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FHSAA 1A District 8 Championship

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Ardley11.70aSeffner Christian      
2.12Brady Christensen11.94aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.10Robbie Shell11.97aSeffner Christian      
4.-Carlton Jones12.12aTampa Bay Christian ...      
5.9Zachary Benjamin12.25aCalvary Christian (C...      
6.9Marcus Richardson12.44aSeffner Christian      
7.12Cameron Crumpton12.47aTampa Preparatory      
8.10Nick Manuel12.49aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brandon Ardley11.73aSeffner Christian      
4.10Robbie Shell11.98aSeffner Christian      
2.12Brady Christensen12.13aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.-Carlton Jones12.24aTampa Bay Christian ...      
5.9Marcus Richardson12.46aSeffner Christian      
6.10Nick Manuel12.47aIndian Rocks Christian      
7.9Zachary Benjamin12.52aCalvary Christian (C...      
8.12Cameron Crumpton12.55aTampa Preparatory      
9.-Jag Williams12.70aCalvary Christian (C...      
10.11Miles Bos12.73aSeffner Christian      
11.11Jake Froelicher12.74aIndian Rocks Christian      
12.11Bernard Woodside12.81aTampa Preparatory      
13.9Dylan Yasparro12.84aCalvary Christian (C...      
14.10Mathew Shuler12.90aAcademy at the Lakes      
15.9Craig Myatt13.10aBayshore Christian      
16.12Matthew Tomeny13.20aCalvary Christian (C...      
17.10Evan Gordy13.26aAcademy at the Lakes      
--12Vinny CapobiancoFSIndian Rocks Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Culkin23.05aIndian Rocks Christian      
2.11Billy Moffit23.26aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.12Alex Leonard23.31aCalvary Christian (C...      
4.12Brandon Ardley23.65aSeffner Christian      
5.10Robbie Shell23.80aSeffner Christian      
6.9Zachary Benjamin24.26aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.9Elias Earley25.24aCarrollwood Day      
8.12Ty Bates25.41aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Billy Moffit23.80aCalvary Christian (C...      
4.12Brandon Ardley23.97aSeffner Christian      
2.12Alex Leonard24.03aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.12Sean Culkin24.07aIndian Rocks Christian      
5.9Elias Earley24.16aCarrollwood Day      
6.10Robbie Shell24.42aSeffner Christian      
7.9Zachary Benjamin24.52aCalvary Christian (C...      
8.12Ty Bates25.06aIndian Rocks Christian      
9.11Bernard Woodside25.38aTampa Preparatory      
10.12Cameron Crumpton25.84aTampa Preparatory      
11.9Dylan Yasparro25.86aCalvary Christian (C...      
11.11Luke Owen25.86aIndian Rocks Christian      
13.9Marcus Richardson25.92aSeffner Christian      
14.10Ernest Mesa26.17aSeffner Christian      
15.12Justin Peterson26.71aTampa Preparatory      
16.10Evan Gordy26.99aAcademy at the Lakes      
17.10Mathew Shuler27.06aAcademy at the Lakes      
18.9Steven Turco28.34aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Cavonis51.21aIndian Rocks Christian      
2.9Elias Earley53.51aCarrollwood Day      
3.10Luke Steinel54.15aCambridge Christian      
4.11Sam Wall54.16aTampa Preparatory      
5.10Eric Davis55.25aBayshore Christian      
6.12Ty Bates56.67aIndian Rocks Christian      
7.-Jag Williams57.22aCalvary Christian (C...      
8.11Austin Villa58.07aSeffner Christian      
9.10Ernest Mesa58.35aSeffner Christian      
10.11Luke Owen58.51aIndian Rocks Christian      
11.9Craig Myatt59.61aBayshore Christian      
12.12Jonathan Sell1:00.10aSeffner Christian      
13.9Blake Bernard1:02.24aAcademy at the Lakes      
14.10Evan Gordy1:05.71aAcademy at the Lakes      
15.10Benjamin Gonzalez1:07.00aSeffner Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miller Judge2:03.61aTampa Preparatory      
2.10Oscar Skjaerpe2:04.79aTampa Preparatory      
3.11Chris Carnes2:09.62aTampa Preparatory      
4.9Chris Robin2:11.96aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.11Dane Johansen2:12.42aCalvary Christian (C...      
