Conn Madden Relays

Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Meet Website
  Todd Stadium, Newport News - Map
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Virginia - 3A
JOMAJohn Marshall
Virginia - 6A
OSFROscar Smith
Virginia - LIS
NOACNorfolk Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Division A - Finals
1.11Trent Whitfield42.35aGranby
2.12Larry Crisp42.62aGreen Run
3.12Jamall Price44.20aGranby
4.12Leonard Hopkins44.22aJohn Marshall
5.12Erwin Williams44.34aWoodside
6.12Vian Irving44.67aChurchland
7.10Samuel Parent45.24aKecoughtan
8.11Aquil Carter-Bass45.24aMenchville
9.12Brian Wallace46.02aI C Norcom
10.11Dwight Bland47.39aGreen Run
11.-Wayne Mathis47.39aJohn Marshall
12.9Donovan Waters47.46aChurchland
13.12Darien McCrae47.60aI C Norcom
14.10Keavin Good49.15aMenchville
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Division B - Finals
1.12Garrett Losty41.62aLafayette
2.11Aaron Hooks41.68aLafayette
3.12Christian Kinney43.41aLafayette
4.12Michael Sonnek43.73aLafayette
5.11Kijana Henley44.23aSmithfield
6.10Chris Hornbuckle45.99aNorfolk Academy
7.12Jermaine Simms46.18aTabb
8.12Michelangelo Hooker46.21aYork
9.11DeShawn Faltz46.40aSmithfield
10.12Kevin Tan47.03aNorfolk Academy
11.10Van Hooker49.49aYork
12.9Elijah O'Bryant49.68aAtlantic Shores Chri...
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Division A - Finals
1.12Devon Booker56.47aChurchland
2.12Joe Powell57.54aI C Norcom
3.10Walter Williams1:00.35aChurchland
4.12Erwin Williams1:01.40aWoodside
5.12Isaac White1:04.42aI C Norcom
6.9Abdul Ellis1:05.42aHampton
7.11Aquil Carter-Bass1:07.70aMenchville
8.10Keavin Good1:09.11aMenchville
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Division B - Finals
1.12Garrett Losty58.09aLafayette
2.11Aaron Hooks1:00.70aLafayette
3.12Michael Sonnek1:02.26aLafayette
4.12Trenton Holmes1:03.64aGreenbrier Christian
5.10Cal Newkirk1:05.53aNorfolk Academy
6.12Michelangelo Hooker1:05.62aYork
7.-Moises Gonzalez1:10.64aSmithfield
8.12Kevin Tan1:13.34aNorfolk Academy
9.-Deandre Judkins1:14.60aSmithfield
X 4x100 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.01aGreen Run
2.-Relay Team 44.10aGranby
3.-Relay Team 44.38aOscar Smith
4.-Relay Team 44.88aDenbigh
5.-Relay Team 45.05aNorview
6.-Relay Team 45.13aJohn Marshall
7.-Relay Team 45.23aChurchland
8.-Relay Team 45.43aI C Norcom
9.-Relay Team 47.06aGloucester
10.-Relay Team 47.84aOscar Smith
11.-Relay Team 49.05aHeritage (Newport Ne...
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.95aJohn Marshall
2.-Relay Team 50.13aMenchville
3.-Relay Team 50.27aGloucester
4.-Relay Team 51.34aWarwick
5.-Relay Team 53.31aNorfolk Academy
6.-Relay Team 59.73aAtlantic Shores Chri...
X 4x100 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.13aNorfolk Academy
2.-Relay Team 45.88aSmithfield
3.-Relay Team 46.36aHampton
4.-Relay Team 47.15aYork
5.-Relay Team 47.19aSmithfield
6.-Relay Team 49.26aLafayette
7.-Relay Team 52.85aAtlantic Shores Chri...
8.-Relay Team 52.95aPeninsula Catholic
---Relay Team DNFTabb
---Relay Team DQNorfolk Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:31.62aGranby
2.-Relay Team 1:32.58aJohn Marshall
3.-Relay Team 1:34.62aHeritage (Newport Ne...
4.-Relay Team 1:34.90aChurchland
5.-Relay Team 1:36.59aWarwick
6.-Relay Team 1:37.19aI C Norcom
7.-Relay Team 1:37.47aNorview
8.-Relay Team 1:37.68aMenchville
9.-Relay Team 1:40.23aI C Norcom
10.-Relay Team 1:43.14aHeritage (Newport Ne...
