Desert Classic Relay's

Saturday, March 09, 2013
  Central HS, El Centro CA - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 9:30 AM
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Arizona - Division II
SLHSSan Luis
Arizona - Division IV
YCHSYuma Catholic
CA: San Diego - Metropolitan
OTRAOtay Ranch
CA: San Diego - Southeastern
CEUNCentral Union
PAVEPalo Verde
SOUWSouthwest (I.V.)
CA: Southern - Freelance
XCPRXavier College Prep
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Braunschweiger11.41aXavier College Prep
2.12Chris Martin11.42aOtay Ranch
3.12Darren Paraiso11.73aOtay Ranch
4.11Clay Bowler11.87aHoltville
5.11Anthony Cortez11.95aCalexico
6.9Stevie Alexander12.03aOtay Ranch
7.11Andres Gonzalez12.24aCentral Union
8.12Fabian Bon12.37aImperial
9.12Anthony Canez12.69aCentral Union
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Efren Gonzalez11.48aXavier College Prep
4.12Chris Martin11.49aOtay Ranch
2.12Austin Braunschweiger11.56aXavier College Prep
3.12Darren Paraiso11.66aOtay Ranch
5.11Clay Bowler11.99aHoltville
6.11Anthony Cortez12.00aCalexico
7.9Stevie Alexander12.05aOtay Ranch
8.11Andres Gonzalez12.25aCentral Union
9.12Anthony Canez12.40aCentral Union
10.12Fabian Bon12.49aImperial
11.9David Arguilez12.51aCalexico
12.11Jacob Benton12.61aImperial
13.11Milton Sanchez12.85aPalo Verde
14.9Isaiah Orduno12.93aXavier College Prep
15.12Timothy Yee12.97aCalexico
16.10Jordan Suarez13.00aImperial
17.10Donnie Shepard13.33aYuma Catholic
18.10Miguel Esquibel13.48aPalo Verde
19.9Nels Rogers14.59aYuma Catholic
9Brandon MorenoDQYuma Catholic
11Jack LindseyDQHoltville
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Martin10.9Otay Ranch
1.12Darren Paraiso11.18Otay Ranch
1.9Stevie Alexander11.2Otay Ranch
1.12Deion Williams11.47Otay Ranch
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Deion Williams22.82Otay Ranch
11Gage Nelson23.54Otay Ranch
12Cameron Lancour24.9Otay Ranch
12Nathaniel Lagman25.18Otay Ranch
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darren Paraiso53.75aOtay Ranch
3.11Gage Nelson54.99Otay Ranch
1.9Rafa Patricio55.30aOtay Ranch
1.10Isaiah Thomas56.31aOtay Ranch
1.9Jared Lindstrom57.40aOtay Ranch
12Gilberto Beltran58.75Otay Ranch
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.9Rafa Patricio2:09.26Otay Ranch
2.11Alexis Hernandez2:09.75Otay Ranch
3.10Isaiah Thomas2:11.61Otay Ranch
2.9Jared Lindstrom2:11.86Otay Ranch
11Alex Hernandez2:16.55Otay Ranch
2.10Isaiah Thomas2:1011Otay Ranch
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.11Alexis Hernandez3:28.00Otay Ranch
10Martin Martinez3:35.00Otay Ranch
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Albert Hernandez4:52.0Otay Ranch
3.11Cesar Ramos4:53.69Otay Ranch
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Steven Liu10:28.96aOtay Ranch
2.10Jonathan Leon10:35.74aCalexico
3.12Rodrigo Baza10:37.56aOtay Ranch
4.11Joel Lara10:48.54aHoltville
5.10Gerardo Lara11:35.26aHoltville
6.10Brandon Alquijay11:38.88aCentral Union
7.11Eric Hernandez11:42.67aPalo Verde
8.10Aaron Perez11:44.45aXavier College Prep
9.10Luis Heredia11:44.50aImperial
10.9David Stabile11:56.00aXavier College Prep
11.11Jose Brambila12:02.00aSouthwest (I.V.)
