Clev CYO Minor/Elemental - Hawken MS

Saturday, April 21, 2012
  Hawken Middle School, Lyndhurst - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Luke Chicone16.21St Gabriel
3Zachery Schaedel16.64Mater Dei Academy
3Maurice Jackson16.96St Aloysius
3Matthew Cox16.94St Joan of Arc
3Kenny Kirk17.46Mater Dei Academy
3Olin Frank17.75St Joan of Arc
3Jacob Owen17.84Mater Dei Academy
3Morris Deandre17.84GESU Catholic
4th3Raphael Dellinger17.9St Dominic
3Xavier Stone17.91GESU Catholic
3Aiden Miller18.28GESU Catholic
3Myles Mendeszoon18.38St Mary-Chardon
3Terrell Harvell18.59St Aloysius
3Zaharius Hillmon18.62St Aloysius
3Nathan Lah18.72St Mary-Chardon
3LaRue Allen18.9St Aloysius
2nd3Gavin Hawk18.81St Dominic
3Simon Taraska18.91Mater Dei Academy
3Thomas Young18.94Mater Dei Academy
1Charles Pointdexter19.15St Aloysius
3Aaron Winters19.34GESU Catholic
3Nathan Sieminski19.52St Anselm
3Drew Miluk19.68GESU Catholic
3Cody Svoboda19.81St Mary-Chardon
3Jonathan Evanick19.96St Gabriel
3Robert Walsh20.02St Gabriel
4Gregory Giles20.68St Aloysius
3Michael Krsacok20.68GESU Catholic
3Antione McDaniel21.43St Aloysius
3Stephen Gudz22.08St Joan of Arc
X 100 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Luke Floriea15.43St Gabriel
4Derrick Montgomery15.81St Aloysius
2nd4Calvin Brown15.90St Dominic
1st4Arshad Muhammad15.93St Dominic
4Ian LaForrest16.59GESU Catholic
4Anthony Pedone16.52St Benedict-St Monica
4Jalen Franklin16.9St Aloysius
4Aaron Martin16.9St Aloysius
4Collin Witt16.96GESU Catholic
4Zachary Yoger17.52St Mary-Chardon
4Andrew Rhodes17.9St Gabriel
4Jackson Reineke18.72Mater Dei Academy
4Maurice Inge18.72Holy Spirit Academy
4Michael Sedlak18.81Mater Dei Academy
4Richard Jones18.81St Joan of Arc
4Anthony Romanini19.25St Joan of Arc
4Tristan Cavotta19.62St Gabriel
4Tyler Nettis19.96St Joan of Arc
4Jimmy Donohue20.15St Joan of Arc
4Joseph Ivancic20.24Mater Dei Academy
4Collin Witt35.59GESU Catholic
X 200 Meters - Minor - Finals
4Mason Kirchner33.24St Anselm
3Alex Mohr37.28St Gabriel
3Olin Frank37.9St Joan of Arc
3Matthew Cox37.81St Joan of Arc
3Raphael Dellinger38.12St Dominic
3Tom Amiott38.85St Gabriel
4Tommy Owendoff39.09St Anselm
3Simon Taraska40.06Mater Dei Academy
3Tim Donnelly40.44GESU Catholic
3Nick Liberatore44.47St Anselm
3Aaron Winters45.78GESU Catholic
3Antione McDaniel60.0St Aloysius
X 200 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Jack Harb34.78St Gabriel
4Ian LaForrest36.19GESU Catholic
4Zachary Yoger37.84St Mary-Chardon
4Michael Sedlak40.30Mater Dei Academy
4Benjamin Grai41.56St Gabriel
4Richard Jones42.69St Joan of Arc
4Vivek Divakarla43.46St Dominic
4Joseph Ivancic43.75Mater Dei Academy
4Jackson Reineke45.21Mater Dei Academy
X 400 Meters - Minor - Finals
4Jalen Franklin1.26:12St Aloysius
4Mason Kirchner1:17.56St Anselm
3Nick Velotta1:21.29St Anselm
3Larry McGarry1:24.96Mater Dei Academy
3Zaharius Hillmon1.45:34St Aloysius
3Liam Torres1:31.34GESU Catholic
3Matthew O'Donnell1:32.72Mater Dei Academy