11.-Relay Team 1:46.62aMenchville
X 4x200 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:31.24aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 1:34.48aNorfolk Academy
3.-Relay Team 1:36.56aHampton
4.-Relay Team 1:36.64aLafayette
5.-Relay Team 1:38.25aSmithfield
6.-Relay Team 1:39.20aSmithfield
7.-Relay Team 1:39.26aYork
8.-Relay Team 1:43.38aTabb
9.-Relay Team 1:45.63aNorfolk Academy
10.-Relay Team 1:47.48aPeninsula Catholic
11.-Relay Team 1:56.01aPeninsula Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:26.92aJohn Marshall
2.-Relay Team 3:27.15aOscar Smith
3.-Relay Team 3:30.64aWarwick
4.-Relay Team 3:33.06aGranby
5.-Relay Team 3:36.69aDenbigh
6.-Relay Team 3:36.99aHeritage (Newport Ne...
7.-Relay Team 3:40.40aChurchland
8.-Relay Team 3:40.54aOscar Smith
9.-Relay Team 3:45.06aGreen Run
10.-Relay Team 3:45.14aMenchville
11.-Relay Team 3:51.83aGloucester
12.-Relay Team 3:55.39aHeritage (Newport Ne...
13.-Relay Team 3:58.38aI C Norcom
14.-Relay Team 3:59.76aKing's Fork
15.-Relay Team 4:12.93aI C Norcom
16.-Relay Team 4:16.47aNorview
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:50.67aJohn Marshall
2.-Relay Team 3:54.48aLafayette
3.-Relay Team 3:58.35aGloucester
4.-Relay Team 4:03.92aMenchville
5.-Relay Team 4:05.71aWarwick
6.-Relay Team 5:03.37aNorfolk Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:36.41aTabb
2.-Relay Team 3:48.42aPeninsula Catholic
3.-Relay Team 3:52.40aNorfolk Academy
4.-Relay Team 3:52.91aYork
5.-Relay Team 3:53.57aSmithfield
6.-Relay Team 4:14.21aHampton Christian
7.-Relay Team 4:18.68aPeninsula Catholic
8.-Relay Team 4:34.19aAtlantic Shores Chri...
X 4x800 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:17.81aWarwick
2.-Relay Team 8:26.05aFloyd E Kellam
3.-Relay Team 9:08.03aMenchville
4.-Relay Team 9:11.55aFloyd E Kellam
5.-Relay Team 9:14.99aKing's Fork
6.-Relay Team 9:32.45aGloucester
7.-Relay Team 9:36.16aOscar Smith
8.-Relay Team 9:40.18aOscar Smith
9.-Relay Team 9:40.23aChurchland
10.-Relay Team 9:49.55aI C Norcom
11.-Relay Team 9:59.17aGranby
12.-Relay Team 10:18.21aGreen Run
13.-Relay Team 10:52.07aI C Norcom
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:27.96aGloucester
2.-Relay Team 9:42.50aMenchville
3.-Relay Team 9:51.51aWarwick
4.-Relay Team 10:16.32aLafayette
5.-Relay Team 10:36.82aLafayette
6.-Relay Team 11:10.41aNorfolk Academy
X 4x800 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:39.18aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 8:45.22aNorfolk Academy
3.-Relay Team 9:01.83aYork
4.-Relay Team 9:02.05aLafayette
5.-Relay Team 9:02.98aPeninsula Catholic
6.-Relay Team 9:10.33aSmithfield
7.-Relay Team 9:20.49aWalsingham Academy
8.-Relay Team 9:28.76aTabb
9.-Relay Team 9:34.87aNorfolk Academy
10.-Relay Team 10:00.51aGreenbrier Christian
11.-Relay Team 10:16.61aPeninsula Catholic
X 4x1600 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 18:39.23aFloyd E Kellam
2.-Relay Team 19:42.75aKecoughtan
3.-Relay Team 19:59.10aMenchville
4.-Relay Team 21:35.24aChurchland
5.-Relay Team 22:03.39aMenchville
6.-Relay Team 22:22.62aHeritage (Newport Ne...
7.-Relay Team 22:28.90aGranby
---Relay Team DQNorview
X 4x1600 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 18:38.19aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 19:43.00aNorfolk Academy
3.-Relay Team 19:56.39aPeninsula Catholic
4.-Relay Team 20:31.99aLafayette
5.-Relay Team 21:19.76aYork
6.-Relay Team 21:35.17aTabb
7.-Relay Team 21:56.80aPeninsula Catholic
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.48aNorview
2.-Relay Team 3:36.50aOscar Smith
3.-Relay Team 3:42.23aChurchland
4.-Relay Team 3:43.84aWarwick
5.-Relay Team 3:44.29aChurchland
6.-Relay Team 3:45.21aI C Norcom
7.-Relay Team 3:46.99aOscar Smith
8.-Relay Team 3:47.83aHeritage (Newport Ne...
