San Diego Collegiate Challenge

Saturday, March 09, 2013 - Meet Website
  UC San Diego, La Jolla - Map

  Field Events Start: 12:00 PM  Track Events Start: 12:00 PM
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California - NAIA
CSMCS San Marcos
PLNPoint Loma Nazarene
California - NCAA
SDSUSan Diego State
U-SDU of San Diego
UCSDUC San Diego
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrSean Lewis11.02aPoint Loma Nazarene
2.SoKeith Rose11.03aUC San Diego
3.FrKuentan Womach11.26aSan Diego Mesa
4.FrAnthony Wang11.52aUC San Diego
5.SoNguyen Pham11.54aCS San Marcos
6.FrBrendyn Heath11.55aCS San Marcos
7.SoDenzel Brown11.73aSouthwestern College...
8.FrIan Manson11.77aCuyamaca
9.-Joshua Su11.83aPoint Loma Nazarene
10.FrDaniel Walkow11.93aSan Diego Mesa
11.FrJustin Smith11.94aSouthwestern College...
12.FrAlex Waltower11.95aSan Diego Mesa
13.SoWilber Camacho12.17aSouthwestern College...
14.SoTyler Anderson12.27aSouthwestern College...
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoKeith Rose21.75aUC San Diego
2.SoNick Aly21.88aSan Diego Mesa
3.FrKuentan Womach22.24aSan Diego Mesa
4.-LaDarrin Roach22.50aSan Diego Mesa
5.SoChung Pham22.67aCS San Marcos
6.FrIan Manson22.79aCuyamaca
7.FrDiante Ashby22.80aSan Diego Mesa
8.SoNate Ford23.00aUC San Diego
9.FrBrendyn Heath23.00aCS San Marcos
10.FrMichael Picot23.07aSan Diego Mesa
11.FrSuavea Zaczkiewi23.07aSan Diego Mesa
12.SoWilber Camacho23.35aSouthwestern College...
12.FrAlex Waltower23.35aSan Diego Mesa
14.FrDaniel Walkow23.54aSan Diego Mesa
15.-Joshua Su23.78aPoint Loma Nazarene
16.FrMichael Hendricks23.79aSouthwestern College...
17.FrEugene Simmons24.24aSouthwestern College...
18.SoDenzel Brown24.32aSouthwestern College...
19.FrJesus Madrigal24.40aSan Diego Mesa
20.SoTyler Anderson24.82aSouthwestern College...
21.FrAdolfo Hernandez25.71aSan Diego Mesa
22.SoLucas Shepley26.89aSouthwestern College...
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoNick Aly48.87aSan Diego Mesa
2.SoTaylor Schneider49.67aCuyamaca
3.JrHector Collazo50.14aCS San Marcos
4.-LaDarrin Roach50.58aSan Diego Mesa
5.FrMichael Picot50.74aSan Diego Mesa
6.SoNate Ford50.95aUC San Diego
7.FrDiante Ashby50.97aSan Diego Mesa
8.FrZach Kovach51.29aSan Diego Mesa
9.SrEdward Morrow51.54aPoint Loma Nazarene
10.FrSuavea Zaczkiewi51.59aSan Diego Mesa
11.SoConnor Mamikunian51.64aUC San Diego
12.JrDavid Guinasso52.53aUC San Diego
13.FrKristopher Duperron53.27aCuyamaca
14.-Randall Williams53.56aPoint Loma Nazarene
15.FrJesus Madrigal53.57aSan Diego Mesa
16.-Deantay Page53.81aCuyamaca
17.SoBrian Bauer53.91aSan Diego Mesa
18.SoJordan Ekaidat54.38aUC San Diego
19.FrChase Thurmond55.05aSouthwestern College...
20.FrAdolfo Hernandez57.43aSan Diego Mesa
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrMalik Hayes1:57.38aU of San Diego
2.-Connor Macky1:57.75aCuyamaca
3.SrAnthony Heredia1:58.38aUC San Diego
4.FrAlbert Gamez1:58.89aSan Diego Mesa
5.FrArvind Rao1:59.53aUC San Diego
6.SoJacob Desaegher1:59.83aPoint Loma Nazarene
7.FrSho Kodera2:00.46aUC San Diego
8.FrBob Myers2:02.50aSan Diego Mesa
9.-Yusef Tahiru2:03.60aCS San Marcos
10.JrRudy Mendoza2:05.10aU of San Diego
11.FrPedro Maldanado2:05.16aCS San Marcos
12.FrMichael Lovato2:05.18aSan Diego Mesa
13.-Tyler Stokes2:06.58aCuyamaca
14.SrMark Shimmin2:06.97aCS San Marcos
15.SrJesse Beason2:08.53aCuyamaca
16.FrSilvan Aeschlim2:10.31aSan Diego Mesa
17.SrBrant Jones2:11.73aPoint Loma Nazarene
18.-Jonathan Cui2:24.33aCuyamaca
X 1500 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrKellen Levy3:57.43aUC San Diego
2.FrRyan Maize4:00.85aCuyamaca
3.SoTanner Collins4:02.33aUC San Diego
4.SoDaniel Hauptman4:04.76aUC San Diego
5.SrMatt Lenehan4:05.16aUC San Diego
6.JrMario Flores4:05.47aUC San Diego
7.JrBen Rich4:05.77aUC San Diego
8.FrDaniel Franz4:08.73aUC San Diego
9.FrMalik Hayes4:09.26aU of San Diego
10.FrEddie Carrillo4:09.58aUC San Diego
11.SoWarren Liem4:09.67aUC San Diego
12.FrCarlos Ponce4:10.07aSouthwestern College...