3Aiden Miller1:33.62GESU Catholic
3Stephen Gudz1:42.6St Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Anthony Pedone1:24.37St Benedict-St Monica
4Paul Gordos1:25.5St Joan of Arc
X 800 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Luke Chicone3:00St Gabriel
3Joey Grazia3:09:5St Anselm
3rd3James Bagne3:21.34St Dominic
3Myles Mendeszoon3:30.96St Mary-Chardon
3Kenny Kirk3:33.43Mater Dei Academy
3Nicholas Hrwatzki3:35.21St Gabriel
3Nathan Lah4:08.87St Mary-Chardon
3Connor Marrott4:30.29St Gabriel
3Cody Svoboda4:34.66St Mary-Chardon
3Jake WarcabaWDSt Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Nathan Ulrich6:49.87GESU Catholic
X 4x100 Relay - Minor - Finals
-Jacob Owen
Larry McGarry
Thomas Young
Zachery Schaedel
1:11.75Mater Dei Academy
-Joey Grazia
Nathan Sieminski
Nick Liberatore
Nick Velotta
1:15.82St Anselm
-Relay Team 1:16.06GESU Catholic
-Tom Amiott
Nicholas Hrwatzki
Connor Marrott
Alex Mohr
1:20.65St Gabriel
X 4x100 Relay - Elemental - Finals
-Derrick Montgomery
Aaron Martin
Shamar Rouse
Juliun Thornton
1.09:09St Aloysius
-Luke Floriea
Benjamin Grai
Jack Harb
Andrew Rhodes
1:09.96St Gabriel
3rd-Vivek Divakarla
James Bagne
Arshad Muhammad
Calvin Brown
71.84St Dominic
-Charles Pointdexter
Gregory Giles
Terrell Harvell
Jalen Franklin
1.16:84St Aloysius
X 4x200 Relay - Minor - Finals
-Relay Team 2:50.52GESU Catholic
-Matthew Cox
Olin Frank
Jake Warcaba
Richard Jones
WDSt Joan of Arc
X 4x200 Relay - Elemental - Finals
-Anthony Romanini
Jimmy Donohue
Paul Gordos
Tyler Nettis
2:53.0St Joan of Arc
X Shot Put - 4lb - Minor - Finals
3Nick Velotta23'2"St Anselm
3Simon Taraska22'4"Mater Dei Academy
3Larry McGarry18'6"Mater Dei Academy
3Myles Mendeszoon17'7St Mary-Chardon
3Morris Deandre17'6"GESU Catholic
3Cody Svoboda17'3St Mary-Chardon
3Liam Torres16'4"GESU Catholic
3Jonathan Evanick15' 1St Gabriel
3Matthew O'Donnell14'7"Mater Dei Academy
3Gavin Hawk14' 6.0St Dominic
3Nathan Lah14'4St Mary-Chardon
X Shot Put - 4lb - Elemental - Finals
4Aaron Martin27'St Aloysius
4Calvin Brown26' 0.0St Dominic
4Arshad Muhammad24' 2.0St Dominic
4Tristan Cavotta24'St Gabriel
4Paul Gordos19'7St Joan of Arc
4Joseph Ivancic18'10"Mater Dei Academy
4Benjamin Grai18' 8St Gabriel
4Jackson Reineke14'9"Mater Dei Academy
4Tyler Nettis13'10St Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - Minor - Finals
3Luke Chicone9' 10St Gabriel
3Joey Grazia8'9"St Anselm
4Juliun Thornton8'8.5"St Aloysius
4Collin Witt8'8"GESU Catholic
3Olin Frank8'6St Joan of Arc
3Michael Snelling8'4"GESU Catholic
3Antione McDaniel8'St Aloysius
4Tommy Owendoff7'5"St Anselm
3Nathan Sieminski6'6"St Anselm
3Raphael Dellinger6' 4.0St Dominic
3Nicholas Hrwatzki6' 2St Gabriel
3James Bagne6' 0.0St Dominic
3Connor Marrott5' 11.5St Gabriel
3Gavin Hawk5' 11.0St Dominic
3LaRue Allen5'8.5"St Aloysius
4Gregory Giles4'9"St Aloysius
X Long Jump - Elemental - Finals
4Luke Floriea10' 7.5St Gabriel
4Nathan Ulrich9'6.5"GESU Catholic
