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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jeremy Jones12.51aClarke Community
2.8Kyle Dolecheck12.99aMt Ayr
3.8Josh Mitchell13.04aLenox
4.8Justin Folkerts13.38aBedford
5.7Trace Carson15.91aCentral Decatur
6.7Alex Chapman16.06aWayne
7.7Jared Arends18.18aEast Union
8.7Lew Knapp32.52aMt Ayr
9.7Cody Sleep33.98aBedford
10.8Griffen Campbell34.55aSouthwest Valley
11.7Tanner Weier36.17aClarke Community
12.7Connor Runyon36.72aWayne
13.7Connor Haggerty38.89aSouthwest Valley
7Blake StonehockerNTEast Union
7Clayton SmithNTCentral Decatur
7Joesph EstrellaNTLenox
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jeremy Jones25.23aClarke Community
2.8Kyle Dolecheck25.66aMt Ayr
3.8Josh Mitchell26.21aLenox
4.8Justin Folkerts26.93aBedford
5.9Jacob Taylor27.09aDiagonal
6.7Will Mongar28.23aClarke Community
7.7Preston Fleharty29.13aSouthwest Valley
8.7Blake Housely30.86aWayne
9.8Nathan Mackey33.02aBedford
10.7Alex Chapman33.09aWayne
11.7Trace Carson33.94aCentral Decatur
12.7Dillion Carlisle34.24aEast Union
13.7Connor Haggerty35.37aSouthwest Valley
14.7Mike James35.42aMt Ayr
15.7Alex Brown36.91aEast Union
16.8Levi Marshall37.34aLenox
17.7Stephan Skero38.04aCentral Decatur
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Carson Keifer1:00.53aWayne
2.8Justin Folkerts1:00.60aBedford
3.8Rhett Murphy1:01.12aMt Ayr
4.8Josh Mitchell1:01.17aLenox
5.8Justin Adams1:01.19aClarke Community
6.7Josue Lopez1:05.79aClarke Community
7.7Kyle Potter1:05.82aCentral Decatur
8.7Blake Housely1:08.24aWayne
9.7Jeremy Arends1:12.24aEast Union
10.-Gerad Naill1:14.47aDiagonal
11.7Brent Bounds1:14.86aMt Ayr
12.7Blake Stonehocker1:16.24aEast Union
13.7Wyatt Blacketer1:20.80aBedford
14.7Jacob Kinyon1:21.41aSouthwest Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rich Wilkins2:23.35aClarke Community
2.8Gunner Sergeant-Elben2:26.19aClarke Community
3.8Dillon Bennett2:37.99aLenox
4.7Trevor Wilson2:45.36aWayne
5.-Gerad Naill2:58.82aDiagonal
6.8Kody Coleman3:05.76aBedford
7.7Jacob Vanbuskirk3:09.32aMt Ayr
8.7Dalton Davis3:11.19aSouthwest Valley
7Alex ChapmanNTWayne
7Matthew HielenNTBedford
9Ethan NewtonNTDiagonal
7Jared ArendsNTEast Union
7Jacob GarretNTMt Ayr
8Quinn McClellanNTCentral Decatur
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rich Wilkins5:34.72aClarke Community
2.8Jake Manternach5:42.57aClarke Community
3.7Dawson Tullberg6:05.23aLenox
4.7Caleb Solari6:12.32aSouthwest Valley
5.8Justin Moreno6:42.77aWayne
6.7Nick Mattly6:56.03aWayne
7Matthew HielenNTBedford
9Ethan NewtonNTDiagonal
7Gavin DineNTMt Ayr
7Mitchell JennettNTMt Ayr
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Colt Scott18.55aBedford
2.8Cody McMann18.59aSouthwest Valley
3.8Carson Cline19.02aLenox
4.7Chance Masters19.15aCentral Decatur
5.8Zach Harmsen19.74aClarke Community
6.8Keyton Nickell19.95aWayne
7.8Johnathan Vanbuskirk20.37aMt Ayr
8.8Travis Purdy20.87aMt Ayr
9.7Cody Weier20.90aClarke Community
10.7Caleb Johnson22.16aBedford
11.7Joesph Estrella24.78aLenox
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ethan Hanna28.36aCentral Decatur
