GL 10th Wildcat/HA 21st Lady Spartan Invitational

Saturday, April 14, 2012 - Meet Website
  Latrobe HS, Latrobe - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Haines10.99aKiski Area
2.11Kyle Shivetts11.00aNorth Allegheny
3.11Tyrell Jones11.00aWoodland Hills
4.12K'Lam Butts11.26aKiski Area
4.12Joey Borsuk11.26aHempfield Area (7)
6.9Isaiah Brooks11.36aWoodland Hills
7.-Rj Imbrogno11.40aGreater Latrobe
8.-Deion Franklin11.52aPenn Hills
9.11Greg Baum11.61aNorth Allegheny
10.-Jordan McCrae11.76aGreensburg Central C...
11.10Edu Campos11.85aIndiana Area
12.10Cameron Hill11.88aPenn Hills
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Logan Haines11.17aKiski Area
2.11Kyle Shivetts11.39aNorth Allegheny
3.-Rj Imbrogno11.51aGreater Latrobe
4.11Tyrell Jones11.62aWoodland Hills
5.12K'Lam Butts11.71aKiski Area
6.9Isaiah Brooks11.72aWoodland Hills
7.12Joey Borsuk11.76aHempfield Area (7)
8.-Jordan McCrae11.89aGreensburg Central C...
9.10Edu Campos11.97aIndiana Area
10.-Deion Franklin12.00aPenn Hills
11.11Greg Baum12.02aNorth Allegheny
12.10Cameron Hill12.08aPenn Hills
13.11Trenton Barnes12.09aNorthern Bedford
13.-Ian Hollinshead12.09aGreensburg Central C...
15.-Damone Morton12.11aHempfield Area (7)
16.12Jeremy Basinger12.24aConnellsville Area
17.-Randy Burger12.27aPenn Trafford
18.-Josh Flack12.29aDerry Area
19.-Charles Indyk12.50aNorwin
20.-Cory Lauer12.51aFranklin Regional
21.12Alexander Craine12.53aDerry Area
22.-Devin Colon12.56aConnellsville Area
23.9Gage Clark12.67aHighlands Senior
24.-Slater Simek12.71aFranklin Regional
25.-Isaiah Jones12.75aGreater Latrobe
26.9John Karanja12.92aHighlands Senior
27.-Chris Kuo13.21aGreensburg Central C...
---Colin DarbyFSPenn Trafford
---Zack AubreyFSNorwin
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Shivetts22.05aNorth Allegheny
2.12Jeff Elam22.45aGreater Latrobe
3.12Joey Borsuk22.47aHempfield Area (7)
4.10Ben Kinnamon23.14aKiski Area
5.12K'Lam Butts23.16aKiski Area
6.11Trenton Barnes23.42aNorthern Bedford
7.11Sherman West23.43aHempfield Area (7)
8.9Isaiah Brooks23.53aWoodland Hills
9.12Jeremy Basinger23.93aConnellsville Area
10.-Latal Brimage24.15aWoodland Hills
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeff Elam22.33aGreater Latrobe
2.11Kyle Shivetts22.65aNorth Allegheny
3.12Joey Borsuk22.71aHempfield Area (7)
4.12K'Lam Butts23.00aKiski Area
5.9Isaiah Brooks23.35aWoodland Hills
6.10Ben Kinnamon23.47aKiski Area
7.11Sherman West23.53aHempfield Area (7)
8.11Trenton Barnes23.57aNorthern Bedford
9.12Jeremy Basinger23.62aConnellsville Area
10.-Rj Imbrogno23.64aGreater Latrobe
11.-Jordan McCrae24.07aGreensburg Central C...
12.-Latal Brimage24.24aWoodland Hills
13.12Brandon Merry24.40aNorth Allegheny
14.-Cory Lauer24.46aFranklin Regional
15.10Edu Campos24.49aIndiana Area
16.-Brandon Nelson24.54aPenn Hills
17.-Mike Knight24.62aFranklin Regional
18.12Alexander Craine24.81aDerry Area
19.-Charles Indyk24.88aNorwin
20.-Devin Colon25.21aConnellsville Area
21.-Michael Bertoni25.36aPenn Trafford
22.9John Karanja25.48aHighlands Senior
23.-Kyle Pine25.75aNorwin
24.10Coltin Ebersole25.81aNorthern Bedford
25.-Matt Merlino26.03aPenn Trafford
26.11Greg Rager26.65aDerry Area
27.9Derrick Mazur27.44aHighlands Senior
--11Samuel ShavissDQPenn Hills
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vincent Tonzo50.83aNorth Allegheny
2.11Sherman West51.05aHempfield Area (7)
3.12Jeremy Basinger51.79aConnellsville Area
4.12Mark Ayitey52.02aWoodland Hills
5.12Alan Crise52.37aHighlands Senior
6.12Alex Mcilvried53.01aNorth Allegheny
7.10Cameron Hill53.33aPenn Hills
8.-Corey Dowdy53.59aWoodland Hills
9.11Trenton Barnes53.70aNorthern Bedford
10.11Samuel Shaviss53.78aPenn Hills
11.12Jacob Ebert53.79aDerry Area
12.9Trejon Talton53.95aKiski Area
13.10Tanner Russell54.25aNorthern Bedford
14.-Randy Duke54.44aFranklin Regional
15.11Mohammed Sajjad54.46aFranklin Regional
16.10Marcus Smail55.38aGreater Latrobe
17.12Mike Feroce55.86aKiski Area
18.9Jonathan George55.87aHempfield Area (7)
19.10Nelson Phelps56.27aPenn Trafford
20.-Brett White57.37aPenn Trafford
21.9Trey Quealy57.83aNorwin
22.-Tommy Nicholson57.85aConnellsville Area
23.11Greg Rager58.44aDerry Area
24.-John Poole59.39aMt Pleasant Area
25.-Kevin Wilson1:02.51aHighlands Senior
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wil Bailey1:55.64aPenn Hills
2.10Dylin Wilhoite2:00.37aPenn Hills
3.11Ryan Shriver2:01.48aNorth Allegheny
4.12Tim Flynn2:02.95aNorwin
5.11Zack Casini2:04.00aDerry Area
6.10Adam Lenze2:04.25aIndiana Area
7.-Matthew Slivka2:04.73aWoodland Hills
8.10Chris Chang2:05.02aNorth Allegheny
9.11Robin Hall2:05.07aPenn Hills
10.11Brandan Moretton2:06.37aNorwin
11.10Tanner Russell2:08.70aNorthern Bedford
12.11Tyler Lookabaugh2:09.47aKiski Area
13.11David Maholage2:10.61aFranklin Regional
14.-Joshua Young2:11.47aWoodland Hills
15.12Mike Dandrea2:11.78aPenn Trafford
16.12Nick Wakley2:12.48aHighlands Senior
17.12Jace Mascioli2:13.00aConnellsville Area
18.-Jared Ritson2:13.63aHempfield Area (7)
19.-Jared DeGore2:14.08aKiski Area
20.12Andrew McElhoes2:15.36aDerry Area
21.11Matt Ream2:16.38aConnellsville Area
22.9Cord Leone2:20.03aGreater Latrobe
23.9Philip Miruri2:20.09aHighlands Senior
24.-Josh Hill2:22.10aHomer Center
25.9Logan Pollack2:24.53aHomer Center
26.-Cody Postupuc2:26.06aPenn Trafford
27.-Jeremy Orchard2:26.64aIndiana Area
28.-Michael Specht2:27.90aMt Pleasant Area
29.-Zack Remaley2:28.11aMt Pleasant Area
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dylin Wilhoite4:30.11aPenn Hills
