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Mountain West Conference Indoor T&F Champs

Saturday, February 28, 2004

USAF Academy, Colorado Springs

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California - NCAA
San Diego State
Nevada - NCAA
Nevada-Las Vegas
New Mexico - NCAA
New Mexico
Utah - NCAA
Wyoming - NCAA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrJohn Woods6.69aColorado State
2.FrDwight Neptune6.85aWyoming
3.SrNick Bromberek6.86aAir Force
4.SoNathan Soelberg6.89aBYU
5.SoPaul Smith6.89aBYU
6.SrChris Garafola6.95aNew Mexico
7.FrDenny Majerus6.99aColorado State
8.FrAdam Kelly7.03aWyoming
X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrJohn Woods6.69aColorado State
2.SrChris Garafola6.90aNew Mexico
3.SoNathan Soelberg6.92aBYU
4.SrNick Bromberek6.92aAir Force
5.FrDwight Neptune6.93aWyoming
6.SoPaul Smith6.96aBYU
7.FrDenny Majerus7.00aColorado State
8.FrAdam Kelly7.02aWyoming
9.JrBret Zowada7.12aWyoming
10.SoMike Horton7.12aColorado State
11.FrGabe Trujillo7.16aNew Mexico
--FrJeramie WhiteFSNew Mexico
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrJohn Woods21.16aColorado State
2.SoPaul Smith21.53aBYU
3.SrChris Garafola21.54aNew Mexico
4.SrNick Bromberek21.70aAir Force
5.SoBenjamin Gardner21.85aBYU
6.SrMatthew Rowe22.00aBYU
7.FrRodnee Pope22.39aColorado State
8.JrDavid Chesser22.44aBYU
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrJohn Woods21.21aColorado State
2.SrChris Garafola21.70aNew Mexico
3.SoBenjamin Gardner21.71aBYU
4.FrRodnee Pope21.71aColorado State
5.SoPaul Smith21.77aBYU
6.SrNick Bromberek21.83aAir Force
7.SrMatthew Rowe21.87aBYU
8.JrDavid Chesser21.93aBYU
9.JrBrandon Kent22.01aColorado State
10.FrDenny Majerus22.02aColorado State
11.SoRobert Harris22.16aWyoming
12.FrJeramie White22.59aNew Mexico
13.FrAdam Kelly22.60aWyoming
14.FrAndrew Fresques23.24aUtah
15.FrRob Stark24.53aUtah
16.FrDustin Cutrer24.61aUtah
--FrDwight NeptuneDQWyoming
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMatthew Rowe48.07aBYU
2.JrBrandon Kent48.23aColorado State
3.SoJustin Hazzard48.28aColorado State
4.SrGreg Flint48.38aBYU
5.SrSean Temple48.70aAir Force
6.JrDavid Chesser48.93aBYU
7.SoTroy Jensen48.99aAir Force
8.FrDominic Baysinger50.29aWyoming
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrMatthew Rowe48.29aBYU
2.JrDavid Chesser48.42aBYU
3.SrGreg Flint48.60aBYU
4.SoJustin Hazzard48.81aColorado State
5.JrBrandon Kent48.92aColorado State
6.SrSean Temple49.04aAir Force
7.FrDominic Baysinger49.28aWyoming
8.SoTroy Jensen49.32aAir Force
9.SoRobert Harris49.33aWyoming
10.SoKory Pearson49.35aAir Force
11.SoRaShawn Jackson49.58aNew Mexico
12.SoBenjamin Gardner49.62aBYU
13.SoJermaine Kelly49.74aWyoming
14.FrRandle McCain49.77aNew Mexico
15.FrRodnee Pope50.03aColorado State
16.SrTom Waido50.24aColorado State
17.FrAndrew Fresques50.50aUtah
18.SrDavid Lloyd51.45aNew Mexico
19.SoJason Whyte51.73aWyoming
20.FrRob Stark53.40aUtah
21.FrDustin Cutrer54.70aUtah
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJeremiah Johnson1:51.04aWyoming
2.SrBrian Kelly1:52.03aColorado State
3.JrScott Adams1:52.58aBYU
4.JrPaul Michel1:53.98aColorado State
5.JrLars Kjerengtroen1:54.25aBYU
6.SrBryant Bevan1:54.45aAir Force
7.JrJeremy Thompson1:54.56aWyoming
8.SrChad Simkins1:56.06aBYU
9.FrMichael Smiel1:56.53aNew Mexico
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SoJeremiah Johnson1:52.92aWyoming
3.JrScott Adams1:53.45aBYU
5.SrBryant Bevan1:53.46aAir Force
2.JrPaul Michel1:54.35aColorado State
