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4x100 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Jeffery Ortiz
Jarrod Howell
Sirvantii Cambell
Stephan Harris
44.06aCitrus Valley
2.-Relay Team 44.32Arroyo Valley
3.-Relay Team 44.52A.B. Miller
4.-Relay Team 45.02San Gorgonio
5.-Relay Team 45.32Canyon Springs
6.-Relay Team 45.42Valley View

4x100 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 45.40Jurupa Hills
2.-Relay Team 45.43Colton
3.-Relay Team 45.45Chula Vista
4.-Relay Team 46.99Twentynine Palms
5.-Relay Team 47.94Fontana
6.-Relay Team 49.92Chaffey
7.-Relay Team 52.96Aquinas

4x100 Relay  Throwers Div. 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 50.50Valley View
3.-Relay Team 52.64A.B. Miller
4.-Relay Team 52.65San Gorgonio
5.-Relay Team 56.07Esperanza

4x100 Relay  Throwers Div. 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 50.80Jurupa Hills
2.-Relay Team 53.60Chaffey
3.-Relay Team 55.20Chula Vista
4.-Relay Team 55.60Aquinas
5.-Relay Team 56.70Twentynine Palms
6.-Relay Team 57.20Fontana
7.-Relay Team 58.20Colton

4x200 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:33.83Citrus Valley
2.-Relay Team 1:35.79Canyon Springs
3.-Relay Team 1:35.97San Gorgonio
4.-Relay Team 1:36.72Valley View
5.-Relay Team 1:36.74A.B. Miller
6.-Relay Team 1:40.54Arroyo Valley
1.-Relay Team 3:09.58Arroyo Valley
2.-Relay Team 3:12.89San Gorgonio
3.-Relay Team 3:15.80A.B. Miller
5.-Relay Team 3:20.33Canyon Springs
6.-Relay Team 3:40.42Valley View

4x200 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:35.54Jurupa Hills
2.-Relay Team 1:36.22Colton
3.-Relay Team 1:38.82Chula Vista
4.-Relay Team 1:45.33Fontana
5.-Relay Team 1:47.38Twentynine Palms
6.-Relay Team 1:49.68Aquinas
7.-Relay Team 2:07.45Chaffey
1.-Relay Team 3:19.90Colton
2.-Relay Team 3:21.18Fontana
3.-Relay Team 3:25.90Chula Vista
4.-Relay Team 3:33.89Chaffey
5.-Relay Team 3:48.80Twentynine Palms

4x400 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:29.51Valley View
2.-Relay Team 3:32.00A.B. Miller
3.-Relay Team 3:38.66San Gorgonio
4.-Relay Team 3:43.84Citrus Valley
5.-Relay Team 4:01.29Canyon Springs
6.-Relay Team 4:06.12Arroyo Valley

4x400 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:39.20Fontana
2.-Relay Team 3:39.96Colton
3.-Relay Team 3:45.58Twentynine Palms
4.-Relay Team 3:46.03Jurupa Hills
5.-Relay Team 3:47.55Chula Vista
6.-Relay Team 4:06.80Chaffey
7.-Relay Team 4:19.01Aquinas

4x800 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:21.12Valley View
2.-Relay Team 8:38.48Arroyo Valley
3.-Relay Team 8:40.84Citrus Valley
4.-Relay Team 8:45.96San Gorgonio
5.-Relay Team 9:22.07Canyon Springs

4x800 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:34.14Chula Vista
2.-Relay Team 8:38.11Fontana
3.-Relay Team 9:04.23Jurupa Hills
4.-Relay Team 9:13.22Twentynine Palms
5.-Relay Team 9:44.97Colton
6.-Relay Team 10:54.61Chaffey

4x1600 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 20:22.61Canyon Springs
2.-Relay Team 20:24.53San Gorgonio
3.-Relay Team 20:26.19Citrus Valley
4.-Relay Team 20:36.16Arroyo Valley

4x1600 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 19:50.50Chula Vista
2.-Relay Team 20:01.07Twentynine Palms
3.-Relay Team 20:16.74Jurupa Hills
4.-Relay Team 21:34.15Fontana
5.-Relay Team 23:35.73Chaffey

SMR 100-100-200-400m  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:37.94Citrus Valley
2.-Relay Team 1:45.07San Gorgonio
3.-Relay Team 1:46.97A.B. Miller
4.-Relay Team 1:48.36Arroyo Valley
5.-Relay Team 1:52.32Canyon Springs
---Relay Team DQValley View

SMR 100-100-200-400m  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:42.31Fontana
2.-Relay Team 1:42.32Jurupa Hills
3.-Relay Team 1:43.23Chula Vista
4.-Relay Team 1:45.57Aquinas
5.-Relay Team 1:49.47Twentynine Palms
6.-Relay Team 1:51.18Chaffey
7.-Relay Team 1:54.13Colton

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 16:50.12Valley View
2.-Relay Team 17:09.04Arroyo Valley
3.-Relay Team 17:52.96Citrus Valley
4.-Relay Team 18:56.21San Gorgonio

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 16:41.60Jurupa Hills
2.-Relay Team 16:56.58Chula Vista
3.-Relay Team 17:26.34Fontana
4.-Relay Team 18:06.63Twentynine Palms
5.-Relay Team 18:08.82Chaffey
6.-Relay Team 18:13.48Colton

4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:02.24Arroyo Valley
2.-Relay Team 1:02.39Citrus Valley
3.-Relay Team 1:05.19San Gorgonio
4.-Relay Team 1:12.14Valley View

4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:04.72Twentynine Palms
2.-Relay Team 1:07.14Colton
3.-Relay Team 1:07.44Fontana
4.-Relay Team 1:13.38Jurupa Hills
5.-Relay Team 1:16.12Chaffey
6.-Relay Team 1:20.90Chula Vista
---Relay Team DNFAquinas

Shot Put - 12lb  Division 1 - Finals

11Luke Taylor42'11Citrus Valley
12Andrae Smith38'5Citrus Valley
11Jonathan Lapham29'9Citrus Valley

Discus - 1.6kg  Division 1 - Finals

12Andrae Smith124'10.5Citrus Valley
11Adam Stallings116'5Citrus Valley
11Jonathan Lapham111'9Citrus Valley

High Jump  Division 1 - Finals

12Darrian Frazier6'0Citrus Valley
12Apeti Adadevoh5'8Citrus Valley
11John Pak5'4Citrus Valley

Long Jump  Division 1 - Finals

12Apeti Adadevoh19'9Citrus Valley
11Stephen Harper17'9.5Citrus Valley

Triple Jump  Division 1 - Finals

12Apeti Adadevoh44'6Citrus Valley
12Darrian Frazier42'3.5Citrus Valley
11Stephen Harper42'1Citrus Valley


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