Big Bend MS State Qualifying Meet

Friday, March 30, 2012
  Maclay School, Tallahassee - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erick McWhite11.40aGrand Ridge
2.8Stephon Simpkins12.03aMaclay School
3.-Joshua Dickey12.04aKingdom Life Prep
4.-Timothy Ashley12.06aFlorida AMU
5.-Taderrious Knight12.16aWest Gadsden
6.8Harold McNeil12.17aJames A. Shanks
7.6Billy Ward12.32aJames A. Shanks
8.-Demarcus Lindsey12.34aRiversprings
9.7Xavier Bush12.38aJames A. Shanks
10.8Julion Gaillard12.39aJames A. Shanks
11.9Tyquayian Richardson12.42aWest Gadsden
12.8Jacoby Wood12.50aFlorida AMU
13.-Calvin Cromartie12.63aHavana
14.7Chris Lucas12.69aNorth Florida Christ...
14.9Jevonte Allen12.69aNorth Florida Christ...
16.-Terren Patrick12.70aGrand Ridge
17.8Chadderick Kirkland12.73aJames A. Shanks
18.-Joshua Mitchell12.80aJames A. Shanks
19.-Derrick Sampson12.93aHavana
20.8Travien Baker13.03aJames A. Shanks
21.7Tyshaun Weatherspoon13.09aJames A. Shanks
22.-Kam Rosier13.11aRiversprings
23.8Samuel Lanenart13.20aFlorida AMU
24.8Matthew O'Neil13.27aCommunity Christian
25.8Gregory Charleston13.32aJames A. Shanks
26.8John Miller13.35aCommunity Christian
27.-Carlos Williams13.47aYoung Florida State ...
28.-Justin Blount13.62aYoung Florida State ...
28.-Derrick McMillian13.62aKingdom Life Prep
30.-Darod Williams13.65aHavana
31.-Joshua Matthews13.84aKingdom Life Prep
31.8Arthur Beal13.84aCommunity Christian
33.7Tavelle Curry13.94aWakulla
34.-Marcus Louis14.05aKingdom Life Prep
35.8Clint Whaley14.36aCommunity Christian
36.8Hunter Smyly14.47aCommunity Christian
37.-Aubrey Howard14.77aNorth Florida Christ...
38.-Robert Pridemore14.78aWest Gadsden
39.-DeAnthony Harris14.91aKingdom Life Prep
40.7Dezzaline Howard15.02aWakulla
41.-Gannon Hundley15.19aTrinity Catholic
42.-Jae Williams15.42aTrinity Catholic
43.-Evan Williams15.44aCommunity Christian
44.-Jordan Alexander15.47aYoung Florida State ...
45.-Oscar Johnson15.68aTrinity Catholic
46.7Ryan Lattner15.71aTrinity Catholic
47.6Josh Montalvo16.19aCommunity Christian
48.-Khalil Holmes16.86aKingdom Life Prep
49.7Colby Cherry16.89aCommunity Christian
50.-Jatyran Howard17.20aKingdom Life Prep
51.-Krishten Holmes17.40aKingdom Life Prep
52.6Evan Bouck17.68aCommunity Christian
53.6Anderson Stennett18.05aNorth Florida Christ...
54.7Jim Shashaty18.33aCommunity Christian
55.6Kyle Ringers20.01aHoly Comforter Episc...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Armunz Matthews24.11aCrossroad Academy Ch...
2.-Erick McWhite24.51aGrand Ridge
3.7Xavier Bush24.79aJames A. Shanks
4.-Timothy Ashley24.92aFlorida AMU
5.8Harold McNeil25.16aJames A. Shanks
6.-Joshua Dickey25.37aKingdom Life Prep
7.-Jamarrick Hatten25.89aHavana
8.9Tyquayian Richardson25.92aWest Gadsden
9.8Jacoby Wood25.97aFlorida AMU
10.6Billy Ward26.14aJames A. Shanks
11.8Daquan Wells26.33aJames A. Shanks
12.9Jevonte Allen26.47aNorth Florida Christ...
13.-Carlos Williams26.77aYoung Florida State ...
14.7Chris Lucas26.78aNorth Florida Christ...
15.-Justin Blount27.11aYoung Florida State ...
16.-Darod Williams27.56aHavana
16.8John Morris27.56aFlorida AMU
18.7Derek Allen27.63aWakulla
19.7Tyler Veneszee27.69aJames A. Shanks
20.7Cameron Emanuel27.88aNorth Florida Christ...