12.12Isaac Ferrel12:04.00aSouthwest (I.V.)
13.11Jesse Ceja12:20.00aXavier College Prep
14.11Felix Ruiz13:13.00aPalo Verde
15.11Rain Gopeng14:09.00aYuma Catholic
16.10Alexis Curiel14:13.00aYuma Catholic
10Ethan BarberDQYuma Catholic
12Javier CabreraDQPalo Verde
10Antonio MayorgaDQCalexico
11Juan MercadoDQCentral Union
12Eduardo SanchezDQImperial
12Luis RodriguezDQCalexico
10Julian ZevadaDQHoltville
11Alexis HernandezDQOtay Ranch
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mark Bjornsson15.89aOtay Ranch
2.12Gabriel Obeso17.36aCalexico
3.10Daniel Burton18.68aPalo Verde
4.12Vincent McNeas19.12aSouthwest (I.V.)
5.11Enrique Valenzuela19.43aCentral Union
6.10Ben Deckey19.57aYuma Catholic
7.11Victor Torres20.22aImperial
8.10Brooks Franklin20.63aXavier College Prep
9.9Jah Strange21.85aXavier College Prep
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mark Bjornsson16.16aOtay Ranch
4.12Gabriel Obeso17.58aCalexico
2.10Daniel Burton18.84aPalo Verde
5.12Vincent McNeas19.96aSouthwest (I.V.)
6.11Enrique Valenzuela20.14aCentral Union
7.10Ben Deckey20.50aYuma Catholic
3.11Victor Torres20.54aImperial
8.10Brooks Franklin21.36aXavier College Prep
9.9Jah Strange21.37aXavier College Prep
10.9Ebed Rodriguez21.41aImperial
11.10Leo Ramirez21.52aCentral Union
12.9Diego Romero21.95aCalexico
13.11David Bell22.88aXavier College Prep
14.11Diego Landin23.34aCalexico
15.10Saivon Lewis23.50aImperial
9Steven GonzalezDQCentral Union
11Steven GomezDQCentral Union
12Xander LawDQOtay Ranch
12Cameron LancourDQOtay Ranch
11Marko LopezDQHoltville
12Albert VeraDQHoltville
9Joel PittsDQPalo Verde
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.74aOtay Ranch
2.-Relay Team 45.43aPalo Verde
3.-Relay Team 46.24aXavier College Prep
4.-Relay Team 46.48aCalexico
5.-Relay Team 46.97aBrawley
6.-Relay Team 47.31aCentral Union
7.-Relay Team 48.34aSouthwest (I.V.)
8.-Relay Team 48.75aYuma Catholic
9.-Relay Team 48.98aImperial
10.-Relay Team 53.24aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQSan Luis
-Relay Team DQYuma Catholic
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQSouthwest (I.V.)
-Relay Team DQXavier College Prep
-Relay Team DQImperial
-Relay Team DQCalexico
-Relay Team DQCentral Union
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQOtay Ranch
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:36.37aPalo Verde
2.-Relay Team 1:39.45aCentral Union
3.-Relay Team 1:39.53aYuma Catholic
4.-Relay Team 1:41.53aCalexico
5.-Relay Team 1:43.30aImperial
6.-Relay Team 1:43.65aSan Luis
7.-Relay Team 1:55.28aSouthwest (I.V.)
-Relay Team DQXavier College Prep
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQOtay Ranch
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:42.76aOtay Ranch
2.-Relay Team 3:43.54aCentral Union
3.-Relay Team 3:49.63aCalexico
4.-Relay Team 4:00.60aXavier College Prep
5.-Relay Team 4:01.17aImperial
6.-Relay Team 4:12.02aSouthwest (I.V.)
