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Pipestone Jr. High Meet

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paulsen field, Pipestone

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.9Braden Ellingson12.74aHills Beaver Creek      
2.9Nick Hoogeveen12.94aHills Beaver Creek      
3.9Andrew Foreman13.54aMurray County Central      
1.8Luis Martinez13.98aPipestone Area      
4.9Marques Brinks14.09aMurray County Central      
1.7Justin Kooiman14.13aPipestone Area      
2.7Isaiah Vis14.34aHills Beaver Creek      
3.7Dakota ThunderHawk14.56aMurray County Central      
2.8Dustin Olsen14.78aPipestone Area      
5.9Dakota Hensley15.08aMurray County Central      
4.7Patrick Platt15.16aMurray County Central      
3.7Trenton Kracht15.63aHills Beaver Creek      
5.7Brett Baerenwald15.76aPipestone Area      
6.7Aaron Garms17.24aAdrian      
X 200 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Kaleb Groeneweg28.38aPipestone Area      
1.9Marques Brinks28.69aMurray County Central      
2.8Jack Erickson28.74aMurray County Central      
1.7Will Cooper28.92aPipestone Area      
3.8Nathan Beech30.14aMurray County Central      
4.8Dustin Olsen30.62aPipestone Area      
2.9Jacob Boerboom30.94aMurray County Central      
3.9Dakota Hensley31.22aMurray County Central      
2.7Mason Whitehead31.92aMurray County Central      
3.7Dayton Schultz32.50aMurray County Central      
4.7Aaron Garms36.48aAdrian      
5.7Wyatt VandenBosch36.88aMurray County Central      
X 400 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.9Andrew Foreman1:00.95aMurray County Central      
2.9Taylor Johns1:01.06aMurray County Central      
3.9Jovany Trujillo1:02.38aMurray County Central      
1.8Kaleb Groeneweg1:03.43aPipestone Area      
1.7Lucas Griebel1:03.61aPipestone Area      
2.7Dakota ThunderHawk1:05.11aMurray County Central      
2.8Caleb Tinklenberg1:07.67aPipestone Area      
3.7Patrick Platt1:08.23aMurray County Central      
4.7Noah Slettum1:12.56aMurray County Central      
3.8Cooper Vaughn1:12.83aHills Beaver Creek      
X 800 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.9Dalton Keeler2:37.71aMurray County Central      
1.8Nathan Beech2:39.79aMurray County Central      
2.8D'Andre Brandt2:41.44aPipestone Area      
3.8Cooper Vaughn2:48.15aHills Beaver Creek      
2.9Michael Christoffels2:50.81aMurray County Central      
3.9Jacob Boerboom2:52.21aMurray County Central      
1.7Matthew Kennedy2:56.22aPipestone Area      
2.7Jed Burgers3:01.15aHills Beaver Creek      
3.7Wyatt VandenBosch3:08.58aMurray County Central      
X 1600 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.9Jovany Trujillo5:22.03aMurray County Central      
1.8Jack Erickson5:27.79aMurray County Central      
1.7Lucas Griebel5:28.44aPipestone Area      
2.8D'Andre Brandt5:30.52aPipestone Area      
3.8Nathan Beech6:01.05aMurray County Central      
2.7Dayton Schultz6:04.49aMurray County Central      
2.9Jacob Boerboom6:05.92aMurray County Central      
3.7John Sweetman6:08.08aMurray County Central      
4.7Matthew Kennedy6:10.05aPipestone Area      
3.9Michael Christoffels6:10.24aMurray County Central      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior High - Finals
1.9Taylor Johns19.09aMurray County Central      
2.9Dalton Keeler19.39aMurray County Central      
1.7Justin Kooiman20.06aPipestone Area      
2.7Will Cooper20.11aPipestone Area      
3.7Noah Slettum21.34aMurray County Central      
4.7Mason Whitehead21.75aMurray County Central      
5.7Zach Scholten21.82aHills Beaver Creek      
6.7John Sweetman23.73aMurray County Central      
7.7Aaron Garms24.31aAdrian      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior High - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.94aHills Beaver Creek      
2.-Relay Team 59.13aMurray County Central      
1.-Relay Team 1:01.66aHills Beaver Creek      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior High - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:48.62aHills Beaver Creek      
2.-Relay Team 1:51.87aMurray County Central      
1.-Relay Team 1:58.23aPipestone Area      
1.-Relay Team 1:58.76aPipestone Area      
2.-Relay Team 2:09.27aMurray County Central      
3.-Relay Team 2:12.47aHills Beaver Creek      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior High - Finals
1.8Cole Maly40-10.00Pipestone Area      
1.9Noah Holthaus37-09.00Hills Beaver Creek      
2.8Willie Bryant37-02.00Pipestone Area      
2.9Nick Dahlhoff31-07.00Murray County Central      
3.9Bryce Gertsema28-06.00Murray County Central      