4Ian LaForrest9'2"GESU Catholic
4Jack Harb8' 10St Gabriel
4Paul Gordos8'2St Joan of Arc
4Maurice Inge7'2.5"Holy Spirit Academy
4Shamar Rouse6'10"St Aloysius
4Zachary Yoger6'2.5St Mary-Chardon
4Christian Fowlkes5' 7.6"St Benedict-St Monica
X Standing Long Jump - Minor - Finals
4Mason Kirchner6'8"St Anselm
3Zachery Schaedel5'7"Mater Dei Academy
3Matthew Cox5'4St Joan of Arc
3Robert Walsh5' 1St Gabriel
3Alex Mohr5'St Gabriel
3Kenny Kirk5'Mater Dei Academy
3Jacob Owen4'11"Mater Dei Academy
3Michael Krsacok4'11"GESU Catholic
3Tom Amiott4' 9St Gabriel
3Xavier Stone4'6"GESU Catholic
3Thomas Young4'5"Mater Dei Academy
3Drew Miluk4'4"GESU Catholic
3Tim Donnelly4'4"GESU Catholic
3Matthew O'Donnell4'3.5"Mater Dei Academy
3Nick Liberatore4'1"St Anselm
3Aaron Winters4'1"GESU Catholic
3Stephen Gudz4'1St Joan of Arc
3Jonathan Evanick3' 9St Gabriel
X Standing Long Jump - Elemental - Finals
4Anthony Pedone6' 1"St Benedict-St Monica
4Andrew Rhodes5' 5St Gabriel
4Anthony Romanini5'2St Joan of Arc
4Michael Sedlak4'9"Mater Dei Academy
4Richard Jones4'8St Joan of Arc
4Maurice Inge4'4"Holy Spirit Academy
4Vivek Divakarla4' 1.0St Dominic

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Erica Leinweber16.58Mater Dei Academy
3Brieann Jackam17.24Mater Dei Academy
3Paige Floriea17.24St Gabriel
3Ava Fenske17.34St Gabriel
4McKenna Wells17.80St Aloysius
3Molly Boyle17.9GESU Catholic
3Nyla Reid18.2GESU Catholic
3Rachel Dewerth18.14St Gabriel
3Taylor Miller18.65St Aloysius
3Layla Cook18.76St Aloysius
3Sararose Miller18.8St Gabriel
3Zoe Sims18.82St Aloysius
3Jaede Ritz18.98Mater Dei Academy
3Abigail Smith19.01Mater Dei Academy
3Madisyn Rempe19.29Mater Dei Academy
3Audrey Burnard19.48GESU Catholic
3Sophia DeSantis19.75GESU Catholic
3Gianna Garman19.76St Gabriel
3Sara Toronski19.73St Benedict-St Monica
4th3Deana Washington19.90St Dominic
3Grace Liberatore20.39St Gabriel
3Hadley Hairston20.42St Joan of Arc
3Chania Brown20.61St Aloysius
3Gwen Mascha21.33St Gabriel
3Shannon McFaul21.45St Mary-Chardon
3Sadie Judd22.2St Gabriel
3Ashley Morris22.56St Benedict-St Monica
3Madeline Frank24.12St Anselm
3Bernadette Rodriguez24.70St Mary-Chardon
3Abby Smith24.78St Benedict-St Monica
3Sydney Peters26.34St Benedict-St Monica
3Lily Brown17,83GESU Catholic
X 100 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Sidney Roush15.89St Joan of Arc
4Sadie Hertz16.31GESU Catholic
4Emma Liberatore16.65St Gabriel
4Elizabeth Bender16.93St Joan of Arc
4Armani Hall17.08St Benedict-St Monica
4Olivia Remchick17.8St Gabriel
4Jailon Summers17.78Holy Spirit Academy
4Ava Warcaba18.0St Joan of Arc
4Katie Kwasny18.0St Joan of Arc
4Natalie Nichols18.18GESU Catholic
4Isabelle Difranco18.12St Gabriel
6th4Bella Smolsky18.95St Dominic
4Denara Howard19.06Holy Spirit Academy
4Gwen Felton19.02St Joan of Arc
4Lauren Ostanek19.75St Joan of Arc
4Anna Majoros19.84St Gabriel
4Angelina Duritsky20.62Holy Spirit Academy
4Patricia Lovano22.10Holy Spirit Academy
