FHSAA 3A District 14 Championship

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
  South Fork HS, Stuart - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Fred Taylor11.08aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Zach Burrows11.14aMartin County
3.12Reshawd Fyne11.15aMartin County
4.11Mike Thomas11.17aOkeechobee
5.12Brandon Battle11.30aMartin County
6.11Matthew Birdens11.31aSouth Fork
7.11Richard Seraphin11.55aLake Worth Community
8.12Bryan Wilson11.59aSouth Fork
9.11Kerolin Francois11.64aForest Hill Community
10.11Marcus McClain11.64aSouth Fork
11.12Trevor Sykes11.65aLake Worth Community
12.12Shelomi Jonka11.65aPalm Beach Lakes
13.12Quandrell Ridley11.69aOkeechobee
14.11Lorenz Velasco11.71aSouth Fork
15.12Lance Lily11.74aForest Hill Community
16.12Brandon Barr11.75aPalm Beach Lakes
17.11Travon Johnson11.77aMartin County
18.9Devonte Gibson11.86aBoynton Beach Commun...
19.9Tyrell Taylor11.87aOkeechobee
20.9Josh Abel12.07aJensen Beach
21.9Dylan Rutyna12.15aJensen Beach
22.12Matthew Plunkett12.19aLake Worth Community
23.10Wesley White12.22aOkeechobee
24.9Kacelet Metra12.25aBoynton Beach Commun...
25.11Wilnader Alexandre12.32aBoynton Beach Commun...
26.9Jose Rivera12.62aLake Worth Community
27.10Travis Williams12.79aPalm Beach Lakes
28.9Kade Glenn13.43aJensen Beach
--11Diego JonesDQBoynton Beach Commun...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Reshawd Fyne22.51aMartin County
2.12Zach Burrows22.76aMartin County
3.12Brandon Battle22.85aMartin County
4.11Matthew Birdens23.27aSouth Fork
5.11Mike Thomas23.35aOkeechobee
6.11Diego Jones23.64aBoynton Beach Commun...
7.12Quandrell Ridley23.76aOkeechobee
8.11Marcus McClain23.94aSouth Fork
9.12Trevor Sykes23.96aLake Worth Community
10.11Richard Seraphin23.98aLake Worth Community
11.9Devonte Gibson24.02aBoynton Beach Commun...
12.11D'Andre Watson24.03aPalm Beach Lakes
13.11Tevin Cottle24.05aBoynton Beach Commun...
14.12Lance Lily24.12aForest Hill Community
15.11Lorenz Velasco24.22aSouth Fork
16.10Isaiah McFadden24.30aPort St Lucie
17.10Carlos Nevarez24.60aPort St Lucie
18.10Jonathan Estevez24.68aJensen Beach
19.12Brandon Barr24.76aPalm Beach Lakes
20.9Dylan Rutyna24.94aJensen Beach
21.10Jacob K. Miller25.06aJensen Beach
22.11Lanfor Jean Louis25.32aBoynton Beach Commun...
23.11Wilnader Alexandre25.33aBoynton Beach Commun...
24.9Kacelet Metra25.41aBoynton Beach Commun...
25.10Alex Emmonds25.51aOkeechobee
26.10Fritz Nonnombre25.61aPort St Lucie
27.12Ozell York26.08aForest Hill Community
28.11Alec Anderson26.75aOkeechobee
29.9Calvin King26.80aPort St Lucie
30.10Travis Williams26.96aPalm Beach Lakes
31.11Kerolin Francois30.40aForest Hill Community
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyai Jackson50.62aJensen Beach
2.11Richard Seraphin51.16aLake Worth Community
3.12Legend Dodd52.22aSouth Fork
4.10Colton Haggerty52.56aSouth Fork
5.11Herschel Hester53.00aMartin County
6.12Shelomi Jonka53.04aPalm Beach Lakes
7.12Reid Pirson53.62aMartin County
8.11Frank Adamo53.92aOkeechobee
9.11Dikingson Juste54.28aPort St Lucie
10.11Tevin Cottle54.93aBoynton Beach Commun...
