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Legacy Bronco Relays

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Legacy HS, Mansfield, TX

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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Stewart11.00aMansfield
2.11Jimmy Jones11.03aMansfield Legacy
3.11JB Copeland11.20aSouthlake Carroll
4.12Ian Asibey11.26aMansfield Timberview
5.12Dustin Seeton11.30aMidlothian
6.11Anton Clark11.35aArlington Seguin
7.10Bobby McGuire11.43aMansfield
8.10DaJuan Jefferson11.45aEnnis
9.12Tyler Henderson11.47aSouthlake Carroll
10.11Shedrick Jackson11.55aArlington Seguin
11.12Caleb Sims11.58aMansfield Lake Ridge
12.12Daveon Clewis11.66aMansfield Timberview
13.11De'Von Vasser11.68aMansfield
14.11DeMarcus Crenshaw11.70aMansfield Timberview
15.11Nick Gabriel11.75aEnnis
16.11Nic Roberts11.75aArlington Seguin
17.11Prince Ofori12.50aMansfield Lake Ridge
18.12Lenzy Singleton12.60aFt Worth Arlington Hts
19.11Elijah Pierson12.88aFt Worth Arlington Hts
20.12Gary Baker12.97aFt Worth Arlington Hts
21.12Brian Hesson18.82aLucas Lovejoy
11Jahshawn JohnsonDQEnnis
10Parker FentrissDNSSouthlake Carroll
-Stephen BennettDNSLucas Lovejoy
11Jonte TravisDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
12Jesse JohnsonDNSRichardson Lake High...
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Davante Owens11.20aMansfield
2.10Trevor Saltsman11.30aMansfield Legacy
3.11Malik Waller11.34aMansfield
4.10Desten Johnson11.49aEnnis
5.11Jamon Allen11.67aArlington Seguin
6.9Jermaine Brealy11.78aMansfield Legacy
7.9Michael Badejo11.80aMansfield Timberview
8.9Eli Carr11.82aMansfield
9.10CJ Bryan11.84aSouthlake Carroll
10.10Najee Mustafaa11.87aMidlothian
11.9Cedric Whitaker11.90aMidlothian
12.9Brentyn Kelly11.93aMansfield Lake Ridge
13.10Aaron Christy11.94aMansfield Timberview
14.11Ty Napier11.98aArlington Seguin
15.10Jordan Green11.99aMansfield Lake Ridge
16.11Robert Clayton12.18aMansfield Legacy
17.9Obi Eboh12.23aSouthlake Carroll
18.-Roemello Davis12.30aFt Worth Arlington Hts
19.10Keilan Johnson12.32aFt Worth Arlington Hts
20.9Kevin Davis12.33aLucas Lovejoy
21.10Nick Davis12.45aMansfield Lake Ridge
22.10Camerion Perry12.53aEnnis
23.10Sam Iheke12.57aRichardson Lake High...
24.11Deshawn Hamilton12.72aMansfield Timberview
25.9Dakota Michaels12.90aLucas Lovejoy
26.11Blake Miller12.98aFt Worth Arlington Hts
27.12Darian Blakes13.57aMidlothian
11Jamarkius BealDNSRichardson Lake High...
10Trey EdwardsDNSEnnis
9Tyson SmiterDNSSouthlake Carroll
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lamarques Woodard22.44aMansfield
2.10Bobby McGuire22.46aMansfield
3.10Devin Smith22.98aEnnis
4.12Lance Evans23.14aMansfield
5.12Gary Baker23.27aFt Worth Arlington Hts
6.10Tariq Gordan23.34aSouthlake Carroll
7.9Dee Wilson23.36aEnnis
8.10Myron Gailliard23.55aMansfield Timberview
9.11Radiance Okuzor23.56aMansfield Timberview
10.11Shedrick Jackson23.61aArlington Seguin
11.11DeMarcus Crenshaw23.76aMansfield Timberview
12.10Rodney Mitchell23.77aMansfield Legacy
13.11Kenton Mayberry23.87aMansfield Legacy
14.10Bryson Wallace23.91aMansfield Lake Ridge
15.11Anton Clark23.91aArlington Seguin
16.11Luke Kissick23.93aSouthlake Carroll
17.11Tariq Mustafaa23.95aMidlothian
18.12Alex Hernandez24.03aMidlothian
19.12Daniel Green24.10aRichardson Lake High...
20.11Nic Roberts24.20aArlington Seguin
21.10Davante Edwards25.08aEnnis
22.9Richie Vaughn25.11aMansfield Legacy
23.12Lenzy Singleton25.38aFt Worth Arlington Hts
24.11Elijah Pierson25.56aFt Worth Arlington Hts
25.11Prince Ofori25.97aMansfield Lake Ridge
10Jamarice PrestonDNSRichardson Lake High...
12Aaron HoaglandDNSSouthlake Carroll
12Brandon BorDNSRichardson Lake High...
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Elijah Sherrill23.47aMansfield
2.11Cameron Hillier23.78aMansfield Legacy
3.11Jamon Allen23.79aArlington Seguin
4.9Michael McGee23.89aMansfield Legacy
5.10Christian Armistead24.08aMansfield Legacy
6.10Devontae Humphrey24.16aSouthlake Carroll
7.10Michral Barrett24.24aMansfield Timberview
8.10Torijon Evans24.58aArlington Seguin
9.9Grant McFarlin24.63aSouthlake Carroll
10.9Kendravious Perry24.73aMansfield Lake Ridge
11.10Malik Williams24.85aMansfield
12.10Curtis Alexander24.89aRichardson Lake High...
13.-Nick Larsen25.10aLucas Lovejoy
14.-Travis Burger25.19aLucas Lovejoy
15.10Aaron Christy25.27aMansfield Timberview
16.10Elijah Muhammad25.61aMidlothian
17.11Deshawn Hamilton25.77aMansfield Timberview
18.11JB Moblin25.80aMansfield Lake Ridge
19.11Sansing Kaping26.04aRichardson Lake High...
20.9Ike Walker26.43aEnnis
21.11Blake Miller26.56aFt Worth Arlington Hts
22.9Francis Odubasa26.65aFt Worth Arlington Hts
23.11Ty Napier26.73aArlington Seguin
24.11Julio Arvizu27.17aFt Worth Arlington Hts
25.11Jamarkius Beal27.78aRichardson Lake High...
26.12Darian Blakes28.73aMidlothian
27.9Bryson McDade30.64aEnnis
10CJ BryanDNSSouthlake Carroll
11Malik WallerDNSMansfield
10Justin EghoborDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
-Stephen LarsenDNSLucas Lovejoy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Hoagland51.28aSouthlake Carroll
2.12Zavonte McGriff51.44aMansfield Legacy
3.12Spencer Sunstrum51.86aSouthlake Carroll
4.12Joshua Stief52.16aMansfield Timberview
4.12Andres Padilla52.16aArlington Seguin
6.9Aaron Fuller52.56aLucas Lovejoy
7.11DeMarcus Crenshaw52.63aMansfield Timberview
8.12Cole Davidson52.65aMidlothian
9.10Parker Fentriss52.80aSouthlake Carroll
10.10Myron Gailliard53.53aMansfield Timberview
11.12Brian Palacio54.01aArlington Seguin
12.12Skyler Roundtree54.31aLucas Lovejoy
13.12Valentino Valentine54.40aFt Worth Arlington Hts
14.12Antonio Jones55.20aMidlothian
15.12Nick Leblanc56.22aMansfield
16.10Beau Billings56.24aMansfield Legacy
17.11Brian Hammer56.52aMidlothian
18.11Jonathan Hollins57.08aEnnis
19.9Richie Vaughn57.76aMansfield Legacy
20.11TJ Robinson59.25aMansfield Lake Ridge
21.10Bryson Williams59.26aMansfield Lake Ridge
22.12Rocky Skinner59.73aMansfield Lake Ridge
23.12Joshua White59.87aFt Worth Arlington Hts
12Andy AndradeDNSEnnis
10Matthew GordonDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
12Tyler TothDNSLucas Lovejoy
11Jake TicerDNSMansfield
11Jeremy ThreatsDNSMansfield
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Evan Clary55.20aSouthlake Carroll
2.9Blake Gardner55.46aMidlothian
3.-Travis Burger55.74aLucas Lovejoy
4.10Malik Barnes56.07aArlington Seguin
5.11Carter Bishop56.22aSouthlake Carroll
6.9KeAndre Jackson56.49aFt Worth Arlington Hts
7.10Issac Shepard56.66aArlington Seguin
8.9Jun Chan56.84aMansfield
9.10Malik Williams56.89aMansfield
10.10Nick Davis57.24aMansfield Lake Ridge
11.9Caleb Evans57.26aMansfield
12.9Ian Engbrock57.41aLucas Lovejoy
13.11Tyler Groce57.94aMansfield Legacy
14.9Dayton Callaway58.19aMidlothian
15.10Christian Armistead58.51aMansfield Legacy
16.9Bryson McDade58.81aEnnis
17.10Jose Estrada59.79aFt Worth Arlington Hts
18.10Darius Edwards60.28aEnnis
19.11Tunji Asekun60.75aMansfield Timberview
20.9Dakota Michaels61.19aLucas Lovejoy
21.-Rayleigh Diaz61.85aFt Worth Arlington Hts
22.9Jarrett Ware63.32aMansfield Timberview
23.11Grant Robertson63.95aMansfield Lake Ridge
24.12Quientavious Mattox64.02aRichardson Lake High...
25.10Quincy Okonkwo64.80aMansfield Lake Ridge
11Sansing KapingDNSRichardson Lake High...
10Gary JolivetDNSArlington Seguin
10Tyler CoodyDNSMidlothian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Regen Hatcher2:01.09aSouthlake Carroll
2.11Connor Hendrickson2:02.49aSouthlake Carroll
3.12Arjun Srivistava2:02.58aLucas Lovejoy
4.12Andres Padilla2:02.68aArlington Seguin
5.11De'drian Windham2:03.80aMansfield Timberview
6.11John Bugni2:04.02aRichardson Lake High...
