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NSCHSAA Indoor League Championships

Sunday, January 27, 2013

St Anthony's, Huntington

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Ormon6.62aSt Dominic
2.12Carlton Fielding6.63aSt Marys
3.11Mozai Nelson6.69aSt Anthony's
4.10Shaka Shomari6.78aHoly Trinity
5.12Rocco Signore6.84aChaminade
6.12Karlhenry Syffrard6.98aSt John The Baptist
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Aaron Ormon6.70aSt Dominic
2.12Carlton Fielding6.74aSt Marys
3.11Mozai Nelson6.75aSt Anthony's
4.10Shaka Shomari6.77aHoly Trinity
5.12Karlhenry Syffrard6.79aSt John The Baptist
6.12Rocco Signore6.86aChaminade
7.11Matthew Nieves6.93aSt Anthony's
8.12John Selle6.94aSt John The Baptist
9.12Enoch Evelyn6.95aKellenberg Memorial
10.10Brad Monegro7.00aSt Anthony's
11.10Andre Guthrie Jr7.04aSt Anthony's
12.12Kevin Drummond7.06aChaminade
13.9Kwesi Afrim-Thomas-Henderson7.11aSt Anthony's
14.12Eric Pierce7.12aHoly Trinity
15.12Christopher Lechler7.17aChaminade
16.11Brian Tully7.18aChaminade
17.12Tyler Cisek7.19aSt John The Baptist
18.11Jamarl Lake7.21aSt Marys
19.10Aidan Krim7.23aChaminade
20.11Michael Randazzo7.24aChaminade
21.12Sasha Lecorps7.25aChaminade
21.10Kyle Davis7.25aSt Anthony's
23.12Brandon DelaCruz7.26aChaminade
24.11Thomas Maurice7.33aSt Anthony's
25.11Jack Droesch7.34aSt John The Baptist
26.12Denis Gallagher7.37aSt Dominic
27.11Josh Olmeda7.43aSt John The Baptist
28.12Michael Douilly7.45aSt Dominic
28.12Jordan Cannon7.45aHoly Trinity
30.10Jonathan Massa7.46aHoly Trinity
31.Not Registered 17.47aNot Registered
32.11Kristian Green7.48aHoly Trinity
33.11Darryl Singleton7.49aSt Anthony's
33.11Jason Yao7.49aHoly Trinity
35.12Estephan Morse7.50aSt Marys
36.11Orville Williams7.53aHoly Trinity
37.10Jonathan Miller7.55aHoly Trinity
37.11Phillip O'Brien7.55aHoly Trinity
39.11Jonathan Ghahremani7.56aChaminade
40.12Dante McKenzie7.58aHoly Trinity
41.11Richard Bailey7.60aSt Marys
41.9Trevon Sith7.60aHoly Trinity
43.12Edward Jordan7.62aKellenberg Memorial
43.12Daniel Huff7.62aHoly Trinity
43.11Brian Lynn7.62aChaminade
46.Not Registered 27.63aNot Registered
47.12Matt Byrnes7.74aHoly Trinity
47.11Thomas Valerio7.74aSt Anthony's
49.12Sidney Elle-Pierre7.75aChaminade
50.11Daniel Zuschlag7.78aChaminade
51.11Matt DeJesu7.88aSt Marys
52.12Andrew Krahm7.94aHoly Trinity
53.9Jeremie Neptune7.98aHoly Trinity
53.9Jonathan Cruz7.98aSt Anthony's
55.10Jamal Butler8.02aSt John The Baptist
56.Not Registered 38.05aNot Registered
57.9Kyle Bhojwani8.14aHoly Trinity
57.9Jack Spera8.14aSt Anthony's
59.9Jeffrey Young8.16aHoly Trinity
60.9Randy Dorcelet8.17aHoly Trinity
61.12Daniel Falcones8.27aHoly Trinity
62.10Kevin Carlson8.32aHoly Trinity
63.11Ryan Mahoney8.41aSt Anthony's
64.12Gittens Kadeem8.44aHoly Trinity
65.11Christian Ison8.74aSt Anthony's
66.9Omar Longchamp8.76aHoly Trinity
67.11Sean Twist8.83aSt Anthony's
68.11Joseph Fusco8.96aSt Anthony's
69.9Daniel Kaiser9.03aHoly Trinity
70.12Patrick Cooke9.40aHoly Trinity
--12Travis VolpeFSSt Anthony's
