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Open House Meet

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JFK Stadium , Springfield

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Missouri - Class 2
Ash Grove
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Logan Allred11.6hAsh Grove
2.10Lyndon Heard11.9hCentral (Springfield)
2.12Austin Hurst11.9hAsh Grove
2.10Rashawn Moore11.9hHillcrest
5.9Dave Hundley12.0hParkview
6.9Doug Twedell12.1hKickapoo
6.12John Pigford12.1hHillcrest
8.9Malachi Stout12.2hKickapoo
9.10Anthony McCrimmons12.3hParkview
9.9Bernard McCann12.3hParkview
12.9Blake Hurst12.6hAsh Grove
12Nick Casertano12.8Kickapoo
13.9Diego Bernal12.9hCentral (Springfield)
14.9Savon Jarmon13.0hCentral (Springfield)
14.9Juwon White13.0hParkview
10Albert Thompson13.1Kickapoo
16.10Eric Green13.2hGlendale
16.10Javiaun King13.2hCentral (Springfield)
16.11Austin Chandler13.2hAsh Grove
19.10Chandler Martin13.5hGlendale
21.9Chaviz Nguyen13.6hParkview
22.9Greg Grogan15.5hGlendale
23.9Boris Kelley15.6hParkview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Logan Allred23.9hAsh Grove
2.9Dave Hundley24.5hParkview
2.12Austin Hurst24.5hAsh Grove
4.10Tory Hall24.9hParkview
5.12John Pigford25.2hHillcrest
6.11Bruce Williams25.5hCentral (Springfield)
7.9Bernard McCann25.6hParkview
8.9Darnell Parker25.7hKickapoo
9.10Alex Talbot25.8hParkview
10.9Malachi Stout25.9hKickapoo
11.10Justin Rigg26.1hParkview
11.9Reuben Lopez26.1hGlendale
11.10Malik Pulline26.1hParkview
14.9Devon Tweedle26.7hKickapoo
14.9Savon Jarmon26.7hCentral (Springfield)
16.10Matthew McNeill26.8hGlendale
17.9Blake Hurst27.0hAsh Grove
18.12Richard Braun27.3hAsh Grove
19.9Juwon White27.5hParkview
20.9Issac Rife27.6hGlendale
21.10Darius Thomas27.8hParkview
22.10Garrett Haase28.1hKickapoo
23.11Dalton Howell29.3hKickapoo
24.9Eric Davis29.4hParkview
10Tristin BrooksDNSCentral (Springfield)
10Loguen LewisDNSHillcrest
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Loguen Lewis54.16aHillcrest
2.10jerel Phanelson57.30aCentral (Springfield)
3.10Zach Dinwiddie57.40aAsh Grove
4.10Spencer Rasmussen57.78aAsh Grove
5.10Josh Siler59.69aKickapoo
6.12Keenan Bates59.87aKickapoo
6.9Josh Stipp59.87aKickapoo
8.9Issac Rife59.97aGlendale
9.10Tory Hall1:00.15aParkview
10.10Austin Jarrett1:00.29aCentral (Springfield)
11.10Jack Wilson1:00.55aParkview
12.10Matthew McNeill1:00.63aGlendale
13.9Dillon Lawhon1:00.67aParkview
14.10Scott Holubec1:03.20aAsh Grove
15.9Devon Tweedle1:04.13aKickapoo
16.9Brandon Ferguson1:05.34aCentral (Springfield)
17.10Darius Thomas1:05.53aParkview
18.9Eric Davis1:08.96aParkview
19.11Josh Gimlin1:12.38aGlendale
10Rashawn MooreDNSHillcrest
9Nick LoehmannDNSAsh Grove
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Mason Rogers57.5Kickapoo
9Mason Magruder59.1Kickapoo
9Darryn Schertz59.8Kickapoo
9Josh Stipp61.7Kickapoo
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Clapp2:14.60aAsh Grove
