Dioc of Clev CYO South Area Champ

Monday, May 14, 2012
  Walsh Jesuit HS, Cuyahoga Falls - Map

  Field Events Start: 5:00 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Justin Smith13.91Immaculate Heart of ...
1.5Kionnie Dukes13.91Emmanuel Christian A...
3.6Eric Filakosky14.40St Barnabas
4.6Desmond Rock15.02Jeep Davis
5.-Zachari Bruni15.12St. Francis Xavier
6.6Eric Ligas15.15Sacred Heart of Jesus
7.6Lamar Jones15.46Emmanuel Christian A...
8.-Anthony Mazzagatti16.09St. Francis Xavier
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Agostino Rocca12.27St. Francis Xavier
2.7Grant Crabbs12.96St. Ambrose
3.7Anthony Micale13.24St. Matthew
4.7Matthew Cox13.43Sacred Heart of Jesus
5.7Eric Portis13.44Emmanuel Christian A...
6.7Grant Kersh13.65St. Patrick
7.7Jimmy Fazio14.06Sacred Heart of Jesus
--7Ceph WilliamsNTSt. Sebastian
X 100 Meters - Cadet - Prelims
1.6Eric Filakosky13.91St Barnabas
2.6Justin Smith14.37Immaculate Heart of ...
3.5Kionnie Dukes14.40Emmanuel Christian A...
4.6Desmond Rock14.60Jeep Davis
5.-Zachari Bruni14.84St. Francis Xavier
6.5Matt Wheeler14.94Immaculate Heart of ...
7.6Eric Ligas15.03Sacred Heart of Jesus
8.-Anthony Mazzagatti15.09St. Francis Xavier
9.6Lamar Jones15.21Emmanuel Christian A...
10.6Joseph DiSabato15.32Holy Family-Stow
11.6Nick Sheldon15.38St. Francis Xavier
12.6Gavin Montgomery15.44St. Francis Xavier
13.5Dylan Manley15.53Seton Catholic
14.6Derek Friend15.62Holy Family-Stow
15.5Joe Gresser15.85Holy Family-Stow
16.5Simon Haas15.87Holy Family-Stow
17.5Anthony Periandri16.72St. Francis Xavier
18.5Jack Gale16.75Sacred Heart of Jesus
18.7Ben Stiller16.75St. Sebastian
20.5Joseph Walsh17.18St. Sebastian
20.6Cade Peets17.18St. Sebastian
22.6Michael Scantling17.19St. Hilary
23.6Michael Walko17.50St Barnabas
--5Andrew KramerNTSt. Ambrose
--5Aaron WayneNTSt. Sebastian
--6Kevin McBrideNTSeton Catholic
--5Sam RaiffNTSt. Ambrose
--5Owen PresperNTSt Vincent Elementary
X 100 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.7Matthew Cox13.09Sacred Heart of Jesus
2.7Jimmy Fazio13.83Sacred Heart of Jesus
3.-Agostino Rocca13.91St. Francis Xavier
4.7Grant Kersh14.18St. Patrick
5.7Ceph Williams14.28St. Sebastian
6.7Peter Wilson14.34St. Hilary
7.7Grant Crabbs14.60St. Ambrose
8.7Anthony Micale14.76St. Matthew
9.7Jacob Wagner15.00Seton Catholic
10.7Griffin Schueszler15.24St. Francis Xavier
11.7Eric Portis15.38Emmanuel Christian A...
12.7Jerry Reeves15.53St. Sebastian
13.7Andrew Poland15.85St. Patrick
14.7Domanaire Bledsoe20.90Emmanuel Christian A...
--7Jacob SchmidtNTSt. Francis Xavier
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.5Joshua Mitchell29.81Emmanuel Christian A...
2.6Eric Filakosky30.14St Barnabas
3.5Solomon Davis30.62Emmanuel Christian A...
4.6Justin Smith31.09Immaculate Heart of ...
5.6Gavin Montgomery31.33St. Francis Xavier
6.6Desmond Rock31.62Jeep Davis
7.6Sean Mitchell32.15St. Patrick
8.-Zachari Bruni32.93St. Francis Xavier
9.6Eric Ligas33.12Sacred Heart of Jesus
9.5Ian Quinn33.12St. Sebastian
11.6Patrick White33.18Holy Family-Stow
12.6Chris Stiller33.50St. Sebastian
13.5Dylan Manley33.72Seton Catholic
14.5Jack Gale34.06Sacred Heart of Jesus
15.5Luke Rajan34.84Holy Family-Stow
16.-Anthony Mazzagatti35.24St. Francis Xavier
17.4Nicholas Reilman35.68St. Francis Xavier
18.6Michael Dianetti37.09Holy Family-Stow
19.5Joseph Walsh39.05St. Sebastian
20.5Matthew Volpe39.62Holy Family-Stow
21.5Sam Raiff47.02St. Ambrose
--5Will LoxleyNTSeton Catholic
--7Ben StillerNTSt. Sebastian
--5Matt WheelerNTImmaculate Heart of ...
