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7-8th grade6th grade
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100 Meters  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Shawn Plueard13.72Hines
2.8Steven Babb14.44Lakeview Daly
3.8Trace Tiller14.50Hines
4.8Javier Badillio16.08Lakeview Daly
5.7Eduardo Ruiz16.37Lakeview Daly
6.8Zach McDonald17.33Hines
7.8Tyler Thomas18.20Hines
8.8James Obradovich18.40Hines
7Hunter FreitagNTHines
8Nick LindseyNTLakeview Daly
7Zac CauldronNTLakeview Daly
7Brandon BinghamNTHines

100 Meters  6th grade - Finals

1.6Juan Moreno18.07Lakeview Daly

200 Meters  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Trey Recanzone28.59Hines
2.8Steven Babb30.04Lakeview Daly
3.8Ty Reid30.20Hines
4.8Taylor Klus30.62Hines
5.8James Obradovich38.33Hines
6.8Trace Tiller39.47Hines
8Ty HueckmanNTHines

200 Meters  6th grade - Finals

1.6Juan Moreno36.37Lakeview Daly
6Kyle DeiterNTLakeview Daly

400 Meters  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Simon Ballaine1:07.20Lakeview Daly
2.7Jake Blackburn1:14.81Hines
3.7Daniel Letham1:19.10Lakeview Daly
7Andrew FrailNTHines

400 Meters  6th grade - Finals

1.6Kyle Deiter1:12.50Lakeview Daly

800 Meters  7-8th grade - Finals

1.7Hunter Freitag2:58.54Hines
2.7Zac Cauldron3:17.64Lakeview Daly
7Andrew FrailNTHines
7Daniel LethamNTLakeview Daly
7Brandon BinghamNTHines

1500 Meters  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Taylor Klus6:12.66Hines
7Andrew FrailNTHines

100m Hurdles - 30"  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Trey Recanzone19.39Hines
2.7Hunter Windom19.51Lakeview Daly
3.7Dallon Higgins20.29Hines
4.7Hunter Freitag20.54Hines
5.8Ty Hueckman20.58Hines
8Austin WebbNTLakeview Daly

100m Hurdles - 30"  6th grade - Finals

1.7Daniel Letham20.43Lakeview Daly
2.6Jakeb Jaska21.99Lakeview Daly
6Kyle DeiterNTLakeview Daly

200m Hurdles - 30"  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Taylor Klus39.19Hines

4x100 Relay  7-8th grade - Finals

1.-Anthony Botner
Eduardo Ruiz
Daniel Letham
Steven Babb
59.75Lakeview Daly
8Ty Reid
Trace Tiller
Shawn Plueard
Trey Recanzone

4x400 Relay  7-8th grade - Finals

1.-Jake Blackburn
Andrew Frail
Trey Recanzone
Shawn Plueard
2.-Anthony Botner
Simon Ballaine
Daniel Letham
Steven Babb
5:02.93Lakeview Daly

Shot Put - 8lb  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Ty Reid36-08.00Hines
2.8Simon Ballaine32-02.00Lakeview Daly
3.8Javier Badillio27-03.00Lakeview Daly
4.8Zach McDonald25-10.00Hines
5.7Jake Blackburn25-02.00Hines
6.8Austin Webb23-03.00Lakeview Daly
7.7Jose Salas22-08.00Lakeview Daly
8.7Eduardo Ruiz22-06.00Lakeview Daly
9.8Tyler Thomas22-02.00Hines
10.7Jose Guitron19-10.00Lakeview Daly
7Zac CauldronNDLakeview Daly
8Anthony BotnerNDLakeview Daly
8Mitchell SteinbeckNDHines

Shot Put - 8lb  6th grade - Finals

1.6Jakeb Jaska24-02.00Lakeview Daly
2.6Mark Lee15-01.00Lakeview Daly

Discus - 1kg  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Ty Reid100-04Hines
2.8Simon Ballaine91-07Lakeview Daly
3.8Tyler Thomas73-02Hines
4.7Jake Blackburn73-01Hines
5.8Ty Hueckman64-03Hines
6.8Austin Webb55-03Lakeview Daly
7.8Steven Babb47-08Lakeview Daly
8.8Zach McDonald47-06Hines
9.7Jose Salas39-05Lakeview Daly
10.7Jose Guitron28-01Lakeview Daly
8Mitchell SteinbeckNDHines
11.8Javier BadillioLakeview Daly

Discus - 1kg  6th grade - Finals

1.6Kyle Deiter49-07Lakeview Daly
2.6Jakeb Jaska46-02Lakeview Daly
3.6Mark Lee27-07Lakeview Daly

High Jump  7-8th grade - Finals

1.7Hunter Windom4-02.00Lakeview Daly
2.8James Obradovich4-00.00Hines
2.7Dallon Higgins4-00.00Hines
4.7Zac Cauldron3-10.00Lakeview Daly
7Hunter FreitagNHHines

Long Jump  7-8th grade - Finals

1.8Shawn Plueard15-07.00Hines
2.8Trace Tiller15-02.00Hines
3.7Dallon Higgins13-10.00Hines
4.7Hunter Windom12-07.00Lakeview Daly
5.8Ty Hueckman12-05.00Hines
6.7Eduardo Ruiz12-03.50Lakeview Daly
7.8James Obradovich11-08.00Hines
7.8Taylor Klus11-08.00Hines
9.8Zach McDonald11-06.00Hines
10.6Jakeb Jaska9-09.00Lakeview Daly
11.7Zac Cauldron9-06.50Lakeview Daly
12.8Tyler Thomas9-05.00Hines
8Anthony BotnerNDLakeview Daly
8Nick LindseyNDLakeview Daly
8Austin WebbNDLakeview Daly
7Brandon BinghamNDHines

Long Jump  6th grade - Finals

1.6Kyle Deiter11-08.50Lakeview Daly

Triple Jump  7-8th grade - Finals

1.7Dallon Higgins23-09.75Hines
7Brandon BinghamNDHines


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