1.7Sy Stangeland28-03.00Pipestone Area      
2.7Mason Whitehead25-07.00Murray County Central      
3.7Trenton Kracht24-07.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.7Logan Leuthold23-01.00Hills Beaver Creek      
4.7Wyatt VandenBosch19-10.00Murray County Central      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior High - Finals
1.9Noah Holthaus104-01Hills Beaver Creek      
2.9Bryce Gertsema101-00Murray County Central      
1.8Willie Bryant95-04Pipestone Area      
2.8Cole Maly95-02Pipestone Area      
1.7Sy Stangeland90-05Pipestone Area      
3.9Nick Dahlhoff81-11Murray County Central      
2.7Mason Whitehead76-08Murray County Central      
3.7Trenton Kracht58-02Hills Beaver Creek      
3.7Wyatt VandenBosch57-02Murray County Central      
4.7Salvador Cid51-03Pipestone Area      
X High Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.9Carey Taubert5-00.00Hills Beaver Creek      
1.7Noah Slettum4-06.00Murray County Central      
2.9Jovany Trujillo4-06.00Murray County Central      
2.7Zach Scholten4-04.00Hills Beaver Creek      
7Justin KooimanDNSPipestone Area      
X Long Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.9Andrew Foreman16-01.00Murray County Central      
1.8Jack Erickson14-06.00Murray County Central      
2.9Dalton Keeler14-06.00Murray County Central      
2.8Brendon Uilk14-05.00Pipestone Area      
3.8Nathan Beech14-02.00Murray County Central      
4.8Dustin Olsen13-05.00Pipestone Area      
5.8Cooper Vaughn12-04.00Hills Beaver Creek      
1.7Brett Baerenwald12-02.00Pipestone Area      
2.7Salvador Cid9-08.00Pipestone Area      
X Triple Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.9Braden Ellingson35-10.00Hills Beaver Creek      
2.9Carey Taubert33-07.00Hills Beaver Creek      
1.8Luis Martinez31-04.00Pipestone Area      
2.8Caleb Tinklenberg29-11.00Pipestone Area      
3.9Taylor Johns29-06.00Murray County Central      
3.8Kaleb Groeneweg29-03.00Pipestone Area      
1.7Isaiah Vis28-07.00Hills Beaver Creek      
2.7Patrick Platt27-04.00Murray County Central      
4.8Cooper Vaughn26-09.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.7John Sweetman25-11.00Murray County Central      
4.7Jed Burgers25-07.00Hills Beaver Creek      
5.7Dayton Schultz20-03.00Murray County Central      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.9Sierra Van Iperen14.62aMurray County Central      
2.9Malaya Saenlounagraj14.63aPipestone Area      
1.8Lexi Carstensen15.03aPipestone Area      
1.7Natasha Thone15.22aHills Beaver Creek      
2.8Ashlyn Gaul15.25aPipestone Area      
3.9Tori Bork15.28aHills Beaver Creek      
2.7Lexus Diaz15.59aPipestone Area      
3.7Brittney Loonan15.88aAdrian      
4.7Izabelle Bakker16.43aMurray County Central      
5.7Jennifer Konz17.52aAdrian      
6.7Briana Loonan17.59aAdrian      
7.-Brianne Meison18.62aHills Beaver Creek      
8.7Taylor Heidebrink19.01aAdrian      
9.7Ashley Schnoor20.34aAdrian      
X 200 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.9Sierra Van Iperen29.55aMurray County Central      
2.9Malaya Senlouangraj29.92aPipestone Area      
1.8Lydia Homandberg30.04aMurray County Central      
1.7Averi Pankonen30.12aMurray County Central      
2.7Haley Leuthold30.49aHills Beaver Creek      
2.8Linnea York31.17aMurray County Central      
3.8Shantelle Des Marais31.70aPipestone Area      
3.7Natasha Thone32.32aHills Beaver Creek      
4.8Harielle Hermia32.32aMurray County Central      
5.8Ashlyn Gaul32.50aPipestone Area      
4.7Ashley Esselink32.52aHills Beaver Creek      
5.7Brittney Loonan33.12aAdrian      
6.7Izabelle Bakker33.70aMurray County Central      
7.7Lexus Diaz33.79aPipestone Area      
8.7Kayla Bass34.26aMurray County Central      
9.7Briana Loonan36.69aAdrian      
10.7Jennifer Konz37.67aAdrian      
11.7Taylor Heidebrink43.69aAdrian      
12.7Ashley Schnoor44.66aAdrian      
X 400 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Claire Femrite1:04.70aPipestone Area      
1.9Brianna Rieck1:08.31aPipestone Area      
2.8Shantelle Des Marais1:12.55aPipestone Area      
1.7Brittney Loonan1:15.84aAdrian      
2.7Ciarra Schmidt1:17.82aMurray County Central      
3.7Nicole Thovson1:19.86aMurray County Central      
4.7Ashley Lassen1:21.98aMurray County Central      
X 800 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Linnea York2:41.67aMurray County Central      
1.7Averi Pankonen2:45.08aMurray County Central      
2.8Klara Perkins2:51.78aPipestone Area      
1.9Amanda Kooiker2:57.29aPipestone Area      
3.8Morgan Hazelton2:58.26aPipestone Area      
2.7Livia Wallace2:59.63aPipestone Area      
