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Navy Invitational

Saturday, December 01, 2012

USNA Halsey Field House, Annapolis

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoTyler Smith7.05aGeorgetown      
2.JrQuincy Neal7.05aHampton      
3.SoJalen Elrod7.06aNavy      
4.JrAsaad Monroe7.08aLincoln U (PA)      
5.SoAlpha Mansara7.13aDelaware State      
6.FrNigel Thompson7.17aMorgan State      
7.SoShane Green7.23aCoppin State      
X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrQuincy Neal7.03aHampton      
2.FrNigel Thompson7.07aMorgan State      
6.JrAsaad Monroe7.09aLincoln U (PA)      
3.SoShane Green7.12aCoppin State      
4.SoAlpha Mansara7.13aDelaware State      
7.SoJalen Elrod7.13aNavy      
8.SoTyler Smith7.13aGeorgetown      
9.SrWesley Redfern7.14aMorgan State      
10.SoRico Goldstone7.15aNavy      
11.-David Okeke7.17aDelaware State      
5.SoAaron Strums7.20aMorgan State      
12.SrAnthony Kiser7.23aBowie State      
13.SoJames McDonald7.24aHampton      
14.JrAlex Jebb7.25aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
15.FrTravis Scarborough7.26aBowie State      
16.-Christophe Troche7.28aNavy      
17.SrRidwan Cole7.30aBowie State      
18.-Kenyon Wright7.30aMorgan State      
19.SoCorrin Harris7.31aHampton      
20.SoHackeem Harris7.33aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
21.SoDevin Wynn7.34aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
22.-Kasey Gamble7.35aLincoln U (PA)      
23.FrBrandon Redhi7.39aMt St. Mary's      
24.SrDenvil Ruan7.43aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
24.FrJustin Grant7.43aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
26.SoTerrill Cooke7.49aHampton      
27.FrBryan Ricciardi7.52aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
28.-Jonathan Wev7.52aNavy      
29.SoDevin James7.53aCoppin State      
30.SoAndre Henry7.57aDelaware State      
31.SoJesse Allen7.58aDelaware State      
32.-Kensy Jean-Claude7.59aLincoln U (PA)      
33.-Corbyn Yhap7.63aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
---Javon SpencerDQMaryland-Eastern Shore      
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJeremy Dorsey22.20aCoppin State      
2.FrMike Andre22.28aGeorgetown      
3.FrDevante Washington22.43aGeorgetown      
4.FrRolando Reid22.47aMorgan State      
5.SoAlpha Mansara22.48aDelaware State      
6.-Aaron Covington22.51aMorgan State      
7.SoTyler Smith22.52aGeorgetown      
8.SrJibri Victorian22.55aCoppin State      
9.SoJames McDonald22.63aHampton      
10.-Brandon Hairston22.81aMorgan State      
11.SoBlake Anderson22.84aCoppin State      
12.SoRico Goldstone22.91aNavy      
13.FrTrey Holloway22.93aHampton      
14.FrTravis Scarborough22.95aBowie State      
15.SoHackeem Harris23.18aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
16.SoAaron Strums23.32aMorgan State      
17.FrBrandon Redhi23.34aMt St. Mary's      
18.FrJustin Grant23.40aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
19.-Christopher Meyer23.44aNavy      
20.FrXavier Thomas23.47aBowie State      
21.-David Okeke23.51aDelaware State      
22.SoJalen Elrod23.66aNavy      
23.SoTyller Jackson23.78aHampton      
24.-Christophe Troche23.85aNavy      
25.SrOluwatobi Owolabi23.93aBowie State      
26.FrBryan Ricciardi24.14aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
27.SoTerrill Cooke24.21aHampton      
28.-Victor Bosier24.29aBowie State      
29.-Herbert Lopez24.33aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
30.SoDesmond Bowser24.41aLincoln U (PA)      
31.-Corbyn Yhap24.45aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
32.SoZachary Lesieur24.84aMt St. Mary's      
33.-Kensy Jean-Claude25.14aLincoln U (PA)      
34.-Dashon Jones26.57aLincoln U (PA)      
---Ryan CarterDNFDelaware State      
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrRyan Carter49.19aDelaware State      