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marlon Montague36.80aSt Anthony's
2.12Rocco Signore36.88aChaminade
3.12Kyle Collins37.02aSt John The Baptist
4.12Patrick Rowan37.07aSt John The Baptist
5.11Nathaniel Small37.72aHoly Trinity
6.11Sebastian Pierre38.81aSt Anthony's
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Marlon Montague36.70aSt Anthony's
2.12Rocco Signore36.99aChaminade
3.12Patrick Rowan37.02aSt John The Baptist
4.12Kyle Collins37.15aSt John The Baptist
5.11Nathaniel Small37.31aHoly Trinity
6.11Sebastian Pierre37.48aSt Anthony's
7.11Aaron Ormon37.69aSt Dominic
8.12Dean Gaul37.83aKellenberg Memorial
9.12Carlton Fielding38.18aSt Marys
10.10Ryan Archibold38.60aHoly Trinity
11.10Matthew Vandenburg38.74aSt Anthony's
12.11Jared Monah38.86aHoly Trinity
13.10Kevin Mills39.09aChaminade
14.11Brandin Hirsch39.51aChaminade
15.12David Lee39.83aKellenberg Memorial
16.10Maxwell Collins39.96aChaminade
17.12Enoch Evelyn40.04aKellenberg Memorial
18.11Jonathan Ghahremani40.15aChaminade
19.11Jamarl Lake40.36aSt Marys
20.12Terence Clines40.58aChaminade
21.12Brandon DelaCruz40.73aChaminade
22.12Joe Guzman40.76aSt John The Baptist
23.11Jack Sarle40.79aSt John The Baptist
24.12Matt Byrnes40.95aHoly Trinity
25.9Jack Morris41.00aChaminade
26.12Eric Pierce41.10aHoly Trinity
27.11Brian Lynn41.32aChaminade
28.11Phillip O'Brien41.35aHoly Trinity
29.12Sasha Lecorps41.39aChaminade
30.12Jordan Cannon41.50aHoly Trinity
31.10Jonathan Miller41.57aHoly Trinity
32.11Jason Yao41.70aHoly Trinity
33.10Jonathan Massa41.73aHoly Trinity
34.12Edward Jordan41.74aKellenberg Memorial
35.12Michael Ryan41.77aKellenberg Memorial
36.12Stephan Lecorps41.80aChaminade
37.11Eric Linero41.82aSt Anthony's
38.11Chad George41.94aHoly Trinity
39.12Michael Chave42.02aSt Anthony's
40.11Richard Bailey42.12aSt Marys
41.12Estephan Morse42.26aSt Marys
42.10Kevin Lyons42.37aSt Anthony's
43.12Sidney Elle-Pierre42.65aChaminade
44.10Stephen Mezzacappa42.68aSt John The Baptist
45.10Patrick Dugre43.60aSt John The Baptist
46.10Declan Westlake43.87aKellenberg Memorial
47.12Edward Joseph43.93aSt Anthony's
48.12Dante McKenzie47.01aHoly Trinity
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dylan Murphy1:23.31aKellenberg Memorial
2.11Thomas Louro1:25.26aSt Anthony's
3.12Caelum Maloney1:25.56aChaminade
4.12Christopher Grant1:25.57aChaminade
5.12Jeremy Schneider1:25.66aSt John The Baptist
6.10Cliff Mayard1:26.70aChaminade
7.11Kyle Lopes1:28.42aSt Anthony's
8.11Brandon Khoury1:28.46aSt John The Baptist
9.11Andrew Dorrite1:29.03aChaminade
10.9Brandon Mirabella1:29.66aChaminade
11.10Jordan Brown1:29.88aChaminade
12.11Thomas Stavola1:30.13aSt Anthony's
13.11Kevin Gorton1:30.93aChaminade
13.11Andrew McManus1:30.93aSt Anthony's
15.12Vincent Cerati1:32.01aChaminade
16.12Joseph Brozek1:32.68aChaminade
17.11Gregory Oliva1:33.07aSt Anthony's
18.9Christian Condello1:33.09aSt Anthony's
19.12Patrick Reutter1:33.26aSt Anthony's
20.12Dylan Gordon1:34.12aChaminade
21.11Matthew Smith1:35.08aHoly Trinity
22.10Ryan Connelly1:35.60aSt Anthony's
23.11Michael Sheehan1:35.68aSt Anthony's