6.12Jacob Horton2:18.75aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.10Drew Street2:20.91aIndian Rocks Christian      
8.9Trevor Smith2:22.88aCambridge Christian      
9.10Juan Chamorro2:25.78aIndian Rocks Christian      
10.9Blake Bernard2:32.52aAcademy at the Lakes      
11.11Jackson Danner2:32.57aCarrollwood Day      
12.11George Pappas2:36.39aCalvary Christian (C...      
13.9Tyler Margan2:39.27aIndian Rocks Christian      
14.11Jared Larsen2:44.09aSeffner Christian      
15.10Ryan McMillin2:45.87aIndian Rocks Christian      
16.10Nate Pun3:07.59aCarrollwood Day      
17.10Cameron Ferguson3:10.24aSeffner Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mihir Dubey4:57.48aTampa Preparatory      
2.12Miller Judge4:57.56aTampa Preparatory      
3.10Oscar Skjaerpe4:57.74aTampa Preparatory      
4.9Mitchell Pantelides4:57.99aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.11Noah Lambert4:58.28aSeffner Christian      
6.10Frederick Gruhn4:58.39aBayshore Christian      
7.8James Zentmeyer4:59.64aCambridge Christian      
8.9Tyler Margan5:33.24aIndian Rocks Christian      
9.11Nick Quintana5:36.75aCambridge Christian      
10.10Ben Bell5:40.47aSeffner Christian      
11.10Will Gingras5:41.78aIndian Rocks Christian      
12.12John Konitsky5:42.60aBayshore Christian      
13.12David Perez5:48.54aSeffner Christian      
14.10Thomas Gallogly5:51.44aCambridge Christian      
15.10Daniel Luehm5:52.19aSeffner Christian      
16.9Andrew Moger5:53.23aTampa Preparatory      
17.12Cody Miller5:53.51aIndian Rocks Christian      
18.9William Bechtel6:49.83aIndian Rocks Christian      
19.-Jeremy Eudy7:06.81aCalvary Christian (C...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mihir Dubey10:54.66aTampa Preparatory      
2.11Noah Lambert11:02.23aSeffner Christian      
3.11Cole Krajeski11:28.82aIndian Rocks Christian      
4.9Zac Trador11:57.67aIndian Rocks Christian      
5.9Luke Boeche12:14.31aIndian Rocks Christian      
6.10Ben Bell12:36.64aSeffner Christian      
7.9Andrew Moger12:52.50aTampa Preparatory      
8.9Scott Carter13:03.48aTampa Preparatory      
9.8James Duke13:26.84aSeffner Christian      
10.8Austin Dean13:34.55aSeffner Christian      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter Lucier16.90aSeffner Christian      
2.9Brian Sackett20.40aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.12Trevor Morten22.83aIndian Rocks Christian      
4.10Drew Street23.94aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter Lucier45.60aSeffner Christian      
2.12Trevor Morten46.49aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.12Weston Howell47.47aIndian Rocks Christian      
4.12Vedat Ozkardes47.68aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.9Brian Sackett48.70aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sean Culkin
Vinny Capobianco
Brady Christensen
Michael Cavonis
44.53aIndian Rocks Christian      
2.-Derek Barnes
Billy Moffit
Brian Benjamin
Alex Leonard
44.87aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.-Marcus Richardson
Benjamin Gonzalez
Brandon Ardley
Robbie Shell
47.04aSeffner Christian      
4.-Bernard Woodside
Cameron Crumpton
Justin Peterson
Nick Mosco
48.08aTampa Preparatory      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sean Culkin
Vinny Capobianco
Brady Christensen
Michael Cavonis
3:30.30aIndian Rocks Christian      
2.-Derek Barnes
Billy Moffit
Brian Benjamin
Alex Leonard
3:34.39aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.-Oscar Skjaerpe
Chris Carnes
Miller Judge
Sam Wall
3:35.54aTampa Preparatory      
4.-Austin Villa
Jonathan Sell
Ernest Mesa
Benjamin Gonzalez
4:06.85aSeffner Christian      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Miller Judge
Chris Carnes
Sam Wall
Oscar Skjaerpe
8:42.20aTampa Preparatory      
2.-Jacob Horton
Chris Robin
Mitchell Pantelides
Dane Johansen
9:22.51aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.-Juan Chamorro
Weston Howell
Trevor Morten
Drew Street
10:19.72aIndian Rocks Christian      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Hubbard14.20mCalvary Christian (C...      