--6Michael WalkoNTSt Barnabas
--6Andrew KobakNTSt. Francis Xavier
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Jacob Schmidt27.05St. Francis Xavier
2.7Matt Perison28.78St. Patrick
3.-Agostino Rocca29.33St. Francis Xavier
4.7Matthew Cox29.68Sacred Heart of Jesus
5.7Gabe Tobon30.34St. Ambrose
6.7Jimmy Fazio31.54Sacred Heart of Jesus
7.7Johnnie Fluker32.27Emmanuel Christian A...
8.7Peter Wilson32.49St. Hilary
9.7Griffin Schueszler34.36St. Francis Xavier
10.7Andrew Poland36.24St. Patrick
11.7Max Merideth36.43Spring Garden
--7Ceph WilliamsNTSt. Sebastian
--7Anthony MicaleNTSt. Matthew
--7Carmen DigeronimoNTSeton Catholic
--7Jerry ReevesNTSt. Sebastian
---Conner MaloyNTSt. Francis Xavier
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Alan Dravenstott1:11.06St. Francis Xavier
2.5Kionnie Dukes1:11.24Emmanuel Christian A...
3.6Justin Smith1:13.28Immaculate Heart of ...
4.6Desmond Rock1:14.87Jeep Davis
5.6Patrick White1:15.55Holy Family-Stow
6.6Yale Dulaney1:15.96Holy Family-Stow
7.6Cade Peets1:16.72St. Sebastian
8.5Joe Gresser1:17.46Holy Family-Stow
9.5Dashon Antoine1:18.74Emmanuel Christian A...
10.6Nick Sheldon1:19.14St. Francis Xavier
11.5Jared Phillips1:19.78Immaculate Heart of ...
12.5Steven Musso1:21.83Immaculate Heart of ...
13.5Garrett Ansley1:24.75Holy Family-Stow
14.-Adam Lenz1:26.69St. Francis Xavier
--5Sam HannaNTSacred Heart of Jesus
--5Lou PiernikNTSt. Francis Xavier
--5Mitch WheelerNTImmaculate Heart of ...
--5Andrew KramerNTSt. Ambrose
--5Patrick McKeonNTSeton Catholic
--5Ian QuinnNTSt. Sebastian
--5Jack BarnesNTSeton Catholic
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Agostino Rocca1:02.40St. Francis Xavier
2.7Eric Portis1:04.90Emmanuel Christian A...
3.7Matt Stoltz1:05.21Immaculate Heart of ...
4.7Matthew Cox1:06.84Sacred Heart of Jesus
5.7Carmen Digeronimo1:14.78Seton Catholic
6.7Zachary Reilman1:15.06St. Francis Xavier
7.7Johnnie Fluker1:17.46Emmanuel Christian A...
8.7Nick Mastrandrea1:18.12St. Ambrose
9.-Alex Costa1:19.95St. Francis Xavier
10.7Andrew Poland1:20.98St. Patrick
--7Nick ReimundNTSt. Sebastian
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
2.5Matthew Sollenberger2:40.24St. Hilary
3.5Eric Garrett2:45.71St Vincent Elementary
4.6Nick Miller2:46.18Sacred Heart of Jesus
5.5Ryan Thune2:47.28Immaculate Heart of ...
6.6Alex Loeper2:48.31St. Francis Xavier
7.6Zach Robertson2:53.56St. Francis Xavier
8.5Patrick Brady2:56.96St. Hilary
9.6Jimmy Bowling3:02.74Holy Family-Stow
10.6Cade Capper3:05.49Spring Garden
11.5Owen Porpora3:07.81Sacred Heart of Jesus
12.6John Willet3:15.81Immaculate Heart of ...
13.5Salvatore Jacobozzi3:18.64Immaculate Heart of ...
14.6Joshua Lee3:21.06St. Francis Xavier
15.5Adam Shah3:22.18Holy Family-Stow
16.6Fred Chermak3:22.43Spring Garden
17.5Sam Volk3:45.72Holy Family-Stow
--6Jack SkinnerNTHoly Family-Stow
--6Leo BuresNTSt. Francis Xavier
--5Aaron WayneNTSt. Sebastian
--5Dashon AntoineNTEmmanuel Christian A...
1.5Joshua Mitchell2:38.68Emmanuel Christian A...
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Connor McIntyre2:33.50Immaculate Heart of ...
2.7Alex Thomas2:37.11St. Sebastian
3.7Matthew Chidsey2:40.52Sacred Heart of Jesus
4.7Luke Jefferson2:46.18St Barnabas
5.7Stephen Renuart2:47.75St. Hilary
6.7Patrick Fields2:48.09Spring Garden
7.7Tim Miller2:57.34Spring Garden
8.7Aaron Goliat2:57.68St. Ambrose
--7Izaak WhislerNTSt. Ambrose
---Cole DavisNTSt. Francis Xavier
X 1600 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.5Matthew Sollenberger5:42.59St. Hilary
2.6Sean O'Brien5:44.90Immaculate Heart of ...