2.10Michael Becich4:32.37aNorth Allegheny
3.12Sam Bojarski4:36.55aNorth Allegheny
4.10Patrick Miller4:38.56aKiski Area
5.11Tyler Snider4:38.87aKiski Area
6.12Alex Kolesar4:38.92aNorwin
7.12Ryan Donnelly4:42.22aPenn Hills
8.10Colin Sherlock4:49.14aNorthern Bedford
9.10Ryan Louther4:50.22aIndiana Area
10.10Mike Heck4:52.63aNorthern Bedford
11.12Nathanael Gabler4:52.77aHempfield Area (7)
12.10Rob Ashman4:53.38aFranklin Regional
13.9Cord Leone4:54.32aGreater Latrobe
14.12Nick Wakley4:54.50aHighlands Senior
15.12Jace Mascioli4:57.09aConnellsville Area
16.11Andrew Paul4:58.84aHempfield Area (7)
17.12Nick Andreyko4:59.88aNorwin
18.11Daniel Kolonay5:05.94aPenn Trafford
19.10Kevin Augustine5:06.63aGreater Latrobe
20.12Robert Coffman5:06.79aConnellsville Area
21.-Jeremy Thomas5:07.51aWoodland Hills
22.12Jim Orr5:08.39aHomer Center
23.-Danial Kelly5:22.98aPenn Trafford
24.11Dillon Zaracki5:23.93aMt Pleasant Area
25.11Anthony Rodgers5:32.26aWoodland Hills
26.10Ryan Snyder5:32.94aIndiana Area
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brent Kennedy9:31.79aKiski Area
2.12Logan Steiner9:35.56aNorth Allegheny
3.12Richard Lednak9:47.59aKiski Area
4.12Ryan Boccabello9:50.76aNorwin
5.12Timothy Appman9:50.90aNorth Allegheny
6.11Luke Schott9:52.04aFranklin Regional
7.11Jon Faye9:52.29aHempfield Area (7)
8.12Ryan Donnelly10:18.03aPenn Hills
9.10Mike Heck10:30.89aNorthern Bedford
10.11Ben Meyers10:33.80aFranklin Regional
11.12Tyree Squires10:35.26aPenn Hills
12.11Brenden Wagner10:48.56aNorwin
13.10Kevin Augustine11:02.41aGreater Latrobe
14.12Mason Jaynes11:16.06aConnellsville Area
15.10Joe Baughman11:31.15aConnellsville Area
16.12Jim Orr11:36.35aHomer Center
17.11Dillon Zaracki11:46.98aMt Pleasant Area
17.11David Morgan11:46.98aWoodland Hills
19.-Danial Kelly11:54.58aPenn Trafford
20.10Sean Lane11:54.76aPenn Trafford
21.10Colin Sherlock11:58.23aNorthern Bedford
22.10Brennan Ferguson12:04.33aIndiana Area
23.10Kyle Davis12:11.43aDerry Area
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Donivel Evans15.55aKiski Area
2.12Alan Crise15.95aHighlands Senior
3.12Mark Ayitey15.96aWoodland Hills
4.10Fritz Isaac16.02aNorth Allegheny
5.10Parker Trent16.03aHempfield Area (7)
6.12Sean Barker16.23aKiski Area
7.-Mitchell Kirshy16.90aConnellsville Area
8.11Maquale Steward17.38aPenn Hills
9.9James Capone17.42aFranklin Regional
10.11Tyler Matusak17.49aDerry Area
11.10Greg Genter17.70aNorth Allegheny
--12Jeff ElamFSGreater Latrobe
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeff Elam14.87aGreater Latrobe
2.12Alan Crise15.89aHighlands Senior
3.10Fritz Isaac16.10aNorth Allegheny
4.11Donivel Evans16.15aKiski Area
5.12Mark Ayitey16.18aWoodland Hills
6.12Sean Barker16.48aKiski Area
7.10Parker Trent17.02aHempfield Area (7)
8.-Mitchell Kirshy17.34aConnellsville Area
9.11Maquale Steward17.81aPenn Hills
10.10Greg Genter17.96aNorth Allegheny
11.9James Capone18.13aFranklin Regional
12.11Tyler Matusak18.20aDerry Area
13.12Levi McCracken18.35aHomer Center
14.10Austin Rhodes18.60aIndiana Area
15.-Shawn Ramsey18.88aPenn Trafford
16.-Nick Cooksey19.34aWoodland Hills
17.-Bryan Brasile19.47aGreater Latrobe
18.-Christian Alesius19.52aNorwin
19.-Quaide Simek19.54aFranklin Regional
20.-Adam Patula19.66aMt Pleasant Area
21.10Blake Over19.72aNorthern Bedford
22.-Greg Bechtold20.02aConnellsville Area
23.-Matthew Sich20.73aPenn Trafford
24.11Bill Thomas21.21aHempfield Area (7)
25.10Tim Fairman21.51aIndiana Area
26.12Anthony Briscoe21.58aHomer Center
--12Savon SalterDQPenn Hills
---Richard CavalloDQDerry Area
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Elam38.38aGreater Latrobe
2.12Savon Salter38.89aPenn Hills
3.12Mark Ayitey40.48aWoodland Hills
4.11Donivel Evans41.84aKiski Area
5.-Nick Alesantrino42.06aNorth Allegheny
6.12Sean Barker42.18aKiski Area
7.9James Capone42.95aFranklin Regional
8.11Ken Johnston43.09aHempfield Area (7)
9.-Randy Burger43.98aPenn Trafford
10.11Bill Thomas44.09aHempfield Area (7)
11.10Greg Genter44.55aNorth Allegheny
12.12Levi McCracken44.94aHomer Center
13.-Christian Alesius44.98aNorwin
14.-Shawn Ramsey45.03aPenn Trafford
15.-Nick Cooksey45.74aWoodland Hills
16.10Austin Rhodes46.53aIndiana Area
16.11Tyler Matusak46.53aDerry Area
18.-James Leichliter46.75aConnellsville Area
19.-John Poole47.90aMt Pleasant Area
20.-Slater Simek48.00aFranklin Regional
21.-Bryan Brasile48.60aGreater Latrobe
22.9Marcus Crawford49.74aNorthern Bedford
23.-Richard Cavallo49.80aDerry Area
24.-Emmanuel Johnson50.46aPenn Hills
25.9Derrick Mazur52.63aHighlands Senior
26.10Tim Fairman54.32aIndiana Area
27.12Anthony Briscoe58.22aHomer Center
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Logan Haines
K'Lam Butts
Ben Kinnamon
Owen Copney
43.02aKiski Area
2.-Kyle Shivetts
Greg Baum
Nick Alesantrino
Isaac Weaver
44.01aNorth Allegheny
3.-Joey Borsuk
Damone Morton
Parker Trent
Chandler Crusan
44.53aHempfield Area (7)
4.-Brandon Nelson
Samuel Shaviss
Savon Salter
Robin Hall
44.93aPenn Hills
5.-Jacob Puleo
Isaiah Jones
Josh Shivetts
Rj Imbrogno
45.77aGreater Latrobe
6.-Christian Williams
Stetson Keedy
Mitchell Kirshy
Devin Colon
46.11aConnellsville Area
7.-Jake Lagorga
Kyle Pine
Zack Aubrey
Charles Indyk
8.-Cory Lauer
Brandon Herrington
Mike Knight
Barry O'Block
46.60aFranklin Regional
9.-Chris Caroff
Darnae Clemons
Edu Campos
Miles Dietz
46.77aIndiana Area
10.-justin kempka
Jordan McCrae
Chris Kuo
Ian Hollinshead
47.46aGreensburg Central C...