21.8Julion Gaillard27.89aJames A. Shanks
22.6Quantarious Coster28.09aJames A. Shanks
23.8Matthew O'Neil28.50aCommunity Christian
24.-Joshua Matthews28.85aKingdom Life Prep
25.8Titus Fain28.89aFlorida AMU
26.7Brandon Walker30.14aWakulla
27.-Marcus Louis30.31aKingdom Life Prep
28.8Hunter Smyly30.47aCommunity Christian
29.-DeAnthony Harris31.46aKingdom Life Prep
30.8Arthur Beal31.47aCommunity Christian
31.-Aubrey Howard31.73aNorth Florida Christ...
32.-Evan Williams32.41aCommunity Christian
33.7Colby Cherry32.62aCommunity Christian
34.-Oscar Johnson32.82aTrinity Catholic
35.-Gannon Hundley32.88aTrinity Catholic
36.7Ryan Lattner34.96aTrinity Catholic
37.-Donald Michel35.18aTrinity Catholic
38.-Jimmy Mcquire35.63aCommunity Christian
39.6Josh Montalvo36.10aCommunity Christian
40.8Clint Whaley36.91aCommunity Christian
41.6Evan Bouck37.81aCommunity Christian
42.-Khalil Holmes37.92aKingdom Life Prep
43.-Krishten Holmes38.26aKingdom Life Prep
44.6Anderson Stennett38.60aNorth Florida Christ...
45.7Jim Shashaty45.03aCommunity Christian
46.-Jatyran Howard47.37aKingdom Life Prep
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Williams56.76aYoung Florida State ...
2.-Tadric Williams57.38aYoung Florida State ...
3.-Quinterrious Hill58.71aCrossroad Academy Ch...
4.8Victor Molina58.73aJames A. Shanks
5.-Jaquan Skeete1:01.23aJames A. Shanks
6.8Brian Harmon1:02.86aJames A. Shanks
7.-Derrick Sampson1:03.39aHavana
8.7Tyler Veneszee1:04.71aJames A. Shanks
9.8Nick Singletary1:04.73aNorth Florida Christ...
10.8Carson Buchner1:04.81aCommunity Christian
11.-Quayon Thomas1:05.12aFlorida AMU
12.7Matt McCardle1:06.18aNorth Florida Christ...
13.8Titus Fain1:08.07aFlorida AMU
14.7Michael Gunn-Hall1:08.28aNorth Florida Christ...
15.7Tyrick McClellan1:08.74aJames A. Shanks
15.-JaQuan Jackson1:08.74aCrossroad Academy Ch...
17.8Hunter Smyly1:09.27aCommunity Christian
18.8Arthur Beal1:10.46aCommunity Christian
19.7Brandon Walker1:11.07aWakulla
20.8Kevin Pham1:11.17aNorth Florida Christ...
21.-Danny Baker1:11.47aHavana
22.-Stephen Fryson1:12.05aNorth Florida Christ...
23.8Javonte Winbush1:12.16aJames A. Shanks
24.-Jose' Torres1:12.60aCrossroad Academy Ch...
25.8John Morris1:13.11aFlorida AMU
26.6Trevon Davis1:15.51aJames A. Shanks
27.7Colby Cherry1:15.90aCommunity Christian
28.-Jimmy Mcquire1:16.12aCommunity Christian
29.-Derrick McMillian1:17.01aKingdom Life Prep
30.-Jae Williams1:18.32aTrinity Catholic
31.6Caleb Higginbotham1:20.20aCommunity Christian
32.-Evan Williams1:20.31aCommunity Christian
33.-Khalil Holmes1:20.82aKingdom Life Prep
34.6Johnathan Wynn1:21.06aCommunity Christian
35.6Shyheim Jenkins1:22.84aJames A. Shanks
36.-Andrew Lawyer1:28.85aKingdom Life Prep
37.-Jatyran Howard1:30.26aKingdom Life Prep
38.-Krishten Holmes1:38.60aKingdom Life Prep
39.7Jim Shashaty1:55.17aCommunity Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Garet Grant2:20.51aNorth Florida Christ...
2.8Tony Ichite2:24.01aYoung Florida State ...
3.-George Escobar2:24.97aMaclay School
4.-Caleb Weideman2:33.27aRiversprings
5.8Nick Singletary2:35.63aNorth Florida Christ...
6.8Victor Molina2:38.23aJames A. Shanks
7.-Tristan Gosnell2:38.70aGrand Ridge
8.8Jacob Wynn2:40.55aNorth Florida Christ...
9.8Casey Dodson2:40.84aWakulla
10.-Jose' Torres2:41.36aCrossroad Academy Ch...
11.8Gregory Charleston2:41.71aJames A. Shanks
12.-Eriverto Roman2:47.02aCrossroad Academy Ch...
