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Mountain West Conference Indoor Track & Field Championships

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Idaho - NCAA
Boise State
New Mexico - NCAA
New Mexico
Wyoming - NCAA
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrKendall Spencer6.85aNew Mexico
2.SoDaveon Collins6.85aBoise State
3.FrRidge Jones6.86aNew Mexico
4.SrA.J. Whitaker6.90aColorado State
5.FrJosh DeLoach6.91aColorado State
6.SrLenyn Leonce6.92aWyoming
7.FrHarrison Einspahr6.94aWyoming
8.SrStephen Michel6.95aWyoming
9.SrRolando Trammel6.97aBoise State
10.FrKordell Deffbaugh6.98aColorado State
11.SoJeff Richmond7.01aColorado State
12.SrUzor Udensi7.09aAir Force
13.SoJake Spuller7.13aAir Force
--SoWilliam CarterDNFNew Mexico
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SoDaveon Collins21.13aBoise State
2.JrTrevor Brown21.75aColorado State
3.FrCarlos Wiggins21.76aNew Mexico
4.SoJake Spuller21.88aAir Force
5.SrManoah Wesson21.93aBoise State
6.SrUzor Udensi21.96aAir Force
7.JrCharles Lewis22.03aNew Mexico
8.SrPaul Robertson22.03aBoise State
9.SoBret Scheve22.04aBoise State
10.SoJordin Andrade22.06aBoise State
11.SoJeff Richmond22.20aColorado State
12.SrJeff Daw22.32aBoise State
13.FrHarrison Einspahr22.36aWyoming
14.SrKendall Spencer22.40aNew Mexico
15.SrA.J. Whitaker23.42aColorado State
--FrKordell DeffbaughDQColorado State
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SoJordin Andrade47.78aBoise State
2.SrManoah Wesson48.68aBoise State
3.SrDerek Montoya48.94aNew Mexico
4.SoBret Scheve49.06aBoise State
5.JrCharles Lewis49.15aNew Mexico
6.SrJeff Daw49.26aBoise State
7.SrPaul Robertson49.48aBoise State
8.JrDavid Ptacek49.48aAir Force
9.SrTyler June50.02aBoise State
10.JrRobert Wasinger50.09aColorado State
11.SoJason Roascio50.34aWyoming
--FrChris KlineDQNew Mexico
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrSam Evans1:51.68aNew Mexico
3.SoEdwin Herring1:51.76aNew Mexico
5.JrSeth Butler1:53.00aColorado State
2.JrAlex Lindsay1:53.58aAir Force
4.SrGabe Aragon1:53.65aNew Mexico
6.JrBryce Bergevin1:53.74aBoise State
7.SoAndy Robertson1:53.93aBoise State
8.JrJohn Cordova1:53.96aNew Mexico
9.SrNick Tatro1:54.57aBoise State
10.SrLogan Rosenberg1:55.27aNew Mexico
11.SoKyle Brush1:55.94aBoise State
12.SrKen Lane1:56.64aWyoming
X 1000 Meters - Indoor Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoEvan McDowell2:43.90aAir Force
2.SrRichard York2:46.88aNew Mexico
3.SoKyle Sullivan2:51.71aWyoming
4.FrAdam Ruggiero2:51.98aBoise State
5.FrJosh Cogdill2:53.30aColorado State
6.SoRoderick Townsend2:56.75aBoise State
7.SrJosh McMillin2:57.65aColorado State
--SoJustin GreenDNFColorado State
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrLuke Caldwell14:30.30aNew Mexico
2.SrMatt Bell14:33.39aAir Force
3.JrIsaiah Bragg14:34.53aAir Force
4.SrJeremy Drenckhahn14:34.74aAir Force
5.SoPatrick Zacharias14:35.81aNew Mexico
6.SrSean Stam14:36.72aNew Mexico
7.SoBen Larson14:38.01aColorado State