13.FrConner Smith4:10.96aCS San Marcos
14.FrTanner Mahoney4:11.62aCS San Marcos
15.JrEric Brockhoff4:12.58aCS San Marcos
16.FrScott Acton4:12.91aUC San Diego
17.FrEnrique Rivera4:12.95aCS San Marcos
18.SrCameron Erhardt4:13.07aU of San Diego
19.JrRudy Mendoza4:17.64aU of San Diego
20.SrJesse Beason4:19.32aCuyamaca
21.SoJustin Pinizzoto4:19.53aU of San Diego
22.SrJohn Cutter4:20.67aU of San Diego
23.JrJacob Roth4:21.57aPoint Loma Nazarene
24.SrJacob Bruce4:24.36aU of San Diego
25.FrAntonio Hernandez4:25.78aSan Diego Mesa
26.SoNeil Martin4:27.52aU of San Diego
27.FrTyler Norden4:43.33aPoint Loma Nazarene
28.FrJeff Apalategui4:44.00aSouthwestern College...
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrDylan Marx8:33.24aSan Diego Mesa
2.FrSteven Martinez8:34.25aSan Diego Mesa
3.SrWill MacNeil8:36.45aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.JrArturo Canela8:46.15aSan Diego Mesa
5.SrMatt Lenehan8:47.14aUC San Diego
6.-Leonardo Banales8:48.76aCuyamaca
7.FrTareq Alwafai8:51.61aUC San Diego
8.JrIsmael Rodriguez8:56.48aCS San Marcos
9.SoEaston Tackett9:00.89aCS San Marcos
10.SrNate Avelos9:02.44aCS San Marcos
11.FrScott Acton9:05.58aUC San Diego
12.SrCameron Erhardt9:08.47aU of San Diego
13.SoAnthony Girolamo9:09.34aCS San Marcos
14.JrRyan Lawler9:11.85aCuyamaca
15.SrJason Duarte9:12.69aCS San Marcos
16.SrJohn Cutter9:13.89aU of San Diego
17.-Gabe Gussin9:14.51aCuyamaca
18.FrJason Luu9:15.65aCS San Marcos
19.FrCarlos Ponce9:17.89aSouthwestern College...
20.-Casey Walter9:20.49aSan Diego Mesa
21.-James Stubbman9:20.65aCuyamaca
22.FrRyan Maize9:21.37aCuyamaca
23.FrZachary Hamner9:24.88aSouthwestern College...
24.SoJustin Pinizzoto9:25.11aU of San Diego
25.SrCiano Ordinola9:27.06aU of San Diego
26.-Enrique Zapata9:30.56aSan Diego Mesa
27.FrAustin Kelley9:34.68aCuyamaca
28.SoNeil Martin9:38.87aU of San Diego
29.SoTristan Oliver-Mallory9:40.24aPoint Loma Nazarene
30.JrDylan Poorboy9:44.74aPoint Loma Nazarene
31.FrVincent Santiago9:47.23aSan Diego Mesa
32.-Tony Gonzalez9:57.66aCuyamaca
33.-Mathew Jorge10:06.30aCuyamaca
34.FrJeff Apalategui10:28.27aSouthwestern College...
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMaurice Strickland14.83aCS San Marcos
2.FrKevin Chiao15.42aUC San Diego
3.SoJeffrey Lim15.47aUC San Diego
4.-Brent Ruth15.65aCS San Marcos
5.SoWilber Camacho16.42aSouthwestern College...
6.FrImani Ludd16.52aSan Diego Mesa
7.SoDamon Moore16.64aCS San Marcos
8.SoChris Canseco17.05aSan Diego Mesa
9.-Austin Green17.42aSan Diego Mesa
10.FrMichael Hendricks17.56aSouthwestern College...