13.-Jaquan Skeete2:49.19aJames A. Shanks
14.7Marcus Jackson2:49.87aFlorida AMU
15.7Matt McCardle2:51.56aNorth Florida Christ...
16.6Javon Price2:52.97aNorth Florida Christ...
17.-Fermin Maldonado2:54.42aCrossroad Academy Ch...
18.-Stephen Fryson2:55.30aNorth Florida Christ...
19.7Colby Cherry2:56.14aCommunity Christian
20.6Brenden Gibbs2:56.19aYoung Florida State ...
21.8Jimmy Sorenson3:05.57aNorth Florida Christ...
22.8Kevin Pham3:07.02aNorth Florida Christ...
23.-Nicholas Lillo3:08.75aCrossroad Academy Ch...
24.-Leonardo Torres3:11.88aCrossroad Academy Ch...
25.-Atray'U Minor3:15.19aCrossroad Academy Ch...
26.6Johnathan Wynn3:15.46aCommunity Christian
27.-Jimmy Mcquire3:15.94aCommunity Christian
28.-Jatyran Howard3:19.71aKingdom Life Prep
29.6Caleb Higginbotham3:27.93aCommunity Christian
30.6Evan Bouck3:31.27aCommunity Christian
31.7Connor Mooneyham4:21.58aCommunity Christian
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Garet Grant4:54.55aNorth Florida Christ...
2.-Joshua Mitchell5:01.40aJames A. Shanks
3.8Parker Braun5:01.72aCommunity Christian
4.8Chase Savary5:08.49aNorth Florida Christ...
5.8Colin McDuffie5:14.20aHoly Comforter Episc...
6.8Casey Dodson5:20.57aWakulla
7.8Michael Price5:22.93aNorth Florida Christ...
8.6Donte McCray5:26.90aJames A. Shanks
9.8Charlie Lang5:27.20aHoly Comforter Episc...
10.7Marcus Jackson5:27.34aFlorida AMU
11.-Max Eastman5:33.62aMaclay School
12.8Victor Molina5:38.22aJames A. Shanks
13.7Christopher Ziegmont5:39.71aYoung Florida State ...
14.-Gannon Hundley5:42.47aTrinity Catholic
15.-Kevin Osterbye5:47.97aYoung Florida State ...
16.7Clayton Brunson5:52.80aNorth Florida Christ...
17.-Fermin Maldonado5:54.04aCrossroad Academy Ch...
18.-Tyler Jackson5:55.58aWest Gadsden
19.6Javon Price6:04.08aNorth Florida Christ...
20.-Eriverto Roman6:07.94aCrossroad Academy Ch...
21.7Jim Shashaty6:09.24aCommunity Christian
22.6Caleb Higginbotham6:11.23aCommunity Christian
23.-Donald Michel6:16.99aTrinity Catholic
24.-Atray'U Minor6:17.43aCrossroad Academy Ch...
25.-Jae Williams6:18.05aTrinity Catholic
26.6Johnathan Wynn6:18.92aCommunity Christian
27.-Nicholas Lillo6:19.29aCrossroad Academy Ch...
28.-Leonardo Torres6:21.40aCrossroad Academy Ch...
29.8Jimmy Sorenson6:30.45aNorth Florida Christ...
30.7Ryan Lattner6:31.34aTrinity Catholic
31.8Gregory Charleston6:33.36aJames A. Shanks
32.8Javonte Winbush7:34.22aJames A. Shanks
33.7Connor Mooneyham8:06.42aCommunity Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Parker Braun11:21.53aCommunity Christian
2.-George Gwynn11:27.36aMaclay School
3.8Aneesh Rahangdale12:16.74aMaclay School
4.7Jimmy Baggett12:43.62aMaclay School
5.7Connor Mooneyham16:16.92aCommunity Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Julion Gaillard15.39aJames A. Shanks
2.8Harold McNeil16.49aJames A. Shanks
3.8Carson Buchner16.99aCommunity Christian
4.8Daquan Wells17.04aJames A. Shanks
5.-Christopher Jackson17.05aFlorida AMU
6.8Travien Baker17.33aJames A. Shanks
7.-Trey Hester17.46aRiversprings
8.-Ahmad Jones17.76aCrossroad Academy Ch...
9.7Cephus Green18.44aWakulla
10.8Samuel Thomas18.46aFlorida AMU
11.7Keenan Walker19.11aFlorida AMU
12.7Anthony Black19.16aFlorida AMU
13.8John Miller19.22aCommunity Christian
14.-Danny Baker20.03aHavana
15.7Derek Allen20.60aWakulla
16.-Jimmy Mcquire24.53aCommunity Christian
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Julion Gaillard28.66aJames A. Shanks
2.8Samuel Thomas29.14aFlorida AMU
3.8Harold McNeil29.24aJames A. Shanks
4.8Daquan Wells29.75aJames A. Shanks
5.8John Miller30.57aCommunity Christian
6.-Ahmad Jones30.81aCrossroad Academy Ch...