7.12Chase Whichman2:04.36aSouthlake Carroll
8.12Evan Hartter2:05.56aLucas Lovejoy
9.11Keishi Mii2:06.29aMidlothian
10.10Beau Billings2:09.85aMansfield Legacy
11.12Riley Cox2:10.09aFt Worth Arlington Hts
12.12Samuel Bates2:11.14aFt Worth Arlington Hts
13.10Bailey Rhodes2:11.46aMidlothian
14.11Radiance Okuzor2:11.70aMansfield Timberview
15.12Stefan Oddsson2:12.53aRichardson Lake High...
16.12DeAndre McGruder2:13.27aArlington Seguin
17.11Rubel Gerbermicael2:13.61aRichardson Lake High...
18.12Kyler Hitt2:13.95aMansfield
19.12Brian Palacio2:14.14aArlington Seguin
20.9Matthew Garza2:14.90aMansfield Timberview
21.11Victor Rosales2:17.11aFt Worth Arlington Hts
22.11Jonathan Hollins2:24.56aEnnis
23.12Nick Cathey2:42.92aMansfield Lake Ridge
11Kendall JoinerDNSLucas Lovejoy
11Joseph SarabiaDNSMidlothian
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Noah Landguth2:06.78aLucas Lovejoy
2.9Jabari Ford2:07.36aMansfield Lake Ridge
3.9Alex Martinez2:07.69aMansfield Lake Ridge
4.11Samuel Chambers2:07.78aMansfield
5.10Malcolm Lewis2:11.18aMansfield
6.9Jake Oldroyd2:11.45aSouthlake Carroll
7.9Michael Waugh2:11.91aSouthlake Carroll
8.9Coy Lucas2:12.10aFt Worth Arlington Hts
9.9Matt Gilliland2:16.15aMansfield Lake Ridge
10.9Josh Newcomb2:17.84aMansfield Legacy
11.9Alec Hanshaw2:18.14aMansfield
12.11Tunji Asekun2:25.64aMansfield Timberview
13.9David Dominguez2:26.26aFt Worth Arlington Hts
14.9Jarrett Ware2:26.63aMansfield Timberview
15.9Brock Bittner2:29.08aLucas Lovejoy
16.12Quientavious Mattox2:29.42aRichardson Lake High...
17.9Jared Steward2:29.57aSouthlake Carroll
18.11Drew Montano2:38.21aEnnis
19.11Seth McGeath2:40.26aMidlothian
20.9Jarrett White2:46.40aEnnis
9Casi CiprianoDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Mason MottDNSMidlothian
11Ezra SkeeteDNSMansfield Timberview
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Odneal4:27.95aSouthlake Carroll
2.12Jeffrey Weisheit4:30.05aMansfield Legacy
3.12Nate Sullivan4:30.45aSouthlake Carroll
4.10Elijah Canal4:31.16aSouthlake Carroll
5.12Connor McLain4:38.18aMansfield
6.12Andrew Little4:40.28aRichardson Lake High...
7.11John Bugni4:42.50aRichardson Lake High...
8.12Mike Jones4:44.52aLucas Lovejoy
9.10Brandon Vaughn4:44.62aRichardson Lake High...
10.11Ryan Kellenbach4:45.70aMansfield Lake Ridge
11.11Keishi Mii4:46.40aMidlothian
12.10Jake Weith4:48.82aMansfield Legacy
13.10Grant Ballard4:50.07aLucas Lovejoy
14.12Kyler Hitt4:51.16aMansfield
15.11Joe Brands4:52.53aLucas Lovejoy
16.9Ivan Hernandez4:53.54aFt Worth Arlington Hts
17.11John Stivers4:55.40aMansfield
18.9Matthew Garza4:56.21aMansfield Timberview
19.9Roger Ward5:00.27aMidlothian
20.10Sean McComas5:04.64aMidlothian
21.12Mackenzie Jameson5:07.68aFt Worth Arlington Hts
22.12Jose Jimenez5:10.15aFt Worth Arlington Hts
23.10Jordan Tahabsim5:20.02aMansfield Lake Ridge
12Nick CatheyDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
10Christian OldhamDNSMansfield Legacy
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Brenden Wohltjen4:46.73aMansfield
2.12Matt Carson4:49.76aSouthlake Carroll
3.11Matt Farina4:51.73aMansfield
4.9Noah Landguth4:56.92aLucas Lovejoy
5.9William Wise5:00.77aLucas Lovejoy
6.11Kyle Polansky5:01.86aSouthlake Carroll
7.10Sam Ruhala5:03.86aLucas Lovejoy
8.12Paul Baker5:06.08aSouthlake Carroll
9.10Curtis Booth5:08.86aMansfield
10.9Matthew Green5:12.87aMansfield Legacy
11.10Daniel Cardona5:12.97aArlington Seguin
12.9Ben Summers5:20.11aFt Worth Arlington Hts
13.9Coy Lucas5:20.96aFt Worth Arlington Hts
14.9Josh Newcomb5:20.99aMansfield Legacy
15.9Alex Alvarado5:21.06aArlington Seguin
16.9Christopher Pacheco5:29.54aFt Worth Arlington Hts
17.11Justin Alexander5:29.95aMidlothian
18.10Madoc Pierce5:30.19aRichardson Lake High...
19.11Cameron Pack5:30.99aMidlothian
20.10Zach Nickel5:52.19aRichardson Lake High...
21.11Drew Montano5:58.73aEnnis
22.12Eli Radanoric6:33.19aMidlothian
23.9Johhny Nguyen6:34.62aArlington Seguin
24.9Alex Martinez6:44.56aMansfield Lake Ridge
11Michael GaribaDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
9Jarrett WareDNSMansfield Timberview
9Jarrett WhiteDNSEnnis
11Ezra SkeeteDNSMansfield Timberview
10Justus WenzelDNSRichardson Lake High...
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Eric Karl II10:29.09aSouthlake Carroll
2.10Ansel Richards10:44.14aSouthlake Carroll
3.10Mason Murray10:53.27aRichardson Lake High...
4.9William Wise10:59.61aLucas Lovejoy
5.10Isaiah Wilson11:04.01aMidlothian
6.10Sam Ruhala11:04.55aLucas Lovejoy
7.11Daniel Vegel11:17.43aSouthlake Carroll
8.9Matthew Green11:26.69aMansfield Legacy
9.11Stephen Benton11:31.98aMansfield
10.9Alex Alvarado11:35.28aArlington Seguin
11.10Jeff Esakov11:38.10aMansfield
12.10Colin Gonzalez11:38.55aMansfield
13.10Patrick Stein11:41.62aRichardson Lake High...
14.10Daniel Cardona11:46.69aArlington Seguin
15.11Cameron Pack11:50.23aMidlothian
16.10Chris Byrd11:53.58aRichardson Lake High...
17.9David Dominguez11:59.99aFt Worth Arlington Hts
18.9Ben Summers12:00.81aFt Worth Arlington Hts
19.9Noah Morrow12:36.54aLucas Lovejoy
20.9Johhny Nguyen13:01.10aArlington Seguin
11Reed PinkertonDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Drew MontanoDNSEnnis
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaron Thomas15.07aMidlothian
2.12Brady Burke15.42aMansfield Legacy
3.11Branden Perry15.88aMansfield Timberview
4.10Garrett Moore15.97aMansfield Legacy
5.12Cameron Stokes16.03aArlington Seguin
6.12Forrestt Browning16.34aMansfield
7.12Zach Saffle16.51aLucas Lovejoy
8.10Donta Thompson16.54aEnnis
9.11Kyle Dragulski16.55aMansfield Legacy
10.12Devon Doggett16.75aFt Worth Arlington Hts
11.10Mason Quinn17.11aMidlothian
12.11Terrell Russell17.82aEnnis
13.12Kayan Lewis17.93aRichardson Lake High...
14.11Ezekiel Ajeigbe18.04aMansfield Timberview
15.11A.J. Divinity18.06aMidlothian
12Grayson WilliamsDNSLucas Lovejoy
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Chuck Harris17.00aMansfield Timberview
2.10Brandon Ortez17.94aMansfield
3.9jeromy McKnight18.77aMansfield Lake Ridge
4.9Tristan Bond18.78aSouthlake Carroll
5.9Josh Wright19.20aMansfield
6.9Zayne Johnson19.52aMansfield
7.11Will Cappell19.87aMidlothian
8.9Edwin Castillo20.02aMansfield Lake Ridge
9.10Jacob Comerford20.06aLucas Lovejoy
10.9Tashan Hughes21.42aEnnis
11.11Robert Helm22.86aMansfield Lake Ridge
10Collin EtchiesonDNSLucas Lovejoy
9Kristan RiderDNSSouthlake Carroll
9Logan LipscombDNSEnnis
9Tommy KaneDNSSouthlake Carroll
9Donyea ThompsonDNSMansfield Timberview
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaron Thomas39.11aMidlothian
2.10Garrett Moore39.28aMansfield Legacy
3.12Grayson Williams42.23aLucas Lovejoy
4.12Cameron Stokes42.32aArlington Seguin
5.12Hayden Florence42.40aMansfield
6.12Forrestt Browning43.00aMansfield
7.12Brady Burke43.37aMansfield Legacy
8.11Kyle Dragulski43.41aMansfield Legacy
9.11Ezekiel Ajeigbe44.55aMansfield Timberview
10.11A.J. Divinity45.01aMidlothian
11.12Kayan Lewis45.05aRichardson Lake High...
12.11Marcus Daggs45.62aEnnis
13.11Branden Perry45.65aMansfield Timberview
14.11Zach Tomlison45.91aMidlothian
15.12DeAndre McGruder46.10aArlington Seguin
16.12Jesse Johnson46.26aRichardson Lake High...