2.9Ayden Haff2:15.92aGlendale
3.12Jesse Wagner2:25.72aAsh Grove
4.9Paxton Davis2:26.76aGlendale
5.10Nic White2:33.61aParkview
6.9Jairus Burpo2:35.83aParkview
7.12Chris Iacob2:37.20aAsh Grove
8.10Chris Chun2:37.93aKickapoo
9.9Austin Tyler2:40.00aParkview
10.9Nathan Poindexter2:40.79aParkview
11.9Peter Tran2:44.23aKickapoo
12.12Blaine Carter2:56.86aKickapoo
10Matt SkiboDNSHillcrest
12Dane SimmonsDNSAsh Grove
9Mark WoodDNSCentral (Springfield)
9Tyler GentryDNSCentral (Springfield)
10Benny AmigonDNSCentral (Springfield)
9Nick LoehmannDNSAsh Grove
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Mason Rogers2:17.7Kickapoo
12Chris Wood2:22.3Kickapoo
9Jonathon Cox2:24.8Kickapoo
11Adam Bailey2:33.6Kickapoo
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Mason Rogers5:16.52Kickapoo
2.12Zach Clapp5:17.65Ash Grove
3.11Blake Elmer5:23.92Kickapoo
4.10Nic White5:24.75Parkview
11Adam Bailey5:25.5Kickapoo
6.12Chris Wood5:27.46Kickapoo
7.9Paxton Davis5:30.48Glendale
8.9Jairus Burpo5:30.69Parkview
9.9Craigmyle Dustin5:30.87Central (Springfield)
10.9Alexander Cary5:40.96Central (Springfield)
11.10Ethan Hill5:41.59Ash Grove
12.10Marcus Bullard5:52.62Parkview
13.10Garrett Baxley6:05.64Glendale
14.9Austin Tyler6:15.43Parkview
15.11Zachary Green6:24.24Parkview
16.9Michael Cheek6:54.50Parkview
9Nathan PoindexterDNSParkview
9Dalton EdwardsDNSGlendale
10Matt SkiboDNSHillcrest
10Joshua GarlandDNSCentral (Springfield)
10William ReichardDNSCentral (Springfield)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jonathon Cox11:49.33aKickapoo
2.10Marcus Bullard12:18.58aParkview
3.10Garrett Baxley12:45.02aGlendale
4.10Ethan Hill13:19.03aAsh Grove
5.9Michael Bowman14:03.00aKickapoo
6.11Zachary Green14:24.64aParkview
7.9Nick Wood15:00.54aKickapoo
9Michael CheekDNSParkview
9Craigmyle DustinDNSCentral (Springfield)
9Alexander CaryDNSCentral (Springfield)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Dean16.7hAsh Grove
2.11Jacob Haenni17.3hKickapoo
3.11Joshua Rovey17.9hCentral (Springfield)
3.9Brandon Watts17.9hAsh Grove
5.10Andrew Scheiderer18.9hKickapoo
6.9Mason Magruder19.0hKickapoo
7.10Connor Ratcliff19.2hParkview
8.12Wyatt Williams19.9hAsh Grove
9.10Trey Brown25.8hCentral (Springfield)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Haenni45.3hKickapoo
2.11Devin Dean45.8hAsh Grove
3.11Joshua Rovey46.4hCentral (Springfield)
4.10Andrew Scheiderer47.4hKickapoo
5.12Wyatt Williams47.5hAsh Grove
6.10Connor Ratcliff48.0hParkview
7.9Brandon Watts50.0hAsh Grove
8.10Trey Brown50.9hCentral (Springfield)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-AJ Green
Chris Hargrove
Maurice Downey
Brandon Huddleston
2.-Austin Hurst
Wyatt Williams
Logan Allred
Spencer Rasmussen
46.25aAsh Grove
3.-Dave Hundley
Bernard McCann
Anthony McCrimmons
Chaviz Nguyen
4.-Eric Green
Matthew Nitsch
Dakota Peterson
Josh Gimlin
5.-Lyndon Heard
Deon Hodges
Javiaun King
Bruce Williams
51.09aCentral (Springfield)