7.7Keenan Walker30.83aFlorida AMU
8.-Christopher Jackson31.03aFlorida AMU
9.8Carson Buchner31.91aCommunity Christian
10.7Tavelle Curry32.06aWakulla
11.8Travien Baker32.39aJames A. Shanks
12.-Trey Hester32.58aRiversprings
13.7Anthony Black33.12aFlorida AMU
14.7Jimmy Baggett34.93aMaclay School
15.-Jimmy Mcquire47.21aCommunity Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tadric Williams
Trevino Williams
Michael Williams
Justin Blount
48.37aYoung Florida State ...
2.-Travien Baker
Chadderick Kirkland
Harold McNeil
Xavier Bush
48.74aJames A. Shanks
3.-Quayon Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Lanenart
Jacoby Wood
49.90aFlorida AMU
4.-Calvin Cromartie
Darod Williams
Thomas Thompson
Derrick Sampson
5.-Joshua Dickey
Joshua Matthews
DeAnthony Harris
Marcus Louis
53.22aKingdom Life Prep
6.-Parker Braun
Hunter Smyly
John Miller
Clint Whaley
54.18aCommunity Christian
7.-Derek Allen
Tavelle Curry
Cephus Green
Dezzaline Howard
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:53.30aMaclay School
1.-Steven Simpkins
Stephon Simpkins
Phillip Billings
George Escobar
3:53.30aMaclay School
2.-Kalen Riles
Armunz Matthews
Quinterrious Hill
Maurice Howard
3:54.60aCrossroad Academy Ch...
3.-Tadric Williams
Trevino Williams
Michael Williams
Justin Blount
3:58.24aYoung Florida State ...
4.-Christopher Jackson
Quayon Thomas
Titus Fain
Samuel Lanenart
4:06.20aFlorida AMU
5.-Billy Ward
Tyler Veneszee
Quantarious Coster
Brian Harmon
4:19.60aJames A. Shanks
6.-Relay Team 4:49.80aNorth Florida Christ...
6.-Jacob Wynn
Chase Savary
Chris Lucas
Nick Singletary
4:49.80aNorth Florida Christ...
7.-Hunter Smyly
Matthew O'Neil
Caleb Higginbotham
Colby Cherry
5:05.52aCommunity Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:39.54aMaclay School
1.-Steven Simpkins
Phillip Billings
George Escobar
George Gwynn
9:39.54aMaclay School
2.-Garet Grant
Jacob Wynn
Chase Savary
Michael Price
9:46.91aNorth Florida Christ...
2.-Relay Team 9:46.91aNorth Florida Christ...
3.-Chadderick Kirkland
Victor Molina
Gregory Charleston
Donte McCray
9:51.70aJames A. Shanks
4.-Fermin Maldonado
Armunz Matthews
Quinterrious Hill
Maurice Howard
10:15.91aCrossroad Academy Ch...
5.-Relay Team 11:11.50aFlorida AMU
5.-Marcus Jackson
Turiq Bruce
Titus Fain
John Morris
11:11.50aFlorida AMU
6.-Tony Ichite
Jordan Alexander
Christopher Ziegmont
Kevin Osterbye
11:16.73aYoung Florida State ...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gavin Pittman43-10.00Grand Ridge
2.8Stephon Simpkins40-10.00Maclay School
3.-Hershell Brown39-06.00Grand Ridge
4.-Willie Cox39-05.00James A. Shanks
5.8Brian Harmon36-04.00James A. Shanks
6.-Jamikal Williams31-08.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
7.8Malik Miller27-11.00James A. Shanks
8.7Kelsey Griggs25-04.00Florida AMU
9.-Jr., Robert Eason24-02.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
10.-Marco Rollins21-05.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
11.-Javaris Brown21-00.00James A. Shanks
12.-Tobias Eady18-10.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
13.6Dradjah Wallace14-04.00North Florida Christ...
14.-Andrew Lawyer14-03.00Kingdom Life Prep
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gavin Pittman136-08Grand Ridge
2.7Jordan Poole116-00Maclay School
3.-Hershell Brown98-04Grand Ridge
4.7Xavier Bush82-03James A. Shanks
5.-Atray'U Minor81-04Crossroad Academy Ch...
6.-Willie Cox78-11James A. Shanks
7.8Brian Harmon71-06James A. Shanks
8.-Jamikal Williams70-03Crossroad Academy Ch...
9.-Jr., Robert Eason63-08Crossroad Academy Ch...
