FHSAA 3A District 13 Championship

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
  Sebastian River HS, Sebastian River
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Terrence Council-Spivey10.75aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.12Alton Elaphar11.01aBayside
3.12Marcus Chambers11.26aHeritage (Palm Bay)
4.12Tyler King11.35aSebastian River
5.12Neely Cunningham11.55aBayside
6.12Akeem Cunningham11.85aBayside
7.11Jafeous Taylor11.86aSebastian River
--11Dante TuckerDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Terrence Council-Spivey11.12aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.12Alton Elaphar11.15aBayside
3.12Neely Cunningham11.51aBayside
4.12Marcus Chambers11.56aHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.12Tyler King11.57aSebastian River
6.11Dante Tucker11.70aHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.12Akeem Cunningham11.79aBayside
8.11Jafeous Taylor11.90aSebastian River
9.9Chris Harper12.11aSebastian River
10.10Kelvin Williams12.13aPalm Bay
11.9Dean Clark12.37aEau Gallie
12.11Tim Lea12.51aMelbourne
13.11Nhiamke Lewis-Burns12.63aMelbourne
14.9Linniel Phipps12.82aPalm Bay
15.11Devonzia Paschal12.94aSebastian River
16.12Vincent Antinarelli13.83aEau Gallie
--12Dmarche HendersonFSHeritage (Palm Bay)
--10Logan LevyDNSEau Gallie
--9Matt FoixDNSEau Gallie
--12Darius ClarkDNSMelbourne
--12Devin LakesDNSPalm Bay
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alton Elaphar22.40aBayside
2.10Terrence Council-Spivey22.48aHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.12Marcus Chambers23.62aHeritage (Palm Bay)
4.12Jeff Gaspard23.95aBayside
5.12Tyler King24.01aSebastian River
6.12Lonez Jean-Louis24.05aHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.11Tyris Wooten24.17aHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.12Neely Cunningham26.21aBayside
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Terrence Council-Spivey23.02aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.12Alton Elaphar23.18aBayside
3.12Jeff Gaspard23.31aBayside
4.12Neely Cunningham23.36aBayside
5.12Tyler King23.57aSebastian River
6.12Marcus Chambers23.59aHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.12Lonez Jean-Louis23.85aHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.11Tyris Wooten24.28aHeritage (Palm Bay)
9.11Dondre Cypress24.66aSebastian River
10.11Jafeous Taylor24.88aSebastian River
11.12Josh Schrack25.56aEau Gallie
12.9Dean Clark25.93aEau Gallie
13.10Jerron Williams26.30aPalm Bay
14.11Nhiamke Lewis-Burns26.83aMelbourne
15.10Jimmy Webster26.88aSebastian River
16.9Janiel Garcia27.74aMelbourne
17.12Cornelius Wallace28.09aMelbourne
18.12Vincent Antinarelli29.37aEau Gallie
--9Alvin NewellDNSMelbourne
--9Matt FoixDNFEau Gallie
--12Devin LakesDNSPalm Bay
--10Brian WilletDNSPalm Bay
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lonez Jean-Louis52.52aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.11Vincent Harris52.54aSebastian River
3.12Brandon Pierre53.90aPalm Bay
4.12Omar Mcdonald54.97aBayside
5.11Clerychard Selmot56.63aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.11Dondre Cypress58.29aSebastian River
7.10Alexander Jasmin58.65aPalm Bay
8.11Tevin Hudson-Cummings1:02.15aHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lonez Jean-Louis53.09aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.12Brandon Pierre53.62aPalm Bay
4.12Omar Mcdonald54.35aBayside
3.11Vincent Harris54.43aSebastian River