11.-Greg Rager
Alexander Craine
Andrew Downey
Josh Flack
47.73aDerry Area
12.-Randy Burger
Michael Bertoni
Matt Merlino
Colin Darby
47.86aPenn Trafford
13.-Latal Brimage
Deron Brimage
Tyrell Jones
Isaiah Brooks
48.16aWoodland Hills
14.-Alan Crise
Deion Fletcher
John Karanja
kevin wilson
49.01aHighlands Senior
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wil Bailey
Dylin Wilhoite
Savon Salter
Robin Hall
3:27.26aPenn Hills
2.-Ken Johnston
Bill Thomas
Sherman West
Chandler Crusan
3:30.30aHempfield Area (7)
3.-Jeff Elam
Josh Shivetts
Marcus Smail
Cord Leone
3:36.46aGreater Latrobe
4.-Mark Ayitey
Kamau Clanagan
Corey Dowdy
Deron Brimage
3:38.36aWoodland Hills
5.-Mo Sajjad
James Capone
Cory Lauer
Randy Duke
3:38.37aFranklin Regional
6.-Zach Pressel
Trenton Barnes
Tanner Russell
Coltin Ebersole
3:40.56aNorthern Bedford
7.-Tim Flynn
Jake Lagorga
Trey Quealy
Zack Aubrey
8.-Relay Team 3:45.04aKiski Area
9.-Andrew McElhoes
Josh Flack
Zack Casini
Greg Rager
3:49.04aDerry Area
10.-Matt Ream
Tommy Nicholson
Robert Bonds
James Leichliter
3:57.00aConnellsville Area
11.-Chris Caroff
Adam Lenze
Austin Rhodes
Corey Denlinger
3:58.53aIndiana Area
---Cody Postupuc
Nelson Phelps
Brett White
Shawn Ramsey
DQPenn Trafford
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Richard Lednak
Tyler Snider
Brent Kennedy
Patrick Miller
8:00.10aKiski Area
2.-Ryan Boccabello
Tim Flynn
Brandan Moretton
Alex Kolesar
3.-Vincent Tonzo
Tyler Nicotra
Alan Dai
Brice Merry
8:07.65aNorth Allegheny
4.-Jon Faye
Sherman West
Ryan Trout
Chandler Crusan
8:21.24aHempfield Area (7)
5.-Rob Ashman
Mo Sajjad
David Maholage
Luke Schott
8:36.27aFranklin Regional
6.-Jeremy Thomas
Joshua Young
Matthew Slivka
Nick Cooksey
8:41.40aWoodland Hills
7.-Andrew McElhoes
Zack Casini
Kyle Davis
Jaymie Howe
8:48.30aDerry Area
8.-Coltin Ebersole
Colin Sherlock
Mike Heck
Tanner Russell
8:50.44aNorthern Bedford
9.-Daniel Kolonay
Mike Dandrea
Nelson Phelps
Cody Postupuc
8:59.54aPenn Trafford
10.-Jace Mascioli
Matt Ream
Mason Jaynes
Robert Coffman
9:04.36aConnellsville Area
11.-Cord Leone
Jake Weise
Kevin Augustine
Marcus Smail
9:07.31aGreater Latrobe
12.-Adam Lenze
Ryan Louther
Jeremy Orchard
Ryan Snyder
9:09.70aIndiana Area
13.-Relay Team 9:17.59aPenn Hills
14.-Jim Orr
Josh Hill
Josh Sasala
Logan Pollack
9:49.55aHomer Center
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Max Adams53-08.50Hempfield Area (7)
2.11Tony Antonucci47-08.00North Allegheny
3.10Mike Newhouse46-06.50Homer Center
4.12Neal Colecchi46-04.50Kiski Area
5.10Luke Milcec46-01.00Norwin
6.12Jesse Kirkling45-10.50Hempfield Area (7)
7.12Zachary Wisneski45-03.00Derry Area
8.12Cory Allen42-11.50Kiski Area
9.10Matt Larkin41-10.00North Allegheny
10.-Austin Heinbaugh41-03.00Connellsville Area
11.10Alan Cratsenberg40-11.50Highlands Senior
12.-Austin Duncan40-09.50Franklin Regional
12.12Alex Batis40-09.50Norwin
14.-Colby Nichelson40-04.00Connellsville Area
15.10Eric Klejka39-08.50Mt Pleasant Area
16.-Cory Johnston39-03.50Penn Trafford
17.10Dan Siko39-01.00Greater Latrobe
18.12William Kline39-00.00Northern Bedford
18.10Zach Mazur39-00.00Highlands Senior
20.12Jake Witucki38-06.50Highlands Senior
21.-Ryan Hoyle36-11.50Greater Latrobe
22.-Jordan Barnes36-10.50Woodland Hills
23.-Emmanuel Johnson36-09.50Penn Hills
24.-Nathan Bates36-06.00Derry Area
25.-Zach Ross36-02.50Franklin Regional
26.-Charles Woodword34-10.00Woodland Hills
27.-Anthony Harper34-02.00Penn Hills
28.-Cody Sexton33-09.00Indiana Area
29.-Tommy Rura33-06.50Homer Center
30.12Jeremy Risinger30-08.50Indiana Area
31.-Ricky Crawley29-11.00Mt Pleasant Area
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Max Adams161-00Hempfield Area (7)
2.12Zachary Wisneski149-09Derry Area
3.12Cody Whittaker135-09Derry Area
4.10Dan Siko130-01Greater Latrobe
5.10Mike Newhouse127-11Homer Center
6.10Matt Larkin127-02North Allegheny
7.-Garett Cockeram120-02Norwin
8.10Cody Miller119-06Homer Center
9.12Neal Colecchi119-01Kiski Area
10.12Alex Batis116-04Norwin
11.9Ian Fleming114-00Hempfield Area (7)
12.10Jacob Nichelson112-09Connellsville Area
13.-Austin Heinbaugh111-07Connellsville Area
14.-Jacob Bitner110-04Mt Pleasant Area
15.11Garret Miller108-00.50Greater Latrobe
16.-Zach Ross107-06Franklin Regional
17.-Justin Williams102-04Penn Trafford
18.-Cory Johnston102-02Penn Trafford
19.-Sam Stever101-07Indiana Area
20.-Bruin Brown99-09North Allegheny
21.-Cody Sexton89-02Indiana Area
22.-Emilio Venturella87-08Woodland Hills
23.9Toby Quarry87-02Northern Bedford
24.-Anthony Harper85-10Penn Hills
25.-David Simmons79-03Woodland Hills
10Mike Calfe77'6Highlands Senior
26.10Sean Frantz77-04Highlands Senior
27.10Zach Mazur73-04Highlands Senior
---Tony SchallFOULFranklin Regional
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Zaccagnini167-11Kiski Area
2.12Colin Austin158-04Penn Trafford
3.10Corey Denlinger157-04Indiana Area
4.10Tyler George152-08Hempfield Area (7)
5.-Steven Kearns147-07Penn Trafford
6.12Jonathan Kelly146-10Woodland Hills
7.11Cody Monroe144-10Mt Pleasant Area
8.-Sean Pischke144-05Greater Latrobe
9.12Justin Kempka143-10Greensburg Central C...
