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Sky-Em Quad (JC/CGrove,LaPine,PHill)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Junction City, Junction City

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Harper11.30Junction City
2.12Zac Miller11.60Pleasant Hill
3.12Cody Biggar11.70Junction City
4.12Kevin Walker11.80Junction City
5.9John Roda12.10Junction City
6.12Jeremy Lowe12.20La Pine
12.10Bobby Edwards12.30Cottage Grove
8.12Devan Wilson12.40Junction City
8.12Robert Adamski12.40Junction City
8.10Daniel Elias12.40Cottage Grove
8.11James Russum12.40La Pine
7.11Taylor McCall12.5Cottage Grove
13.9Chris Benston12.60Cottage Grove
14.10Cody Birdwell12.70Cottage Grove
15.11Matt Argetsinger12.90Cottage Grove
16.12Josh Callaway13.20Junction City
16.12Cody Olson13.20Cottage Grove
16.9Ryan Sansom13.20Junction City
19.9Garrett Rhodes13.60Cottage Grove
20.9Kam Litton13.70Junction City
20.9Harrison Rager13.70Pleasant Hill
22.11Duy Vo13.90Pleasant Hill
23.9Jacob Mishler14.00Junction City
12Scott LaneNTLa Pine
12Jaime UrendaNTCottage Grove
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Harper23.30Junction City
2.12Zac Miller24.30Pleasant Hill
3.11Eric Anderson24.60Cottage Grove
4.11Andy Fielder24.70Junction City
4.9John Roda24.70Junction City
6.12Jeremy Lowe24.80La Pine
7.11Matt Reed24.90Junction City
8.10Ethan Fielder25.00Junction City
8.12Tyler Ford25.00Cottage Grove
10.11Chris Anderson25.10Cottage Grove
11.10Conor Teal25.20Pleasant Hill
11.12Jr Trevino25.20Pleasant Hill
13.11Kyle West25.30Junction City
14.12Max Ballance25.40Cottage Grove
15.12Craig Sather25.70Junction City
16.11James Russum25.80La Pine
17.9Chris Benston26.10Cottage Grove
18.11Brian Capps26.60Cottage Grove
19.9Ryan Sansom27.00Junction City
19.12Chris Fish27.00Cottage Grove
21.12Jose Canales27.10Cottage Grove
21.12Cody Olson27.10Cottage Grove
23.10Josh Wilcox '0827.20Junction City
24.11Sam McClean28.10Cottage Grove
25.11Duy Vo29.10Pleasant Hill
12Scott LaneNTLa Pine
10JP WaltersNTLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Madsen55.00Junction City
2.11Matt Reed56.30Junction City
3.11Eric Anderson57.00Cottage Grove
4.12Max Ballance57.60Cottage Grove
5.12Brett McKinley58.10Junction City
6.10Conor Teal58.20Pleasant Hill
7.12Jr Trevino59.50Pleasant Hill
8.12Jose Canales1:01.50Cottage Grove
9.12Chris Fish1:01.80Cottage Grove
10.11David Taylor1:03.50Junction City
11Adam MullinsNTCottage Grove
12Brian FoxNTCottage Grove
10Alan YorekNTCottage Grove
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ken Scoggin1:59.80Cottage Grove
2.12Jason Bell2:08.00Junction City
3.11Robbie Manning2:11.70La Pine
4.11Korey Humberston2:13.60Cottage Grove
5.11Sage Berg2:16.50Cottage Grove
6.12Cameron Pope2:16.80Pleasant Hill
7.9Sam Settelmeyer2:18.80Cottage Grove
8.9Kelvin Lassiter2:25.60Cottage Grove
9.10Nygil McCune2:26.60La Pine
10.9Garrett Rhodes2:27.50Cottage Grove
11.9Spencer Miller2:37.10La Pine
12Jaime UrendaNTCottage Grove
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cameron Pope4:35.10Pleasant Hill
2.11Robbie Manning4:35.50La Pine