9.-Relay Team 3:49.82aGranby
10.-Relay Team 3:56.33aJohn Marshall
11.-Relay Team 3:59.00aKing's Fork
12.-Relay Team 4:00.17aKecoughtan
13.-Relay Team 4:04.06aDenbigh
14.-Relay Team 4:05.29aMenchville
15.-Relay Team 4:05.34aHeritage (Newport Ne...
16.-Relay Team 4:08.20aGloucester
17.-Relay Team 4:31.36aNorview
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:39.84aYork
2.-Relay Team 3:40.12aLafayette
3.-Relay Team 3:50.06aTabb
4.-Relay Team 3:50.14aNorfolk Academy
5.-Relay Team 3:53.14aPeninsula Catholic
6.-Relay Team 3:55.59aAtlantic Shores Chri...
7.-Relay Team 4:13.98aGreenbrier Christian
8.-Relay Team 4:19.77aSmithfield
---Relay Team DNFHampton Christian
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:48.77aFloyd E Kellam
2.-Relay Team 11:14.67aWarwick
3.-Relay Team 11:32.61aKecoughtan
4.-Relay Team 12:03.67aMenchville
5.-Relay Team 12:14.86aGranby
6.-Relay Team 12:29.16aGloucester
7.-Relay Team 12:42.76aOscar Smith
8.-Relay Team 12:48.98aChurchland
9.-Relay Team 14:10.03aNorview
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:48.29aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 10:53.39aYork
3.-Relay Team 11:35.21aNorfolk Academy
4.-Relay Team 11:52.59aWalsingham Academy
5.-Relay Team 11:53.85aTabb
6.-Relay Team 12:01.40aSmithfield
7.-Relay Team 12:07.65aLafayette
8.-Relay Team 12:48.08aPeninsula Catholic
9.-Relay Team 13:56.93aHampton
10.-Relay Team 14:16.77aAtlantic Shores Chri...
11.-Relay Team 14:19.35aGreenbrier Christian
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:10.75aChurchland
2.-Relay Team 1:17.10aNorview
3.-Relay Team 1:19.16aGranby
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:10.24aSmithfield
2.-Relay Team 1:10.26aNorfolk Academy
3.-Relay Team 1:12.01aLafayette
4.-Relay Team 1:19.13aYork
5.-Relay Team 1:20.27aLafayette
6.-Relay Team 1:25.16aNorfolk Academy
X Shot Put - 12lb - Division A - Finals
1.11Jarrell Bennett48-03.00Gloucester
2.10Walter Williams45-03.00Churchland
3.12William Moore43-04.50Churchland
4.11Tashad Charity42-11.00Granby
5.11Kwaume Chatman42-08.00Granby
6.11Christopher White41-03.00Oscar Smith
7.11Datrail Hockaday40-09.00Churchland
8.11Micah Lampkin38-05.00John Marshall
9.-Donavon Scales37-06.00Denbigh
10.9Davis Turner37-00.00Oscar Smith
11.11Sameer Sargent36-02.00Kecoughtan
12.-Antione Royster35-02.00I C Norcom
13.-Jaleel Shelton33-02.00Oscar Smith
14.10Christopher Dixon31-11.00Warwick
15.12Tayvon Minor31-08.00John Marshall
16.-Jason Finton31-02.50Green Run
17.11Leander Watkins30-10.50Norview
18.11Stephon Ponder29-03.00Granby
19.10Corbin Baxter29-02.00Kecoughtan
20.10Christian Mitchell27-00.00Menchville
21.12Mitchell Brown24-10.00Green Run
22.11Jaron Foster23-10.50Menchville
23.-Paul Barnes20-09.00King's Fork
24.-Zachary Wiland18-08.00King's Fork
X Shot Put - 12lb - Division B - Finals
1.12Thomas Smith45-08.00Lafayette
2.12Joseph Nelson43-11.00Tabb
3.-Audy Bowser40-01.00Smithfield
4.11Jacob Possich38-05.00Greenbrier Christian
5.12Dominic Burkett38-03.00Norfolk Academy
6.-Darren Majors37-09.00Smithfield
7.11Johnny Cruz37-06.00York
8.11Jacob Rose36-05.00Tabb
9.11Carlos Coronado36-03.50Lafayette
10.12Marquis Evans36-03.00Norfolk Academy
11.11Patrick Robertson36-02.00Norfolk Academy
12.-William Capers32-00.00Lafayette
13.12Angelo Suggs29-09.00Peninsula Catholic
14.11Kenny Rogers28-03.50Peninsula Catholic
15.10David Levenstein25-06.50Greenbrier Christian
16.7Justin Winther20-03.50Greenbrier Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Division A - Finals
1.11Jarrell Bennett148-05Gloucester
2.10Walter Williams147-07.50Churchland
3.12William Moore131-05.25Churchland
4.11Datrail Hockaday118-01.75Churchland
5.11Christopher White110-00.50Oscar Smith
6.11Kwaume Chatman103-01Granby
7.-Jaleel Shelton98-08Oscar Smith
8.12Tayvon Minor96-05.25John Marshall
9.12Shaquille Carter93-09.50Heritage (Newport Ne...
