Wichita Falls Coaches Invitational

Friday, March 01, 2013
  McNiel Jr High Track, Wichita Falls - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Oklahoma - 6A
Texas - Region 1
COOPAbilene Cooper
Texas - Region 1
AMPDAmarillo Palo Duro
Texas - Region 1
IPHSIowa Park
Texas - Region 1
WFHSWichita Falls
Texas - Region 1
WFHIWichita Falls Hirschi
Texas - Region 1
RIDEWichita Falls Rider
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - JV Boys - Finals
1.12Terrence Sims12.08aAbilene Cooper
2.11Elton Anthony12.08aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.12Sam Nwachukwu12.36aAbilene Cooper
4.10Kelly Houston12.39aIowa Park
5.9Kristian Breedlove12.43aAbilene Cooper
6.11Alex Delarosa12.45aAbilene Cooper
7.10Taylor Meissner12.58aIowa Park
8.9Sosten Katembo12.70aAmarillo Palo Duro
9.12Mikael Green12.73aAbilene Cooper
10.9Darion Minor12.81aWichita Falls
11.9Matthew Edwards12.84aAbilene Cooper
12.11Caleb Levell12.89aWichita Falls Rider
13.10Tyree Jelks-Browning13.06aWichita Falls Hirschi
14.9Brian Davis13.19aWichita Falls
15.9Keashun Hickerson13.38aWichita Falls
16.9Al Carter13.45aAmarillo Palo Duro
17.10Nathaniel Ewing13.50aIowa Park
18.10Holden Gound13.63aWichita Falls Rider
X 100 Meters - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Korie Robinson11.26aWichita Falls
2.12Kerry Sims11.29aAbilene Cooper
3.12William Coleman11.40aAbilene Cooper
4.12Charleston White11.46aAmarillo Palo Duro
5.12Xavier Dixon11.54aAmarillo Palo Duro
6.12Cameron Smith11.56aAmarillo Palo Duro
7.12Ricky Alexander11.63aEisenhower
8.12Devin Lofland11.64aWichita Falls Rider
9.12Geordan McCoy11.72aAbilene Cooper
10.11Marquis Chapman11.99aEisenhower
11.12Patrick Haynes12.18aWichita Falls Hirschi
12.10L.J. Dabbs12.20aWichita Falls
13.9Rodney Higgins12.55aWichita Falls
14.11Matthew Luffman12.87aIowa Park
15.11Dakota Rolfe13.23aIowa Park
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity Boys - Finals
4.11Jariun Butler10.97Eisenhower
4.11Anthony Poindexter10.92Eisenhower
4.12Ricky Alexander11.09Eisenhower
4.11Marquis Chapman11.11Eisenhower
X 200 Meters - JV Boys - Finals
1.12Sam Nwachukwu24.61aAbilene Cooper
2.9Luke Bateman25.39aWichita Falls Rider
3.11Kelvin Kelly25.46aAbilene Cooper
4.10Billy Garner25.56aIowa Park
5.9Cole Oxford25.58aIowa Park
6.11Alex Delarosa25.64aAbilene Cooper
7.9Jose Vargus25.93aAmarillo Palo Duro
8.11Rashod Ashley26.24aAmarillo Palo Duro
9.10Aaron McKnight26.48aIowa Park
10.9Matthew Edwards26.49aAbilene Cooper
11.11Caleb Levell26.56aWichita Falls Rider
12.10Draven Montgomery26.61aWichita Falls Rider
13.9Darion Minor26.65aWichita Falls
14.10Diedovnne Emedi26.70aAmarillo Palo Duro
15.10Robert Juarez27.06aAbilene Cooper
16.11Preston Rideout27.83aAbilene Cooper
17.9Keashun Hickerson28.13aWichita Falls
X 200 Meters - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Montrel Meander22.45aAmarillo Palo Duro
2.11Korie Robinson23.03aWichita Falls
3.12Fred Lawrence23.07aAbilene Cooper
4.12Anthony Pierson23.94aAbilene Cooper
5.12K'shawn Brown24.01aAbilene Cooper
6.12Cameron Smith24.65aAmarillo Palo Duro
7.10L.J. Dabbs24.77aWichita Falls
8.9Kenneth Copeland24.90aEisenhower
9.11Malik Sims25.01aAmarillo Palo Duro
10.11Eric Burton25.50aWichita Falls Hirschi
11.10Quartez Carter25.51aWichita Falls Rider
12.10Andrew McGee26.05aEisenhower
13.12Reagan Brewer26.32aIowa Park
14.11Dakota Rolfe26.54aIowa Park
11Jariun ButlerSCREisenhower
X 400 Meters - JV Boys - Finals
1.11Denver Gravitt55.76aAbilene Cooper
2.9Brian Davis56.52aWichita Falls
3.9Jayvon Green56.67aAbilene Cooper
4.11Dustin Stille56.83aAbilene Cooper
5.10Taylor Meissner59.22aIowa Park
6.10Aaron McKnight1:00.06aIowa Park
7.10Quana Miller1:00.47aWichita Falls Rider
8.9Jose Rodriquez1:02.91aAmarillo Palo Duro
9.9Salat Muse1:05.81aAmarillo Palo Duro
10.10Andrew Manuel1:20.09aIowa Park
10Elijah ThomasSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
10Ruben MoraSCRAbilene Cooper