10.12Zach Grasse143-05Norwin
11.-Ronald Yurko140-07Norwin
12.12Cody Whittaker136-10Derry Area
13.12Zachary Wisneski136-08Derry Area
14.-Austin Duncan131-04Franklin Regional
15.-Derek McNealy129-11Greater Latrobe
16.12Nick Weber127-07North Allegheny
17.-Kyle Johnson126-07Penn Hills
18.-Dylan Meyer124-03Connellsville Area
19.9Bailey Catalano121-07Homer Center
20.11Jamie Abbs118-02North Allegheny
21.12Kamau Clanagan116-05Woodland Hills
10Mike Calfe115'5Highlands Senior
22.-Sam Stever115-03Indiana Area
23.10Mike Calfe111-05Highlands Senior
24.11Nathan Sakal111-00Hempfield Area (7)
10Robert Love110'0Highlands Senior
25.12William Kline103-07Northern Bedford
26.-William Culver95-10Connellsville Area
27.10Robert Love89-08Highlands Senior
28.-Anthony Harper87-03Penn Hills
29.-Tommy Rura82-07Homer Center
30.-Tim Hosttetler80-10Mt Pleasant Area
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Pressel6-06.00Northern Bedford
2.12Cody Whittaker6-04.00Derry Area
3.11Justin Baker6-04.00Northern Bedford
4.11Darnae Clemons6-02.00Indiana Area
5.11Greg King6-00.00Franklin Regional
6.10Jonny Heagy5-10.00Greater Latrobe
7.12Mike Forsythe5-10.00Mt Pleasant Area
7.10Zach Nimmo5-10.00North Allegheny
9.12Alex Zagorski5-08.00North Allegheny
9.-Mike Knight5-08.00Franklin Regional
9.-Charles Bradley5-08.00Penn Hills
9.10De'Lorian Day5-08.00Hempfield Area (7)
9.10Andrew Downey5-08.00Derry Area
14.-Damone Morton5-06.00Hempfield Area (7)
14.11Donivel Evans5-06.00Kiski Area
--12Jonathan KellyNHWoodland Hills
---Justin ColmantNHNorwin
--10Alex MartinettiNHHighlands Senior
---Alex FerrisNHConnellsville Area
---Steven FaddisNHPenn Trafford
--9Steve CheswickNHPenn Trafford
---Dan HamiltonNHGreater Latrobe
--9Deion FletcherNHHighlands Senior
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyler Kolar13-06.00Mt Pleasant Area
2.12Zack Sinclair12-06.00Hempfield Area (7)
3.11Brett Neugebauer12-06.00North Allegheny
4.11Ben Schweiger12-06.00North Allegheny
5.11Dakota Harper12-00.00Indiana Area
5.11Christian DeGennero12-00.00Greater Latrobe
7.11Patrick Ferrenberg11-06.00Greater Latrobe
7.9Brian Waryck11-06.00Indiana Area
7.11Andrew Paul11-06.00Hempfield Area (7)
7.11Devin Zayac11-06.00Homer Center
11.-Brandon Lagorda11-00.00Norwin
12.11Justin Baker10-00.00Northern Bedford
12.-Zach Wilson10-00.00Kiski Area
12.-John Hong10-00.00Penn Hills
12.-Billy Groft10-00.00Mt Pleasant Area
12.9Steve Cheswick10-00.00Penn Trafford
12.-Jeremy Welsh10-00.00Connellsville Area
---Tyler RicheyNHConnellsville Area
---Nick LiebNHPenn Trafford
--11Jake LagorgaNHNorwin
--11Tyler SniderNHKiski Area
--12Cody ColangrandeNHFranklin Regional
---Justin WelshNHFranklin Regional
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Isaiah Brooks21-10.75Woodland Hills
2.11William Oplinger21-04.25Kiski Area
3.11Greg Baum21-00.25North Allegheny
4.12Tre Carter20-11.50Kiski Area
5.10Skyler Carkuff20-09.25Hempfield Area (7)
6.11Zach Pressel20-08.00Northern Bedford
7.12Joey Borsuk20-06.75Hempfield Area (7)
8.11Greg King20-06.00Franklin Regional
9.-Isaac Weaver20-05.00North Allegheny
10.-Anthony Harper20-03.00Penn Hills
11.-James Thornton20-00.00Penn Hills
12.11Cody Monroe19-10.75Mt Pleasant Area
13.9Trevor Salopek19-05.00Mt Pleasant Area
13.-Mike Chahin19-05.00Franklin Regional
15.10Edu Campos19-04.00Indiana Area
15.10Blake Over19-04.00Northern Bedford
17.11Chris Caroff19-03.50Indiana Area
18.10Andrew Downey19-03.00Derry Area
19.-Max Doran19-00.50Penn Trafford
20.-Stetson Keedy18-11.50Connellsville Area
21.-Jacob Puleo18-10.50Greater Latrobe
22.12Cody Whittaker18-07.00Derry Area
23.-Zack Aubrey18-06.00Norwin
24.9John Karanja18-03.00Highlands Senior
25.-Isaiah Jones18-02.50Greater Latrobe
26.-Brett White17-11.50Penn Trafford
26.-Justin Colmant17-11.50Norwin
28.9Deion Fletcher17-10.50Highlands Senior
---Christian WilliamsFOULConnellsville Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Greg King44-06.50Franklin Regional
2.10De'Lorian Day44-05.50Hempfield Area (7)
3.12Tre Carter44-00.00Kiski Area
4.10Fritz Isaac41-10.00North Allegheny
5.-Max Doran41-08.50Penn Trafford
6.12Alexander Craine41-04.50Derry Area
7.11William Oplinger41-03.00Kiski Area
8.11Chris Caroff40-11.00Indiana Area
9.-Matt Kalning40-10.75Greater Latrobe
10.9Trevor Salopek40-08.50Mt Pleasant Area
11.-Ryan Lehecka40-07.50North Allegheny
12.11Cody Monroe40-06.00Mt Pleasant Area
12.10Andrew Downey40-06.00Derry Area
14.10Corey Denlinger40-03.75Indiana Area
15.-Christian Williams40-03.50Connellsville Area
16.-Stephen Roote40-00.75Franklin Regional
17.10Jason Burkus39-10.00Connellsville Area
18.10Tyler George39-09.50Hempfield Area (7)
18.-Colin Darby39-09.50Penn Trafford
20.10Blake Over39-09.00Northern Bedford
21.10Jonny Heagy38-07.50Greater Latrobe
22.12Jonathan Kelly38-02.50Woodland Hills
23.9Deion Fletcher37-01.00Highlands Senior
24.-Justin Colmant36-02.75Norwin
25.-John Mriso35-08.00Highlands Senior
26.-Brennon Norton35-07.50Norwin
27.9Logan Pollack32-05.00Homer Center

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasmine Jones12.64aHempfield Area (7)
2.9Maddie Mueseler12.95aGreater Latrobe
3.12Misako Envela13.04aMt Lebanon
4.11Leah Laughlin13.20aNorth Allegheny
5.9Kelsey Plecenik13.22aNorwin
6.11Juliana Galante13.28aMt Lebanon
7.10Jalesa Morris13.32aKiski Area
8.10Jordan Toohey13.33aMt Pleasant Area
9.11Kaitlyn Ruffing13.42aFranklin Regional