8.SoAaron Back14:41.32aBoise State
9.SrBarak Watson14:44.40aBoise State
10.SoAmos Bowen14:52.09aWyoming
11.JrGarrett Zans14:57.68aWyoming
12.SoAaron Derner15:00.91aWyoming
13.SrNick Ekel15:06.56aWyoming
14.SoPetrus Malherbe15:17.83aNew Mexico
15.SrSpenser Lynass15:26.54aColorado State
--SoDavid ElliottDNFBoise State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Indoor Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoKyle Sullivan8.26aWyoming
2.SoJustin Green8.31aColorado State
3.FrJosh Cogdill8.50aColorado State
4.SoRoderick Townsend8.52aBoise State
5.SoEvan McDowell8.53aAir Force
6.SrRichard York8.70aNew Mexico
7.FrAdam Ruggiero8.73aBoise State
8.SrJosh McMillin8.76aColorado State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrTrevor Brown7.84aColorado State
3.SrBrandon Douglass7.90aWyoming
2.SrRolando Trammel7.95aBoise State
4.JrJustin Malnes8.01aBoise State
5.SrKelby Dias8.01aColorado State
6.SrDe'Vron Walker8.07aNew Mexico
7.JrAaron Praska8.17aWyoming
8.SrMichael Tasker8.18aWyoming
9.JrJacob Edwards8.24aWyoming
10.FrJoey Wilkin8.25aAir Force
11.JrColin Herold8.26aWyoming
12.SoBret Scheve8.35aBoise State
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Alex Muntefering
Zach Browning
Andrew Goodman
Alex Balsiger
9:58.34aColorado State
2.-Ted Artz
David Ptacek
Jake Hawkins
Patrick Corona
9:59.30aAir Force
3.-Wyatt Diderickson
Tyler June
Tyler Rackleff
Zach Wiles
10:02.45aBoise State
4.-Logan Rosenberg
Chris Kline
Graham Thomas
Vincent Montoya
10:17.91aNew Mexico
5.-Ken Lane
Jason Roascio
Sean Wilde
Michael Banks
X Pole Vault - Indoor Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrRichard York4.70mNew Mexico
2.SrJosh McMillin4.60mColorado State
3.SoEvan McDowell4.10mAir Force
4.SoRoderick Townsend3.80mBoise State
5.SoKyle Sullivan3.60mWyoming
6.FrAdam Ruggiero3.40mBoise State
7.FrJosh Cogdill3.30mColorado State
--SoJustin GreenNHColorado State
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrKendall Spencer7.56mNew Mexico
2.SrLenyn Leonce7.22mWyoming
3.SrFloyd Ross7.21mNew Mexico
4.FrYannick Roggatz7.14mNew Mexico
5.SrRolando Trammel7.14mBoise State
6.JrGraham Gilliland7.04mColorado State
7.SrBrandon Douglass6.91mWyoming
8.SoJonathan Edmunds6.87mColorado State
9.SrStephen Michel6.86mWyoming
10.SrRichard York6.83mNew Mexico
11.SrRyan Wasilawski6.76mColorado State
12.JrZach Smith6.74mNew Mexico
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAlec Pott18.67mColorado State
2.SrMason Finley18.43mWyoming
3.SrBrian Ford18.42mAir Force
4.JrWilliam Kent18.40mAir Force
5.SrMatt Post18.13mBoise State
6.SoJake Schneeberger18.13mColorado State
7.SoWill Lohman18.04mBoise State
8.SrDalton Sybrant17.96mWyoming
9.JrJalen Fooster-Barrino17.62mAir Force
10.SrKen Harriman17.28mColorado State
11.SrMark Sparks17.12mWyoming
12.SrCarson Rowley16.92mColorado State
13.FrGrant Hamilton15.68mAir Force
X Heptathlon Score - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrRichard York5590New Mexico