4.8Shantelle Des Marais3:00.46aPipestone Area      
3.7Ciarra Schmidt3:06.73aMurray County Central      
4.7lissette Garza3:07.08aMurray County Central      
2.9Lauren Jones3:12.65aPipestone Area      
X 1600 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Morgan Hazelton6:11.95aPipestone Area      
2.8Klara Perkins6:12.48aPipestone Area      
1.7Livia Wallace6:18.75aPipestone Area      
2.7lissette Garza6:31.90aMurray County Central      
1.9Heidi Bau6:52.74aMurray County Central      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior High - Finals
1.8Lydia Homandberg17.82aMurray County Central      
1.9Marissa Harsma19.21aHills Beaver Creek      
2.8Lexi Carstensen19.27aPipestone Area      
1.9Marissa Harsma19.78aHills Beaver Creek      
3.-Michaiah Leuthje22.35aHills Beaver Creek      
4.8Tessa Klarenbeek22.68aHills Beaver Creek      
2.7Kayla Bass23.11aMurray County Central      
3.-Brianne Meison27.15aHills Beaver Creek      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior High - Finals
1.-Relay Team 59.58aMurray County Central      
1.-Relay Team 59.93aMurray County Central      
2.-Relay Team 1:00.91aHills Beaver Creek      
2.-Relay Team 1:01.36aHills Beaver Creek      
1.-Relay Team 1:03.60aMurray County Central      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior High - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:06.43aPipestone Area      
1.-Relay Team 2:08.26aHills Beaver Creek      
2.-Relay Team 2:12.91aHills Beaver Creek      
1.-Relay Team 2:19.81aMurray County Central      
-Relay Team DQPipestone Area      
-Relay Team DQHills Beaver Creek      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior High - Finals
1.9Marissa Kracht25-10.00Hills Beaver Creek      
2.9Morgan Behrends25-03.00Murray County Central      
3.9Sam Steffen25-01.00Pipestone Area      
1.8Alexis Tulio23-08.00Pipestone Area      
1.7Lexus Diaz20-02.00Pipestone Area      
2.8Harielle Hermia19-10.00Murray County Central      
2.7Jasmine Lingen19-08.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.7Mekayla Kolbrek19-07.00Hills Beaver Creek      
4.7Ashley Schnoor19-00.00Adrian      
3.8Brenna Bonnstetter18-08.00Murray County Central      
4.8Allison Carlson18-04.00Murray County Central      
5.7Jennifer Konz18-03.00Adrian      
6.7Haley Leuthold16-02.00Hills Beaver Creek      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior High - Finals
1.9Morgan Behrends85-06Murray County Central      
2.9Marissa Kracht74-07Hills Beaver Creek      
3.9Sam Steffen71-02Pipestone Area      
1.8Alexis Tulio61-08Pipestone Area      
2.8Allison Carlson58-05Murray County Central      
3.8Harielle Hermia56-04Murray County Central      
1.7Mekayla Kolbrek55-06Hills Beaver Creek      
2.7Ashley Schnoor52-05Adrian      
3.7Lexus Diaz52-01Pipestone Area      
4.8Brenna Bonnstetter44-05Murray County Central      
4.7Jasmine Lingen41-08Hills Beaver Creek      
5.7Jennifer Konz41-04Adrian      
X High Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.7Avery Van Roekel4-04.00Hills Beaver Creek      
2.7Haley Leuthold4-02.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.7Jade Gallaher4-00.00Hills Beaver Creek      
1.9Marissa Kracht3-10.00Hills Beaver Creek      
X Long Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.9Sierra Van Iperen13-05.00Murray County Central      
1.7Nicole Thovson13-02.50Murray County Central      
1.8Lexi Carstensen12-07.00Pipestone Area      
2.8Linnea York12-07.00Murray County Central      
2.9Tori Bork12-05.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.8Victoria Kiers12-05.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.9Brianna Rieck12-03.50Pipestone Area      
2.7Averi Pankonen12-03.00Murray County Central      
4.8Shantelle Des Marais12-00.00Pipestone Area      
4.9Marissa Harsma11-05.00Hills Beaver Creek      
3.7Natasha Thone11-02.00Hills Beaver Creek      
4.7Brittney Loonan10-10.00Adrian      
5.8Tessa Klarenbeek10-10.00Hills Beaver Creek      
5.7Kayla Bass10-00.00Murray County Central      
6.-Michaiah Leuthje9-11.50Hills Beaver Creek      
6.-Brianne Meison8-10.00Hills Beaver Creek      
X Triple Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.8Lydia Homandberg27-03.00Murray County Central      
1.9Lauren Jones25-03.00Pipestone Area      
2.8Thea Richards25-01.50Hills Beaver Creek      
2.9Amanda Kooiker24-08.00Pipestone Area      
3.9Heidi Bau24-04.00Murray County Central      
1.7lissette Garza23-05.00Murray County Central      
2.7Ashley Esselink23-04.00Hills Beaver Creek      
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