2.6Nick Miller5:44.90Sacred Heart of Jesus
4.6Alex Loeper5:47.90St. Francis Xavier
5.5Owen Porpora6:15.85Sacred Heart of Jesus
6.5Ryan Zilka6:18.40St. Hilary
7.4Adam Salek6:19.02St. Francis Xavier
8.5Adam Shah6:29.65Holy Family-Stow
9.5Jared Phillips6:30.06Immaculate Heart of ...
10.5Salvatore Jacobozzi6:36.56Immaculate Heart of ...
11.6Simon Welton6:41.31Spring Garden
12.6John Willet6:42.40Immaculate Heart of ...
--6Jack SkinnerNTHoly Family-Stow
--6Leo BuresNTSt. Francis Xavier
--5Will LoxleyNTSeton Catholic
--4Jimmy ThomasNTSt. Sebastian
--5Nathaniel PlaspohlNTSeton Catholic
X 1600 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Luke Jefferson5:19.34St Barnabas
2.7Matthew Chidsey5:20.28Sacred Heart of Jesus
3.7Connor McIntyre5:22.12Immaculate Heart of ...
4.7Stephen Renuart5:44.34St. Hilary
5.7Nick Reimund6:03.43St. Sebastian
6.7Michael Girard6:03.87Immaculate Heart of ...
7.7Patrick Fields6:13.21Spring Garden
8.7Kyle Surblis6:16.55St. Matthew
9.6Joey Daczko6:44.52St. Patrick
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Cadet - Finals
1.6Lamar Jones31.56Emmanuel Christian A...
2.5Quamane Harris32.43Emmanuel Christian A...
3.6Michael Scantling42.05St. Hilary
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
1.7Eric Portis34.05Emmanuel Christian A...
2.7Jonas Pyle34.82Immaculate Heart of ...
3.7Bryce Riggembach35.25St. Sebastian
4.7Matt Perison35.56St. Patrick
5.7Nick Reimund37.88St. Sebastian
6.7Max Merideth38.40Spring Garden
7.-Gabriel Lidderdale40.25St. Francis Xavier
8.-Graham Mellon41.56St. Francis Xavier
9.7Tim Miller43.16Spring Garden
--7Zachary ReilmanNTSt. Francis Xavier
--7Tim FlowerNTHoly Family-Stow
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Zachari Bruni
Anthony Mazzagatti
Garrett Mellon
Nathan Richey
1:00.85St. Francis de Sales
2.-Andrew Kobak
Robbie Salek
Alexander Baumgartner
Jack Wills
1:02.18St. Francis Xavier
3.-Lamar Jones
Quamane Harris
Quashane Harris
Marcus Friday
1:05.02Emmanuel Christian A...
4.-Matt Girard
Josh Kiesling
Steven Musso
Leo Sciarretti
1:06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
5.-Yale Dulaney
Joseph DiSabato
Michael Dianetti
Preston Rice
1:06.50Holy Family-Stow
6.-Justin Chalfant
Joseph Walsh
Jimmy Thomas
Cade Peets
1:06.90St. Sebastian
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Luke Carlson
Matt Stoltz
Jonas Pyle
Connor McIntyre
56.43Immaculate Heart of ...
2.-Ceph Williams
Dylan Radik
Bryce Riggembach
Alex Thomas
57.06St. Sebastian
3.-Nick Mastrandrea
Grant Crabbs
Gabe Tobon
Aaron Goliat
58.92St. Ambrose
4.-Alex Isada
Peter Wilson
Tyler Smith
Stephen Renuart
1:02.93St. Hilary
5.-Relay Team 1:04.21Holy Family-Stow
6.-Alex Costa
Conner Maloy
Graham Mellon
Gabriel Lidderdale
1:04.24St. Francis de Sales
7.-Relay Team 1:16.03Immaculate Heart of ...
X 4x200 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Alan Dravenstott
Andrew Kobak
Alex Loeper
Zach Robertson
2:13.24St. Francis Xavier
2.-Patrick White
Jack Skinner
Michael Dianetti
Joseph DiSabato
2:17.52Holy Family-Stow
2.-Dashon Antoine
Solomon Davis
Joshua Mitchell
Kionnie Dukes
2:17.52Emmanuel Christian A...
4.-Mitchell Krock
Adam Lenz
Garrett Mellon
Nathan Richey
2:24.49St. Francis de Sales
5.-Josh Kiesling
Matt Girard
Steven Musso
Ryan Thune
2:27.46Immaculate Heart of ...
6.-Relay Team 2:31.34St. Francis Xavier
7.-William Sparhawk
Simon Welton
Fred Chermak
Cade Capper
2:43.87Spring Garden
8.-Relay Team 2:44.32Holy Family-Stow
9.-Relay Team 2:47.50Immaculate Heart of ...
X 4x400 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Michael Girard
Matt Stoltz
Robert McCready
Jonas Pyle
5:25.00Immaculate Heart of ...