10.-Ezekiel Brown85-07Warwick
11.-Antione Royster77-09.50I C Norcom
12.-Timothy Bernardo77-08Granby
13.11Micah Lampkin74-05John Marshall
14.-Donavon Scales73-09Denbigh
15.-Jason Finton68-00.50Green Run
16.-Terrence Montgomery65-07.75Granby
17.10Sean Stubbs58-08.50Heritage (Newport Ne...
18.12Mitchell Brown54-07.50Green Run
19.-Paul Barnes51-01King's Fork
20.-Zachary Wiland46-01King's Fork
X Discus - 1.6kg - Division B - Finals
1.11Patrick Robertson128-02Norfolk Academy
2.12Joseph Nelson127-08.50Tabb
3.11Johnny Cruz121-08.50York
4.11Jacob Rose105-05.25Tabb
5.12Thomas Smith94-01Lafayette
6.11Jacob Possich92-10Greenbrier Christian
7.-William Capers90-07Lafayette
8.12Rhys Williams87-06Lafayette
9.12Angelo Suggs78-02Peninsula Catholic
10.11Kenny Rogers73-03Peninsula Catholic
11.12Chris Ohlhaver68-11Peninsula Catholic
12.12Dominic Burkett65-07.25Norfolk Academy
13.7Justin Winther50-08.25Greenbrier Christian
14.10David Levenstein50-06Greenbrier Christian
X High Jump - Division A - Finals
1.12Eric Poindexter6-02.00Warwick
2.12Jeremy Jones6-00.00Green Run
2.12Larry Crisp6-00.00Green Run
4.10Jaylen Bradshaw5-10.00Oscar Smith
5.10Tristen Cahill5-08.00Oscar Smith
6.10Darius Stuvaints5-06.00Granby
X High Jump - Division B - Finals
1.12Christian Kinney5-09.00Lafayette
2.11Marquis Childress5-08.00Smithfield
2.12Dominic Burkett5-08.00Norfolk Academy
4.12Andrew Junio5-06.00Tabb
X Pole Vault - Division B - Finals
1.11Jacob Braeutigam11-10.00Lafayette
2.12Alejandro Nava10-06.00Lafayette
2.10Cal Newkirk10-06.00Norfolk Academy
2.12David Cabaniss10-06.00York
5.10Jordan Weatherwax10-00.00Lafayette
6.10Roberts Edwards9-06.00York
6.-Hunter Hautz9-06.00York
8.12Jaxon Cramer9-00.00Norfolk Academy
X Long Jump - Division A - Finals
1.12Joshua Thomas22-00.25Churchland
2.12Eric Poindexter20-09.75Warwick
3.11Aaron Worrell20-09.00Woodside
4.11Markeith Smith20-04.75Norview
5.10Isaac Arriola20-04.00Oscar Smith
6.12Marquis Hill20-03.75Warwick
7.10Anthony Scott20-01.25Green Run
8.12Darius Weaver19-07.50Norview
8.12Devon Booker19-07.50Churchland
10.10Tyree Wise19-04.50Granby
11.10Jaylen Bradshaw19-04.00Oscar Smith
12.11Lawrence Harris19-03.75Granby
13.11Deshawn Woods18-07.25Norview
14.11Dwight Bland18-04.75Green Run
15.-James Scott17-06.25Gloucester
16.12Kesean Lockley17-01.25Gloucester
17.10Devin Berry17-00.25Gloucester
X Long Jump - Division B - Finals
1.11Marquis Childress21-06.50Smithfield
2.12Dominic Burkett20-07.00Norfolk Academy
3.12Thomas Smith20-06.00Lafayette
4.11Chris Johnson20-02.50Smithfield
5.11Ty Smith20-00.25Hampton Christian
6.12Andrew Junio19-05.25Tabb
7.12Marquis Evans19-04.75Norfolk Academy
8.12Jon Caughey18-05.00Norfolk Academy
9.11Kwame Durant18-04.75Lafayette
10.9Myles Brown17-08.00York
11.11Harrison Burkett17-06.75Greenbrier Christian
12.12Jermaine Simms17-00.25Tabb
13.12John Chapman16-05.50Hampton Christian
14.11Mervin Walls14-03.00Hampton Christian
14.9Carl Miller14-03.00Peninsula Catholic
X Triple Jump - Division A - Finals
1.11Aaron Worrell46-08.50Woodside
2.12Marquis Hill44-09.25Warwick
3.12Eric Poindexter43-11.25Warwick
4.12Kweshon Williams41-05.75Norview
5.10Isaac Arriola41-02.00Oscar Smith
6.12Jamall Price38-11.50Granby
7.9Deverius Brown38-08.75I C Norcom
8.12Vian Irving37-00.00Churchland
9.-Justin Watson34-00.00Oscar Smith
X Triple Jump - Division B - Finals