5.11Clerychard Selmot55.65aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.10Alexander Jasmin55.66aPalm Bay
7.11Tevin Hudson-Cummings55.69aHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.11Dondre Cypress56.23aSebastian River
9.11Elliott Smith56.67aEau Gallie
10.12Cornelius Wallace56.77aMelbourne
11.9Demetrious Shaw56.80aBayside
12.11Cole Chambers56.83aSebastian River
13.12Carrain Warner56.94aBayside
14.11Greg Lambert56.95aEau Gallie
15.11Logan Yool57.62aBayside
16.10Brian Fallace57.71aPalm Bay
17.9Henri Williams59.77aHeritage (Palm Bay)
18.9Janiel Garcia1:01.68aMelbourne
19.10Jose Vallejo1:02.74aSebastian River
--10Sean SandefurDNSMelbourne
--9Alvin NewellDNSMelbourne
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ricardo Navajas2:07.09aMelbourne
2.9Chris Graves2:08.34aSebastian River
3.11Logan Yool2:10.64aBayside
4.12JC Ivey2:10.93aEau Gallie
5.11Andrew Todd2:11.30aMelbourne
6.9Tristan Adams2:12.02aMelbourne
7.12Sidney Golliher2:12.35aSebastian River
8.12James Parenteau2:13.77aMelbourne
9.10Kolby Golliher2:15.61aSebastian River
10.11Greg Lambert2:18.58aEau Gallie
11.11Daniel Perez2:19.50aSebastian River
12.9Tristen Wright2:22.21aHeritage (Palm Bay)
13.9Brandon Lawry2:23.04aPalm Bay
14.9Henri Williams2:34.12aHeritage (Palm Bay)
15.10Rayvon Davis2:36.48aHeritage (Palm Bay)
--12Jesse GustDNSEau Gallie
--12Dalton StanleyDNFPalm Bay
--11Wyatt KinnerDNFEau Gallie
--10Travis SlocumSCRHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blake Robison4:46.61aMelbourne
2.12Sidney Golliher4:47.19aSebastian River
3.11Ricardo Navajas4:50.45aMelbourne
4.10Brad Ivey4:50.92aEau Gallie
5.10Bryson Thompson4:52.19aMelbourne
6.12Erick Espinoza4:55.15aSebastian River
7.12Stephen Clegg4:56.61aMelbourne
8.10Logan Cundiff4:59.80aBayside
9.11Paul Alerte5:09.42aSebastian River
10.10Preston Skinner5:13.98aEau Gallie
11.12William Hoelke5:20.84aSebastian River
12.9Jordan Gibbs5:22.26aPalm Bay
13.10Carlos Bermudez5:24.65aBayside
14.10Robert Rogulski5:25.38aBayside
15.10Jabari Wheatley5:31.18aHeritage (Palm Bay)
16.12Ryan Corry5:47.97aPalm Bay
17.12Tyler Wittekind6:00.70aEau Gallie
--9Chris RobinsonDNSEau Gallie
--12Sabian SalkeySCRPalm Bay
--10Travis SlocumSCRHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alec Reesh10:40.48aMelbourne
2.12Erick Espinoza10:51.15aSebastian River
3.12Matt Jennewein10:58.34aPalm Bay
4.11Connor Knowlton11:01.20aMelbourne
5.10Brad Ivey11:09.52aEau Gallie
6.12Blake Robison11:20.00aMelbourne
7.10Logan Cundiff11:21.72aBayside
8.11Paul Alerte11:33.97aSebastian River
9.10Kollin Boswell11:41.29aMelbourne
10.9Casiano Santoya11:42.37aSebastian River
11.10Carlos Bermudez11:55.81aBayside
12.9Jordan Gibbs12:09.66aPalm Bay
13.10Robert Rogulski12:25.90aBayside
14.9Christian Colon12:50.17aSebastian River
15.12Tyler Wittekind13:41.66aEau Gallie
16.10Thomas O`connor13:41.90aEau Gallie
--10Rayvon DavisDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
--9Chris RobinsonDNSEau Gallie
--9Josue BatistaDNSPalm Bay
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelvin Williams15.70aPalm Bay
2.10Aaron Wolfe16.08aHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.12Johntavis Brown16.29aSebastian River
4.10Raphael Grace16.31aEau Gallie
5.10Deion Jones16.62aSebastian River
6.12Eutemia Bogues16.93aBayside
7.11Ashton Terry17.29aSebastian River
8.10Austen Wolfe17.45aHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Deion Jones15.85aSebastian River
2.10Aaron Wolfe16.12aHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.10Raphael Grace16.14aEau Gallie