24.9Jace Pearson1:36.88aHoly Trinity
25.10Michael Bertlesman1:37.86aSt Anthony's
26.11Patrick Kavanaugh1:38.28aHoly Trinity
27.9Thomas Denlea1:38.35aSt John The Baptist
28.10Joe LaCarrubba1:38.98aSt John The Baptist
29.9Zuberi Symister1:41.52aSt Anthony's
30.9Justin Bonhomme1:41.75aSt Anthony's
31.12Craig Albertson1:42.50aSt Marys
32.11Matthew Waldhof1:43.33aHoly Trinity
33.11Michael Bakos1:45.35aSt John The Baptist
34.11Dimitri Jean1:51.40aSt Anthony's
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Malebranche2:32.61aKellenberg Memorial
2.11Louis Santelli2:35.66aSt Anthony's
3.12Austin Bitzas2:36.58aSt Anthony's
4.12Jimmy Hamilton2:39.57aSt John The Baptist
5.11Ryan Kerwick2:41.73aSt Anthony's
6.11Thomas Hayes2:42.62aChaminade
7.10Joseph Keane2:44.35aSt Anthony's
8.11Sean Luzzi2:44.36aChaminade
9.12James Mcquade2:45.02aKellenberg Memorial
10.12Rob Challenor2:45.86aSt John The Baptist
11.12Alexander Drennan2:49.01aChaminade
12.11Brendan Morrison2:49.37aChaminade
13.11Sean Sokol2:49.48aSt John The Baptist
14.10James Walsh2:52.65aChaminade
15.10Rory Hannigan2:53.23aSt John The Baptist
16.12Collin Horace2:53.38aSt Dominic
17.11Giuseppe Chiara2:53.64aChaminade
18.10Anthony Capobianco2:56.36aChaminade
19.11Jonah Lanigan2:58.32aChaminade
20.11Leo Werner2:58.60aSt John The Baptist
21.11Kevin Wasko2:59.14aSt John The Baptist
22.12Christopher Zarnitz2:59.33aSt Anthony's
23.12James Kelly2:59.39aChaminade
24.12Alexander Connors3:01.43aKellenberg Memorial
25.11Orville Williams3:02.60aHoly Trinity
26.10William Ulrich3:03.02aChaminade
27.11Christopher Rachek3:07.42aChaminade
28.11Michael Tinti3:09.29aSt John The Baptist
29.10Thomas Imbornoni3:09.38aChaminade
30.10Justin O'Rourke3:11.43aSt Anthony's
31.10Evan Brandow3:21.12aSt Anthony's
32.9Vincent Ashton3:21.98aSt Anthony's
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Thomas Slattery4:26.05aChaminade
2.11Sean Kelly4:26.88aChaminade
3.12Patrick Ginty4:27.77aSt Anthony's
4.12Randall Turner4:27.89aKellenberg Memorial
5.10Joseph Tucker4:29.02aSt Anthony's
6.12Matthew Taddeo4:39.06aSt Anthony's
7.12Marc Kalny4:41.10aKellenberg Memorial
8.11Dietrich Mosel4:42.08aKellenberg Memorial
9.10James Brady4:43.09aChaminade
10.9John Hayes4:44.16aChaminade
11.10Matthew Clarke4:46.31aSt Anthony's
12.10Daniel Graham4:47.62aHoly Trinity
13.10Daniel Murphy4:50.01aChaminade
14.11Patrick Hurd4:50.33aSt Anthony's
15.11Brian Kreider4:50.41aSt Anthony's
16.10Gregory Diem4:50.50aSt Anthony's
17.9Ryan Dearie4:51.10aSt Anthony's
18.11Tyler Wolfe4:52.24aSt Anthony's
19.12Patrick O'Hara4:53.43aKellenberg Memorial
20.10Sean Kildare4:55.54aSt John The Baptist
21.11Bryan Reilly4:56.25aSt John The Baptist
22.12Ryan Mcavoy4:57.59aKellenberg Memorial
23.12Nick Sidoti4:58.06aChaminade
24.10Alexander Garcia4:58.27aSt Anthony's
25.10Andrew Espey4:58.61aHoly Trinity
26.12John Mitchell4:58.67aKellenberg Memorial
27.10John Katimaris4:58.76aChaminade
27.12Stephen Rooney4:58.76aHoly Trinity
29.10Patrick Carroll4:58.79aSt Anthony's
30.12Justin Manzi4:58.90aChaminade
