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Washington Irving Home Meet

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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Noah Aviles13.33aGilmer
2.9Dillon Underwood13.41aDoddridge County
3.-Austin Tenney13.45aWashington Irving
4.8Trevor Freshour13.61aGilmer
5.-Drew Lemasters13.78aWashington Irving
6.8Michael Rader13.85aTygarts Valley
7.-Dustin Peeler14.16aWashington Irving
8.-Levi Merritt14.38aDoddridge County
9.-Kyle Burton15.30aDoddridge County
10.-Logan Davis15.78aDoddridge County
11.7William Greene15.90aGilmer
12.-Shon Sisler16.13aTygarts Valley
13.8Tim Lanham16.18aGilmer
14.-william Lopez16.97aWashington Irving
15.-Trysten Rohrbaugh17.28aWashington Irving
16.-Logan Thomas17.30aDoddridge County
17.-Noah Hart17.53aWashington Irving
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devon Shaffer26.97aTygarts Valley
2.9Dillon Underwood27.22aDoddridge County
3.8Seth Smarr27.50aGilmer
4.-Austin Tenney28.37aWashington Irving
5.8Michael Rader28.81aTygarts Valley
6.-Dustin Peeler29.43aWashington Irving
7.-Zach Bliss30.12aWashington Irving
8.-Trysten Rohrbaugh32.62aWashington Irving
9.7William Greene33.40aGilmer
10.8Tim Lanham34.34aGilmer
11.-Collan Runyon35.02aDoddridge County
12.-Logan Thomas35.87aDoddridge County
13.8Michael Garcia36.84aGilmer
14.-Cameron Stickler37.12aWashington Irving
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Caleb White59.80aGilmer
2.-Clayton Lagasse1:01.70aDoddridge County
3.7Lukas Sirabaugh1:06.01aGilmer
4.6Emilio Buffey1:07.78aWashington Irving
5.-Noah Bohanna1:14.35aWashington Irving
6.8Tim Lanham1:18.52aGilmer
7.8Jacob Butler1:27.86aGilmer
8.6Drew Smarr1:36.87aDoddridge County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clayton Lagasse2:26.53aDoddridge County
2.-Zack Hardman2:33.18aWashington Irving
3.7Lukas Sirabaugh2:36.52aGilmer
4.-Noah Bohanna2:47.00aWashington Irving
5.-Emmanuel Garcia2:47.63aWashington Irving
6.-william Lopez2:51.37aWashington Irving
7.-Logan Ball2:56.77aDoddridge County
8.6Chandler Bonnell3:08.70aDoddridge County
9.7Colten Oliver3:13.31aDoddridge County
10.-Logan Gogan3:19.16aDoddridge County
11.7Zach Hoskinson3:28.11aWashington Irving
12.7Trey Heaster3:38.13aDoddridge County
13.8Jacob Butler3:40.63aGilmer
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clayton Lagasse5:30.71aDoddridge County
2.7Caleb White5:46.83aGilmer
3.7Trey Heaster5:53.00aDoddridge County
4.8John Lowther6:19.43aWashington Irving
5.-Eli Helsley6:32.96aWashington Irving
6.8Gabriel Fox6:34.56aWashington Irving
7.-Theo Frick7:31.10aWashington Irving
8.8Riley Mcnemar8:01.19aWashington Irving
---Chase SfameniDQWashington Irving
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Trey Heaster12:17.43aDoddridge County
2.8John Lowther13:30.84aWashington Irving
3.8Gabriel Fox13:31.74aWashington Irving
4.-Eli Helsley14:18.98aWashington Irving
5.-Devin Wilson14:38.00aWashington Irving
X 75m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bailey Stire12.02aWashington Irving
2.9Garrett Devericks14.16aDoddridge County
3.7Noah Aviles14.29aGilmer
4.-Logan Barnett15.16aWashington Irving
5.-Drew Lemasters15.36aWashington Irving
6.8Matt Rader15.81aTygarts Valley
7.-Chase Dunaway17.33aDoddridge County
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bailey Stire29.45aWashington Irving