4.10Kelvin Williams16.41aPalm Bay
5.12Johntavis Brown16.56aSebastian River
6.12Eutemia Bogues17.10aBayside
7.10Austen Wolfe17.38aHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.11Ashton Terry17.52aSebastian River
9.10Davonta Phillips19.08aBayside
10.10Javarus Cook19.15aHeritage (Palm Bay)
11.10Jonathan Davis19.20aBayside
12.11Dante Tucker19.41aHeritage (Palm Bay)
13.10Kyle Brink19.46aBayside
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Deion Jones42.54aSebastian River
2.12Eutemia Bogues43.79aBayside
3.11Ashton Terry44.86aSebastian River
4.10Aaron Wolfe45.12aHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.12Johntavis Brown46.12aSebastian River
6.10Austen Wolfe46.38aHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.9Chris Harper48.73aSebastian River
8.10Davonta Phillips56.68aBayside
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Deion Jones43.02aSebastian River
2.12Eutemia Bogues44.38aBayside
3.11Ashton Terry44.47aSebastian River
4.12Johntavis Brown45.16aSebastian River
5.10Aaron Wolfe45.26aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.10Austen Wolfe45.85aHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.10Davonta Phillips45.95aBayside
8.9Chris Harper46.40aSebastian River
9.9Josh Tyson49.04aBayside
10.10Jonathan Davis49.20aBayside
11.10Javarus Cook49.86aHeritage (Palm Bay)
12.11Dante Tucker50.05aHeritage (Palm Bay)
13.10Raphael Grace50.62aEau Gallie
14.11Colin Fox51.56aMelbourne
15.11John Weng52.86aEau Gallie
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Neely Cunningham
Carrain Warner
Jeff Gaspard
Alton Elaphar
2.-Terrence Spivey
Tyris Wooten
Dmarche Henderson
Marcus Chambers
44.14aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.-Relay Team 44.14aHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.-Tyler King
Jovante King
Johntavis Brown
Jafeous Taylor
45.11aSebastian River
4.-Dean Clark
Matt Foix
John Weng
Josh Schrack
50.30aEau Gallie
---Brandon Moon
Kelvin Williams
Linniel Phipps
Jerron Williams
DQPalm Bay
---Relay Team DNSMelbourne
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vincent Harris
Ashton Terry
Deion Jones
Jovante King
3:38.21aSebastian River
2.-Demetrious Shaw
Carrain Warner
Omar Mcdonald
Logan Yool
3.-Brandon Pierre
Jason Draper
Brian Fallace
Dalton Stanley
3:42.60aPalm Bay
4.-Elliott Smith
Wyatt Kinner
Greg Lambert
JC Ivey
3:42.79aEau Gallie
5.-Lonez Jean-Louis
Clerychard Selmot
Aaron Wolfe
Marcus Chambers
3:42.88aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.-Jaylen Blutcher
Cornelius Wallace
Travon Thompson
Tim Lea
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-JC Ivey
Brad Ivey
Jesse Gust
Wyatt Kinner
8:40.78aEau Gallie
2.-Erick Espinoza
Chris Graves
Vincent Harris
Sidney Golliher
8:42.29aSebastian River
3.-Jason Draper
Matt Jennewein
Brandon Pierre
Dalton Stanley
8:56.31aPalm Bay
4.-Logan Yool
Robert Rogulski
Logan Cundiff
Carlos Bermudez
5.-Tristen Wright
Jabari Wheatley
Henri Williams
Rayvon Davis
9:53.97aHeritage (Palm Bay)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Octoavia Jefferson13.15mSebastian River
2.12Troy Ladd12.85mBayside
3.11Matthew Lightle12.75mSebastian River
4.11Jordan Brooks12.73mHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.10Zach Finnegan12.61mSebastian River
6.10Brodie Lubelski12.47mHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.9Tracie Williams12.24mHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.11Nicholas Grimes11.78mMelbourne
9.10Jean Joseph11.50mBayside