31.10Sean Butler4:59.20aChaminade
32.10Kevin Kelly4:59.81aChaminade
33.9Frederick Buckholtz5:00.03aSt Anthony's
34.11Ryan Sheridan5:00.17aChaminade
35.12Collin Horace5:00.59aSt Dominic
36.9Chris Tinti5:01.34aSt John The Baptist
37.11Peter Keenan5:02.65aKellenberg Memorial
38.10Eamonn Beers5:02.82aSt Anthony's
39.12Matthew Vento5:03.56aChaminade
40.9Devin Laudenschlager5:04.99aSt John The Baptist
41.12Connor Murphy5:05.86aKellenberg Memorial
42.10Chase Nolan5:06.36aChaminade
43.9Timothy Violino5:06.81aSt Anthony's
44.11John Kilkenny5:07.60aKellenberg Memorial
45.10Luke McCoy5:08.60aSt John The Baptist
46.11Christopher Stamm5:08.61aChaminade
47.11Thomas Sokol5:09.39aChaminade
48.10Matthew Impolli5:10.12aKellenberg Memorial
49.12Brendan Scott5:10.68aKellenberg Memorial
50.9Jack Rogers5:12.63aChaminade
51.12James Cochran5:14.07aChaminade
52.10Jonathan Rega5:15.02aKellenberg Memorial
53.10Michael Duncklee5:15.11aKellenberg Memorial
54.11Nathaniel Small5:16.70aHoly Trinity
55.10Tristen Cossaro5:18.93aChaminade
56.11Michael Black5:21.11aChaminade
57.11Michael Garcia5:24.79aKellenberg Memorial
58.9Jack Regan5:25.42aSt Anthony's
59.9Kenneth Blazo5:27.18aHoly Trinity
60.9James Keogh5:27.33aSt John The Baptist
61.12John Short5:27.55aKellenberg Memorial
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Thomas Slattery9:24.58aChaminade
2.12Patrick Ginty9:30.27aSt Anthony's
3.10Patrick Tucker9:38.19aSt Anthony's
4.11John McMullin9:38.74aSt Anthony's
5.12Paolo Fiore9:43.01aSt John The Baptist
6.11Tyler Wolfe9:47.99aSt Anthony's
7.11Sean Kelly10:01.23aChaminade
8.12Matthew Walsh10:04.91aChaminade
9.12Jake Morales10:10.71aSt John The Baptist
10.12Kyle Butler10:14.76aSt John The Baptist
11.12Sean Fitzgerald10:23.97aSt Anthony's
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Javaun Porter7.92aChaminade
2.11Nicholas Joesten8.15aChaminade
3.12Robert Cox8.16aSt John The Baptist
4.12Tim Pamlanye8.49aSt John The Baptist
5.11Nathaniel Small8.50aHoly Trinity
6.11James Roberts9.14aChaminade
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Javaun Porter7.93aChaminade
2.11Nicholas Joesten8.24aChaminade
3.12Robert Cox8.34aSt John The Baptist
4.12Tim Pamlanye8.43aSt John The Baptist
5.11Nathaniel Small8.55aHoly Trinity
6.11James Roberts8.63aChaminade
7.12David Campana8.64aKellenberg Memorial
8.12Terence Clines8.68aChaminade
9.11Brandin Hirsch8.88aChaminade
10.10Joseph Panico8.93aKellenberg Memorial
11.10Michael Cruz9.15aChaminade
12.12Daniel Emmons9.23aKellenberg Memorial
13.12Martin Cass9.34aChaminade
14.11Thomas DiGiuseppe9.37aKellenberg Memorial
15.10Rory Hannigan9.43aSt John The Baptist
16.11Taylor Figliozzi9.54aChaminade
17.10Connor Powers9.67aChaminade
18.10Steven Kristie9.97aKellenberg Memorial
19.11Michael Tinti10.07aSt John The Baptist
20.11Ryan McManus10.08aChaminade
21.12Anthony Ceccato10.16aChaminade
22.11Nicholas Lande10.19aHoly Trinity
23.11terrence Connors10.36aChaminade
24.12Stephan Lecorps10.43aChaminade
25.9Nicholas Conwell10.60aSt John The Baptist
26.10Scott Mandero10.72aSt John The Baptist