6.SrBrian Kelly1:54.38aColorado State
4.JrLars Kjerengtroen1:54.71aBYU
7.JrJeremy Thompson1:54.71aWyoming
8.SrChad Simkins1:55.17aBYU
9.FrMichael Smiel1:55.28aNew Mexico
10.JrChris Gausepohl1:56.07aAir Force
11.SrJoey Alzola1:56.09aColorado State
12.SrJeffrey Hopkinson1:57.17aBYU
13.JrNathan Clem2:00.10aNew Mexico
14.FrDamian Mora2:01.38aUtah
15.FrAaron Weispfenning2:03.42aUtah
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrNathan Robison4:13.24aBYU
2.JrMatt Gonzales4:13.31aNew Mexico
3.JrMike Nicks4:14.92aColorado State
4.SoMark Walter4:15.29aAir Force
5.SrNephi Tyler4:16.54aUtah
6.JrNathan Franz4:18.08aAir Force
7.SoJosh McAdams4:18.08aBYU
8.SrBill Michel4:21.40aColorado State
9.JrDerek Storbeck4:28.12aAir Force
--SrRich EvansonDNFBYU
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrNathan Robison4:15.76aBYU
3.JrMatt Gonzales4:16.12aNew Mexico
5.SoMark Walter4:16.17aAir Force
7.JrDerek Storbeck4:16.57aAir Force
8.SrRich Evanson4:16.87aBYU
9.SrNephi Tyler4:16.98aUtah
10.SoJosh McAdams4:17.23aBYU
2.SrBill Michel4:21.45aColorado State
4.JrNathan Franz4:21.50aAir Force
6.JrMike Nicks4:21.51aColorado State
11.JrBryan Lindsay4:21.92aBYU
12.JrMatt Hudson4:23.14aWyoming
13.SrSean Flaherty4:23.25aNew Mexico
14.JrCameron Clarke4:24.05aNew Mexico
15.JrColby Frazier4:32.73aUtah
16.JrMatt Pettit4:38.29aColorado State
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAustin Vigil8:33.29aColorado State
2.SrBen Payne8:36.29aAir Force
3.JrBrian Dumm8:36.54aAir Force
4.SoJosh Rohatinsky8:38.87aBYU
5.JrMatt Gonzales8:41.92aNew Mexico
6.JrNick Martinez8:42.41aNew Mexico
7.JrChad Durham8:45.08aBYU
8.SoKalib Wilkinson8:46.91aAir Force
9.SrChris Acs8:51.17aAir Force
10.SrDylan Olchin8:51.22aColorado State
11.JrBen Ortega8:58.89aNew Mexico
12.JrJosh Glaab9:01.41aColorado State
13.JrBryan Lindsay9:02.07aBYU
14.SrPaul Digrappa9:02.47aColorado State
15.SoNick Wilson9:03.87aAir Force
16.SrSean Flaherty9:06.44aNew Mexico
17.SoDelfino Arevalo9:07.25aUtah
18.JrNathan Robison9:08.33aBYU
19.SrBill Michel9:14.31aColorado State
20.SoMatt Hansen9:14.80aUtah
21.SrJason Delaney9:16.61aWyoming
22.SrLeighton Katsuda9:17.96aNew Mexico
23.SoJeffrey Gosselin9:22.36aAir Force
24.SoRagan Driver9:25.57aWyoming
25.SoMatt Cainciulli9:34.83aColorado State
26.SrJeff Davidson9:37.18aUtah
27.SoRyan Kirkpatrick9:44.12aColorado State
28.JrMatt Pettit9:46.80aColorado State
29.SoKurt Michels9:53.08aUtah
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAustin Vigil14:43.20aColorado State
2.SrBen Payne14:46.65aAir Force
3.JrBrian Dumm14:56.97aAir Force
4.JrBen Ortega15:08.97aNew Mexico
5.SrDylan Olchin15:11.63aColorado State
6.SoJosh Rohatinsky15:12.61aBYU
7.SoKalib Wilkinson15:17.26aAir Force
8.JrChad Durham15:25.91aBYU
9.SrPaul Digrappa15:33.73aColorado State
10.JrJosh Glaab15:33.84aColorado State
11.SoNick Wilson15:39.85aAir Force
12.SoDelfino Arevalo15:55.54aUtah
13.SrJason Delaney16:16.43aWyoming
14.SoMatt Hansen16:21.13aUtah
15.SoRagan Driver16:37.91aWyoming
16.SrLeighton Katsuda16:48.56aNew Mexico
17.FrJP Rooney17:41.95aUtah
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrSean Temple7.89aAir Force
2.SrLuke Marker7.92aAir Force
3.SrJim Campbell7.93aAir Force
4.SoJustin Hazzard7.96aColorado State
5.SoMike Horton8.12aColorado State
6.SrChris Garafola8.17aNew Mexico
7.SrCurtis Pugsley8.24aBYU
8.SoBenjamin Gardner8.39aBYU
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrSean Temple8.00aAir Force
3.SrJim Campbell8.06aAir Force