7.-Relay Team 4:12.18aYuma Catholic
8.-Relay Team 4:17.42aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:41.27aCentral Union
2.-Relay Team 8:42.02aOtay Ranch
3.-Relay Team 8:43.17aCalexico
4.-Relay Team 8:51.61aXavier College Prep
5.-Relay Team 9:24.58aSouthwest (I.V.)
6.-Relay Team 9:35.46aImperial
7.-Relay Team 10:04.41aYuma Catholic
8.-Relay Team 11:06.70aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:52.60aCalexico
2.-Relay Team 3:56.47aXavier College Prep
3.-Relay Team 4:15.62aImperial
4.-Relay Team 4:16.21aSouthwest (I.V.)
5.-Relay Team 4:32.00aYuma Catholic
6.-Relay Team 4:44.32aSan Luis
7.-Relay Team 5:58.36aPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQCentral Union
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQOtay Ranch
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:17.72aCalexico
2.-Relay Team 11:25.21aXavier College Prep
3.-Relay Team 11:30.77aOtay Ranch
4.-Relay Team 11:45.94aCentral Union
5.-Relay Team 12:24.71aSan Luis
6.-Relay Team 12:44.88aYuma Catholic
7.-Relay Team 13:02.08aPalo Verde
8.-Relay Team 13:37.44aSouthwest (I.V.)
-Relay Team DQHoltville
-Relay Team DQImperial
-Relay Team DQBrawley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sebastian Santos51-05.50Imperial
2.12Francisco Estrada42-04.00Southwest (I.V.)
3.11Iran Torres41-04.00Yuma Catholic
3.12Leonardo Larros41-04.00Palo Verde
5.12Alex Valenzuela41-02.50Otay Ranch
6.10Chad Hutchinson40-03.50Imperial
7.12Tre Jones40-02.00Xavier College Prep
8.11John De Valle40-00.00Central Union
8.12John Barczynski40-00.00Yuma Catholic
10.10Chris Espejo38-06.00Xavier College Prep
11.11Greg Curl37-05.00Otay Ranch
11.12Esteban Cueto37-05.00Holtville
13.12Dakota Whalen37-04.00Holtville
14.12David Torres37-02.00Holtville
15.11Austin Quijada36-06.00Southwest (I.V.)
16.12Manuel Lira35-04.00Imperial
17.11Austin Petter34-09.00Central Union
18.11Steven Villanneva34-05.00Southwest (I.V.)
19.12Omar Montiel33-07.00Calexico
20.11Salvador Vallejo33-01.00Calexico
21.12Timothy Herrman32-07.00Otay Ranch
22.12Daniel Garcia32-04.00San Luis
23.12Angel Troncoso32-02.00Calexico
23.12Michael Salcedo32-02.00Central Union
25.12Jonathan Ayala31-05.00Palo Verde
26.12Alexis Escamilla31-03.00San Luis
27.12Carlos Urquijo31-00.00San Luis
27.10Seth Darland31-00.00Palo Verde
29.11Brandon Bogue28-09.00Xavier College Prep
30.11Aiden Edwards24-05.00Yuma Catholic
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leonardo Larros121-03Palo Verde
2.11Jaime Casillas119-10Yuma Catholic
3.12Francisco Estrada112-02Southwest (I.V.)
4.9Hunter Congress111-06Xavier College Prep
5.12John Barczynski111-06Yuma Catholic
6.12Alex Valenzuela109-07Otay Ranch
7.12Dakota Whalen108-06Holtville
8.11Steven Villanneva107-05Southwest (I.V.)
9.11John De Valle106-04Central Union
10.12Esteban Cueto105-01Holtville
11.11Iran Torres104-10Yuma Catholic
12.11Carl Maggio104-05Xavier College Prep
13.12Sebastian Santos98-03Imperial
14.11Austin Quijada98-02Southwest (I.V.)