6.-Doug Tweedle
Dalton Howell
Darryn Schertz
Josh Stipp
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lyndon Heard
Deon Hodges
Bruce Williams
Tristin Brooks
1:37.9hCentral (Springfield)
2.-Logan Allred
Austin Hurst
Spencer Rasmussen
Brandon Watts
1:38.9hAsh Grove
3.-Dave Hundley
Dillon Lawhon
Juwon White
Justin Rigg
4.-Devon Tweedle
Josh Stipp
Colton Kundinger
Doug Tweedle
5.-Connor Ratcliff
Alex Talbot
Malik Pulline
Chaviz Nguyen
6.-Issac Rife
Reuben Lopez
Josh Gimlin
Matthew McNeill
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Spencer Rasmussen
Devin Dean
Brett Isenhower
Zach Dinwiddie
3:56.3hAsh Grove
-Mason Rogers
Darryn Schertz
Josh Stipp
Mason Magruder
3.-Issac Rife
Reuben Lopez
Chandler Martin
Matthew McNeill
4.-Jairus Burpo
Nathan Poindexter
Austin Tyler
Nic White
-jerel Phanelson
Austin Jarrett
Deon Hodges
Lyndon Heard
DNSCentral (Springfield)
-Jack Wilson
Justin Rigg
Tory Hall
Darius Thomas
-Loguen Lewis
Austin Petry
Roy Hardy
Thomas Whittaker
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jesse Wagner
Markie Phillips
Dane Simmons
Zach Clapp
9:26.5hAsh Grove
2.-Mason Rogers
Chris Wood
Ryan Cox
Adam Bailey
3.-Marcus Bullard
Nic White
Nathan Poindexter
Jairus Burpo
4.-Benny Amigon
Brandon Ferguson
Tyler Gentry
Mark Wood
10:11.0hCentral (Springfield)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kirkland Nall45-00.00Kickapoo
2.12Caleb Slay42-07.00Kickapoo
3.11Elijah Brown39-10.00Ash Grove
4.12Jordan Benson38-00.00Ash Grove
5.9Ethan Johnson37-02.00Kickapoo
6.9Joseph Woodiel34-09.00Parkview
7.11Levi Brushwood33-06.00Parkview
8.11David Garland32-10.00Glendale
9.11Ryan Deckard31-04.00Central (Springfield)
10.9Brandon McGinnis29-09.00Ash Grove
11.9Johnathan Gonzalez26-09.00Kickapoo
12Jonah HillDNSHillcrest
12Braden RohrbroughDNSParkview
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ethan Johnson113-08Kickapoo
2.10Ryan Deal109-05Kickapoo
3.11Ryan Deckard99-05Central (Springfield)
4.11Elijah Brown97-02Ash Grove
5.12Caleb Slay94-04Kickapoo
6.9Joseph Woodiel85-06Parkview
7.11Ed Howerton85-03Parkview
8.11David Garland81-06Glendale
9.12Jordan Benson76-06Ash Grove
10.10Tyler Martin72-05Ash Grove
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10William Reichard5-06.00Central (Springfield)
2.10Rashawn Moore5-04.00Hillcrest
2.10Albert Thompson5-04.00Kickapoo
2.9Isaac Samples5-04.00Kickapoo
2.10Jack Wilson5-04.00Parkview
2.10Malik Pulline5-04.00Parkview
2.9Malachi Stout5-04.00Kickapoo
8.10Loguen Lewis5-02.00Hillcrest
9.10Tristin Brooks5-00.00Central (Springfield)
9.12Brett Isenhower5-00.00Ash Grove
9.10Zach Dinwiddie5-00.00Ash Grove
12Chris IacobNHAsh Grove
9Savon JarmonNHCentral (Springfield)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markie Phillips11-06.00Ash Grove
2.11Jason Sippy9-00.00Kickapoo
2.11Austin Chandler9-00.00Ash Grove
4.11Josh Gimlin8-00.00Glendale
4.10Matthew Nitsch8-00.00Glendale