3.11Evan Horstman4:58.50Junction City
4.9Sean Snyder5:00.30Cottage Grove
5.11Micah Randall5:06.30Pleasant Hill
6.11Max Lanfear5:08.10Pleasant Hill
7.9Spencer Miller5:10.50La Pine
8.11Justin Spahn5:16.70Cottage Grove
9.9Matt Carr5:20.00Pleasant Hill
10.11Taylor Cook5:22.40Cottage Grove
11.11Schyler Yarbrough5:24.00Junction City
10Wade ClarkNTPleasant Hill
11Jacob WagnerNTLa Pine
10Casey AndersonNTLa Pine
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Derek Leach11:46.00Cottage Grove
2.12Nick Woody11:52.00Cottage Grove
3.11Jason Kristiansen12:07.00Cottage Grove
12Cameron PopeNTPleasant Hill
9Jai BroomeNTPleasant Hill
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kienan Brotherton18.10Junction City
2.9Kenny Sale18.20Junction City
3.10Robert Foster18.30Cottage Grove
5.10Britton Anderson18.60Cottage Grove
4.12Darren Anderson18.70Cottage Grove
6.12Reed Strickland18.80Cottage Grove
7.11Nathan Gent20.90Junction City
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kienan Brotherton43.20Junction City
2.12Joe Banks44.10Pleasant Hill
3.12Reed Strickland45.20Cottage Grove
4.12Darren Anderson45.70Cottage Grove
5.10Britton Anderson46.30Cottage Grove
6.9Kenny Sale46.50Junction City
7.10Robert Foster47.70Cottage Grove
8.11Nathan Gent47.80Junction City
9.9Bobby Krasneski48.70Pleasant Hill
10.12Mateus Mota49.10Junction City
11.10Casey Lowe50.50La Pine
10Travis ThielNTCottage Grove
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joe Banks
Zac Miller
Jr Trevino
Kyle Watkins
47.70Pleasant Hill
2.-Adam Mullins
Reed Strickland
Martin Hemsoth
Taylor McCall
49.60Cottage Grove
3.-Anthony Hill
JP Walters
Jeremy Lowe
Scott Lane
51.10La Pine
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Travis Thiel
Bryant Sentman
Ken Scoggin
Eric Anderson
3:44.70Cottage Grove
2.-Relay Team 3:52.00Junction City
3.-Relay Team 3:52.30Junction City
4.-Scott Lane
Robbie Manning
Spencer Miller
Casey Lowe
4:05.70La Pine
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Craig Sather48'10.00Junction City
2.12Patrick Humpert42'04.00Junction City
3.10Shaun Culp40'04.50Cottage Grove
4.11Cory Rauschert39'06.00Junction City
5.10Brogan Cramer39'01.00Pleasant Hill
6.11Freddy Romero37'06.00Cottage Grove
7.10Lewis Laney36'00.50Pleasant Hill
8.11Blake Thompson35'07.00Cottage Grove
9.12Tony Discerni35'03.00Cottage Grove
9.12Justin McMurrian35'03.00La Pine
11.11Travis Lowery34'08.00Junction City
12.11Clark Wozich34'02.00Pleasant Hill
13.9David Black33'08.00Cottage Grove
14.9Daniel Toledo33'04.00La Pine
15.9Darrell Fairbanks33'02.00Pleasant Hill
16.10Brett Muth32'02.50Cottage Grove
17.10Perry Holt32'00.00Junction City
18.10Trey Jackson31'09.00Cottage Grove
18.9Dane Slocum31'09.00Junction City
20.9Adam Zigler31'05.00Cottage Grove
21.10Bryce Wilson31'02.00Cottage Grove
22.9Isaac McCall31'01.00Cottage Grove
23.12J.D. Shannon30'09.00Junction City
24.12Josh Callaway29'08.00Junction City
25.10Cody Birdwell29'07.00Cottage Grove
26.10Stan Cates28'03.00Cottage Grove
27.11Matt Argetsinger25'11.00Cottage Grove
28.10Zak Leach25'07.50Cottage Grove
9William BaileyNDCottage Grove
9Ben WreathNDCottage Grove