X 400 Meters - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Dominique Bobo49.82aWichita Falls Hirschi
2.11Cordell Dorsey49.83aAbilene Cooper
3.11Anthony Poindexter53.59aEisenhower
4.12Melvin Phillips54.37aWichita Falls Hirschi
5.9Kenneth Copeland55.86aEisenhower
6.11Hunter Robertson55.94aWichita Falls Rider
7.11Segio Aguirre56.17aAmarillo Palo Duro
8.11KV Hazlett56.80aAbilene Cooper
9.11Bobby Norton57.32aIowa Park
10.12Jonathana A57.77aAmarillo Palo Duro
11.12Zak Abdirahman58.16aAmarillo Palo Duro
12.11Kyle Carpenter58.31aWichita Falls Rider
13.12Reagan Brewer1:02.65aIowa Park
14.12Brady Hodges1:05.81aIowa Park
15.10Don Simmions1:09.25aEisenhower
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Julio Santiago53.35Eisenhower
1.11Jariun Butler53.31Eisenhower
1.11Anthony Poindexter53.50Eisenhower
1.11Tykwane Ashby54.65Eisenhower
X 800 Meters - JV Boys - Finals
1.9Ryan Mickus2:16.02aWichita Falls Rider
2.10Douglas Johnson2:23.92aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.9CJ Martinez2:24.26aAmarillo Palo Duro
4.9Gregory Fiorentino2:25.71aWichita Falls Rider
5.10Justin Price2:27.28aWichita Falls Rider
6.9Ezequiel Salas2:28.46aAbilene Cooper
7.9Jose Rodriquez2:35.54aAmarillo Palo Duro
8.9Cory Reece2:36.85aIowa Park
9.9Ruben Juarez2:38.09aWichita Falls
10.9Patrick Fry2:38.49aAbilene Cooper
11.10Briceson Pipkins2:40.29aAmarillo Palo Duro
12.10Dion Ellis2:41.26aAbilene Cooper
13.9Logan Dixon2:41.46aWichita Falls
14.9Patrick Webb2:56.07aAbilene Cooper
9Elijah TorresSCRAbilene Cooper
10Ruben MoraSCRAbilene Cooper
X 800 Meters - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.10Joshua Luffman2:13.77aIowa Park
2.12Zak Abdirahman2:15.14aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.11Kisham Baltrip2:16.14aWichita Falls Hirschi
4.10John Hickmott2:16.77aAbilene Cooper
5.12Brandon Wells2:20.96aEisenhower
6.12Michael Smith2:22.81aWichita Falls
7.12Bradon Roberts2:25.60aIowa Park
8.11Alonzo Womack2:26.67aWichita Falls Hirschi
9.10Christian Torres2:29.65aEisenhower
10.10Zach Francis2:31.66aEisenhower
11.12Travis Ford2:33.51aWichita Falls Rider
12.12Brady Hodges2:35.98aIowa Park
X 1600 Meters - JV Boys - Finals
1.9Ryan Mickus5:24.03aWichita Falls Rider
2.10Russell Catletti5:29.48aWichita Falls Rider
3.9Gregory Fiorentino5:33.86aWichita Falls Rider
4.9Jose Muniz5:38.83aAbilene Cooper
5.10Carlos Valdez5:45.45aAmarillo Palo Duro
6.10Nich Chastang5:52.94aAbilene Cooper
7.9Travis Nichols6:06.97aAbilene Cooper
8.9Logan Dixon6:09.67aWichita Falls
9.9Ruben Juarez6:12.51aWichita Falls
10.9Stevie Galvan6:13.70aAbilene Cooper
11.10Xavier Williams6:35.18aAmarillo Palo Duro
12.9Cory Reece6:40.66aIowa Park
10Bailey DowningSCRAbilene Cooper
X 1600 Meters - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Hassan Abdi4:40.20aAmarillo Palo Duro
2.11Gamaliel Rodarte4:58.35aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.9Michael Benoit4:59.50aAbilene Cooper
4.10Joshua Luffman5:03.69aIowa Park
5.9Daniel Collazo5:14.21aAbilene Cooper
6.12Matt Morrissey5:18.19aEisenhower
7.12Bradon Roberts5:27.88aIowa Park
8.10Jason Albert5:35.09aEisenhower
9.10Drew Lopez5:59.24aEisenhower
10.12Travis Ford6:05.45aWichita Falls Rider
12Michael SmithSCRWichita Falls
X 3200 Meters - JV Boys - Finals
1.10Russell Catletti11:47.90aWichita Falls Rider
2.9Jose Muniz12:14.01aAbilene Cooper
3.10Nich Chastang12:37.06aAbilene Cooper
4.10Carlos Valdez13:37.94aAmarillo Palo Duro
5.9Stevie Galvan13:43.58aAbilene Cooper
X 3200 Meters - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Hassan Abdi9:53.06aAmarillo Palo Duro
2.11Gamaliel Rodarte10:40.41aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.9Michael Benoit11:13.62aAbilene Cooper
4.9Daniel Collazo11:39.85aAbilene Cooper
5.12Matt Morrissey11:49.13aEisenhower
6.10Jason Albert12:03.57aEisenhower
7.11Korey Rochon12:05.74aEisenhower
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - JV Boys - Finals
1.10Jonathan Rodriguez16.95aAbilene Cooper
2.9Steven Powell17.57aAbilene Cooper