2.7Cal Daughton30.57aMt Ayr
3.8Trevor Anderson30.91aMt Ayr
4.8Carson Cline31.82aLenox
5.8Colt Scott32.51aBedford
6.8Cody McMann34.13aSouthwest Valley
7.7Gabe Crawford34.76aClarke Community
8.7Nick Mattly36.42aWayne
9.7Reed Morris38.10aClarke Community
10.7Wyatt Blacketer40.68aBedford
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandyne Olin
Kooper Brimm
Will Mongar
Jeremy Jones
52.26aClarke Community
2.-Rhett Murphy
Nick Wurster
Caleb Schnoor
Logan Stark
53.58aMt Ayr
3.-Ben Savely
Kyle Potter
Rayden Boswell
Ethan Hanna
56.10aCentral Decatur
4.-Jacob Taylor
Kade Means
Colter Pickering
Levi Jarred
5.-Cle Beason
Sawyer Andresen
Joel King
Sam McMillin
6.-Alex Brown
Dillion Carlisle
Gabe Nixon
Blake Stonehocker
1:00.92aEast Union
7.-Jerad Shires
Caleb Solari
Preston Fleharty
Griffen Campbell
1:01.44aSouthwest Valley
8.-Colby Lange
Kaleb Anderson
Spencer Brown
Dawson Tullberg
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Dolecheck
Ethan McGill
Logan Stark
Nick Wurster
1:50.30aMt Ayr
2.-Jacob Taylor
Levi Jarred
Colter Pickering
Kade Means
3.-Jerad Shires
Evan Skelton
Preston Fleharty
Griffen Campbell
2:05.77aSouthwest Valley
4.-Hunter Russell
Sawyer Andresen
Derick Price
Nathan Mackey
5.-Billy Otto
Anthony Horn
Nick Johnston
Gavin Monroe
2:06.67aClarke Community
6.-Trace Carson
Rayden Boswell
Craig Beavers
Dylan Gibson
2:10.54aCentral Decatur
-Beau Boswell
Tyler Kelley
Dillion Carlisle
Casey Walter
DQEast Union
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jared Hensley
Jacob Bolinger
Dawson Tullberg
Dillon Bennett
2.-Casey Walter
Gabe Nixon
Tyler Kelley
Jeremy Arends
4:39.85aEast Union
3.-Troy Morgan
Martin Zaragoza
Nathan Riley
Jake Leeps
4:42.62aClarke Community
4.-Max McMillin
Hunter Russell
Wyatt Dillon
Derrin Long
5.-Stephan Skero
Craig Beavers
Mickey Morgan
Kade Kelso
4:56.69aCentral Decatur
6.-Triston Ackley
Mitchell Jennett
Cameron Young
Trevor Gooding
5:05.14aMt Ayr
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gunner Sergeant-Elben
Jake Manternach
Rich Wilkins
Justin Adams
10:01.70aClarke Community
2.-Carson Keifer
Justin Moreno
Blake Housely
Trevor Wilson
3.-Triston Ackley
Cameron Young
Brent Bounds
Jeremy Vanbuskirk
11:35.00aMt Ayr
4.-Sam McMillin
Kody Coleman
Max McMillin
Derrin Long
5.-Cody McMann
Jacob Kinyon
Caleb Solari
Dalton Davis
11:57.20aSouthwest Valley
6.-Bryan King
Quinn McClellan
Mickey Morgan
Lawson Vanderflute
12:21.00aCentral Decatur
7.-Spencer Brown
Colby Lange
Levi Marshall
Joesph Estrella
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ethan McGill
Nick Wurster
Rhett Murphy
Caleb Schnoor
1:55.42aMt Ayr
2.-Zach Harmsen
Brandyne Olin
Max Hobbs
Justin Adams
1:56.40aClarke Community
3.-Blayde Baker
Keyton Nickell
Trevor Wilson
Carson Keifer
4.-Casey Walter
Gabe Nixon
Tyler Kelley
Beau Boswell
2:02.33aEast Union
5.-Colby Lange
Kaleb Anderson
Jared Hensley
Jacob Bolinger
6.-Chance Masters
Rayden Boswell
Ben Savely
Kyle Potter
2:07.51aCentral Decatur
7.-Kade Means
Gerad Naill
Colter Pickering
Levi Jarred
8.-Cle Beason
Max McMillin
Sam McMillin
Joel King
9.-Jerad Shires
Dalton Davis
