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100 Meters  Collegiate - Prelims

1.SrKenneth Andam10.39a (.3)BYU
2.FrJohn Woods10.61a (-.4)Colorado State
3.SrThobias Akwenye10.65a (-.4)BYU
4.SoQuincy Wright10.69a (.3)New Mexico
5.SrDrew Smith10.92a (-.4)Colorado State
6.SrKyle Soper10.93a (-.4)New Mexico
7.SrRob Caston11.06a (-.4)New Mexico
8.FrJohn Nance11.10a (-.4)New Mexico
9.SrEric Gray12.40a (.3)Colorado State

200 Meters  Collegiate - Prelims

1.SrKenneth Andam20.78a (.4)BYU
2.SrLarry Davis20.96a (1.4)New Mexico
4.SrSlade Combs21.20a (1.4)BYU
4.SrThobias Akwenye21.20a (.4)BYU
3.SrDrew Smith21.45a (2.4)Colorado State
6.SrIan Stewart21.63a (.4)New Mexico
7.FrJohn Woods21.70a (2.4)Colorado State
8.SrKyle Soper21.78a (1.4)New Mexico
9.JrJT Walker21.89a (2.4)Colorado State
10.SoChris Riggs21.91a (.4)Colorado State
11.SrRob Caston21.99a (.4)New Mexico
12.SoNick Lott22.03a (.4)New Mexico
12.FrJohn Nance22.03a (1.4)New Mexico
14.SrVoight Thornton22.86a (2.4)New Mexico

400 Meters  Collegiate - Prelims

1.JrKish Beverly47.37aBYU
2.SrIan Stewart47.74aNew Mexico
2.SoMatt Nielsen47.74aBYU
4.JrKarl Davis48.40aWyoming
5.SoDaniel Ward48.72aColorado State
5.FrNick Bromberek48.72aAir Force
7.FrMatthew Rowe48.75aBYU
8.FrAndrae Hazard48.76aColorado State
9.SoNick Lott48.78aNew Mexico
10.JrMike Peregrino49.47aNew Mexico
11.FrFranco Bethea49.51aNew Mexico
12.SoJason Burris49.68aColorado State
13.SrTyler Paige49.72aAir Force
14.JrDan Taradash49.79aNew Mexico
15.SrVoight Thornton49.97aNew Mexico

800 Meters  Collegiate - Prelims

1.SrBryan Berryhill1:52.87aColorado State
2.JrMao Tjiroze1:53.28aBYU
3.SoJeffrey Hopkinson1:54.34aBYU
4.SoDrew Ostler1:54.46aBYU
5.SrNate Harrison1:54.82aBYU
6.FrSean Flaherty1:55.05aNew Mexico
7.JrTravis Clark1:55.11aNew Mexico
8.SoJoseph Lopez1:55.30aNew Mexico
9.SoJason Sanders1:55.36aAir Force
10.FrKevin Salverson1:55.93aWyoming
11.FrBrian Barrett1:57.65aNew Mexico
12.JrBrendan Maas1:58.70aNew Mexico
13.SoRyan Garcia2:03.48aNew Mexico

10,000 Meters  Collegiate - Finals

1.FrBen Ortega30:02.00aNew Mexico
2.SrJohn Hedengren30:17.61aBYU
3.SoDylan Olchin30:41.79aColorado State
4.SrJoe Monaco30:51.13aAir Force
5.FrBen Payne30:56.48aAir Force
6.JrJosh Lybarger31:07.58aColorado State
7.JrAlbert Kelly31:59.46aAir Force
8.SoLion Gallegos32:09.67aUtah
9.JrChris Jons33:11.16aWyoming

110m Hurdles - 42"  Collegiate - Prelims

1.SrSlade Combs14.24a (2.6)BYU
2.SoDaymon Visser14.39a (4.2)BYU
3.FrLuke Marker14.44a (2.6)Air Force
4.SoMarc Fulson14.48a (4.2)Air Force
5.JrJT Walker14.64a (2.6)Colorado State
6.SrChris Kemp14.84a (2.6)BYU
7.FrSean Temple14.89a (4.2)Air Force
8.FrTom Waido14.91a (4.2)Colorado State
9.SoMatt Bishop15.03a (4.2)New Mexico
10.JrEric Myrup15.04a (2.6)BYU
11.FrJason Williams15.24a (4.2)Colorado State

400m Hurdles - 36"  Collegiate - Prelims

1.SoSeth Billy52.03aWyoming
2.SrChris Kemp52.03aBYU
3.SoDaymon Visser53.07aBYU
4.JrJustin Massey53.19aNew Mexico
5.SoTom Clark53.23aAir Force
6.SoMatt Bishop53.50aNew Mexico
7.SoMarc Fulson53.52aAir Force
8.FrTom Waido53.75aColorado State
9.FrJason Williams54.35aColorado State
10.SrShane Rasby54.69aWyoming
11.JrEric Myrup54.70aBYU
12.FrSean Temple55.22aAir Force
13.SrKurt Duffy56.01aAir Force

3k Steeplechase  Collegiate - Finals

1.SrShane Rogers8:59.44aAir Force
2.JrBJ Christensen9:03.00aUtah
3.JrTyler Bushnell9:04.10aBYU
4.FrMike Nicks9:06.81aColorado State
5.JrTrevor Pettingill9:09.51aBYU
6.SoGabe Olchin9:13.25aColorado State
7.SrErik Vernon9:15.54aUtah
8.JrAlbert Kelly9:20.55aAir Force
9.FrChris Orrell9:31.61aNew Mexico
-FrJason DelaneyDNFWyoming

Discus - 2kg  Collegiate - Finals

1.SrJason Gervais59.80mWyoming
2.JrBrian Trainor56.90mColorado State
3.SrJim Roberts54.62mBYU
4.SrShawn Johnson52.88mAir Force
5.SrJason Hammond50.08mWyoming
6.SoJeremy Graff48.84mColorado State
7.SoDavid Thompson48.46mAir Force
8.SoDan Williams47.22mWyoming
9.SoMatt Holcomb41.68mBYU
10.FrJordan Parker39.64mNew Mexico
11.SoJason Barkemeyer39.30mNew Mexico

Javelin - 800g  Collegiate - Finals

1.JrDan Uffens61.90mBYU
2.SoTim Fritz58.56mAir Force
3.SoCraig Keish57.22mNew Mexico
4.SoBrian Walsh55.86mAir Force
5.FrJimmy Minner55.78mNew Mexico
6.FrAdam Trainor55.14mColorado State
7.SrDoug Crumb50.74mColorado State
8.SoSpencer Smith49.78mBYU
9.JrDan Parkinson47.28mBYU

Long Jump  Collegiate - Finals

1.FrAnthony Park7.34m (-.1)Air Force
2.SoChris Riggs7.06m (-4.0)Colorado State
3.FrNick Bromberek6.78m (.4)Air Force
4.FrMark Johnson6.74m (1.3)New Mexico
5.JrPaul Golando6.67m (3.6)Air Force
6.FrJohn Nance6.58m (.9)New Mexico
7.SrShane Rasby6.54m (-.1)Wyoming
8.SrDoug Crumb6.50m (1.5)Colorado State
9.FrChris Banks6.43m (.4)Air Force
10.SrTheo Van Blyenburgh6.29m (2.4)Colorado State
11.SoNick Herald6.12m (.5)Air Force
12.JrDan Parkinson6.08m (2.1)BYU


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