2.SoChidi Okezie49.22aHampton      
3.JrHansel Akers49.41aGeorgetown      
4.FrAustin Batiste49.43aNavy      
5.SrStephen Bowe49.45aDelaware State      
6.-Aaron Covington49.64aMorgan State      
7.SrKolton Kempel49.65aNavy      
8.JrJeremy Cadiente49.75aNavy      
9.-Aaron Chatman49.79aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
10.SrDana Smothers49.95aBowie State      
11.SrKevaughn Laviea50.16aDelaware State      
12.FrRolando Reid50.24aMorgan State      
13.SoMiles Green50.29aLincoln U (PA)      
14.-Ronald Vaughn50.66aNavy      
15.SoBlake Anderson50.69aCoppin State      
16.SrWesley Redfern50.72aMorgan State      
17.SoDonelly Taylor50.88aCoppin State      
18.SoJalame Gomez50.90aBowie State      
19.-Brandon Hairston51.24aMorgan State      
20.JrJames Gibilisco51.28aMt St. Mary's      
21.FrMike Minahan51.36aGeorgetown      
22.FrRobert Smutsky51.72aWilliam & Mary      
23.JrMark Moran51.79aWilliam & Mary      
24.SrRob Martin52.03aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
25.SrHayden Duffy52.71aMt St. Mary's      
26.SrNyls Nubret52.82aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
27.JrAlonzo Jarmon53.04aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
28.FrBrendan Courtney53.09aMt St. Mary's      
29.-Randall Seeger53.14aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
30.FrDaniel Ballah53.32aBowie State      
31.JrBrian Houdek53.55aMt St. Mary's      
32.-Eddie Jones53.66aLincoln U (PA)      
33.-Kemoi Charles53.82aLincoln U (PA)      
34.-Roheem Roten53.88aLincoln U (PA)      
35.FrPaul Wahlman54.01aWilliam & Mary      
36.Frimhotep Simba54.09aCoppin State      
37.JrNick Tyson56.69aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
38.FrAidan O'Malley57.68aAmerican      
--SoRichard D'AmbrosioDNFGeorgetown      
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoEdose Ibadin1:52.96aHampton      
2.JrJe'Von Hutchison1:53.69aHampton      
3.SrAndre Thomas1:53.82aCoppin State      
4.SrLouis Gibilisco1:54.54aMt St. Mary's      
5.SrJoshua Shaw1:56.51aNavy      
6.FrTerrell Oliver1:57.60aDelaware State      
7.FrKevin Chen1:58.16aGeorgetown      
8.SoMichael McCoy1:58.60aCoppin State      
9.FrKody Wilson1:59.28aMt St. Mary's      
10.SrCodjo Gbedo2:00.19aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
11.-Bryan Pointer2:00.36aDelaware State      
12.SoHarold Lamour2:00.54aMorgan State      
13.FrDelroy Davis2:00.80aCoppin State      
14.SrDeandre Robinson2:01.38aMorgan State      
15.SoAbraham Noel2:01.91aLincoln U (PA)      
16.SoBrandon Barnes2:02.18aDelaware State      
17.SoJesse Langton2:02.21aMt St. Mary's      
18.-Joel Pally2:02.53aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
19.-Joshua Johnson2:02.74aDelaware State      
20.JrShaquille Turner2:04.03aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
21.FrJomar Aryee2:04.51aWilliam & Mary      
22.JrSonny Hicks2:04.71aBowie State      
23.SrKraig Webb2:04.97aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
24.SoJavierelle Turner2:05.65aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
25.JrRobert Arrington2:06.57aCoppin State      
26.SoKyle Edwards2:06.83aLincoln U (PA)      
27.-Nicolas Smith2:07.33aMorgan State      
28.SoKennedy Ikwubuo2:18.63aMorgan State      
--JrCameron OliaDNFAmerican      
--JrBilly LedderDNFGeorgetown      
--SrBrian HenckeDNFGeorgetown      
X 1500 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoMichael Reher3:57.45aGeorgetown      
2.FrAndrew Ogle3:58.72aGeorgetown      
3.-William Miller3:59.37aNavy      
4.SrMark Leininger4:00.25aAmerican      
5.FrDmitri Zuccarello4:02.44aWilliam & Mary      
6.SoEthan Genco4:03.05aNavy      
7.JrJohn Pope4:03.24aAmerican      
8.SoDrew Calcagno4:03.74aNavy      
9.FrDavid Pennesi4:06.84aWilliam & Mary      
10.FrPaul Gates4:07.77aWilliam & Mary      
11.FrDavid Barney4:08.68aWilliam & Mary      