X Shot Put - 8lb - Cadet - Finals
1.6Robbie Salek36-00.00St. Francis Xavier
2.6Tom Supan33-05.00St. Francis Xavier
3.6Joseph DiSabato31-00.00Holy Family-Stow
4.6Colin Burns27-06.00St. Patrick
5.6Josh Kiesling26-05.50Immaculate Heart of ...
6.6Raymond Petit26-05.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
7.5Jacob Parisi25-09.00St. Hilary
8.5Jason Turschak25-07.00Holy Family-Stow
9.6William Sparhawk25-06.00Spring Garden
10.5Leo Sciarretti23-10.50Immaculate Heart of ...
11.-Bryce Thompson23-06.00St. Francis Xavier
12.5Quashane Harris23-04.50Emmanuel Christian A...
13.6Michael Scantling23-00.50St. Hilary
14.6Aaron Satina23-00.00Immaculate Heart of ...
15.6Preston Rice22-07.00Holy Family-Stow
16.5Simon Haas18-10.00Holy Family-Stow
17.5Michael Piglia18-04.00Immaculate Heart of ...
18.6Fred Chermak14-10.00Spring Garden
19.5Marcus Friday14-04.00Emmanuel Christian A...
X Shot Put - 8lb - Youth - Finals
1.7Anthony Micale29-05.00St. Matthew
2.7Jacob Wagner26-09.00Seton Catholic
3.7Johnnie Fluker26-02.50Emmanuel Christian A...
4.7Grant Crabbs26-01.00St. Ambrose
5.7Gabe Tobon25-09.00St. Ambrose
6.7Domanaire Bledsoe24-06.00Emmanuel Christian A...
7.7Andrew Ereth24-05.00Jeep Davis
8.7Alex Isada24-00.50St. Hilary
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
1.7Tim Flower76-11Holy Family-Stow
2.7Andrew Ereth69-09.50Jeep Davis
3.7Tyler Smith65-10St. Hilary
4.-Graham Mellon65-04St. Francis Xavier
5.7Matt Tomin61-01Immaculate Heart of ...
6.7Domanaire Bledsoe48-07Emmanuel Christian A...
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.6Jack Wills4-04.00St. Francis Xavier
2.6Eric Ligas4-00.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
3.6Nick Miller3-10.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
3.6Chris Stiller3-10.00St. Sebastian
3.6Kevin McBride3-10.00Seton Catholic
6.6Robbie Salek3-08.00St. Francis Xavier
6.6Matt Girard3-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
6.6Sean O'Brien3-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
6.5Garrett Ansley3-08.00Holy Family-Stow
6.5Jason Turschak3-08.00Holy Family-Stow
11.6Aaron Satina3-06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
--5Matthew TakacsNHImmaculate Heart of ...
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
1.7Dylan Radik4-10.00St. Sebastian
2.7Alex Thomas4-04.00St. Sebastian
2.7Luke Carlson4-04.00Immaculate Heart of ...
---Gabriel LidderdaleNHSt. Francis Xavier
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.6Eric Filakosky12-11.50St Barnabas
2.6Derek Friend12-10.50Holy Family-Stow
3.5Matt Wheeler12-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
4.6Zach Robertson11-09.00St. Francis Xavier
5.6Yale Dulaney11-05.00Holy Family-Stow
5.5Solomon Davis11-05.00Emmanuel Christian A...
7.5Quamane Harris11-04.00Emmanuel Christian A...
8.5Jack Gale11-02.50Sacred Heart of Jesus
9.5Dylan Manley11-02.00Seton Catholic
9.5Jacob Parisi11-02.00St. Hilary
11.6Chris Stiller11-00.00St. Sebastian
12.-Mitchell Krock10-10.00St. Francis Xavier
13.-Adam Lenz10-09.50St. Francis Xavier
14.5Justin Chalfant10-05.00St. Sebastian
15.6Raymond Petit10-02.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
16.5Alexander Baumgartner9-10.00St. Francis Xavier
17.5Mitch Wheeler9-05.50Immaculate Heart of ...
18.5Luke Rajan9-03.00Holy Family-Stow
19.5Nicholas Clingerman9-01.00Holy Family-Stow
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
1.7Dylan Radik14-08.00St. Sebastian
2.7Grant Kersh14-03.00St. Patrick
3.7Matt Perison14-02.00St. Patrick
4.7Jimmy Fazio13-09.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
5.7Zachary Reilman13-08.00St. Francis Xavier
6.7Matthew Chidsey13-07.50Sacred Heart of Jesus
7.7Kyle Surblis12-10.00St. Matthew
8.7Bryce Riggembach12-09.00St. Sebastian
9.7Jacob Wagner12-08.00Seton Catholic
10.7Luke Carlson12-06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
11.7Jerry Reeves12-01.00St. Sebastian
12.7Izaak Whisler10-10.00St. Ambrose
13.5Quamane Harris9-04.00Emmanuel Christian A...