3.9Andrew Perez17.59aIowa Park
4.9Kevin Guzman17.91aAmarillo Palo Duro
5.10Hassan Davis17.93aWichita Falls Hirschi
6.9Julian Fells17.96aWichita Falls Rider
7.9Tyre Jefferson19.75aAmarillo Palo Duro
8.10Desmond Jackson19.98aWichita Falls Rider
9.10Draven Montgomery20.15aWichita Falls Rider
10.9Antonio Cruz24.53aAbilene Cooper
10Allen HickmanSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Ty Branch13.93aWichita Falls Rider
2.11Victor Jones15.35aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.10Haratio Smith15.50aAmarillo Palo Duro
4.10Zach Watson16.11aAmarillo Palo Duro
5.11Sam Giordano16.35aWichita Falls Rider
6.12Marcus Moisant16.96aWichita Falls Rider
7.10John Losoya17.15aWichita Falls
8.12Michael Smith17.31aWichita Falls
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - JV Boys - Finals
1.10Jonathan Rodriguez43.85aAbilene Cooper
2.10Josh Hatch44.66aWichita Falls Rider
3.9Antonio Cruz46.49aAbilene Cooper
4.10Hassan Davis46.60aWichita Falls Hirschi
5.10Daniel A47.16aAmarillo Palo Duro
6.9Kevin Guzman49.10aAmarillo Palo Duro
7.10Allen Hickman49.22aWichita Falls Hirschi
8.9Julian Fells49.58aWichita Falls Rider
9.9Steven Powell50.59aAbilene Cooper
10.10Desmond Jackson52.11aWichita Falls Rider
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Davon Allison40.77aWichita Falls Rider
2.10Haratio Smith42.36aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.10Zach Watson42.58aAmarillo Palo Duro
4.11Julio Santiago43.07aEisenhower
5.11Sam Giordano43.61aWichita Falls Rider
6.12LaVoshe Tillmon44.42aAmarillo Palo Duro
7.11Tykwane Ashby44.84aEisenhower
8.12Marcus Moisant47.15aWichita Falls Rider
9.11Matthew Luffman48.16aIowa Park
10.12Michael Smith48.25aWichita Falls
11.11Victor Jones48.68aWichita Falls Hirschi
12.10John Losoya50.78aWichita Falls
X 4x100 Relay - JV Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.24aAmarillo Palo Duro
2.-Corey Boone
Daniel Cooper
Levi Dunn
Kristian Breedlove
46.99aAbilene Cooper
3.-Cole Oxford
Andrew Perez
Nathaniel Ewing
Billy Garner
48.51aIowa Park
-Tyree Jelks-Browning
Desmond Easter
Deonte Thomas
Brenden Bobo
DNFWichita Falls Hirschi
-Vernard Trammell
Bradley Goldstein
John Ayala
Tanner Weir
DNFWichita Falls Rider
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.-Xavier Dixon
Charleston White
Montrel Meander
Malik Sims
42.93aAmarillo Palo Duro
2.-KV Hazlett
Cordell Dorsey
Kerry Sims
Fred Lawrence
43.13aAbilene Cooper
3.-Davon Allison
D.J. Arnold
Devin Lofland
Fredrick Williams
44.12aWichita Falls Rider
4.-Jariun Butler
Marquis Chapman
Ricky Alexander
Anthony Poindexter
5.-Orryn Clark
L.J. Dabbs
Rodney Higgins
Korie Robinson
45.87aWichita Falls
6.-Derrick Colbert
Patrick Haynes
Dondre Bobo
Eric Burton
46.72aWichita Falls Hirschi
X 4x200 Relay - JV Boys - Finals
1.-Corey Boone
Daniel Cooper
Kelvin Kelly
Levi Dunn
1:39.51aAbilene Cooper
2.-Elton Anthony
De'John Burns
Mark Murillo
Rashod Ashley
1:39.69aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.-Bradley Goldstein
Vernard Trammell
John Ayala
Tanner Weir
1:42.61aWichita Falls Rider
4.-Nathaniel Ewing
Kelly Houston
Chase Picard
Andrew Perez
1:43.14aIowa Park
5.-Desmond Easter
Deonte Thomas
Douglas Johnson
Brenden Bobo
1:44.04aWichita Falls Hirschi
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.-Anthony Pierson
K'shawn Brown
William Coleman
Fred Lawrence
1:31.82aAbilene Cooper
2.-Montrel Meander
Xavier Dixon
Josh Holmes
Malik Sims
1:32.42aAmarillo Palo Duro
3.-Dominique Bobo
Patrick Haynes
Dondre Bobo
Melvin Phillips
1:35.16aWichita Falls Hirschi
4.-Quartez Carter
Cody Taylor
Carlos Fleeks
Ty Branch
1:38.23aWichita Falls Rider
X 4x400 Relay - JV Boys - Finals
1.-Dustin Stille
Denver Gravitt
Elijah Torres
James Dye
3:49.33aAbilene Cooper
2.-Justin Price
Luke Bateman
Josh Hatch
Justin Anderson
3:49.78aWichita Falls Rider
3.-Kelly Houston
Chase Picard
Cole Oxford
Billy Garner
3:52.85aIowa Park
4.-Desmond Easter
Brenden Bobo
Douglas Johnson
Deonte Thomas
4:04.16aWichita Falls Hirschi
