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Virginia - 5A
Halifax County Sr
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Khalil Bonds11.07William Fleming
2.11Jeff Sweatt11.23Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.12Ben Mesadieu11.27Patrick Henry (Roano...
4.12Jha-liel Harden11.28Patrick Henry (Roano...
5.-Travis Jones11.29George Washington
6.9Donta Crews11.38Halifax County Sr
7.12Reginald Jones11.67Halifax County Sr
8.11Tecquin Hogue11.69Halifax County Sr
9.9Curtis Stephens11.76George Washington
10.12Bryant Coleman11.77Halifax County Sr
11.-Deontae Adkins11.90George Washington
12.9Roland Brandon11.91Halifax County Sr
13.11Unique Johnson11.99William Fleming
14.-Chris Blake12.23Patrick Henry (Roano...
15.10Adonis Edwards12.40Franklin County
16.12Jalen Robertson12.41Franklin County
17.-Nazmeek Riggins12.61William Fleming
18.9Cj Gravely12.70Franklin County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Mason52.58William Fleming
2.11Juan Leon53.06Halifax County Sr
3.9Warren Craft53.92William Fleming
4.-Brian Willis54.07Patrick Henry (Roano...
5.9William Brooks54.63Halifax County Sr
6.12Shaheed Fitzgerald54.77Patrick Henry (Roano...
7.9Fezawn Scott55.03Patrick Henry (Roano...
8.10Alfi Hayden55.07Patrick Henry (Roano...
9.12Howard Burs56.27George Washington
10.12Casey Turner56.94Franklin County
11.11Dustin Hurt57.11Patrick Henry (Roano...
12.-Tevin Mason57.37William Fleming
13.-Jeremiah Mcgeough58.12George Washington
14.12Derrick Oliviera58.85Patrick Henry (Roano...
15.10Joseph Coleman1:00.37Halifax County Sr
16.10Sergio Velasquez1:00.60Halifax County Sr
17.-Toray Callaway1:00.67George Washington
18.-Kaylen McGhee1:00.78Franklin County
19.11Dwayne Murphy1:02.12William Fleming
20.-Mark McCadden1:02.39Patrick Henry (Roano...
21.11Carlos Brunal1:03.05Patrick Henry (Roano...
22.-Shawn Moon1:03.64William Fleming
23.9Cj Gravely1:06.65Franklin County
24.-Adam Paulin1:08.71Patrick Henry (Roano...
25.-Elijah Augustine1:09.09Patrick Henry (Roano...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Comper2:10.32George Washington
2.11Phillip Harmon2:13.02Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.12Jeremy Stelmack2:14.85Patrick Henry (Roano...
4.10Jamy-Ron Jones2:16.25William Fleming
5.9Andrew Kepley2:17.36Patrick Henry (Roano...
6.11Steven Tran2:18.64William Fleming
7.9Andrew Liegey2:19.50Halifax County Sr
8.11David Kennedy2:28.28Patrick Henry (Roano...
9.11Jose Ramirez2:31.27George Washington
10.-Trevon Epperson2:32.82Halifax County Sr
11.11Carlos Brunal2:33.93Patrick Henry (Roano...
12.9Jacob Barton2:41.90Franklin County
13.-Justin Echols2:42.71George Washington
14.11Ethan Oakley2:45.62Franklin County
15.10Andrew Williams2:49.88Franklin County
16.9Nelson Amaya2:54.55William Fleming
17.-Brandon Fleming2:55.37Franklin County
18.-Ronald Lipscomb3:17.66Halifax County Sr
19.9Alex Robertson3:18.88Franklin County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Harrison Tony4:39.82Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.11Phillip Harmon5:03.48Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.11Joe Cotter5:03.97Patrick Henry (Roano...
4.9Andrew Kepley5:04.53Patrick Henry (Roano...
5.10Taylor Lambert5:06.84Franklin County
6.12Jeremy Stelmack5:17.36Patrick Henry (Roano...
7.9Zhenya Anderson5:18.17Franklin County
8.11Ethan Oakley5:25.77Franklin County
9.9Andrew Liegey5:29.03Halifax County Sr
10.11David Kennedy5:29.94Patrick Henry (Roano...
