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8th Grade7th Grade
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100 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

8Carson Gay11.77Quincy
8Cole Hilbing12.53Quincy
8Joshua Castle12.51Quincy
8Devin Austin13.85Quincy
8Clayton Buhrmaster13.94Quincy
8Chad Seals14.11Quincy
8Harrison Clark15.59Quincy

100 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

7Ethan Ward13.15Quincy
7Riely Sorrell13.53Quincy
7Luke Kahs13.97Quincy
7Hunter Griffin14.06Quincy
7Shane McKenzie14.12Quincy
7Dylan Jeanblanc14.88Quincy
7Caleb Smith15.16Quincy
7Kyle Roberts15.31Quincy
7Daniel Goodman15.39Quincy
7Spencer Walton16.76Quincy
7Nicholas Johannes17.92Quincy

200 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

8Carson Gay24.23Quincy
8Joshua Castle26.47Quincy
8Cole Hilbing26.54Quincy
8Clayton Buhrmaster28.98Quincy
8Chad Seals29.99Quincy
8Harrison Clark34.14Quincy

200 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

7Riely Sorrell27.97Quincy
7Caleb Smith28.09Quincy
7Ethan Ward28.16Quincy
7Josh Hoffman29.68Quincy
7Shane McKenzie30.87Quincy
7Austin Pray31.74Quincy
7Ahmed Khalil35.21Quincy
7Josh Daly37.27Quincy
7Trey Ehrhart37.92Quincy

400 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

8Alec Askey1:00Quincy
8Brendan Kroeger1:02Quincy
8Nathan Ruxlow1:02Quincy
8Zach Harbin1:05Quincy

400 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

7Deven Smith1:02Quincy
7Luke Kahs1:09Quincy
7Kellen Hardy1:11Quincy
7Caleb Roll1:13Quincy
7Daniel Goodman1:17Quincy
7Luke Engelmeyer1:18Quincy
7Evan Barnes1:20Quincy
7Josh Daly1:23Quincy
7Nicholas Johannes1:23Quincy

800 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

8Austin Baze2:39Quincy

800 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

8Wyatt Wollaston2:47Quincy
7Caleb Roll2:54Quincy
7Kellen Hardy3:04Quincy
7Luke Engelmeyer3:06Quincy
7Josh Daly3:20Quincy

1600 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

8Austin Baze5:38Quincy

1600 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

8Wyatt Wollaston5:47Quincy
7Lincoln Lovelace5:54Quincy

110m Hurdles - 30"  8th Grade - Finals

8Logan Freiburg18.51Quincy
8Alex Waters19.65Quincy

110m Hurdles - 30"  7th Grade - Finals

7Deven Smith18.70Quincy
7Hunter Griffin20.64Quincy
7Luke Kahs20.85Quincy
7Aiden Dillon21.38Quincy
7Dylan Jeanblanc21.59Quincy
7Kyle Roberts25.52Quincy

4x400 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

-Relay Team 4:10Quincy

Shot Put - 4kg  8th Grade - Finals

8Devin Prost37'4Quincy
8Zach Harbin32'10Quincy
8Dennis Scott32'0Quincy
8Justin Hanlin25'9Quincy

Shot Put - 4kg  7th Grade - Finals

7Jack Sassen26'11Quincy
7Dawson Lubbert25'8Quincy
7Jake Houston21'2Quincy
7Camden Uplinger19'6.5Quincy
7Xian Wand18'9Quincy
7Ryan Spilman16'0Quincy

Discus - 1kg  8th Grade - Finals

8Devin Prost95'8Quincy
8Dennis Scott83'3Quincy
8Justin Hanlin76Quincy

Discus - 1kg  7th Grade - Finals

7Jack Sassen70'4Quincy
7Dawson Lubbert66'0Quincy
7Camden Uplinger56'3Quincy
7Xian Wand47'11Quincy
7Jake Houston45'8Quincy
7Ryan Spilman34'5Quincy

High Jump  8th Grade - Finals

8Shalico Thompson4'8Quincy
8Nathan Ruxlow4'6Quincy
8Logan Freiburg4'4Quincy

High Jump  7th Grade - Finals

7Garrett Scott4'2Quincy
7Chris Bradshaw4'0Quincy


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