5.-Relay Team 4:07.46aAmarillo Palo Duro
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.-Anthony Poindexter
Julio Santiago
Jariun Butler
Tykwane Ashby
2.-Alonzo Womack
Kisham Baltrip
Dominique Bobo
Melvin Phillips
3:36.98aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.-Relay Team 3:37.00aAbilene Cooper
4.-D.J. Arnold
Devin Lofland
Cody Taylor
Kyle Carpenter
3:37.48aWichita Falls Rider
5.-Zach Watson
Segio Aquirre
LaVoshe Tillmon
Haratio Smith
3:45.04aAmarillo Palo Duro
X Shot Put - 12lb - JV Boys - Finals
1.9Joe Jimenez46-06.50Wichita Falls Rider
2.11Joseph Esteves43-03.25Wichita Falls Rider
3.11Kyler Shye41-09.25Abilene Cooper
4.11Reggie Hickman40-02.25Wichita Falls Hirschi
5.10Andrew Sithideth38-04.00Amarillo Palo Duro
6.11Marquise Blue37-05.25Wichita Falls Rider
7.10Sammy Pedraza36-01.00Amarillo Palo Duro
8.9Khalil Gipson35-09.75Amarillo Palo Duro
9Hugo HernandezDNFAbilene Cooper
10Casey WaltersDNFAbilene Cooper
9Geroge ParraDNFAbilene Cooper
11Chris LewisDNFWichita Falls Hirschi
9Kyle CallahanDNFWichita Falls
10Jody RobertsDNFIowa Park
9Greggory WainscottDNFIowa Park
9Bennie HamiltonDNFIowa Park
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Harrison Sorge51-01.00Wichita Falls Rider
2.12Aaron Williams45-05.00Eisenhower
3.11Ty Whitson43-10.00Wichita Falls Rider
4.11Riley Owens41-06.50Abilene Cooper
5.11Lucas Raley41-01.00Abilene Cooper
6.11Justin Lewis40-01.00Amarillo Palo Duro
6.11Austin Gestes40-01.00Iowa Park
8.11Brayan Chavez39-07.00Amarillo Palo Duro
9.12Mitch Jones36-07.00Amarillo Palo Duro
10.12Tyrin Green34-08.00Eisenhower
11.11Carlos Caballero33-09.50Iowa Park
13.12Steffan Thomas32-03.00Wichita Falls
14.9Juwan Vint31-08.00Eisenhower
15.12Mason Harris31-01.00Iowa Park
16.12Willy Morgan29-08.50Wichita Falls
X Discus - 1.6kg - JV Boys - Finals
1.11Denver Gravitt121-11Abilene Cooper
2.11Joseph Esteves104-08Wichita Falls Rider
3.9Clay Greathouse98-07Wichita Falls Rider
4.10Julio Campos95-06Amarillo Palo Duro
5.10Kendrick Buckingham93-06Amarillo Palo Duro
6.10Jose Armenta92-10Wichita Falls Hirschi
7.10Jody Roberts92-09Iowa Park
8.9Bubba Harris89-05Iowa Park
9.10Casey Walters89-02Abilene Cooper
10.11Justin West88-04Abilene Cooper
11.9Dylan McCarly85-02Iowa Park
12.10Abelino Martinez75-08Amarillo Palo Duro
13.9Nate Chriesman74-03Abilene Cooper
14.9Geroge Parra72-01Abilene Cooper
15.11Chris Lewis65-10Wichita Falls Hirschi
16.11Reggie Blow65-03Wichita Falls Hirschi
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Shenard Shepard129-03Amarillo Palo Duro
2.11Lucas Raley128-02Abilene Cooper
3.11Austin Gestes117-05Iowa Park
4.12Efrain Rivera112-03Amarillo Palo Duro
5.12Brodey West112-03Wichita Falls Rider
6.12Aaron Williams110-07Eisenhower
7.11Elijah Mathews109-01Amarillo Palo Duro
8.12Tyrin Green109-01Eisenhower
9.12Lance Dixon107-01Wichita Falls
10.11Carlos Caballero101-06Iowa Park
11.9Dante Thorne100-03Eisenhower
12.12Willy Morgan99-03Wichita Falls
13.11James Navarro99-02Wichita Falls Rider
14.11Matt Crockett97-03Iowa Park
15.11Victor Jones92-00Wichita Falls Hirschi
11Oscar GonzalesSCRWichita Falls
X High Jump - JV Boys - Finals
1.11Semajre Hill5-08.00Amarillo Palo Duro
2.9Saber Mou5-07.00Amarillo Palo Duro
3.9Brian Davis5-06.00Wichita Falls
4.9Chase Picard5-02.00Iowa Park
5.10Mahliek Allen5-02.00Amarillo Palo Duro
6.9Cole Oxford5-02.00Iowa Park
10Allen HickmanSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
X High Jump - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Jalen Watson6-04.00Amarillo Palo Duro
2.12Dre Swain6-02.00Amarillo Palo Duro
2.11Jariun Butler6-02.00Eisenhower
2.11Derrick Pierce6-02.00Wichita Falls Hirschi
2.10Cody Taylor6-02.00Wichita Falls Rider
6.11Cordell Dorsey6-00.00Abilene Cooper
7.12Abdikani Jama5-10.00Amarillo Palo Duro
8.11Marquis Chapman5-08.00Eisenhower
9.12Shannon Coleman5-06.00Eisenhower
X Pole Vault - JV Boys - Finals
9Jordan JeffriesSCRWichita Falls Rider
10Taylor KellySCRWichita Falls Rider