17.12Ian Asibey50.60aMansfield Timberview
12Devon DoggettDNFFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Terrell RussellDNSEnnis
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Chuck Harris44.25aMansfield Timberview
2.11Cobey Steadham44.81aMidlothian
3.10Jake Turner45.02aEnnis
4.9Tristan Bond45.25aSouthlake Carroll
5.9jeromy McKnight45.80aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.10Collin Etchieson46.00aLucas Lovejoy
7.9Kam Duhon46.03aSouthlake Carroll
8.11Will Cappell46.67aMidlothian
9.10Taylor Holder46.71aSouthlake Carroll
10.9Deondrey Evans46.74aMansfield
11.10Brandon Ortez47.12aMansfield
12.9Zayne Johnson48.07aMansfield
13.9Edwin Castillo53.21aMansfield Lake Ridge
14.10Jacob Comerford53.57aLucas Lovejoy
9Peyton ThorDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
9Donyea ThompsonDNSMansfield Timberview
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Smith
Travonne Armstead
Joshua Stief
Sherman Long
42.80aMansfield Timberview
2.-JB Copeland
Tariq Gordan
Tyler Henderson
Luke Kissick
43.21aSouthlake Carroll
3.-Marcellus Hill
Darby Smith
Devin Smith
Dee Wilson
4.-Nathan Stewart
Lamarques Woodard
Emmanuel Esukpa
De'Von Vasser
5.-Javonte Jones
David Seastrunk
Kenton Mayberry
Jimmy Jones
43.42aMansfield Legacy
6.-Jacob Mathis
Tariq Mustafaa
Dustin Seeton
Justin Seeton
7.-Brandon Bor
Jarrod Smith
Jeffrey Hyatt
Daniel Green
44.38aRichardson Lake High...
8.-Anton Clark
Shedrick Jackson
Ty Napier
Nic Roberts
44.52aArlington Seguin
9.-Brian Hesson
Zach Saffle
Stephen Bennett
Grant Jarvis
44.95aLucas Lovejoy
10.-Kendrick Randolph
Bryson Wallace
Jonte Travis
Savaughn Anderson
45.49aMansfield Lake Ridge
-Gary Baker
Kerrion Graves
Skye Singleton
Tenifarre Jackson
DNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Eli Carr
Malik Williams
Davante Owens
Elijah Sherrill
2.-Jermaine Brealy
Robert Clayton
Cameron Hillier
Trevor Saltsman
45.22aMansfield Legacy
3.-Andrew Chelf
Clark Parr
Evan Clary
Obi Eboh
45.42aSouthlake Carroll
4.-Michael Badejo
Jeremy Nwonumah
Undre Jordan
Michral Barrett
45.51aMansfield Timberview
5.-Trey Edwards
Destin Johnson
Marqus Monroe
Ike Walker
6.-Relay Team 46.09aFt Worth Arlington Hts
7.-Justin Malik
Nick Tarango
Nick Larsen
Stephen Larsen
46.13aLucas Lovejoy
8.-Jerrod Scurry
Josh Jordan
Semaj Mitchell
Peyton Pickett
46.81aMansfield Lake Ridge
9.-Matt Johnson
Brock Jones
Curtis Alexander
Deshaun Lee
46.85aRichardson Lake High...
10.-Najee Mustafaa
Dayton Callaway
Elijah Muhammad
Cedric Whitaker
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bobby McGuire
Emmanuel Esukpa
Marcus Killings
Lance Evans
2.-Josh Smith
Travonne Armstead
Sherman Long
De'drian Windham
1:30.74aMansfield Timberview
3.-Luke Kissick
JB Copeland
Tyler Henderson
Tariq Gordan
1:31.12aSouthlake Carroll
4.-Andy Andrade
Marcellus Hill
Devin Smith
Dee Wilson
5.-Relay Team 1:31.74aRichardson Lake High...
6.-Rodney Mitchell
Kenton Mayberry
David Seastrunk
Javonte Jones
1:32.24aMansfield Legacy
7.-Aaron Fuller
Grant Jarvis
Stephen Bennett
Zach Saffle
1:34.47aLucas Lovejoy
8.-Gary Baker
Deion Griffin
Sammy Webb
Tenifarre Jackson
1:34.61aFt Worth Arlington Hts
9.-Kendrick Randolph
Bryson Wallace
Jonte Travis
Savaughn Anderson
1:35.21aMansfield Lake Ridge
-Justin Seeton
Dustin Seeton
Tariq Mustafaa
Jacob Mathis
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Trevor Saltsman
Michael McGee
Cameron Hillier
Jermaine Brealy
1:34.14aMansfield Legacy
2.-Michael Badejo
Undre Jordan
Jeremy Nwonumah
Michral Barrett
1:35.95aMansfield Timberview
3.-Malik Waller
Eli Carr
Derrick Evans
Elijah Sherrill
4.-Andrew Chelf
Clark Parr
Devontae Humphrey
CJ Bryan
1:36.66aSouthlake Carroll
5.-Jerrod Scurry
Josh Jordan
Peyton Pickett
Semaj Mitchell
1:36.91aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.-Mason Mott
Tyler Coody
Najee Mustafaa
Cedric Whitaker
7.-Hunter Pfaff
Noah Coffee
Nick Tarrango
Justin Malik
1:37.88aLucas Lovejoy
8.-Matt Johnson
Curtis Alexander
Brock Jones
Deshaun Lee
1:40.07aRichardson Lake High...
9.-Trey Edwards
Destin Johnson
Marqus Monroe
Ike Walker
-Elijah Pierson
Julio Arvizu
Kabione Guy
Skye Singleton
DNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Travonne Armstead
Joshua Stief
Sherman Long
De'drian Windham
3:24.24aMansfield Timberview
2.-Spencer Sunstrum
Chris Hogan
Aaron Hoagland
Parker Fentriss
3:24.55aSouthlake Carroll
3.-Lamarques Woodard
Hayden Florence
Forrestt Browning
JT Ibe
4.-Brady Burke
Kyle Dragulski
Zavonte McGriff
Garrett Moore
3:30.46aMansfield Legacy
5.-Andy Andrade
Nick Gabriel
Terrell Russell
Darby Smith
6.-Justin Seeton
Jaron Thomas
Cole Davidson
Jacob Mathis
7.-DeAndre McGruder
Andres Padilla
Brian Palacio
Cameron Stokes
3:35.67aArlington Seguin
8.-Jarrod Smith
Jeffrey Hyatt
Jamarice Preston
Jesse Johnson
3:35.89aRichardson Lake High...
9.-Brandon Tucker
Hunter Wamack
Kendrick Randolph
Savaughn Anderson
3:36.87aMansfield Lake Ridge
10.-Riley Cox
Devon Doggett
Kerrion Graves
Matthew Gordon
3:42.40aFt Worth Arlington Hts
11.-Arjun Srivistava
Skyler Roundtree
Brian Hesson
Grant Jarvis
3:44.81aLucas Lovejoy
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Evan Clary
Carter Bishop
Andrew Chelf
Devontae Humphrey
3:40.29aSouthlake Carroll
2.-Samuel Chambers
Davante Owens
Jun Chan
Deondrey Evans
3.-Darius Edwards
Trey Edwards
Marqus Monroe
Jake Turner
4.-Undre Jordan
Jeremy Nwonumah
Chuck Harris
Michael Badejo
3:45.62aMansfield Timberview
5.-Justin Malik
Kevin Davis
Hunter Pfaff
Nick Tarrango
3:48.92aLucas Lovejoy
6.-Jabari Ford
Matt Gilliland
jeromy McKnight
Austin Ondijo
3:48.92aMansfield Lake Ridge
7.-Tyler Coody
Mason Mott
Blake Gardner
Dayton Callaway
8.-Skye Singleton
KeAndre Jackson
Alexander Danenberg
Deion Griffin
3:53.20aFt Worth Arlington Hts
9.-Malik Barnes
Torijon Evans
Issac Shepard
Gary Jolivet
4:04.68aArlington Seguin
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-John Stivers
Forrestt Browning
Grayson Lee
Connor McLain
2.-Brent Aydon
Johnny Kemps
Chris Hogan
Luke Lanham
11:03.32aSouthlake Carroll
3.-Richie Vaughn
Jeffrey Weisheit
Jake Weith
Beau Billings
11:05.89aMansfield Legacy
4.-Evan Hartter
Arjun Srivistava
Kendall Joiner
Grayson Williams
11:09.60aLucas Lovejoy
5.-Brandon Vaughn
Alex Williams
Andrew Little
Ebenether Wondaferew
11:32.87aRichardson Lake High...
6.-Brandon Tucker
Jordan Tahabsim
Ryan Kellenbach
Hunter Wamack
11:42.75aMansfield Lake Ridge
7.-Samuel Bates
Coy Lucas
Ivan Hernandez
Jose Jimenez
11:51.04aFt Worth Arlington Hts
8.-Ezra Skeete
Myron Gailliard
Radiance Okuzor
Matt Garza
11:51.12aMansfield Timberview
9.-Bailey Rhodes
Sean McComas
Zach Tomlison
Roger Ward
10.-Victor Rosales
Mackenzie Jameson
Matthew Gordon
Tyler Avent
12:15.38aFt Worth Arlington Hts
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.9Patrick Jones44-09.50Ft Worth Arlington Hts
2.12Austin Cook44-09.50Overton
3.11Hunter Ponder44-06.50Mansfield
4.12Blake Daniels44-03.00Richardson Lake High...
5.12Kent Perkins43-09.50Richardson Lake High...
6.11Joseph Brown42-09.00Mansfield
7.11Cameron McEnturff41-03.50Midlothian
8.11Maurice Isou40-07.00Mansfield
9.12Eddie Killingsworth39-10.00Mansfield Legacy
10Lane ToungateNDRichardson Lake High...
12Sergio GarciaDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Devon GoldenDNSMidlothian
12Malik JenkinsDNSEnnis
11Justin WeisgarberNDSouthlake Carroll
10King NewtonNDSouthlake Carroll
10Daniel RamosDNSMansfield Timberview
11Samuel AmakaDNSMansfield Timberview
-Mason LaTourNDLucas Lovejoy
11Landon HowardNDSouthlake Carroll
11Hakier KAymoreNDMansfield Lake Ridge
9Bronsyn SmithNDMansfield Lake Ridge
12Jared WalshNDMansfield Lake Ridge
-Tommy O'ConnorDNSLucas Lovejoy
-Dan ColeNDLucas Lovejoy
12Caleb DobsonNDMidlothian
12Terence WoodallDNSMansfield Legacy
-Juan CardonaDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Adrian Garza37-11.00Mansfield
2.10Ryan Pescka37-00.00Mansfield Timberview
3.10Josh Saunders36-11.00Midlothian
4.9James Kemp35-09.50Midlothian
5.12Reggie Marshall35-06.50Richardson Lake High...