10.10Tivy Colderwood11.22mHeritage (Palm Bay)
11.11JeVaughn Henry11.21mEau Gallie
12.11Chris Delancey10.19mEau Gallie
13.9Charles Allen10.18mPalm Bay
14.11Phillip Norman10.13mSebastian River
15.10Michael Haynes9.91mPalm Bay
16.10Nick Spielman8.81mEau Gallie
--11Caleb IsonSCREau Gallie
--10Aaron DolphusSCREau Gallie
--12Travon ThompsonDQMelbourne
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Haynes39.70mPalm Bay
2.11Octoavia Jefferson39.70mSebastian River
3.10Brandon Sluder39.52mBayside
4.10Zach Finnegan39.19mSebastian River
5.11Matthew Lightle38.73mSebastian River
6.11Phillip Norman37.56mSebastian River
7.11JeVaughn Henry37.21mEau Gallie
8.11Chris Delancey36.80mEau Gallie
9.10Brodie Lubelski35.10mHeritage (Palm Bay)
10.10Clinton Moxam34.75mHeritage (Palm Bay)
11.10Brandon Moon32.53mPalm Bay
12.12Taylor Corn31.92mBayside
13.10Christopher Clendenon31.77mPalm Bay
14.10William Whigham31.69mPalm Bay
15.11Jordan Brooks31.61mHeritage (Palm Bay)
16.11Nicholas Grimes29.13mMelbourne
17.10Aaron Dolphus29.05mEau Gallie
18.11Caleb Ison25.10mEau Gallie
19.12Travon Thompson21.84mMelbourne
--11Tomas CastellanoDNSEau Gallie
--11Karel MartinezSCRHeritage (Palm Bay)
--10Nick SpielmanDNSEau Gallie
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cole Bradley1.82mEau Gallie
2.11Imbert Pierre1.77mHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.11Tim Lea1.77mMelbourne
4.12Justin Nathaniel1.77mSebastian River
5.12Jeff Gaspard1.72mBayside
6.12Akeem Cunningham1.72mBayside
7.9Jaylen Blutcher1.67mMelbourne
8.9Chris Harper1.67mSebastian River
9.11Dondre Cypress1.62mSebastian River
--12Darius ClarkDNSMelbourne
--12Peter WicelinskiDNSEau Gallie
--10Kyle RazawichSCRPalm Bay
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Bissonnette3.35mSebastian River
2.10Justin Peabody3.20mSebastian River
3.11Doug Peters3.04mBayside
4.12Jason Draper2.89mPalm Bay
5.11Chris Larson2.13mSebastian River
5.10Kyle Brink2.13mBayside
--9Brenden WalshNHSebastian River
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jaylen Blutcher6.70mMelbourne
2.11Tyris Wooten6.55mHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.12Akeem Cunningham6.40mBayside
4.12Alton Elaphar6.37mBayside
5.12Tyler King6.26mSebastian River
6.12Marcus Chambers6.23mHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.10Terrence Council-Spivey6.17mHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.12Jeff Gaspard6.12mBayside
9.10Aaron Wolfe5.81mHeritage (Palm Bay)
10.11Jovante King5.74mSebastian River
11.12Anthony Smith5.56mSebastian River
12.11Dondre Cypress5.43mSebastian River
13.9Matt Foix5.20mEau Gallie
14.12Carrain Warner4.97mBayside
15.10Raphael Grace4.80mEau Gallie
--10Logan LevyDNSEau Gallie
--12Peter WicelinskiDNSEau Gallie
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Nathaniel12.72mSebastian River
2.11Jovante King12.49mSebastian River
3.12Akeem Cunningham12.26mBayside
4.11Imbert Pierre12.21mHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.11Jafeous Taylor11.98mSebastian River
6.10Deion Jones11.60mSebastian River
7.12Dalton Stanley11.53mPalm Bay
8.9Zerek Stallworth11.20mBayside
9.10Clinton Moxam11.01mHeritage (Palm Bay)
10.9Josh Tyson10.89mBayside
--10Raphael GraceFOULEau Gallie
--9Alvin NewellDNSMelbourne

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Phillicia Fluellen12.07aPalm Bay
2.12Kendra Gamble12.76aPalm Bay
3.11Tranisha Woolfork12.83aSebastian River