12.JrWes Butler4:09.18aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
13.JrRyan Alvarez4:09.22aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
14.SrXavier Fraction4:10.16aHampton      
15.JrZavior Brown4:10.85aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
16.FrBrandon Latham4:11.55aAmerican      
17.JrHugh Prince4:12.28aCoppin State      
18.FrRyan Schwartz4:13.53aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
19.SoMitchell Silver4:20.55aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
20.SrZach Weinstein4:25.26aAmerican      
21.SrWilson Bailey4:29.44aLincoln U (PA)      
22.-Nicolas Smith4:29.60aMorgan State      
23.SoFederico Ghelli4:30.40aLincoln U (PA)      
24.SoKennedy Ikwubuo5:10.65aMorgan State      
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrJohn Muller8:26.16aWilliam & Mary      
2.JrWeston Kennedy8:28.54aNavy      
3.JrNicholas Regan8:33.32aAmerican      
4.SoJeramy Triplett8:33.42aNavy      
5.FrRyan Gousse8:33.58aWilliam & Mary      
6.FrNathan Thomas8:33.78aWilliam & Mary      
7.SoBrian DeLaMora8:34.30aNavy      
8.SrChristopher Swisko8:35.81aMt St. Mary's      
9.SoTom Woermer8:37.30aAmerican      
10.JrJulian Saliani8:37.88aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
11.JrMatthew Howard8:38.98aGeorgetown      
12.-Joseph LoRusso8:39.18aWilliam & Mary      
13.JrCody Thompson8:39.90aNavy      
14.SoRyan Kelley8:42.38aNavy      
15.SrJames Frick8:46.00aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
16.FrSamuel Peckham8:46.95aNavy      
17.SrJosh Budman8:51.70aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
18.SoIan Lutz8:56.62aAmerican      
19.-Thomas Moore8:58.86aNavy      
20.JrChristian Smooth9:00.40aMorgan State      
21.SrSean Caskey9:07.17aMt St. Mary's      
22.JrShane Holcomb9:07.77aMt St. Mary's      
23.SrNick Kisley9:10.98aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
24.FrBernard Skomal9:17.68aAmerican      
25.-William Campbell9:24.36aMorgan State      
26.SrXavier Fraction9:36.26aHampton      
27.-Kieran Tonero9:37.32aMt St. Mary's      
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrBobby Peavey14:23.30aGeorgetown      
2.SrAlex McGrath14:24.20aWilliam & Mary      
3.SrChristopher Galvin14:30.90aNavy      
4.SrJosh Hardin14:36.10aWilliam & Mary      
5.JrRadford Gunzenhauser14:41.00aWilliam & Mary      
6.FrDerek Armstrong14:41.40aGeorgetown      
7.SoJohn Sweeney14:51.20aNavy      
8.SoSilas Frantz14:52.10aGeorgetown      
9.SoWilliam Bass15:06.40aWilliam & Mary      
10.FrSchaffer Ochstein15:12.90aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
11.SrJosh Baker15:17.40aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
12.JrJohn Anderson15:20.70aWilliam & Mary      
13.SoSaksham Gupta15:47.60aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
14.SrDavid Ringwood15:56.30aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
15.SoRhema Ndjami16:16.30aBowie State      
16.JrJesse Albright16:37.70aMt St. Mary's      
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrTrey Holloway8.18aHampton      
2.SoJeremy Dorsey8.19aCoppin State      
3.SrMitch Simmonds8.31aNavy      
4.SrJibri Victorian8.32aCoppin State      
5.SoAaron Strums8.33aMorgan State      
6.SoTyller Jackson8.38aHampton      
7.JrIsaac Losee8.60aNavy      
8.FrDaniel Santalla8.94aMt St. Mary's      
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.FrTrey Holloway8.14aHampton      
2.SoJeremy Dorsey8.29aCoppin State      
3.SrJibri Victorian8.37aCoppin State      
4.SrMitch Simmonds8.39aNavy      
5.SoAaron Strums8.51aMorgan State      
6.SoTyller Jackson8.52aHampton      
7.JrIsaac Losee8.68aNavy      
8.FrDaniel Santalla8.69aMt St. Mary's      
9.JrAlex Jebb8.89aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
10.FrEmmanuel Price9.01aHampton      
11.-Erik Shinkle9.08aNavy      
12.SoCoby Rosemier-Gussio9.15aMt St. Mary's      