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Craig Sather124'09Junction City
2.10Daniel Elias111'01Cottage Grove
3.12Patrick Humpert110'01Junction City
4.12Tony Darling103'00Pleasant Hill
5.10Lewis Laney101'10Pleasant Hill
6.9David Black93'09Cottage Grove
7.10Zak Leach91'09Cottage Grove
8.12Tony Discerni91'00Cottage Grove
9.11Freddy Romero88'05Cottage Grove
10.9Jacob Mishler85'11Junction City
11.12Justin McMurrian85'09La Pine
12.9Adam Zigler85'08Cottage Grove
12.10Matt Darling85'08Pleasant Hill
14.9Daniel Toledo82'09La Pine
14.10Stan Cates82'09Cottage Grove
16.10Perry Holt82'05Junction City
17.12Josh Callaway81'07Junction City
18.10Trey Jackson80'05Cottage Grove
19.10Bryce Wilson76'11Cottage Grove
20.10Cody Birdwell75'11Cottage Grove
21.12Thane Jackson74'11Cottage Grove
22.10Shaun Culp73'07Cottage Grove
23.11Matt Argetsinger72'10Cottage Grove
24.10Brett Muth71'01Cottage Grove
25.9Isaac McCall68'00Cottage Grove
26.11Cory Rauschert67'07Junction City
27.9William Bailey51'08Cottage Grove
9Ben WreathNDCottage Grove
9Darrell FairbanksNDPleasant Hill
12Matt ThomasNDPleasant Hill
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Ford162'04Cottage Grove
2.12Otis Laney152'10Pleasant Hill
3.11Bryant Sentman147'01Cottage Grove
4.12Matt Thomas143'02Pleasant Hill
5.12Thane Jackson132'01Cottage Grove
6.12Jeremy Lowe126'09La Pine
7.12Nathan Adams125'10Junction City
8.9Chris Benston122'00Cottage Grove
9.10John Bomar119'05Cottage Grove
10.12Kevin Walker116'05Junction City
11.12J.D. Shannon115'05Junction City
12.11Travis Lowery112'07Junction City
13.11Sam McClean111'11Cottage Grove
14.10Lewis Laney110'08Pleasant Hill
15.9David Black109'03Cottage Grove
16.11Dan Northrop108'06Pleasant Hill
17.10Perry Holt106'10Junction City
18.11Blake Thompson103'05Cottage Grove
19.10Brett Muth103'02Cottage Grove
20.9Adam Zigler102'03Cottage Grove
21.9Dane Slocum99'04Junction City
22.11Cory Rauschert99'02Junction City
23.9Isaac McCall97'02Cottage Grove
24.9Matt Carr96'08Pleasant Hill
25.9Ryan Luzzo90'09Junction City
26.12Chris Fish85'07Cottage Grove
27.11Clark Wozich83'08Pleasant Hill
28.10Michael Lytle74'07La Pine
29.9Daniel Toledo72'05La Pine
30.9William Bailey59'03Cottage Grove
9Ben WreathNDCottage Grove
10Travis ThielNDCottage Grove
10Alan YorekNDCottage Grove
9Darrell FairbanksNDPleasant Hill
9Derek LeachNDCottage Grove
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryant Sentman5'10.00Cottage Grove
2.12Cody Biggar5'06.00Junction City
3.10Scott Boyer5'04.00Junction City
3.10Anthony Hill5'04.00La Pine
5.9Derek Leach5'02.00Cottage Grove
5.10John Bomar5'02.00Cottage Grove
5.12Darren Anderson5'02.00Cottage Grove
8.12Shaun DeBow5'00.00Junction City
10JP WaltersNHLa Pine
10Wade ClarkNHPleasant Hill
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Watkins10'06.00Pleasant Hill
2.11Adam Mullins10'00.00Cottage Grove
3.10Josh Wilcox '089'06.00Junction City
3.12Nathan Adams9'06.00Junction City
5.11Eric Anderson9'00.00Cottage Grove
5.12Austin Hightower9'00.00Junction City
5.9Bobby Krasneski9'00.00Pleasant Hill
8.10Ethan Fielder8'06.00Junction City