6.11Isaiah Santos34-09.00Ennis
7.10Sean Gil34-01.00Mansfield
8.10Connor McDonald33-02.50Mansfield Legacy
9.10Bobo Orlando33-00.50Mansfield Legacy
10.10Kyle Reyes33-00.00Southlake Carroll
11.11Jacob Guerra32-06.50Ft Worth Arlington Hts
12.11Zach Truesdale32-06.00Southlake Carroll
13.10Charlie Ahner31-11.00Southlake Carroll
14.12Tyler Gibson31-09.50Midlothian
15.11Cole Downing31-09.00Lucas Lovejoy
16.9Grant Ponder31-08.50Mansfield
17.10Damari Tryon31-03.00Mansfield Timberview
18.10Anthony Young30-10.00Ft Worth Arlington Hts
19.-James Nguyen30-02.50Lucas Lovejoy
-Lane WhiteDNFLucas Lovejoy
9Thomas PattersonNDMansfield Lake Ridge
10Kameron AlstonDNSMansfield Legacy
10Daniel WrightNDRichardson Lake High...
11Cameron SorrellsDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
9Noah NewhouseNDMansfield Lake Ridge
9Josh YoungNDMansfield Timberview
9Jaylon BellNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Mark GarwoodNDRichardson Lake High...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Cook165-09Overton
2.12Terence Woodall133-00Mansfield Legacy
3.-Connor Chase128-05Southlake Carroll
4.11Joseph Brown124-03Mansfield
5.10Suykennon Bell123-09Ft Worth Arlington Hts
6.11Hunter Ponder117-06Mansfield
7.12Riley Cox114-02Ft Worth Arlington Hts
8.10Charlie Ahner113-06Southlake Carroll
9.11Cameron McEnturff110-04Midlothian
9.12Kent Perkins110-04Richardson Lake High...
-Mason LaTourNDLucas Lovejoy
11Samuel AmakaDNSMansfield Timberview
12Blake DanielsNDRichardson Lake High...
12Austin KanadyNDMansfield
10Daniel RamosDNSMansfield Timberview
10Lane ToungateNDRichardson Lake High...
12Eddie KillingsworthNDMansfield Legacy
11BJ ConnNDEnnis
11Landon HowardNDSouthlake Carroll
12Jared WalshNDMansfield Lake Ridge
11Beau NguyenNDMansfield Lake Ridge
-Mitch HuntNDLucas Lovejoy
12Caleb DobsonNDMidlothian
11Garison VanyaNDEnnis
10kendall DewittNDMansfield Lake Ridge
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Pescka119-04Mansfield Timberview
2.9Adrian Garza112-11Mansfield
3.10Connor McDonald105-05Mansfield Legacy
4.10Clark Parr104-00Southlake Carroll
5.9Sterling Savell93-04Mansfield
6.10Sean Gil92-04Mansfield
7.11Josh Zapletal90-08Ennis
8.11Matt Miller86-05Southlake Carroll
9.10Bobo Orlando85-10Mansfield Legacy
10.11Ian Moss83-10Southlake Carroll
11.10Damari Tryon80-08Mansfield Timberview
12.12Reggie Marshall79-09Richardson Lake High...
13.-Lane White79-05Lucas Lovejoy
11Cole DowningNDLucas Lovejoy
10Luke HendrikNDEnnis
9Thomas PattersonNDMansfield Lake Ridge
10Eric FedonDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
11Cameron SorrellsDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
9Jaylon BellDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
10Daniel WrightNDRichardson Lake High...
10Garret WolfNDMidlothian
10Kameron AlstonDNSMansfield Legacy
9Mark GarwoodNDRichardson Lake High...
12Tyler GibsonDNSMidlothian
9Parker RampySCRMidlothian
-Todd BensmillerNDLucas Lovejoy
14.9Josh YoungMansfield Timberview
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Branden Perry6-02.00Mansfield Timberview
2.12Joseph Johnson6-00.00Midlothian
3.10Jordan Taylor5-10.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
4.10Davante Edwards5-10.00Ennis
5.10David Seastrunk5-10.00Mansfield Legacy
6.10Jamarice Preston5-08.00Richardson Lake High...
7.12Desmond Halton5-06.00Mansfield
7.11De'drian Windham5-06.00Mansfield Timberview
7.11JT Ibe5-06.00Mansfield
10.11Ezekiel Ajeigbe5-06.00Mansfield Timberview
11A.J. DivinityDNSMidlothian
11Ashton ZenukDNSSouthlake Carroll
12Kayan LewisNHRichardson Lake High...
12Forrestt BrowningNHMansfield
10Donta ThompsonDNSEnnis
9Dee WilsonDNSEnnis
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Daniel Dopson5-10.00Midlothian
2.11Joshua Gbolabo5-04.00Mansfield Timberview
3.9Austin Ondijo5-04.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
3.9Iyanu Adeyene5-04.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
5.9jeromy McKnight5-02.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
5.10Karson Keith5-02.00Southlake Carroll
5.10Lorenzo Barnett5-02.00Mansfield
8.10Jeremy Nwonumah5-02.00Mansfield Timberview
9.9Zayne Johnson5-00.00Mansfield
9.10Matt Johnson5-00.00Richardson Lake High...
9.10Malik Williams5-00.00Mansfield
9.9Undre Jordan5-00.00Mansfield Timberview
9Drew HawleyDNSLucas Lovejoy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hunter Carlton14-00.00Mansfield Legacy
2.12Justin Seeton12-06.00Midlothian
3.12Reagan Moore12-00.00Mansfield
4.11Reece Blackwell12-00.00Mansfield
5.12Collin Trantham12-00.00Mansfield Timberview
6.12Kasey Fagin11-06.00Lucas Lovejoy
7.11Kyle Flaherty11-06.00Midlothian
8.10Dane Roe11-00.00Mansfield Legacy
8.9Steven Stearns11-00.00Southlake Carroll
10.10Bryce Whitlock11-00.00Arlington Martin
11.11Luke Nicklas10-06.00Lucas Lovejoy
12.9Ivey Seacat10-00.00Southlake Carroll
13.11Keishi Mii9-06.00Midlothian
12Tyler TothDNSLucas Lovejoy
11Travis MorganDNSRichardson Lake High...
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Caleb Nekuza10-00.00Ennis
2.11Shayne Keriazakos9-06.00Richardson Lake High...
3.10Parker Morris9-06.00Mansfield
4.9Tyler Purnell9-00.00Arlington Martin
5.9Michael McKendrick8-06.00Midlothian
6.9Hunter Nghiem8-06.00Mansfield
7.9Landon Hackley8-06.00Arlington Martin
8.9Ethan Fisher8-00.00Arlington Martin
9.10Cody Tittle8-00.00Midlothian
9Ryan RobbinsNHMidlothian
9Kolton FletcherDQMansfield
9Robert CovarrubiasNHEnnis
9Patrick JonesNHLucas Lovejoy
11Phi PhanDNSLucas Lovejoy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darby Smith22-04.25Ennis
2.11Kenton Mayberry21-02.00Mansfield Legacy
3.10Devin Smith20-06.50Ennis
4.12Marcus Killings19-09.50Mansfield
5.9Aaron Fuller19-07.50Lucas Lovejoy
6.11Luke Kissick19-07.25Southlake Carroll
7.12Joseph Johnson19-02.75Midlothian
8.12Dustin Seeton19-02.50Midlothian
9.11Jake Ticer18-09.50Mansfield
10.-Grant Jarvis18-06.25Lucas Lovejoy
11.12Allen Stigler18-04.00Mansfield Timberview
12.10Jordan Taylor17-11.25Mansfield Lake Ridge
13.12Tyler Henderson17-09.50Southlake Carroll
14.10Davante Edwards17-06.50Ennis
15.11JT Ibe17-05.00Mansfield
16.12Samuel Bates14-11.50Ft Worth Arlington Hts
11Ezekiel AjeigbeDNSMansfield Timberview
12Tyler TothDNSLucas Lovejoy
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Trey Edwards19-01.25Ennis
2.10Langston Evans18-11.50Mansfield
3.9Josh Jordan18-08.50Mansfield Lake Ridge
4.9Eli Carr18-00.75Mansfield
5.11Blake Jacobs17-10.50Mansfield
6.-Stephen Larsen17-06.00Lucas Lovejoy
7.9Josh Newcomb17-05.50Mansfield Legacy
7.9Coy Lucas17-05.50Ft Worth Arlington Hts
7.10Andrew Chelf17-05.50Southlake Carroll
10.9Grant McFarland17-01.00Southlake Carroll
11.-Nick Larsen16-08.50Lucas Lovejoy
12.10Richard Odak16-07.75Mansfield Legacy
13.10Brock Jones16-05.50Richardson Lake High...
14.10JAKOLBE Brown16-04.00Mansfield Timberview
15.12Ryan Norton16-03.75Midlothian
16.10Matt Johnson16-03.00Richardson Lake High...
17.10Jerrod Scurry16-02.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
18.10Alex Ruiz16-01.75Mansfield Timberview
18.10Tyler Coody16-01.75Midlothian
20.9Peyton Pickett16-01.50Mansfield Lake Ridge
11Logan DaughertyFOULMidlothian
10Paul ClarkFOULMansfield Timberview
10Devontae HumphreyDNSSouthlake Carroll
11Blake MillerFOULFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Josh ShewmakeDNSLucas Lovejoy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Johnson44-03.00Midlothian
2.11Jahshawn Johnson42-07.25Ennis
3.11JT Ibe41-01.25Mansfield
4.10Tariq Gordan40-03.00Southlake Carroll
5.12Marcus Killings39-10.00Mansfield
6.12Allen Stigler39-03.50Mansfield Timberview
7.11Luke Nicklas36-07.00Lucas Lovejoy
8.10Parker Fentriss35-06.50Southlake Carroll
11Jake TicerDNSMansfield
11Luke TimianDNSSouthlake Carroll
10Garrett MooreDNSMansfield Legacy
-Grant JarvisDNSLucas Lovejoy
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Langston Evans40-06.50Mansfield
2.10Brock Jones36-08.50Richardson Lake High...