2.SoEvan McDowell5148Air Force
3.SoRoderick Townsend5028Boise State
4.SoKyle Sullivan4994Wyoming
5.SrJosh McMillin4934Colorado State
6.FrJosh Cogdill4733Colorado State
7.FrAdam Ruggiero4633Boise State
8.SoJustin Green3607Colorado State

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrEmily Blok7.42aNevada-Las Vegas
2.SrSamantha Calhoun7.45aNevada-Reno
3.SrAngelica Earls7.45aNevada-Reno
4.JrTanisha Hawkins7.51aNevada-Reno
5.FrKereston Thomas7.52aWyoming
6.SoKashae Knox7.55aNevada-Reno
7.JrMackenzie Flannigan7.57aBoise State
8.SrBreeauna Thompson7.60aFresno State
9.SoAnita Momodu7.63aNevada-Reno
10.SrHeather Pilcher7.64aBoise State
11.JrSteffanie Jordan7.67aBoise State
12.SrDynasty Gammage7.68aBoise State
13.SoAudrey West7.74aWyoming
14.JrKayla Fisher-Taylor7.74aNew Mexico
15.JrAshley Franklin7.76aNevada-Las Vegas
16.FrShakira Lewis7.77aFresno State
17.JrShannon Jacobs7.78aBoise State
18.SrUchechi Anunkor7.79aNevada-Las Vegas
19.JrTanae Turner7.84aFresno State
20.SoMorgan Malone7.98aAir Force
--JrMaderia ToatleyFSSan Diego State
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrEmily Blok23.79aNevada-Las Vegas
2.JrTanisha Hawkins24.28aNevada-Reno
3.SrBreeauna Thompson24.32aFresno State
4.JrMackenzie Flannigan24.36aBoise State
5.SrAngelica Earls24.37aNevada-Reno
6.FrKereston Thomas24.39aWyoming
7.SrSamantha Calhoun24.44aNevada-Reno
8.SrTaryn Campos24.46aBoise State
9.SrDynasty Gammage24.49aBoise State
10.JrMaderia Toatley24.52aSan Diego State
11.FrMonica Meggs24.60aNevada-Las Vegas
12.SrSecoral Yanez24.69aNevada-Las Vegas
13.JrYvonne Bennett24.69aBoise State
14.JrSteffanie Jordan24.78aBoise State
15.FrNicole Oudenaarden24.79aSan Diego State
16.JrKayla Fisher-Taylor24.93aNew Mexico
17.SoAnita Momodu25.17aNevada-Reno
18.SoMorgan Malone25.49aAir Force
19.FrShakira Lewis25.54aFresno State
20.JrTanae Turner25.92aFresno State
21.FrNaomi Alston26.32aAir Force
--SrCyntrail PierceFSBoise State
--SoKashae KnoxDQNevada-Reno
--SrUchechi AnunkorDQNevada-Las Vegas
--JrAllison ReaserDQSan Diego State
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrShanieka Thomas55.83aSan Diego State
2.SrTaryn Campos55.87aBoise State
3.SrDeyna Roberson55.99aSan Diego State
4.SrKelsey Williamson56.08aNevada-Las Vegas
5.SoSamantha Kee56.30aWyoming
6.JrChristina Smith56.38aNevada-Reno
7.FrMonica Meggs56.55aNevada-Las Vegas
8.SrCyntrail Pierce56.69aBoise State
9.SrShirley Pitts56.74aNew Mexico
10.FrMcKenzie Brogan57.16aWyoming
11.SoStephanie Gerber57.29aColorado State
12.SrTaylor Gardner57.32aWyoming
13.SoMegan Kelley57.43aBoise State
14.SrBethany Gross57.44aAir Force
15.FrZoe Howell57.77aNew Mexico
16.FrKyra Johnson57.77aFresno State
17.JrYvonne Bennett57.92aBoise State
18.SoChelsey Washington57.96aBoise State
19.SrTawsha Brazley58.09aNew Mexico
20.SoMaya Carter59.10aSan Diego State
21.FrNaomi Alston60.28aAir Force
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrJosephine Moultrie2:10.04aNew Mexico
3.SrKelsey Williamson2:10.63aNevada-Las Vegas