2.-Tariuq Bailey30.09aWashington Irving
3.9Dillon Underwood31.41aDoddridge County
4.9Garrett Devericks32.37aDoddridge County
5.-Logan Barnett32.51aWashington Irving
6.-Devon Shaffer33.32aTygarts Valley
7.-Logan Ball37.48aDoddridge County
--8Matt RaderNTTygarts Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Trevor Freshour
TY Harkleroad
Seth Smarr
Noah Aviles
2.-Dustin Peeler
Drew Lemasters
Ron Turner
Antonio Brewer
55.15aWashington Irving
3.-Relay Team 57.50aTygarts Valley
3.-Michael Rader
Shon Sisler
Matt Rader
Devon Shaffer
57.50aTygarts Valley
4.-Duncan Leishman
Kyle Burton
Logan Davis
Levi Merritt
59.68aDoddridge County
5.-william Lopez
Jacob Spitler
Holden Fraser
James D'Annunzio
1:08.03aWashington Irving
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tariuq Bailey
Dante Speas
Ron Turner
Antonio Brewer
1:54.20aWashington Irving
2.-Hunter Ashley
TY Harkleroad
Michael Garcia
Seth Smarr
3.-Levi Merritt
Kyle Burton
Collan Runyon
Duncan Leishman
2:08.96aDoddridge County
4.-Chase Sfameni
Jacob Spitler
Trysten Rohrbaugh
Theo Frick
2:25.61aWashington Irving
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lukas Sirabaugh
Michael Garcia
Trevor Freshour
Caleb White
2.-Emilio Buffey
Zach Hoskinson
Dante Speas
Ron Turner
4:30.84aWashington Irving
3.-Holden Fraser
James D'Annunzio
Nathan Helsley
Jacob Spitler
4:37.46aWashington Irving
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emilio Buffey
Zach Hoskinson
Noah Bohanna
Zack Hardman
11:41.33aWashington Irving
2.-Zach Bliss
Holden Fraser
Nathan Helsley
Gabriel Fox
12:18.10aWashington Irving
3.-Chandler Bonnell
Chase Dunaway
Logan Gogan
Colten Oliver
13:10.22aDoddridge County
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bailey Stire
Logan Barnett
Antonio Brewer
Tariuq Bailey
41.40aWashington Irving
2.-Chandler Bonnell
Garrett Devericks
Duncan Leishman
Chase Dunaway
47.34aDoddridge County
3.-Eli Helsley
Nathan Helsley
James D'Annunzio
Zach Bliss
53.17aWashington Irving
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nathan Stout45-05.00Gilmer
2.8Kevin Watkins40-04.00Gilmer
3.8Hunter Ashley38-11.00Gilmer
4.-Will Trent32-05.00Doddridge County
5.8John Lowther31-01.50Washington Irving
6.-Duncan Leishman29-06.00Doddridge County
7.-Chris Wiant29-05.00Washington Irving
8.-Thomas Odle27-03.00Doddridge County
9.-Zach Bliss24-02.00Washington Irving
10.-Shon Sisler23-06.00Tygarts Valley
11.-Cody Greathouse23-03.00Doddridge County
12.7Colten Oliver21-04.00Doddridge County
13.-Noah Sponagle20-07.50Washington Irving
14.-Emmanuel Garcia19-01.00Washington Irving
15.-Joseph Heckert17-10.00Doddridge County
16.-Caleb Kitchen16-11.00Doddridge County
17.6Drew Smarr15-06.00Doddridge County
18.-Ezra Dolan14-04.00Washington Irving
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hunter Ashley135-04Gilmer
2.8Kevin Watkins115-04Gilmer
3.-Will Trent97-11Doddridge County
4.-Noah Sponagle97-07Washington Irving
5.8John Lowther82-08Washington Irving
6.-Thomas Odle76-10Doddridge County
7.-Shon Sisler68-08Tygarts Valley
8.7Colten Oliver65-01Doddridge County
9.-James D'Annunzio63-07Washington Irving
10.8Riley Mcnemar57-07Washington Irving
11.-Logan Gogan56-01Doddridge County
12.-Caleb Kitchen54-11Doddridge County
13.-Joseph Heckert53-00Doddridge County
14.-Chris Wiant51-02Washington Irving
15.-Holden Fraser50-00Washington Irving
16.-Jacob Spitler47-05Washington Irving