15.12Michael Salcedo95-01Central Union
16.12David Torres94-02Holtville
17.11Salvador Vallejo93-03Calexico
18.12Timothy Herrman93-00Otay Ranch
19.10Chad Hutchinson89-00Imperial
20.12Daniel Garcia87-10San Luis
21.11Austin Petter84-06Central Union
22.12Carlos Urquijo84-02San Luis
23.12Angel Troncoso82-05Calexico
24.10Seth Darland82-00Palo Verde
25.9Jake Hill80-04Xavier College Prep
26.12Alexis Escamilla79-03San Luis
27.11Jordan White78-05Imperial
28.11Greg Curl70-04Otay Ranch
29.12Omar Montiel65-09Calexico
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
7.12Deion Williams5-08.00Otay Ranch
8.10Luis Heredia5-04.00Imperial
9.12Matthew Haywood5-02.00Southwest (I.V.)
12Atiyota VediriDQPalo Verde
12Jacob KuamooDQPalo Verde
11Calvin WattsDQXavier College Prep
12Will HarveyDQXavier College Prep
11Daniel LeyvaDQCalexico
10Jordan SuarezDQImperial
12Timothy MoodyDQImperial
10Adrian MoraDQCentral Union
11Misael SotoDQBrawley
12Ramiro JaraDQBrawley
12Jesus LuceroDQCentral Union
12Aldo MunozDQCalexico
11Damien WyzykowskiDQOtay Ranch
1.12Cameron Lancour15-08.00Otay Ranch
1.12Phillip Bais15-08.00Palo Verde
3.-Rubio Rubio10-08.00Brawley
4.12Joshua Landin10-06.00Calexico
5.9Chris McElrath9-08.00Xavier College Prep
6.9Caleb Gaede9-04.00Central Union
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cameron Lancour19-09.50Otay Ranch
2.12Chris Martin19-06.50Otay Ranch
3.12Timothy Yee18-09.00Calexico
4.9Markel Noble18-05.25Palo Verde
5.11Josh Canalez18-05.00Brawley
5.10Treyshon Malone18-05.00Yuma Catholic
7.11Jordan Brewer18-01.50Brawley
8.10Donovan Rooks18-00.00Yuma Catholic
9.10Gerardo Lara17-10.00Holtville
10.12Jesus Lucero17-03.50Central Union
11.12Fernando Carrera17-00.25Calexico
11.11Clay Bowler17-00.25Holtville
13.11Aaron Fernandez16-09.00Calexico
14.10Leo Ramirez16-08.50Central Union
15.10Nate Vasquez16-06.25Palo Verde
16.11Milton Sanchez16-06.00Palo Verde
16.11Andres Gonzalez16-06.00Central Union
18.10Zach Pinagayo16-05.00Xavier College Prep
19.12Daniel Bernal16-04.50Brawley
19.11Jacob Benton16-04.50Imperial
21.12Sean Esteban16-00.25Otay Ranch
22.10Tom Bleicher16-00.00Xavier College Prep
23.12Jesus Ramirez15-06.50Southwest (I.V.)
24.12Matthew Haywood15-05.50Southwest (I.V.)
9Fisayo OmilanaDQXavier College Prep
11Richard HamptonDQYuma Catholic
11Jack LindseyDQHoltville
11Danny RodriguezDQImperial
12Fernando HurtadoDQImperial
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deion Williams40-10.75Otay Ranch
2.10Donovan Rooks39-09.50Yuma Catholic
3.11Misael Soto38-11.50Brawley
4.12Timothy Yee38-09.50Calexico
5.10Nate Vasquez38-02.00Palo Verde
6.10Treyshon Malone38-00.50Yuma Catholic
7.11Jonathan Elias36-10.50Calexico
8.12Atiyota Vediri36-09.00Palo Verde
9.11Derrick Hudson36-05.00Otay Ranch
10.12Gilberto Pesqueira36-04.00Imperial
11.12Fernando Carrera35-11.25Calexico
12.12Sean Esteban35-10.50Otay Ranch
13.10Aaron Pena35-09.50Yuma Catholic
14.12Jacob Kuamoo35-07.50Palo Verde
15.12Gio Mazzotti35-01.50Xavier College Prep
16.10Zach Pinagayo34-07.00Xavier College Prep
17.10Leo Ramirez34-03.75Central Union
18.11Josh Canalez33-04.25Brawley
19.11Shawn De La Torre33-00.50Imperial
20.12Zakk Krigbaum32-10.50Brawley
21.12Jesus Lucero32-00.50Central Union
22.9Caleb Gaede26-06.00Central Union

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alyssa Valdez13.39aCentral Union
2.12Brianna Davis13.53aOtay Ranch
3.10Dona Stephens13.59aOtay Ranch
4.11Angelica Morse13.60aSouthwest (I.V.)