11.12Vincent Wingfield54.95aJensen Beach
12.9Tyrell Taylor55.03aOkeechobee
13.12Makenxi Hilare55.15aLake Worth Community
14.9Angel Alvarez55.16aOkeechobee
15.12Stepen Paulk55.62aPalm Beach Lakes
16.9Akil Bullard55.87aBoynton Beach Commun...
17.11Chris Medina55.90aForest Hill Community
18.10Alex Emmonds56.28aOkeechobee
19.10Daniel Esteril56.38aPort St Lucie
20.10Kenneth Nortelus56.76aPalm Beach Lakes
21.10Jacob K. Miller56.85aJensen Beach
22.11Phaniel Esteril57.93aPort St Lucie
23.11Nicholas Miller58.38aJensen Beach
24.9Calvin King58.76aPort St Lucie
25.12Nicholas Reardon59.10aMartin County
26.9Canes Etienne1:01.23aLake Worth Community
27.9Jarue Johnson1:08.69aLake Worth Community
--9Feelds AlbertSCRBoynton Beach Commun...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Burton1:59.32aMartin County
2.11Samy El-Abbar2:00.39aForest Hill Community
3.10Zach Garland2:01.91aMartin County
4.11Travis McHale2:02.44aJensen Beach
5.12Kelly Etienne2:02.70aPort St Lucie
6.11Jose Marquez2:04.24aBoynton Beach Commun...
7.12Tim Allen2:08.46aJensen Beach
8.12Patrick Weinberg2:09.14aSouth Fork
9.12Jimson Estouville2:09.59aLake Worth Community
10.11Richard Jean Baptiste2:12.96aLake Worth Community
11.11Frank Adamo2:13.42aOkeechobee
12.12Javier Gama2:14.68aForest Hill Community
13.11Alec Anderson2:17.78aOkeechobee
14.10Christian Mosley2:18.31aPalm Beach Lakes
15.10Addison Wier2:18.52aSouth Fork
16.12Hector Medina2:20.26aForest Hill Community
17.9Kain Sarros2:21.37aOkeechobee
18.9Jose Lee2:21.77aForest Hill Community
19.11Pasquel Mendez2:21.99aLake Worth Community
20.11Justin Torrens2:23.42aSouth Fork
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samy El-Abbar4:34.07aForest Hill Community
2.11Richard Jean Baptiste4:37.91aLake Worth Community
3.12Jimson Estouville4:39.59aLake Worth Community
4.11Christian Moore4:40.03aJensen Beach
5.12Marvin Vincent4:41.20aMartin County
6.12Kelly Etienne4:41.24aPort St Lucie
7.12Kevin Sapp4:45.19aPort St Lucie
8.12Patrick Weinberg4:46.15aSouth Fork
9.10Luis Nieves4:50.41aBoynton Beach Commun...
10.10Austin Dyess4:57.49aJensen Beach
11.9Thomas Grimsdale4:57.93aMartin County
12.9Victor Nunez5:03.14aOkeechobee
13.10Matthew Altzner5:08.71aMartin County
14.10Frank Lopez5:10.71aForest Hill Community
15.10Addison Wier5:10.88aSouth Fork
16.10Dakota Brockway5:10.96aSouth Fork
17.12Mariano Alvarez5:14.16aOkeechobee
18.12Hector Medina5:20.54aForest Hill Community
19.10Joseph Roulette5:21.85aSouth Fork
20.11Alex Nagle5:23.12aJensen Beach
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyler O'Brien10:04.51aMartin County
2.11Nicholas Parrenelli10:05.99aMartin County
3.10Luis Nieves10:06.21aBoynton Beach Commun...
4.10Austin Dyess10:20.85aJensen Beach
5.11Josh Negron-santiago10:21.79aPort St Lucie
6.10Hernan Baltazar11:01.58aOkeechobee
7.9Sean Barricklow11:22.59aMartin County
8.12Mariano Alvarez11:28.72aOkeechobee
9.10Frank Lopez11:42.39aForest Hill Community
10.11David Veloza12:02.72aForest Hill Community
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jonathan Hayden14.86aPalm Beach Lakes
2.10Kenneth Nortelus15.91aPalm Beach Lakes
3.12Nickson Pascual16.16aLake Worth Community
4.11Josh Morazon16.37aPort St Lucie
5.12Michael Messier16.38aSouth Fork
6.11Nicholas McAhren17.07aMartin County
7.12Samuel Banks19.32aBoynton Beach Commun...