3.10Aaron Christy36-04.00Mansfield Timberview
4.11Blake Jacobs36-01.00Mansfield
5.9Grant McFarland35-07.25Southlake Carroll
9Obi EbohFOULSouthlake Carroll
11Malik WallerDNSMansfield
10Nick TarangoFOULLucas Lovejoy
12Ryan NortonDNSMidlothian
10Tyler CoodyDNSMidlothian
10Andrew ChelfFOULSouthlake Carroll
9Caleb ClarkDNSEnnis
11Logan DaughertyDNSMidlothian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Thompson12.42aMansfield
2.12Kami Mickens12.57aSouthlake Carroll
3.9Autumn Mouton12.60aMansfield
4.12Jazmine Warden12.74aMansfield Timberview
4.11Jayla Moore12.74aMansfield Timberview
6.9Breana Alexus Maree Patterson12.86aMansfield Lake Ridge
7.11Kaylan Brumfield12.96aFt Worth Arlington Hts
8.11Megan Jones12.96aMidlothian
9.11Sierra Castleberry13.02aMansfield Lake Ridge
10.9Makalah Griffin13.05aMidlothian
11.9Hillary Givens13.13aMansfield Lake Ridge
12.11Kenya Mosley13.27aRichardson Lake High...
13.10McKenzie Johnson13.34aMansfield Legacy
14.10Allie Christmann13.42aSouthlake Carroll
15.9Karley Hartmann13.46aMansfield
16.9Zariah Medlock13.47aMansfield Legacy
17.11Peyton Smith13.67aSouthlake Carroll
18.9Antoinette Brown13.81aRichardson Lake High...
19.10Sharika Harnsberry14.03aRichardson Lake High...
20.11Hillary Lincoln14.06aFt Worth Arlington Hts
21.11Jade Hobson14.12aFt Worth Arlington Hts
22.11Ansley Williams14.25aMansfield Legacy
12Crystal SellarsDNSMidlothian
10Roberta DupreeDNSMansfield Timberview
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Gbadebo13.00aMesquite Poteet
2.11Zodie Abra13.45aMansfield Timberview
3.10Dominque Parker13.50aMansfield Lake Ridge
4.9Nosa Uyi-Ohonba13.68aMansfield Timberview
5.10Lauren Lucas13.70aSouthlake Carroll
6.11Shameka Dorsey13.82aMansfield Legacy
7.-Lexi Seay13.90aLucas Lovejoy
8.11Feyi Awe13.93aMansfield
9.11Grace Bell13.96aMidlothian
10.10Kaiygen Stubblefield14.01aMansfield Legacy
11.9Peta Amadora14.07aMesquite Poteet
12.11Meagan Turner14.22aMidlothian
13.9Michelle Etoundi14.30aMansfield Lake Ridge
14.11MiKaylan Thomas14.34aMansfield Legacy
15.9Christina Lovato14.38aMansfield Legacy
16.9Alexis Wheeler14.39aFt Worth Arlington Hts
17.9ShaKendria Freeman14.49aFt Worth Arlington Hts
18.9Amanda Fowler14.52aMansfield Legacy
19.11Ayda Kassim14.56aRichardson Lake High...
20.10Donelle Branche14.57aLucas Lovejoy
21.10Daija Williams14.60aMidlothian
22.9Elizabeth Hannah14.63aLucas Lovejoy
23.9Charlle Gibson14.70aMansfield Lake Ridge
24.10Sydney Cornish14.70aSouthlake Carroll
25.9Davion Turner15.03aRichardson Lake High...
26.10Eboni Powell15.10aFt Worth Arlington Hts
27.10Ashlynn Hataway15.17aSouthlake Carroll
28.11Olivia Kamgang15.80aRichardson Lake High...
29.9Alex Rattanavog16.25aMidlothian
30.11Nneoma Anugwom16.32aMesquite Poteet
31.9Nicole Wickstrom16.38aMansfield Legacy
11Kristin NwakanmaDNSMansfield Timberview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Adams25.32aMansfield Timberview
2.12Megan Thompson25.47aMansfield
3.10Malaki Redding26.35aMansfield Timberview
4.9Diamond Lee26.60aFt Worth Arlington Hts
5.10Kemba Rollins26.61aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.10Grace Nwegbo27.18aMesquite Poteet
7.10Ja'Lyn Powell27.24aMansfield Timberview
8.10Kyra Maryland27.27aSouthlake Carroll
9.9Breana Alexus Maree Patterson27.29aMansfield Lake Ridge
10.11Kaylei Waldie-Oliver27.35aMansfield Legacy
11.11Kenya Mosley27.38aRichardson Lake High...
12.12Victoria Ette27.43aMesquite Poteet
13.10Ashlei Mills27.48aMesquite Poteet
14.12Taylor Henderson27.57aSouthlake Carroll
15.10Jai 'Coria Horne27.58aFt Worth Arlington Hts
16.9Riley Gournay27.79aLucas Lovejoy
17.12Barbara McGuire27.94aMansfield
18.9Karley Hartmann28.09aMansfield
19.9Antoinette Brown28.14aRichardson Lake High...
20.11Ansley Williams28.51aMansfield Legacy
21.10Sharika Harnsberry28.59aRichardson Lake High...
22.9Cece Madison28.78aMidlothian
23.11Jade Hobson31.47aFt Worth Arlington Hts
12Kami MickensDNSSouthlake Carroll
9Hillary GivensDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ki'Asha Harris27.59aMansfield
2.9Allyah Johnson27.63aMansfield Timberview
3.11Ravyn Gilbert28.03aMansfield Legacy
4.10Stephanie Moreno28.06aMidlothian
5.9Brianna Wharten28.07aMansfield Timberview
6.9Nosa Uyi-Ohonba28.10aMansfield Timberview
7.9LaRee Edwards28.12aFt Worth Arlington Hts
8.9Kori Ware28.34aMansfield Lake Ridge
9.9Chaira Johnson28.46aMesquite Poteet
10.9Riley Walker28.52aSouthlake Carroll
11.10Khirah Madison28.60aMansfield Legacy
12.9BriannaJ Williams28.99aMansfield
13.9Peta Amadora29.03aMesquite Poteet
14.11Shameka Dorsey29.27aMansfield Legacy
15.-Lexi Seay29.54aLucas Lovejoy
16.9Cheyenne Castro29.59aMidlothian
17.10Kaiygen Stubblefield29.69aMansfield Legacy
18.10Meredith Johnson29.72aSouthlake Carroll
19.10Lorin Owens29.98aMansfield
20.9Charlle Gibson30.04aMansfield Lake Ridge
21.9Amanda Fowler30.16aMansfield Legacy
22.9Sarah Menees30.22aSouthlake Carroll
23.9Christina Lovato30.31aMansfield Legacy
24.-Annie Lenoir30.49aLucas Lovejoy
25.11Ayda Kassim30.54aRichardson Lake High...
26.9Davion Turner31.25aRichardson Lake High...
27.10Donelle Branche31.50aLucas Lovejoy
28.-Doggett Delanie31.56aFt Worth Arlington Hts
29.9Tressa Smith31.75aMesquite Poteet
30.10Fredricka Walker35.08aFt Worth Arlington Hts
10Dominque ParkerDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
11Meagan TurnerDNSMidlothian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaylei Waldie-Oliver59.92aMansfield Legacy
2.10Avantia Nichols60.13aFt Worth Arlington Hts
3.12Sydnee Worlds60.72aMansfield
4.10Aubrenique J'Nae Madyun62.27aMansfield Lake Ridge
5.12Michelle Ugwu62.30aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.10Grace Nwegbo63.09aMesquite Poteet
7.12Crystal Christopher63.12aMansfield
8.10Kayla Collins63.25aMansfield Legacy
9.12Jasmine Pitts63.44aMidlothian
10.10Kadejah Wilson63.45aFt Worth Arlington Hts
11.11Riley Goodell63.52aLucas Lovejoy
12.12Victoria Ette63.81aMesquite Poteet
13.10Danielle Johnson64.37aMansfield
14.11Hannah Atam64.53aRichardson Lake High...
15.10Cedtrese Tonee Williams64.91aMansfield Lake Ridge
16.9Riley Gournay65.49aLucas Lovejoy
17.12Zaria Vick66.02aMansfield Legacy
18.10Anna Gerteisen67.01aRichardson Lake High...
19.10Ashlei Mills67.43aMesquite Poteet
20.9Makenzi Ward71.31aRichardson Lake High...
21.11Mia Henry72.13aFt Worth Arlington Hts
10McKenzie JohnsonDNSMansfield Legacy
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Brianna Garcia64.20aMesquite Poteet
2.10Khirah Madison64.87aMansfield Legacy
3.10Keasmine Henderson65.89aMansfield Legacy
4.9Ridglea Hearne66.74aMansfield Legacy
5.10Allana Clayton66.79aMansfield
6.10Emily Bond68.50aSouthlake Carroll
7.9Blair Lang68.59aLucas Lovejoy
8.9Camille Fisher69.64aMansfield
9.-Annie Lenoir70.04aLucas Lovejoy
10.11Jasmine Stanley70.06aFt Worth Arlington Hts
11.10Christin Spears70.46aMansfield Timberview
12.10Jennifer Agwagom70.52aMansfield Timberview
13.10Desiree Phelps70.53aMidlothian
14.9Sarah Odneal70.73aSouthlake Carroll
15.12Kaylah Hunter70.87aMesquite Poteet
16.11Jasmyne Christopher70.97aMidlothian
17.-Payton Welch71.38aLucas Lovejoy
18.10Breein Hatcher71.66aSouthlake Carroll
19.10Alexis Dominique Wilson73.36aMansfield Lake Ridge
20.9Taylor Coit73.80aMansfield Lake Ridge
21.9Whitney Obi73.81aRichardson Lake High...