6.10Dakota Peterson7-06.00Glendale
6.10Austin Jarrett7-06.00Central (Springfield)
8.10Jess Simpson7-00.00Kickapoo
11Kyler BurgessNHCentral (Springfield)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maurice Downey18-03.50Parkview
2.11Bruce Williams17-06.00Central (Springfield)
3.10Malik Pulline17-02.00Parkview
4.9Bernard McCann16-10.00Parkview
5.12Brett Isenhower16-09.50Ash Grove
6.10Zach Dinwiddie16-08.00Ash Grove
7.12Keenan Bates16-06.00Kickapoo
7.10Eric Green16-06.00Glendale
9.9Savon Jarmon16-01.50Central (Springfield)
10.12Wyatt Williams16-01.00Ash Grove
11.11Austin Chandler15-10.50Ash Grove
12.10Javiaun King15-10.00Central (Springfield)
13.9Darryn Schertz15-07.00Kickapoo
14.10Josh Siler15-05.50Kickapoo
15.10Chandler Martin14-04.00Glendale
12Austin PetryDNSHillcrest
12Roy HardyDNSHillcrest
12Thomas WhittakerDNSHillcrest
9Zach ElliotSCRParkview
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brandon Watts36-10.50Ash Grove
2.12Brett Isenhower36-04.00Ash Grove
3.10William Reichard35-10.50Central (Springfield)
4.12Keenan Bates35-03.50Kickapoo
10Josh Siler34' 5"Kickapoo
5.10Josh Siler34-00.25Kickapoo
6.11Austin Chandler33-01.50Ash Grove
7.11Kyler Burgess32-07.00Central (Springfield)
8.10Eric Green32-04.50Glendale
9.12Jesse Wagner31-04.00Ash Grove
10.10Chandler Martin30-02.75Glendale
12Jonah HillDNSHillcrest

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carlye Wells13.9hGlendale
2.10Jamiea Johnson14.0hHillcrest
3.11Breanna Nicholson14.1hAsh Grove
4.9Morgan Allred14.4hAsh Grove
4.9Laurnea Jarman14.4hHillcrest
6.11Sierrah Ballard14.6hAsh Grove
6.10Elizabeth Bethrum14.6hAsh Grove
8.9Derrione Roberson14.7hParkview
9.9Keaira Clancy14.8hGlendale
10.10SaRai Reese15.4hCentral (Springfield)
11.10Desiree Hansen15.5hCentral (Springfield)
12.9Isabella Yandell15.7hParkview
13.11Tori Goethel16.0hKickapoo
14.9Montana Stephens16.1hKickapoo
15.9Emalee Oleson16.2hCentral (Springfield)
16.9Sydney Martin16.6hGlendale
17.10Bobbi Jo Kerr16.7hHillcrest
18.9Marissa Ludwig17.3hGlendale
19.9Kylee Evans18.4hKickapoo
20.9Bella Doran20.2hParkview
9Sophia MollDNSKickapoo
9Remy CoopwoodDNSKickapoo
9Jennifer PittmanDNSGlendale
10Samantha ReavesDNSHillcrest
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristen Keene29.65aAsh Grove
2.9Laurnea Jarman30.53aHillcrest
3.9Kayla Keene30.65aAsh Grove
4.9Derrione Roberson30.77aParkview
5.9Pascha Chester31.28aParkview
6.9Kalei Weston31.37aKickapoo
7.11Ashley Turner31.48aGlendale
8.10SaRai Reese31.63aCentral (Springfield)
9.9Keaira Clancy31.85aGlendale
10.10Jamiea Johnson32.04aHillcrest
11.10Eva Adams32.07aGlendale
12.11Sierrah Ballard32.11aAsh Grove
13.10Lauren Trace32.18aGlendale
14.9Kaitlyn Elmer32.27aKickapoo
15.9Hannah Bakker32.95aKickapoo
16.9Daisha Hundley33.16aParkview
17.9Celine Boyts34.12aParkview
18.10Ilajah Mukes34.74aCentral (Springfield)
19.9Sydney Martin35.57aGlendale
20.9Alexis Lambeth35.61aKickapoo
21.9Marissa Ludwig37.23aGlendale