17.6Drew Smarr47-01Doddridge County
18.-Ezra Dolan46-10Washington Irving
19.-Emmanuel Garcia34-06Washington Irving
---Cody GreathouseNDDoddridge County
--8Nathan StoutNDGilmer
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Noah Aviles5-08.00Gilmer
2.8Dante Speas5-00.00Washington Irving
3.-Austin Tenney4-10.00Washington Irving
4.-Zack Hardman4-06.00Washington Irving
4.8Matt Rader4-06.00Tygarts Valley
6.-Noah Bohanna4-06.00Washington Irving
--8Tim LanhamNHGilmer
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dante Speas9-06.00Washington Irving
2.7Zach Hoskinson7-06.00Washington Irving
3.9Garrett Devericks7-00.00Doddridge County
4.-Antonio Brewer7-00.00Washington Irving
5.-Chase Dunaway6-00.00Doddridge County
6.6Chandler Bonnell6-00.00Doddridge County
7.7William Greene5-06.00Gilmer
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bailey Stire16-02.50Washington Irving
2.-Austin Tenney15-08.50Washington Irving
3.-Clayton Lagasse15-01.00Doddridge County
4.8Seth Smarr14-06.00Gilmer
5.9Dillon Underwood14-01.00Doddridge County
6.-Devon Shaffer14-00.50Tygarts Valley
7.-Tariuq Bailey13-08.50Washington Irving
8.-Logan Ball11-10.00Doddridge County
9.-Kyle Burton11-06.50Doddridge County
10.-Eli Helsley11-02.50Washington Irving
11.-Nathan Helsley11-01.50Washington Irving
12.8Michael Rader11-00.50Tygarts Valley
13.-Chase Sfameni10-04.00Washington Irving
14.-Theo Frick10-03.00Washington Irving
15.-Noah Hart7-07.00Washington Irving

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydney Owens13.68aWashington Irving
2.7Savanah Ferguson14.58aDoddridge County
3.-Kaitlyn Riddle14.71aWashington Irving
4.-Zoe Barnett14.75aWashington Irving
5.7Brittany Duskey14.76aGilmer
6.-Faith Cleer15.46aWashington Irving
7.-Skylar Smarr15.50aDoddridge County
8.-Andrea Hoskinson15.75aWashington Irving
9.-Ashley Dolly15.95aDoddridge County
10.8Erin Ramsey15.98aGilmer
11.-Katlyn Ferrell16.23aTygarts Valley
12.-Hannah Leps16.25aDoddridge County
13.-Jaylan Bohanna17.45aWashington Irving
14.-Hannah Palmer17.70aWashington Irving
15.-Lexxie Lower17.77aTygarts Valley
16.8Hayley Summers18.27aGilmer
17.6Kayla Saiz18.78aWashington Irving
18.-Elise Walker19.98aWashington Irving
19.-Adena Turley23.31aTygarts Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Savanah Ferguson29.31aDoddridge County
2.8Avery Thrush29.69aWashington Irving
3.-Rosa Plaugher30.34aDoddridge County
4.7Meghan Carder32.10aDoddridge County
5.7Brittany Nay32.12aWashington Irving
6.-Hannah Leps32.37aDoddridge County
7.-Elisa Schwartzmiller32.72aWashington Irving
8.-Kate Boyles33.84aWashington Irving
9.-Madison Knight34.50aWashington Irving
10.8Erin Ramsey35.06aGilmer
11.-Hailey Cogar35.31aTygarts Valley
12.-Sydney Freeman35.49aWashington Irving
13.8Lexie Jackson36.06aGilmer
14.-Hannah Palmer37.72aWashington Irving
15.-Lexxie Lower38.00aTygarts Valley
16.8Hayley Summers39.02aGilmer
17.-Alana Rennix39.31aTygarts Valley
18.6Kayla Saiz42.03aWashington Irving
19.6Brenna Yokum42.06aTygarts Valley
20.-Elise Walker45.77aWashington Irving
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Savanah Ferguson1:06.95aDoddridge County
2.8Haley Stephenson1:08.72aDoddridge County
3.7Malina Judd1:10.25aWashington Irving
4.8Courtney Randolph1:11.29aDoddridge County
5.-Kate Boyles1:12.39aWashington Irving
6.7Brittany Nay1:12.69aWashington Irving
7.7Meghan Carder1:13.19aDoddridge County