10.8Malik Miller62-06James A. Shanks
11.-Marco Rollins60-11Crossroad Academy Ch...
12.7Kelsey Griggs60-08Florida AMU
13.-Andrew Lawyer51-11Kingdom Life Prep
14.-Javaris Brown44-07James A. Shanks
15.-Tobias Eady37-11Crossroad Academy Ch...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Harold McNeil5-06.00James A. Shanks
2.-Maurice Howard5-04.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
3.-Ahmad Jones5-00.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
4.8Stephon Simpkins5-00.00Maclay School
5.8Tanner Clemmons4-10.00North Florida Christ...
6.8Gregory Charleston4-10.00James A. Shanks
7.8Travien Baker4-08.00James A. Shanks
8.-Marcus Louis4-08.00Kingdom Life Prep
9.-Christopher Jackson4-08.00Florida AMU
10.6Donte McCray4-06.00James A. Shanks
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michael Price5-00.00North Florida Christ...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Calvin Cromartie18-09.00Havana
2.8Samuel Thomas18-04.50Florida AMU
3.-Michael Williams18-00.00Young Florida State ...
4.-Joshua Dickey17-01.00Kingdom Life Prep
5.7Tyshaun Weatherspoon16-02.00James A. Shanks
6.8Matthew O'Neil16-01.00Community Christian
7.6Billy Ward16-00.00James A. Shanks
8.-Terren Patrick15-07.50Grand Ridge
9.-Darod Williams15-07.00Havana
10.-Trevino Williams15-06.00Young Florida State ...
11.7Tyler Veneszee15-03.00James A. Shanks
12.-Jaquan Skeete15-00.00James A. Shanks
13.-Joshua Matthews14-11.00Kingdom Life Prep
14.8Kyle McWilliams14-05.50Maclay School
15.-Darin Meeker13-11.50Maclay School
16.7Anthony Black13-10.50Florida AMU
17.6Quantarious Coster13-09.00James A. Shanks
18.8Hunter Smyly13-05.50Community Christian
19.-DeAnthony Harris12-09.50Kingdom Life Prep
20.6Shyheim Jenkins12-01.50James A. Shanks
21.6Trevon Davis11-10.00James A. Shanks
22.-Khalil Holmes11-06.00Kingdom Life Prep
23.-Derrick McMillian11-03.50Kingdom Life Prep
24.-Krishten Holmes10-02.00Kingdom Life Prep
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Darin Meeker32-11.00Maclay School
2.7Xavier Bush32-09.50James A. Shanks
3.-Christopher Jackson32-07.50Florida AMU
4.-Quayon Thomas31-07.00Florida AMU
5.6Shyheim Jenkins27-07.00James A. Shanks
6.7Anthony Black25-01.00Florida AMU
7.-Jaquan Skeete24-06.00James A. Shanks
8.6Billy Ward24-04.00James A. Shanks
9.7Tyshaun Weatherspoon21-09.00James A. Shanks
--6Trevon DavisNDJames A. Shanks
--7Tyrick McClellanNDJames A. Shanks

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tejyrica Robinson13.33aJames A. Shanks
2.6Lonzetta Simpkins13.68aMaclay School
3.8Maya Jones13.69aJames A. Shanks
4.8Jalexia Cunningham13.81aJames A. Shanks
5.6Jayla Johnson14.00aWest Gadsden
6.8Lyntisha Conyers14.15aJames A. Shanks
7.-Leiarra Myers14.16aHavana
8.-Ednia McCall14.18aHavana
9.8Jelisa Dawkins14.20aWakulla
10.7Terriona Spicer14.28aJames A. Shanks
11.-Shelby Praseik14.43aYoung Florida State ...
12.8Clineshia Allen14.48aJames A. Shanks
13.-Azia Chandler14.50aJames A. Shanks
14.-Asiayanno Cerew14.54aHavana
14.8Lexie Pantaleon14.54aHoly Comforter Episc...
16.7Allie Johnston14.56aWakulla
17.-Dezanisha Daniels14.64aHavana
18.6Abigail Post14.73aCommunity Christian
19.8Jaela Brown14.74aNorth Florida Christ...
20.-Takayla Davis14.76aHavana
21.7Katara Walker14.79aFlorida AMU
22.-Carmen French14.83aYoung Florida State ...
23.-Jasmine Blount14.91aYoung Florida State ...
23.-Sadie Jackson14.91aFlorida AMU
25.-Madeline Powell14.93aHoly Comforter Episc...
26.8Melanie Eskelund14.98aWakulla
27.6Daysha Williams15.01aYoung Florida State ...