5.JrMariah Gramolini2:12.58aNevada-Reno
6.SrCorey Honeycutt2:12.62aNevada-Las Vegas
7.JrRici Morrill2:13.21aBoise State
2.JrAnnette Eichenberger2:14.08aAir Force
4.JrLaura Affeld2:14.44aNevada-Las Vegas
8.FrMiranda Menzies2:14.89aNevada-Las Vegas
9.JrCandace Wollert2:15.29aWyoming
10.SrCourtney Allen2:17.03aNevada-Las Vegas
11.SrOlivia Heaston2:20.06aWyoming
--SoMeagan ParacholskiDNFFresno State
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrMorgan Mosby5:00.52aAir Force
2.SrJosephine Moultrie5:00.98aNew Mexico
3.JrImogen Ainsworth5:00.99aNew Mexico
5.JrLauren Lucas5:01.00aBoise State
7.SoKirsten Follett5:01.13aNew Mexico
4.JrEmma Bates5:01.44aBoise State
6.SrSamantha Diaz5:01.74aNevada-Reno
8.JrHolly Keeper5:03.31aColorado State
9.FrAnnemarie Schwanz5:03.85aFresno State
10.SoAuzsane Crowe-Carter5:08.09aNevada-Las Vegas
11.FrShannon Susbauer5:08.80aBoise State
12.FrHannah Everson5:10.76aAir Force
13.JrAndrea Klimowski5:16.80aWyoming
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrKendra Schaff16:48.35aNew Mexico
2.SoMarisa VanderMalle16:49.04aBoise State
3.SrShawna Winnegar16:50.26aNew Mexico
4.SrJennifer Bremser17:02.51aAir Force
5.SoHolly Page17:18.52aWyoming
6.SrSarah Heuer17:22.26aColorado State
7.SrJennifer Tave17:28.20aColorado State
8.JrTaryn Treadway17:42.67aBoise State
9.JrSarah Bisterfeldt17:43.12aBoise State
10.SrAbi Bever18:12.38aWyoming
11.JrDevon England18:20.38aWyoming
12.FrMarina Roberts18:25.97aColorado State
13.JrKristen Galvez18:30.35aFresno State
14.SoAmanda Berg18:53.23aNevada-Las Vegas
--SrMarrijtje MolenhuisDNFFresno State
--JrCarina MendozaDNFFresno State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrKristen Brown8.28aSan Diego State
2.JrAllison Reaser8.49aSan Diego State
3.JrErin Morris8.50aNevada-Las Vegas
4.SrKaty Hall8.52aWyoming
5.JrJenna Mann8.64aWyoming
6.SrDeborah Amoah8.69aNevada-Reno
7.SrAlex Evans8.70aSan Diego State
8.SrPrecious Selmon8.75aNew Mexico
9.SrKalie Kirk8.86aColorado State
10.SrTajanee Simmons8.87aBoise State
11.FrKarsen Sper8.90aSan Diego State
12.SoStephanie Gerber8.90aColorado State
13.FrHolly VanGrinsven8.95aNew Mexico
14.JrTaylar Mills9.09aNevada-Las Vegas
15.JrKate Holman9.43aBoise State
16.FrJessica Green11.42aColorado State
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Rebecca Esselstein
Bethany Gross
Morgan Mosby
Melissa Fuerst
11:52.73aAir Force
2.-Julie Brasher
Jasmin McCray
Mia Weaver
Janna Mitsos
11:56.65aNew Mexico
3.-Holly Keeper
Meagan Robinson
Josephine Bush
Kaitlin Hanenburg
11:59.62aColorado State
4.-Annemarie Schwanz
Dezirae Johnson
Meagan Paracholski
Saylah Barserian
12:02.54aFresno State
5.-Jamie Knapp
Chelsey Washington
Emily Funkhouser
Marissa Opatz
12:12.50aBoise State
6.-Candace Wollert
Diana Long
Natalie Hurst
Andrea Klimowski
7.-Auzsane Crowe-Carter
Secoral Yanez
Laura Affeld
Corey Honeycutt
12:21.49aNevada-Las Vegas
8.-Mariah Gramolini
Shanee Martin
Christy Works
Julie Pedersen
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrSabina Sandberg1.75mWyoming