4.11Rachel Tobin13.02aHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.12Natasha Meredith13.14aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.9Giani Smith13.23aPalm Bay
7.9Kadasha Eliacin13.27aSebastian River
8.9Dajana Taylor13.29aMelbourne
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Phillicia Fluellen12.21aPalm Bay
2.11Rachel Tobin12.82aHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.12Kendra Gamble12.96aPalm Bay
4.11Tranisha Woolfork12.96aSebastian River
5.12Natasha Meredith13.00aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.9Dajana Taylor13.14aMelbourne
7.9Giani Smith13.29aPalm Bay
8.9Kadasha Eliacin13.35aSebastian River
9.12Cassandra Burnett13.54aMelbourne
10.11Monique Whitter13.59aSebastian River
11.10Queneshia Robinson13.60aHeritage (Palm Bay)
12.11Chyna Johnson13.67aEau Gallie
13.9Kennisha Gonzales13.73aMelbourne
14.11Ashley Keels14.13aEau Gallie
15.9Alyssa Engdahl14.37aEau Gallie
16.9Aliyah Stewart14.75aMelbourne
17.10Shaquila McKenzie15.41aEau Gallie
--11Jeanevon DorvilDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Phillicia Fluellen24.93aPalm Bay
2.11Tranisha Woolfork26.64aSebastian River
3.10Courtney Schrack27.37aEau Gallie
4.11Rachel Tobin27.41aHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.12Natasha Meredith28.48aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.12Kendra Gamble28.73aPalm Bay
7.11Chyna Johnson28.77aEau Gallie
8.11Jashanea Bryant30.19aSebastian River
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Phillicia Fluellen26.12aPalm Bay
4.11Tranisha Woolfork26.87aSebastian River
5.11Rachel Tobin26.89aHeritage (Palm Bay)
2.12Kendra Gamble27.12aPalm Bay
3.10Courtney Schrack27.73aEau Gallie
6.11Jashanea Bryant28.10aSebastian River
7.12Natasha Meredith28.32aHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.11Chyna Johnson28.81aEau Gallie
9.11Diamond Cockrell28.86aHeritage (Palm Bay)
10.11Monique Whitter29.11aSebastian River
11.9Kennisha Gonzales29.74aMelbourne
12.9Rachel White29.93aEau Gallie
13.10Joselin Pierre30.17aSebastian River
14.9Elizabeth Eversly30.66aBayside
15.9Aliyah Stewart30.99aMelbourne
16.9Briana Collins31.20aEau Gallie
17.10Queneshia Robinson31.22aHeritage (Palm Bay)
18.9Emily Wirth32.16aMelbourne
--9Keyana CrawfordDNSBayside
--10Jade SmithDNSMelbourne
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Phillicia Fluellen59.99aPalm Bay
2.11Jashanea Bryant1:03.14aSebastian River
3.9Grace Rineer1:03.21aEau Gallie
4.10Israel Eversly1:04.41aBayside
5.10Jade Smith1:05.53aMelbourne
6.9Molly O'Brien1:07.74aPalm Bay
7.12Lily Jean-baptiste1:07.77aHeritage (Palm Bay)
8.10Stephanie Enriquez1:07.91aEau Gallie
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Phillicia Fluellen1:01.02aPalm Bay
2.9Grace Rineer1:02.10aEau Gallie
4.11Jashanea Bryant1:04.24aSebastian River
3.10Israel Eversly1:04.95aBayside
5.12Lily Jean-baptiste1:06.01aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.10Jade Smith1:06.02aMelbourne
7.9Molly O'Brien1:07.32aPalm Bay
8.10Stephanie Enriquez1:08.57aEau Gallie
9.9Keyana Crawford1:08.75aBayside
10.9Malasia McCree1:10.04aPalm Bay
11.10Sadira Kowlesar1:10.14aBayside
12.9Nicole Iannantuono1:10.27aMelbourne
13.10Joselin Pierre1:13.69aSebastian River
14.12Ruth Fleurant1:14.48aSebastian River
15.9Joremy Maldonado1:17.70aPalm Bay
16.10Madison Gardner1:23.67aSebastian River
--12Olivia DeJongDNFMelbourne
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Greer2:22.24aMelbourne
2.11Tamara Hunt2:33.10aSebastian River
3.10Tiffany Mensch2:35.96aBayside
4.9Hosey Tiffany2:36.96aPalm Bay