28.6Miquela Tettey15.04aWakulla
29.6Abryanna Peterson15.07aWakulla
30.8Nia Holmes15.27aFlorida AMU
31.8Taylor Arnold15.53aFlorida AMU
32.7Caroline Campbell15.55aHoly Comforter Episc...
33.12Emily McCann15.56aWakulla
34.-Sarah Lott15.72aYoung Florida State ...
35.8Hailey Putnam15.73aHoly Comforter Episc...
36.7Kalynn Woodward15.93aWakulla
37.-Wayneria Jones15.94aHavana
38.-Kathleen Kelly15.96aTrinity Catholic
39.8Chason Scruggs16.17aYoung Florida State ...
40.8Leah Shashaty16.77aCommunity Christian
41.7Danna Richardson16.78aWakulla
42.-Cassie Doyle16.81aWakulla
43.6Sierra Garmon17.04aWakulla
44.8Judy Jo Shippen17.17aHoly Comforter Episc...
45.8Kate Park17.25aNorth Florida Christ...
46.-Kalisa Burke17.83aJames A. Shanks
47.-Kalicia Howard18.16aKingdom Life Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Lonzetta Simpkins27.69aMaclay School
2.7Keyida Thompson27.91aJames A. Shanks
2.-Natayla Bush27.91aCrossroad Academy Ch...
4.7Julia Chodyla28.22aTrinity Catholic
5.-Trentorria Green28.44aCrossroad Academy Ch...
6.-Dezanisha Daniels28.60aHavana
7.6Jayla Johnson28.73aWest Gadsden
8.8Jelisa Dawkins29.20aWakulla
9.8Jalexia Cunningham29.52aJames A. Shanks
10.8Amanda Post29.58aCommunity Christian
11.6Makalya White29.67aJames A. Shanks
11.-Kateshia Jackson29.67aCrossroad Academy Ch...
13.8Akane' Abrams30.13aYoung Florida State ...
14.-Azia Chandler30.17aJames A. Shanks
15.7Brooklyn McGough30.45aWakulla
16.-Asiayanno Cerew30.52aHavana
17.8Lexie Pantaleon30.62aHoly Comforter Episc...
18.-Sadie Jackson30.73aFlorida AMU
19.8Cheyenne Whittington30.82aWakulla
20.7Terriona Spicer30.83aJames A. Shanks
21.7Mikala Gavin31.02aWakulla
22.8Martha Spooner31.07aNorth Florida Christ...
23.-Madeline Powell31.23aHoly Comforter Episc...
24.-Kalisa Burke31.44aJames A. Shanks
25.7Joelle Williams31.45aFlorida AMU
26.6Aaysha Williams31.60aYoung Florida State ...
27.8Melanie Eskelund31.67aWakulla
28.8Jaela Brown31.75aNorth Florida Christ...
29.8Taylor Arnold31.91aFlorida AMU
30.-Hunter Marie Parker32.34aMaclay School
31.7Caroline Campbell32.35aHoly Comforter Episc...
32.-Takayla Davis32.42aHavana
33.6Miracle Potter32.45aWakulla
34.-Leiarra Myers32.68aHavana
35.6Abryanna Peterson32.94aWakulla
36.12Emily McCann33.03aWakulla
37.7Maegan Joesph33.12aFlorida AMU
38.8Chason Scruggs34.22aYoung Florida State ...
39.-Destiny Derico34.88aHavana
40.8Leah Shashaty35.70aCommunity Christian
41.-Quinnella Griggs36.17aFlorida AMU
42.8Judy Jo Shippen36.43aHoly Comforter Episc...
43.8Kate Park37.22aNorth Florida Christ...
44.8Taylor Lawhon38.41aWakulla
45.-Kalicia Howard41.01aKingdom Life Prep
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sedera Martin1:03.82aFlorida AMU
2.-Kynethia Smith1:05.98aJames A. Shanks
3.8Tejyrica Robinson1:06.21aJames A. Shanks
4.-Kateshia Jackson1:08.40aCrossroad Academy Ch...
5.-Karyelle Farmer1:10.17aYoung Florida State ...
6.-Alissa Anthony1:10.51aRiversprings
7.8Misty Frison1:10.61aJames A. Shanks
8.8Martha Spooner1:10.92aNorth Florida Christ...
9.7Terriona Spicer1:11.10aJames A. Shanks
10.-Hennekual Gunn1:11.66aCrossroad Academy Ch...
11.7Julia Chodyla1:12.69aTrinity Catholic
12.7Rachel Rumana1:12.99aHoly Comforter Episc...
13.-Julia Rose Travis1:13.68aHoly Comforter Episc...
14.-LinLee Franklin1:14.21aMaclay School
15.-Millennia Dunivan1:14.63aWest Gadsden
16.8Connie Lewis1:14.88aWakulla
17.6Daysha Williams1:15.63aYoung Florida State ...