4.SoJustin Hazzard8.07aColorado State
2.SrLuke Marker8.09aAir Force
5.SrChris Garafola8.09aNew Mexico
6.SoMike Horton8.15aColorado State
7.SrCurtis Pugsley8.16aBYU
8.SoBenjamin Gardner8.18aBYU
9.SrTom Waido8.29aColorado State
10.JrJonathan Myers8.35aAir Force
11.JrEric Suter8.51aWyoming
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Matthew Rowe
Benjamin Gardner
Paul Smith
Greg Flint SR
2.-Justin Hazzard
Tom Waido
Joey Alzola
Brandon Kent JR
3:14.31aColorado State
2.-Relay Team 3:14.31aColorado State
3.-Relay Team 3:16.89aAir Force
3.-Kory Pearson
Troy Jensen
Nick Bromberek
Jim Campbell SR
3:16.89aAir Force
4.-Randle McCain
Chris Garafola
RaShawn Jackson
Matt Bishop SR
3:19.75aNew Mexico
4.-Relay Team 3:19.75aNew Mexico
5.-Relay Team 3:20.49aWyoming
5.-Jermaine Kelly
Dominic Baysinger
Jeremiah Johnson
Robert Harris SO
6.-Andrew Fresques
Aaron Weispfenning
Rob Stark
Dustin Cutrer
6.-Relay Team 3:31.30aUtah
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:11.65aBYU
1.-Josh Mcadams
Greg Flint
Rich Evanson
Nathan Robison JR
2.-Nick Martinez
RaShawn Jackson
Cameron Clarke
Matt Gonzales JR
10:13.53aNew Mexico
2.-Relay Team 10:13.53aNew Mexico
3.-Relay Team 10:15.64aColorado State
3.-Ryan Kirkpatrick
Tom Waido
Paul Michel
Matt Cianciuli SO
10:15.64aColorado State
4.-Jeffrey Gosselin
Kory Pearson
Derek Storbeck
Chris Acs SR
10:23.78aAir Force
4.-Relay Team 10:23.78aAir Force
5.-Relay Team 10:43.61aWyoming
5.-Jeremy Thompson
Jermaine Kelly
Jeremiah Johnson
Matt Hudson JR
6.-Jeff Davidson
Andrew Fresques
Damian Mora
Kurt Michels
6.-Relay Team 10:51.10aUtah
X Shot Put - 16lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrNiklas Arrhenius19.91mBYU
2.FrMagnus Lohse19.15mColorado State
3.JrKyle Herl18.21mWyoming
4.SrDaniel Arrhenius17.81mBYU
5.SrJason Barkermeyer17.30mNew Mexico
6.FrTyg Long17.12mWyoming
7.FrTrey Eder16.65mColorado State
8.SrJordan Parker16.48mNew Mexico
9.JrAdam Trainor16.48mColorado State
10.JrBrad Vodicka16.12mWyoming
11.SoJace Rivera15.77mColorado State
12.SoNate Heyrman15.41mColorado State
13.FrBrent Hawker14.44mUtah
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrJacob Benson2.07mColorado State
2.FrJon Uher2.04mColorado State
3.FrJared Grant2.04mWyoming
4.SrTim Hughes2.01mAir Force
5.SrJames Oman2.01mBYU
5.SrJim Campbell2.01mAir Force
7.FrPhillip Thomas2.01mWyoming
8.SrCurtis Pugsley1.98mBYU
9.JrRodrigo Mendes1.95mBYU
10.FrJon Willison1.95mBYU
11.FrDeVale Johnson1.95mWyoming
12.JrCaleb Pelger1.90mAir Force
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoRobison Pratt5.41mBYU
2.JrPaul Gensic5.36mAir Force
3.JrTrent Powell5.21mBYU
4.SoJason Jones5.21mAir Force
5.JrChristian Morgan5.11mAir Force
6.SrMark Johnson5.11mNew Mexico
7.SrBranden Bennett4.91mNew Mexico
8.JrDerek Mackel4.76mNew Mexico
9.SrCurtis Pugsley4.76mBYU
10.FrRobert Caldwell4.76mNew Mexico
11.JrMakisi Haleck4.61mAir Force
12.SrNick Herald4.16mAir Force
12.FrCasey Chow4.16mUtah
14.FrMike Plum4.01mUtah
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAnthony Park7.43mAir Force
2.SrCurtis Pugsley7.25mBYU
3.SrChris Banks7.25mAir Force
4.JrJacob Benson7.23mColorado State
5.SoBlake Jackson7.12mWyoming
6.JrRodrigo Mendes7.00mBYU
7.SrNick Bromberek6.94mAir Force
8.FrDeVale Johnson6.86mWyoming
9.FrGabe Trujillo6.83mNew Mexico
10.SoMatthew Anderson6.66mBYU
11.JrWillie Yuen6.62mNew Mexico
12.FrJeramie White6.51mNew Mexico
13.FrDenny Majerus6.44mColorado State
14.FrRandle McCain6.33mNew Mexico
15.SoRodney Hocker6.05mNew Mexico