11Jason PatrickSCRWichita Falls Rider
X Pole Vault - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.11Kyle Carpenter13-00.00Wichita Falls Rider
2.12Todd Duquette11-06.00Abilene Cooper
3.9Colby Williams11-00.00Abilene Cooper
4.11Hunter Robertson10-06.00Wichita Falls Rider
5.11Adam Stowe10-00.00Wichita Falls
X Long Jump - JV Boys - Finals
1.10Rashad Steptoe20-00.00Amarillo Palo Duro
2.10Kelly Houston18-04.50Iowa Park
3.10Andre Sanders18-03.00Abilene Cooper
4.9Vernard Trammell17-11.25Wichita Falls Rider
5.12Sam Nwachukwu17-07.00Abilene Cooper
6.9Kristian Breedlove17-06.00Abilene Cooper
7.11Brenden Bobo17-01.00Wichita Falls Hirschi
8.11Semajre Hill16-11.25Amarillo Palo Duro
9.9Keashun Hickerson16-07.00Wichita Falls
10.10Jonathan Rodriguez16-05.00Abilene Cooper
11.10Andrew Manuel16-00.00Iowa Park
12.10Deonte Thomas15-10.00Wichita Falls Hirschi
13.10Anthony McClain14-10.00Amarillo Palo Duro
10Holden GoundSCRWichita Falls Rider
X Long Jump - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Kenneth Collins22-06.00Abilene Cooper
2.12William Coleman21-03.00Abilene Cooper
3.12Anthony Pierson20-10.50Abilene Cooper
4.12D.J. Arnold20-08.75Wichita Falls Rider
5.12Devin Lofland20-06.00Wichita Falls Rider
6.11Dwight Ross20-00.25Wichita Falls
7.12Ricky Alexander19-03.00Eisenhower
8.11Eric Burton19-02.75Wichita Falls Hirschi
9.11Derrick Pierce19-00.75Wichita Falls Hirschi
10.11Josh Holmes19-00.00Amarillo Palo Duro
11.11Malik Sims18-10.00Amarillo Palo Duro
12.10Haratio Smith18-07.75Amarillo Palo Duro
13.9Dondre Bobo18-05.25Wichita Falls Hirschi
14.11Marquis Chapman18-00.50Eisenhower
15.12Shannon Coleman17-09.00Eisenhower
16.11Carlos Fleeks17-07.00Wichita Falls Rider
17.12Reagan Brewer17-04.00Iowa Park
18.11Matthew Luffman16-01.00Iowa Park
X Triple Jump - JV Boys - Finals
1.10Anthony McClain39-09.50Amarillo Palo Duro
2.10Rashad Steptoe39-07.00Amarillo Palo Duro
3.10Andre Sanders39-06.75Abilene Cooper
4.11Elton Anthony37-04.00Amarillo Palo Duro
5.9Chase Picard37-00.00Iowa Park
6.10Jonathan Rodriguez35-05.50Abilene Cooper
7.10Andrew Manuel33-04.25Iowa Park
9Andrew PerezSCRIowa Park
X Triple Jump - Varsity Boys - Finals
1.12Kenneth Collins43-06.00Abilene Cooper
2.11Derrick Pierce41-07.50Wichita Falls Hirschi
3.11Malik Sims40-01.50Amarillo Palo Duro
4.11Josh Holmes38-11.50Amarillo Palo Duro
5.11Bobby Norton38-07.00Iowa Park
6.12Reagan Brewer38-02.00Iowa Park

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Tammy Robinson13.94aAbilene Cooper
2.9Tanyshia West14.65aAbilene Cooper
3.10Tamera Vaughn14.66aWichita Falls
4.11Nakia Merriman14.76aWichita Falls Hirschi
5.10Charity Beaver15.01aWichita Falls
6.11Antranese Hicks15.64aWichita Falls
7.9Alexis Hayes15.93aEisenhower
9Alecea McMullenSCREisenhower
9Kianni MitchellSCRAbilene Cooper
9Chiara DensonSCRWichita Falls Rider
X 100 Meters - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.12Airel Walker13.12aAbilene Cooper
2.9Marki Cleveland13.63aIowa Park
3.10Aliyah Acuna13.85aAbilene Cooper
4.9Bri Wingfield13.89aWichita Falls Rider
5.9Alxis Diaz13.98aAbilene Cooper
6.9Skyler Gaines15.02aIowa Park
7.9Tyana Harris15.10aEisenhower
8.9Tasha Ward15.25aEisenhower
9.10Dominique Williams15.27aWichita Falls
10.10Tish Biddle15.71aEisenhower
9Ashley ReidSCRWichita Falls Rider
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity Girls - Finals
4.11Jahnae Johnson12.50Eisenhower
4.11Dezmon Coleman13.08Eisenhower
4.10Cayla Nelson14.21Eisenhower
4.9Alecea McMullen14.31Eisenhower
X 200 Meters - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Tanyshia West29.97aAbilene Cooper
2.9Emarie James30.23aAbilene Cooper
3.11Alexis Ramirez30.73aAbilene Cooper
4.10Tamera Vaughn30.92aWichita Falls
5.10Lauren Bowen31.32aWichita Falls Hirschi
6.9Tyana Harris31.60aEisenhower
7.10Charity Beaver32.10aWichita Falls
8.11Antranese Hicks32.82aWichita Falls
9.9Alleina Carter32.94aEisenhower
10.9Alexis Hayes34.24aEisenhower
11.9Naomi Golden35.39aWichita Falls Rider
9Frida ArrendondoSCRWichita Falls Rider