Evan Skelton
Jacob Kinyon
2:31.77aSouthwest Valley
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Trevor Anderson
Caleb Schnoor
Logan Stark
Cal Daughton
4:38.35aMt Ayr
2.-Nick Johnston
Brandyne Olin
Jake Leeps
Ian Showers
4:42.78aClarke Community
3.-Jared Hensley
Carson Cline
Jacob Bolinger
Dillon Bennett
4.-Quentin Sefrit
Robert Hitch
Cle Beason
Wyatt Dillon
5.-Craig Beavers
Stephan Skero
Mickey Morgan
Kade Kelso
5:21.52aCentral Decatur
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:14.12aMt Ayr
2.-Relay Team 1:16.21aCentral Decatur
3.-Relay Team 1:20.00aBedford
4.-Relay Team 1:25.30aClarke Community
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kooper Brimm45-00.50Clarke Community
2.8Spencer Brown35-10.00Lenox
3.8Tyler Kelley35-07.50East Union
4.8Jed McCreary34-10.00Mt Ayr
5.-Kade Means34-01.50Diagonal
6.8Josh Mitchell33-11.25Lenox
7.8Lincoln Lutrick33-06.00Mt Ayr
8.7Carson Keifer32-04.00Wayne
9.8Dylan Davis29-10.50Bedford
10.7Nathan Bair28-06.00Clarke Community
11.8Dylan Gibson27-09.00Central Decatur
12.8Hunter Russell26-10.00Bedford
13.7Beau Boswell25-08.00East Union
14.-Gerad Naill25-05.50Diagonal
15.7Hayden Bayles24-04.00Southwest Valley
16.7Scott Palmer24-02.50Southwest Valley
17.7Justin Shields23-01.00Central Decatur
18.7Connor Runyon21-02.00Wayne
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kooper Brimm117-09Clarke Community
2.8Lincoln Lutrick111-09Mt Ayr
3.8Jed McCreary111-01Mt Ayr
4.8Connor Welch100-00Central Decatur
5.8Kaleb Matheny90-05Bedford
6.8Spencer Brown89-06Lenox
7.8Justin Moreno88-03Wayne
8.8Hunter Simpson77-05Clarke Community
9.9Jacob Taylor70-08Diagonal
10.8Dylan Gibson68-01Central Decatur
11.8Jacob Beggs65-10Bedford
12.7Connor Runyon57-02Wayne
13.7Jared Arends56-01East Union
14.7Bryce Newton53-00Southwest Valley
15.7Alex Brown49-04East Union
16.7Cole Hendriksen46-00Southwest Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rich Wilkins5-08.00Clarke Community
2.8Colt Scott5-06.00Bedford
2.8Ethan Hanna5-06.00Central Decatur
4.7Blake Housely4-10.00Wayne
5.7Brandyne Olin4-08.00Clarke Community
6.8Peyton Pedersen4-06.00Central Decatur
7.7Jeremy Arends4-04.00East Union
7.7Colby Lange4-04.00Lenox
7.7Triston Ackley4-04.00Mt Ayr
7.8Jeremy Vanbuskirk4-04.00Mt Ayr
7Kaleb AndersonNHLenox
7Casey WalterNHEast Union
7Caleb JohnsonNHBedford
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kyle Dolecheck16-07.25Mt Ayr
2.8Justin Folkerts15-10.50Bedford
3.8Nick Wurster15-09.00Mt Ayr
4.7Gabe Nixon15-06.00East Union
5.8Zach Harmsen15-03.00Clarke Community
6.8Max Hobbs15-03.00Clarke Community
7.8Jacob Bolinger14-10.75Lenox
8.8Dillon Bennett14-07.00Lenox
8.7Trevor Wilson14-07.00Wayne
10.7Kyle Potter14-00.50Central Decatur
11.8Keyton Nickell13-09.50Wayne
12.7Blake Stonehocker13-07.75East Union
12.-Colter Pickering13-07.75Diagonal
14.-Levi Jarred12-11.00Diagonal
15.7Ben Savely12-07.00Central Decatur
16.7Max McMillin12-05.00Bedford
17.8Griffen Campbell11-10.50Southwest Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Demi Austin14.06aWayne
2.7Sydney Damewood14.35aSouthwest Valley
3.7Cheyenne Haveman14.41aMt Ayr