2.9Jamari Johnson12.73mTampa Bay Christian ...      
3.12Devonte West12.72mIndian Rocks Christian      
4.12Taylor Andres12.09mIndian Rocks Christian      
5.11Seth Lewis12.00mSeffner Christian      
6.11John Ainlay11.14mCalvary Christian (C...      
7.11Cameron Regan10.86mSeffner Christian      
8.11Adam Morse10.56mCarrollwood Day      
9.12Max Osnos10.50mAcademy at the Lakes      
10.10Chandler Nigh9.98mIndian Rocks Christian      
11.10Andre Remy9.66mSeffner Christian      
12.10Jarrod Smith9.36mCarrollwood Day      
13.12Sammy Hamed9.03mTampa Preparatory      
14.10Blaze Rucker8.94mCalvary Christian (C...      
15.10Michael Daniels8.57mTampa Bay Christian ...      
16.9Evan Honeycutt8.50mCarrollwood Day      
17.8Nick Mosco8.44mTampa Preparatory      
18.9Erick Flammer6.38mCalvary Christian (C...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Andres40.33mIndian Rocks Christian      
2.9Jamari Johnson39.31mTampa Bay Christian ...      
3.11Seth Lewis37.94mSeffner Christian      
4.11John Ainlay35.66mCalvary Christian (C...      
5.10Jarrod Smith32.71mCarrollwood Day      
6.11Cameron Regan32.71mSeffner Christian      
7.10Blaze Rucker27.94mCalvary Christian (C...      
8.12Sammy Hamed27.78mTampa Preparatory      
9.10Chris Parish25.90mIndian Rocks Christian      
10.11Micah Valladares24.89mSeffner Christian      
11.10Max Ross-johnson23.59mIndian Rocks Christian      
12.9Evan Honeycutt23.16mCarrollwood Day      
13.8Nick Mosco22.07mTampa Preparatory      
14.10Michael Daniels20.19mTampa Bay Christian ...      
15.9Erick Flammer17.85mCalvary Christian (C...      
16.9Carter Dvornik17.06mCalvary Christian (C...      
--11Adam MorseNDCarrollwood Day      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Peterson1.72mTampa Preparatory      
2.9Christian Frost1.67mIndian Rocks Christian      
3.10Luke Steinel1.62mCambridge Christian      
4.11Sam Wall1.62mTampa Preparatory      
5.9Brian Sackett1.52mIndian Rocks Christian      
5.10Eric Davis1.52mBayshore Christian      
7.9Zac Trador1.42mIndian Rocks Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Bebell2.43mIndian Rocks Christian      
2.9Brian Sackett2.13mIndian Rocks Christian      
2.9Tristan Denisac2.13mIndian Rocks Christian      
4.9Tyler Margan1.52mIndian Rocks Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Ardley6.53mSeffner Christian      
2.11Derek Barnes6.07mCalvary Christian (C...      
3.10Robbie Shell5.94mSeffner Christian      
4.9Josh Wolcott5.86mCambridge Christian      
5.12Robbie Robertson5.59mCambridge Christian      
6.9Brian Benjamin5.54mCalvary Christian (C...      
7.-Carlton Jones5.51mTampa Bay Christian ...      
8.9Trevor Smith5.48mCambridge Christian      
9.9Craig Myatt5.22mBayshore Christian      
10.9Tristan Denisac5.16mIndian Rocks Christian      
11.11Jake Froelicher5.09mIndian Rocks Christian      
12.11Bernard Woodside5.06mTampa Preparatory      
13.12John Konitsky4.49mBayshore Christian      
14.9Steven Turco4.19mIndian Rocks Christian      
15.9Chad Ainlay3.26mCalvary Christian (C...      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derek Barnes12.25mCalvary Christian (C...      