16.FrDustin Cutrer5.01mUtah
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrRodrigo Mendes15.59mBYU
2.SoBlake Jackson15.55mWyoming
3.SrAnthony Park15.45mAir Force
4.JrJacob Benson15.25mColorado State
5.SrChris Banks15.23mAir Force
6.SoMatthew Anderson14.34mBYU
7.FrDeVale Johnson14.29mWyoming
8.FrKevin Johnson14.24mColorado State
9.JrWillie Yuen14.15mNew Mexico
10.JrCaleb Pelger13.59mAir Force
11.FrBrian Walsh12.96mAir Force
12.JrBret Zowada12.94mWyoming
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrKyle Herl20.56mWyoming
2.JrZack Schaefer20.15mWyoming
3.JrAdam Trainor19.85mColorado State
4.SrJames Cale19.03mColorado State
5.SoNate Heyrman18.94mColorado State
6.FrTrey Eder18.46mColorado State
7.SoJace Rivera18.35mColorado State
8.FrNiklas Arrhenius18.06mBYU
9.SrJason Barkermeyer15.95mNew Mexico
10.FrBrent Hawker14.64mUtah
11.FrMagnus Lohse13.07mColorado State
--SrJordan ParkerFOULNew Mexico
X Heptathlon Score - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMark Johnson5263New Mexico
2.SrNick Herald5187Air Force
3.JrCaleb Pelger4955Air Force
4.JrBret Zowada4832Wyoming
5.FrChris Weirich4825BYU
6.SrDevin Scoresby4720BYU
7.JrDevin Howe4714BYU
8.FrBrian Walsh4662Air Force
9.FrKevin Johnson4540Colorado State
10.JrEric Suter4474Wyoming
11.SoRodney Hocker4462New Mexico
12.FrMike Plum4071Utah
13.SoDan Feltman4035New Mexico

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrKima Wells7.30aWyoming
2.SrTonette Dyer7.33aSan Diego State
3.JrJessica Fox7.49aWyoming
4.SrMelinda Smedley7.57aSan Diego State
5.FrJanay DeLoach7.60aColorado State
6.JrJennifer Rockwell7.66aBYU
7.SrNicole Ireland7.66aSan Diego State
8.FrVonnie Fulford7.85aSan Diego State
X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrKima Wells7.33aWyoming
2.SrTonette Dyer7.34aSan Diego State
3.JrJessica Fox7.46aWyoming
4.SrMelinda Smedley7.51aSan Diego State
5.SrNicole Ireland7.59aSan Diego State
6.JrJennifer Rockwell7.62aBYU
7.FrJanay DeLoach7.63aColorado State
8.FrVonnie Fulford7.74aSan Diego State
9.JrHeather Heron7.76aSan Diego State
10.SrJillita Griffin7.77aSan Diego State
11.JrKiyota Reed7.78aNevada-Las Vegas
12.SoBianca McNair7.80aSan Diego State
13.SrHollann Givens7.81aSan Diego State
14.JrCandace Lelo7.89aColorado State
15.SoLarnie Boyd7.91aSan Diego State
16.SrGelsey Polson7.93aWyoming
17.JrMiesha McClendon7.96aNevada-Las Vegas
18.FrAyana Floyd-James8.03aAir Force
19.SrCheryl Collen8.08aWyoming
20.JrErin Teske8.22aNew Mexico
21.FrMegan Trotter8.36aColorado State
--JrHalima DecreeFSNevada-Las Vegas
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrJessica Fox23.71aWyoming
2.SrNicole Ireland23.84aSan Diego State
3.SrMelinda Smedley23.99aSan Diego State
4.SoLarnie Boyd24.48aSan Diego State
5.JrJennifer Rockwell24.58aBYU
6.JrKatrice Thomas24.73aColorado State
7.FrMegan Fox25.01aColorado State
--SrTonette DyerDQSan Diego State
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrJessica Fox23.74aWyoming
2.SrTonette Dyer23.91aSan Diego State
3.SrNicole Ireland24.00aSan Diego State
4.SoLarnie Boyd24.31aSan Diego State
5.JrJennifer Rockwell24.44aBYU
6.SrMelinda Smedley24.56aSan Diego State
7.JrKatrice Thomas24.56aColorado State
8.FrMegan Fox24.98aColorado State
9.JrHeather Heron25.01aSan Diego State
10.SrHollann Givens25.05aSan Diego State
11.SoBianca McNair25.13aSan Diego State
12.FrVonnie Fulford25.19aSan Diego State
13.FrJanay DeLoach25.42aColorado State
14.JrHalima Decree25.58aNevada-Las Vegas