4Rebecca Henrikson23.21St Gabriel
X 200 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Ava Fenske33.55St Gabriel
3Lauryn Robinson34.81St Aloysius
1st3Hilary Shakelton36.4St Dominic
3Lauren Wiertel38.84St Gabriel
3Ashley Morris39.12St Benedict-St Monica
3Taylor Miller39.84St Aloysius
3Abigail Smith40.59Mater Dei Academy
3Layla Cook41.50St Aloysius
3Bernadette Rodriguez41.50St Mary-Chardon
3Nyla Reid41.62GESU Catholic
4th3Jaiyda Wells43.0St Dominic
3Sophia DeSantis44.34GESU Catholic
3Laine Roberts44.90St Anselm
3Timia Atwater46.05St Aloysius
3Hadley Hairston47.18St Joan of Arc
3Zoe Sims48.11St Aloysius
3Chania Brown49.37St Aloysius
X 200 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Kendall Toppin36.58GESU Catholic
4Jordan Abrams36.78GESU Catholic
4Rose Lamento37.81Mater Dei Academy
4Olivia Remchick38.9St Gabriel
4Gwen Felton42.0St Joan of Arc
4Anna Majoros42.81St Gabriel
4Lauren Ostanek44.74St Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Josephine O'Neill1:25.52GESU Catholic
3Sophia Kless1:26.69GESU Catholic
3Lauren Wiertel1:34.66St Gabriel
3Georgia Sztul1:36.00Mater Dei Academy
3Rachel Dewerth1:40.35St Gabriel
3Madisyn Rempe1:41.84Mater Dei Academy
3Sararose Miller1:44.4St Gabriel
3Sadie Judd1:55.78St Gabriel
3Sydney Peters2:14St Benedict-St Monica
X 400 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Mary Felicia Santelli1:21.28GESU Catholic
4Emma Liberatore1:27.34St Gabriel
4Jailon Summers1:34.74Holy Spirit Academy
4Katie Bagley1:35.9St Joan of Arc
X 800 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Emma Esteves3:13.06Mater Dei Academy
3Andrea Harrison3:20.87St Dominic
3Grace Gesmondi3:35.93GESU Catholic
3Mia Pozzuto3:41.99St Anselm
3Anna Lake3:42.4St Gabriel
3Lexi Vomberger3:57.4St Anselm
3Laine Roberts3:57.9St Anselm
3Madeline Barker4:00.55St Anselm
X 800 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Julia Kovesdi3:06.00St Benedict-St Monica
4Izzy Zuckett3:16.9St Joan of Arc
4Isabelle Difranco3:28.56St Gabriel
4Natalie Nichols3:32.34GESU Catholic
4Devon Peterson3:35.15GESU Catholic
4Eliza Warner3:36.8St Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - Minor - Finals
3Andrea Mann7:04.62St Gabriel
3Lydia Gattozzi7:37.56St Anselm
3Anna Lake8:04.49St Gabriel
3Missy Sterkel8:04.92St Anselm
3Adriana Bihun8:50.99St Anselm
X 1600 Meters - Elemental - Finals
4Izzy Zuckett6:52.6St Joan of Arc
4Anna Farrington7:2.61GESU Catholic
4Rose Lamento7:31.06Mater Dei Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Minor - Finals
-Relay Team 1.15:25St Aloysius
-Relay Team 71.68GESU Catholic
-Ava Fenske
Paige Floriea
Gianna Garman
Gwen Mascha
1:14.87St Gabriel
-Brieann Jackam
Emma Esteves
Abigail Smith
Erica Leinweber
1:16.77Mater Dei Academy
3rd-Deana Washington
Jaiyda Wells
Andrea Harrison
Hilary Shakelton
78.77St Dominic
-Adriana Bihun
Lexi Vomberger
Madeline Frank
Missy Sterkel
1:25.37St Anselm
X 4x100 Relay - Elemental - Finals
-Relay Team 68.5GESU Catholic