10.9Claire Fiffik13.52aNorth Allegheny
11.-Jannelle Crosby13.55aHempfield Area (7)
12.11Desiree Garland14.98aWoodland Hills
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jasmine Jones12.75aHempfield Area (7)
2.12Misako Envela12.91aMt Lebanon
3.9Maddie Mueseler12.94aGreater Latrobe
4.11Desiree Garland13.16aWoodland Hills
5.11Juliana Galante13.26aMt Lebanon
6.10Jalesa Morris13.27aKiski Area
7.9Claire Fiffik13.30aNorth Allegheny
8.11Leah Laughlin13.39aNorth Allegheny
8.10Jordan Toohey13.39aMt Pleasant Area
10.9Kelsey Plecenik13.42aNorwin
10.11Kaitlyn Ruffing13.42aFranklin Regional
12.-Jannelle Crosby13.44aHempfield Area (7)
13.-Isabel Siergiej13.47aPenn Trafford
14.12Katie Dutt13.54aPenn Trafford
15.11Anna Marie Pirl13.55aLaurel Highlands
16.10Erin Wilt13.56aGreater Latrobe
17.10Ashton Grimm13.67aConnellsville Area
18.11Kylie Hissem13.85aMt Pleasant Area
19.-Katie Gvozden13.87aFranklin Regional
20.-Marlee Bivins13.89aNorwin
21.12Aileen Feeney13.92aKiski Area
22.9Abbey Karcher13.93aIndiana Area
23.-Kaylee Rabatin14.04aLaurel Highlands
24.11Da'Jon Veney14.05aIndiana Area
25.11Alyssa Smith14.19aNorthern Bedford
26.10Jill Overman14.24aHomer Center
27.11Jaime Rura14.26aHomer Center
28.-Anna Polyblank14.33aConnellsville Area
29.11Ashley Rhodes14.64aNorthern Bedford
30.-Haylie White14.67aDerry Area
31.12Kelly Zimmerman14.69aDerry Area
32.9Taylor Cochran14.91aHighlands Senior
33.11Victoria Mccloud15.19aHighlands Senior
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasmine Jones26.19aHempfield Area (7)
2.11Kaitlyn Ruffing26.83aFranklin Regional
3.12Marisa Siergiej26.84aPenn Trafford
4.11Emily Griffin26.91aMt Lebanon
5.9Claire Fiffik27.58aNorth Allegheny
6.10Jordan Toohey27.74aMt Pleasant Area
7.10Jalesa Morris27.78aKiski Area
8.10Ashton Grimm27.98aConnellsville Area
9.12Katie Dutt28.08aPenn Trafford
10.11Dakotah Lewis28.19aWoodland Hills
11.-Jannelle Crosby28.28aHempfield Area (7)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jasmine Jones25.54aHempfield Area (7)
2.9Maddie Mueseler26.50aGreater Latrobe
3.11Emily Griffin26.84aMt Lebanon
4.11Kaitlyn Ruffing26.90aFranklin Regional
5.12Marisa Siergiej26.95aPenn Trafford
6.10Jordan Toohey27.14aMt Pleasant Area
7.10Jalesa Morris27.42aKiski Area
8.-Jannelle Crosby27.58aHempfield Area (7)
9.12Katie Dutt27.71aPenn Trafford
10.9Claire Fiffik27.76aNorth Allegheny
11.11Dakotah Lewis27.95aWoodland Hills
11.10Ashton Grimm27.95aConnellsville Area
13.11Carly Yelenic27.97aGreater Latrobe
13.11Leah Hershberger27.97aNorthern Bedford
15.9Nicole Rich28.11aNorth Allegheny
16.10Delaney Colder28.32aKiski Area
17.-Marlee Bivins28.63aNorwin
18.-Kaylee Rabatin28.85aLaurel Highlands
19.11Alyssa Smith29.13aNorthern Bedford
20.-Anna Polyblank29.44aConnellsville Area
21.10Alexis Gademsey30.22aDerry Area
22.9Kaitlyn Meyer30.25aDerry Area
23.-Sydney Schweitzer31.22aNorwin
24.9Whitney Fick32.47aHighlands Senior
25.-Colleen Scheerbaum33.48aHighlands Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hanna Green59.22aGreater Latrobe
2.12Marisa Siergiej1:00.16aPenn Trafford
3.10Melissa McCann1:01.43aLaurel Highlands
4.11Taylor Cannon1:01.64aHempfield Area (7)
5.11Jessica Hurley1:01.69aIndiana Area
6.-Lauren Harvey1:01.74aConnellsville Area
7.12Julia Novotny1:01.74aMt Pleasant Area
8.-Maria Gonchar1:02.93aNorth Allegheny
9.11Cheyenne Lewis1:03.05aWoodland Hills
10.-Allison LaDuke1:03.16aGreater Latrobe
11.9Kelsey Plecenik1:03.18aNorwin
12.12Claire Murray1:03.85aKiski Area
13.-Seraya Steward1:03.91aPenn Hills
14.10Taylor Smith1:04.36aNorth Allegheny
15.10Rachel Carretta1:04.76aFranklin Regional
16.11Alyssa Smith1:04.79aNorthern Bedford
17.9Alli Battistella1:04.83aHempfield Area (7)
18.11Kylie Hissem1:05.92aMt Pleasant Area
19.11Leah Hershberger1:05.98aNorthern Bedford
20.-Bella Sigado1:06.37aConnellsville Area
21.-Lexie Hileman1:06.40aPenn Trafford
22.10Kali Hepburn1:07.74aKiski Area
23.10Rebecca Peters1:07.83aNorwin
24.-Ellen Gray1:08.01aFranklin Regional
25.11Dakotah Lewis1:09.28aWoodland Hills
26.9Isabella Augustine1:12.33aHighlands Senior
27.-Courtney Meyer1:15.98aDerry Area
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angel Piccirillo2:14.75aHomer Center
2.11Hanna Green2:19.26aGreater Latrobe
3.12Autumn Greba2:20.60aNorwin
4.11Julie Kocjancic2:25.54aMt Lebanon
5.11Chelsea Poole2:25.56aPenn Trafford
6.12Christina Roberson2:25.57aPenn Hills
7.10Melissa McCann2:25.71aLaurel Highlands
8.12Lizzie Appleton2:27.69aNorth Allegheny
9.10Sarah Kerr2:29.12aNorwin
10.10Caitlin Carmody2:30.57aNorth Allegheny
11.12Hannah Scipio2:31.87aDerry Area
12.10Brianna Gaudi2:32.05aHempfield Area (7)
13.9Stephanie Lednak2:33.71aKiski Area
14.9Lauren Smeltzer2:34.21aKiski Area
15.11Bryanna Nalevanko2:34.44aHempfield Area (7)
16.9Heather Paynter2:34.85aHomer Center
17.11Natalie Palmieri2:35.19aMt Lebanon
18.11Kasey Paul2:38.98aGreater Latrobe
19.-Maria Meridino2:39.19aConnellsville Area
20.-Allison Bosco2:40.07aPenn Trafford
21.11Elli Monaghan2:40.23aLaurel Highlands
22.11Danielle Vensel2:40.50aFranklin Regional
23.-Emma Bell2:41.68aConnellsville Area
24.-Carly Boda2:42.03aHighlands Senior
25.12Beth Kopczyk2:43.43aIndiana Area
26.10Hayley Grajewski2:43.54aFranklin Regional
27.-Stephanie Hutchinson2:44.72aPenn Hills
28.11Jillian Bottenfield2:45.59aNorthern Bedford
29.-Emmory Baker2:46.81aMt Pleasant Area
30.12Ellen Jameson2:47.70aGreensburg Central C...