2.9Josh Wolcott12.14mCambridge Christian      
3.9Brian Benjamin11.59mCalvary Christian (C...      
4.9Christian Frost10.90mIndian Rocks Christian      
--12Cody MillerNDIndian Rocks Christian      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Maggio12.97aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.12Logan Thiel13.13aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.12Destiny Jenkins13.19aCalvary Christian (C...      
4.11Carly Reiner13.21aTampa Preparatory      
5.12Bailey Drury13.41aCarrollwood Day      
6.9Keely Durbak13.81aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.10Sabrina Whiting13.89aSeffner Christian      
8.12Victoria Peeler14.35aSeffner Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Destiny Jenkins13.07aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.12Jessica Maggio13.12aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.12Logan Thiel13.24aCalvary Christian (C...      
4.11Carly Reiner13.24aTampa Preparatory      
5.12Bailey Drury13.50aCarrollwood Day      
6.9Keely Durbak13.75aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.10Sabrina Whiting13.89aSeffner Christian      
8.12Victoria Peeler13.99aSeffner Christian      
9.8Alyssa Winecke14.25aTampa Bay Christian ...      
10.10Dana Bowes14.53aCarrollwood Day      
11.10Shyra Bryant14.54aTampa Bay Christian ...      
12.6Sarai Simmons14.91aSeffner Christian      
13.10Chloe Costa15.06aTampa Preparatory      
14.12Sophie Ando15.10aIndian Rocks Christian      
15.6Delaney Kocsis15.47aSeffner Christian      
16.12Kristen Scholl15.79aIndian Rocks Christian      
17.10Julie Meunier16.23aIndian Rocks Christian      
--12Kristen BrownDNFIndian Rocks Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Thiel26.56aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.10Madison Cox27.36aCambridge Christian      
3.10Kasey Howard27.46aCalvary Christian (C...      
4.12Bailey Drury27.89aCarrollwood Day      
5.9Keely Durbak28.33aCalvary Christian (C...      
6.10Sabrina Whiting28.90aSeffner Christian      
7.12Victoria Peeler29.58aSeffner Christian      
8.10Dana Bowes30.67aCarrollwood Day      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Logan Thiel26.49aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.10Madison Cox26.97aCambridge Christian      
3.12Bailey Drury26.99aCarrollwood Day      
4.10Kasey Howard27.75aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.9Keely Durbak28.06aCalvary Christian (C...      
6.10Sabrina Whiting29.23aSeffner Christian      
7.12Victoria Peeler29.33aSeffner Christian      
8.10Dana Bowes29.56aCarrollwood Day      
9.11Caroline Alexander29.75aTampa Preparatory      
10.8Anjalina Verma29.90aIndian Rocks Christian      
11.6Sarai Simmons30.71aSeffner Christian      
12.6Delaney Kocsis31.07aSeffner Christian      
13.10Chloe Costa31.25aTampa Preparatory      
14.12Emily Jensen35.66aIndian Rocks Christian      
15.9Victoria Mann37.21aIndian Rocks Christian      
16.9Stephanie Drinkwater40.66aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Thiel59.04aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.10Madison Cox59.58aCambridge Christian      
3.12Bailey Drury1:00.80aCarrollwood Day      
4.12Alyssa Bryant1:02.88aTampa Preparatory      
5.9Keely Durbak1:04.30aCalvary Christian (C...      
6.12Lizze Brunnicki1:06.36aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.10Alex Buchanan1:07.18aIndian Rocks Christian      
8.10Dana Bowes1:08.20aCarrollwood Day      
9.11Lois Hegarty1:08.72aSeffner Christian      
10.10Morgan Blauth1:13.70aSeffner Christian      
11.-Haley Smith1:15.77aCalvary Christian (C...      
12.10Sarah Carr1:23.29aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Snyder2:28.54aTampa Preparatory      
2.9Bobbi LaBrant2:31.15aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.12Tori Trador2:33.31aIndian Rocks Christian      
4.11Kayla Hewel2:38.73aIndian Rocks Christian      
5.9Morgan Montzka2:47.51aCalvary Christian (C...      
