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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Kanyon Tuttle11.9Charlotte Latin
2.10Allen Tate12.0Charlotte Latin
3.10Christian Flasshoff12.0Forsyth Country Day
4.10Cameron Church12.2Covenant Day
5.11Ben Hawks12.4Covenant Day
6.12Winston Allgood12.4Forsyth Country Day
7.12Kahle Brown12.5Forsyth Country Day
8.10Tristan Gordon12.5Charlotte Latin
9.11Rodney Williams12.5Forsyth Country Day
10.11Jake Wilson12.7Forsyth Country Day
11.10Johnathan Garwood12.9Charlotte Latin
12.10James Burrows12.9Covenant Day
12.11Will Whitehead12.9Forsyth Country Day
14.9Griffin Mueller13.2Forsyth Country Day
15.12Kevin Liu13.2Covenant Day
16.10David Hubble13.2Forsyth Country Day
17.12Brandon Chase13.2Forsyth Country Day
18.10Dustin McNeer13.3Forsyth Country Day
19.-Montgomery Belk13.5Westchester Country ...
20.Justin Bullard13.5MS FCDS
21.10Blake Robinson13.8Forsyth Country Day
22.9Reilly Milburn13.8Woodlawn
23.9Jordan Quick13.9Covenant Day
24.9Jake Batchelor14.0Community School of ...
25.9Jack Argo14.1Westchester Country ...
26.9Wyatt Lansford14.3Westchester Country ...
27.Rex Rand14.3MS FCDS
28.12Matthew McBane14.5Forsyth Country Day
29.Alex Curry14.5MS FCDS
30.-Sam Wellons15.6Covenant Day
31.Collin Requarth16.7MS FCDS
--10AJ DohertyDQForsyth Country Day

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jeff Green24.3Westchester Country ...
2.10Allen Tate24.4Charlotte Latin
3.12Jack Young24.9Forsyth Country Day
4.11KJ Fon-Ndikum24.9Covenant Day
5.12Winston Allgood25.1Forsyth Country Day
6.12Kahle Brown25.1Forsyth Country Day
7.11Ben Hawks25.4Covenant Day
8.10John Lamm25.6Charlotte Latin
9.10Christian Flasshoff25.7Forsyth Country Day
10.10Tristan Gordon25.9Charlotte Latin
11.12Brandon Chase26.1Forsyth Country Day
12.10David Hubble26.4Forsyth Country Day
13.10James Burrows26.5Covenant Day
14.Justin Bullard26.8MS FCDS
15.9Trent Martensen27.1Charlotte Latin
16.11Will Whitehead27.1Forsyth Country Day
17.11Jake Wilson27.1Forsyth Country Day
18.9Griffin Mueller27.8Forsyth Country Day
19.9Reilly Milburn28.6Woodlawn
20.9Wyatt Lansford29.3Westchester Country ...
21.Rex Rand29.4MS FCDS
22.12Matthew McBane29.5Forsyth Country Day
23.10Michael Kaczmarczyk29.6Woodlawn
24.Alex Curry30.0MS FCDS

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jeff Green52.9Westchester Country ...
2.10Cameron Hightower54.6Charlotte Latin
3.10Jordan Harris56.3Charlotte Latin
4.10AJ Doherty57.5Forsyth Country Day
5.10Grayson Cole57.9Covenant Day
6.10John Lamm59.5Charlotte Latin
7.12Matthew Reyes59.6Forsyth Country Day
8.11Caleb Allen1:00.3Covenant Day
9.12Danny Glaser-Reich1:00.9Charlotte Latin
10.12Peter Bowman1:05.1Charlotte Latin
11.10Michael Kaczmarczyk1:05.8Woodlawn
12.10Jack Wrigley1:12.0Charlotte Latin

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Walker Rose2:08.8Westchester Country ...
2.11Michael Metzger2:13.1Charlotte Latin
3.12Tyler Mott2:13.5Charlotte Latin
4.9Bryan Christ2:13.8Forsyth Country Day
5.10Arthur Kimbro2:18.5Forsyth Country Day
6.10Jason Huber2:19.2Community School of ...
7.9Jay Kane2:22.2Charlotte Latin
8.10John Gaebe2:22.4Covenant Day
9.9Adam Chase2:22.9Forsyth Country Day
10.10Josh Biggerstaff2:23.6Covenant Day
11.9John Wacker2:27.1Woodlawn
12.10Jonathan Dabbs2:28.0Covenant Day
13.9Jack Cogdill2:30.9Covenant Day
14.12Matthew Reyes2:33.0Forsyth Country Day
15.12Nate Mueller2:34.9Forsyth Country Day
16.12Kerne Coreil2:36.1Woodlawn
17.11Lucas Godley2:36.1Covenant Day
18.11Hayes Brenner2:44.8Forsyth Country Day
19.12Danny Glaser-Reich2:48.8Charlotte Latin