11.FrSpencer Curtis18.93aSan Diego Mesa
12.-Kevin Harris20.08aSan Diego Mesa
--JrMatt BrunoDQCS San Marcos
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrAhmad Rashada56.04aCuyamaca
2.SoDamon Moore56.53aCS San Marcos
3.FrJason Bandong56.94aCS San Marcos
4.JrCody Conley58.12aCuyamaca
5.FrConnor Zindroski58.36aUC San Diego
6.SoJeffrey Lim58.97aUC San Diego
7.FrAndrew Navarro59.06aSan Diego Mesa
8.FrDushawn Johnson1:00.06aCuyamaca
9.-Kevin Harris1:02.09aSan Diego Mesa
10.-Austin Green1:02.57aSan Diego Mesa
X 4x100 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.79aPoint Loma Nazarene
2.-Relay Team 43.49aCS San Marcos
3.-Relay Team 44.27aUC San Diego
4.-Relay Team 44.49aCuyamaca
5.-Relay Team 45.32aSouthwestern College...
6.-Relay Team 45.99aSouthwestern College...
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:20.85aCS San Marcos
2.-Relay Team 3:20.87aSan Diego Mesa
3.-Relay Team 3:24.39aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.-Relay Team 3:24.65aCuyamaca
5.-Relay Team 3:25.20aUC San Diego
6.-Relay Team 3:27.96aSan Diego Mesa
7.-Relay Team 3:31.13aUC San Diego
8.-Relay Team 3:31.91aSouthwestern College...
9.-Relay Team 3:36.60aU of San Diego
10.-Relay Team 3:37.67aUC San Diego
11.-Relay Team 3:37.98aCS San Marcos
12.-Relay Team 3:50.19aPoint Loma Nazarene
X Shot Put - 16lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrRyan Eckert15.58mUC San Diego
2.SoIssa Jamil14.12mCuyamaca
3.FrJared Shahbazian13.64mUC San Diego
4.SrAB Shaheen13.33mUC San Diego
5.FrJeffrey Shu13.03mUC San Diego
6.FrAaron Russell12.89mSan Diego Mesa
7.FrNdoto Strong12.76mSan Diego Mesa
8.FrGerman Romero12.30mSan Diego Mesa
9.SoTodd Curl12.23mSouthwestern College...
10.FrMarty Barrick11.89mSan Diego Mesa
11.FrAaron Conde11.67mSouthwestern College...
12.FrEduardo Medrano11.44mCuyamaca
13.FrEdgar Soto11.18mSan Diego Mesa
14.-Brent Ruth10.97mCS San Marcos
15.FrGary Birtwell10.93mSouthwestern College...
16.FrEdward Dillon10.46mSan Diego Mesa
17.FrJorge Sanchez10.18mSan Diego Mesa
18.-Stephen Moore10.02mPoint Loma Nazarene
X Discus - 2kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrZachary Nagengast50.79mUC San Diego
2.SrMathew Endler46.86mUC San Diego
3.SoSean Boozel45.78mCuyamaca
4.FrJared Shahbazian41.33mUC San Diego
5.FrEduardo Medrano39.49mCuyamaca
6.FrWilliam Hamilton38.50mCuyamaca
7.FrJeffrey Shu37.84mUC San Diego
8.FrGary Birtwell37.27mSouthwestern College...
9.SoIssa Jamil36.90mCuyamaca
10.FrAaron Conde36.46mSouthwestern College...
11.FrEdgar Soto34.76mSan Diego Mesa
12.JrMatt Bruno34.19mCS San Marcos
13.FrJorge Sanchez31.51mSan Diego Mesa
14.FrNdoto Strong31.20mSan Diego Mesa
15.FrGerman Romero29.76mSan Diego Mesa
16.-Brent Ruth28.31mCS San Marcos
17.FrEdward Dillon27.17mSan Diego Mesa
--FrAaron RussellNDSan Diego Mesa
X Javelin - 800g - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoNash Howe64.73mUC San Diego
2.SrKiley Libuit60.29mUC San Diego
3.SrDylan Kirchberg55.14mCS San Marcos
4.SoSean Boozel55.02mCuyamaca
5.SoChris Canseco45.50mSan Diego Mesa
6.SrEdward Morrow43.78mPoint Loma Nazarene
7.-Stephen Moore40.53mPoint Loma Nazarene
8.FrMichael Lovato39.48mSan Diego Mesa
9.SoTodd Curl37.13mSouthwestern College...
10.FrWilliam Hamilton37.08mCuyamaca
11.FrBrian Parker36.61mCuyamaca
12.FrEdward Dillon32.10mSan Diego Mesa
13.FrImani Ludd30.23mSan Diego Mesa
14.FrSpencer Curtis29.87mSan Diego Mesa
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrBranden Greene2.00mSouthwestern College...
2.SoBrett Goudy1.85mCS San Marcos
2.FrSean Cook1.85mUC San Diego
4.FrStephen Weisfield1.80mCuyamaca
4.FrMatt Garrido1.80mSan Diego Mesa
6.-Steven Kelley1.75mCuyamaca
7.-Brent Ruth1.60mCS San Marcos
7.FrJosef Hauser1.60mCuyamaca
--FrImani LuddNHSan Diego Mesa
--SoChris CansecoNHSan Diego Mesa
--SoLucas ShepleyNHSouthwestern College...