9Chiara DensonSCRWichita Falls Rider
X 200 Meters - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.12Monesha Williams26.92aWichita Falls Hirschi
2.12Camry Ivy28.34aAbilene Cooper
3.12Jada Green29.14aWichita Falls
4.11Ashili Allen29.16aWichita Falls
5.9Alxis Diaz29.21aAbilene Cooper
6.11Jahnae Johnson29.39aEisenhower
7.9Airielle Wise29.59aWichita Falls Rider
8.9Abreanna Harrison30.39aWichita Falls Rider
9.9Adrianna Scott30.59aAbilene Cooper
10.9Marki Cleveland30.69aIowa Park
11.9Skyler Gaines32.14aIowa Park
12.12Edith Chavez38.13aEisenhower
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity Girls - Finals
3.11Courtney Labe27.15Eisenhower
3.11Jahnae Johnson28.25Eisenhower
3.12Desiree Chambers28.41Eisenhower
3.11Dezmon Coleman29.28Eisenhower
X 400 Meters - JV Girls - Finals
1.11Alexis Ramirez1:09.42aAbilene Cooper
2.10Amy Huerta1:11.73aEisenhower
3.9Charlesia Williams1:16.62aWichita Falls Rider
4.9Takiyah Fisher1:18.93aAbilene Cooper
5.9Naomi Golden1:20.96aWichita Falls Rider
9Frida ArrendondoSCRWichita Falls Rider
X 400 Meters - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Ada Beaty1:07.40aWichita Falls
2.10Kiana McGowan1:07.45aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.11Anastaeshia Lee1:08.22aWichita Falls Hirschi
4.10Kylee Garcia1:08.25aWichita Falls Rider
5.12Tori Crook1:08.99aAbilene Cooper
6.9Abreanna Harrison1:10.12aWichita Falls Rider
7.12Tiffany Allen1:10.44aAbilene Cooper
10Arkayla WadeSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
9Nicole LinnSCRWichita Falls Rider
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Courtney Labe65.05Eisenhower
1.11Kiarra Jones66.14Eisenhower
1.12Desiree Chambers66.80Eisenhower
1.11Dezmon Coleman71.76Eisenhower
X 800 Meters - JV Girls - Finals
1.10Maureen Tuyizere2:46.12aAbilene Cooper
2.10Amy Huerta2:53.50aEisenhower
3.10Madison Epper2:59.50aAbilene Cooper
4.11Bailey Swagerty3:03.36aWichita Falls
5.9Jewel Gonzalez3:06.39aWichita Falls
6.11Lauren Pert3:07.79aWichita Falls
7.9Charlesia Williams3:08.50aWichita Falls Rider
8.9Jessica Manry3:12.85aIowa Park
9.9Frida Arrendondo3:13.98aWichita Falls Rider
10.9Audery Gorman3:15.05aIowa Park
11.10Harley West3:25.91aWichita Falls Hirschi
9Libby Noyes-NelsonDNFWichita Falls Rider
9Megan ReisterDNFAbilene Cooper
9Jayla OrrDNFEisenhower
X 800 Meters - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.10Kylee Garcia2:38.55aWichita Falls Rider
2.12Desiree Chambers2:39.12aEisenhower
3.12Skyllar McDaniel2:40.56aIowa Park
4.10Kiana McGowan2:51.62aWichita Falls Hirschi
5.9Darby Biddy2:56.62aIowa Park
6.11Janice Walker2:57.36aEisenhower
7.11Annabel Espinosa2:57.39aWichita Falls Rider
8.10Ananda Lewis3:02.13aAbilene Cooper
9.11Baley Hodgkins3:10.24aWichita Falls Rider
12Danielle Madero-CravenSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
X 1600 Meters - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Morgan Yandell6:19.95aIowa Park
2.9Amelia Willett6:42.19aAbilene Cooper
3.9Jessica Manry7:03.94aIowa Park
4.9Janine Rodriguez7:08.90aAbilene Cooper
5.9Katelyn Pollock7:12.59aAbilene Cooper
6.9Audery Gorman7:17.31aIowa Park
10Harley WestSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
9Libby Noyes-NelsonSCRWichita Falls Rider
9Jayla OrrSCREisenhower
X 1600 Meters - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Jacey Burks5:54.28aAbilene Cooper
2.10Azlyn Vassar5:56.15aIowa Park
3.12Skyllar McDaniel6:08.45aIowa Park
4.10Brittany Lostetter6:21.59aAbilene Cooper
5.11Nizhoni Terronez6:38.03aIowa Park
6.11Anthia Nibizi6:48.65aAbilene Cooper
7.9Caitlin Pawloski6:51.07aWichita Falls Rider
8.10Megan Jackson6:55.31aWichita Falls Rider
9.11Baley Hodgkins6:59.17aWichita Falls Rider
X 3200 Meters - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Morgan Yandell13:37.22aIowa Park
2.9Amelia Willett14:07.07aAbilene Cooper
3.11Lauren Pert14:12.21aWichita Falls
4.11Bailey Swagerty14:45.34aWichita Falls
5.12Rachel Hickmott14:55.85aAbilene Cooper