11.9Patrick Regal5:33.40Patrick Henry (Roano...
12.12Joe Fransisco5:53.93George Washington
13.9Alex Robertson6:01.09Franklin County
14.-Brandon Fleming6:02.56Franklin County
15.-JaQuail Holmes-Wooding6:44.87Halifax County Sr
16.-Jonathan Bnrando7:36.65George Washington
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jha-liel Harden15.03Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.12Marcus Bowman15.10Halifax County Sr
3.12Kwaneal Hairston16.22George Washington
4.9Roland Brandon18.12Halifax County Sr
5.10James Anderson18.21Halifax County Sr
6.-Quincy Logan19.04George Washington
7.-Quentin Mills19.26George Washington
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Bowman42.72Halifax County Sr
2.12Kwaneal Hairston44.00George Washington
3.-Quentin Mills44.98George Washington
4.10James Anderson47.05Halifax County Sr
5.9Cameron Johnson47.90William Fleming
6.12Lonnie Gross48.05William Fleming
7.9Roland Brandon49.71Halifax County Sr
8.12Howard Burs51.32George Washington
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ben Mesadieu
Shaheed Fitzgerald
Jeff Sweatt
Rasheed Whorley
44.17Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.-Marcus Bowman
Darius Weaver
Kelvin Jennings
Bryant Coleman
45.01Halifax County Sr
3.-Relay Team 47.54Franklin County
---Dahquan Edrington
Aaron Mason
Khalil Bonds
Warren Craft
DNFWilliam Fleming
---Quincy Logan
Travis Jones
Curtis Stephens
Kwaneal Hairston
DNFGeorge Washington
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Comper
Jose Ramirez
Carlos Majana
Joe Fransisco
9:13.80George Washington
2.-Lonnie Gross
Steven Tran
Cameron Johnson
Jamy-Ron Jones
9:15.75William Fleming
3.-Joseph Coleman
Andrew Liegey
Roland Brandon
Trevon Epperson
9:24.97Halifax County Sr
4.-Relay Team 9:29.03Franklin County
5.-Phillip Harmon
Andrew Kepley
Carlos Brunal
David Kennedy
9:29.86Patrick Henry (Roano...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Mesadieu48-11.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.11Ryan Wade42-03.00Franklin County
3.11Chris Burton41-06.00George Washington
4.12Kyle Rigney40-05.00Franklin County
5.11Tecquin Hogue40-00.00Halifax County Sr
6.-Ezra Walker39-00.00Halifax County Sr
7.-Josh Stone38-04.00Franklin County
8.-Zavier Hunt36-10.00Franklin County
9.10Shalar Charlton36-04.00Halifax County Sr
10.12Devin Vance36-02.00Franklin County
11.-Desmond Thompson36-00.50George Washington
12.9TreyQuan Holt35-10.00Halifax County Sr
13.12De'von Brown35-05.00William Fleming
14.10Tyler Flournoy34-02.00Franklin County
15.-DeAndre Delaware33-10.00Halifax County Sr
16.9Savion Stone33-00.00William Fleming
17.10Terrell Barnett30-02.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
17.12Shaheed Fitzgerald30-02.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
19.9Robert Oliver29-11.00Halifax County Sr
19.10Jarius Marable29-11.00Halifax County Sr
21.10Marquis Smith29-07.00Franklin County
21.-John Stone29-07.00Franklin County
23.-Jerome Coleman29-02.00Halifax County Sr
24.-Derek Bailey29-01.00Halifax County Sr
25.-Ronald Lipscomb27-01.00Halifax County Sr
26.-Nick Hairston26-10.00Franklin County
27.-Sam Harman23-10.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Burton150-04George Washington
2.11Ryan Wade124-01Franklin County
3.12Ben Mesadieu119-11Patrick Henry (Roano...