9.11Sam McClean8'00.00Cottage Grove
10Travis ThielNHCottage Grove
11Brian CappsNHCottage Grove
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeff Hunt20'07.00Junction City
2.12Tyler Ford19'07.00Cottage Grove
3.11Andy Fielder19'02.50Junction City
4.11Kyle West18'11.00Junction City
5.11Taylor McCall18'08.00Cottage Grove
6.10Scott Boyer18'01.50Junction City
7.10Robert Foster17'09.50Cottage Grove
8.9Chris Benston17'07.00Cottage Grove
9.10Anthony Hill17'05.50La Pine
10.9Harrison Rager17'04.00Pleasant Hill
11.10Britton Anderson17'03.00Cottage Grove
12.12Darren Anderson17'01.50Cottage Grove
13.12Robert Adamski16'11.75Junction City
14.12Shaun DeBow16'08.00Junction City
15.12Devan Wilson16'06.00Junction City
16.9Kenny Sale16'04.00Junction City
17.11Adam Mullins16'02.50Cottage Grove
18.10Richie Deyhle15'09.50Pleasant Hill
18.9Isaak Post15'09.50Pleasant Hill
20.10John Bomar15'08.50Cottage Grove
21.12Cody Olson15'04.50Cottage Grove
22.10Conor Teal15'01.50Pleasant Hill
23.9Anthony Tokatly14'11.50Pleasant Hill
24.9Sean Snyder14'11.00Cottage Grove
25.11David Taylor12'08.00Junction City
10Alan YorekNDCottage Grove
10JP WaltersNDLa Pine
12Max BallanceNDCottage Grove
10Nygil McCuneNDLa Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeff Hunt39'01.00Junction City
2.10Scott Boyer38'07.50Junction City
3.12Shaun DeBow35'05.00Junction City
4.12Tony Discerni35'00.00Cottage Grove
5.10Richie Deyhle33'09.00Pleasant Hill
6.12Nathan Adams33'08.00Junction City
7.9Isaak Post33'05.50Pleasant Hill
8.11Kevin Patel33'02.00Junction City
9.9Anthony Tokatly31'04.00Pleasant Hill

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Breanne Willis13.00Cottage Grove
2.10Brenna Patterson13.30Junction City
3.11Katie Rear13.70Junction City
3.12Nicole McClure13.70La Pine
3.9Brittany Hogan13.70Junction City
6.11Jessica Wintch13.80Junction City
7.9Alex Hogan14.00Cottage Grove
8.10Mia Pedersen14.20Junction City
8.12Melissa Gambino14.20Cottage Grove
10.9Whitney Snell14.30Cottage Grove
11.10Nikki Sherman14.80Junction City
12.9Sarah Coon15.10Junction City
13.11Alissa Barret15.30La Pine
14.9Kara Strickland15.50Cottage Grove
15.9Nicole Falk15.90Junction City
16.9Kaylee McKern16.10Junction City
17.9Bethany Olson16.20Cottage Grove
18.9Felicia Baldini16.40Cottage Grove
19.9Alanna Laisure16.70Junction City
20.12Ainura Bakimbayeva17.10La Pine
9Taylor McClungNTCottage Grove
10Katie SterlingNTPleasant Hill
9Hawley WardNTCottage Grove
9Ashley LarsonNTLa Pine
10Erica BenitezNTLa Pine
12Dominique WilsonNTCottage Grove
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Braidy Bates26.80Pleasant Hill
2.10Brenna Patterson27.20Junction City
3.12Nicole McClure27.80La Pine
4.11Jessica Wintch28.30Junction City
5.9Brittany Hogan28.90Junction City
6.10Mia Pedersen29.60Junction City
6.9Claire Parmenter29.60Pleasant Hill
8.10Natalie Manning29.90Cottage Grove
9.11Camila Coelho30.70La Pine
10.10Sherrie Fiske31.10Junction City
11.12Dominique Wilson31.20Cottage Grove
12.9Lauren Davis32.00Junction City
13.11Barb Ayers32.20Cottage Grove
14.9Hawley Ward32.30Cottage Grove
15.11Alissa Barret33.60La Pine