14.5Andrew Kramer8-00.00St. Ambrose
X Triple Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.6Michael Walko7-01.00St Barnabas
2.5Alexander Baumgartner6-11.00St. Francis Xavier
3.-Bryce Thompson6-09.00St. Francis Xavier
4.6Tom Supan6-06.00St. Francis Xavier
5.-Nick Evans6-04.00St. Francis Xavier
6.6Jimmy Bowling6-03.00Holy Family-Stow
7.5Anthony Periandri6-00.00St. Francis Xavier
7.5Jack Barnes6-00.00Seton Catholic
9.5Owen Porpora5-10.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
10.5Matthew Volpe5-09.00Holy Family-Stow
11.6Noah Koehler5-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
12.5Sam Hanna5-06.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
13.5Sam Volk5-04.00Holy Family-Stow

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Jenna Otterman13.96St. Matthew
2.6Isabella Stanziano14.30St. Francis Xavier
3.4Tilesha Dukes14.52Emmanuel Christian A...
4.6Megan Hissong14.74St. Hilary
5.6Carley Spencer14.81Holy Family-Stow
6.6Isabelle Horning14.87St. Hilary
7.5Taylor Getz14.90Immaculate Heart of ...
8.6Marissa Kastelic15.72St. Sebastian
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Isabelle Penna13.40Immaculate Heart of ...
2.7Emily Kuder13.90Immaculate Heart of ...
3.7Meredith Grenci13.96Seton Catholic
4.-Connie Agner14.02St. Francis Xavier
5.7Mia Giannantonio14.06St. Ambrose
6.7Madeleine Peck14.09St. Patrick
7.7Megan Johnson14.40Seton Catholic
--7Lydia FlanneryNTSt. Patrick
X 100 Meters - Cadet - Prelims
1.6Jenna Otterman13.52St. Matthew
2.6Isabella Stanziano14.19St. Francis Xavier
3.6Megan Hissong14.44St. Hilary
4.6Carley Spencer14.53Holy Family-Stow
5.4Tilesha Dukes14.58Emmanuel Christian A...
6.5Taylor Getz14.62Immaculate Heart of ...
7.6Isabelle Horning14.72St. Hilary
8.5Abby Winkler15.25Sacred Heart of Jesus
9.6Marissa Kastelic15.28St. Sebastian
10.6SaraJo Stokes15.30Jeep Davis
11.5Gabriella Maihofer15.35St. Ambrose
11.5Katherine McRaven15.35Holy Family-Stow
13.6Mikayla Foster15.51Immaculate Heart of ...
14.4Natalie Tobin15.59St. Sebastian
15.6Eryn Haas15.63Holy Family-Stow
16.6Gina Villanti15.72Seton Catholic
17.5Amanda Apel15.81Holy Family-Stow
18.6Nita Reddy15.97Seton Catholic
19.6Avery Bryant16.59Sacred Heart of Jesus
20.5Mallorie Rohrbach16.81St. Francis Xavier
21.5Kyasia Williams17.10Emmanuel Christian A...
22.6Anna Fields17.69Spring Garden
23.6Amanda Novak18.49St Barnabas
24.6Kennedy Horrigan18.52St. Sebastian
25.6Kristen Zima18.56St. Ambrose
26.4Katie Reeves18.65St. Sebastian
--6Ellie EdwardsNTSpring Garden
--5Elaina MendiolaNTSt Vincent Elementary
--6Alexa BallingerNTJeep Davis
X 100 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.7Isabelle Penna13.34Immaculate Heart of ...
2.-Connie Agner13.78St. Francis Xavier
2.7Mia Giannantonio13.78St. Ambrose
4.7Emily Kuder13.96Immaculate Heart of ...
5.7Meredith Grenci14.17Seton Catholic
6.7Madeleine Peck14.24St. Patrick
7.7Lydia Flannery14.58St. Patrick
8.7Megan Johnson14.62Seton Catholic
9.-Kallie Hodgkiss14.81St. Francis Xavier
10.7Jordan Herrmann14.87St. Ambrose
11.7Maria Mealy15.21St. Matthew
12.7Lauren Johenning15.62Sacred Heart of Jesus
13.7Alexandria Oliverio15.93Sacred Heart of Jesus
14.7Eileen Piernik16.85St. Francis Xavier
15.7Logan Kiesling22.43Immaculate Heart of ...
--7Jenna WrightNTSt. Francis Xavier
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Jenna Otterman29.40St. Matthew
2.6Isabella Stanziano30.15St. Francis Xavier
3.5Taylor Getz31.37Immaculate Heart of ...
4.6Katelyn McDowell31.55Holy Family-Stow
5.4Quincy Powers31.81St. Matthew
6.5Gianna Maihofer31.99St. Ambrose
7.6Lexie Spring32.15St. Sebastian
8.6Alaina Ricciardi32.18St. Ambrose
9.6Carley Spencer32.31Holy Family-Stow
10.5Abby Winkler33.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
11.5Taylor McCants33.06Emmanuel Christian A...
12.6Mikayla Foster33.56Immaculate Heart of ...
13.6Madison Stubbendieck33.81St. Francis Xavier
14.5Daria Reimund33.96St. Sebastian
15.6Avery Bryant33.97Sacred Heart of Jesus
16.5Taylor Steele35.18Emmanuel Christian A...