15.SrJillita Griffin25.65aSan Diego State
16.SoKamilia Davis25.66aNew Mexico
17.FrGenelle Chapman25.83aAir Force
18.FrAmanda Feigt25.88aUtah
19.JrCandace Lelo25.92aColorado State
20.SoGaven Jones26.10aNevada-Las Vegas
21.SrGelsey Polson26.19aWyoming
22.SrCheryl Collen26.25aWyoming
23.JrMiesha McClendon26.27aNevada-Las Vegas
24.FrAyana Floyd-James26.47aAir Force
25.FrAniis Hopkins26.49aWyoming
26.FrJennifer Kaplar26.50aUtah
27.JrErin Teske26.70aNew Mexico
27.SoDeanna Appuglise26.70aNevada-Las Vegas
29.FrAshley Patin27.01aNevada-Las Vegas
30.FrMegan Trotter27.17aColorado State
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrTonette Dyer53.84aSan Diego State
2.SrKima Wells54.75aWyoming
3.SoLarnie Boyd55.24aSan Diego State
4.JrJennifer Rockwell55.40aBYU
5.SrNicole Ireland55.59aSan Diego State
6.FrAmanda Hopper55.72aWyoming
7.JrKatrice Thomas55.81aColorado State
8.SoMary Bennion56.51aBYU
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrTonette Dyer54.13aSan Diego State
2.SrNicole Ireland54.26aSan Diego State
3.SrKima Wells54.76aWyoming
4.SoLarnie Boyd55.02aSan Diego State
5.JrJennifer Rockwell55.67aBYU
6.JrKatrice Thomas55.94aColorado State
7.SoMary Bennion56.06aBYU
8.FrAmanda Hopper56.55aWyoming
9.SrMelinda Smedley56.93aSan Diego State
10.FrMegan Fox56.98aColorado State
11.SoBianca McNair57.02aSan Diego State
12.SoKamilia Davis57.16aNew Mexico
13.JrJennifer Jackman57.23aUtah
14.FrAmanda Feigt57.31aUtah
15.SrHollann Givens57.48aSan Diego State
16.FrLaura Evans58.44aBYU
17.FrNicole Rothert58.46aSan Diego State
18.JrJami Hodge58.88aAir Force
19.SoNicole Hansen58.99aNew Mexico
20.SoGaven Jones59.68aNevada-Las Vegas
21.SoDeanna Appuglise59.74aNevada-Las Vegas
22.SoLauren Browning60.17aUtah
23.SoBrandilyn Williams60.35aNew Mexico
24.SrChristine Spence61.79aNevada-Las Vegas
25.FrAshley Patin61.82aNevada-Las Vegas
26.JrAinsley Thrailkill62.79aWyoming
27.SoTiara Poland64.89aNew Mexico
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrNellie Hammons2:12.44aUtah
2.JrKathryn Andersen2:14.51aBYU
3.JrTanice Barnett2:15.38aWyoming
4.SoKristy Barrus2:15.55aBYU
5.SrAndrea Davidson2:17.20aUtah
6.FrRiann Lucy2:17.41aNew Mexico
7.SrKylie Edwards2:18.85aSan Diego State
8.JrCindy Dawson2:20.45aAir Force
9.SoJamillah Titus2:24.61aSan Diego State
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrNellie Hammons2:17.03aUtah
2.JrTanice Barnett2:17.08aWyoming
3.JrKathryn Andersen2:17.59aBYU
4.SoKristy Barrus2:18.89aBYU
5.SrAndrea Davidson2:19.29aUtah
6.FrRiann Lucy2:19.36aNew Mexico
7.SoJamillah Titus2:19.97aSan Diego State
8.JrCindy Dawson2:20.46aAir Force
9.SrKylie Edwards2:20.74aSan Diego State
10.SoChristine Michel2:20.78aWyoming
11.FrAllison Passey2:21.28aBYU
12.SoNicole Carmier2:22.28aSan Diego State
13.SoKristin Brauneis2:23.49aWyoming
14.SoAshley Pierce2:24.25aNevada-Las Vegas
15.JrJaime Hall2:24.99aNew Mexico
16.SoSandra Maxwell2:27.14aNew Mexico
17.FrBrandale Mills2:44.16aNew Mexico
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMichaela Manova5:03.70aBYU
2.JrKathryn Andersen5:05.23aBYU
3.SoDanielle Korb5:05.98aColorado State
4.SoAnne Heiner5:12.70aBYU
5.FrJennie Haertel5:17.42aUtah
6.SrKylie Edwards5:18.11aSan Diego State
7.FrRebekah Yetzer5:18.39aColorado State
8.SrJean Taylor5:23.84aAir Force
9.SoNicole Graham5:24.34aAir Force
10.SrAmanda Swann5:40.18aNew Mexico
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Prelims
1.FrJennie Haertel5:16.88aUtah
3.SoDanielle Korb5:16.93aColorado State
5.SrKylie Edwards5:18.25aSan Diego State