4.8Kaitlyn Boyer14.45aClarke Community
5.7Megan Warin14.50aMt Ayr
6.7Lily Simon14.60aCentral Decatur
7.8Mika Weaver14.68aLenox
8.8Callyn Bonde14.73aBedford
9.7Kasydi Klommhaus15.86aDiagonal
10.8Kyra Lane15.94aEast Union
11.8Brooke Duckworth16.20aWayne
12.7Ashley Malone16.99aEast Union
8Amber YelleNTCentral Decatur
8Maddison HeathNTClarke Community
7Kiara RobertsNTSouthwest Valley
7Megan DavenportNTDiagonal
7Haley BalsNTLenox
7Whitney HenryNTBedford
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Demi Austin29.13aWayne
2.8Rachel Armstrong29.86aBedford
3.8Kaitlyn Boyer30.01aClarke Community
4.7Cheyenne Haveman30.03aMt Ayr
5.8Mika Weaver30.19aLenox
6.7Megan Warin30.49aMt Ayr
7.8Ashtyn Grossnickle30.54aSouthwest Valley
8.7Emily Rosa33.30aCentral Decatur
9.7Erica Halferty33.33aWayne
10.7Samantha Carpenter33.65aBedford
11.7Mara Weis33.73aEast Union
12.7Danielle Brown34.79aClarke Community
13.7Jaci Haidsiak35.77aDiagonal
14.7Cali Foglesong39.56aEast Union
15.7Megan Davenport42.78aDiagonal
7Tara ShowersNTCentral Decatur
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lily Simon1:11.82aCentral Decatur
2.7Macy Larsen1:11.93aMt Ayr
3.7Megan Warin1:12.31aMt Ayr
4.7Shantelle Brown1:13.51aLenox
5.7Kiara Roberts1:13.70aSouthwest Valley
6.8Sierra John1:15.31aBedford
7.7Erica Halferty1:16.10aWayne
8.7Jacy Stoaks1:16.46aLenox
9.7Jordan Heath1:17.05aClarke Community
10.-Kera Carpenter1:19.73aDiagonal
11.8Emma Richardson1:20.26aEast Union
12.-Hali O'Malia1:21.37aDiagonal
13.8Bryanna Moreland1:22.22aSouthwest Valley
14.7Marissa Walter1:30.17aEast Union
15.7Peetie Hampton1:31.99aWayne
16.7Hailey Chamley1:33.01aCentral Decatur
17.7Taylor Villhauer1:39.97aBedford
8Courtney ClarkNTClarke Community
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Shantelle Brown2:57.77aLenox
2.7Lindsey Mumaw3:00.67aClarke Community
3.8Katelyn Rhodes3:02.68aWayne
4.7Elissa O'Dell3:05.83aBedford
5.7Jena Proffitt3:07.05aEast Union
6.8Emma Richardson3:26.18aEast Union
7Tessa ShieldsNTMt Ayr
8Madelynn BurnNTBedford
8Bryanna MorelandNTSouthwest Valley
7Arykah WisemanNTCentral Decatur
8Addy TackasNTCentral Decatur
6Jennifer KingNTDiagonal
7Cheyenne HavemanNTMt Ayr
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Charissa Mogler5:55.35aBedford
2.8Alyssa Proffitt5:57.13aEast Union
3.7Keegan Bethards6:49.49aCentral Decatur
4.7Katie Gassman7:03.38aWayne
5.6Jennifer King7:05.20aDiagonal
7Cassie BrandNTMt Ayr
7Molly AndersonNTMt Ayr
8Maddy MurphyNTWayne
7Addy FrankNTCentral Decatur
7Sadie FrostNTMt Ayr
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Karna Hampton17.05aWayne
2.7Bailey Zimmerman18.61aClarke Community
3.8Kirsten Dolecheck19.23aMt Ayr
4.8Laura Davison19.31aMt Ayr
5.7Solanna Zimmerman20.25aClarke Community
6.8Macey Newlin20.65aBedford
7.8Hannah Bennett21.20aLenox
8.7Maddy Willey21.35aWayne
9.7Ashley Malone22.41aEast Union
10.7Mary Lindsey22.46aCentral Decatur
11.7Calyn Matheny23.45aBedford
12.7Bailey LaFee24.39aCentral Decatur
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Maddie Mobley34.98aMt Ayr
2.8Macey Newlin35.48aBedford
3.8Kirsten Dolecheck36.94aMt Ayr