17.6Amanda Novak35.47St Barnabas
18.6Leah Iacobucci36.56St Barnabas
19.5Maggie Corl36.94Seton Catholic
20.5Catherine Hord38.93Seton Catholic
21.6Kennedy Horrigan39.36St. Sebastian
22.4Katie Reeves42.68St. Sebastian
23.5Katherine McRaven45.00Holy Family-Stow
--5Emily FlowerNTHoly Family-Stow
--6Anna FieldsNTSpring Garden
--5Elaina MendiolaNTSt Vincent Elementary
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Isabelle Penna28.56Immaculate Heart of ...
2.7Mia Giannantonio29.53St. Ambrose
3.7Emily Kuder29.60Immaculate Heart of ...
3.-Connie Agner29.60St. Francis Xavier
5.7Meredith Grenci30.12Seton Catholic
6.7Madeleine Peck30.14St. Patrick
7.7Lydia Flannery31.01St. Patrick
8.7Kathryn Cassidy31.24St. Francis Xavier
9.7Kayla Jancewicz31.88St. Ambrose
10.-Michaela McVicker32.01St. Francis Xavier
11.7Maria Mealy32.66St. Matthew
12.7Haley Carr32.70Spring Garden
13.7Brooke Balash33.47Seton Catholic
14.7Rachael Ryan33.97Sacred Heart of Jesus
15.7Eileen Piernik34.09St. Francis Xavier
16.7Lauren Johenning36.40Sacred Heart of Jesus
17.7Willow Campbell38.21Spring Garden
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Molly Chelovitz1:06.18St. Hilary
2.6Isabelle Horning1:08.34St. Hilary
3.5Isabel Grenci1:10.02Seton Catholic
4.5Taylor Getz1:10.90Immaculate Heart of ...
5.6Emily Wisniewski1:11.56Holy Family-Stow
6.6Alexa Ray1:11.90Our Lady of the Elms
9.6Katelyn McDowell1:14.90Holy Family-Stow
10.6Morgan Ciccotelli1:16.62Our Lady of the Elms
11.5Maggie Corl1:18.80Seton Catholic
12.5Katherine McRaven1:18.81Holy Family-Stow
13.5Madison Bohacek1:19.18St Barnabas
14.6Julia Ham1:20.56St. Ambrose
15.5Taylor McCants1:21.34Emmanuel Christian A...
16.5Daria Reimund1:22.40St. Sebastian
17.6Alena Miskinis1:22.66Spring Garden
18.6Sam Wilson1:23.22St. Ambrose
19.4Audrey Ruscak1:26.72St. Sebastian
20.4Katie Reeves1:31.44St. Sebastian
--6Kelsey McDowellNTImmaculate Heart of ...
--5Alexandra KendelNTSt. Francis Xavier
7.4Caliegh Gorcuff1:13.40St. Sebastian
8.4Tilesha Dukes1:14.40Emmanuel Christian A...
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Rayna McLean1:07.12Seton Catholic
2.7Meredith Grenci1:07.96Seton Catholic
3.7Hanna Gresser1:09.74St. Hilary
4.-Michaela McVicker1:12.34St. Francis Xavier
5.-Kallie Hodgkiss1:13.09St. Francis Xavier
6.7Kathryn Cassidy1:14.59St. Francis Xavier
7.7Jordan Herrmann1:14.81St. Ambrose
8.7Lydia Hallett1:17.59St. Hilary
8.7Malyka Musso1:17.59Immaculate Heart of ...
10.7Brionna Costanzo1:20.50St. Ambrose
11.7Rachael Ryan1:22.41Sacred Heart of Jesus
12.7Grace Hirsch1:27.31Sacred Heart of Jesus
13.7Jodyn Obney1:32.12Immaculate Heart of ...
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Megan Hissong2:47.91St. Hilary
2.6Alexya Patz2:56.06St Barnabas
3.6Abby Cancian2:57.44St. Ambrose
4.5Taylor Steele2:57.82Emmanuel Christian A...
5.6Jenna Kupcik3:01.62St. Francis Xavier
6.6Kailey Maroni3:04.69St. Patrick
7.6Maria White3:06.00Holy Family-Stow
8.5Zoe Zelch3:06.35Our Lady of the Elms
9.5Caroline Ricard3:09.22Seton Catholic
10.5Mary Farinacci3:09.68St Barnabas
11.5Nina Zraik3:10.00St. Matthew
12.4Natalie Tobin3:11.88St. Sebastian
13.4Rachel Grumbach3:16.37St. Francis Xavier
14.4Caliegh Gorcuff3:18.15St. Sebastian
15.5Erin Kipp3:21.88Seton Catholic
16.5Olivia Porpora3:29.03Sacred Heart of Jesus
17.5Madalyn Rusinoff3:38.85Holy Family-Stow
--5Faith BrennanNTHoly Family-Stow
--5Sydnie JenkoNTSt. Ambrose
--6Allisen HansenNTSpring Garden
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Emma Hecky2:58.41Spring Garden
2.7Rayna McLean3:01.84Seton Catholic
3.7Alexandria Oliverio3:07.91Sacred Heart of Jesus
4.7Claire Willet3:28.56Immaculate Heart of ...