5.10Melissa Lopez13.62aCalexico
6.11Jazmin Aguilar13.74aSouthwest (I.V.)
7.10Pearl Imperial13.79aImperial
8.11Hannah Moss14.14aOtay Ranch
9.10Imani Blincoe14.88aImperial
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brianna Davis13.37aOtay Ranch
2.9Alyssa Valdez13.43aCentral Union
3.10Dona Stephens13.47aOtay Ranch
4.10Pearl Imperial13.62aImperial
5.11Angelica Morse13.64aSouthwest (I.V.)
6.11Jazmin Aguilar13.68aSouthwest (I.V.)
7.10Melissa Lopez13.88aCalexico
8.10Imani Blincoe13.90aImperial
9.11Hannah Moss14.02aOtay Ranch
10.11Cheyenne Davis14.13aCentral Union
11.11Michelle Okada14.43aCalexico
12.10TY Johnson14.85aPalo Verde
13.12Kayla Hyde14.98aCentral Union
14.11Xochitl Garnica15.03aHoltville
15.11Madelynn Tabarez15.05aCalexico
16.12Essen Huang15.18aXavier College Prep
17.10Luffiea Fu15.48aXavier College Prep
18.9Veronica Boyd15.81aYuma Catholic
19.11Shirley Chen16.28aXavier College Prep
20.11Layne Compton16.45aYuma Catholic
21.12Kaycie Waters17.83aYuma Catholic
12Nikki BlackDQPalo Verde
9Denise QuinteroDQHoltville
10Amy ChavezDQHoltville
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brianna Davis12.63Otay Ranch
1.11Hannah Moss13.25Otay Ranch
1.12Alyssa Chang13.33Otay Ranch
1.10Dona Stephens13.39Otay Ranch
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.10Alexis Stoke27.28Otay Ranch
3.10Isabelle Merlin28.5Otay Ranch
3.11Leslie Thompson31.33Otay Ranch
3.10Vanessa Alcantar31.93Otay Ranch
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sabrina Tunks76.76Otay Ranch
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carina Gillespie2:28.26Otay Ranch
1.12Catie LeDesma2:30.89Otay Ranch
1.10Darla Osuna2:32.51Otay Ranch
3.11Monique Anguiano2:39.82Otay Ranch
1.11Kezia Flores2:40.0Otay Ranch
3.10Alicia Huerta2:44.41Otay Ranch
2.9Samantha Tunks2:54.55Otay Ranch
3.9Victoria Buddie2:57.04Otay Ranch
3.9Maddy Graves2:57.64Otay Ranch
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kassa Covarrubias4:25.2Otay Ranch
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.10Kalani Krause6:13.63Otay Ranch
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Catie LeDesma11:56.62aOtay Ranch
2.10Kalani Krause13:21.10aOtay Ranch
3.12Bailie LeDesma13:28.00aOtay Ranch
4.12Brenna Hardaway13:41.62aSouthwest (I.V.)
5.9Gabrielle Sauceda13:57.55aSouthwest (I.V.)
6.10Carmen Renteria13:58.86aCalexico
7.10Yulissa Torres14:12.00aCalexico
8.11Rebekah Aguilar14:23.00aImperial
9.11Sofie Baez14:36.00aXavier College Prep
10.10Mauryn Wilde14:58.00aSouthwest (I.V.)