8.10Kyle Sarros19.91aOkeechobee
9.11Angel Soto20.50aForest Hill Community
10.11Miguel Bartolome-Aguirr21.34aMartin County
11.9Andrew Floering21.85aForest Hill Community
12.11Stephen Harding23.81aForest Hill Community
--10Michael McBrideDNFJensen Beach
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jonathan Hayden40.09aPalm Beach Lakes
2.11Darius Hodges41.39aPalm Beach Lakes
3.12Brian Jenkins42.93aForest Hill Community
4.12Nickson Pascual42.99aLake Worth Community
5.10Michael McBride43.21aJensen Beach
6.12Michael Messier43.33aSouth Fork
7.10Eden Stoian44.07aMartin County
8.10Jonathan Estevez44.12aJensen Beach
9.11Josh Morazon44.74aPort St Lucie
10.11Emmanual Pierre-louis45.23aPalm Beach Lakes
11.12Samuel Banks46.53aBoynton Beach Commun...
12.11Matthew Pope46.62aMartin County
13.11Nicholas McAhren48.22aMartin County
14.9Andrew Floering48.93aForest Hill Community
15.11Angel Soto50.79aForest Hill Community
16.11Miguel Bartolome-Aguirr51.38aMartin County
17.11Stephen Harding55.43aForest Hill Community
--12Fred TaylorDNFPalm Beach Lakes
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Travon Johnson
Brandon Battle
Zach Burrows
Reshawd Fyne
42.47aMartin County
2.-Matthew Birdens
Bryan Wilson
Lorenz Velasco
Rico Pierre
44.72aSouth Fork
3.-Tyrell Taylor
Quandrell Ridley
Mike Thomas
Wesley White
4.-Samuel Banks
Diego Jones
Lanfor Jean Louis
Devonte Gibson
45.47aBoynton Beach Commun...
5.-Relay Team 45.94aLake Worth Community
6.-Relay Team 45.96aForest Hill Community
7.-Relay Team 45.99aJensen Beach
8.-Relay Team 46.98aPort St Lucie
---Relay Team DNFPalm Beach Lakes
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jake Burton
Reid Pirson
Herschel Hester
Justin Simmons
3:29.10aMartin County
2.-Jonathan Hayden
Darius Hodges
Shelomi Jonka
Stepen Paulk
3:31.75aPalm Beach Lakes
3.-Tyai Jackson
Vincent Wingfield
Jacob Miller
Travis McHale
3:32.86aJensen Beach
4.-Bryan Wilson
Legend Dodd
Colton Haggerty
Vincent Norelli
3:33.40aSouth Fork
5.-Frank Adamo
Wesley White
Angel Alvarez
Alex Emmonds
5.-Relay Team 3:46.04aOkeechobee
6.-Daniel Esteril
Fritz Nonnombre
Calvin King
Phaniel Esteril
3:52.24aPort St Lucie
7.-Canes Etienne
Makenxi Hilare
Jarue Johnson
Jonathan Serensen
4:06.25aLake Worth Community
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jake Burton
Hunter Brown
Jon Gonzalez
Zach Garland
8:09.56aMartin County
2.-Tyai Jackson
Tim Allen
Travis McHale
Christian Moore
8:11.99aJensen Beach
3.-Kelly Etienne
Dikingson Juste
Josh Negron-santiago
Kevin Sapp
8:39.37aPort St Lucie
4.-Relay Team 8:46.55aForest Hill Community
5.-Jonathan Serensen
Richard Jean Baptiste
Jimson Estouville
Pasquel Mendez
9:19.32aLake Worth Community
6.-Erick Garica
German Lopez
Pedro Cervantes
Christian Garcia
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Kenton14.05mPalm Beach Lakes
2.11James Looney13.52mLake Worth Community
3.12Curtis Csonka13.11mJensen Beach
4.12Stanley Thor Harden12.25mOkeechobee
5.12Olsen Fenelus12.05mForest Hill Community
6.10Steven Louis11.62mPalm Beach Lakes
7.12Devin Bellamy11.56mPalm Beach Lakes
8.11Nicholas Flood11.44mOkeechobee
9.12Kyle Jordan11.43mJensen Beach
9.12Ozell York11.43mForest Hill Community
11.12Seth Hedrick10.51mOkeechobee
12.11Jimmy Keyes10.49mJensen Beach
13.10Vohn Nolan10.22mMartin County
14.11Brian Spute10.08mMartin County
15.10Brendan Cameron9.42mSouth Fork
16.12Lance Lily9.05mForest Hill Community
17.11Jonathan Hayes9.04mJensen Beach
18.9Andrew Fowler8.66mMartin County