6.12Katie Takeuchi2:50.59aCarrollwood Day      
7.10Meagen Sweetser2:53.51aCalvary Christian (C...      
8.11Alexis Bright2:54.63aSeffner Christian      
9.12Sydney Neustadt2:55.52aTampa Preparatory      
10.9Mia Gillespie2:58.09aIndian Rocks Christian      
11.-Cassidy Hawkins3:02.14aTampa Preparatory      
12.9Claire Wilcox3:07.13aCalvary Christian (C...      
13.12Cindy Matar3:20.70aTampa Preparatory      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Snyder5:22.18aTampa Preparatory      
2.10Jordyn Bench6:10.71aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.11Spenser Hollar6:13.07aTampa Preparatory      
4.9Mia Gillespie6:13.73aIndian Rocks Christian      
5.-Kesia Solanke6:16.97aCambridge Christian      
6.10Sarah Dalton6:19.88aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.11Kayla Hewel6:21.17aIndian Rocks Christian      
8.11Alexis Bright6:22.40aSeffner Christian      
9.10Kailey Ivester6:46.70aCarrollwood Day      
10.9Lizzie Kehoe6:48.53aTampa Preparatory      
--9lauren MeaneyDNFCarrollwood Day      
--12Katie TakeuchiDNFCarrollwood Day      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Snyder12:03.95aTampa Preparatory      
2.9lauren Meaney12:56.27aCarrollwood Day      
3.6Celi Guzman12:57.74aSeffner Christian      
4.10Jordyn Bench14:10.06aIndian Rocks Christian      
5.12Jennifer Nesslar14:29.85aIndian Rocks Christian      
6.10Elizabeth Toney15:12.71aIndian Rocks Christian      
7.9Lizzie Kehoe15:41.34aTampa Preparatory      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Maggio15.64aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.10Serena Szarejko18.67aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.12Chloe Fish19.33aSeffner Christian      
4.11Chandler Hutcheson21.12aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.8Anjalina Verma21.43aIndian Rocks Christian      
6.-Mo Lavey21.74aTampa Preparatory      
7.9Maddie Krajeski22.64aIndian Rocks Christian      
8.10McKayla Kinsey23.15aIndian Rocks Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jessica Maggio15.66aCalvary Christian (C...      
3.10Serena Szarejko18.38aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.12Chloe Fish19.52aSeffner Christian      
4.11Chandler Hutcheson20.67aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.8Anjalina Verma21.36aIndian Rocks Christian      
6.-Mo Lavey22.41aTampa Preparatory      
7.9Maddie Krajeski22.79aIndian Rocks Christian      
8.10McKayla Kinsey23.50aIndian Rocks Christian      
--9Emma GoltermanDNFTampa Preparatory      
--6Anna SackettFSIndian Rocks Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Maggio47.37aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.9Emma Golterman51.36aTampa Preparatory      
3.10Serena Szarejko52.30aCalvary Christian (C...      
4.11Chandler Hutcheson52.97aCalvary Christian (C...      
5.8Anjalina Verma55.28aIndian Rocks Christian      
6.9Bry Maggio1:00.61aCalvary Christian (C...      
7.9Maddie Krajeski1:01.11aIndian Rocks Christian      
8.10McKayla Kinsey1:12.14aIndian Rocks Christian      
---Mo LaveyDNFTampa Preparatory      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jess Stewart
Lizze Brunnicki
Christine Marino
Kasey Howard
51.09aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.-Alyssa Bryant
Carly Reiner
Caroline Alexander
Emma Golterman
51.64aTampa Preparatory      
3.-Tori Trador
Kristen Brown
Alex Buchanan
Bobbi LaBrant
52.16aIndian Rocks Christian      
4.-Sarai Simmons
Delaney Kocsis
Chloe Fish
Victoria Peeler
57.10aSeffner Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kasey Howard
Lizze Brunnicki
Chandler Hutcheson
Jess Stewart
4:15.38aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.-Tori Trador
Kristen Brown
Alex Buchanan
Bobbi LaBrant
4:20.62aIndian Rocks Christian      
3.-Caroline Alexander
Arianna Mosley
Alyssa Bryant
Spenser Hollar
4:31.35aTampa Preparatory      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bry Maggio
Claire Wilcox
Meagen Sweetser
Morgan Montzka
11:12.31aCalvary Christian (C...      