13.SoZachary Lesieur9.26aMt St. Mary's      
14.FrAdrian Stelmach9.26aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
15.FrJeremy Cho9.39aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
16.JrBrian Houdek9.57aMt St. Mary's      
17.SoMahzi Malcolm10.47aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Jeremy Cadiente
Joshua Shaw
Joshua Kingsland
Kolton Kempel
2.-Je'Von Hutchison
Trey Holloway
Edose Ibadin
Chidi Okezie
3.-Hansel Akers
Mike Andre
Devante Washington
Richard D'Ambrosio
4.-Aaron Covington
Rolando Reid
Wesley Redfern
Brandon Hairston
3:22.06aMorgan State      
5.-Dana Smothers
Jalame Gomez
Daniel Ballah
Travis Scarborough
3:22.81aBowie State      
6.-Miles Green
Asaad Monroe
Roheem Roten
Kyle Edwards
3:22.93aLincoln U (PA)      
7.-Andrew Mighty
John Kameen
Isaac Losee
Mitch Simmonds
8.-Blake Anderson
Donell Taylor
Michael McCoy
Jibri Victorian
3:24.06aCoppin State      
9.-Joshua Johnson
Terrell Oliver
Bryan Pointer
David Okeke
3:25.45aDelaware State      
10.-Coby Rosemier-Gussio
James Gibilisco
Daniel Santalla
Louis Gibilisco
3:26.31aMt St. Mary's      
11.-Alpha Mansara
Edward Hurley
Andre Henry
Jesse Allen
3:27.43aDelaware State      
12.-Devin Wynn
Denvil Ruan
Dwayne Powell
Alonzo Jarmon
3:29.59aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
13.-Rob Martin
Justin Grant
Randall Seeger
Alex Naticchia
3:32.69aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
14.-Codjo Gbedo
Javierelle Turner
Shaquille Turner
Kraig Webb
3:33.79aMaryland-Eastern Shore      
15.-Kody Wilson
Hayden Duffy
Brendan Courtney
Jesse Langton
3:34.84aMt St. Mary's      
16.-James McDonald
Mohamed Labor-Koroma
Tyller Jackson
Emmanuel Price
X 4x800 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Jaleel Rogers
Larry Ramirez
Evan Williams
Xavier Fraction
2.-Relay Team 8:02.46aGeorgetown      
3.-Richard Cappetta
David Barney, jr.
Ian McFawn
David Gunnerson
8:07.56aWilliam & Mary      
4.-Tyler Knabb
Doran Walsten
Benjamin Press
Andrew Carey
8:08.49aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
5.-Nicholai Sarpy
Thomas Delaney
Dan Drew
Caleb Haney
6.-Kyle Edwards
Wilson Bailey
Federico Ghelli
Eddie Jones
8:43.73aLincoln U (PA)      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Ian McFawn
Mark Moran
Richard Cappetta
David Gunnerson
10:24.66aWilliam & Mary      
2.-Benjamin Press
Trevor Holmgren
Steve Hyland
Andrew Carey
10:28.85aJohns Hopkins Univer...      
3.-Nicholas Palermo
Andrew Mighty
Caleb Haney
Andrew Anderson
4.-David McCombs
David Hamilton
Max Hamilton
Constant Matsakis
5.-Jaleel Rogers
Mohamed Labor-Koroma
Evan Williams
Larry Ramirez
6.-Dan Drew
John Kameen
Kai Hinton
Gregory Bohmke
7.-William Campbell
Deandre Robinson
Harold Lamour
Christian Smooth
10:38.36aMorgan State      
8.-Rhema Ndjami
J Tharpe
Sonny Hicks
Oluwatobi Owolabi
11:14.13aBowie State      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrDillon Simon16.10mMaryland-Eastern Shore      
2.SoJavan Gray14.80mHampton      
2.JrJefferson Butler14.80mMorgan State      
4.JrDerrick Petett14.75mNavy      
4.JrEvan Henderson14.75mHampton      
6.FrTaylor Frenia14.70mWilliam & Mary      
7.JrZachary Duncavage14.18mNavy      
8.JrEmanuel Stewart13.66mMorgan State      
9.-Rico Duncan13.43mMaryland-Eastern Shore      
10.SoKeith Davis13.27mMorgan State      
11.FrThomas Swanson13.16mNavy      
12.JrKeith Trammell13.06mLincoln U (PA)      
13.FrIsahq Rana13.05mMorgan State      
14.FrBlailin Baker12.83mMt St. Mary's      
15.JrChanning Johnson12.77mBowie State      
16.SoThomas Buffone12.55mNavy      
17.-Christopher Williams11.88mDelaware State      
18.SrTimothy Nickas11.71mMt St. Mary's      
19.JrSam Cook10.91mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
20.JrGeorge Chandler10.73mMaryland-Eastern Shore      
21.JrJonathan Hickman10.47mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrBrandon Baskerville2.04mCoppin State      