19.10Heriberto Rodriguez8.17mForest Hill Community
20.11Isaiah Andrews7.82mPalm Beach Lakes
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Kenton42.79mPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Dan Beyel34.44mOkeechobee
3.12Kyle Jordan32.80mJensen Beach
4.10Tristen Martin31.82mMartin County
5.11Jonathan Hayes31.80mJensen Beach
6.10Jarrad Buncy31.67mJensen Beach
7.12Curtis Csonka30.48mJensen Beach
8.10Steven Louis30.42mPalm Beach Lakes
9.12Stanley Thor Harden29.59mOkeechobee
10.11Chone Vega28.42mOkeechobee
11.11Isaiah Andrews28.39mPalm Beach Lakes
12.12Devin Bellamy28.21mPalm Beach Lakes
13.10Vohn Nolan25.80mMartin County
14.9Andrew Fowler25.74mMartin County
15.10Brendan Cameron25.01mSouth Fork
16.9Devion Wigfall24.46mOkeechobee
17.10Heriberto Rodriguez19.27mForest Hill Community
--12Olsen FenelusNDForest Hill Community
--11James LooneyNDLake Worth Community
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Simmons1.82mMartin County
2.12Stepen Paulk1.77mPalm Beach Lakes
3.10Traevis Graham1.77mMartin County
4.10Sam Herring1.72mPalm Beach Lakes
5.10Daniel Esteril1.67mPort St Lucie
--11Oshane BromfieldNHMartin County
--11Nicholas MillerNHJensen Beach
--9Akil BullardNHBoynton Beach Commun...
--12Brian JenkinsNHForest Hill Community
--10Marc Junior Pierre LouisNHLake Worth Community
--9Darlin Jean BaptisteNHLake Worth Community
--11Maxwell CainesSCRPalm Beach Lakes
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Matheson3.50mMartin County
2.10Kyle Haynes2.89mJensen Beach
3.10William McClure2.59mJensen Beach
4.9Kenny Murrin2.59mJensen Beach
--9Coleman MasonNHMartin County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sam Herring6.74mPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Reid Pirson6.32mMartin County
3.11Darius Hodges6.14mPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Justin Simmons6.14mMartin County
5.12Brian Jenkins6.07mForest Hill Community
6.12Quandrell Ridley6.07mOkeechobee
7.12Vincent Wingfield5.94mJensen Beach
8.11Jermohn Queen5.93mMartin County
9.9Reshard Young5.84mBoynton Beach Commun...
10.11Kerolin Francois5.75mForest Hill Community
11.12Michael Messier5.61mSouth Fork
12.12Ozell York5.56mForest Hill Community
13.9Darlin Jean Baptiste5.41mLake Worth Community
14.11Cleveland Williams5.38mPort St Lucie
15.12Lance Lily5.28mForest Hill Community
16.10Steven Alvarez5.27mOkeechobee
17.11Tevin Cottle5.18mBoynton Beach Commun...
18.10Marc Junior Pierre Louis5.15mLake Worth Community
19.11Phaniel Esteril5.09mPort St Lucie
20.9Devion Wigfall4.62mOkeechobee
--11Oshane BromfieldNDMartin County
--10Tim SpugnardiNDJensen Beach
--12Bryan WilsonNDSouth Fork
--10Fritz NonnombreNDPort St Lucie
--11Maxwell CainesSCRPalm Beach Lakes
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Simmons13.77mMartin County
2.10Sam Herring13.30mPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Darius Hodges13.24mPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Fred Taylor12.97mPalm Beach Lakes
5.12Quandrell Ridley12.44mOkeechobee
6.12Vincent Wingfield11.68mJensen Beach
7.10Tim Spugnardi11.04mJensen Beach
8.10Marc Junior Pierre Louis10.00mLake Worth Community
9.9Darlin Jean Baptiste9.88mLake Worth Community
--11Maxwell CainesSCRPalm Beach Lakes

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shanovie Dove12.69aPalm Beach Lakes
2.10Kaylean Green12.71aMartin County
3.11Sara Louis12.97aPalm Beach Lakes
4.9Shavel Brown13.02aBoynton Beach Commun...