4.11Tecquin Hogue115-08Halifax County Sr
5.-Josh Stone114-07Franklin County
6.12Kyle Rigney102-06Franklin County
7.9Robert Oliver99-02Halifax County Sr
8.12Devin Vance98-10.50Franklin County
9.12De'von Brown96-07William Fleming
10.9TreyQuan Holt95-07Halifax County Sr
11.-Ezra Walker94-02Halifax County Sr
12.10Terrell Barnett88-09Patrick Henry (Roano...
13.10Marquis Smith87-07Franklin County
14.-Sergio Charlton85-05Halifax County Sr
15.10Jarius Marable84-04Halifax County Sr
16.-John Stone83-07Franklin County
17.-Zavier Hunt82-01Franklin County
18.-Ronald Lipscomb76-02Halifax County Sr
19.10Tyler Flournoy75-06Franklin County
20.-Desmond Thompson73-10George Washington
21.9Savion Stone71-10William Fleming
22.-Nick Hairston69-07Franklin County
23.-Derek Bailey57-07Halifax County Sr
24.-Jerome Coleman54-08Halifax County Sr
25.-Sam Harman53-11Patrick Henry (Roano...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jalen Robertson5-10.00Franklin County
--11Jeff SweattNHPatrick Henry (Roano...
--9Cj GravelyNHFranklin County
--10Andrew WilliamsNHFranklin County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Coy Seneff12-06.00Franklin County
2.11Bram Chaconas10-06.00Franklin County
3.12Wade Hess9-00.00Franklin County
4.12William Ratliff8-06.00Franklin County
5.12Derrick Oliviera7-06.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11David Prince22-02.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.12Kwaneal Hairston20-06.75George Washington
3.11Dahquan Edrington20-03.75William Fleming
4.12Bryant Coleman20-02.50Halifax County Sr
5.-Travis Jones20-01.50George Washington
6.11Ryan Flynn19-11.00Franklin County
7.12Kelvin Jennings19-07.00Halifax County Sr
8.11Tecquin Hogue19-06.25Halifax County Sr
9.11Jeff Sweatt19-01.50Patrick Henry (Roano...
9.12Reginald Jones19-01.50Halifax County Sr
9.-Myles Bennett19-01.50George Washington
12.12Shaheed Fitzgerald19-01.25Patrick Henry (Roano...
13.12Jha-liel Harden19-00.25Patrick Henry (Roano...
14.9Fezawn Scott18-06.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
15.11Unique Johnson18-05.00William Fleming
16.9Cj Gravely18-00.50Franklin County
17.-Chris Blake14-06.50Patrick Henry (Roano...
--12Ben MesadieuNDPatrick Henry (Roano...
---Mister HigginsNDHalifax County Sr
--12Dontra GravesNDHalifax County Sr
--11Dustin HurtNDPatrick Henry (Roano...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kwaneal Hairston44-09.25George Washington
2.12Reginald Jones39-00.00Halifax County Sr
3.11Dahquan Edrington38-10.50William Fleming
4.12Marcus Bowman37-09.75Halifax County Sr
5.12Kelvin Jennings37-01.00Halifax County Sr
6.9Fezawn Scott36-11.50Patrick Henry (Roano...
7.-Jeremiah Mcgeough36-06.50George Washington
8.-Myles Bennett36-03.50George Washington
9.11Tecquin Hogue36-02.50Halifax County Sr
10.12Benjamin Witcher36-01.50Franklin County
11.-DeAndre Delaware35-06.50Halifax County Sr
12.10Jamy-Ron Jones33-05.25William Fleming

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zarkia Mattox12.62Franklin County
2.9Lapria Winchester12.82George Washington
3.10Maya Blue12.94William Fleming
4.9Tyrika Lee12.98Halifax County Sr
5.9Jazmyn Moore13.05George Washington
6.11Natoria Hodnett13.29Patrick Henry (Roano...
7.12Marika Kidd13.44Franklin County
8.10Keasha Lee13.54William Fleming
9.-Ashley-Rose Alberts13.56Halifax County Sr
10.9Asia Brown13.73William Fleming
11.-Tt Hairston13.75Franklin County
12.9Taija Miller14.06William Fleming
13.-Takiyah Linder14.45George Washington
14.-Deja Garrison14.52William Fleming
15.10Latasha Williams14.61William Fleming
16.-Emon Baytops14.66Patrick Henry (Roano...