1.11Marquis Childress44-06.50Smithfield
2.12Montez Roberson42-10.50York
3.11Chris Johnson38-08.50Smithfield
4.11Ty Smith38-05.75Hampton Christian
5.12David Harpen37-11.50Peninsula Catholic
6.12Michael Sonnek37-11.00Lafayette
7.12Marquis Evans37-05.75Norfolk Academy
8.11Hayden Taylor36-04.00Tabb
9.12Jon Caughey35-11.00Norfolk Academy
10.12John Chapman35-04.00Hampton Christian
11.9Myles Brown34-11.50York

Womens Results

X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Division A - Finals
1.12Khadeja Kearney45.95aChurchland
2.11Summer Walter46.75aBayside
3.11Donae' Elliott49.02aChurchland
4.10Kyla Sanders51.31aKecoughtan
5.11Alex Kimble51.44aFloyd E Kellam
6.10Roneka Spady51.47aKing's Fork
7.9Lauryn Robinson53.05aKecoughtan
8.12Alexus Tyree-Williams53.15aNorview
9.9Courtney Ricks53.27aKing's Fork
10.12Kirstin Sessoms53.98aBayside
11.12Ahshlay Burden54.93aNorview
12.9Alea Harris55.53aJohn Marshall
13.12Valencia Smith55.79aI C Norcom
14.10Kara Rogers56.01aMenchville
15.12Corbin Smith56.85aI C Norcom
16.12Brianna Williams56.94aMenchville
17.9Synquris Strothers57.02aWarwick
18.10Jamilla Cunningham59.69aJohn Marshall
19.11Justice Monroe1:01.54aWarwick
20.-Teryn Langford1:01.99aDenbigh
21.10Lakiah Jones1:04.76aGranby
22.-Samiah Welsh1:06.49aDenbigh
23.11Tiffani Satterwhite1:08.31aGranby
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Division B - Finals
1.9Ellie Randolph50.54aNorfolk Academy
2.10Deborah Allison51.36aLafayette
3.10Anna Brush52.41aNorfolk Academy
4.10Leah Gittens53.15aYork
5.12Jessica Sessoms53.30aLafayette
6.10Rachel Owens55.47aGreenbrier Christian
7.10Jessica Chandra-Sekhar56.79aYork
8.12Jacqueleen Morin58.00aSmithfield
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Division A - Finals
1.11Summer Walter1:07.21aBayside
2.10Chantel Ray1:07.78aHampton
3.11Alex Kimble1:10.56aFloyd E Kellam
4.12Brianna Williams1:17.19aMenchville
5.12Kirstin Sessoms1:19.20aBayside
6.9Taylor Massie1:19.22aChurchland
7.10Kara Rogers1:19.28aMenchville
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Division B - Finals
1.10Anna Brush1:16.18aNorfolk Academy
2.10Rachel Owens1:17.04aGreenbrier Christian
3.10Zalaila Powell1:25.67aNorfolk Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.17aKing's Fork
2.-Relay Team 51.36aKecoughtan
3.-Relay Team 52.84aChurchland
4.-Relay Team 53.10aHeritage (Newport Ne...
5.-Relay Team 53.69aGreen Run
6.-Relay Team 53.78aMenchville
7.-Relay Team 54.08aJohn Marshall
8.-Relay Team 54.19aGranby
9.-Relay Team 54.38aWarwick
10.-Relay Team 54.69aNorview
11.-Relay Team 57.28aChurchland
12.-Relay Team 57.80aWoodside
13.-Relay Team 59.36aDenbigh
14.-Relay Team 1:00.19aI C Norcom
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.77aGloucester
2.-Relay Team 1:01.15aAtlantic Shores Chri...
3.-Relay Team 1:02.02aLafayette
4.-Relay Team 1:02.29aJohn Marshall
5.-Relay Team 1:04.12aNorfolk Academy
6.-Relay Team 1:11.08aNorfolk Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.45aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 52.68aSmithfield
3.-Relay Team 55.53aYork
4.-Relay Team 56.10aWalsingham Academy
5.-Relay Team 56.33aTabb
6.-Relay Team 56.40aLafayette
7.-Relay Team 59.45aNorfolk Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:45.03aJohn Marshall
2.-Relay Team 1:45.90aNorview
3.-Relay Team 1:46.25aHeritage (Newport Ne...