22.11Diana Damian76.60aRichardson Lake High...
23.10Seana Alexandria Josephs76.73aMansfield Lake Ridge
24.10Emily Grubbs77.15aFt Worth Arlington Hts
25.9Salma Santamaria1:21.50aRichardson Lake High...
9Kaitlin BrunnettDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Dina BenitezDNSMansfield
11Delanie SmithDNSMansfield Legacy
11Aaleyah HicksDNSMansfield Timberview
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Aubrey Ridgeway2:20.58aArlington Seguin
2.9Antigone Archer2:23.59aSouthlake Carroll
3.11Katherine Burnham2:25.02aSouthlake Carroll
4.9Deja Morehead2:27.83aMansfield Legacy
5.10Semien Hagos2:30.44aRichardson Lake High...
6.9Kayla Lauren Howard2:33.03aMansfield Lake Ridge
7.12Morgan Baulier2:33.25aSouthlake Carroll
8.10Katherine Little2:34.50aMidlothian
9.10Thalia Harnett2:35.55aRichardson Lake High...
10.9Elisa Patzig2:36.42aMidlothian
11.11Riley Goodell2:36.72aLucas Lovejoy
12.11Baylee Webb2:38.45aLucas Lovejoy
13.10Savanah Doty2:38.57aMesquite Poteet
14.10Evie Reavis2:39.79aMesquite Poteet
15.10Cedtrese Tonee Williams2:40.19aMansfield Lake Ridge
16.11Melissa Martinez2:40.82aMansfield
17.9Ameila Jackson2:46.76aMansfield Legacy
18.12Elizabeth Ochoa2:50.67aFt Worth Arlington Hts
19.10Ayanna Michelle Jarvis2:50.92aMansfield Lake Ridge
20.11Selena Duncan2:56.82aRichardson Lake High...
21.10Emily Riley2:57.77aMesquite Poteet
22.11Brenna Carney3:06.22aFt Worth Arlington Hts
11S MooneyDNSMansfield Timberview
10D BrownDNSMansfield Timberview
9R BlackDNSMansfield Timberview
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Blair Lang2:34.24aLucas Lovejoy
2.9Ridglea Hearne2:34.26aMansfield Legacy
3.10Diana Le2:40.33aMesquite Poteet
4.9Nikki MacGregor2:42.45aLucas Lovejoy
5.10Jeremia Glenn2:44.60aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.9Stacey Young2:45.67aSouthlake Carroll
7.9Rachel Herrera2:47.70aMansfield
8.10Tara Kelton2:47.72aMidlothian
9.-Payton Welch2:48.24aLucas Lovejoy
10.9Isabel Dominguez2:51.21aSouthlake Carroll
11.11Diana Damian2:53.94aRichardson Lake High...
12.10Alexia Leal2:54.61aMansfield Lake Ridge
13.10Noel Wilford2:54.96aMansfield Lake Ridge
14.12Analisa Megill2:55.88aMidlothian
15.9Francisca Stokes2:56.80aMansfield Timberview
16.9Murial Bezanson3:02.77aRichardson Lake High...
17.10Bailey Irvin3:06.17aMesquite Poteet
18.9Josselyn Santos-Matamoros3:07.32aMansfield
19.11Marisol Crisostomo3:12.81aRichardson Lake High...
20.9Katelyne McGrath3:18.52aMidlothian
21.9Jocelyn Guererro3:29.11aMesquite Poteet
22.9Amanda Zapata3:37.47aMansfield Legacy
9Dina BenitezDNSMansfield
10Jennifer AgwagomDNSMansfield Timberview
11Aaleyah HicksDNSMansfield Timberview
11Moriah DadsonDNSSouthlake Carroll
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elena Arriaza5:11.70aSouthlake Carroll
2.12Shelby Chapin5:12.75aSouthlake Carroll
3.12Katie Ruhala5:14.02aLucas Lovejoy
4.12Sara Shaw5:26.78aRichardson Lake High...
5.11Samantha Young5:28.10aSouthlake Carroll
6.11Graciela Navarro5:32.07aFt Worth Arlington Hts
7.11Abby Tedford5:43.48aLucas Lovejoy
8.9Taylor Parker5:45.80aMansfield
9.9Amanda Penwarden5:46.37aMidlothian
10.10Tiffany Miller5:46.97aMansfield Legacy
11.10Semien Hagos5:48.38aRichardson Lake High...
12.10Chloe Tedder5:52.34aLucas Lovejoy
13.12Sami Grena5:54.74aMansfield
14.10Evie Reavis5:56.26aMesquite Poteet
15.10Ashley Felan6:02.60aMansfield Legacy
16.10Savanah Doty6:03.53aMesquite Poteet
17.10Asha Blaire6:05.02aFt Worth Arlington Hts
18.11Melissa Martinez6:06.25aMansfield
19.9Ameila Jackson6:09.36aMansfield Legacy
20.9Andrea Arzola6:12.61aFt Worth Arlington Hts
21.10Kelli Ricks6:14.11aMidlothian
22.10Emily Riley6:24.52aMesquite Poteet
23.11Selena Duncan6:33.78aRichardson Lake High...
24.10Ayanna Michelle Jarvis6:53.12aMansfield Lake Ridge
25.9Briana Claire Durkin6:59.41aMansfield Lake Ridge
9Danielle DavidsonDNSMidlothian
11S MooneyDNSMansfield Timberview
10D BrownDNSMansfield Timberview
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Gill5:45.00aSouthlake Carroll
2.10Katelin Brekken5:46.02aSouthlake Carroll
3.10Keirsten Lindelof5:52.30aLucas Lovejoy
4.9Haley Mcfadden5:54.86aSouthlake Carroll
5.9Rachel Herrera6:06.93aMansfield
6.9Callie Dawson6:08.45aMidlothian
7.10Macie Fox6:11.57aMidlothian
8.9Haley Wells6:18.24aMansfield Legacy
9.9Starla Bevins6:23.29aLucas Lovejoy
10.9Madison Sutter6:24.60aLucas Lovejoy
11.9Isabella Moya6:29.38aMansfield
12.11Rachel Truong6:35.51aMesquite Poteet
13.10Austin Downey6:46.72aRichardson Lake High...
14.9Ashlynn Johnson6:49.99aMesquite Poteet
15.10Noel Wilford6:52.27aMansfield Lake Ridge
16.10Bailey Irvin6:52.82aMesquite Poteet
17.9Zoi Feagins6:57.43aMansfield Timberview
18.9Alexis Rocha6:59.93aMansfield Lake Ridge
19.12Tatiana Martinez7:00.03aMidlothian
20.9Murial Bezanson7:06.36aRichardson Lake High...
21.9Amanda Zapata8:13.31aMansfield Legacy
10Nicole GawDNSMansfield Legacy
12Salha FakiDNSRichardson Lake High...
11Kayla CurreyDNSMansfield Timberview
9Celeste DelgadoDNSMansfield Timberview
11Elexis ShumakerDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
10Kelsey ScearceDNSMansfield
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Rianna Randolph12:24.50aSouthlake Carroll
2.9Chantal VanDerWesthuisen12:25.17aSouthlake Carroll
3.11Laura Lashus12:26.57aSouthlake Carroll
4.10Keirsten Lindelof12:54.23aLucas Lovejoy
5.10Rachel Tedder12:54.35aLucas Lovejoy
6.9Carol Xia13:17.57aLucas Lovejoy
7.9Isabella Moya13:22.17aMansfield
8.9Haley Wells13:39.94aMansfield Legacy
9.10Kelsey Scearce14:16.26aMansfield
10.12Keila Tejada14:23.49aMesquite Poteet
11.11Rachel Truong14:27.74aMesquite Poteet
12.12Adriana Pillaca14:27.86aMesquite Poteet
13.9Alexis Rubio14:45.90aMidlothian
14.9Sophia Torres15:43.30aMansfield
15.9Alexis Rocha15:45.17aMansfield Lake Ridge
16.10Victoria Vo15:52.00aMansfield Lake Ridge
11Elexis ShumakerDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
9Celeste DelgadoDNSMansfield Timberview
11Kayla CurreyDNSMansfield Timberview
9Zoi FeaginsDNSMansfield Timberview
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Johnson14.94aMansfield Legacy
2.11Sarah Robinson15.97aSouthlake Carroll
3.12Ashley Bassett16.27aLucas Lovejoy
4.12Corey Mccormack16.72aSouthlake Carroll
5.12Aleah Stigarll16.97aMansfield
6.11Kasey Cannella17.05aLucas Lovejoy
7.11Lauren Harris17.10aSouthlake Carroll
8.9Ayaunee Williams17.14aMidlothian
9.12Kalyn Dixon17.36aMansfield Legacy
10.11Danielle Mayfield18.37aMidlothian
11.9Joyclyn Gonzales18.67aMansfield Lake Ridge
12.12Waverly Wilder19.12aMansfield Timberview
13.9Mikaylai Littlejohn19.51aMansfield
11Catherine ChewDNSRichardson Lake High...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9McKenzie Murphy17.88aSouthlake Carroll
2.10Brittany Bailey18.05aMidlothian
3.10Dana Pahanish18.25aSouthlake Carroll
4.11Breanna Perry18.44aMansfield
5.12Saran Toure18.82aSouthlake Carroll
6.9Kyndall Curlin19.58aMansfield Lake Ridge
7.10Aileen Melendez19.80aRichardson Lake High...
