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Kenai Tuesday Tri 2

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kenai Central, Kenai

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Albert White23.61Skyview (Closed 2014)
2.12Jasen Suonvieri24.33Skyview (Closed 2014)
3.9James Lee24.38Soldotna
4.12Sayyid Parrish24.62Nikiski
4.10Seth Carstens24.62Nikiski
6.12Jordan Bulin25.40Soldotna
8.11Brad Smithwick26.00Kenai Central
9.12JoeBen Hawkins26.04Skyview (Closed 2014)
10.11Stephen Hartley26.17Nikiski
10.12Sayyid Parrish26.17Nikiski
11.12Ricardo Berti26.46Skyview (Closed 2014)
12.9Anthony Hall26.52Skyview (Closed 2014)
13.12Kyle Pietro26.59Skyview (Closed 2014)
14.10Matt Bullerdick26.60Skyview (Closed 2014)
9Tom Randall26.86Kenai Central
15.11Tristin Apted26.86Nikiski
15.10Seth Carstens26.86Nikiski
15.12Cody Clendenen26.86Skyview (Closed 2014)
15.10Brandon Rice26.86Skyview (Closed 2014)
7.11Riley Wik27.05Kenai Central
18.12Bud Sparks27.05Skyview (Closed 2014)
19.11Duane Reitter27.25Kenai Central
20.10River Calloway27.33Soldotna
21.11Matt Aho27.76Kenai Central
22.11Tristin Apted30.47Nikiski
22.11Stephen Hartley30.47Nikiski
23.12Austin Hunter31.69Soldotna
9Devin BroonerSCRSoldotna
10Maliq McElorySCRSoldotna
9Jacob GoughSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
9Tom RandallSCRKenai Central
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Mole2:11.97Kenai Central
2.9Jonah Theisen2:13.08Kenai Central
3.10Micah Hilbish2:13.61Skyview (Closed 2014)
4.11Jesse Ross2:17.83Nikiski
5.9Jordan Theisen2:18.95Kenai Central
6.9Brenner Musgrave2:22.32Skyview (Closed 2014)
7.10Nate Mole2:22.54Kenai Central
8.11Jared Wallis2:29.32Nikiski
9.11Josiah Martin2:29.63Soldotna
10.10Chad Harley2:30.82Skyview (Closed 2014)
11.10Caleb Caldwell2:34.01Kenai Central
12.12Jesse Book2:36.81Skyview (Closed 2014)
13.11Devin Pennison2:37.87Nikiski
14.9Tanner Best2:38.18Soldotna
15.9Coltin Yancey2:39.08Skyview (Closed 2014)
16.10Sky Schlung2:43.35Skyview (Closed 2014)
17.10Michael Hollinger2:53.94Nikiski
9Brennan MitzellSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
9Jacob CaliganSCRSoldotna
12Joey BishopSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jonah Theisen4:48.36Kenai Central
2.10Micah Hilbish4:49.92Skyview (Closed 2014)
3.12Andrew Mole4:51.80Kenai Central
4.9Jordan Theisen4:56.88Kenai Central
5.10Nate Mole5:03.42Kenai Central
6.11Jesse Ross5:13.02Nikiski
7.11Jared Wallis5:27.10Nikiski
8.10Mac Lee5:31.57Kenai Central
9.10Chad Harley5:31.80Skyview (Closed 2014)
10.11Gaden Ames5:47.54Soldotna
11.12Jesse Book5:53.34Skyview (Closed 2014)
12.12Darien Green5:54.19Soldotna
13.10Sky Schlung6:01.52Skyview (Closed 2014)
14.10Michael Hollinger6:03.84Nikiski
15.9Coltin Yancey6:04.30Skyview (Closed 2014)
16.9Jacob Caligan6:20.96Soldotna
17.11Jesse Cobb6:29.08Nikiski
9Brennan MitzellSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
12Joey BishopSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
9Brenner MusgraveSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Sandahl43.00Kenai Central
2.12Bud Sparks46.47Skyview (Closed 2014)
3.11Jay Ulen48.26Soldotna
4.9Tom Randall48.81Kenai Central