8.7Colleen Watkins1:16.59aGilmer
9.8Mya Beron1:24.28aGilmer
10.7Lauren Hardman1:31.49aGilmer
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sarah Reed2:44.52aWashington Irving
2.8Haley Stephenson2:44.73aDoddridge County
3.6Gracie James2:52.61aDoddridge County
4.6Mikayla Yeager3:02.02aDoddridge County
5.7Colleen Watkins3:12.60aGilmer
6.7Casey Eckes3:15.10aWashington Irving
7.-Maya Gentilozzi3:18.73aWashington Irving
8.-Madison Graziani3:26.74aDoddridge County
9.-Abigail Thompson3:27.13aDoddridge County
10.7Tia Buffey5:06.21aWashington Irving
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lavania Lemasters6:21.08aWashington Irving
2.8Chelsey Randolph6:34.21aDoddridge County
3.6Mista Smarr6:36.25aDoddridge County
4.7Alexis Leggett6:36.55aDoddridge County
5.6Deja Taylor6:55.92aWashington Irving
6.6Darian Smarr7:09.83aDoddridge County
7.6Kylie Pinion7:31.65aWashington Irving
8.6Staci Saiz7:53.71aWashington Irving
9.7Tia Buffey10:17.22aWashington Irving
--8Joanna BonnellNTDoddridge County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lavania Lemasters13:48.49aWashington Irving
2.8Chelsey Randolph13:58.20aDoddridge County
3.7Alexis Leggett14:28.19aDoddridge County
4.6Darian Smarr14:42.64aDoddridge County
5.6Kylie Pinion15:15.41aWashington Irving
6.6Staci Saiz16:43.66aWashington Irving
X 75m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rosa Plaugher10.45aDoddridge County
2.-Kaitlyn Riddle12.33aWashington Irving
3.-Francesco Steele12.77aWashington Irving
4.7Abby Vavrick12.88aWashington Irving
5.8Halee Wildman13.08aGilmer
6.8Autumn Marks13.25aGilmer
7.6Morgan Southern13.65aWashington Irving
8.7Jaiden Huihui14.22aDoddridge County
9.6McKenzie Newton15.24aDoddridge County
10.-Kelsey Longbon15.31aTygarts Valley
11.-Sydney Freeman15.71aWashington Irving
12.9Hailey Booth16.17aTygarts Valley
13.-Hailey Cogar16.26aTygarts Valley
14.-Trina Siboloski18.49aDoddridge County
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rosa Plaugher32.12aDoddridge County
2.8MACKENZEE Huff34.66aGilmer
3.7Abby Vavrick34.96aWashington Irving
4.7Jaiden Huihui36.65aDoddridge County
5.6McKenzie Newton36.68aDoddridge County
6.-Kelsey Longbon37.62aTygarts Valley
7.6Morgan Southern39.18aWashington Irving
8.-Cassidy Oliverio39.84aWashington Irving
9.9Hailey Booth40.27aTygarts Valley
10.-Aly Stover41.37aWashington Irving
11.-Trina Siboloski43.06aDoddridge County
12.-Sydney Freeman53.82aWashington Irving
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Elisa Schwartzmiller
Faith Cleer
Zoe Barnett
Sydney Owens
58.34aWashington Irving
2.-Halee Wildman
Autumn Marks
Brittany Duskey
3.-Samantha Robinson
Jamie Ross
Ashley Dolly
Skylar Smarr
1:02.98aDoddridge County
4.-Relay Team 1:05.78aTygarts Valley
4.-Hailey Booth
Katlyn Ferrell
Lexxie Lower
Kelsey Longbon
1:05.78aTygarts Valley
5.-Elise Walker
Jaylan Bohanna
Kayla Saiz
Sydney Freeman
1:12.20aWashington Irving
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Elisa Schwartzmiller
Francesco Steele
Zoe Barnett
Avery Thrush
2:08.42aWashington Irving
2.-Samantha Robinson
Jamie Ross
Hannah Leps
Skylar Smarr
2:12.67aDoddridge County
3.-Brittany Nay
Hannah Palmer
Deja Taylor
Madison Knight
2:21.45aWashington Irving
4.-Erin Ramsey
Mya Beron
Lexie Jackson
Brooke Harlow
5.-Relay Team 2:24.50aTygarts Valley
5.-Alana Rennix
Brenna Yokum
Adena Turley
Hailey Cogar