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10David Hager4:31.7Woodlawn
2.9Adam Chase4:55.5Forsyth Country Day
3.10John Gaebe4:58.8Covenant Day
4.11Mark McAlister5:00.6Charlotte Latin
5.10Jason Huber5:00.7Community School of ...
6.9Bryan Christ5:06.3Forsyth Country Day
7.10Arthur Kimbro5:06.7Forsyth Country Day
8.12Peter Bowman5:25.8Charlotte Latin
9.10Jonathan Dabbs5:27.8Covenant Day
10.12Kerne Coreil5:29.9Woodlawn
11.Joel Schneider5:31.7MS FCDS
12.9Morgan Levy5:33.9Charlotte Latin
13.-Preston Shoaf5:34.6Westchester Country ...
14.9David Murray5:40.9Forsyth Country Day
15.12Nate Mueller5:43.3Forsyth Country Day
16.10Jack Wrigley5:45.6Charlotte Latin
17.10Brad Hamilton5:46.8Charlotte Latin
18.10Carter Wiles5:47.3Charlotte Latin
19.12Roman Berens6:01.0Charlotte Latin
20.11Hayes Brenner6:06.6Forsyth Country Day
21.Nicholas Emken6:07.2MS FCDS
22.11Lucas Godley6:08.0Covenant Day

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10David Hager10:21.0Woodlawn
2.11Mark McAlister10:52.0Charlotte Latin
3.10Jason Huber10:53.0Community School of ...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Freiberger16.0Westchester Country ...
2.12Marco Ricci16.8Charlotte Latin
3.12Sam Fortson21.1Covenant Day
4.11Joseph Scott21.3Forsyth Country Day
5.12Chris Horacek21.7Covenant Day

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Freiberger42.2Westchester Country ...
2.12Marco Ricci44.2Charlotte Latin
3.12Chris Horacek48.0Covenant Day
4.12Sam Fortson52.7Covenant Day
5.11Joseph Scott53.8Forsyth Country Day
6.9Noah Novembre1:01.0Forsyth Country Day

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Tristan Gordon
Chase Cisne
Kanyon Tuttle
Allen Tate
46.3Charlotte Latin
2.-Caleb Porter
Kris Madden
Ben Hawks
Cameron Church
48.1Covenant Day
3.-Relay Team 53.4Westchester Country ...

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-James Burrows
Cameron Church
Grayson Cole
Ben Hawks
1:39.2Covenant Day
2.-Mike Bauman
Jeff Green
Charlie Branson
Tyler Fairly
1:39.3Westchester Country ...
---Cameron Hightower
Allen Tate
Kanyon Tuttle
Chase Cisne
DQCharlotte Latin

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Marco Ricci
Cameron Hightower
Chase Cisne
Tyler Mott
3:42.9Charlotte Latin
2.-Caleb Allen
John Gaebe
KJ Fon-Ndikum
Grayson Cole
3:57.6Covenant Day
3.-Mike Bauman
Walker Rose
Jeff Green
Jan Luehr
4:04.0Westchester Country ...
4.-Relay Team 4:04.7Forsyth Country Day
5.-Michael Kaczmarczyk
John Wacker
Kerne Coreil
David Hager

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Arthur Kimbro
Adam Chase
David Murray
Bryan Christ
9:20.2Forsyth Country Day
2.-Carter Wiles
Brad Hamilton
Morgan Levy
Michael Metzger
9:24.4Charlotte Latin
---Nate Mueller
Matthew Reyes
Joel Schneider
Nicholas Emken
10:20.2Forsyth Country Day