4.7Ariella May37.50aClarke Community
5.7Calyn Matheny39.67aBedford
6.7Alyssa Jackson41.19aClarke Community
7.7Katie Gassman42.44aWayne
8.7Addy Frank45.21aCentral Decatur
8Addy TackasNTCentral Decatur
7Madison DarrahNTWayne
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kalissa Mertens
Katlin Weinkoetz
Kyra Lane
Kacie Ripperger
58.37aEast Union
2.-Maddison Heath
McKenzie McIntosh
Baylie Balcaen
Kaitlyn Boyer
59.41aClarke Community
3.-Callyn Bonde
Alyssa Kuhn
Ashlyn Spencer
Rachel Armstrong
4.-Taylor Damewood
Ashtyn Grossnickle
Elizabeth Fuller
Sydney Damewood
1:01.18aSouthwest Valley
5.-Brylea Stark
Laura Davison
Haylea England
Maddie Mobley
1:01.98aMt Ayr
6.-Vanessa Reed
Emily Rosa
Caylee Schmidt
Amber Yelle
1:04.23aCentral Decatur
7.-Jaci Haidsiak
Kasydi Klommhaus
Hali O'Malia
Kera Carpenter
8.-Brooke Duckworth
Erica Halferty
Sarah Norris
Raegan Parham
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Callyn Bonde
Alyssa Kuhn
Emily Weed
Rachel Armstrong
2.-McKenzie McIntosh
Maddison Heath
Baylie Balcaen
Sydnee Redman
2:07.38aClarke Community
3.-Taylor Damewood
Ashtyn Grossnickle
Elizabeth Fuller
Sydney Damewood
2:07.48aSouthwest Valley
4.-Reagan Brown
Jena Proffitt
Breanna Ripperger
Shaylee Cooper
2:23.18aEast Union
5.-Breanne Haley
Blair Glendenning
Sadie Frost
Baylee Stark
2:27.08aMt Ayr
6.-Hailey Chamley
Madison Blades
Arykah Wiseman
Tara Showers
2:42.55aCentral Decatur
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kacie Ripperger
Emma Harper
Alyssa Proffitt
Katlin Weinkoetz
4:51.46aEast Union
2.-Charissa Mogler
Cassidy Strickland
Sierra John
Emily Weed
3.-Lily Simon
Mary Lindsey
Raegan Boothe
Jentri Hullinger
5:00.98aCentral Decatur
4.-Beth Christensen
Jacy Stoaks
Hannah Bennett
Rebekah Kroese
5.-Meghan Gould
Jordan Heath
Bailey Zimmerman
Sydnee Redman
5:11.28aClarke Community
6.-Ashton Sheil
Sadie Frost
Blair Glendenning
Macy Larsen
5:13.68aMt Ayr
7.-Kera Carpenter
Hali O'Malia
Kasydi Klommhaus
Jaci Haidsiak
8.-Maddy Willey
Michaela Thomas
Peetie Hampton
Maddy Murphy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mika Weaver
Shantelle Brown
Jacy Stoaks
Mikinna Fitzgerald
2.-Sierra John
Cassidy Strickland
Charissa Mogler
Madelynn Burn
3.-Mary Lindsey
Keegan Bethards
Raegan Boothe
Jentri Hullinger
12:39.30aCentral Decatur
4.-Megan Reasoner
Brylea Stark
Hope Fletchall
Ica Hauge
14:11.40aMt Ayr
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydnee Redman
Bailey Zimmerman
Solanna Zimmerman
Courtney Clark
2:10.26aClarke Community
2.-Ashlyn Spencer
Palen Stream
Alyssa Kuhn
Emily Weed
3.-Vanessa Reed
Caylee Schmidt
Emily Rosa
Amber Yelle
2:18.11aCentral Decatur
4.-Bailey Andrews
Karna Hampton
Michaela Thomas
Sarah Norris
5.-Ashton Sheil
Breanne Haley
Macy Larsen
Haylea England
2:19.50aMt Ayr
6.-Breanna Ripperger
Reagan Brown
Courtney Phelps
Grace Hall
2:19.87aEast Union
7.-Taylor Damewood
Sydney Dimmler
Kiara Roberts
Elizabeth Fuller
2:20.07aSouthwest Valley
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Reagan Brown
Kalissa Mertens
Mara Weis
Emma Harper
5:05.70aEast Union
2.-Beth Christensen
Hannah Bennett