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrBenjamin Berthet4.85mUC San Diego
1.JrClint Rosser4.85mUC San Diego
3.FrCraig Stratton4.35mSan Diego Mesa
4.FrPeter McCoy4.25mCuyamaca
5.SoNathan Will4.15mSan Diego Mesa
6.FrAlexander Morrison3.80mPoint Loma Nazarene
6.FrBrian Parker3.80mCuyamaca
8.FrJustin Smith3.25mSouthwestern College...
9.FrSpencer Curtis3.10mSan Diego Mesa
--FrRichard EvangelistaNHSan Diego Mesa
--JrMaurice StricklandNHCS San Marcos
--SoChris CansecoNHSan Diego Mesa
--FrImani LuddNHSan Diego Mesa
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrSean Cook6.82mUC San Diego
2.FrBranden Greene6.69mSouthwestern College...
3.FrJonathan Tiggs6.62mPoint Loma Nazarene
4.-Brent Ruth6.38mCS San Marcos
5.SoBrett Goudy6.36mCS San Marcos
6.FrDarrian Frazier6.34mCS San Marcos
7.FrEugene Simmons6.28mSouthwestern College...
8.FrMarquise Corbett6.19mSan Diego Mesa
9.SoMichael Anastasia6.07mCS San Marcos
9.FrRandy Copeman6.07mUC San Diego
11.FrSpencer Curtis5.99mSan Diego Mesa
12.FrKevin Chiao5.89mUC San Diego
13.FrConnor Zindroski5.82mUC San Diego
14.FrImani Ludd5.69mSan Diego Mesa
15.SoChris Canseco5.47mSan Diego Mesa
16.SoLucas Shepley5.16mSouthwestern College...
17.JrMatt Bruno4.86mCS San Marcos
18.FrMatt Garrido4.80mSan Diego Mesa
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrDarrian Frazier14.15mCS San Marcos
2.SoMichael Anastasia13.81mCS San Marcos
3.JrAntony Kountouris13.64mUC San Diego
4.FrEugene Simmons13.30mSouthwestern College...
5.FrSean Cook13.13mUC San Diego
--FrRandy CopemanFOULUC San Diego
X Hammer - 12lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAB Shaheen56.09mUC San Diego
2.SrMathew Endler46.32mUC San Diego
3.FrAaron Russell42.48mSan Diego Mesa
4.SoSean Boozel42.22mCuyamaca
5.SoIssa Jamil39.77mCuyamaca
6.FrEduardo Medrano38.76mCuyamaca
7.FrGio Rico37.63mUC San Diego
8.-Stephen Moore34.22mPoint Loma Nazarene
9.FrAaron Conde33.30mSouthwestern College...
10.FrGary Birtwell33.10mSouthwestern College...
11.FrJorge Sanchez32.86mSan Diego Mesa
12.FrEdgar Soto26.48mSan Diego Mesa

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrAllison Reaser12.12aSan Diego State
2.JrMaderia Toatley12.48aSan Diego State
3.SrJennifer Van Wey12.54aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.JrAntonique Campbell12.67aSan Diego State
5.SrKathleen Hitchens12.68aUC San Diego
6.SrKrystal Osby12.73aCS San Marcos
7.FrAmy Heins12.86aUC San Diego
8.FrLucrezia Capano12.92aPalomar
9.SoDereka Chargualaf12.93aUC San Diego
10.SrAlex Evans13.25aSan Diego State
11.FrAbigail Corn13.28aPalomar
12.SoJasmine Harris13.35aCuyamaca
13.FrJessica Carillo13.44aSan Diego Mesa
14.FrHannah Wilson14.04aPalomar
15.JrJoanne Cayabyab14.65aCS San Marcos
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMaderia Toatley24.73aSan Diego State
2.SrDeyna Roberson25.25aSan Diego State
3.SrJennifer Van Wey25.38aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.SoChelsey Kamson25.64aUC San Diego
5.SoDereka Chargualaf25.81aUC San Diego
6.SoMaya Carter25.87aSan Diego State
7.FrAmy Heins26.00aUC San Diego
8.SrKrystal Osby26.02aCS San Marcos
9.SoTia Knight26.06aCuyamaca
10.SoEllexi Snover26.10aUC San Diego
11.FrKarsen Sper26.12aSan Diego State
12.SrBrittany Bozeman26.19aSan Diego State
13.FrRenetia James26.22aSan Diego State
14.SrKathleen Hitchens26.23aUC San Diego