9Katie DukewitsDNSGlendale
9Jennifer PittmanDNSGlendale
9Remy CoopwoodDNSKickapoo
9Kylee EvansDNSKickapoo
11Haley WaddingtonDNSKickapoo
9Montana StephensDNSKickapoo
10Tashaya NealDNSCentral (Springfield)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Arico1:09.0hAsh Grove
2.9Derrione Roberson1:09.3hParkview
3.9Danielle Champione1:11.3hHillcrest
4.10Eva Adams1:12.0hGlendale
5.10Elizabeth Bethrum1:16.6hAsh Grove
6.10Desiree Hansen1:18.2hCentral (Springfield)
7.9Trinity Gray1:20.2hAsh Grove
8.9Alexandra Rhoades1:32.6hCentral (Springfield)
9Rachel HaikDNSCentral (Springfield)
9Amber CoxDNSHillcrest
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mel Hall3:05.84aAsh Grove
2.10Sam Poole3:12.76aAsh Grove
3.9Rachel Stobbe3:22.47aKickapoo
4.10Terran Ledford3:23.15aCentral (Springfield)
5.10Madison DeWeerd3:25.49aCentral (Springfield)
6.9Trinity Gray3:30.89aAsh Grove
7.9Maddie McIntire3:32.94aKickapoo
8.9Armetta Loveless3:37.74aParkview
9.9Belinda Chun3:39.16aKickapoo
10.9Leah Hutchison3:41.56aKickapoo
11Corrigan ConklinDNSParkview
10Crystelle VolckmannDNSCentral (Springfield)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Cecilia Villela6:40.1hParkview
2.10Ashtyn Smith6:51.4hParkview
3.12Ellyn Atkinson6:57.7hGlendale
4.10Terran Ledford7:05.6hCentral (Springfield)
5.10Katie Upton7:07.5hParkview
6.9Jepchumba Koech7:14.9hCentral (Springfield)
7.11Corrigan Conklin7:21.7hParkview
8.10Mel Hall7:44.7hAsh Grove
9.10Sam Poole7:46.0hAsh Grove
10.10Madison DeWeerd7:54.7hCentral (Springfield)
10Sara DodgeDNSGlendale
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Katie UptonDNSParkview
9Cecilia VillelaDNSParkview
11Corrigan ConklinDNSParkview
9Ally HiseDNSCentral (Springfield)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Callie Wyrsch17.5hGlendale
2.9Emma Brand18.6hGlendale
3.9Isabella Yandell19.0hParkview
4.10Sebrina Ingram20.1hCentral (Springfield)
5.11Breanna Nicholson20.6hAsh Grove
6.9Amber Cox31.7hHillcrest
10Kelly DoleDNSHillcrest
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emma Brand55.85Glendale
2.9Pascha Chester56.76Parkview
3.9Morgan Zimmerman57.64Glendale
4.10Lauren Trace1:00.31Glendale
5.11Breanna Nicholson1:04.25Ash Grove
5.10Sebrina Ingram1:04.25Central (Springfield)
7.9Daisha Hundley1:09.42Parkview
9Isabella YandellDNSParkview
10Callie WyrschDNSGlendale
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Brand
Teaira Clancy
Stephanie Penticuff
Madison Kellerstrass
2.-Breanna Nicholson
Morgan Allred
Alexis Owens
Kayla Keene
56.16aAsh Grove
3.-Danielle Champione
Laurnea Jarman
Morgan Bowers
Kelly Dole
4.-Ashley Turner
Mariah Starks
Carlye Wells
Keaira Clancy
5.-Pascha Chester
Celine Boyts
Isabella Yandell
Daisha Hundley
6.-Sebrina Ingram
Emalee Oleson
Alexandra Rhoades
Sierra Shields
1:03.40aCentral (Springfield)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Brand
Teaira Clancy
Stephanie Penticuff
Ashley Teter
2.-Kristen Keene
