallwood
3.11Taylor Borja14:14.83aFrank Cox
4.9Nina Ragle14:29.87aTallwood
5.10Kelsie Rohler14:44.94aTallwood
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chenera Lacey15.37aFrank Cox
2.11Jada Gundran15.38aTallwood
3.12Ja'Tia Brown17.32aTallwood
4.12Brehanna Daniels17.39aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.11Siana Shulterbrandt18.39aTallwood
6.11Savana Gault19.20aFrank Cox
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Margaret Draper46.98aTallwood
2.11Chenera Lacey48.65aFrank Cox
3.12Brehanna Daniels50.02aSalem (Virginia Beach)
4.12Rachel Clark52.39aTallwood
5.11Siana Shulterbrandt54.94aTallwood
6.10Caitlyn McMurray55.88aGreen Run
7.10Symone McCullough58.48aSalem (Virginia Beach)
8.12Ja'Tia Brown59.42aTallwood
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justice Seward
Sheila White
Presious Iverson
Melanie Sawyer
50.60aSalem (Virginia Beach)
2.-Jasmine Hankins
Jada Gundran
Jasmine Johnson
Keeajah Baldwin
3.-Brehanna Daniels
Analysa Isaac
Diamond Roberts
Symone McCullough
52.61aSalem (Virginia Beach)
4.-Donovan Merrill
Shailan Burton
Megan Landis
Savana Gault
55.09aFrank Cox
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justice Seward
Analysa Isaac
Presious Iverson
Taeyana Reynolds
4:17.88aSalem (Virginia Beach)
2.-Jessica Ewing
Jada Gundran
Taylor Szeligowski
Dya'mond Perry
---Chenera Lacey
Anna Gunter
Alazandra Felton
Shailan Burton
DQFrank Cox
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Krystina Mantzouranis
Mia Carrington
Caitlyn Kimberly
Kami Armistead
2.-Katie Kubecki
Taylor Borja
Claire Martin
Anna Gunter
12:09.37aFrank Cox
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ebony Story34-04.00Green Run
2.12Jana Lambson27-02.00Green Run
3.-Merrick Preti26-00.00Frank Cox
4.12Rachel Clark25-08.00Tallwood
5.12Anastasia Martin25-06.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
6.11Kadijah Kelly25-06.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
7.-Maya Robinson25-05.00Green Run
8.-Chardonnay Hawkins25-02.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
9.-Areana Davis23-04.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
10.9Lauren Hafley22-00.00Tallwood
10.11Ariel Bracey22-00.00Green Run
12.9Kelly Penn21-07.00Frank Cox
13.-Tiana Bailey20-02.00Tallwood
14.-Ebony Santiago19-11.00Frank Cox
15.11Fatima Murphy18-09.00Tallwood
16.-Yekeya Whitehurst11-11.00Tallwood
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kadijah Kelly91-07Salem (Virginia Beach)
2.11Fatima Murphy75-00Tallwood
3.11Ariel Bracey69-03Green Run
4.12Rachel Clark65-09Tallwood
5.-Merrick Preti61-10Frank Cox
6.12Katlynn Cray61-03Salem (Virginia Beach)
7.-Maya Robinson56-10Green Run
8.9Ashlei Miles54-03Tallwood
8.-Fleming Tyshara54-03Salem (Virginia Beach)
10.12Jana Lambson47-03Green Run
11.9Lauren Hafley47-00Tallwood
12.-Tiana Bailey46-06Tallwood
13.9Ayanna Juarez42-04Tallwood
14.11Alexus Hinton40-01Green Run
15.-Yekeya Whitehurst34-04Tallwood
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chenera Lacey5-02.00Frank Cox
2.11Taylor Szeligowski4-06.00Tallwood
3.10Sydney Shaw4-06.00Tallwood
4.12Ja'Tia Brown4-04.00Tallwood
4.11Dya'mond Perry4-04.00Tallwood
6.11Siana Shulterbrandt4-04.00Tallwood
7.10Donovan Merrill4-02.00Frank Cox
8.9Mia Stephens4-00.00Frank Cox
8.11Cierra Westry4-00.00Tallwood
8.10Melanie Sawyer4-00.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
8.10Ebony Story4-00.00Green Run
8.11Olivia Rau4-00.00Tallwood
---Haley SternNHTallwood
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alazandra Felton8-06.00Frank Cox
2.11Taylor Szeligowski8-00.00Tallwood
3.11Tia Neal8-00.00Tallwood
4.9Maria Adams7-00.00Frank Cox
5.12Megan Landis6-06.00Frank Cox
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kami Armistead15-06.00Tallwood
2.11Dya'mond Perry15-04.50Tallwood
3.10Margaret Draper15-03.50Tallwood
4.11Jada Gundran15-01.75Tallwood
5.10Jasmine Johnson14-06.00Tallwood
6.11Cierra Westry14-04.00Tallwood
7.12Brehanna Daniels14-04.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
8.10Jade Cameron13-10.50Salem (Virginia Beach)
9.9Mia Stephens13-06.75Frank Cox
10.12Justice Seward13-06.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
11.11Olivia Rau13-05.25Tallwood
12.9Maria Adams13-04.50Frank Cox
13.9Taeyana Reynolds13-03.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
14.9Mustafa Miasia12-05.50Salem (Virginia Beach)
15.10Ebony Story12-03.50Green Run
16.12Kabrina Boyd12-01.25Tallwood
17.-Giovanna Kinney11-04.00Tallwood
18.-Karin Li10-04.00Tallwood
--10Symone McCulloughFOULSalem (Virginia Beach)
--9Kelly PennFOULFrank Cox
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chenera Lacey34-04.50Frank Cox
2.11Jada Gundran33-06.50Tallwood
3.11Kami Armistead33-04.25Tallwood
4.10Margaret Draper33-00.25Tallwood
5.10Donovan Merrill31-05.00Frank Cox
6.12Ja'Tia Brown31-00.25Tallwood
7.10Jasmine Johnson31-00.00Tallwood
8.11Wade Watta Kamara26-06.00Green Run
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