8.12Danni Awadi19.99aMansfield
9.10Dyonasis Collins20.09aMansfield
10.10Micah Iman Williams20.35aMansfield Lake Ridge
11.12Brenda Martinez20.77aFt Worth Arlington Hts
12.9Alexus Lovelace21.42aMansfield Timberview
13.9Taylor Skinner22.21aMidlothian
14.9Kristin Boone23.72aMansfield Lake Ridge
9Kadecia AlexanderDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Savannah RobinsonDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
11S MooneyDNSMansfield Timberview
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Johnson45.48aMansfield Legacy
2.11Sarah Robinson45.95aSouthlake Carroll
3.12Ashley Bassett48.05aLucas Lovejoy
4.10Tia Coleman48.52aMansfield Timberview
5.9Ayaunee Williams48.72aMidlothian
6.11Lauren Harris50.12aSouthlake Carroll
7.12Corey Mccormack50.37aSouthlake Carroll
8.10Meagan Hutson50.61aMansfield Legacy
9.12Kalyn Dixon51.22aMansfield Legacy
10.12Aleah Stigarll51.48aMansfield
11.9Joyclyn Gonzales51.89aMansfield Lake Ridge
12.9Tiffani Schmeisser53.38aMansfield
13.11Kaylee Fonseca53.73aMansfield
14.11Brenna Carney62.00aFt Worth Arlington Hts
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Dana Pahanish51.18aSouthlake Carroll
2.9Montine Broussard51.74aMesquite Poteet
3.9LaRee Edwards52.87aFt Worth Arlington Hts
4.11Hannah Gbadebo52.87aMesquite Poteet
5.9Kyndall Curlin53.69aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.9McKenzie Murphy53.82aSouthlake Carroll
7.10Brittany Bailey54.15aMidlothian
8.11Kyler Melson54.39aMansfield Legacy
9.12Saran Toure54.62aSouthlake Carroll
10.11Breanna Perry54.85aMansfield
11.10Micah Iman Williams55.46aMansfield Lake Ridge
12.9Sierra Browning56.09aMansfield
13.9Kristin Boone56.69aMansfield Lake Ridge
14.9Taylor Skinner59.57aMidlothian
15.10Dyonasis Collins61.36aMansfield
16.9Alexus Lovelace63.72aMansfield Timberview
17.12Brenda Martinez65.10aFt Worth Arlington Hts
11S MooneyDNSMansfield Timberview
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aleah Stigarll
Megan Thompson
Joycelyn Terrell
Autumn Mouton
2.-Malaki Redding
Briana Adams
Jazmine Warden
Jayla Moore
48.77aMansfield Timberview
3.-Nicole Alozie
Kenya Mosley
Shania Edwards
Alexis Bedford
49.62aRichardson Lake High...
4.-Tateana Williams
Kemba Rollins
Sierria Castleberry
Breana Alexus Maree Patterson
49.82aMansfield Lake Ridge
5.-Megan Jones
Jasmine Pitts
Crystal Sellars
Makalah Griffin
6.-Allie Christmann
Kyra Maryland
Madysen Hunter
Taylor Henderson
50.92aSouthlake Carroll
7.-Jai 'Coria Horne
Mia Henry
Kadejah Wilson
Diamond Lee
51.27aFt Worth Arlington Hts
8.-Kalyn Dixon
Zaria Vick
Meagan Hutson
Zariah Medlock
51.79aMansfield Legacy
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Brianna Wharten
Iesha Aissaton
Nosa Uyi-Ohonba
Allyah Johnson
51.34aMansfield Timberview
2.-Madison Hunter
Shameka Dorsey
Kaiygen Stubblefield
Sharifah Nakandha
53.21aMansfield Legacy
3.-Grace Bell
Abigail Lunday
Meagan Turner
Cheyenne Castro
4.-Meredith Johnson
Lauren Lucas
Maddie Murdock
Peyton Smith
53.69aSouthlake Carroll
5.-Alexis Wheeler
ShaKendria Freeman
Jasmine Stanley
LaRee Edwards
55.09aFt Worth Arlington Hts
-BrianaA Williams
BriannaJ Williams
Shianne Woodford
Kenia Hinton
-Aubrey Johnson
Sheronda Hall,
Brena Palmer
Kori Ware
DNSMansfield Lake Ridge
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Briana Adams
Malaki Redding
Jazmine Warden
Jayla Moore
1:43.31aMansfield Timberview
2.-Tateana J'ana Williams
Kemba Rollins
Hillary Givens
Sierria Castleberry
1:46.13aMansfield Lake Ridge
3.-Nicole Alozie
Shania Edwards
Angel Barber
Alexis Bedford
1:46.45aRichardson Lake High...
4.-Joycelyn Terrell
Barbara McGuire
Shanice Prevot
Autumn Mouton
5.-Madysen Hunter
Taylor Henderson
Kyra Maryland
Allie Christmann
1:48.60aSouthlake Carroll
6.-Jai 'Coria Horne
Mia Henry
Avantia Nichols
Jade Hobson
1:49.25aFt Worth Arlington Hts
7.-Zaria Vick
Kayla Collins
Meagan Hutson
Zariah Medlock
1:51.44aMansfield Legacy
8.-Megan Jones
Crystal Sellars
Cece Madison
Makalah Griffin
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-L blaylock
Iesha Aissaton
Roberta Dupree
Ja'Lyn Powell
1:50.40aMansfield Timberview
2.-Aubrey Johnson
Sheronda Hall,
Brena Palmer
Kori Ware
1:51.37aMansfield Lake Ridge
3.-Ravyn Gilbert
Sharifah Nakandha
Madison Hunter
MiKaylan Thomas
1:53.75aMansfield Legacy
4.-Meredith Johnson
Maddie Murdock
Tabitha Gilpin
Lauren Lucas
1:54.32aSouthlake Carroll
5.-Grace Bell
Abigail Lunday
Meagan Turner
Cheyenne Castro
6.-BrianaA Williams
BriannaJ Williams
Shianne Woodford
Kenia Hinton
7.-Alexis Wheeler
Doggett Delanie
Jasmine Stanley
LaRee Edwards
2:02.51aFt Worth Arlington Hts
-Relay Team DNSMansfield Timberview
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bailey Farmer
Kami Mickens
Danielle Dennis
Sarah Robinson
4:03.07aSouthlake Carroll
2.-Kayla Collins
Kaylei Waldie-Oliver
Victoria Johnson
Deja Morehead
4:09.27aMansfield Legacy
3.-Shanice Prevot
Joycelyn Terrell
Sydnee Worlds
Tiffani Schmeisser
4.-Nicole Alozie
Hannah Atam
Shania Edwards
Anna Gerteisen
4:12.46aRichardson Lake High...
5.-Aubrenique J'Nae Madyun
Gabriella Ruth Drummond
Kayla Lauren Howard
Michelle Ugwu
4:18.46aMansfield Lake Ridge
6.-Kadejah Wilson
Marissa Norman
Diamond Lee
Avantia Nichols
4:21.12aFt Worth Arlington Hts
7.-Relay Team 4:32.07aMidlothian
8.-Ashley Felan
Tiffany Miller
Ansley Williams
Ameila Jackson
4:38.73aMansfield Legacy
-Tia Coleman
Ja'Lyn Powell
Nicole Onwucheckwa
Roberta Dupree
DNSMansfield Timberview
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-L blaylock
Iesha Aissaton
Brianna Wharten
Allyah Johnson
4:23.65aMansfield Timberview
2.-Ravyn Gilbert
Madison Hunter
Keasmine Henderson
Khirah Madison
4:26.55aMansfield Legacy
3.-BrianaA Williams
Camille Fisher
Allana Clayton
Ki'Asha Harris
4.-Dominque Parker
Jeremia Glenn
Brena Palmer
Isis Coty
4:34.60aMansfield Lake Ridge
5.-Relay Team 4:41.48aMansfield Legacy
6.-Cece Madison
Taylor Skinner
Brittany Bailey
Jasmyne Christopher
7.-Sam Young
Sarah Odneal
Breein Hatcher
Emily Bond
4:47.48aSouthlake Carroll
8.-Kaitlin Brunnett
Eboni Powell
Fredricka Walker
Savannah Robinson
5:08.63aFt Worth Arlington Hts
-Peta Amadora
Montine Broussard
Kaylah Hunter
Chaira Johnson
DQMesquite Poteet
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Ruhala
Ashley Bassett
Abby Tedford
Riley Goodell
12:57.72aLucas Lovejoy
2.-Lauren Berry
Annie Fillers
Bailey Farmer
Maddie Keen
13:18.36aSouthlake Carroll
3.-Shanice Prevot
Sami Grena
Taylor Parker
Tiffani Schmeisser
4.-Andrea Arzola
Marissa Norman
Asha Blaire
Graciela Navarro
13:45.60aFt Worth Arlington Hts
5.-Sara Shaw
Thalia Harnett
Annelise Wright
Anna Gerteisen
13:55.42aRichardson Lake High...
6.-Tiffany Miller
Ashley Felan
McKenzie Johnson
Deja Morehead
14:00.68aMansfield Legacy
7.-Katherine Little
Kelli Ricks
Amanda Penwarden
Elisa Patzig
8.-Briana Claire Durkin
Ayanna Michelle Jarvis
Jeremia Glenn
Colbi Bennett
15:46.64aMansfield Lake Ridge
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooke Bush34-10.00Mesquite Poteet
2.11Kelsey Stewart34-03.50Mesquite Poteet
3.11Brittany Arce31-09.50Mesquite Poteet
4.11Elise Landers31-06.00Southlake Carroll
5.11Megan Badejo31-00.50Mansfield Timberview
6.11Ashlee Wilson30-10.50Mansfield Legacy
7.12Jordan Castleberry30-00.50Mansfield Lake Ridge
12Omolola HassanNDMansfield Lake Ridge
11Kai ThomasNDMansfield Legacy
10Jasmine BrooksNDMidlothian
10Kaylee GoerigNDMidlothian
11Jacqueline RomeroDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
12Toiyana WaferNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Danielle MayfieldNDMidlothian
12Samie McDonaldNDMansfield Legacy
12Keelan LoftisNDMansfield Timberview
12Kali HughesDNSMansfield Timberview
11Kirsten BakerNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Storri Williams29-10.50Midlothian
2.9Jessica May28-11.50Southlake Carroll
3.11Celina Archer25-00.50Southlake Carroll
4.9Gabby Grant24-11.00Mansfield
5.10Desirae Richmond24-08.50Mansfield Legacy
6.11Ayda Kassim24-04.00Richardson Lake High...