2.SoAnne Heiner5:18.94aBYU
7.FrRebekah Yetzer5:18.96aColorado State
4.JrKathryn Andersen5:19.47aBYU
8.SrJean Taylor5:19.50aAir Force
6.SrMichaela Manova5:19.76aBYU
9.SoNicole Graham5:22.83aAir Force
10.SrAmanda Swann5:22.97aNew Mexico
11.SoMaggie Diller5:26.65aWyoming
12.SoNicki Hugie5:30.62aUtah
13.FrEmily McGregor5:32.95aColorado State
14.SoJamillah Titus5:39.12aSan Diego State
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMichaela Manova10:05.28aBYU
2.SrLaura Turner10:08.43aBYU
3.SrLisa Antonelli10:20.72aBYU
4.SoNicole Feest10:24.61aColorado State
5.SrColleen Blair10:27.18aColorado State
6.FrRuth Graham10:27.18aBYU
7.SrEmily Raymond10:30.36aBYU
8.JrJennifer Thompson10:31.87aWyoming
9.JrJacquelyne Gallegos10:36.39aNew Mexico
10.SoDanielle Korb10:44.42aColorado State
11.SoTimmie Murphy10:45.36aNew Mexico
12.JrKatie Moon10:48.88aBYU
13.SoEmerald Reid10:56.19aWyoming
14.SoVivien Aspden10:59.73aAir Force
15.SrSarah Gonzales11:00.45aNew Mexico
16.SoNatalie Kean11:02.18aWyoming
17.JrMarie Nilsson11:03.50aSan Diego State
18.FrEmily McGregor11:04.95aColorado State
19.FrMargaret Frash11:05.14aAir Force
20.SoMichelle Kvernmo11:10.49aWyoming
21.SrJennifer Kintzley11:11.40aColorado State
22.FrAshley Snyder11:12.66aAir Force
23.SoLindsay Grose11:17.71aAir Force
24.JrMichele Suszek11:19.82aNevada-Las Vegas
25.FrIlea Eskildsen11:27.63aAir Force
26.SoChristal Cuadra11:29.26aSan Diego State
27.FrValerie McGregor11:39.84aColorado State
28.SrBrooke Gosling11:41.36aNew Mexico
29.SoAndrea Pinchak12:04.49aAir Force
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrLaura Turner17:52.5hBYU
2.SrMichaela Manova17:52.7hBYU
3.SrLisa Antonelli17:59.7hBYU
4.SrColleen Blair18:08.0hColorado State
5.SrEmily Raymond18:11.5hBYU
6.JrJennifer Thompson18:22.3hWyoming
7.SoNicole Feest18:30.5hColorado State
8.SoTimmie Murphy18:36.4hNew Mexico
9.SrSarah Gonzales18:48.3hNew Mexico
10.FrWhitney McDonald18:48.6hBYU
11.JrKatie Moon18:52.1hBYU
12.JrMarie Nilsson18:53.6hSan Diego State
13.SoEmerald Reid18:58.6hWyoming
14.SoVivien Aspden19:01.4hAir Force
15.SoNatalie Kean19:03.4hWyoming
16.SrAnne Chumlea19:14.1hAir Force
17.SoJanice Tosa19:19.3hNew Mexico
18.JrMichele Suszek19:23.4hNevada-Las Vegas
19.SoLindsay Grose19:43.8hAir Force
20.SrBrooke Gosling20:04.3hNew Mexico
21.SoChristal Cuadra20:21.0hSan Diego State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrShauna Smith8.34aWyoming
2.SrMirian Fisher8.37aBYU
3.FrAmy Menlove8.47aBYU
4.SrNicole Ireland8.52aSan Diego State
5.JrKiyota Reed8.69aNevada-Las Vegas
6.SrHillary Enloe8.77aBYU
7.SrLeslie Miller8.86aSan Diego State
--JrMiesha McClendonDQNevada-Las Vegas
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrShauna Smith8.35aWyoming
2.SrNicole Ireland8.43aSan Diego State
4.FrAmy Menlove8.61aBYU
3.SrMirian Fisher8.64aBYU
5.SrHillary Enloe8.70aBYU
6.JrKiyota Reed8.71aNevada-Las Vegas
7.JrMiesha McClendon8.80aNevada-Las Vegas
8.SrLeslie Miller8.83aSan Diego State
9.JrJennifer Jackman8.84aUtah
10.FrDierra Poland8.86aAir Force
11.FrGenelle Chapman8.88aAir Force
12.SrChristine Spence8.89aNevada-Las Vegas
13.SrAubry Startin9.07aUtah
14.FrJanine Polischuk9.11aSan Diego State
15.SoNicole Hansen9.12aNew Mexico
16.SoSarah Rountree9.19aAir Force
17.FrJennifer Kaplar9.21aUtah
18.SoLauren Browning9.44aUtah
19.SoLeah Burke9.50aWyoming
20.FrKatie Montgomery9.74aBYU
21.JrHeather Heron11.63aSan Diego State
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Larnie Boyd
Nicole Ireland
Tonette Dyer
