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200 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAllison Reaser23.96a (2.1)San Diego State
2.JrJenna Mann24.98a (2.1)Wyoming
3.SrBrittany Bozeman25.13a (2.1)San Diego State
4.FrKarsen Sper25.48a (2.1)San Diego State
5.FrHolly VanGrinsven25.59a (3.3)New Mexico
6.SoJuliet Summers25.61a (2.1)Nevada-Las Vegas
7.FrShannon Forman25.89a (2.1)Nevada-Las Vegas
8.FrSamantha Bowe25.94a (2.1)New Mexico
9.SrLesly Torres26.30a (3.3)Air Force
10.FrNicole Wadden26.51a (3.3)Nevada-Las Vegas
11.FrJessica Green27.16a (3.3)Colorado State
12.FrSabina Sandberg27.37a (3.3)Wyoming

100m Hurdles - 33"  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAllison Reaser13.65a (-.5)San Diego State
2.JrJenna Mann13.92a (-.5)Wyoming
3.FrKarsen Sper14.43a (-.5)San Diego State
4.FrSamantha Bowe14.60a (-.5)New Mexico
5.SrBrittany Bozeman14.61a (-.5)San Diego State
6.FrShannon Forman14.94a (-.6)Nevada-Las Vegas
7.FrHolly VanGrinsven14.95a (-.6)New Mexico
8.JrTaylar Mills15.00a (-.5)Nevada-Las Vegas
9.SrLesly Torres15.04a (-.6)Air Force
10.FrJessica Green15.13a (-.6)Colorado State
11.FrNicole Wadden15.37a (-.6)Nevada-Las Vegas
12.FrSabina Sandberg15.39a (-.6)Wyoming
--SoJuliet SummersDQ (-.5)Nevada-Las Vegas

Shot Put - 4kg  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAllison Reaser11.91mSan Diego State
2.SrBrittany Bozeman11.66mSan Diego State
3.FrSamantha Bowe11.47mNew Mexico
4.JrTaylar Mills11.17mNevada-Las Vegas
5.JrJenna Mann10.84mWyoming
6.SrLesly Torres10.42mAir Force
7.FrJessica Green10.31mColorado State
8.FrKarsen Sper10.24mSan Diego State
9.FrSabina Sandberg9.86mWyoming
10.FrNicole Wadden9.74mNevada-Las Vegas
11.FrShannon Forman9.21mNevada-Las Vegas
12.FrHolly VanGrinsven9.16mNew Mexico
13.SoJuliet Summers8.27mNevada-Las Vegas

High Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.FrSabina Sandberg1.67mWyoming
1.FrSamantha Bowe1.67mNew Mexico
3.FrJessica Green1.64mColorado State
4.FrNicole Wadden1.61mNevada-Las Vegas
4.SrLesly Torres1.61mAir Force
6.JrJenna Mann1.58mWyoming
6.JrAllison Reaser1.58mSan Diego State
6.FrKarsen Sper1.58mSan Diego State
6.FrShannon Forman1.58mNevada-Las Vegas
10.FrHolly VanGrinsven1.55mNew Mexico
10.SoJuliet Summers1.55mNevada-Las Vegas
10.JrTaylar Mills1.55mNevada-Las Vegas
10.SrBrittany Bozeman1.55mSan Diego State


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