17.10Vontasia Britton14.83Halifax County Sr
18.-Stephanie Fisher15.18Franklin County
19.-Zoe Harris15.22Patrick Henry (Roano...
20.-Eleyah Patterson15.38William Fleming
21.-Danielle Alexander15.64Patrick Henry (Roano...
22.-Ebone Jones16.77Patrick Henry (Roano...
23.-Malissa Royal16.90William Fleming
24.-Rachel Ellis19.14Franklin County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11De'Ana Forbes25.51George Washington
2.9Tyrika Lee26.94Halifax County Sr
3.9Lapria Winchester27.43George Washington
4.10Maya Blue27.82William Fleming
5.9Jadesha Kidd28.21Franklin County
6.10Monasia Walton28.63Halifax County Sr
7.12Brianna Hughes28.74George Washington
8.9Asia Brown28.74William Fleming
9.11Breona Millner28.91Patrick Henry (Roano...
10.11Caroline Brailsford29.14Patrick Henry (Roano...
11.-Marisa Brooks29.14Franklin County
12.9Taija Miller29.40William Fleming
13.12Tori Long30.49Patrick Henry (Roano...
14.9Miranda Crockett30.66Franklin County
15.-Amy Cook30.66Patrick Henry (Roano...
16.-Shareefah Stanley30.69Patrick Henry (Roano...
17.11Ashlyn Campbell30.96Patrick Henry (Roano...
18.-Deja Garrison31.52William Fleming
19.-Stephanie Fisher31.60Franklin County
20.-Emon Baytops32.01Patrick Henry (Roano...
21.9Mikayla Holland32.14Franklin County
22.-Darryl Jones33.42Patrick Henry (Roano...
23.-Eleyah Patterson33.60William Fleming
24.-Danielle Alexander33.83Patrick Henry (Roano...
25.-Autumn Sprouse34.89Franklin County
26.-Ebone Jones36.57Patrick Henry (Roano...
27.-Rachel Ellis41.39Franklin County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Moesha Kelly1:04.31George Washington
2.12Kauliyah Jones1:04.36George Washington
3.-Marisa Brooks1:05.55Franklin County
4.9Jamyra Ball1:07.39William Fleming
5.11T.N. Hess1:08.50Franklin County
6.11Erinn Brooks1:09.00Franklin County
7.10Amelia Gaines1:09.90William Fleming
8.11Breona Millner1:10.09Patrick Henry (Roano...
9.11Courtney Brothers1:10.26Patrick Henry (Roano...
10.-Zoe Harris1:10.56Patrick Henry (Roano...
11.-Amy Cook1:13.52Patrick Henry (Roano...
12.9Keuna Mayo1:13.61Halifax County Sr
13.-Aaliyah Ivey1:14.86William Fleming
14.-Tamia Boyd1:18.29Halifax County Sr
15.-Micheala Johnson1:18.56William Fleming
16.-Lajoya Price1:22.02George Washington
17.-Shyasaia Childs1:34.63William Fleming
18.-Malissa Royal1:37.64William Fleming
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kauliyah Jones2:39.10George Washington
2.10Moesha Kelly2:40.53George Washington
3.12Kinny Chacones2:43.86Franklin County
---Ciara Mulcahy2:47.49Patrick Henry (Roano...
4.11Piechchanda Long2:54.94Patrick Henry (Roano...
5.11Jasmine Cook2:55.77William Fleming
---Liz Taylor3:01.32Patrick Henry (Roano...
6.11Ronesha Williams3:06.12William Fleming
7.10Jessica Hinds3:08.04Halifax County Sr
8.-Mimi Kamara3:12.37William Fleming
9.9Arrington Abby3:14.83Franklin County
10.9Gabrielle Randolph3:22.76William Fleming
11.11LaShawn Johnson3:34.73Halifax County Sr
12.9Sharlene Olmo3:38.00William Fleming
13.-Keyasia Little3:42.66Halifax County Sr
14.10Madison Lewis3:42.70Patrick Henry (Roano...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anna Carson5:57.19Patrick Henry (Roano...