5.10Jhennifer Moreno13.14aForest Hill Community
6.10G'Neesha Johnson13.20aMartin County
7.10Jenna Kissam13.30aOkeechobee
8.10Shellby Rosier13.44aPalm Beach Lakes
9.12Ericka Taleyrand13.46aBoynton Beach Commun...
10.11Noel Jadon13.47aJensen Beach
11.9Aaliyha Darvile13.60aMartin County
12.10Brianna Nunez13.71aOkeechobee
13.12Mary Jane Malone13.78aJensen Beach
14.11Shevanese Powell13.97aBoynton Beach Commun...
15.9Caitlyn Wood14.13aJensen Beach
16.11Allison Keane14.27aJensen Beach
17.9Mia Longabucco14.28aPort St Lucie
18.12Keila Falcon14.49aSouth Fork
19.12Kozetta Baxter14.55aForest Hill Community
20.9Altoria Anders15.56aForest Hill Community
21.9Yasmine Queen15.61aMartin County
22.9Shania Bayes15.64aOkeechobee
23.11Ana Hernandez17.45aPort St Lucie
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marlee Francois26.21aBoynton Beach Commun...
2.11Shanovie Dove27.11aPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Tiah Sanborn27.22aLake Worth Community
4.10Sheina Williams27.29aLake Worth Community
5.10Jhennifer Moreno27.58aForest Hill Community
6.10Jenna Kissam27.61aOkeechobee
7.9Shavel Brown27.75aBoynton Beach Commun...
8.12Sheyana Bryant28.05aSouth Fork
9.10Brianna Nunez28.08aOkeechobee
10.12Kozetta Baxter28.34aForest Hill Community
11.12Keila Falcon28.52aSouth Fork
12.11Daniela Solis28.70aPort St Lucie
13.10Cheyenne Deluca28.87aSouth Fork
14.11Shevanese Powell28.97aBoynton Beach Commun...
15.9Shania Bayes29.21aOkeechobee
16.12Mary Jane Malone29.45aJensen Beach
17.10Christina Caines29.51aBoynton Beach Commun...
18.11Laura DeLucca29.58aPort St Lucie
19.9Caitlyn Wood29.80aJensen Beach
20.9Altoria Anders29.89aForest Hill Community
21.9Rachelle Dorcin29.91aPalm Beach Lakes
22.11Sandy Chery30.86aPalm Beach Lakes
23.12Tania Phillips31.74aPalm Beach Lakes
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tatianna Etienne58.97aLake Worth Community
2.10Oneisha Glover59.73aLake Worth Community
3.10Shellby Rosier1:01.15aPalm Beach Lakes
4.11Noel Jadon1:01.58aJensen Beach
5.12Marlee Francois1:01.61aBoynton Beach Commun...
6.11Tashana Shields1:02.70aForest Hill Community
7.12Sheyana Bryant1:04.14aSouth Fork
8.11Katharine Stumpf1:04.27aMartin County
9.9Sarah Levy1:04.57aJensen Beach
10.10Cheyenne Deluca1:05.17aSouth Fork
11.9Jordyn Smith1:06.85aMartin County
12.9Mia Longabucco1:07.21aPort St Lucie
13.11Roseline Leger1:07.21aPalm Beach Lakes
14.10Christina Caines1:07.44aBoynton Beach Commun...
15.9Tess Nathan1:07.47aMartin County
16.10Schyler Lavin1:08.20aMartin County
17.11Tyqueasia Mays1:10.06aPalm Beach Lakes
18.9Megan Curivan1:11.33aJensen Beach
19.12Jennifer Shoffner1:12.48aForest Hill Community
20.10Rosa Borja1:13.79aOkeechobee
21.11Adriana Cannon1:13.93aPalm Beach Lakes
22.11Claire Tassy1:14.50aLake Worth Community
23.9Hunter Boshell1:14.71aOkeechobee
24.10Cynthia Seme1:17.97aBoynton Beach Commun...