15.FrLucrezia Capano26.73aPalomar
16.FrMeredith Bell26.85aUC San Diego
17.FrEmily Petros26.89aCS San Marcos
18.FrJessica Carillo27.05aSan Diego Mesa
19.FrAbigail Corn27.09aPalomar
20.FrDominque Clough27.24aSan Diego Mesa
21.SoVeronica Bradley27.35aUC San Diego
22.SrThoraya Maronsey27.61aSan Diego State
23.FrRonke Odubela27.65aUC San Diego
24.-Jordan Manley27.95aPoint Loma Nazarene
25.FrHannah Wilson28.84aPalomar
26.FrAna Murrillo28.99aSan Diego Mesa
27.FrTameka Ross29.59aCuyamaca
28.-Regan Mathis29.84aPalomar
29.JrJoanne Cayabyab30.19aCS San Marcos
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrRenetia James56.56aSan Diego State
2.FrNicole Oudenaarden56.67aSan Diego State
3.SoSabrina Pimentel56.79aUC San Diego
4.SrDeyna Roberson57.28aSan Diego State
5.SrKassie Ham58.54aPoint Loma Nazarene
6.SoMaya Carter1:00.78aSan Diego State
7.FrCarly Brink1:01.32aCS San Marcos
8.FrEva Davidová1:01.77aSan Diego State
9.SoEllexi Snover1:02.05aUC San Diego
10.FrRonke Odubela1:02.23aUC San Diego
11.FrDominque Clough1:02.62aSan Diego Mesa
12.SrKelsey Starr1:02.66aPoint Loma Nazarene
13.-Jessica Mercado1:03.03aPoint Loma Nazarene
14.FrAna Murrillo1:07.19aSan Diego Mesa
15.JrMegan Bourasa1:07.38aPalomar
16.-Regan Mathis1:12.55aPalomar
17.FrLucia Aguirre-Montana1:12.67aSouthwestern College...
18.FrRoshel Chambers1:12.70aCuyamaca
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrLorato Anderson2:17.14aUC San Diego
2.FrAlisa Poplawski2:17.75aPoint Loma Nazarene
3.SrBailey Massenburg2:20.29aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.FrCorinne Hinkle2:22.66aUC San Diego
5.FrSara Graber2:22.68aUC San Diego
6.SrToni Sarge2:23.81aUC San Diego
7.SrEmerald Raney2:24.31aU of San Diego
8.SrXimena Cruz2:24.87aUC San Diego
9.FrOlivia Houser2:25.60aU of San Diego
10.SoPamela Castro2:26.38aSouthwestern College...
11.SoDani Brabender2:26.70aUC San Diego
12.FrSally Rudi2:27.88aPoint Loma Nazarene
13.JrMandy Blume2:27.90aSan Diego Mesa
14.SoNatalie Lomayesva2:28.87aUC San Diego
15.FrLaQuisha Jackson2:29.84aSan Diego State
16.-Adriana Olmos2:30.02aCuyamaca
17.FrKim Melechinsky2:33.93aSan Diego Mesa
18.FrAleiha Nelson2:34.75aPalomar
19.-Cassandra Bird2:36.06aPoint Loma Nazarene
20.FrMaude Price2:43.92aSan Diego Mesa
21.FrSavannah Lewison2:45.45aSan Diego Mesa
22.SoTori Dorsey2:45.55aPalomar
23.FrSydney Ellis2:51.53aPalomar
24.-Crystal Kolen2:56.75aCuyamaca
25.SoAlexis Smith3:06.50aPalomar
X 1500 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrChelsea Kruthers4:40.46aSan Diego State
2.SrBreelan Matranga4:43.20aPoint Loma Nazarene
3.SrJosefine Koskinen4:46.47aSan Diego State
4.JrGillian Gorelik4:50.93aU of San Diego
5.JrChia Chang4:54.65aUC San Diego
6.SoAnneke Kakebeen5:00.42aUC San Diego
7.SrLauren Infusino5:01.75aU of San Diego
8.FrCarolina Guzman5:01.80aUC San Diego
9.JrMichelle Cruz5:02.57aCS San Marcos
10.FrAshley Matsen5:03.25aPoint Loma Nazarene
11.FrAlex Reich5:03.94aUC San Diego
12.FrAshton Padberg5:04.32aU of San Diego
13.FrBriana Swendener5:07.04aPoint Loma Nazarene
14.FrMei-Lin Okino5:09.44aUC San Diego
15.SoRita Kuckertz5:10.39aU of San Diego
16.JrJessica McCarthy5:16.56aU of San Diego
17.FrAleiha Nelson5:17.03aPalomar
18.SrMaddie Levine5:18.07aU of San Diego
19.FrKalin Padberg5:18.33aU of San Diego
20.FrDani LeMieux5:20.95aU of San Diego
21.FrPaula Aleman5:22.56aSouthwestern College...