--7Magdalana WallaceNTSt. Francis Xavier
--7Amanda RinaldiNTSt. Matthew
--7Mia BradyNTSt. Hilary
--7Mary Grace CorriganNTSeton Catholic
X 1600 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.6Katherine Camper6:01.00St. Ambrose
2.6Bryanna Renuart6:07.00St. Hilary
3.5Abby Wickerham6:22.70Seton Catholic
4.5Mackenzie Cassiday6:30.00Holy Family-Stow
5.5Nina Zraik6:36.00St. Matthew
6.5Zoe Zelch6:36.10Our Lady of the Elms
7.6Kailey Maroni6:37.80St. Patrick
8.6Maria White6:42.00Holy Family-Stow
9.4Audrey Ruscak6:50.00St. Sebastian
10.5Savanna Ansley6:53.50Holy Family-Stow
11.5Sophia Ricard7:08.00Seton Catholic
12.5Daria Reimund7:09.00St. Sebastian
13.5Olivia Porpora7:15.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
14.5Maria Antonius7:44.00St. Ambrose
15.6Sara Hauck7:53.30Holy Family-Stow
X 1600 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.7Grace Reichard6:26.00Seton Catholic
2.7Claire Willet8:27.00Immaculate Heart of ...
--7Mia BradyNTSt. Hilary
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Cadet - Finals
1.6Jenna Otterman32.47St. Matthew
2.6Alexa Ray36.06Our Lady of the Elms
3.6Lexie Spring37.18St. Sebastian
3.6Helena Krejsa37.18St. Sebastian
5.6Jenna Kupcik38.74St. Francis Xavier
6.6Kaity Womack41.78Holy Family-Stow
7.5Catherine Hord45.54Seton Catholic
--6Ellie EdwardsNTSpring Garden
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
1.7Hanna Gresser32.84St. Hilary
2.7Nichole Charnigo33.69St. Francis Xavier
3.7Jamie Piglia34.79Immaculate Heart of ...
4.-Michaela McVicker35.16St. Francis Xavier
5.7Alexandra Harris35.57Spring Garden
6.7Kathryn Cassidy36.06St. Francis Xavier
7.7Mary Grace Corrigan36.20Seton Catholic
8.7Lydia Hallett36.94St. Hilary
X 4x100 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Tilesha Dukes
Taylor Steele
Taylor McCants
Kyasia Williams
1:02.58Emmanuel Christian A...
2.-Jillian Catalano
Emily Hershberger
Danielle Severns
Quincy Powers
1:02.64St. Matthew
3.-Amanda Brown
Lauren Keyser
Eryn Haas
Carley Spencer
1:03.62Holy Family-Stow
4.-Katie Bachmann
Madison Stubbendieck
Hannah Bessmer
Mallorie Rohrbach
1:03.78St. Francis Xavier
5.-Lexie Spring
Natalie Tobin
Marissa Kastelic
Helena Krejsa
1:03.88St. Sebastian
6.-Mary Farinacci
Madison Bohacek
Leah Iacobucci
Alexya Patz
1:04.75St Barnabas
7.-Audrey Konopka
Nita Reddy
Isabel Grenci
Gina Villanti
1:04.96Seton Catholic
8.-Alaina Ricciardi
Katherine Camper
Abby Cancian
Kristen Zima
1:05.24St. Ambrose
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Isabelle Penna
Emily Kuder
Malyka Musso
Jamie Piglia
57.71Immaculate Heart of ...
2.-Relay Team 58.80St. Ambrose
3.-Sydney Dalrick
Zanna Leciejewski
Brooke Balash
Megan Johnson
1:03.40Seton Catholic
4.-Haley Carr
Emma Hecky
Willow Campbell
Alexandra Harris
1:07.84Spring Garden
5.-Relay Team 1:08.18Holy Family-Stow
X 4x200 Relay - Cadet - Finals
1.-Megan Hissong
Isabelle Horning
Molly Chelovitz
Bryanna Renuart
2:13.18St. Hilary
2.-Katie Bachmann
Jenna Kupcik
Madison Stubbendieck
Mallorie Rohrbach
2:15.46St. Francis Xavier
3.-Jillian Catalano
Emily Hershberger
Danielle Severns
Quincy Powers
2:21.09St. Matthew
4.-Claire Penney
Amanda Brown
Leanora Wilson
Lauren Keyser
2:27.59Holy Family-Stow
5.-Gina Villanti
Abby Wickerham
Audrey Konopka
Isabel Grenci
2:28.30Seton Catholic
6.-Julia Ham
Gabriella Maihofer
Olivia Nigro
Gianna Maihofer
2:31.84St. Ambrose
7.-Elaina Balit
Mikayla Foster
Kelsey McDowell
Morgan Pulling
2:33.52Immaculate Heart of ...