2.SoRyan Walsh1.94mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
3.SoHank Leslie1.89mNavy      
3.FrJeremy Granderson1.89mNavy      
5.-Kenyon Wright1.89mMorgan State      
5.FrJulian Coiner1.89mCoppin State      
7.-Joseph Paek1.84mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
8.SoMohamed Labor-Koroma1.84mHampton      
8.SrWilliam Lawrence1.84mMt St. Mary's      
10.SoKeith Davis1.78mMorgan State      
11.FrDevin Conley1.74mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
12.SoCoby Rosemier-Gussio1.74mMt St. Mary's      
--SoIsiah PollackNHHampton      
--SrAnthony KiserNHBowie State      
---Akinola VaughnNHBowie State      
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoJiles Maness4.95mNavy      
2.SoMark Vetere4.80mNavy      
3.JrRyan Kochert4.65mNavy      
3.SoAdam Vetere4.65mNavy      
5.-Joshua Drablos4.65mNavy      
6.SoRaymond Matelli4.50mNavy      
7.SrScott Rice4.20mMt St. Mary's      
8.SoPaul Vozzo4.05mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
9.-Joseph Cuntrera3.90mMt St. Mary's      
10.SoPatrick Civetta3.45mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
--SoSaharsh MehtaNHJohns Hopkins Univer...      
--SrTimothy NickasNHMt St. Mary's      
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoCorrin Harris6.95mHampton      
2.SoRico Goldstone6.75mNavy      
3.FrEmmanuel Price6.70mHampton      
4.JrRandon McKain6.70mNavy      
5.FrJeremy Granderson6.62mNavy      
6.JrRoderick Marshall6.59mMorgan State      
7.FrNigel Thompson6.57mMorgan State      
8.JrBryan Williams6.46mBowie State      
9.SrDenvil Ruan6.42mMaryland-Eastern Shore      
10.SoCoby Rosemier-Gussio6.38mMt St. Mary's      
11.SoJordan Wilson6.33mDelaware State      
12.SrWilliam Lawrence6.28mMt St. Mary's      
13.JrAlex Jebb6.23mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
14.SrAnthony Kiser6.18mBowie State      
15.JrDaniel Park6.15mNavy      
16.SoKeith Davis5.89mMorgan State      
17.SrChristopher Maldari5.68mMt St. Mary's      
18.FrAdrian Stelmach5.40mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
19.-Ikenna Ikpeama5.25mDelaware State      
20.SoMichael Spadaro5.24mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
--SoDevin JamesFOULCoppin State      
--SoDevin WynnFOULMaryland-Eastern Shore      
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrEghosa Aghayere14.78mGeorgetown      
2.JrRandon McKain13.85mNavy      
3.SoAmir Armstron13.80mDelaware State      
4.JrBryan Williams13.49mBowie State      
5.FrEmmanuel Price13.46mHampton      
6.-Christopher Williams13.39mDelaware State      
7.JrAlex Jebb13.29mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
8.JrDaniel Park13.26mNavy      
9.-Jeremy Jones12.49mNavy      
10.FrJonathan Onasanya12.14mMt St. Mary's      
11.FrDevin Conley11.76mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
12.FrAdrian Stelmach11.72mJohns Hopkins Univer...      
--SoMichael SpadaroFOULJohns Hopkins Univer...      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrEmanuel Stewart18.70mMorgan State      
2.JrZachary Duncavage18.61mNavy      
3.JrKyle Fortney16.89mNavy      
4.JrBrandon Swindler16.49mNavy      
5.SoThomas Buffone16.30mNavy      
6.SrJon Fernandez15.86mMt St. Mary's      
7.JrDerrick Petett15.65mNavy      
8.FrTaylor Frenia15.32mWilliam & Mary      
9.-Daniel Hibert14.22mNavy      
10.SoDavid Capote14.04mNavy      
11.JrJefferson Butler13.79mMorgan State      
12.JrMike Dwyer13.07mMt St. Mary's      
13.FrIsahq Rana12.75mMorgan State      
14.FrBlailin Baker12.59mMt St. Mary's      
15.JrMatthew Renn12.55mWilliam & Mary      
16.SoJavan Gray12.52mHampton      
17.JrGeorge Chandler12.40mMaryland-Eastern Shore      
18.JrEvan Henderson12.15mHampton      
---Rico DuncanFOULMaryland-Eastern Shore      
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