6.9Jewel Gonzalez15:16.40aWichita Falls
7.9Janine Rodriguez15:25.40aAbilene Cooper
X 3200 Meters - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Jacey Burks12:22.33aAbilene Cooper
2.10Azlyn Vassar12:23.73aIowa Park
3.10Brittany Lostetter13:32.45aAbilene Cooper
4.11Anthia Nibizi14:32.71aAbilene Cooper
5.11Elizabeth Otley14:50.38aIowa Park
6.11Nizhoni Terronez14:53.01aIowa Park
7.10Megan Jackson14:58.27aWichita Falls Rider
8.11Annabel Espinosa15:03.39aWichita Falls Rider
9.9Caitlin Pawloski15:10.66aWichita Falls Rider
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Alexis Jones18:32.02aWichita Falls Hirschi
2.9Arianna Nesmith18:48.01aEisenhower
3.9Katherine Coy19:50.01aIowa Park
4.9Lauren Chambers19:50.23aEisenhower
5.10Camber Marlow19:50.77aWichita Falls Rider
9Kaimera CornellDNFEisenhower
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Kiarra Jones15.61aEisenhower
2.11Aieryl Gibbs18.34aAbilene Cooper
3.10Keonda Clayton18.36aAbilene Cooper
4.10Malaysia McCollum18.91aEisenhower
5.11Erica Harris19.24aIowa Park
6.10BreAnna Smoak19.44aIowa Park
7.10Cayla Nelson20.10aEisenhower
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Alexis Jones54.34aWichita Falls Hirschi
2.9Kaimera Cornell56.15aEisenhower
3.9Arianna Nesmith57.35aEisenhower
4.9Katherine Coy57.45aIowa Park
5.9Lauren Chambers57.80aEisenhower
6.10Camber Marlow1:00.13aWichita Falls Rider
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Kiarra Jones47.41aEisenhower
2.11Aieryl Gibbs51.85aAbilene Cooper
3.10Keonda Clayton53.68aAbilene Cooper
4.10BreAnna Smoak53.78aIowa Park
5.10Malaysia McCollum54.72aEisenhower
6.9Mercedes Brooks55.27aWichita Falls Rider
7.11Erica Harris56.32aIowa Park
8.10Serena Genus57.19aWichita Falls Hirschi
X 4x100 Relay - JV Girls - Finals
1.-Victoria Leal
Tammy Robinson
Nackia Sanders
Kianni Mitchell
54.60aAbilene Cooper
2.-Lauren Bowen
Nakia Merriman
Frenkie Hubbard
Brandy Holt
55.11aWichita Falls Hirschi
-Tish Biddle
Aleaha McMullen
Jailyn Sharp
Alleina Carter
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.-Schrell Colen
Camry Ivy
Taeyah Brown
Airel Walker
50.72aAbilene Cooper
2.-Rethola Eaden
Nia Lewis
Serena Genus
Monesha Williams
51.40aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.-Ada Beaty
Eche Hervey
Dominique Williams
Sierra Roberts
54.14aWichita Falls
4.-Relay Team 54.32aWichita Falls Rider
5.-Jahnae Johnson
Dezmon Coleman
Cayla Nelson
Aleesia McMullen
X 4x200 Relay - JV Girls - Finals
1.-Victoria Leal
Tammy Robinson
Nackia Sanders
Kianni Mitchell
1:58.27aAbilene Cooper
2.-Lauren Bowen
Nakia Merriman
Frenkie Hubbard
Brandy Holt
2:01.29aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.-Tish Biddle
Aleesia McMullen
Jailyn Sharp
Aleaha McMullen
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.-Schrell Colen
Camry Ivy
Taeyah Brown
Airel Walker
1:48.74aAbilene Cooper
2.-Rethola Eaden
Nia Lewis
Anastaeshia Lee
Monesha Williams
1:49.14aWichita Falls Hirschi
3.-Desiree Chambers
Courtney Labe
Dezmon Coleman
Jahnae Johnson
4.-Zametria Scroggins
Eche Hervey
Ashili Allen
Sierra Roberts
1:55.44aWichita Falls
-Airielle Wise
Bri Wingfield
Ashley Reid
Skye Catletti
SCRWichita Falls Rider
X 4x400 Relay - JV Girls - Finals
-Maureen Tuyizere
Victoria Leal
Nackia Sanders
Alexis Ramirez
SCRAbilene Cooper
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.-Desiree Chambers
Dezmon Coleman
Courtney Labe
Kiarra Jones
2.-Tiffany Allen
Tori Crook
Keonda Clayton
Schrell Colen
4:35.58aAbilene Cooper
3.-Nicole Linn
Mercedes Brooks
Skye Catletti
Kylee Garcia
4:39.84aWichita Falls Rider
4.-Relay Team 4:40.72aIowa Park
X Shot Put - 4kg - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Bethany Dalbert28-02.75Abilene Cooper
2.11Nashan Heidel27-03.75Abilene Cooper
3.9Kassadi Simien27-02.00Eisenhower
4.10Alex Holmes26-00.25Wichita Falls Rider
5.10Elliot Murphy25-07.25Wichita Falls Hirschi
6.10Naya Smith25-07.00Abilene Cooper
7.10Reyna Bean25-06.50Iowa Park
8.10Hope Rouse25-05.25Wichita Falls