18.7Tashunda Hall1:16.15aFlorida AMU
19.-Devonna Washington1:17.51aWest Gadsden
19.-Regan Hermeling1:17.51aMaclay School
21.8Ali Pearson1:18.71aWakulla
22.7Joelle Williams1:19.78aFlorida AMU
23.7Maegan Joesph1:19.83aFlorida AMU
24.7Kentara Siplins1:20.40aFlorida AMU
25.8Sarah Russell1:21.25aWakulla
26.6Miracle Potter1:21.36aWakulla
27.-Akievia Hickman1:22.90aCrossroad Academy Ch...
28.7Keyida Thompson1:25.67aJames A. Shanks
29.8Kate Park1:27.87aNorth Florida Christ...
30.8Clineshia Allen1:29.01aJames A. Shanks
31.-Mariam Alvi1:29.06aMaclay School
32.6Emily Douglas1:40.78aCommunity Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Brooke Santiesteban2:41.21aUnattached
2.8Katie Whitworth2:44.08aHoly Comforter Episc...
3.8Sedera Martin2:45.62aFlorida AMU
4.-Haleigh Martin2:53.35aRiversprings
5.8Brittany Scanameo2:54.26aMaclay School
6.7Gray Kinch2:54.46aHoly Comforter Episc...
7.-Emma Travis2:55.94aHoly Comforter Episc...
8.8Hana Kadir2:57.64aYoung Florida State ...
9.6Alisa Harvey2:58.31aWakulla
10.7Brionnah Kreps2:59.39aYoung Florida State ...
11.8Kayla Rudd3:00.69aWakulla
12.7Kelley Breeden3:01.89aYoung Florida State ...
13.-Millennia Dunivan3:04.13aWest Gadsden
14.6Alex Smith3:14.30aWakulla
15.-Devonna Washington3:24.47aWest Gadsden
16.-Hennekual Gunn3:33.24aCrossroad Academy Ch...
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brittany Scanameo5:43.57aMaclay School
2.7Molly Mccann5:48.91aHoly Comforter Episc...
3.8Hana Kadir5:53.50aYoung Florida State ...
4.7Brionnah Kreps5:59.65aYoung Florida State ...
5.6Alisa Harvey6:10.18aWakulla
6.6Olivia Borschel6:11.97aMaclay School
7.7Kelley Breeden6:26.00aYoung Florida State ...
8.8Kacie Langston7:08.76aWakulla
9.6Emily Douglas7:34.09aCommunity Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Brooke Santiesteban11:59.11aUnattached
2.8Brooke Allen12:33.41aWakulla
3.8Madison Edwards16:13.40aWakulla
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Caroline Willis18.06aMaclay School
2.-Katelyn Marshall19.52aCrossroad Academy Ch...
3.8Jalexia Cunningham19.70aJames A. Shanks
4.7Allie Johnston19.73aWakulla
5.8Tkeyah Howard19.75aJames A. Shanks
6.8Amanda Post19.77aCommunity Christian
7.8Laylah Roberts20.09aFlorida AMU
8.6Abigail Post20.11aCommunity Christian
9.-Shelby Praseik20.14aYoung Florida State ...
10.8Akane' Abrams20.27aYoung Florida State ...
11.-Madeline Powell20.34aHoly Comforter Episc...
12.-Kateshia Jackson21.49aCrossroad Academy Ch...
13.8Ali Pearson21.81aWakulla
14.-Chakiyah McMillon21.88aCrossroad Academy Ch...
15.6Miquela Tettey22.02aWakulla
16.-Laura Payne22.54aWakulla
17.-Shanteria Jerger24.49aHavana
18.7Kalynn Woodward24.70aWakulla
19.-Diesha Chambers25.96aHavana
20.-Amanda Haire27.85aRiversprings
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Caroline Willis32.16aMaclay School
2.8Jalexia Cunningham33.48aJames A. Shanks
3.8Laylah Roberts34.09aFlorida AMU
4.8Amanda Post34.12aCommunity Christian
5.6Abigail Post34.47aCommunity Christian
6.8Akane' Abrams34.54aYoung Florida State ...
7.-Shelby Praseik34.75aYoung Florida State ...
8.8Cheyenne Whittington35.05aWakulla
9.7Mikala Gavin36.30aWakulla
10.8Tkeyah Howard36.81aJames A. Shanks
11.8Nicole Barnes37.16aWakulla
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clineshia Allen
Jalexia Cunningham
Maya Jones
Tejyrica Robinson
53.40aJames A. Shanks
2.-Shelby Praseik
Jennicia Durham
Akane' Abrams
Jasmine Blount
55.94aYoung Florida State ...