22.SoKathryn Adamson5:24.32aU of San Diego
23.SoGina Soria5:34.67aSan Diego Mesa
24.SoJessica Lucas5:37.54aPoint Loma Nazarene
25.SoMinerva Perez5:38.38aSan Diego Mesa
26.-Seleena Boubion5:41.07aCuyamaca
27.FrSydney Ellis5:41.21aPalomar
28.SoTori Dorsey5:41.60aPalomar
29.SoJennifer Beers5:42.55aPoint Loma Nazarene
30.-Crystal Kolen5:56.49aCuyamaca
31.SoAlexis Smith5:56.97aPalomar
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrMarie Diaz10:13.74aUC San Diego
2.JrAyded Reyes10:18.41aCS San Marcos
3.FrLaura Vazquez10:20.48aSan Diego State
4.FrAshton Padberg10:23.52aU of San Diego
5.FrJessica McCall10:30.96aSan Diego State
6.-Paige Hughes10:32.27aCuyamaca
7.JrGillian Gorelik10:38.51aU of San Diego
8.SrKristy Koenes10:39.47aU of San Diego
9.SoMelissa Wendorf10:43.06aSan Diego State
10.SrLauren Infusino10:44.26aU of San Diego
11.FrLauren Cortez10:45.49aCS San Marcos
12.SoDana Schmalzel10:52.59aCS San Marcos
13.SoMadison Tanner10:56.08aUC San Diego
14.FrHannah Sawatzki10:56.81aSan Diego State
15.SrEmerald Raney10:58.92aU of San Diego
16.FrChandler Colquitt10:59.74aUC San Diego
17.FrRachel Roesgen11:02.07aSan Diego State
18.JrAmy Reaser11:02.34aSan Diego State
19.FrKalin Padberg11:03.51aU of San Diego
20.FrOlivia Houser11:06.95aU of San Diego
21.JrJessica McCarthy11:10.12aU of San Diego
22.SrMackenzie Entrikin11:11.01aU of San Diego
23.SrAlaina Bird11:11.15aPoint Loma Nazarene
24.SrMaddie Levine11:15.39aU of San Diego
25.-Katie Coleman11:22.21aSan Diego Mesa
26.FrChristina Winters11:27.21aU of San Diego
27.FrHannah Stevens11:28.98aPoint Loma Nazarene
28.SoKathryn Adamson11:29.49aU of San Diego
29.FrMicaelina Sarmiento11:31.61aPalomar
30.SoSusanna Bradley11:31.87aPoint Loma Nazarene
31.SoCaitlin Brandt11:32.32aPoint Loma Nazarene
32.FrKailin Anderson11:33.37aCuyamaca
33.FrSierra Echols11:40.74aSouthwestern College...
34.FrDani LeMieux11:43.87aU of San Diego
35.SrChandler Rezendes11:45.65aCS San Marcos
36.-Sarah Feddersen11:58.02aPoint Loma Nazarene
37.FrShaina Pardo12:01.60aCS San Marcos
38.-Seleena Boubion12:06.89aCuyamaca
39.FrSarah Snyder12:33.88aCuyamaca
40.JrVictoria Hambley12:35.75aU of San Diego
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrAllison Reaser14.32aSan Diego State
2.SoTia Knight14.81aCuyamaca
3.FrKarsen Sper15.10aSan Diego State
4.SoAlexia Avila16.01aPoint Loma Nazarene
5.SrRaquel Ormsby16.10aUC San Diego
6.SoLaura Schellenberg16.28aUC San Diego
7.SoKayla Batom16.50aUC San Diego
8.JrSarah Haydock16.57aSan Diego State
9.JrSabine Ismay16.80aSan Diego Mesa
10.FrMegan Benham17.07aUC San Diego
11.SoEmily Loogman17.08aPoint Loma Nazarene
12.JrSavanna Holmen17.28aCS San Marcos
13.-Kelly Helman17.28aSan Diego Mesa
14.FrShaylyn Boomer17.66aPalomar
15.SoBridget Taylor18.05aSan Diego Mesa
16.FrJulia Tenchavez18.08aPalomar
17.SrStephanie Tucker18.66aU of San Diego
18.SoAmber Lau19.10aSan Diego Mesa
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrLauren Irish1:03.62aUC San Diego
2.SrRaquel Ormsby1:04.11aUC San Diego
3.SoEmily Loogman1:05.08aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.SoLaura Schellenberg1:07.40aUC San Diego
5.FrPaula Aleman1:08.59aSouthwestern College...