11.10Audrey Castillo15:00.00aPalo Verde
12.11Kayla Perez15:02.00aXavier College Prep
13.12Yalitza Rojas15:15.00aPalo Verde
14.9Marissa Rashid15:34.00aCalexico
15.11Monica Castaneda15:49.00aXavier College Prep
16.9Briana Galvan16:30.00aPalo Verde
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alyssa Chang15.81aOtay Ranch
2.12Jacqueline Mendez18.71aSouthwest (I.V.)
3.12Jazmin Sandoval19.67aImperial
4.11Marielle Vizcarra20.36aCalexico
5.10Keanna Tagupa20.41aImperial
6.10Rebecca Ojeda20.53aCalexico
7.11Mary Terkelsen21.87aYuma Catholic
8.10Arlene Lamas21.94aImperial
9.10Jade Kadile23.52aXavier College Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alyssa Chang16.32aOtay Ranch
2.12Jacqueline Mendez18.61aSouthwest (I.V.)
3.12Jazmin Sandoval19.56aImperial
4.11Marielle Vizcarra20.45aCalexico
5.10Keanna Tagupa20.53aImperial
6.10Rebecca Ojeda20.80aCalexico
7.11Mary Terkelsen21.34aYuma Catholic
8.10Arlene Lamas21.89aImperial
9.10Jade Kadile24.28aXavier College Prep
10.10Stacey Fakhenany24.46aXavier College Prep
11.11Amber Valenzuela24.50aCalexico
12.10Jasmine Kadile27.47aXavier College Prep
12Carolina RomoDQSouthwest (I.V.)
10Victoria QuinnDQImperial
12Jocelyn PerazaDQCentral Union
11Katrianna SeanezDQCentral Union
12Courtney HolmanDQOtay Ranch
10Isabelle MerlinDQOtay Ranch
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.61aOtay Ranch
2.-Relay Team 53.68aCentral Union
3.-Relay Team 54.11aSouthwest (I.V.)
4.-Relay Team 54.39aImperial
5.-Relay Team 56.22aBrawley
6.-Relay Team 56.35aYuma Catholic
7.-Relay Team 56.50aCalexico
8.-Relay Team 1:00.08aHoltville
9.-Relay Team 1:00.71aXavier College Prep
-Relay Team 1:07.63aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:58.64aImperial
2.-Relay Team 1:59.39aCentral Union
3.-Relay Team 1:59.53aOtay Ranch
4.-Relay Team 1:59.90aCalexico
5.-Relay Team 2:03.89aYuma Catholic
6.-Relay Team 2:09.78aXavier College Prep
7.-Relay Team 2:11.70aSan Luis
8.-Relay Team 2:31.52aSouthwest (I.V.)
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:22.59aCentral Union
2.-Relay Team 4:26.46aOtay Ranch
3.-Relay Team 4:39.34aCalexico
4.-Relay Team 4:48.46aImperial
5.-Relay Team 4:51.54aXavier College Prep
6.-Relay Team 4:59.20aYuma Catholic
7.-Relay Team 5:14.94aSouthwest (I.V.)
-Relay Team DQSan Luis
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:12.25aOtay Ranch
2.-Relay Team 10:42.34aCentral Union
3.-Relay Team 11:23.82aXavier College Prep
4.-Relay Team 11:41.46aCalexico
5.-Relay Team 11:52.01aSouthwest (I.V.)
6.-Relay Team 12:10.73aYuma Catholic
7.-Relay Team 12:30.31aPalo Verde
8.-Relay Team 14:03.69aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQImperial
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:47.01aSouthwest (I.V.)
2.-Relay Team 5:03.20aImperial
3.-Relay Team 5:11.94aXavier College Prep
4.-Relay Team 5:13.21aCalexico
5.-Relay Team 5:41.79aYuma Catholic
6.-Relay Team 5:49.48aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQCentral Union
-Relay Team DQPalo Verde
-Relay Team DQSouthwest (I.V.)