31.-Allison Chelbowski2:52.21aMt Pleasant Area
32.-Pryncess Johnson-Payne2:57.96aPenn Hills
33.9Elizabeth Bond3:30.34aHighlands Senior
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angel Piccirillo4:53.60aHomer Center
2.12Autumn Greba5:09.60aNorwin
3.10Callie Gunzenhauser5:18.25aMt Lebanon
4.11Maria Snyder5:19.86aNorthern Bedford
5.12Jenna Kuhn5:20.34aNorwin
6.10Jillian Hunsberger5:22.14aMt Lebanon
7.11Alex Gambill5:23.56aNorth Allegheny
8.12Jessica Collins5:25.32aKiski Area
9.12Veronica Bujdos5:25.90aIndiana Area
10.12Shannon Wagner5:30.60aNorth Allegheny
11.9Morgan Ansell5:32.51aHempfield Area (7)
12.12Emily Dempsey5:33.54aPenn Trafford
13.11Kaitlyn Feggurelli5:35.16aFranklin Regional
14.10Sarah Taylor5:36.96aPenn Trafford
15.11Madi Fiaschetti5:40.34aHempfield Area (7)
16.9Heather Paynter5:44.15aHomer Center
17.12Meghan Obusek5:45.81aGreensburg Central C...
18.11Elli Monaghan5:46.70aLaurel Highlands
19.9Mariah Custer5:47.67aLaurel Highlands
20.11Mary Fratto5:55.32aGreater Latrobe
21.11Julia Bromyard6:00.27aMt Pleasant Area
22.11Mariah Rumble6:08.09aPenn Hills
23.12Ellen Jameson6:09.64aGreensburg Central C...
24.11Jillian Bottenfield6:16.86aNorthern Bedford
25.-Kaitlyn Shirey6:19.52aMt Pleasant Area
26.11Katie Browe6:19.92aIndiana Area
27.10Zeleena Kearney6:20.63aPenn Hills
28.10Meg Irvine6:28.30aFranklin Regional
29.10Aaliyah Bailey6:32.33aPenn Hills
30.9Elizabeth Bond7:03.21aHighlands Senior
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maria Snyder11:30.89aNorthern Bedford
2.12Jenna Kuhn11:42.51aNorwin
3.12Veronica Bujdos11:44.24aIndiana Area
4.10Morgan Kiebler11:48.24aKiski Area
5.12Emily Dempsey11:51.57aPenn Trafford
6.9Morgan Ansell11:55.57aHempfield Area (7)
7.11Kaitlyn Feggurelli11:56.94aFranklin Regional
8.10Sarah Taylor12:09.76aPenn Trafford
9.9Mackenzie Tressler12:10.41aHempfield Area (7)
10.10Bret Serbin12:28.01aNorth Allegheny
11.11Abby Pristas12:28.91aNorwin
12.12Meghan Obusek12:31.59aGreensburg Central C...
13.9Karley Whelan12:38.39aNorth Allegheny
14.9Marissa Deichart12:46.60aLaurel Highlands
15.11Mary Fratto12:56.31aGreater Latrobe
16.11Julia Bromyard13:03.35aMt Pleasant Area
17.11Allison Holcombe13:12.54aFranklin Regional
18.10Emily Rice13:27.65aLaurel Highlands
19.11Maggie McLaughlin13:37.54aHomer Center
20.12Hannah Salai13:38.02aMt Pleasant Area
21.12Maggie Bingaman14:19.45aIndiana Area
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Holmberg15.59aHempfield Area (7)
2.11Beatrice Goodyear16.00aMt Lebanon
3.11NeviA Orsini16.07aPenn Hills
4.11Tatiana Cloud16.64aKiski Area
5.-Giovanna Cottone17.00aNorth Allegheny
6.11Natalie Shiffler17.13aHempfield Area (7)
7.11Kalsey Kurtonich17.18aNorth Allegheny
8.12Caroline Tucker17.22aGreensburg Central C...
9.12Allison Guggenheimer17.38aKiski Area
10.12Tara Naggy17.77aMt Pleasant Area
11.10Noel Hartle18.16aIndiana Area
--11Abby ValekDQLaurel Highlands
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Maddie Holmberg15.59aHempfield Area (7)
2.11Beatrice Goodyear16.31aMt Lebanon
3.11NeviA Orsini16.38aPenn Hills
4.11Tatiana Cloud16.82aKiski Area
5.12Caroline Tucker17.02aGreensburg Central C...
6.11Kalsey Kurtonich17.32aNorth Allegheny
7.11Natalie Shiffler17.50aHempfield Area (7)
8.12Allison Guggenheimer17.71aKiski Area
9.-Giovanna Cottone17.87aNorth Allegheny
10.11Abby Valek17.88aLaurel Highlands
11.12Tara Naggy17.88aMt Pleasant Area
12.10Noel Hartle18.19aIndiana Area
13.-Alexus Dutrieville18.34aWoodland Hills
14.-Lauren Herman18.49aConnellsville Area
15.-Alexa Williams18.66aPenn Trafford
16.9Taylor Cochran18.74aHighlands Senior
17.12Liz Yerger18.83aIndiana Area
18.-Dominiqu Weakland18.90aFranklin Regional
19.-Yvonne Sewell19.05aPenn Hills
20.-Hannah Jones19.13aGreater Latrobe
21.10Lauren Morris19.17aNorthern Bedford
22.-Julia Bulkovac19.29aFranklin Regional
23.9Eileen Brady19.54aMt Pleasant Area
24.-Nichole Klapchar19.59aDerry Area
25.-Marcellee Murray20.39aLaurel Highlands
26.-Lauren Fitzgerald20.47aPenn Trafford
27.-Krysta McGinnis20.54aDerry Area
28.-Sarah Fox21.27aGreater Latrobe
29.12Tori Long21.48aHomer Center
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Holmberg46.65aHempfield Area (7)
2.11Tatiana Cloud47.32aKiski Area
3.12Alexandria Rupert48.63aHempfield Area (7)
4.11NeviA Orsini49.20aPenn Hills
5.12Allison Guggenheimer49.65aKiski Area
6.11Beatrice Goodyear49.95aMt Lebanon
7.11Kalsey Kurtonich50.91aNorth Allegheny
8.10Marissa Adams51.71aConnellsville Area
9.10Noel Hartle52.16aIndiana Area
10.10Emma Harvey52.22aNorth Allegheny
11.-Kasey Brown52.72aMt Pleasant Area
12.11Meredith Rae52.84aFranklin Regional
13.12Liz Yerger52.99aIndiana Area
14.-Hannah Jones53.25aGreater Latrobe
15.11Cheyenne Lewis53.27aWoodland Hills
16.11Abby Valek53.95aLaurel Highlands
17.-Alexa Williams54.46aPenn Trafford
18.11Bria Rogers55.18aMt Pleasant Area
19.9Taylor Kokoska55.63aGreater Latrobe
20.10Lauren Morris57.07aNorthern Bedford
21.-Yvonne Sewell57.15aPenn Hills
22.-Nichole Klapchar57.85aDerry Area
23.12Tori Long58.39aHomer Center
24.-Julia Bulkovac1:00.03aFranklin Regional
25.12Alexis Zawelensky1:01.20aLaurel Highlands
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddie Holmbera
Alexandria Rupert
Jasmine Jones
Jannelle Crosby
49.69aHempfield Area (7)
2.-Misako Envela
Juliana Galante
Emilia Ricciuti
Emily Griffin
50.01aMt Lebanon
3.-Christina Roberson
NeviA Orsini
Gloria Schifino
Tamyah Petty
50.89aPenn Hills
4.-Julia Novotny
Kylie Hissem
Bria Rogers