4.-Relay Team 1:51.14aMenchville
5.-Relay Team 1:52.40aGranby
6.-Relay Team 1:53.56aChurchland
7.-Relay Team 1:58.01aWarwick
8.-Relay Team 2:00.92aHeritage (Newport Ne...
9.-Relay Team 2:01.87aChurchland
10.-Relay Team 2:01.93aMenchville
11.-Relay Team 2:03.23aWoodside
12.-Relay Team 2:04.00aI C Norcom
X 4x200 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:45.08aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 1:46.72aTabb
3.-Relay Team 1:56.02aSmithfield
4.-Relay Team 1:58.49aLafayette
5.-Relay Team 1:59.66aNorfolk Academy
6.-Relay Team 2:01.81aHampton Christian
7.-Relay Team 2:03.61aYork
X 4x400 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:04.73aNorview
2.-Relay Team 4:06.93aKecoughtan
3.-Relay Team 4:08.21aJohn Marshall
4.-Relay Team 4:16.70aWoodside
5.-Relay Team 4:18.67aGranby
6.-Relay Team 4:19.88aI C Norcom
7.-Relay Team 4:21.43aKing's Fork
8.-Relay Team 4:24.92aHeritage (Newport Ne...
9.-Relay Team 4:28.80aMenchville
10.-Relay Team 4:40.20aGreen Run
11.-Relay Team 5:16.85aChurchland
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:53.51aJohn Marshall
2.-Relay Team 5:10.52aNorfolk Academy
3.-Relay Team 5:22.21aLafayette
4.Relay Team5:24.04aSYMS M.S. A
5.-Relay Team 5:31.24aGloucester
6.-Relay Team 5:54.32aNorfolk Academy
7.Relay Team6:05.94aSYMS M.S. B
X 4x400 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:04.91aTabb
2.-Relay Team 4:33.20aSmithfield
3.-Relay Team 4:35.38aLafayette
4.-Relay Team 4:40.43aPeninsula Catholic
5.-Relay Team 4:46.53aWalsingham Academy
6.-Relay Team 4:51.39aLafayette
7.-Relay Team 4:59.63aNorfolk Academy
8.-Relay Team 5:02.00aGreenbrier Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:09.39aFloyd E Kellam
2.-Relay Team 11:28.75aChurchland
3.-Relay Team 13:46.01aI C Norcom
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:37.19aNorfolk Academy
2.-Relay Team 12:00.01aGloucester
3.-Relay Team 12:34.92aLafayette
4.Relay Team12:35.02aSYMS M.S. A
X 4x800 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:56.47aJamestown
2.-Relay Team 10:44.98aLafayette
3.-Relay Team 10:57.08aPeninsula Catholic
4.-Relay Team 11:12.29aNorfolk Academy
5.-Relay Team 11:41.36aYork
6.-Relay Team 11:44.95aLafayette
7.-Relay Team 12:32.28aGreenbrier Christian
X 4x1600 Relay - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 22:09.99aFloyd E Kellam
2.-Relay Team 24:56.98aMenchville
3.-Relay Team 25:06.24aChurchland
4.-Relay Team 27:11.17aNorview
5.-Relay Team 31:25.23aChurchland
X 4x1600 Relay - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 23:21.28aLafayette
2.-Relay Team 25:03.36aLafayette
3.-Relay Team 25:26.45aNorfolk Academy
4.-Relay Team 25:33.94aTabb
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:29.05aFloyd E Kellam
2.-Relay Team 4:29.67aMenchville
3.-Relay Team 4:29.68aNorview
4.-Relay Team 4:32.99aWoodside
5.-Relay Team 4:39.81aWarwick
6.-Relay Team 4:40.64aJohn Marshall
7.-Relay Team 4:43.83aChurchland
8.-Relay Team 4:45.51aI C Norcom
9.-Relay Team 4:46.05aGloucester
10.-Relay Team 4:50.83aChurchland
11.-Relay Team 4:52.05aKing's Fork
12.-Relay Team 4:55.66aGranby
13.-Relay Team 4:56.44aMenchville
14.-Relay Team 5:52.78aDenbigh
15.-Relay Team 5:53.24aKecoughtan
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:29.07aTabb
2.-Relay Team 4:30.26aLafayette
3.-Relay Team 4:54.07aNorfolk Academy
4.-Relay Team 5:09.57aYork
5.-Relay Team 5:15.37aPeninsula Catholic
6.-Relay Team 5:21.85aGreenbrier Christian
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 12:35.55aFloyd E Kellam
2.-Relay Team 13:55.85aKecoughtan
3.-Relay Team 14:08.24aChurchland
4.-Relay Team 14:28.49aGloucester
5.-Relay Team 15:17.21aNorview
6.-Relay Team 15:21.70aMenchville
7.-Relay Team 16:07.58aChurchland
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 13:55.76aPeninsula Catholic
2.-Relay Team 14:03.40aYork
3.-Relay Team 14:13.29aWalsingham Academy
4.-Relay Team 14:57.92aTabb
5.-Relay Team 17:12.21aNorfolk Academy
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Division A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:09.44aChurchland
2.-Relay Team 1:21.57aI C Norcom
3.-Relay Team 1:25.54aNorview
4.-Relay Team 1:26.25aGranby
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Division B - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:17.41aNorfolk Academy
2.-Relay Team 1:17.46aLafayette
3.-Relay Team 1:24.04aYork
X Shot Put - 4kg - Division A - Finals
1.10Khadijah Payne30-10.00Gloucester
2.11Katrice Barrow30-07.50Heritage (Newport Ne...