2:24.50aTygarts Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Avery Thrush
Sarah Reed
Malina Judd
Sydney Owens
4:48.13aWashington Irving
2.-Mikayla Yeager
Courtney Randolph
Meghan Carder
Gracie James
5:07.67aDoddridge County
3.-Colleen Watkins
Lauren Hardman
Lexie Jackson
Mya Beron
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mikayla Yeager
Mista Smarr
Courtney Randolph
Gracie James
11:59.90aDoddridge County
2.-Sarah Reed
Deja Taylor
Autumn Barnhart
Lavania Lemasters
12:29.63aWashington Irving
3.-Staci Saiz
Maya Gentilozzi
Kylie Pinion
Madison Knight
13:42.37aWashington Irving
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
---Autumn Marks
Brittany Duskey
Halee Wildman
1.-Abby Vavrick
Francesco Steele
Morgan Southern
Cassidy Oliverio
46.24aWashington Irving
2.-Jaiden Huihui
McKenzie Newton
Ashley Dolly
Mista Smarr
48.93aDoddridge County
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabriella Glaspell30-09.00Doddridge County
2.-Lauren Ritter27-05.00Washington Irving
3.-Veronica Gasparro27-05.00Washington Irving
4.8Katherine Keith27-03.00Gilmer
5.-Faith Cleer26-03.00Washington Irving
6.-Bailey Spears22-08.00Washington Irving
7.8Destiny Helmick20-10.00Gilmer
8.-Caitlyn Brown20-08.00Doddridge County
9.7Jaiden Huihui20-03.00Doddridge County
10.-Jaylan Bohanna19-10.00Washington Irving
11.-Taylor Nutter19-09.00Doddridge County
12.8Alayna Butler19-03.00Gilmer
13.6Brenna Yokum15-10.00Tygarts Valley
14.-Carly Phillips15-07.50Doddridge County
15.-Breanna Riley14-05.00Doddridge County
16.-Adena Turley12-01.00Tygarts Valley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabriella Glaspell81-02.50Doddridge County
2.-Lauren Ritter69-11Washington Irving
3.8Destiny Helmick58-03Gilmer
4.-Caitlyn Brown56-08Doddridge County
5.-Bailey Spears55-07Washington Irving
6.8Katherine Keith55-00Gilmer
7.-Veronica Gasparro53-08Washington Irving
8.-Lexxie Lower42-06Tygarts Valley
9.8Alayna Butler41-11Gilmer
10.-Breanna Riley38-11Doddridge County
11.-Taylor Nutter37-10Doddridge County
12.-Alana Rennix32-04.50Tygarts Valley
13.-Carly Phillips32-04.50Doddridge County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Haley Stephenson4-06.00Doddridge County
2.8Chelsey Randolph4-06.00Doddridge County
3.-Cassidy Oliverio4-02.00Washington Irving
4.-Kate Boyles4-02.00Washington Irving
5.7Malina Judd4-02.00Washington Irving
6.9Hailey Booth4-00.00Tygarts Valley
6.8Brooke Harlow4-00.00Gilmer
8.-Hailey Cogar4-00.00Tygarts Valley
--8Autumn MarksNHGilmer
---Katlyn FerrellNHTygarts Valley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chelsey Randolph7-06.00Doddridge County
2.-Rosa Plaugher7-06.00Doddridge County
3.8Alex Secret6-00.00Washington Irving
3.6Gracie James6-00.00Doddridge County
5.7Abby Vavrick5-03.00Washington Irving
---Hannah PalmerNHWashington Irving
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydney Owens13-09.00Washington Irving
2.8Haley Stephenson13-08.00Doddridge County
3.7Savanah Ferguson13-04.50Doddridge County
4.8Avery Thrush12-07.50Washington Irving
5.-Elisa Schwartzmiller12-06.00Washington Irving
6.7Lauren Hardman10-09.00Gilmer
7.-Madison Knight10-06.50Washington Irving
8.7Meghan Carder10-05.00Doddridge County
9.6Kayla Saiz9-00.50Washington Irving
10.7Brittany Duskey8-04.50Gilmer
11.6Brenna Yokum7-05.50Tygarts Valley
---Adena TurleyNDTygarts Valley
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