2.-Spenser Hollar
Aubrey Burns
Lizzie Kehoe
Sydney Neustadt
11:22.87aTampa Preparatory      
3.-Jennifer Nesslar
Mia Gillespie
Maddie Krajeski
Kayla Hewel
12:25.55aIndian Rocks Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrea Mauger9.88mAcademy at the Lakes      
2.12Danielle Grantham9.11mTampa Bay Christian ...      
3.12Destiny Jenkins8.95mCalvary Christian (C...      
4.12Kristen Scholl8.54mIndian Rocks Christian      
5.10Sarah Carr8.53mIndian Rocks Christian      
6.-Shaneka Paul7.73mTampa Bay Christian ...      
7.9Hannah Hewel7.09mIndian Rocks Christian      
8.12Elizabeth Kent6.87mTampa Preparatory      
9.12Jessica Konitsky6.87mBayshore Christian      
10.10McKayla Kinsey6.78mIndian Rocks Christian      
11.6T'Erra Johnson5.90mTampa Bay Christian ...      
12.-Esme McDonald5.41mTampa Bay Christian ...      
13.9Jillian Kane4.64mCalvary Christian (C...      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Carr23.34mIndian Rocks Christian      
2.-Shaneka Paul22.78mTampa Bay Christian ...      
3.12Danielle Grantham22.47mTampa Bay Christian ...      
4.10Meagen Sweetser20.77mCalvary Christian (C...      
5.12Jessica Konitsky20.29mBayshore Christian      
6.6T'Erra Johnson20.09mTampa Bay Christian ...      
7.12Kristen Scholl19.63mIndian Rocks Christian      
8.12Elizabeth Kent19.15mTampa Preparatory      
9.12Emily Jensen16.53mIndian Rocks Christian      
10.9Jillian Kane14.85mCalvary Christian (C...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Trador1.47mIndian Rocks Christian      
2.11Samantha Plager1.47mSeffner Christian      
3.10Becca Stewart1.42mCalvary Christian (C...      
4.12Chloe Fish1.37mSeffner Christian      
5.9Maddie Krajeski1.32mIndian Rocks Christian      
6.12Kristen Scholl1.32mIndian Rocks Christian      
7.9Arianna Mosley1.32mTampa Preparatory      
--9Jasmine HarrelNHTampa Preparatory      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Bobbi LaBrant2.74mIndian Rocks Christian      
2.9Hannah Hewel2.13mIndian Rocks Christian      
3.10Becca Stewart1.98mCalvary Christian (C...      
4.6Anna Sackett1.98mIndian Rocks Christian      
5.10Elizabeth Toney1.52mIndian Rocks Christian      
6.11Christine Marino1.52mCalvary Christian (C...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carly Reiner5.26mTampa Preparatory      
2.12Jessica Maggio5.25mCalvary Christian (C...      
3.10Sabrina Whiting5.23mSeffner Christian      
4.10Jess Stewart5.08mCalvary Christian (C...      
5.10Kasey Howard4.75mCalvary Christian (C...      
6.9Arianna Mosley4.66mTampa Preparatory      
7.10Shyra Bryant4.61mTampa Bay Christian ...      
8.8Alyssa Winecke4.36mTampa Bay Christian ...      
9.11Caroline Alexander4.29mTampa Preparatory      
10.10Alex Buchanan4.13mIndian Rocks Christian      
11.6Sarai Simmons4.00mSeffner Christian      
12.10Ariana Magill3.80mCalvary Christian (C...      
13.6Delaney Kocsis3.58mSeffner Christian      
14.10Isa Cura3.47mTampa Preparatory      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carly Reiner11.24mTampa Preparatory      
2.10Jess Stewart10.52mCalvary Christian (C...      
3.10Sabrina Whiting10.08mSeffner Christian      
4.10Alyssa Bates8.82mCalvary Christian (C...      
5.10Isa Cura8.13mTampa Preparatory      
6.12Jennifer Nesslar7.86mIndian Rocks Christian      
--9Jasmine HarrelFOULTampa Preparatory      
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