Melinda Smedley
3:45.70aSan Diego State
2.-Relay Team 3:49.21aBYU
2.-Mary Bennion
Jennifer Rockwell
Laura Evans
Amy Menlove FR
3.-Relay Team 3:50.51aUtah
3.-Jenn Jackman
Amanda Feigt
Andrea Davidson
Nellie Hammons SR
4.-Relay Team 3:55.12aNevada-Las Vegas
4.-Gaven Jones
Deanna Appuglise
Kiyota Reed
Christine Spence SR
3:55.12aNevada-Las Vegas
5.-Cristina Gourdin
Zuzana Krajciova
Rheannon Backes
Rebekah Yetzer FR
3:57.15aColorado State
5.-Relay Team 3:57.15aColorado State
6.-Relay Team 3:57.43aNew Mexico
6.-Nicole Hansen
Kamilia Davis
Brandale Mills
Jaime Hall JR
3:57.43aNew Mexico
7.-Amanda Hopper
Ainsley Thrailkill
Cheryl Collen
Kima Wells SR
7.-Relay Team 3:57.95aWyoming
8.-Jami Hodge
Genelle Chapman
Jennifer Neville
Cindy Dawson
4:03.98aAir Force
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Relay Team 12:24.96aBYU
1.-Laura Turner
Laura Evans
Anne Heiner
Kathryn Andersen JR
2.-Amanda Swann
Nicole Hansen
Riann Lucy
Jacquelyne Gallegos
12:25.56aNew Mexico
2.-Relay Team 12:25.56aNew Mexico
3.-Relay Team 12:35.61aColorado State
3.-Valerie McGregor
Zuzana Krajciova
Rebekah Yetzer
Jennifer Kintzley SR
12:35.61aColorado State
4.-Elizabeth Catherwood
Jennifer Neville
Kelly McPherson
Jean Taylor SR
12:43.79aAir Force
4.-Relay Team 12:43.79aAir Force
5.-Relay Team 12:47.15aUtah
5.-Nicki Hugie
Amanda Feigt
Andrea Davidson
Nellie Hammons SR
6.-Kyle Edwards
Bianca McNair
Jamillah Titus
Marie Nilsson
12:53.13aSan Diego State
7.-Relay Team 13:04.85aWyoming
7.-Maggie Diller
Ainsley Thrailkill
Christine Michel
Tanice Barnett JR
8.-Ashley Pierce
Tiffany Smith
Halima Decree
Michele Suszek
14:32.34aNevada-Las Vegas
8.-Relay Team 14:32.34aNevada-Las Vegas
X Shot Put - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrKeela Niemeyer15.62mColorado State
2.SrAndrea Batt15.30mWyoming
3.JrAmanda Barnes15.02mNew Mexico
4.SrCandace Hill14.85mSan Diego State
5.JrMaret Komarova14.51mBYU
6.SoKaylyn Doyle14.15mWyoming
7.JrJill McCormick14.05mColorado State
8.SrMelissa Harms14.00mColorado State
9.SoHaley Hunt13.59mColorado State
10.JrDominique Boivin13.39mAir Force
11.FrOlivia Korte13.16mAir Force
12.SrChelsea Forsythe12.89mBYU
13.SoBecky Riddle12.86mUtah
14.JrSara Taylor12.47mColorado State
15.FrSidni Taylor12.40mUtah
16.SrNatasha Eldridge12.29mUtah
17.SoAngie Turner12.21mNevada-Las Vegas
17.FrMindy Parsons12.21mColorado State
19.FrTeri Trautwein11.90mNevada-Las Vegas
20.SrKim Martin11.46mWyoming
21.FrBrittney Turner10.93mNevada-Las Vegas
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrLindsey Metcalf1.75mBYU
2.SrChristine Spence1.75mNevada-Las Vegas
3.SrKatie Decker1.70mUtah
4.FrRheannon Backes1.65mColorado State
5.SrAnna-Lee Walcott1.65mBYU
6.SoNicole Carmier1.60mSan Diego State
6.SoLiis Berendsen1.60mBYU
6.SoJennifer Higgason1.60mColorado State
6.SrAubry Startin1.60mUtah
10.JrCristina Gourdin1.60mColorado State
11.SoNicole Mancinelli1.60mUtah
12.SoJamillah Titus1.60mSan Diego State
13.FrKatie Lloyd1.60mColorado State
14.FrStefany Setliff1.55mNew Mexico
15.FrCaitie Holliday1.55mAir Force
--SrErin JohnsonNHNew Mexico
--FrJamie MunnsNHUtah
--JrJill FergusonNHColorado State
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrErin Asay3.97mSan Diego State
2.SrTracy Hamblin3.87mUtah
3.SrAlicia Thompson3.77mBYU
4.JrShayla Balentine3.77mSan Diego State
4.SrChristine Ahn3.77mColorado State
6.FrCara Walker3.67mSan Diego State
6.JrTrisha Wagner3.67mUtah
8.FrSusan Atwater3.52mUtah
8.FrMandie Rowell3.52mUtah
10.JrAmber Nolte3.37mNew Mexico