3.12Aurielle Smenda30-05.00King's Fork
4.11Ronesia Spicer29-10.00Churchland
5.12Allandra Smith29-05.00Floyd E Kellam
6.9Hannah Hinson28-10.00King's Fork
7.11Iesha White28-02.50Norview
8.12Erica Innis28-01.50Churchland
9.12Haley Lucas27-04.00Gloucester
10.12Chelsea Mitchell26-03.00Norview
11.11Nerely Blanco25-07.50Granby
12.12Ariel Frieson25-03.50Menchville
13.12Jana Lambson25-02.50Green Run
14.-Angelique Tyree23-11.00Churchland
15.12Chantal Rodriguez22-09.00Granby
16.11Epiphany Riddick22-03.50I C Norcom
17.9Crystal Moore22-01.00Heritage (Newport Ne...
18.12Jennifer Chamorra21-10.00Granby
19.11Shaniah Murrell21-08.50I C Norcom
20.10Patrice Malone11-09.50Heritage (Newport Ne...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Division B - Finals
1.9Tyler Bannister28-01.00Norfolk Academy
2.-Jackie Jordan26-07.00Smithfield
3.10Kiran Bagalkotkar26-02.50Tabb
4.-Rakeisha Jones25-06.00Smithfield
5.12Rachel Williams25-04.50Peninsula Catholic
6.11Barbrianna Adams25-02.50Norfolk Academy
7.10Elizabeth Heard24-08.00Hampton Christian
8.11Christina Shipman24-05.00Hampton Christian
9.-Faith Branson22-04.00Tabb
10.9Kailynn Bassett21-07.00Lafayette
11.12Jessica Northcott21-03.50York
12.9Makayla Blake19-07.00Lafayette
13.10Anna Brush18-10.00Norfolk Academy
14.-Samantha Frongillo18-00.00Tabb
15.9Holly Hammons15-02.00York
16.-Ciarra Guccioni14-11.00York
X Discus - 1kg - Division A - Finals
1.10Khadijah Payne93-06.50Gloucester
2.12Bria Hill82-09.75Churchland
3.9Rose Cutler79-02Churchland
4.12Haley Lucas78-01.50Gloucester
5.12Jennifer Chamorra73-02Granby
6.11Nerely Blanco68-04.50Granby
7.11Ariel Bracey67-04Green Run
8.11Iesha White61-03.75Norview
9.12Chantal Rodriguez59-02.50Granby
10.-Marysha Jones58-07Churchland
11.10Troy Wallace56-08.75John Marshall
12.12Ariel Frieson55-08.50Menchville
13.9Raquell Goode54-09John Marshall
14.12Janira Shufford51-05.50Heritage (Newport Ne...
15.11Shaniah Murrell46-07.50I C Norcom
16.11Katrice Barrow43-00Heritage (Newport Ne...