16.10Erica Benitez34.30La Pine
17.9Bethany Olson34.80Cottage Grove
18.9Felicia Baldini35.90Cottage Grove
9Ashley LarsonNTLa Pine
11Phyllicia BagwellNTPleasant Hill
9Caitlin McSheery-BoodNTCottage Grove
10Jessica McCleanNTCottage Grove
12Lindsay NyleenNTCottage Grove
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carlynn Crymes1:04.40Junction City
2.11Phyllicia Bagwell1:06.00Pleasant Hill
3.10Brittany McKinley1:06.20Junction City
4.9Claire Parmenter1:07.20Pleasant Hill
5.10Taylor Treadwell1:08.20Cottage Grove
6.10Leigh Lemhouse1:09.60Junction City
7.9Shelby Presley1:10.20Cottage Grove
9.12Dominique Wilson1:11.60Cottage Grove
10.10Kayla Goodman1:14.50Junction City
9Tara O'BrienNTPleasant Hill
10Natalie ManningNTCottage Grove
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maria Ramirez2:31.20La Pine
2.9Rita Krantz2:41.20Cottage Grove
3.11Kelli Stoneberg2:43.40Junction City
4.10Serena Carr2:56.10Pleasant Hill
5.12Chassen Johnson3:09.10Pleasant Hill
12Katrina GambleNTLa Pine
9Melody RogersNTLa Pine
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelli Stoneberg5:36.90Junction City
2.9Samantha Shipley5:39.80Junction City
3.9Leah Klein6:06.30Cottage Grove
4.12Chassen Johnson6:21.60Pleasant Hill
5.11Sophia Hollenbeck6:38.90Pleasant Hill
6.10Paysha Luzzo7:01.00Junction City
7.10Jessica Bell7:19.80Junction City
9Maria RamirezNTLa Pine
9Melody RogersNTLa Pine
10Jessica McCleanNTCottage Grove
12Alexann WestlakeNTPleasant Hill
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexann Westlake13:23.00Pleasant Hill
9Tara O'BrienNTPleasant Hill
9Katelyn DunnNTCottage Grove
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jesikah deRondenpos18.20Pleasant Hill
2.12Heather Sebold18.30Junction City
3.10Tiffany Harper18.70Junction City
4.11Barb Ayers18.80Cottage Grove
5.10Meghanne Denecochea18.90La Pine
6.9Brynn Crymes20.00Junction City
7.9Kaitlyn Kronberger20.20Cottage Grove
8.9Rita Krantz20.60Cottage Grove
10Katie SterlingNTPleasant Hill
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tiffany Harper52.10Junction City
2.11Jesikah deRondenpos53.00Pleasant Hill
3.12Heather Sebold53.40Junction City
4.10Meghanne Denecochea54.00La Pine
5.9Kaitlyn Kronberger55.40Cottage Grove
6.9Kayla Panton55.50La Pine
7.11Katie Rear57.00Junction City
8.9Brynn Crymes59.70Junction City
9.10Holly Hine1:08.70Junction City
10Katie SterlingNTPleasant Hill
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Pick36'00.00La Pine
2.11Lillian Sampson33'03.00Pleasant Hill
3.10Kallie Nowak30'06.00Cottage Grove
4.12Lexi Albrandt30'04.50Junction City
5.12Holly Russell29'05.50La Pine
6.10Nikki Sherman28'07.00Junction City
7.11Sam Clough27'02.00Cottage Grove
8.10Ellie Markus27'01.00Pleasant Hill
9.9Kaelyn Likens27'00.00Junction City
9.11Ashley Armstrong27'00.00Cottage Grove
11.9Caitlin McSheery-Bood25'11.00Cottage Grove
12.11Megan Sayer23'06.50Cottage Grove
13.9Tabitha King21'08.50Cottage Grove
14.9Alanna Laisure20'03.00Junction City
15.10Alexandra Lawrence17'00.00Cottage Grove
9Alyssia MartinNDCottage Grove
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Pick121'09La Pine