5.9Brenner Musgrave49.90Skyview (Closed 2014)
6.11Gaden Ames50.36Soldotna
7.10Matt Bullerdick50.59Skyview (Closed 2014)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Albert White
Kyle Pietro
Jasen Suonvieri
Richard Reynolds
1:41.71Skyview (Closed 2014)
2.-Seth Carstens
Tristin Apted
Stephen Hartley
Sayyid Parrish
3.-Brandon Rice
Jacob Gough
Anthony Hall
Josh Lister
1:49.69Skyview (Closed 2014)
-Relay Team SCRKenai Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lincoln Johnson118'00Nikiski
2.12JoeBen Hawkins111'00Skyview (Closed 2014)
3.12Garrett Coreson99'08Nikiski
4.11Brad Smithwick98'02Kenai Central
5.11Jesse Cobb96'04Nikiski
6.12DJ Dias95'08Skyview (Closed 2014)
7.11Matt Aho94'06Kenai Central
8.11Gabe Holley92'10Skyview (Closed 2014)
9.9Tom Randall82'06Kenai Central
10.9Jared Briggs81'02Soldotna
11.11Duane Reitter79'11Kenai Central
12.9Tanner Best77'01Soldotna
13.12Kyle Shassetz74'05Skyview (Closed 2014)
14.10Tanar Jackson67'07Nikiski
15.11Troy Hope59'00Skyview (Closed 2014)
16.11Jacob Cherry42'00Soldotna
9James GallagherSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
11Stephen HartleySCRNikiski
11Ryder GalicSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
12Joe SandahlSCRKenai Central
12Alex RodriguezSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jay Ulen6'00.00Soldotna
2.10Seth Carstens5'10.00Nikiski
11Josiah MartinSCRSoldotna
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Albert White18'08.50Skyview (Closed 2014)
2.11Jay Ulen17'11.25Soldotna
3.12Sayyid Parrish17'08.50Nikiski
4.10River Calloway16'07.50Soldotna
5.11Riley Wik15'04.25Kenai Central
6.11Stephen Hartley14'08.50Nikiski
7.10Nate Mole14'04.75Kenai Central
8.10Brandon Rice13'10.00Skyview (Closed 2014)
9.11Jesse Ross13'04.50Nikiski
10.11Duane Reitter12'04.00Kenai Central
12Andrew MoleSCRKenai Central
12Kyle PietroSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
12Bud SparksSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
12Ricardo BertiSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
9Anthony HallSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bud Sparks34'09.50Skyview (Closed 2014)
2.9Brenner Musgrave30'01.25Skyview (Closed 2014)
3.10Chad Harley29'07.00Skyview (Closed 2014)

Womens Results

X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Mucha28.52Soldotna
2.11Jelly Nolden28.76Soldotna
3.9Kiana Harding29.82Kenai Central
4.9Kaylee Fisher29.88Skyview (Closed 2014)
5.9Kyla Whannell30.08Kenai Central
6.10Kerry Ross30.41Nikiski
7.9Hannah Barcus30.51Kenai Central
8.9Courtney Barker31.64Soldotna
9.9Sierra Baldwin32.09Soldotna
10.9Heather Toliver32.51Soldotna
10.12Jessica Ramos32.51Kenai Central
12.9Victoria Link32.64Kenai Central
13.10Mary Valenzuela32.99Soldotna
14.11Cassie McKenzie33.86Skyview (Closed 2014)
9Kyla MooreSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
11Ploy KhowcharoenSCRKenai Central
11Jamie WardSCRNikiski
10Casey NeillSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
10Sabrina GibbsSCRSoldotna
9Madison NelsonSCRSoldotna
11Holly RamselSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
11Marlee CunninghamSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