17.11Epiphany Riddick41-04.50I C Norcom
X Discus - 1kg - Division B - Finals
1.12Rachel Williams93-04Peninsula Catholic
2.9Tyler Bannister89-08.50Norfolk Academy
3.10Kiran Bagalkotkar85-04Tabb
4.11Semora Ward78-04.50Hampton Christian
5.11Christina Shipman74-05.50Hampton Christian
6.10Elizabeth Heard74-05Hampton Christian
7.-Najah Holloway73-07.50Smithfield
8.12Naadira Moyston72-09.50Norfolk Academy
9.-Rakeisha Jones71-07Smithfield
10.-Samantha Frongillo69-07Tabb
11.12Jessica Northcott67-00.25York
12.-Faith Branson65-08.50Tabb
13.9Makayla Blake55-02.50Lafayette
14.9Kailynn Bassett52-05Lafayette
15.9Holly Hammons46-03York
16.-Ciarra Guccioni40-06.50York
X High Jump - Division A - Finals
1.9Danielle Scott4-10.00John Marshall
2.12Ra'Dysha Turner4-08.00Granby
3.11Donae' Elliott4-06.00Churchland
3.11DeShayla Jones4-06.00I C Norcom
5.12Shanice Dolson4-04.00Churchland
5.12Kendra Courtney4-04.00Menchville
X High Jump - Division B - Finals
1.9Tyler Bannister4-10.00Norfolk Academy
2.8Julia Parks4-08.00Greenbrier Christian
2.12Naadira Moyston4-08.00Norfolk Academy
4.12Keilah Sutton4-06.00Tabb
4.-Nicole Hundley4-06.00Lafayette
6.10Deborah Allison4-04.00Lafayette
6.12Jacqueleen Morin4-04.00Smithfield
6.8Ellie Vest4-04.00Norfolk Academy
6.-Kirsten Haverson4-04.00York
X Pole Vault - Division A - Finals
1.11Summer Walter9-00.00Bayside
2.12Kirstin Sessoms8-06.00Bayside
3.-Curtisha Whitfield7-06.00King's Fork
X Pole Vault - Division B - Finals
1.12Shelby Hamm9-00.00Jamestown
2.9Tyler Bannister8-00.00Norfolk Academy
3.11Gaby Gittens7-00.00York
4.-Mary Buckner6-06.00Lafayette
4.11Jessie Verive6-06.00Lafayette
6.-Victoria Schluszas6-00.00Lafayette
X Long Jump - Division A - Finals
1.11Gabrielle Snipes16-04.00King's Fork
2.11Shandell Scott15-10.50Norview
3.10Natalia Bueker15-03.00Gloucester
4.11Summer Walter14-10.00Bayside
5.12Erikina Melton14-06.50Bayside
6.11Ahmira Coleman13-08.00Warwick
7.10Breanna Bowman13-07.00Gloucester
8.11Briana Dejarnet13-04.00Norview
8.9Taylor Massie13-04.00Churchland
10.10Maya Rodgers13-03.00Churchland
11.12Kirstin Sessoms13-01.00Bayside
12.11Regan Taylor13-00.00I C Norcom
13.11Prescious Ricks12-03.50Granby
14.-Jayla Eure12-02.50Churchland
15.10Ryneisha Alston12-01.50Warwick
16.10Shanise Early11-08.50John Marshall
17.9Katina Robinson11-03.50King's Fork
18.-Tiffany Anstead11-01.50I C Norcom
19.10Jamilla Cunningham8-04.00John Marshall
X Long Jump - Division B - Finals
1.12Naadira Moyston15-04.75Norfolk Academy
2.9Megan Jones15-03.00Lafayette
3.12Kimani Burney14-07.00Tabb
4.9Lisette Brondyke14-03.00Walsingham Academy
5.11Naomi Walker14-02.00Smithfield
6.12Dominique Williams14-00.50York
7.12Julia Janka13-10.00Walsingham Academy
8.12Denisha Swann13-03.50Lafayette
9.12Alexis Jones13-03.00Lafayette
10.8Julia Parks13-02.00Greenbrier Christian
11.10Gaby Patrick12-10.00York
12.11Barbrianna Adams12-09.00Norfolk Academy
12.10Rachel Owens12-09.00Greenbrier Christian
14.9Tyler Bannister12-03.50Norfolk Academy
15.9Ashley Dykes11-04.00Greenbrier Christian
X Triple Jump - Division A - Finals
1.11Mashea Jones34-05.00Churchland
2.11Regan Taylor33-00.50I C Norcom
3.11Shandell Scott32-03.00Norview
4.12Corbin Smith31-11.00I C Norcom
5.12Erikina Melton30-09.00Bayside
6.12Makala Perry30-06.00Churchland
7.10Kyla Sanders30-00.00Kecoughtan
8.12Quasia Gallashaw29-04.00Granby
9.11DeShayla Jones28-02.00I C Norcom
10.11Briana Dejarnet28-00.50Norview
11.11Estefany Herrera27-10.00Kecoughtan
11.9Brianna Shepard27-10.00Churchland
13.9Brianna Hunter27-03.00Menchville
X Triple Jump - Division B - Finals
1.10Deborah Allison34-05.50Lafayette
2.12Kimani Burney33-03.00Tabb
3.9Ellie Randolph29-08.00Norfolk Academy
4.12Dominique Williams29-06.50York
5.10Anna Brush29-00.00Norfolk Academy
5.9Tyler Bannister29-00.00Norfolk Academy
7.10Gaby Patrick28-02.00York
8.-Nicole Hundley28-01.00Lafayette
9.8Julia Parks27-02.00Greenbrier Christian
10.11Sora Edwards25-07.00York
11.10Rachel Owens25-04.00Greenbrier Christian
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