25.9Sandra Luviano1:19.04aOkeechobee
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tatianna Etienne2:24.89aLake Worth Community
2.12Chantelle Brodie2:29.67aMartin County
3.11Tashana Shields2:30.82aForest Hill Community
4.10Maria Nazon2:31.24aJensen Beach
5.12Kelly Sime2:35.03aSouth Fork
6.11Kaitlin Toth2:36.13aSouth Fork
7.10Casey Fearns2:37.76aSouth Fork
8.9Amanda Wind2:38.70aJensen Beach
9.10Wilnide Rene2:40.33aLake Worth Community
10.12Deiona Scantlebury2:45.96aPalm Beach Lakes
11.9Abigaelle Elverat2:48.76aPalm Beach Lakes
12.10Toni-ann Reynolds2:49.15aPalm Beach Lakes
13.12Courtney Hughes2:50.24aSouth Fork
14.11Emily Jones2:51.81aMartin County
15.9Grace Baecher2:55.29aMartin County
16.12Baylee Evans2:58.04aOkeechobee
17.9Rachel Shaw3:00.41aJensen Beach
18.9Hunter Boshell3:00.94aOkeechobee
19.9Hannah Raulerson3:01.05aOkeechobee
20.10Daniella Posada3:13.79aForest Hill Community
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chantelle Brodie5:35.26aMartin County
2.12Kelly Sime5:36.55aSouth Fork
3.11Laurie Scott5:39.10aSouth Fork
4.9Bethany Hardcastle5:40.95aSouth Fork
5.10Tabatha Henry5:48.17aOkeechobee
6.10Casey Fearns5:50.69aSouth Fork
7.12Alyssa Vocelka5:57.19aJensen Beach
8.11Nicloe Shaw6:10.19aJensen Beach
9.9Sarah Betzhold6:24.12aJensen Beach
10.10Katherine Harrison6:25.58aForest Hill Community
11.9Angelina Herrera6:26.07aJensen Beach
12.9Katherine Schriver6:31.26aMartin County
13.9Danielle Spotts6:32.24aMartin County
14.12Baylee Evans6:33.11aOkeechobee
15.11Christina Vernet6:38.08aPalm Beach Lakes
16.12Solaine Gerhard6:38.16aLake Worth Community
17.9Fabioloa Coffy6:51.95aPalm Beach Lakes
18.11Alexi Abril6:54.83aForest Hill Community
19.10Daniella Posada6:58.46aForest Hill Community
20.10Ivette Vega6:59.14aOkeechobee
21.10Ana Huerta6:59.87aOkeechobee
22.9Annie Golko7:00.06aMartin County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tabatha Henry12:28.78aOkeechobee
2.9Bethany Hardcastle12:28.81aSouth Fork
3.11Laurie Scott12:35.55aSouth Fork
4.10Alexandra Sclafani12:37.05aMartin County
5.12Alyssa Vocelka13:05.38aJensen Beach
6.11Nicloe Shaw13:26.17aJensen Beach
7.11Kaitlin Toth13:27.71aSouth Fork
8.10Lauretta Harper13:40.48aSouth Fork
9.9Lucy Jaimes13:58.51aOkeechobee
10.9Sarah Betzhold14:37.16aJensen Beach
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shamaz Quince14.73aPalm Beach Lakes
2.9Stacey Destin15.68aBoynton Beach Commun...
3.10Gina Louis15.72aPalm Beach Lakes
4.11Justice Evers16.28aPalm Beach Lakes
5.9Idalis Fisher16.29aBoynton Beach Commun...