2.12Holly Russell100'04La Pine
3.12Lexi Albrandt93'07Junction City
4.10Kallie Nowak82'06Cottage Grove
5.9Alyssia Martin80'02Cottage Grove
6.11Megan Sayer80'01Cottage Grove
7.11Sam Clough76'03Cottage Grove
8.10Ellie Markus74'01Pleasant Hill
9.9Caitlin McSheery-Bood69'01Cottage Grove
10.10Cloie Fish66'01Cottage Grove
11.10Crystal Rutherford61'08Junction City
12.11Ashley Armstrong53'05Cottage Grove
13.9Tabitha King52'02Cottage Grove
14.9Sarah Coon49'07Junction City
15.10Holly Hine45'08Junction City
16.10Alexandra Lawrence43'00Cottage Grove
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Holly Russell119'01La Pine
2.12Emily Pick91'07La Pine
3.11Amber Simpson91'02Pleasant Hill
4.9Lindsay Dawson86'08Cottage Grove
5.9Alyssia Martin83'07Cottage Grove
6.9Kara Strickland75'02Cottage Grove
7.11Ashley Armstrong73'08Cottage Grove
8.9Sarah Coon73'05Junction City
9.10Nikki Sherman71'10Junction City
10.10Cloie Fish68'01Cottage Grove
11.9Samantha Shipley66'07Junction City
12.9Kaelyn Likens60'04Junction City
13.10Kallie Nowak56'09Cottage Grove
14.10Rebekah Spencer56'05Cottage Grove
15.10Cassie Branstetter56'04Cottage Grove
16.9Emalee Urie54'03Junction City
17.9Tabitha King53'10Cottage Grove
18.9Alanna Laisure51'11Junction City
19.9Nicole Falk46'01Junction City
20.9Kaylee McKern40'10Junction City
21.10Rebecca Panella36'07Pleasant Hill
22.10Alexandra Lawrence35'09Cottage Grove
23.11Hannah Darden35'03Junction City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Malia White4'08.00Pleasant Hill
2.12Rebekah Heffron4'06.00Pleasant Hill
3.9Samantha Shipley4'04.00Junction City
4.9Kaelyn Likens4'00.00Junction City
11Alissa BarretNHLa Pine
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Heather Sebold8'06.00Junction City
2.10Kara Snyder8'00.00La Pine
3.9Brittany Hogan6'06.00Junction City
4.9Whitney Snell6'00.00Cottage Grove
4.10Kayla Goodman6'00.00Junction City
9Kayla PantonNHLa Pine
11Cambrie CaldwellNHLa Pine
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Rear15'07.50Junction City
2.10Braidy Bates14'11.75Pleasant Hill
3.11Carlynn Crymes14'09.50Junction City
4.10Kara Snyder14'07.50La Pine
5.12Rebekah Heffron14'06.00Pleasant Hill
6.11Breanne Willis14'00.00Cottage Grove
7.9Whitney Snell13'06.00Cottage Grove
7.9Alex Hogan13'06.00Cottage Grove
9.10Brenna Patterson13'05.00Junction City
10.12Melissa Gambino13'00.25Cottage Grove
11.9Rita Krantz12'05.00Cottage Grove
12.9Kayla Panton12'01.75La Pine
13.10Kayla Goodman11'05.25Junction City
14.9Shelby Presley11'03.75Cottage Grove
15.9Hawley Ward11'02.50Cottage Grove
16.10Holly Hine11'02.00Junction City
17.10Erica Benitez10'09.00La Pine
18.9Bethany Olson10'02.00Cottage Grove
19.12Ainura Bakimbayeva9'10.50La Pine
9Taylor McClungNDCottage Grove
9Mariah ClarkNDLa Pine
9Ashley LarsonNDLa Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Rear32'04.50Junction City
2.11Jessica Wintch30'09.75Junction City
3.12Melissa Gambino28'04.50Cottage Grove
4.9Nicole Falk23'1Junction City
11Cambrie CaldwellNDLa Pine
12Ainura BakimbayevaNDLa Pine
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