Jordan Toohey
51.33aMt Pleasant Area
5.-Tatiana Cloud
Jalesa Morris
Delaney Colder
Aileen Feeney
52.02aKiski Area
6.-Katie Dutt
Marisa Siergiej
Amanda Steffey
Isabel Siergiej
52.44aPenn Trafford
7.-Francesca Fazzini
Carly Yelenic
Maddie Mueseler
Erin Wilt
52.44aGreater Latrobe
8.-Carlianna Cottone
Leah Laughlin
Nicole Rich
Claire Fiffik
52.80aNorth Allegheny
9.-Cheyenne Lewis
Monica L. Rhone
Alexus Dutrieville
Ty'asia Pitts
52.89aWoodland Hills
10.-Tiarra Taylor
Darian Leighty
Ashton Grimm
Lauren Herman
53.47aConnellsville Area
11.-Julia Bulkovac
Katie Gvozden
Kaitlyn Ruffing
Cassidy Ledonne
53.71aFranklin Regional
12.-Lacey Aley
Julie Webb
Marlee Bivins
Sydney Schweitzer
13.-Tysha Webb
Noel Hartle
Da'Jon Veney
Keaton Lauver
55.96aIndiana Area
14.-Kaitlyn Meyer
Nichole Klapchar
Haylie White
Kelly Zimmerman
56.44aDerry Area
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alexandria Rupert
Jasmine Jones
Brianna Gaudi
Taylor Cannon
4:07.10aHempfield Area (7)
2.-Madeline Nellis
Leah Laughlin
Maria Gonchar
Nicole Rich
4:09.01aNorth Allegheny
3.-Hanna Green
Francesca Fazzini
Carly Yelenic
Allison LaDuke
4:10.35aGreater Latrobe
4.-Christina Roberson
NeviA Orsini
Shannyn Clark
Seraya Steward
4:14.57aPenn Hills
5.-Autumn Greba
Sarah Kerr
Lacey Aley
Kelsey Plecenik
6.-Katie Dutt
Chelsea Poole
Lexie Hileman
Marisa Siergiej
4:18.55aPenn Trafford
7.-Lauren Harvey
Marissa Adams
Ashton Grimm
Bella Sigado
4:23.63aConnellsville Area
8.-Claire Murray
Allison Guggenheimer
Kali Hepburn
Jessica Collins
4:24.19aKiski Area
9.-Julia Novotny
Kylie Hissem
Bria Rogers
Kasey Brown
4:31.72aMt Pleasant Area
10.-Katie Gvozden
Kaitlyn Ruffing
Rachel Carretta
Ellen Gray
4:33.67aFranklin Regional
11.-Jessica Hurley
Da'Jon Veney
Noel Hartle
Haley Stapleton
4:36.82aIndiana Area
12.-Micah Craig
Cheyenne Lewis
Monica L. Rhone
Jone Walker-Overton
5:01.53aWoodland Hills
13.-Relay Team 5:19.35aHighlands Senior
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lizzie Appleton
Madeline Nellis
Caitlin Carmody
Lena Walton
9:48.46aNorth Allegheny
2.-Julie Kocjancic
Natalie Palmieri
Jillian Hunsberger
Callie Gunzenhauser
9:54.15aMt Lebanon
3.-Jessica Collins
Lauren Smeltzer
Morgan Kiebler
Stephanie Lednak
9:54.27aKiski Area
4.-Taylor Cannon
Madi Fiaschetti
Bryanna Nalevanko
Brianna Gaudi
9:57.54aHempfield Area (7)
5.-Emily Dempsey
Chelsea Poole
Allison Bosco
Sarah Taylor
10:17.53aPenn Trafford
6.-Rebecca Peters
Lacey Aley
Sarah Kerr
Lindsay Dawson
7.-Mary Fratto
Kasey Paul
Cassidy Schultheis
Casey Columbus
10:34.44aGreater Latrobe
8.-Anne Rice
Mariah Custer
Elli Monaghan
Melissa McCann
10:39.59aLaurel Highlands
9.-Lauren Harvey
Brittany Craig
Maria Meridino
Emma Bell
10:51.37aConnellsville Area
10.-Katie Browe
Beth Kopczyk
Jessica Hurley
Lucy Bujdos
11:05.22aIndiana Area
11.-Amber Hauser
Hannah Scipio
Kady Waggle
Skylar Vasil-Cowan
11:13.01aDerry Area
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Martina Milcec38-10.00Norwin
2.11Rachel Fyalkowski36-06.00Hempfield Area (7)
3.11April Krivoniak34-06.00Greater Latrobe
4.12Dayna Wilson33-08.00Hempfield Area (7)
5.12Jessica Galasso33-02.00Homer Center
6.-Haley Lowry33-01.00Connellsville Area
7.-Courtney Wolfe32-10.00North Allegheny
8.12Samantha Slagle32-06.50Kiski Area
9.9Eileen Brady31-08.00Mt Pleasant Area
12Nikki Green31'2Highlands Senior
10.12Nikki Green30-09.00Highlands Senior
11.10Myah Bracy29-10.00Kiski Area
12.12Andrea Darazio29-08.00Derry Area
13.11Trinity Malis29-05.00Derry Area
13.-Lauren Shideler29-05.00North Allegheny
15.-Sam Tower29-03.50Franklin Regional
16.12Savanna Moore28-03.00Greater Latrobe
16.11Angela Novack28-03.00Penn Trafford
18.-Makiah Mickens27-05.00Laurel Highlands
19.-Sydney Delmaster27-04.00Mt Pleasant Area
20.-Lauren Slivka27-01.00Norwin
21.9Rachael Mossgrove26-10.50Indiana Area
22.-Natalie DeBar26-00.00Indiana Area
23.-Kayla Parker25-10.00Woodland Hills
24.-Jasmine Baxter25-08.00Penn Hills
25.11Anna Clapper25-04.00Northern Bedford
26.-Taylor Neiderheiser23-08.00Connellsville Area
27.-Chandler Davis23-05.50Penn Hills
28.-Alyssa Stewart21-09.00Franklin Regional
29.-Rachel Girdich21-06.00Penn Trafford
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Fyalkowski106-05Hempfield Area (7)
2.11Jenna Farruggia104-02Hempfield Area (7)
3.12Madeline Frech94-10Kiski Area
4.12Jessica Galasso93-00Homer Center
5.12Andrea Darazio92-07Derry Area
6.11Trinity Malis90-05Derry Area
7.12Nikki Green89-11Highlands Senior
8.-Courtney Wolfe89-09North Allegheny
8.-Anna Riddle89-09Mt Pleasant Area
10.-Rachel Bertoni89-05Mt Pleasant Area
11.11Haley Stapleton86-08Indiana Area
12.10Myah Bracy86-05Kiski Area
13.12Martina Milcec86-01Norwin
14.-Erin DiFalco86-00Franklin Regional
15.12Steph Oertel85-04Highlands Senior
16.12Candice Stein81-06North Allegheny
17.9Rachael Mossgrove80-11Indiana Area
18.-Olivia Stas80-06Greater Latrobe
19.12Maria Pierce80-02Laurel Highlands
20.-Haley Lowry76-11Connellsville Area
21.-Alexandra Salyers76-05Connellsville Area
22.11Rachel Keto75-02Norwin
23.-Molly Ulishney72-06Greater Latrobe
24.-Jasmine Baxter68-02Penn Hills
25.-Kayla Parker57-06Woodland Hills
26.-Katy Abreu55-00Penn Trafford
27.-Jasmine Bailey-Green54-09Woodland Hills
28.-Rachel Girdich52-07Penn Trafford
29.-Brianna Beach50-03Northern Bedford
30.-Domnique Thompson31-02Penn Hills
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Shiffler129-08Hempfield Area (7)
2.12Maria Pierce124-00Laurel Highlands
3.12Julia Novotny122-06Mt Pleasant Area