6.12Claudyne Bolivar16.45aPalm Beach Lakes
7.10Amanda Marcell17.40aMartin County
8.11Caitlin Mildner17.78aJensen Beach
9.10Sarah Stewart18.00aJensen Beach
10.9Reynelynn Roth18.15aMartin County
11.12Lindsey Merritt18.23aSouth Fork
12.11Alissa Klisus19.40aSouth Fork
13.10Chyna Degginger19.56aPort St Lucie
14.9Ashley Lin19.80aMartin County
15.9Erin Keough20.45aMartin County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shamaz Quince45.43aPalm Beach Lakes
2.10Gina Louis47.02aPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Shakira Bartley47.85aLake Worth Community
4.11Sara Louis48.54aPalm Beach Lakes
5.12Claudyne Bolivar48.60aPalm Beach Lakes
6.9Hannah Cogsill49.34aJensen Beach
7.9Stacey Destin51.67aBoynton Beach Commun...
8.11Caitlin Mildner53.80aJensen Beach
9.10Sarah Stewart54.77aJensen Beach
10.9Erin Keough54.86aMartin County
11.11Alissa Klisus58.41aSouth Fork
12.9Bryana Correa1:00.12aLake Worth Community
13.12Lindsey Merritt1:04.88aSouth Fork
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sara Louis
Justice Evers
Shanovie Dove
Claudyne Bolivar
49.20aPalm Beach Lakes
2.-Shakira Bartley
Tiah Sanborn
Sheina Williams
Oneisha Glover
50.15aLake Worth Community
3.-Ericka Taleyrand
Kayla Jackson
Idalis Fisher
Shavel Brown
51.97aBoynton Beach Commun...
4.-Kaylean Green
G'Neesha Johnson
Neshiygah Knight
Yasmine Queen
53.63aMartin County
5.-Relay Team 54.84aJensen Beach
6.-Relay Team 55.78aForest Hill Community
7.-Relay Team 57.04aOkeechobee
8.-Relay Team 57.98aPort St Lucie
9.-Relay Team 58.32aSouth Fork
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shakira Bartley
Tatianna Etienne
Tiah Sanborn
Oneisha Glover
4:02.83aLake Worth Community
2.-Noel Jadon
Hannah Cogsill
Maria Nazon
Amanda Wind
4:16.68aJensen Beach
3.-Sheyana Bryant
Cheyenne Deluca
Lindsey Merritt
Casey Fearns
4:17.21aSouth Fork
4.-Shellby Rosier
Toni-ann Reynolds
Gina Louis
Kristina Perryman
4:19.48aPalm Beach Lakes
5.-Katharine Stumpf
Jordyn Smith
Schyler Lavin
Tess Nathan
4:31.33aMartin County
6.-Christina Caines
Idalis Fisher
Kayla Jackson
Shevanese Powell
4:43.71aBoynton Beach Commun...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Cogsill
Amanda Wind
Maria Nazon
Nicloe Shaw
10:19.09aJensen Beach
2.-Chantelle Brodie
Emily Jones
Alexandra Sclafani
Schyler Lavin
10:25.45aMartin County
3.-Toni-ann Reynolds
Alisa Henry
Deiona Scantlebury
Roseline Leger
10:51.92aPalm Beach Lakes
4.-Kaitlin Toth
Lauretta Harper
Keila Falcon
Courtney Hughes
11:17.87aSouth Fork
5.-Jazmine Brown
Solaine Gerhard
Lourgina Auguste
Wilnide Rene
11:48.13aLake Worth Community
5.-Relay Team 11:48.13aLake Worth Community
6.-Relay Team 11:49.62aOkeechobee
6.-Ana Huerta
Lucy Jaimes
Baylee Evans
Ivette Vega
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandi Jones10.17mBoynton Beach Commun...
2.12Ashanty Cox9.82mPalm Beach Lakes
3.12Haley Cameron8.96mSouth Fork
4.9Cathleen Lopez8.94mForest Hill Community
5.11Sara Louis8.31mPalm Beach Lakes
6.10Allison Katstrup8.26mMartin County
7.12Alexandria Dowdell8.15mBoynton Beach Commun...
8.11Tory Glenn7.97mJensen Beach
9.10Destiny Macintosh7.87mPalm Beach Lakes
10.11Sarah Nicely7.67mJensen Beach
11.11Laurie Scott7.30mSouth Fork
12.10Molly McCormick7.13mSouth Fork
13.10Kira Gilhoran7.06mMartin County
14.9Danielle Moore6.81mMartin County
15.10Caitlyn Eddy6.46mPort St Lucie
16.11Justine Romano5.84mMartin County
17.9Emilise Serrano5.29mOkeechobee
18.9Emily Jatzcak5.15mJensen Beach
--11Erica MolinaSCRPort St Lucie
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashanty Cox33.78mPalm Beach Lakes
2.10Destiny Macintosh28.52mPalm Beach Lakes
3.12Kayla Jackson25.17mBoynton Beach Commun...
