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100 Meters  midget - Finals

11-12Brian Melloy15.4BP Striders

100 Meters  youth - Finals

1.13-14Willie Broxton12.7BP Striders
2.13-14Perris Jones13.0BP Striders

100 Meters  youth - Prelims

13-14Willie Broxton12.4BP Striders

200 Meters  midget - Finals

11-12Cade Fischer32.2BP Striders
11-12Will LaGrandeur44.6BP Striders

200 Meters  youth - Finals

1.13-14Willie Broxton25.4BP Striders
2.13-14Perris Jones26.8BP Striders
13-14Anthony Rivera30.4BP Striders

400 Meters  bantam - Finals

2.9-10Jordan Ziegler88.3BP Striders
9-10Drew Smith92.0BP Striders

400 Meters  midget - Finals

11-12Brian Melloy74.2BP Striders

800 Meters  midget - Finals

1.11-12Dylan Miller2:44.7BP Striders
2.11-12Cade Fischer2:46.4BP Striders
11-12Ethan Anderson2:57.6BP Striders

1600 Meters  youth - Finals

2.13-14Cody Barnett6:05.3BP Striders

4x100 Relay  bantam - Finals

1.-Cade Fischer
Ethan Anderson
Dylan Miller
Dominique Name
62.8BP Striders

Standing Long Jump  youth - Finals

2.13-14Ben Hodson7'7BP Striders

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50 Meter Dash  bantam - Finals

9-10Emma Brown9.3BP Striders

100 Meters  bantam - Finals

2.9-10Maleka McDuff16.7BP Striders
9-10Emma Brown18.9BP Striders

100 Meters  youth - Finals

1.13-14Ibelema Stahmer13.5BP Striders

200 Meters  bantam - Finals

9-10Alena Lewis40.0BP Striders

200 Meters  youth - Finals

1.13-14Ibelema Stahmer28.2BP Striders

400 Meters  bantam - Finals

9-10Grace Playstead87.0BP Striders
9-10Maleka McDuff89.6BP Striders
9-10Alena Lewis93.1BP Striders

400 Meters  midget - Finals

11-12Katie Fish78.6BP Striders
11-12Kendra Jones78.6BP Striders

800 Meters  midget - Finals

2.11-12Kendra Jones3:00.7BP Striders

Standing Long Jump  bantam - Finals

2.9-10Maleka McDuff5'3BP Striders


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