6.JrSabine Ismay1:09.26aSan Diego Mesa
7.-Kieran Fasenmyer1:09.28aPoint Loma Nazarene
8.JrDenise Nguyen1:09.32aCS San Marcos
9.SoAlexia Avila1:10.16aPoint Loma Nazarene
10.SoCaitlyn Tischer1:10.50aCuyamaca
11.SoBridget Taylor1:11.03aSan Diego Mesa
12.SrMeredith Daly1:12.51aCS San Marcos
13.JrMegan Bourasa1:18.24aPalomar
14.-Kelly Helman1:20.21aSan Diego Mesa
15.SrStephanie Tucker1:20.79aU of San Diego
X 4x100 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Relay Team 47.51aCS San Marcos
2.-Relay Team 47.78aUC San Diego
3.-Relay Team 49.10aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.-Relay Team 50.77aCS San Marcos
5.-Relay Team 51.24aCuyamaca
6.-Relay Team 51.45aPalomar
7.-Relay Team 52.15aSan Diego Mesa
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Eva Davidová
Maderia Toatley
Josefine Koskinen
Chelsea Kruthers
3:55.72aSan Diego State
2.-Relay Team 3:56.14aUC San Diego
3.-Relay Team 4:03.61aPoint Loma Nazarene
4.-Relay Team 4:06.62aCuyamaca
5.-Relay Team 4:08.45aCS San Marcos
6.-Relay Team 4:13.60aUC San Diego
7.-Relay Team 4:15.00aPoint Loma Nazarene
8.-Relay Team 4:16.30aCS San Marcos
9.-Relay Team 4:16.63aSan Diego Mesa
10.-Relay Team 4:21.86aU of San Diego
11.-Relay Team 4:24.67aPoint Loma Nazarene
12.-Relay Team 4:30.98aPalomar
13.-Relay Team 4:31.56aSouthwestern College...
14.-Melissa Wendorf
Hannah Sawatzki
Jessica McCall
Amy Reaser
4:32.85aSan Diego State
15.-Relay Team 4:58.74aU of San Diego
X Shot Put - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJasmine Burrell14.02mSan Diego State
2.JrBrittany Gonter13.17mSan Diego State
3.FrNicole Oudenaarden12.85mSan Diego State
4.JrEva Isaacs12.29mUC San Diego
5.SrBrittany Bozeman11.91mSan Diego State
6.JrAllison Reaser11.82mSan Diego State
7.-Dalynn Williams11.79mCuyamaca
8.SoSoliaana Faapouli11.63mPalomar
9.FrSofia Dukes11.61mCuyamaca
10.-Agnes Faaleaoga10.73mPoint Loma Nazarene
11.SrUchenna Agbahiwe10.64mUC San Diego
12.FrAlexa Evans10.02mSan Diego State
13.FrBriana Luckett9.95mSan Diego Mesa
14.FrKarsen Sper9.41mSan Diego State
15.FrBreanna Mendez8.87mSan Diego Mesa
16.-Kendra Peterson8.82mPoint Loma Nazarene
17.FrVanessa Garcia8.28mSan Diego Mesa
18.JrSarah Haydock8.23mSan Diego State
19.FrRebecca Gross7.86mSan Diego Mesa
20.-Ayla Randall6.38mPalomar
X Discus - 1kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJasmine Burrell50.02mSan Diego State
2.JrBrittany Gonter43.78mSan Diego State
3.-Agnes Faaleaoga43.03mPoint Loma Nazarene
4.SrUchenna Agbahiwe41.18mUC San Diego
5.JrEva Isaacs40.36mUC San Diego
6.FrSofia Dukes38.96mCuyamaca
7.FrAlexa Evans36.03mSan Diego State
8.SoSoliaana Faapouli35.89mPalomar
9.-Dalynn Williams34.20mCuyamaca
10.FrAndrea Bird31.48mCuyamaca
11.FrDana Hosley30.31mCuyamaca
12.FrVanessa Garcia28.92mSan Diego Mesa
13.-Kendra Peterson28.28mPoint Loma Nazarene
14.FrBreanna Mendez27.29mSan Diego Mesa
15.-Ayla Randall18.31mPalomar
X Javelin - 600g - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrNicole Oudenaarden43.27mSan Diego State
2.SrJessica Miklaski40.55mUC San Diego
3.JrAletha Vassilakas37.90mUC San Diego
4.FrBrooke Guinty36.57mSan Diego Mesa
5.SrBrittany Bozeman36.43mSan Diego State
6.JrAllison Reaser35.62mSan Diego State
7.-Tashia Hardeman31.53mPoint Loma Nazarene
8.SoSoliaana Faapouli30.72mPalomar
9.SoAmanda Horowitz29.50mUC San Diego
10.FrSofia Dukes28.14mCuyamaca
11.FrAlia Ismay25.80mSan Diego Mesa
12.FrEmily Petros24.78mCS San Marcos
13.FrKarsen Sper24.41mSan Diego State
14.FrRebecca Gross24.40mSan Diego Mesa
15.SrFatima Gomez23.80mCuyamaca
16.JrSarah Haydock22.98mSan Diego State
17.-Ayla Randall21.18mPalomar
18.FrKarenina Alvarez21.08mSouthwestern College...