4.11Sarah Nicely24.94mJensen Beach
5.10Kira Gilhoran24.68mMartin County
6.11Brandi Jones23.34mBoynton Beach Commun...
7.10Allison Katstrup21.33mMartin County
8.12Haley Cameron21.05mSouth Fork
9.10Emily Garcia20.62mMartin County
9.10Rosa Borja20.62mOkeechobee
11.9Cathleen Lopez18.54mForest Hill Community
12.11Tory Glenn18.44mJensen Beach
13.11Brittany Johnson18.37mMartin County
14.9Emily Jatzcak16.99mJensen Beach
15.9Emilise Serrano15.90mOkeechobee
16.9Idalis Fisher15.41mBoynton Beach Commun...
17.10Molly McCormick15.16mSouth Fork
18.12Alexandria Dowdell14.78mBoynton Beach Commun...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Stacey Destin1.67mBoynton Beach Commun...
2.11Tiah Sanborn1.62mLake Worth Community
3.12Marlee Francois1.57mBoynton Beach Commun...
4.9Hannah Cogsill1.57mJensen Beach
5.9Courteney Randle1.52mPalm Beach Lakes
6.12Claudyne Bolivar1.47mPalm Beach Lakes
7.10Christina Caines1.42mBoynton Beach Commun...
8.10Cheyenne Deluca1.42mSouth Fork
9.9Bryana Correa1.37mLake Worth Community
9.11Caitlin Mildner1.37mJensen Beach
11.10Sarah Stewart1.32mJensen Beach
12.11Deanne Collins1.27mPalm Beach Lakes
--10Julia FowlerNHMartin County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Remsburg2.89mMartin County
2.9Sarah Levy2.43mJensen Beach
3.11Caitlin Mildner2.13mJensen Beach
4.11Sarah Nicely2.13mJensen Beach
5.11Danielle Decosta1.82mMartin County
--11Stefanie GuizerixNHMartin County
--9Morganne GiasulloNHMartin County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shamaz Quince5.68mPalm Beach Lakes
2.9Stacey Destin5.24mBoynton Beach Commun...
3.11Shakira Bartley5.18mLake Worth Community
4.10Gina Louis5.13mPalm Beach Lakes
5.11Shanovie Dove5.09mPalm Beach Lakes
6.12Ericka Taleyrand5.00mBoynton Beach Commun...
7.11Justice Evers4.91mPalm Beach Lakes
8.11Neshiygah Knight4.67mMartin County
9.12Diamond Wilson4.45mMartin County
10.11Shevanese Powell4.44mBoynton Beach Commun...
11.9Shavel Brown4.40mBoynton Beach Commun...
12.10Chyna Degginger4.35mPort St Lucie
13.10Makayla Reynolds4.34mJensen Beach
14.10Jennifer Lamothe4.25mMartin County
15.11Alissa Klisus4.19mSouth Fork
16.12Taylor Barfield4.12mMartin County
17.12Keila Falcon3.63mSouth Fork
18.11Claire Tassy3.40mLake Worth Community
19.9Shania Bayes3.35mOkeechobee
--11Erica MolinaSCRPort St Lucie
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shamaz Quince11.55mPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Marlee Francois10.76mBoynton Beach Commun...
3.11Justice Evers10.54mPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Ericka Taleyrand10.46mBoynton Beach Commun...
5.10Makayla Reynolds10.16mJensen Beach
6.12Diamond Wilson10.00mMartin County
7.10Jessica Lamothe9.99mMartin County
8.11Neshiygah Knight9.85mMartin County
9.12Destiny Jasper9.76mPalm Beach Lakes
10.11Sarah Nicely9.71mJensen Beach
11.12Taylor Barfield9.23mMartin County
12.11Claire Tassy9.20mLake Worth Community
13.12Lindsey Merritt8.91mSouth Fork
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