5.12Lily Jean-baptiste2:41.67aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.12Bianca Wert2:43.86aBayside
7.11Cynthia Ballou2:47.90aPalm Bay
8.11Dana Lobmeyer2:49.67aMelbourne
9.10Sadira Kowlesar2:52.44aBayside
10.11Zora Kennedy2:54.28aEau Gallie
11.12Marlene Flescher3:00.91aSebastian River
12.10Nataisa Pinerno3:13.11aSebastian River
13.11Frances Patala3:14.57aEau Gallie
14.10Geordan Tolley3:15.54aEau Gallie
--9Taylor SandersDNSSebastian River
--10Caitlyn PushmanDNSEau Gallie
--10Cara CagneyDNSMelbourne
--11Bree annah OwensDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
--11Adrianne GomezDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vanessa Valentine5:12.90aMelbourne
2.10Rebecca Fleeman5:43.31aEau Gallie
3.12Lily Jean-baptiste5:56.49aHeritage (Palm Bay)
4.9Traci Knowlton5:56.88aMelbourne
5.11Sarah Leary5:59.90aMelbourne
6.11Dana Lobmeyer6:05.62aMelbourne
7.11Cynthia Ballou6:08.55aPalm Bay
8.12Katlyn Bales6:13.72aPalm Bay
9.9Katie Taylor6:36.05aSebastian River
10.11Kayla Smith6:40.76aHeritage (Palm Bay)
11.12Jamie Amico6:47.86aEau Gallie
12.10Nataisa Pinerno7:23.15aSebastian River
13.11Frances Patala7:29.76aEau Gallie
14.9Kendall Holycross7:32.85aSebastian River
15.10Bryana Russo7:33.00aEau Gallie
--11Adrianne GomezSCRHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vanessa Valentine11:13.42aMelbourne
2.10Molly Delaney12:29.83aMelbourne
3.10Rebecca Fleeman12:52.91aEau Gallie
4.10Jenny Prasad13:27.82aMelbourne
5.10Geordan Tolley14:40.26aEau Gallie
6.11Shelby Roberts14:51.87aPalm Bay
7.9Katie Taylor14:54.23aSebastian River
8.11Kayla Smith15:48.27aHeritage (Palm Bay)
--11Nubia RodriguezDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandi Lucas14.68aSebastian River
2.10Avionne Haughton17.00aPalm Bay
3.9Te'Lea Jefferson17.37aSebastian River
4.12Katherine DeJong17.51aMelbourne
5.9Courtney Sweeney18.67aMelbourne
6.12Natasha Meredith18.85aHeritage (Palm Bay)
7.9Phoebe Kazakos19.70aMelbourne
8.9Elizabeth Eversly21.08aBayside
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brandi Lucas14.85aSebastian River
2.12Katherine DeJong17.23aMelbourne
3.9Te'Lea Jefferson17.29aSebastian River
4.10Avionne Haughton17.32aPalm Bay
5.12Natasha Meredith17.56aHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.9Courtney Sweeney18.37aMelbourne
7.9Phoebe Kazakos19.83aMelbourne
8.9Elizabeth Eversly21.71aBayside
9.9Janae Glass22.04aHeritage (Palm Bay)
--11Jeanevon DorvilDNFHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kadasha Eliacin51.69aSebastian River
2.9Te'Lea Jefferson52.16aSebastian River
3.12Katherine DeJong53.87aMelbourne
4.9Janae Glass53.97aHeritage (Palm Bay)
5.10Avionne Haughton54.04aPalm Bay
6.9Traci Knowlton59.76aMelbourne
7.9Courtney Sweeney1:01.35aMelbourne
--9Dajana TaylorDNFMelbourne
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Dajana Taylor49.82aMelbourne
3.9Kadasha Eliacin50.84aSebastian River
2.9Te'Lea Jefferson51.22aSebastian River
4.12Katherine DeJong53.70aMelbourne
5.9Traci Knowlton55.03aMelbourne
6.10Avionne Haughton55.15aPalm Bay
7.9Courtney Sweeney56.31aMelbourne
8.9Janae Glass57.14aHeritage (Palm Bay)
9.10Caitlyn Pushman59.20aEau Gallie
--11Jeanevon DorvilDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandi Lucas
Tranisha Woolfork
Nacole Harper
Kadasha Eliacin
50.68aSebastian River
2.-Giani Smith
Kendra Gamble
Jasmine Gardner
Avionne Haughton
51.31aPalm Bay
3.-Jade Smith
Dajana Taylor
Cassandra Burnett
Kennisha Gonzales
4.-Ashley Keels
Chyna Johnson
Alyssa Engdahl
Courtney Schrack