-Elizabeth Bender
Anna Frank
Katie Kwasny
Sidney Roush
68.93St Joan of Arc
-Ashley Morris
Sara Toronski
Armani Hall
Julia Kovesdi
1:10.37St Benedict-St Monica
-Patricia Lovano
Denara Howard
Angelina Duritsky
Jailon Summers
1:18.61Holy Spirit Academy
-Dayjanae Williams
Chania Brown
Ariyon Williamson
Timia Atwater
1.30:17St Aloysius
X 4x200 Relay - Minor - Finals
-Relay Team 2:29.75GESU Catholic
-Madeline Barker
Mia Pozzuto
Adriana Bihun
Lydia Gattozzi
2:53.93St Anselm
X 4x200 Relay - Elemental - Finals
-Relay Team 2:34.42GESU Catholic
-Ava Warcaba
Eliza Warner
Anna Frank
Katie Bagley
2:45.0St Joan of Arc
X Shot Put - 4lb - Minor - Finals
3Nyla Reid17'10"GESU Catholic
3Taylor Mikolajczak15'1"GESU Catholic
3Madeline Frank14'8"St Anselm
3Jaede Ritz12'8"Mater Dei Academy
3Layla Cook10'8"St Aloysius
X Shot Put - 4lb - Elemental - Finals
4Jordan Abrams22'10"GESU Catholic
4Ava Warcaba21'7St Joan of Arc
4Gwen Felton16'6St Joan of Arc
4Anna Frank15'6St Joan of Arc
4Lauren Ostanek13'3St Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - Minor - Finals
3Paige Floriea10' 2.5St Gabriel
3Lydia Gattozzi9'2"St Anselm
3Sophia Kless8'11.5"GESU Catholic
3Grace Gesmondi8'4"GESU Catholic
3Missy Sterkel8'2"St Anselm
3Hilary Shakelton7' 8.0St Dominic
3Rachel Dewerth7' 7St Gabriel
3Lauren Wiertel7' 1St Gabriel
3Grace Liberatore6' 11.5St Gabriel
3Josephine O'Neill6'7"GESU Catholic
3Mia Pozzuto6'1.5"St Anselm
3Sophia DeSantis6'0"GESU Catholic
3Gianna Garman5' 11St Gabriel
3Anna Lake5' 9St Gabriel
3Sararose Miller5' 8St Gabriel
3Shannon McFaul5'8St Mary-Chardon
3Adriana Bihun5'2"St Anselm
3Gwen Mascha4' 10St Gabriel
3Sydney Peters3' 0"St Benedict-St Monica
X Long Jump - Elemental - Finals
4Emma Liberatore10' 1St Gabriel
4Kendall Toppin9'4.5"GESU Catholic
4Devon Peterson9'3.5"GESU Catholic
4Mary Felicia Santelli8'10"GESU Catholic
4Patricia Lovano6'11"Holy Spirit Academy
4Denara Howard6'11"Holy Spirit Academy
4McKenna Wells5'5"St Aloysius
4Sidney RoushSSt Joan of Arc
X Standing Long Jump - Minor - Finals
3Molly Boyle6'4"GESU Catholic
3Georgia Sztul5'4"Mater Dei Academy
3Erica Leinweber5'1"Mater Dei Academy
3Sara Toronski5' 0"St Benedict-St Monica
3Emma Esteves4'11"Mater Dei Academy
3Bernadette Rodriguez4'9St Mary-Chardon
3Brieann Jackam4'8"Mater Dei Academy
3Audrey Burnard4'8"GESU Catholic
3Laine Roberts4'6"St Anselm
3Abby Smith4' 6"St Benedict-St Monica
3Sadie Judd4' 5St Gabriel
3Hadley Hairston4'5St Joan of Arc
3Madeline Barker4'4"St Anselm
3Jaede Ritz3'6"Mater Dei Academy
X Standing Long Jump - Elemental - Finals
4Sadie Hertz6'5"GESU Catholic
4Elizabeth Bender6'3St Joan of Arc
4Rose Lamento5'7"Mater Dei Academy
4Katie Kwasny5'3St Joan of Arc
4Katie Bagley5'0St Joan of Arc
4Izzy Zuckett5'0St Joan of Arc
4Anna Majoros4' 8St Gabriel
4Anna Farrington4'6"GESU Catholic
4Eliza Warner4'6St Joan of Arc
4Angelina Duritsky4'2"Holy Spirit Academy
4Rebecca Henrikson2' 10St Gabriel
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