Mikinna Fitzgerald
Rebekah Kroese
3.-Solanna Zimmerman
Alyssa Johnson
Ariella May
Meghan Gould
5:17.60aClarke Community
4.-Palen Stream
Ashlyn Spencer
Cassidy Strickland
Elissa O'Dell
5.-Vanessa Reed
Raegan Boothe
Keegan Bethards
Jentri Hullinger
5:19.23aCentral Decatur
6.-Katelyn Rhodes
Bailey Andrews
Demi Austin
Madison Darrah
7.-Baylee Stark
Breanne Haley
Sadie Frost
Hope Fletchall
5:54.34aMt Ayr
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:18.20aWayne
2.-Maddie Mobley
Laura Davison
Kirsten Dolecheck
Blair Glendenning
1:18.60aMt Ayr
3.-Relay Team 1:27.20aBedford
4.-Relay Team 1:30.90aEast Union
5.-Addy Tackas
Addy Frank
Bailey LaFee
Caylee Schmidt
1:42.60aCentral Decatur
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Mitchell26-05.00Lenox
2.8Taylor Jorgensen23-04.00Clarke Community
3.8Amanda Kindred23-00.00Clarke Community
4.7Kelcie Shields22-11.00Mt Ayr
5.-Stormie Buchannan22-01.50Diagonal
6.8Ashlyn Spencer21-11.00Bedford
7.7Tessa Shields21-10.00Mt Ayr
8.8Palen Stream21-07.00Bedford
9.-Mckayla O'Mailia21-00.00Diagonal
10.7Emily Rosa20-11.00Central Decatur
11.7Erica Halferty20-09.00Wayne
12.8Sydney Dimmler20-06.00Southwest Valley
13.7Haley Bals20-02.00Lenox
14.7Vanessa Reed20-00.00Central Decatur
15.7Kacie Ripperger19-11.00East Union
16.7Cali Foglesong18-08.00East Union
17.8Carly Nicholson18-04.00Southwest Valley
18.7Raegan Parham15-09.00Wayne
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Amanda Kindred78-11Clarke Community
2.7Jacy Stoaks60-05Lenox
3.-Mckayla O'Mailia59-01Diagonal
4.8Taylor Jorgensen58-06Clarke Community
5.7Haley Bals54-05Lenox
6.8Ica Hauge54-01Mt Ayr
7.7Allison Norris52-07Diagonal
8.8Carly Nicholson51-05Southwest Valley
9.8Sydney Dimmler50-08Southwest Valley
10.8Brooke Duckworth48-00Wayne
11.8Courtney Phelps43-04East Union
12.7Hailey Chamley42-10Central Decatur
13.8Shaylee Cooper41-05East Union
14.7Samantha Carpenter41-04Bedford
15.7Tessa Shields39-11Mt Ayr
16.7Abby Higgins39-02Bedford
17.8Madison Blades29-08Central Decatur
18.7Peetie Hampton24-08Wayne
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alyssa Kuhn4-08.00Bedford
2.7Charissa Mogler4-06.00Bedford
3.7Demi Austin4-06.00Wayne
4.7Megan Warin4-04.00Mt Ayr
5.7Raegan Boothe4-04.00Central Decatur
6.7Sarah Norris4-02.00Wayne
7.8Courtney Clark4-00.00Clarke Community
8.7Mary Lindsey4-00.00Central Decatur
9.7Emma Harper3-10.00East Union
7Sadie FrostSCRMt Ayr
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rachel Armstrong14-03.00Bedford
2.7Cheyenne Haveman13-09.25Mt Ayr
3.8Kaitlyn Boyer13-05.50Clarke Community
4.8Mika Weaver13-03.50Lenox
5.7Sydney Damewood13-02.75Southwest Valley
6.8Ashtyn Grossnickle13-00.00Southwest Valley
7.8McKenzie McIntosh12-09.50Clarke Community
8.7Lily Simon12-04.75Central Decatur
9.8Amber Yelle11-06.25Central Decatur
10.7Shaniece Conklin11-06.00Mt Ayr
11.7Grace Hall10-10.00East Union
11.8Sierra John10-10.00Bedford
13.7Jaci Haidsiak10-09.50Diagonal
14.7Mikinna Fitzgerald10-08.00Lenox
15.7Kasydi Klommhaus10-07.25Diagonal
16.7Marissa Walter9-01.00East Union
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