---Ciara Mulcahy6:04.83Patrick Henry (Roano...
---Liz Taylor6:24.13Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.10Jessica Hinds7:04.06Halifax County Sr
3.11Sarah Underwood7:18.09Franklin County
4.10Madison Lewis8:02.55Patrick Henry (Roano...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11De'Ana Forbes15.58George Washington
2.12Mikayla Boyd16.85Halifax County Sr
3.12Shannon Hayes17.27George Washington
4.12Amanda Eichenlaub17.34Franklin County
5.11Tiarra McGhee17.56Patrick Henry (Roano...
6.12Kandiss Smith17.93Patrick Henry (Roano...
7.11Savannah Bowne18.44Franklin County
8.11Erinn Brooks18.46Franklin County
9.9Jazmyn Moore20.13George Washington
10.9Trinity Williams21.14Halifax County Sr
11.-G Smith21.43George Washington
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lora Wilson51.76George Washington
2.11Tiarra McGhee51.81Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.10Mya Brown54.65William Fleming
4.12Amanda Eichenlaub55.29Franklin County
5.12Anissia Coleman56.98Halifax County Sr
6.9Trinity Williams58.58Halifax County Sr
7.9Miranda Crockett1:00.00Franklin County
8.11Savannah Bowne1:03.84Franklin County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lora Wilson
De'Ana Forbes
Deneysha Goods
Lapria Winchester
50.42George Washington
2.-Relay Team 52.01Franklin County
3.-Mikayla Boyd
Kiana Woodall
Monasia Walton
Trinity Williams
53.18Halifax County Sr
4.-Chelsea Green
Maya Blue
Keasha Lee
Antavia Stevens
53.46William Fleming
---Elizabeth Higgs
Tori Long
Kandiss Smith
Natoria Hodnett
DNFPatrick Henry (Roano...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 12:16.43Franklin County
2.-Ronesha Williams
Mimi Kamara
Aaliyah Ivey
Sharlene Olmo
12:57.10William Fleming
3.-LaShawn Johnson
Kiana Hughes
Taiesha Logan
Keyasia Little
13:48.06Halifax County Sr
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bobbi Claytor34-02.00William Fleming
2.11Ashlyn Campbell33-03.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.-Desiree Keeling30-02.00William Fleming
4.10Sydney Little29-07.00Halifax County Sr
5.11Sarah Bias29-01.00William Fleming
6.12Dasear Trotter28-09.00Franklin County
7.11Khamishia Outlaw27-09.00Halifax County Sr
8.11LaShawn Johnson27-03.00Halifax County Sr
9.-Aikiera Cameron26-11.00Halifax County Sr
10.12Azris Jones26-07.00Franklin County
11.-Daja Calloway26-06.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
12.12Anissia Coleman26-04.00Halifax County Sr
13.-Tiamonte Seay25-10.00Franklin County
14.-Timara Brooks25-02.00Franklin County
15.-Shareefah Stanley24-11.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
16.-Amber Harris24-04.00Halifax County Sr
17.-Keiana Green24-01.00Franklin County
18.-Kashayia Hairston24-00.00George Washington
19.-Sierra Brown23-02.00William Fleming
20.-Destinee Henderson22-10.00George Washington
21.-Casey Crump21-02.00Franklin County
22.-Christee Lessinon20-08.00William Fleming
23.-Darryl Jones19-09.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
24.-Carlie Young17-05.00Franklin County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dasear Trotter85-04Franklin County
2.11Ashlyn Campbell84-06Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.11Khamishia Outlaw82-09Halifax County Sr
4.11Sarah Bias79-11William Fleming
5.11Shanese Crennel78-10William Fleming
6.10Amber Hairston75-09Franklin County
7.10Sydney Little72-02Halifax County Sr
8.10Latasha Williams72-00William Fleming
9.11LaShawn Johnson69-08Halifax County Sr
10.-Amber Harris65-09Halifax County Sr
11.-Tiamonte Seay62-04Franklin County
12.-Timara Brooks61-10Franklin County
13.-Diamond Smith61-00George Washington
14.12Azris Jones58-11Franklin County
15.11Kristian Walker57-06George Washington
16.9Raquel Smith57-05Franklin County
17.-Christee Lessinon53-05William Fleming
18.11Kellie Gingras53-02Franklin County
19.-Darryl Jones52-00Patrick Henry (Roano...