2.JrJazmyn Webster1.75mColorado State
3.JrAlison Forrester1.72mColorado State
4.JrRachel Herald1.68mAir Force
5.JrAshley Reid1.68mColorado State
6.SoSamantha Bowe1.68mNew Mexico
7.SrCarrington Mahr1.68mSan Diego State
8.SrLauran Johnson1.64mBoise State
8.FrMonica Franco1.64mColorado State
8.SrLesly Torres1.64mAir Force
11.JrAmy Medina1.64mColorado State
12.SrCate Brus1.64mColorado State
13.FrKarsen Sper1.55mSan Diego State
13.JrRegan Rogers1.55mAir Force
13.SrMarin Schweigert1.55mNew Mexico
16.JrMyra Dean1.55mNevada-Las Vegas
16.FrJessi Macedo1.55mColorado State
--SrTiffani BooneNHFresno State
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrKristen Brown4.13mSan Diego State
2.SrAmber Menke4.03mNew Mexico
2.SrKelsy Hintz4.03mSan Diego State
4.JrPaige Shirley3.93mAir Force
5.SrBizzy Mellado3.83mAir Force
6.JrMargo Tucker3.83mNew Mexico
7.FrAnnie Stirling3.73mNew Mexico
8.FrKaren Snapper3.63mSan Diego State
9.JrMorgan Griffin3.63mColorado State
10.FrAlison Powers3.53mNevada-Reno
10.JrNathalie Busk3.53mNew Mexico
12.JrCaitlin Owen3.53mNevada-Reno
13.SrCasey Gray3.53mNevada-Reno
14.FrCaroline Weaver3.43mFresno State
--JrHolly WaseloffNHSan Diego State
--FrRiley VannNHAir Force
--FrNicole KennedyNHNevada-Reno
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJe'Nia Sears6.03mFresno State
2.SrHeather Pilcher5.94mBoise State
3.FrCasey Dowling5.93mNew Mexico
4.SrDeborah Amoah5.91mNevada-Reno
5.FrNicole Oudenaarden5.78mSan Diego State
6.SrAlex Evans5.74mSan Diego State
7.FrAyana Gales5.71mNevada-Las Vegas
8.JrKimberly Miller5.66mBoise State
9.SoAasha Marler5.63mNew Mexico
10.JrFabrina Espinoza5.35mFresno State
11.SoYeshemabet Turner5.30mNew Mexico
12.JrJazmyn Webster5.29mColorado State
12.SrLauran Johnson5.29mBoise State
14.FrJuliet Summers5.20mNevada-Las Vegas
15.JrShannon Jacobs5.17mBoise State
16.JrAshley Hatcher5.16mFresno State
16.SoKrystal Wharton5.16mNevada-Las Vegas
18.FrShannon Forman5.07mNevada-Reno
19.JrShanieka Thomas4.97mSan Diego State
--JrOlivia HudsonNDNevada-Las Vegas
--SoAudrey WestFOULWyoming
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMeagan McKee19.56mFresno State
2.SoKiah Hicks19.56mColorado State
3.SoJasmine Burrell19.54mSan Diego State
4.SoShreese Daniels19.29mWyoming
5.SrElizabeth Johnson17.70mColorado State
6.SrJenna Sliwinski17.61mColorado State
7.JrJessica Sharbono17.34mColorado State
8.JrAnamanu Folau17.25mFresno State
9.SrJ'Quyra Moncur-Blue17.13mFresno State
10.JrCaitlin Byrd16.63mFresno State
11.JrBecca Bauman16.47mAir Force
12.SrAnna George16.36mWyoming
13.SrEleveni Fanaika16.18mSan Diego State
14.JrMikayla Howden16.18mSan Diego State
15.SoDanielle Tabb15.90mAir Force
16.SrCody Milbourn15.90mWyoming
17.FrCortney Miller15.65mNevada-Las Vegas
18.FrTawnya Turton15.31mFresno State
19.FrKennedy Hall15.25mNevada-Reno
20.JrMyshauna Alexander14.91mNevada-Las Vegas
21.SrKaty Moorkamp14.19mAir Force
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