8.-Relay Team 2:35.93Holy Family-Stow
9.-Marissa Kastelic
Kennedy Horrigan
Audrey Ruscak
Caliegh Gorcuff
2:37.12St. Sebastian
---Anna Fields
Allisen Hansen
Alena Miskinis
Ellie Edwards
NTSpring Garden
X 4x400 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Sydney Dalrick
Megan Johnson
Rachel Croyle
Brooke Balash
5:43.70Seton Catholic
2.-Jillian Helmick
Malyka Musso
Claire Willet
Jodyn Obney
6:54.30Immaculate Heart of ...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
1.6Claire Penney25-00.00Holy Family-Stow
2.6Nita Reddy24-08.00Seton Catholic
3.6Leanora Wilson24-01.00Holy Family-Stow
4.6Katie Guist22-03.50Jeep Davis
5.5Molly Main20-08.00St. Ambrose
6.6Alaina Ricciardi17-03.50St. Ambrose
7.6Abbey O'Mara17-02.00St. Francis Xavier
8.6Morgan Ciccotelli16-05.00Our Lady of the Elms
9.6Madison Stubbendieck16-01.00St. Francis Xavier
10.6Elaina Balit15-01.00Immaculate Heart of ...
10.5Kyasia Williams15-01.00Emmanuel Christian A...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
1.7Jamie Piglia27-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
2.7Brionna Costanzo24-03.00St. Ambrose
3.7Jillian Helmick23-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
4.7Emma Hecky20-08.00Spring Garden
5.7Colleen McKeon20-02.00Seton Catholic
6.7Zanna Leciejewski14-09.00Seton Catholic
7.7Logan Kiesling10-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
1.7Jillian Helmick53-08Immaculate Heart of ...
2.7Colleen McKeon42-10Seton Catholic
3.7Grace Hirsch42-09Sacred Heart of Jesus
4.7Jodyn Obney34-04Immaculate Heart of ...
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.6Kaity Womack3-10.00Holy Family-Stow
2.6Claire Penney3-08.00Holy Family-Stow
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
1.7Nichole Charnigo4-09.00St. Francis Xavier
2.7Alexandra Harris4-06.00Spring Garden
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.6Kailey Maroni11-11.00St. Patrick
2.5Morgan Pulling11-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
3.6Helena Krejsa11-01.00St. Sebastian
4.6Alexa Ray10-11.00Our Lady of the Elms
5.5Abby Winkler10-04.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
5.4Rachel Grumbach10-04.00St. Francis Xavier
5.6SaraJo Stokes10-04.00Jeep Davis
8.5Mary Farinacci10-01.50St Barnabas
9.6Allisen Hansen9-11.50Spring Garden
10.6Abby Cancian9-10.50St. Ambrose
11.5Gianna Maihofer9-09.75St. Ambrose
12.6Amanda Brown9-07.00Holy Family-Stow
13.6Leah Iacobucci9-06.00St Barnabas
14.6Avery Bryant9-05.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
15.6Abbey O'Mara9-02.00St. Francis Xavier
16.5Audrey Konopka8-06.00Seton Catholic
17.5Sophia Ricard8-05.00Seton Catholic
18.6Katelyn McDowell7-11.00Holy Family-Stow
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
1.7Alexandria Oliverio12-07.50Sacred Heart of Jesus
2.7Kayla Jancewicz11-11.00St. Ambrose
3.-Connie Agner11-09.50St. Francis Xavier
4.-Kallie Hodgkiss11-08.50St. Francis Xavier
5.7Hanna Gresser11-05.00St. Hilary
6.7Mary Grace Corrigan11-00.00Seton Catholic
7.7Maria Mealy10-11.00St. Matthew
8.7Eileen Piernik10-02.00St. Francis Xavier
9.7Rachael Ryan9-00.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
X Standing Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.6SaraJo Stokes7-01.00Jeep Davis
5.4Emily Hershberger6-04.00St. Matthew
5.5Katie Bachmann6-04.00St. Francis Xavier
5.6Eryn Haas6-04.00Holy Family-Stow
2.5Madison Bohacek6.33St Barnabas
2.5Morgan Pulling6.33Immaculate Heart of ...
2.5Nina Zraik6.33St. Matthew
8.6Amanda Novak6-00.00St Barnabas
9.6Elaina Balit5-11.00Immaculate Heart of ...
9.6Sam Wilson5-11.00St. Ambrose
11.5Abby Wickerham5-10.00Seton Catholic
12.5Maria Antonius5-06.00St. Ambrose
12.5Zoe Zelch5-06.00Our Lady of the Elms
14.5Olivia Porpora5-05.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
14.5Erin Kipp5-05.00Seton Catholic
16.6Morgan Ciccotelli5-00.00Our Lady of the Elms
X Standing Long Jump - Youth - Finals
1.7Nichole Charnigo7-03.00St. Francis Xavier
2.7Lauren Johenning5-05.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
2.7Grace Hirsch5-05.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
4.7Zanna Leciejewski4-09.00Seton Catholic
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