7.-Abbey Norman24-03.50Midlothian
8.9Brittany Reilly24-00.50Mesquite Poteet
9.11Raegan Hydes23-09.50Midlothian
10.11Brandy McDaniel23-07.00Mansfield Legacy
11.9Julianna Hoffman23-04.50Mansfield
12.11Nadine Akomeah23-04.00Mansfield Timberview
13.10Karina McClendon23-02.00Richardson Lake High...
14.9Mariana Castaneda22-11.00Mesquite Poteet
15.11Briana Koning22-07.00Southlake Carroll
16.9Traelyn Hendricks22-02.00Mansfield
17.10Kayla Buckhram21-10.00Mansfield Legacy
18.12Jazmin Cortez21-05.50Mansfield Lake Ridge
19.9Caitlyn Oharra20-10.00Ft Worth Arlington Hts
20.9Elena Sanchez20-04.00Ft Worth Arlington Hts
10Hailey MitchellNDMansfield Legacy
11Faith BrungardtNDRichardson Lake High...
11Janelle SlaydonDNSMidlothian
10Mackenzie ConnerNDMansfield Lake Ridge
12Ana OldhamNDMansfield Lake Ridge
11Kayla CrumpDNSMansfield Timberview
10Brianna HarrisDNSMansfield Timberview
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Stewart104-05Mesquite Poteet
2.12Omolola Hassan97-11Mansfield Lake Ridge
3.11Ashlee Wilson97-03Mansfield Legacy
4.10Kaylee Goerig91-11Midlothian
5.11Brittany Arce91-01Mesquite Poteet
6.11Megan Badejo89-11Mansfield Timberview
7.11Jacqueline Romero86-11Ft Worth Arlington Hts
8.12Tyera Breeze83-02Mansfield Timberview
9.12Samie McDonald83-00Mansfield Legacy
11Haley BartonFOULRichardson Lake High...
11Danielle MayfieldFOULMidlothian
12Brooke BushFOULMesquite Poteet
12Toiyana WaferDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Kai ThomasFOULMansfield Legacy
12Jordan CastleberryFOULMansfield Lake Ridge
11Kirsten BakerFOULFt Worth Arlington Hts
12Kali HughesDNSMansfield Timberview
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Celina Archer95-02Southlake Carroll
2.10Desirae Richmond69-08Mansfield Legacy
3.10Karina McClendon67-07Richardson Lake High...
4.9Gabby Grant66-03Mansfield
5.9Jessica May65-00Southlake Carroll
6.11Briana Koning63-07Southlake Carroll
7.9Mariana Castaneda62-06Mesquite Poteet
8.-Abigail Bankes61-02Lucas Lovejoy
9.11Brandy McDaniel60-07Mansfield Legacy
10.11Ayda Kassim60-01Richardson Lake High...
11.9Brittany Reilly59-03Mesquite Poteet
12.9Elena Sanchez58-11Ft Worth Arlington Hts
13.10Hailey Mitchell54-05Mansfield Legacy
14.11Faith Brungardt53-01Richardson Lake High...
15.10Kayla Buckhram51-03Mansfield Legacy
10Brianna HarrisDNSMansfield Timberview
9Caroline MooreDNSMansfield
9Melissa WilliamsFOULMansfield
11Kayla CrumpDNSMansfield Timberview
12Ana OldhamFOULMansfield Lake Ridge
10Cici BowmanFOULFt Worth Arlington Hts
10Mackenzie ConnerDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
12Jazmin CortezFOULMansfield Lake Ridge
9Caitlyn OharraFOULFt Worth Arlington Hts
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Danielle Johnson5-02.00Mansfield
2.12Aleah Stigarll5-00.00Mansfield
3.10Kyra Maryland5-00.00Southlake Carroll
4.11Bryanna Lawrence5-00.00Mansfield Timberview
5.12Kalyn Dixon4-10.00Mansfield Legacy
5.11Megan Jones4-10.00Midlothian
7.10Meagan Hutson4-08.00Mansfield Legacy
7.12Raehgan Shaw4-08.00Mesquite Poteet
9.10Kadejah Wilson4-08.00Ft Worth Arlington Hts
10.11Hillary Lincoln4-06.00Ft Worth Arlington Hts
11JaLea BennettDNSMansfield Timberview
10Dana PahanishNHSouthlake Carroll
11Makenzie WoodsonNHFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Zariah MedlockNHMansfield Legacy
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Janaya Hines4-08.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
2.-Leoni Tils4-08.00Lucas Lovejoy
3.9Montine Broussard4-06.00Mesquite Poteet
4.9Sierra Browning4-06.00Mansfield
5.10Brittany Bailey4-06.00Midlothian
6.10Jennifer Agwagom4-04.00Mansfield Timberview
7.9Ridglea Hearne4-04.00Mansfield Legacy
8.10Kaiygen Stubblefield4-04.00Mansfield Legacy
8.10Diana Le4-04.00Mesquite Poteet
10.10Khali Pippins-Tryon4-00.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
10.9Isis Coty4-00.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
11Jasmine StanleyDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Tressa SmithNHMesquite Poteet
10Paige HallDNSMansfield Timberview
9LaRee EdwardsDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Asha HemphillNHFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Rebecca PowellDNSLucas Lovejoy
9Katherine PowellDNSLucas Lovejoy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Sturm11-06.00Lucas Lovejoy
2.10Caylee Jackson8-00.00Mansfield
2.10Oakley Weeakes8-00.00Mansfield
4.11Chelsea Mayberry8-00.00Southlake Carroll
5.10Sophia Elizabeth Hoenig7-06.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
6.9Aston Lackie7-00.00Midlothian
7.9Joyclyn Gonzales6-00.00Mansfield Lake Ridge
8.9Riley Gournay5-06.00Lucas Lovejoy
11Haley ParrishNHMansfield Legacy
11Julia AllenDNSMansfield
11Phylicia KirkNHMidlothian
11Makenzie WoodsonNHFt Worth Arlington Hts
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Christa Long7-00.00Mansfield
2.9McKenzie Karickhoff7-00.00Arlington Martin
9Elizabeth HannahDNSLucas Lovejoy
10Kylee PelfreyDNSMesquite Poteet
11Julia WatsonNHMesquite Poteet
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Johnson17-09.00Mansfield Timberview
2.12Crystal Christopher17-02.00Mansfield
3.12Victoria Johnson16-10.00Mansfield Legacy
4.11Bryanna Lawrence16-08.75Mansfield Timberview
5.11Sarah Robinson16-06.75Southlake Carroll
6.12Crystal Sellars16-02.00Midlothian
6.12Nicole Alozie16-02.00Richardson Lake High...
8.12Sydnee Worlds16-00.50Mansfield
9.12Kalyn Dixon15-09.25Mansfield Legacy
10.10Tia Coleman15-04.25Mansfield Timberview
11.11Kasey Cannella15-03.00Lucas Lovejoy
11Mia HenryNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Karley HartmannNDMansfield
-Meghan RiddleNDLucas Lovejoy
10Cedtrese Tonee WilliamsDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
12Brittany OcharoNDMansfield Legacy
11Kenya MosleyNDRichardson Lake High...
12Sarah MeinzDNSSouthlake Carroll
11Megan JonesNDMidlothian
11Marissa NormanDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Peyton SmithNDSouthlake Carroll
11Erin UhlNDLucas Lovejoy
12Jessica FerrellNDMansfield Lake Ridge
10Kadejah WilsonNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Ayaunee WilliamsNDMidlothian
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Zodie Abra16-01.00Mansfield Timberview
2.10Ki'Asha Harris15-09.25Mansfield
3.9Kenia Hinton14-07.00Mansfield
4.-Leoni Tils14-06.25Lucas Lovejoy
4.10Abigail Lunday14-06.25Midlothian
6.10Allana Clayton14-05.25Mansfield
7.12Sarah Meinz13-11.00Southlake Carroll
11Grace BellNDMidlothian
11Sharifah NakandhaNDMansfield Legacy
11MiKaylan ThomasNDMansfield Legacy
11Kristin NwakanmaDNSMansfield Timberview
9Ridglea HearneNDMansfield Legacy
9LaRee EdwardsNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Asha HemphillDNSFt Worth Arlington Hts
9Kaitlin BrunnettNDFt Worth Arlington Hts
-McKenna BeeneNDLucas Lovejoy
9Sara GriffithNDLucas Lovejoy
9Nosa Uyi-OhonbaNDMansfield Timberview
12Anita CampbellDNSRichardson Lake High...
10Dominque ParkerNDMansfield Lake Ridge
10Khali Pippins-TryonDNSMansfield Lake Ridge
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryanna Lawrence36-06.50Mansfield Timberview
2.12Crystal Christopher35-09.50Mansfield
3.11Kelsey Johnson35-09.25Mansfield Timberview
4.12Sydnee Worlds35-08.75Mansfield
5.12Nicole Alozie35-02.50Richardson Lake High...
6.10Grace Nwegbo33-07.00Mesquite Poteet
7.9Cece Madison33-02.50Midlothian
8.10Tia Coleman32-04.50Mansfield Timberview
9.10Danielle Johnson32-01.25Mansfield
10.10Meagan Hutson32-01.00Mansfield Legacy
11.12Corey Mccormack32-00.25Southlake Carroll
12.12Brittany Ocharo30-03.00Mansfield Legacy
13.9Ameila Jackson28-00.50Mansfield Legacy
14.-Meghan Riddle27-11.25Lucas Lovejoy
11Erin UhlFOULLucas Lovejoy
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Zodie Abra33-05.00Mansfield Timberview
2.10Sydney Cornish29-09.25Southlake Carroll
3.11MiKaylan Thomas29-06.00Mansfield Legacy
4.9BriannaJ Williams26-07.25Mansfield
5.9Sara Griffith25-06.75Lucas Lovejoy
9Megan GordonFOULLucas Lovejoy
9Dina BenitezDNSMansfield
9Kaitlin BrunnettFOULFt Worth Arlington Hts
11Kristin NwakanmaDNSMansfield Timberview
11Madison HunterFOULMansfield Legacy
9Nosa Uyi-OhonbaDNSMansfield Timberview
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