19.SoAmber Lau19.20mSan Diego Mesa
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrCarrington Mahr1.68mSan Diego State
2.JrMichelle Woodruff1.63mUC San Diego
3.SrMarissa Daly1.58mCS San Marcos
4.FrKristen Daugherty1.58mUC San Diego
5.FrJulia Wildenthaler1.58mUC San Diego
6.SrMelissa Olmos1.58mCS San Marcos
7.SrBrittany Bozeman1.53mSan Diego State
8.JrAllison Reaser1.53mSan Diego State
9.FrDevon Brook1.53mUC San Diego
10.FrKirsten Martin1.48mUC San Diego
10.SoChantia Justice1.48mUC San Diego
10.-Kim Jones1.48mSan Diego Mesa
13.FrCydnee Psalms1.43mPalomar
14.JrSarah Haydock1.38mSan Diego State
15.JrSavanna Holmen1.33mCS San Marcos
--FrLauren LevensonNHPoint Loma Nazarene
--FrAlia IsmayNHSan Diego Mesa
---Kieran FasenmyerNHPoint Loma Nazarene
--FrKarsen SperNHSan Diego State
--FrValerie FrancisNHUC San Diego
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrKristen Brown4.27mSan Diego State
2.SrKelsy Hintz4.07mSan Diego State
3.FrSydney Blakeley3.67mUC San Diego
4.FrKaren Snapper3.67mSan Diego State
5.JrHolly Waseloff3.52mSan Diego State
6.JrRebecca Turnbow3.37mSan Diego State
7.FrMegan Benham3.37mUC San Diego
8.FrBrooke Guinty3.22mSan Diego Mesa
9.FrThresa Vinson3.22mSan Diego State
10.-Taylor Audia3.22mPoint Loma Nazarene
11.FrKorin Chapman3.07mSouthwestern College...
11.FrMikaela Morris3.07mPoint Loma Nazarene
11.FrStephanie Beaulieu3.07mPoint Loma Nazarene
11.JrHelen Bavin3.07mPoint Loma Nazarene
11.FrCarly Rodgers3.07mPoint Loma Nazarene
11.FrChelsey Boomer3.07mCS San Marcos
17.JrMeghan Freund2.92mCS San Marcos
--JrCalah AyerNHCS San Marcos
--FrAlia IsmayNHSan Diego Mesa
---Kim JonesNHSan Diego Mesa
--SoKensi WaltersNHPalomar
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrKristin Sato5.58mUC San Diego
2.SrYachi Fails5.49mCS San Marcos
3.SoVeronica Bradley5.27mUC San Diego
4.SrThoraya Maronsey5.21mSan Diego State
5.FrKristen Daugherty5.09mUC San Diego
6.SoMichelle Fekete4.94mCS San Marcos
6.-Chloe Soremekun4.94mPoint Loma Nazarene
8.JrMarya Carter4.93mUC San Diego
9.FrHannah Wilson4.84mPalomar
10.JrSarah Haydock4.82mSan Diego State
11.JrSavanna Holmen4.75mCS San Marcos
11.SoJasmine Harris4.75mCuyamaca
13.FrShaylyn Boomer4.64mPalomar
14.FrLauren Levenson4.56mPoint Loma Nazarene
15.-Chelsey Martin4.47mSan Diego Mesa
16.FrJulia Tenchavez4.46mPalomar
17.FrKarima Sims4.36mSan Diego Mesa
18.FrAlia Ismay3.89mSan Diego Mesa
19.FrRoshel Chambers3.73mCuyamaca
--FrTaylor RobinsonFOULCuyamaca
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoChantia Justice12.03mUC San Diego
2.FrKristin Sato11.95mUC San Diego
3.SrYachi Fails11.10mCS San Marcos
4.JrMarya Carter10.96mUC San Diego
5.FrJulia Wildenthaler10.94mUC San Diego
6.FrAshley Rhorer10.81mUC San Diego
7.FrKristen Daugherty10.73mUC San Diego
8.FrMichelle Cummins10.59mUC San Diego
9.-Chloe Soremekun10.48mPoint Loma Nazarene
10.SoMichelle Fekete10.20mCS San Marcos
11.SoAlexia Avila10.00mPoint Loma Nazarene
12.FrJulia Tenchavez9.99mPalomar
13.FrDevon Brook9.79mUC San Diego
14.FrShaylyn Boomer9.78mPalomar
15.-Tashia Hardeman9.61mPoint Loma Nazarene
16.FrKarima Sims8.93mSan Diego Mesa
X Hammer - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJasmine Burrell46.29mSan Diego State
2.SoSoliaana Faapouli42.27mPalomar
3.FrValerie Francis38.71mUC San Diego
4.FrAlexa Evans37.77mSan Diego State
5.JrEva Isaacs37.74mUC San Diego
6.FrAndrea Bird33.52mCuyamaca
7.FrDana Hosley30.71mCuyamaca
8.-Dalynn Williams30.67mCuyamaca
9.FrVanessa Garcia28.39mSan Diego Mesa
10.SoRowena Mae Paet21.97mCuyamaca
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