52.75aEau Gallie
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Te'Lea Jefferson
Jashanea Bryant
Nacole Harper
Tamara Hunt
4:18.98aSebastian River
2.-Jade Smith
Olivia DeJong
Cassandra Burnett
Rachel Greer
3.-Hosey Tiffany
Molly O'Brien
Giani Smith
Jasmine Gardner
4:29.61aPalm Bay
4.-Stephanie Enriquez
Alyssa Engdahl
Courtney Schrack
Grace Rineer
4:30.39aEau Gallie
5.-Israel Eversly
Keyana Crawford
Bianca Wert
Tiffany Mensch
6.-Diamond Cockrell
Alicia Richardson
Bree annah Owens
Janae Glass
4:54.38aHeritage (Palm Bay)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rebecca Fleeman
Stephanie Enriquez
Grace Rineer
Zora Kennedy
10:34.14aEau Gallie
2.-Bianca Wert
Sadira Kowlesar
Israel Eversly
Tiffany Mensch
3.-Niki Carmean
Katlyn Bales
Hosey Tiffany
Shelby Roberts
10:55.71aPalm Bay
4.-Tamara Hunt
Katie Taylor
Joselin Pierre
Nacole Harper
11:40.73aSebastian River
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Jackson11.12mSebastian River
2.12Ajeeha Crooks11.06mHeritage (Palm Bay)
3.9Tayler Smith11.01mSebastian River
4.10Ayanna Thornton10.47mMelbourne
5.9Kalin Gabbert9.27mSebastian River
6.9Tanaja Sears8.20mSebastian River
7.10Tiffany Buchanan7.53mBayside
8.-Allison Douglas7.39mHeritage (Palm Bay)
9.9Rachel White6.88mEau Gallie
10.10Lindley Wilson6.38mEau Gallie
11.10Alexa Raley6.32mEau Gallie
12.10Tatyana Howard6.22mEau Gallie
--12C OliverDNSMelbourne
--12Miltesha JohnsonSCRPalm Bay
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Jackson39.44mSebastian River
2.9Tayler Smith27.45mSebastian River
3.10Alexa Raley25.90mEau Gallie
4.9Kalin Gabbert24.90mSebastian River
5.12Ajeeha Crooks22.65mHeritage (Palm Bay)
6.10Tiffany Buchanan20.90mBayside
7.12Alesha Washington20.75mSebastian River
8.10Ayanna Thornton20.34mMelbourne
9.10Lindley Wilson19.22mEau Gallie
10.10Tatyana Howard18.78mEau Gallie
11.12Cierra Carter17.29mPalm Bay
12.9Camryn Kelly13.84mBayside
--9Jessica RasmussenSCRPalm Bay
--12C OliverDNSMelbourne
--10Katrina HawkinsDNSEau Gallie
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandi Lucas1.52mSebastian River
2.12Brittany Jackson1.52mSebastian River
3.12Keyshauna Ingram1.47mSebastian River
4.10Breanna Moore1.47mSebastian River
5.11Adriene McKay1.32mHeritage (Palm Bay)
--10Stephanie EnriquezNHEau Gallie
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandi Lucas2.74mSebastian River
2.12Keyshauna Ingram2.28mSebastian River
3.11Morgan Weldon2.13mEau Gallie
4.11Nichole Merus1.98mBayside
5.10Tiffany Mensch1.98mBayside
6.9Te'Lea Jefferson1.98mSebastian River
7.11Alexandra Tatro1.82mSebastian River
8.10Duyen Truong1.82mHeritage (Palm Bay)
--9Mollie DunnNHBayside
--9Camryn KellyDNSBayside
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tranisha Woolfork5.14mSebastian River
2.9Kadasha Eliacin5.04mSebastian River
3.11Monique Whitter4.78mSebastian River
4.12Brittany Jackson4.64mSebastian River
5.10Caitlyn Pushman4.41mEau Gallie
6.9Alyssa Engdahl4.06mEau Gallie
7.11Ashley Keels3.96mEau Gallie
8.11Diamond Cockrell3.96mHeritage (Palm Bay)
--11Adriene McKayFOULHeritage (Palm Bay)
--12Cassandra BurnettDNSMelbourne
--11Jeanevon DorvilDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasmine Gardner10.42mPalm Bay
2.11Jashanea Bryant10.21mSebastian River
3.12Keyshauna Ingram10.12mSebastian River
4.11Monique Whitter10.08mSebastian River
5.10Courtney Schrack9.98mEau Gallie
6.9Kalin Gabbert9.81mSebastian River
--11Adriene McKayDNSHeritage (Palm Bay)
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