11Sidney RoumagouxSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bailey Beeson2:19.46Kenai Central
2.12Bree Mucha2:34.90Soldotna
3.11Kaillee Skjold2:35.22Soldotna
4.12Carolyn Kiefer2:36.57Kenai Central
5.9Dani McCormick2:47.39Soldotna
6.9Beverly Schindler2:48.67Kenai Central
7.12Olivia Pfeifer2:49.27Kenai Central
8.9Hannah Barcus2:49.59Kenai Central
9.9Sadie Fox2:50.07Soldotna
10.11Sienna Wallis2:53.11Nikiski
11.10Heather Morton3:15.71Skyview (Closed 2014)
12.10Brittany Hollers3:23.83Skyview (Closed 2014)
13.10Tyla Young4:04.91Skyview (Closed 2014)
10Abby CookSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
11Julia BuhlmannSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Dani McCormick6:07.91Soldotna
2.12Olivia Pfeifer6:12.46Kenai Central
3.11Melanie Goerne6:13.53Kenai Central
4.9Sadie Fox6:13.99Soldotna
5.10Heather Morton7:13.96Skyview (Closed 2014)
6.10Brittany Hollers7:17.67Skyview (Closed 2014)
7.10Abby Cook7:23.56Skyview (Closed 2014)
11Kaillee SkjoldSCRSoldotna
11Julia BuhlmannSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leah Sandahl51.90Kenai Central
2.10Casey Neill53.10Skyview (Closed 2014)
3.9Beverly Schindler54.92Kenai Central
4.9Sierra Baldwin58.50Soldotna
5.10Sabrina Gibbs1:00.19Soldotna
12Mariah UlenSCRSoldotna
11Sidney RoumagouxSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cassie McKenzie
Holly Ramsel
Casey Neill
Kaylee Fisher
2:07.46Skyview (Closed 2014)
-Kiana Harding
Carolyn Kiefer
Leah Sandahl
Bailey Beeson
SCRKenai Central
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lagi Wong103'03Soldotna
2.12Hannah Cristiano92'01Soldotna
3.10Rachel Moulton88'10Kenai Central
4.12Marissa Mahan86'02Skyview (Closed 2014)
5.9Kiana Harding77'02Kenai Central
6.11Holly Ramsel74'07Skyview (Closed 2014)
7.12Holly Eyre72'02Skyview (Closed 2014)
8.11Ashley Every65'07Nikiski
9.10Kirsten Duran63'00Kenai Central
10.11Haley Conti59'00Nikiski
11.11Jamie Ward54'03Nikiski
12.10Xochi Harbison50'04Soldotna
13.9Ali Dusek46'02Soldotna
14.11Julia Buhlmann40'11Skyview (Closed 2014)
15.10Tyla Young27'08Skyview (Closed 2014)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mariah Ulen4'08.00Soldotna
2.9Kiana Harding4'06.00Kenai Central
3.9Kaylee Fisher4'06.00Skyview (Closed 2014)
4.9Haley Ames4'02.00Soldotna
5.11Marlee Cunningham4'00.00Skyview (Closed 2014)
11Sienna WallisSCRNikiski
9Dani McCormickSCRSoldotna
11Kaillee SkjoldSCRSoldotna
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marlee Cunningham14'01.75Skyview (Closed 2014)
2.11Jelly Nolden13'05.75Soldotna
3.12Mariah Ulen12'11.50Soldotna
4.9Haley Ames11'10.00Soldotna
5.9Courtney Barker11'03.00Soldotna
6.9Heather Toliver11'01.00Soldotna
7.10Kerry Ross10'07.00Nikiski
8.9Madison Nelson10'02.50Soldotna
9.11Jamie Ward9'04.00Nikiski
11Holly RamselSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
10Mary ValenzuelaSCRSoldotna
10Sabrina GibbsSCRSoldotna
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Barcus29'09.75Kenai Central
11Marlee CunninghamSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
11Holly RamselSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)
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