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQHoltville
-Relay Team DQOtay Ranch
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 14:33.05aXavier College Prep
2.-Relay Team 14:50.49aOtay Ranch
3.-Relay Team 14:52.23aSouthwest (I.V.)
4.-Relay Team 15:06.01aCalexico
5.-Relay Team 15:24.71aCentral Union
6.-Relay Team 15:25.03aImperial
7.-Relay Team 15:40.30aYuma Catholic
8.-Relay Team 16:15.73aPalo Verde
9.-Relay Team 16:37.09aSan Luis
-Relay Team DQBrawley
-Relay Team DQHoltville
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aliyah Waters29-04.50Brawley
2.Alex Lopez29-02.00Xavier College Prep
3.11Kelsey Lamoure28-11.50Southwest (I.V.)
4.11Karinn Arballo28-06.00Southwest (I.V.)
5.9Francesca Fishell27-08.50Southwest (I.V.)
6.10Kara Abshier27-07.00Otay Ranch
7.11Lilian King27-04.50Otay Ranch
7.11Marisol Garcia27-04.50Holtville
9.11Lexi Kassler25-11.00Xavier College Prep
10.12Alejandra Toledo24-09.00Otay Ranch
10.11Nancy Clark24-09.00Calexico
12.9Lorena Canez24-08.00Central Union
13.11Valerie Barrientos24-05.50Imperial
14.9Rosie Marical24-03.00Central Union
15.9Mia Gutierrez23-07.00Brawley
16.10Eliza Tellez23-06.50Palo Verde
17.10Grace Mickle23-06.00Brawley
18.11Janet Arredondo23-03.00Imperial
19.12Rachyl Garcia23-01.00Central Union
20.10Amanda Barczynski22-08.50Yuma Catholic
21.9Rylie Vance21-08.00Yuma Catholic
22.11Karla Osuna20-10.00Holtville
23.11Maria Hurtado20-09.00Calexico
24.12Fara Rodriguez20-05.00San Luis
25.9Andrea Gaona19-10.50Palo Verde
26.9Andrea Garnica18-10.50Palo Verde
27.12Natalia Vasquez18-10.00Calexico
28.12Diana Moreno18-07.00San Luis
29.10Nadia Rangel18-03.00San Luis
30.12Olivia Moore16-09.50Imperial
31.11Carolina Perez15-09.50Holtville
32.10Jennifer Juarez15-03.00Yuma Catholic
9Gabby MacconnellDQXavier College Prep
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lilian King90-01Otay Ranch
2.11Marisol Garcia89-08Holtville
3.10Eliza Tellez76-09Palo Verde
4.10Kara Abshier74-07Otay Ranch
5.11Gabriela Miramontes74-04Southwest (I.V.)
6.Alex Lopez72-05Xavier College Prep
7.11Karinn Arballo72-01Southwest (I.V.)
8.12Adrienne Sotelo71-05Brawley
9.11Kelsey Lamoure69-06Southwest (I.V.)
10.12Elisandra Amparano69-03Central Union
11.12Aliyah Waters69-00Brawley
12.12Alejandra Toledo67-08Otay Ranch
13.9Andrea Garnica67-07Palo Verde
14.11Maria Hurtado64-04Calexico
15.12Kayla Hyde63-07Central Union
16.11Lexi Kassler61-06Xavier College Prep
17.9Andrea Gaona60-08Palo Verde
18.12Diana Moreno60-00San Luis
19.11Karla Osuna59-03Holtville
20.11Valerie Barrientos59-00Imperial
21.11Amanda Garcia58-06Brawley
22.9Rylie Vance58-03Yuma Catholic
23.11Nancy Clark56-05Calexico
24.12Fara Rodriguez56-04San Luis
25.12Daniela Valdez55-01Central Union
26.12Natalia Vasquez51-03Calexico
27.11Janet Arredondo48-00Imperial
28.11Carolina Perez45-02Holtville
29.12Olivia Moore41-09Imperial
30.10Nadia Rangel35-01San Luis
31.10Jennifer Juarez34-07Yuma Catholic
9Romina CaipoDQXavier College Prep
10Amanda BarczynskiDQYuma Catholic
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
4.10Brenda Linares4-02.00Imperial
4.12Tiara Snownden4-02.00Southwest (I.V.)