Sierrah Ballard
Morgan Allred
Kayla Keene
1:57.6hAsh Grove
3.-Ashley Turner
Madison Kellerstrass
Callie Wyrsch
Morgan Zimmerman
-Morgan Bowers
Amber Cox
Kelly Dole
Samantha Reaves
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Morgan Zimmerman
Mariah Starks
Stephanie Penticuff
Teaira Clancy
2.-Kristen Keene
Morgan Allred
Abby Arico
Jamie Mauss
4:45.7hAsh Grove
3.-Pascha Chester
Daisha Hundley
Celine Boyts
Brooke Peterson
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Upton
Cecilia Villela
Armetta Loveless
Corrigan Conklin
2.-Leah Hutchison
Rachel Stobbe
Belinda Chun
Maddie McIntire
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Halee Cashio36-05.00Ash Grove
2.11Katie Skelton34-10.00Ash Grove
3.12Karina Critten30-00.00Ash Grove
4.9Alycia Herron28-06.00Kickapoo
5.10Kierra Clark27-00.00Central (Springfield)
6.9Bailey Bowe24-05.00Kickapoo
7.9Keaira Clancy23-10.00Glendale
8.9Kenzie Collins22-06.00Kickapoo
9.9Sierra Moore22-05.00Parkview
10.9Maisha Beasley20-09.00Hillcrest
11.9Naomi Goodrich-Huntoon20-04.00Parkview
12.11Victoria Hammond19-06.00Hillcrest
9Jennifer PittmanDNSGlendale
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Skelton109-10Ash Grove
2.12Karina Critten100-07Ash Grove
3.10Shelby Owens89-01Kickapoo
4.11Halee Cashio87-05Ash Grove
5.9Haley Smith85-06Kickapoo
6.9Bailey Bowe77-02Kickapoo
7.9Alycia Herron76-10Kickapoo
8.9Kenzie Collins65-09Kickapoo
9.11Victoria Hammond52-05Hillcrest
10.9Maisha Beasley46-08Hillcrest
9Jennifer PittmanDNSGlendale
10Kierra ClarkDNSCentral (Springfield)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tori Goethel4-07.00Kickapoo
2.10Sam Poole4-06.00Ash Grove
2.9Alexis Owens4-06.00Ash Grove
4.11Jamie Mauss4-04.00Ash Grove
4.9Alexis Lambeth4-04.00Kickapoo
4.9Laurnea Jarman4-04.00Hillcrest
7.10Morgan Bowers4-02.00Hillcrest
7.10Bobbi Jo Kerr4-02.00Hillcrest
9.9Kylee Evans4-00.00Kickapoo
9.9Kaitlyn Elmer4-00.00Kickapoo
9.9Jepchumba Koech4-00.00Central (Springfield)
9Danielle ChampioneNHHillcrest
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Raquel Balbaneda6-06.00Parkview
1.9Kayla Keene6-06.00Ash Grove
3.9Morgan Zimmerman6-00.00Glendale
12Kristen KeeneNHAsh Grove
10Soojin ParkNHCentral (Springfield)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Danielle Champione14-00.00Hillcrest
2.9Hannah Bakker13-00.00Kickapoo
3.11Abby Arico12-09.50Ash Grove
4.9Alexis Owens12-08.00Ash Grove
5.10SaRai Reese12-06.00Central (Springfield)
6.10Samantha Reaves12-04.75Hillcrest
7.9Kaitlyn Elmer12-04.00Kickapoo
8.9Emalee Oleson12-01.00Central (Springfield)
8.10Sam Poole12-01.00Ash Grove
10.9Amber Cox11-01.50Hillcrest
11.9Bella Doran6-07.00Parkview
9Brooke PetersonDNSParkview
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alexis Owens28-00.00Ash Grove
2.11Jamie Mauss27-11.50Ash Grove
3.10Morgan Bowers27-03.50Hillcrest
4.10Elizabeth Bethrum26-11.00Ash Grove
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