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brian Ball37-09.00Westchester Country ...
2.9Toby Okwara36-08.00Charlotte Latin
3.10Johnathan Garwood33-05.50Charlotte Latin
4.12Neusom Parker33-03.00Forsyth Country Day
5.12Thor Emilsson33-02.00Forsyth Country Day
6.12Jeb Gebheart32-10.50Covenant Day
7.12Boyd Palmer32-09.00Covenant Day
8.10Patrick Achey31-00.00Charlotte Latin
9.10Chris Pascal30-03.50Charlotte Latin
10.11Joel VanDusen28-10.50Covenant Day
11.11Drew Pierce26-10.00Covenant Day
12.9Wes Parnell26-04.00Covenant Day
13.11Chuma Eruchalu24-09.75Charlotte Latin
14.9Clyde Nelson23-10.00Charlotte Latin
14.10Brendan Paschal23-10.00Charlotte Latin
16.Alex Heck18-09.00MS FCDS
17.9William Plumides18-04.00Charlotte Latin

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.9Toby Okwara103-02.50Charlotte Latin
2.12Thor Emilsson88-03Forsyth Country Day
3.-Brian Ball83-08Westchester Country ...
4.10Chris Pascal76-03.50Charlotte Latin
5.12Neusom Parker73-06Forsyth Country Day
6.11Drew Pierce72-08.50Covenant Day
7.10Patrick Achey71-04Charlotte Latin
8.12Caleb Porter67-04Covenant Day
9.10Brendan Paschal62-03Charlotte Latin
10.11Chuma Eruchalu59-03Charlotte Latin
11.9Clyde Nelson57-11Charlotte Latin
12.9William Plumides47-07.50Charlotte Latin
13.Alex Heck28-09MS FCDS

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alex Julian6-00.00Charlotte Latin
2.10Cameron Church5-04.00Covenant Day
2.11David Airing5-04.00Covenant Day
4.11Charlie Branson5-02.00Westchester Country ...
5.12Matthew Reyes4-08.00Forsyth Country Day
6.12Jack Young4-06.00Forsyth Country Day
7.9Noah Novembre4-02.00Forsyth Country Day
7.Alex Curry4-02.00MS FCDS

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alex Julian11-06.00Charlotte Latin
2.10Ryan Acks10-06.00Charlotte Latin
3.10Ryan Love10-00.00Charlotte Latin
4.10David Hubble9-06.00Forsyth Country Day
5.11Tyler Fairly9-00.00Westchester Country ...
5.10AJ Doherty9-00.00Forsyth Country Day
7.9JT Fortenberry8-06.00Charlotte Latin
7.10Dustin McNeer8-06.00Forsyth Country Day
7.11Jan Luehr8-06.00Westchester Country ...
10.9Jamie Kaplan7-06.00Charlotte Latin

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Freiberger21-06.50Westchester Country ...
2.12Kahle Brown19-03.50Forsyth Country Day
3.10James Mingoes18-06.00Charlotte Latin
4.11Jan Luehr18-03.00Westchester Country ...
5.11Charlie Branson17-05.75Westchester Country ...
6.11Rodney Williams17-03.25Forsyth Country Day
7.12Jack Young17-03.00Forsyth Country Day
8.12Nori Hill16-06.75Charlotte Latin
9.12Brandon Chase16-04.50Forsyth Country Day
9.9Trent Martensen16-04.50Charlotte Latin
11.11Jake Wilson16-03.00Forsyth Country Day
12.9Jay Kane15-10.00Charlotte Latin
13.11David Airing15-04.50Covenant Day
14.9Griffin Mueller15-00.00Forsyth Country Day
15.Justin Bullard14-10.00MS FCDS
16.10David Hubble14-06.50Forsyth Country Day
17.11Joseph Scott14-05.50Forsyth Country Day
18.Rex Rand14-04.00MS FCDS
19.9Jake Batchelor14-03.00Community School of ...
19.10Blake Robinson14-03.00Forsyth Country Day
21.9John Wacker14-01.00Woodlawn
22.9Reilly Milburn13-11.00Woodlawn

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Freiberger44-09.00Westchester Country ...
2.11Jan Luehr38-07.00Westchester Country ...
3.9Trent Martensen37-04.00Charlotte Latin
4.12Marco Ricci37-03.00Charlotte Latin
5.12Nori Hill37-00.00Charlotte Latin
6.12Kahle Brown36-06.00Forsyth Country Day
7.12Jack Young35-00.00Forsyth Country Day
8.12Brandon Chase33-05.00Forsyth Country Day


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