10.SrStephanie Anderson3.37mWyoming
10.SoKristen McGregor3.37mBYU
10.FrLisa Shafer3.37mUtah
10.FrKathryn Beasley3.37mUtah
15.FrNicole Huyge3.22mNew Mexico
16.FrRebecca Stone3.07mAir Force
16.JrCheyenne Renfroe3.07mNew Mexico
16.SoAmy Gilliland3.07mAir Force
--SrJody SanbornNHWyoming
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrAmy Menlove6.20mBYU
2.FrJanay DeLoach6.14mColorado State
3.FrAmanda Feigt5.82mUtah
4.SoLiis Berendsen5.69mBYU
5.JrLindsey Sommer5.63mBYU
6.SoKamila Rywelska5.59mBYU
7.FrAniis Hopkins5.45mWyoming
8.JrCristina Gourdin5.41mColorado State
9.SrHillary Enloe5.35mBYU
10.SoSuzanne Nguyen5.30mNew Mexico
10.JrAmanda Huddleston5.30mColorado State
12.FrJanine Polischuk5.28mSan Diego State
13.SrLaTravia Robinson5.27mAir Force
14.SrLeslie Miller5.24mSan Diego State
14.SrMelinda Smedley5.24mSan Diego State
14.SrTiffany Smith5.24mNevada-Las Vegas
17.FrKatie Lloyd5.20mColorado State
18.SoJanine Brathwaite5.17mWyoming
19.FrCasey Johnson5.11mAir Force
20.JrMegan Schauermann5.10mSan Diego State
21.JrIngvild Carstens5.00mWyoming
22.JrBridgid Isworth4.98mNew Mexico
23.SoNicole Carmier4.93mSan Diego State
24.SrHollann Givens4.90mSan Diego State
25.SrAmber Perryman4.79mWyoming
26.FrStefany Setliff4.70mNew Mexico
27.FrKatie Montgomery4.63mBYU
--SrAnna-Lee WalcottFOULBYU
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoKamila Rywelska13.30mBYU
2.SoLiis Berendsen12.10mBYU
3.SrNicole Ireland11.99mSan Diego State
4.JrLindsey Sommer11.95mBYU
5.JrAmanda Huddleston11.76mColorado State
6.SrHollann Givens11.61mSan Diego State
7.JrKat Cirone11.61mColorado State
8.SoKristen McGregor11.60mBYU
9.JrCourtney Schlegel11.53mWyoming
10.JrMegan Schauermann11.48mSan Diego State
11.SrLaTravia Robinson11.41mAir Force
12.FrJanine Polischuk11.30mSan Diego State
13.SrTiffany Smith11.28mNevada-Las Vegas
14.FrCasey Johnson11.07mAir Force
14.SoSuzanne Nguyen11.07mNew Mexico
16.FrAniis Hopkins10.78mWyoming
17.FrJai McBride10.70mNew Mexico
18.SoLeah Burke10.56mWyoming
19.SrAmber Perryman10.04mWyoming
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAndrea Batt19.29mWyoming
2.SrNatasha Eldridge17.55mUtah
3.SoBecky Riddle17.47mUtah
4.SrMelissa Harms17.43mColorado State
5.SrChelsea Forsythe17.13mBYU
6.SoHaley Hunt16.96mColorado State
7.JrMelissa Vallejos16.93mWyoming
8.JrJamie Fishencord16.45mNew Mexico
9.FrOlivia Korte16.41mAir Force
10.SoVanessa Mortensen16.35mUtah
11.SrCandace Hill16.10mSan Diego State
12.SrMalita Bingham15.86mBYU
13.SoKatie Hansen15.61mColorado State
14.JrAmanda Barnes15.24mNew Mexico
15.SoKristine Muth15.07mAir Force
16.JrDominique Boivin14.88mAir Force
17.SrKim Martin14.26mWyoming
18.SoAngie Turner14.04mNevada-Las Vegas
19.FrMindy Parsons13.77mColorado State
20.SrJessica Perez13.69mAir Force
21.FrBrittney Turner13.50mNevada-Las Vegas
22.JrRandi Schmidt-Calabrese12.46mNevada-Las Vegas
23.SrHeather Harding12.19mNevada-Las Vegas
24.JrAutumn Beza11.62mNevada-Las Vegas
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrLeslie Miller3858San Diego State
2.SoLiis Berendsen3773BYU
3.JrCristina Gourdin3688Colorado State
4.FrKatie Lloyd3441Colorado State
5.FrJanine Polischuk3237San Diego State
6.SoNicole Carmier3209San Diego State
7.JrIngvild Carstens3018Wyoming
8.SoSuzanne Nguyen2972New Mexico
9.FrStefany Setliff2840New Mexico
10.JrBridgid Isworth2743New Mexico
11.FrTeri Trautwein2706Nevada-Las Vegas
12.JrRandi Schmidt-Calabrese1774Nevada-Las Vegas
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