3.-Relay Team 56.20aFlorida AMU
3.-Quinnella Griggs
Sadie Jackson
Laylah Roberts
Katara Walker
56.20aFlorida AMU
4.-Relay Team 56.75aHavana
4.-Leiarra Myers
Asiayanno Cerew
Takayla Davis
Ednia McCall
5.-Jelisa Dawkins
Cheyenne Whittington
Mikala Gavin
Calyn Stevens
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caroline Willis
Tamani Wilson
Lonzetta Simpkins
Brittany Scanameo
4:24.23aMaclay School
2.-Akievia Hickman
ChaKiyah McMillian
Imani Wood
Hennekual Gunn
4:46.41aCrossroad Academy Ch...
3.-Hana Kadir
Brionnah Kreps
Karyelle Farmer
Aaysha Williams
4:47.72aYoung Florida State ...
4.-Sadie Jackson
Sedera Martin
Taylor Arnold
Katara Walker
4:51.71aFlorida AMU
4.-Relay Team 4:51.71aFlorida AMU
5.-Leah Shashaty
Emily Douglas
Amanda Post
Abigail Post
5:15.82aCommunity Christian
6.-Cheyenne Whittington
Brooklyn McGough
Kayla Rudd
Calyn Stevens
7.-Lyntisha Conyers
Kynethia Smith
Tejyrica Robinson
Misty Frison
5:58.42aJames A. Shanks
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Whitworth
Molly Mccann
Gray Kinch
Rachel Rumana
11:19.60aHoly Comforter Episc...
2.-Nicole Barnes
Alisa Harvey
Alex Smith
Connie Lewis
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nicole Barnes32-09.00Wakulla
2.8Maya Jones31-06.00James A. Shanks
3.8Tkeyah Howard30-09.00James A. Shanks
4.8Taylor Lawhon28-00.00Wakulla
5.-Kalisa Burke27-08.00James A. Shanks
6.7Brandy McGee26-10.00Young Florida State ...
7.-Carine Reed26-05.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
8.8Shaniecia Betsey24-01.00James A. Shanks
9.-Sarah Allison Proctor22-11.00Holy Comforter Episc...
10.-Jocelyn Gunn22-06.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
11.-Jamia Williams21-01.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
12.-Eriasia Friserson20-11.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
13.7Katrina Trim20-04.00North Florida Christ...
14.8Allison Peters18-04.00North Florida Christ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Brandy McGee69-00Young Florida State ...
2.8Nicole Barnes49-09Wakulla
3.8Taylor Lawhon49-03Wakulla
4.8Clineshia Allen48-00James A. Shanks
5.-Carine Reed47-07Crossroad Academy Ch...
6.-Jocelyn Gunn42-11Crossroad Academy Ch...
7.-Kalisa Burke41-08James A. Shanks
8.-Jamia Williams37-07Crossroad Academy Ch...
9.8Shaniecia Betsey21-06James A. Shanks
10.-Eriasia Friserson20-02Crossroad Academy Ch...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylee McCoy4-04.00Maclay School
2.6Makalya White4-04.00James A. Shanks
3.-Karyelle Farmer4-02.00Young Florida State ...
3.8Tkeyah Howard4-02.00James A. Shanks
5.7Brionnah Kreps4-00.00Young Florida State ...
5.-Chakiyah McMillon4-00.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kelley Breeden7-00.00Young Florida State ...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Mikala Gavin14-05.50Wakulla
2.8Amanda Post13-09.00Community Christian
3.-Carmen French13-06.50Young Florida State ...
4.-Chakiyah McMillon13-02.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
4.-Kynethia Smith13-02.00James A. Shanks
6.8Calyn Stevens13-00.00Wakulla
7.-Azia Chandler12-11.00James A. Shanks
8.8Lyntisha Conyers12-07.50James A. Shanks
9.8Clineshia Allen12-05.00James A. Shanks
10.8Hailey Putnam12-03.50Holy Comforter Episc...
11.-Sarah Allison Proctor12-01.50Holy Comforter Episc...
12.8Misty Frison12-01.00James A. Shanks
13.-Akievia Hickman11-09.00Crossroad Academy Ch...
14.7Molly Mccann10-08.00Holy Comforter Episc...
15.7Keyida Thompson10-00.00James A. Shanks
16.8Leah Shashaty9-01.50Community Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Akievia Hickman28-03.50Crossroad Academy Ch...
2.6Makalya White26-02.00James A. Shanks
3.8Cheyenne Whittington23-07.00Wakulla
4.-Azia Chandler22-06.00James A. Shanks
5.8Lyntisha Conyers20-09.50James A. Shanks
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