4.11April Krivoniak113-05Greater Latrobe
5.11Rachel Keto102-05Norwin
6.11Haley Stapleton101-09Indiana Area
7.-Casey Lewis101-08Laurel Highlands
8.12Madeline Frech100-02Kiski Area
9.12Makenzie Zidek97-08Kiski Area
10.9Keri Kunkle96-00Mt Pleasant Area
11.-Tysha Webb94-09Indiana Area
12.11Jenna Farruggia94-08Hempfield Area (7)
13.-Macy Divens93-10Norwin
14.-Jessica Doris87-04Greater Latrobe
15.-Jess Moore83-03Franklin Regional
16.-Kristen Mitchell82-08North Allegheny
17.-Lauren Shideler80-06North Allegheny
17.11Bethany Cronrath80-06Northern Bedford
19.-Erin DiFalco78-00Franklin Regional
20.-Gianna Pro77-08Penn Trafford
21.12Ashley Hufmann77-06Derry Area
22.10Abby Veach72-11Northern Bedford
23.-Micah Craig72-08Woodland Hills
24.-Alexandra Salyers68-11Connellsville Area
25.-Maggie Graham56-03Penn Trafford
25.-Chandler Davis56-03Penn Hills
27.-Domnique Thompson51-02Penn Hills
28.-Jasmine Bailey-Green50-04Woodland Hills
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Shiffler5-02.00Hempfield Area (7)
2.9Shelby Burns5-02.00Laurel Highlands
3.11Sidney Black5-00.00Norwin
4.11Beatrice Goodyear4-10.00Mt Lebanon
5.12Makenzie Zidek4-08.00Kiski Area
5.9Abbey Karcher4-08.00Indiana Area
7.12Aneisha Henderson4-08.00Homer Center
8.-Maura Nolan4-08.00North Allegheny
8.10Rachel Salai4-08.00Mt Pleasant Area
8.-Kaitlyn Muchnock4-08.00Greater Latrobe
8.10Alexis Gademsey4-08.00Derry Area
12.-Mackenzie Adamek4-06.00Penn Trafford
12.11Angela Novack4-06.00Penn Trafford
12.-Meg Gusaffson4-06.00Franklin Regional
12.-Susanne Hillein4-06.00Mt Pleasant Area
12.12Mikisa Solomon4-06.00Connellsville Area
12.-Morgan Rupp4-06.00Laurel Highlands
12.10Vreni Henderson4-06.00North Allegheny
12.-Amanda Zigarovich4-06.00Franklin Regional
12.12Jayda Diehl4-06.00Northern Bedford
12.11Casey Columbus4-06.00Greater Latrobe
--11Ashley RhodesNHNorthern Bedford
---Stacey SikoraNHKiski Area
--10Brooke PetroNHNorwin
--11Darian LeightyNHConnellsville Area
--11Haley StapletonNHIndiana Area
--9Elise SignorellaNHHighlands Senior
--9Lauren HendersonNHDerry Area
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Larissa Debich12-08.00Hempfield Area (7)
2.12Kasey Kemp12-00.00Norwin
3.11Lexi Masterson11-06.00Hempfield Area (7)
4.11Casey Lehecka10-06.00North Allegheny
5.12Alyssa Palenchar10-06.00Derry Area
6.11Brooke Mancuso10-00.00North Allegheny
7.8Alexa Szelong8-06.00Mt Pleasant Area
8.9Lucy Bujdos8-00.00Indiana Area
8.-Hannah Kiesel8-00.00Greater Latrobe
8.-Kaitlyn Shirey8-00.00Mt Pleasant Area
8.12Nicole Batzel8-00.00Northern Bedford
8.10Erin Wilt8-00.00Greater Latrobe
13.10Stephanie Ellis7-00.00Northern Bedford
13.-Jordan Brewer7-00.00Laurel Highlands
13.9Audrey Kopich7-00.00Laurel Highlands
--10Kayla WadsworthNHKiski Area
--11Jaime RuraNHHomer Center
--11Morgan SchamusNHIndiana Area
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Holmberg17-05.00Hempfield Area (7)
2.11Gloria Schifino17-01.75Penn Hills
3.11Jennifer Antill17-00.00Penn Trafford
4.9Lauren George16-11.50Hempfield Area (7)
5.12Tiarra Taylor16-06.50Connellsville Area
6.12Annie Jakubek16-04.50Greater Latrobe
7.12Alyssa Boren16-04.50Franklin Regional
8.11Sidney Black16-03.50Norwin
8.11Julie Webb16-03.50Norwin
8.9Emily Olson16-03.50Penn Trafford
11.10Aaliyah Winfrey16-02.25Laurel Highlands
12.11Leah Hershberger16-01.50Northern Bedford
13.12Karissa Manko15-10.00North Allegheny
14.10Mackenzie Cavanaugh15-08.25North Allegheny
15.12Allison Guggenheimer15-07.00Kiski Area
16.11Jaylyn Surma15-06.50Mt Pleasant Area
16.11Meredith Rae15-06.50Franklin Regional
16.10Aaryn Gray15-06.50Indiana Area
19.-Alexus Dutrieville15-06.25Woodland Hills
20.11Carly Yelenic15-03.25Greater Latrobe
21.12Kaitlyn Witucki15-03.00Highlands Senior
22.12Halie Townley15-02.00Homer Center
22.9Elise Signorella15-02.00Highlands Senior
24.12Kelly Zimmerman15-01.50Derry Area
25.-Megan Majersky15-00.75Kiski Area
26.-Erika Gesso14-09.00Laurel Highlands
26.11Darian Leighty14-09.00Connellsville Area
28.12Breanna Rossi14-08.75Homer Center
29.-Haylie White14-05.00Derry Area
30.-Peyton Clark14-01.00Mt Pleasant Area
31.-Jone Walker-Overton13-10.75Woodland Hills
32.-Carly Snyder13-10.00Indiana Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren George36-09.00Hempfield Area (7)
2.12Alyssa Boren36-02.00Franklin Regional
3.11Sidney Black36-00.50Norwin
4.10Erin Wilt35-02.50Greater Latrobe
5.12Annie Jakubek34-08.50Greater Latrobe
6.-Isabel Siergiej34-05.25Penn Trafford
7.10Aaliyah Winfrey34-04.75Laurel Highlands
8.12Tiarra Taylor34-00.50Connellsville Area
9.12Karissa Manko33-11.50North Allegheny
10.10Alexis Gademsey33-06.50Derry Area
11.12Kaitlyn Witucki33-01.75Highlands Senior
12.10Mackenzie Cavanaugh32-11.00North Allegheny
13.-Mallory Trainer32-05.25Mt Pleasant Area
14.12Halie Townley32-01.00Homer Center
15.-Jess Young31-11.00Franklin Regional
16.11Leah Hershberger31-07.50Northern Bedford
17.-Erika Gesso31-06.25Laurel Highlands
18.11Jennifer Antill31-06.00Penn Trafford
19.12Taylor Nitkiewicz31-04.00Mt Pleasant Area
20.11Julie Webb31-01.50Norwin
21.12Morgan Waddell30-10.00Kiski Area
22.-Megan Majersky30-08.00Kiski Area
23.9Shannon Josefoski30-02.50Highlands Senior
24.-Jone Walker-Overton29-10.50Woodland Hills
25.9Lauren Henderson29-06.75Derry Area
26.-Megan Farrell28-04.50Hempfield Area (7)
27.-Nyla Numan28-03.00Indiana Area
28.12Mikisa Solomon27-11.00Connellsville Area
--12Breanna RossiFOULHomer Center
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