10Jazmyne BrownDQYuma Catholic
9Allyson WareDQYuma Catholic
11Alejandra AlonsoDQCalexico
11Marielle VizcarraDQCalexico
10Vanessa AlcantarDQOtay Ranch
11Leslie ThompsonDQOtay Ranch
10Kennedy CoxDQPalo Verde
11Chelsey MendenhallDQYuma Catholic
10Shelby cyrDQPalo Verde
10Alessandra AlvaradoDQCentral Union
9Alina MorenoDQCalexico
11Kayla SilverDQBrawley
10Arrelia AlvarezDQBrawley
12Kenya EstradaDQCentral Union
11Katrianna SeanezDQCentral Union
1.11Kalynn Gutierrez12-08.00Brawley
2.10Andrea Stoke12-06.00Otay Ranch
3.12Christina Becquer8-10.00Palo Verde
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ilse Saenz13-10.50Otay Ranch
2.11Cheyenne Davis13-06.00Central Union
3.10Andrea Stoke13-03.75Otay Ranch
4.9Valerie Cardenas13-03.50Central Union
5.10Tiffany Canez13-02.75Central Union
6.10Arrelia Alvarez12-09.50Brawley
7.11Shirley Chen12-09.00Xavier College Prep
8.12Dezrah Van12-08.50Imperial
9.12Christina Becquer12-08.00Palo Verde
9.11Kalynn Gutierrez12-08.00Brawley
11.11Maryanne Baltazar12-07.75Calexico
12.11Kayla Silver12-07.50Brawley
13.10Jazmine Logan12-05.50Otay Ranch
14.11Amber Valenzuela12-02.50Calexico
15.11Mary Terkelsen12-02.00Yuma Catholic
16.10Yolanda Perez12-00.50Yuma Catholic
17.10Kennedy Cox12-00.00Palo Verde
18.10TY Johnson11-06.50Palo Verde
19.11Alex Baca11-05.00Imperial
20.12Alondra Garcia11-03.00Xavier College Prep
21.11Ilana Meza-Silva10-09.00Imperial
22.11Essen Yuang10-03.00Xavier College Prep
10Imani BlincoeDQImperial
11Chelsey MendenhallDQYuma Catholic
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brianna Davis32-01.00Otay Ranch
2.10Tiffany Canez30-07.00Central Union
3.11Ainara Manlutac29-06.00Otay Ranch
4.11Cheyenne Davis28-01.75Central Union
5.9Valerie Cardenas27-03.50Central Union
6.11Araceli Arambaro27-00.00Calexico
6.10Vanessa Alcantar27-00.00Otay Ranch
8.11Karla Quezada25-10.50Imperial
9.11Ilana Meza-Silva25-00.00Imperial
11Marielle VizcarraDQCalexico
11Alejandra AlonsoDQCalexico
10Grace MickleDQBrawley
11Marteshia AdamsDQBrawley
10Jazmine LoganDQOtay Ranch
12Dezrah VanDQImperial
10Allie AlcalaDQBrawley
12Christina BecquerDQPalo Verde
9Angelica WattsDQXavier College Prep
12Alondra GarciaDQXavier College Prep
11Chelsey MendenhallDQYuma Catholic
10TY JohnsonDQPalo Verde
10Kennedy CoxDQPalo Verde
10Minna HernandezDQYuma Catholic
10Cassandra CoronadoDQYuma Catholic
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