9.9Tsiferia Sharp21-01.50Eisenhower
9Ta'nia DanielsSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Rosangelia Moncada39-06.50Abilene Cooper
2.12Maira Guerrero36-00.75Wichita Falls Rider
3.9Abreanna Harrison33-03.25Wichita Falls Rider
4.12Meredith Buckley31-07.75Wichita Falls
5.11Nyke Bishop30-02.75Eisenhower
6.10Corina Arredondo30-01.00Wichita Falls
7.9Mercedes Brooks29-09.00Wichita Falls Rider
8.9Skyler Gaines29-08.50Iowa Park
9.12Alex Kolinski27-04.50Eisenhower
12Dionna PhillipsDNFEisenhower
10Krishawne MalletDNFWichita Falls Hirschi
11Latasha LewisDNFWichita Falls Hirschi
X Discus - 1kg - JV Girls - Finals
1.11Nashan Heidel95-09Abilene Cooper
2.10Hope Rouse85-07Wichita Falls
3.9Paige Olsen79-08Abilene Cooper
4.9Ta'nia Daniels64-05Wichita Falls Hirschi
5.9Kassadi Simien64-01Eisenhower
6.10Reyna Bean64-01Iowa Park
7.9Colleen Pert62-05Wichita Falls
9.9Kiaundrea Durrough56-10Wichita Falls Hirschi
10.9Tsiferia Sharp44-07Eisenhower
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Rosangelia Moncada119-05Abilene Cooper
2.12Taylor Caswell109-09Wichita Falls Rider
3.10Corina Arredondo92-02Wichita Falls
4.10Rylee Hodges88-11Iowa Park
5.11Nyke Bishop88-05Eisenhower
6.10Baleigh Mahler82-04Iowa Park
7.11Brianna Baker76-08Abilene Cooper
8.12Alex Kolinski75-02Eisenhower
9.11Latasha Lewis67-08Wichita Falls Hirschi
10.10Kaila Moon66-03Iowa Park
11.12Dionna Phillips55-11Eisenhower
12Danielle Madero-CravenSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
X High Jump - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Kianni Mitchell4-10.00Abilene Cooper
2.9Alexis Jones4-10.00Wichita Falls Hirschi
3.9Passionette Breedlove4-08.00Eisenhower
4.9Emma Eakin4-06.00Wichita Falls
9Alecea McMullenSCREisenhower
X High Jump - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.9Abreanna Harrison5-00.00Wichita Falls Rider
2.9Nia Lewis4-10.00Wichita Falls Hirschi
12Lauren MoonSCRBurkburnett
10Ananda LewisSCRAbilene Cooper
10Aliyah AcunaSCRAbilene Cooper
X Pole Vault - JV Girls - Finals
12Victoria GomezSCREisenhower
X Pole Vault - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.11Aieryl Gibbs6.00Abilene Cooper
X Long Jump - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Alexis Jones16-02.25Wichita Falls Hirschi
2.9Emarie James14-08.00Abilene Cooper
3.9Arianna Nesmith13-10.00Eisenhower
4.9Tyana Harris13-03.00Eisenhower
5.9Tasha Ward13-02.50Eisenhower
6.9Tammy Robinson11-08.00Abilene Cooper
9Tierra CherrySCRAbilene Cooper
9Katherine CoySCRIowa Park
10Camber MarlowSCRWichita Falls Rider
X Long Jump - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.9Ashley Reid16-09.50Wichita Falls Rider
2.11Dezmon Coleman16-09.00Eisenhower
3.9Taeyah Brown15-07.50Abilene Cooper
4.12Jada Green15-06.50Wichita Falls
5.9Adrianna Scott15-03.25Abilene Cooper
6.9Rethola Eaden15-02.00Wichita Falls Hirschi
7.10Aliyah Acuna15-00.50Abilene Cooper
8.10BreAnna Smoak15-00.00Iowa Park
9.10Eche Hervey14-09.50Wichita Falls
10.9Nia Lewis14-09.25Wichita Falls Hirschi
11.9Marki Cleveland14-08.50Iowa Park
12.9Bri Wingfield14-05.75Wichita Falls Rider
13.9Sierra Roberts13-09.00Wichita Falls
11Anastaeshia LeeSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
X Triple Jump - JV Girls - Finals
1.9Tierra Cherry32-04.25Abilene Cooper
2.9Emarie James31-03.00Abilene Cooper
3.9Katherine Coy29-11.00Iowa Park
4.9Kianni Mitchell28-10.50Abilene Cooper
X Triple Jump - Varsity Girls - Finals
1.12Jada Green33-09.50Wichita Falls
2.9Ashley Reid33-08.00Wichita Falls Rider
3.10Aliyah Acuna33-07.75Abilene Cooper
4.9Taeyah Brown32-10.00Abilene Cooper
5.10BreAnna Smoak32-00.00Iowa Park
6.9Darby Biddy31-06.00Iowa Park
7.9Rethola Eaden31-00.50Wichita Falls Hirschi
8.9Adrianna Scott30-01.00Abilene Cooper
9.9Nicole Linn27-10.00Wichita Falls Rider
9Nia LewisSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
11Zametria ScrogginsSCRWichita Falls
11Anastaeshia LeeSCRWichita Falls Hirschi
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