20.-Keiana Green50-03Franklin County
21.-Carlie Young46-06Franklin County
22.-Sierra Brown46-00William Fleming
23.-Shareefah Stanley44-10Patrick Henry (Roano...
24.-Daja Calloway44-09Patrick Henry (Roano...
25.-Casey Crump41-11Franklin County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Walton5-00.00Halifax County Sr
2.11Caroline Brailsford4-10.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.-Brona'za Fitzgerald4-10.00George Washington
4.11Deneysha Goods4-08.00George Washington
5.9Arrington Abby4-08.00Franklin County
6.10Maya Blue4-08.00William Fleming
7.9Miranda Crockett4-08.00Franklin County
8.-Tashayla Chandler4-08.00Halifax County Sr
9.10Zarkia Mattox4-08.00Franklin County
10.-Lajoya Price4-08.00George Washington
11.9Tyrika Lee4-06.00Halifax County Sr
12.9Asia Brown4-06.00William Fleming
13.12Kiana Woodall4-04.00Halifax County Sr
13.9Mikayla Holland4-04.00Franklin County
15.10Amelia Gaines4-04.00William Fleming
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Savannah Bowne9-00.00Franklin County
2.11Caroline Brailsford8-06.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
3.12Amanda Eichenlaub8-00.00Franklin County
4.-Joanna Osborne6-00.00Franklin County
5.11Piechchanda Long5-06.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
6.11Courtney Brothers5-00.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lora Wilson16-11.00George Washington
2.10Mya Brown15-04.25William Fleming
3.9Asia Brown15-02.25William Fleming
4.10Keasha Lee15-01.50William Fleming
5.11Erinn Brooks15-01.50Franklin County
6.9Taija Miller14-10.25William Fleming
7.11Tiarra McGhee14-09.50Patrick Henry (Roano...
8.12Mikayla Boyd14-05.75Halifax County Sr
9.10Maya Blue14-05.00William Fleming
10.-Aaliyah Ivey14-04.50William Fleming
11.12Erica Hancock14-04.00Franklin County
12.12Marika Kidd14-03.00Franklin County
13.9Jadesha Kidd14-00.00Franklin County
14.12Kandiss Smith13-11.50Patrick Henry (Roano...
15.10Monasia Walton13-04.25Halifax County Sr
16.11Breona Millner13-03.75Patrick Henry (Roano...
17.12Anissia Coleman13-00.00Halifax County Sr
18.12Latisha Martin12-11.75Franklin County
19.-Ashley-Rose Alberts12-10.75Halifax County Sr
20.10Latasha Williams11-10.00William Fleming
21.-Danielle Alexander11-05.25Patrick Henry (Roano...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lora Wilson33-08.00George Washington
2.12Mikayla Boyd33-05.50Halifax County Sr
3.11Erinn Brooks33-01.50Franklin County
4.11Tiarra McGhee32-09.50Patrick Henry (Roano...
5.10Mya Brown32-02.25William Fleming
6.-Ashley-Rose Alberts30-08.00Halifax County Sr
7.12A'Layah Tyree30-04.25Franklin County
8.12Marika Kidd29-11.00Franklin County
9.12Latisha Martin29-09.75Franklin County
10.11Ashlyn Campbell28-09.00Patrick Henry (Roano...
11.10Amelia Gaines28-05.25William Fleming
12.9Taija Miller28-03.50William Fleming
13.-Antoinette Wade27-08.75George Washington
14.-Aaliyah Ivey27-07.25William Fleming
15.10Keasha Lee27-00.75William Fleming
16.12Anissia Coleman26-05.00Halifax County Sr
17.-A Linder25-00.00Halifax County Sr
--11De'Ana ForbesNDGeorge Washington
--12Kandiss SmithNDPatrick Henry (Roano...
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