27.9Chris Cox10.82aSt John The Baptist
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Archibold
Eric Pierce
Shaka Shomari
Nathaniel Small
1:33.90aHoly Trinity
2.-Tim Pamlanye
John Selle
Tyler Cisek
Kyle Collins
1:34.03aSt John The Baptist
3.-Rocco Signore
James Roberts
Liam Bradley
Kevin Drummond
4.-Marlon Montague
Mozai Nelson
Joseph Percival
Sebastian Pierre
1:36.54aSt Anthony's
5.-Brian Tully
Nicholas Joesten
Michael Randazzo
Christopher Frey
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Marlon Montague
Mozai Nelson
Joseph Percival
Sebastian Pierre
1:33.80aSt Anthony's
2.-Ryan Archibold
Eric Pierce
Shaka Shomari
Nathaniel Small
1:34.58aHoly Trinity
3.-Tim Pamlanye
John Selle
Tyler Cisek
Kyle Collins
1:34.83aSt John The Baptist
4.-Rocco Signore
James Roberts
Liam Bradley
Kevin Drummond
5.-Matthew Nieves
Skandal Delince
Brad Monegro
Andre Guthrie Jr
1:37.64aSt Anthony's
6.-Brian Tully
Nicholas Joesten
Michael Randazzo
Christopher Frey
7.-Karlhenry Syffrard
Adam Zigrosser
Jack Sarle
Joe Guzman
1:39.55aSt John The Baptist
8.-Patrick Alexander
Robert Cox
Nikita Fitzgerald
Steve Erlanger
1:39.97aSt John The Baptist
9.-Aidan Krim
Sasha Lecorps
Kevin Mills
Jack Morris
10.-Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Massa
Jared Monah
Andrew Yarde
1:42.67aHoly Trinity
11.-Jack Droesch
Andrew Pidel
Josh Olmeda
Kevin Baist
1:42.89aSt John The Baptist
12.-Andrew Nohilly
Michael Ryan
Edward Jordan
Michael Morena
1:43.28aKellenberg Memorial
13.-Chad George
Phillip O'Brien
Peter Scarpitta
Jason Yao
1:43.45aHoly Trinity
14.-Aaron Ormon
Denis Gallagher
Michael Douilly
Dominic Cabey
1:44.15aSt Dominic
15.-Francis Masciello
Declan Westlake
james Masterson
Joseph Gasparini
1:48.00aKellenberg Memorial
---Daniel Emmons
Dean Gaul
David Lee
Enoch Evelyn
DQKellenberg Memorial
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christopher Grant
Sean Kelly
Caelum Maloney
Thomas Slattery
2.-Patrick Rowan
Jeremy Schneider
Adam Zigrosser
Jimmy Hamilton
3:33.18aSt John The Baptist
3.-Thomas Louro
Louis Santelli III
Austin Bitzas
Marlon Montague
3:33.79aSt Anthony's
4.-Randall Turner
James Mcquade
James Malebranche
Dylan Murphy
3:35.79aKellenberg Memorial
5.-Skandal Delince
Matthew Vandenburg
Joseph Keane
Andrew McManus
3:39.61aSt Anthony's
6.-Cliff Mayard
Maxwell Collins
Vincent Cerati
Andrew Dorrite
7.-Patrick Alexander
Nikita Fitzgerald
Harry Gregg
Steve Erlanger
3:52.71aSt John The Baptist
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Wolfe
Austin Bitzas
Thomas Louro
Louis Santelli III
8:13.75aSt Anthony's
2.-Brian Gallagher
Matthew Taddeo
Nolan Hayes
William Henfling
8:18.06aSt Anthony's
3.-Michael Raver
Joseph White
Gunnar Nolan
Thomas Hayes
4.-Relay Team 8:33.19aChaminade
5.-Cody Olszewski
Kyle Mooney
Sean Goodwin
Daniel Patton
8:33.87aKellenberg Memorial
6.-Rob Challenor
Jake Morales
Ryan Bennis
Brandon Khoury
8:48.45aSt John The Baptist
7.-Chase Nolan
Brendan Morrison
Giuseppe Chiara
John Hayes
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Weissheier49-05.00Kellenberg Memorial
2.12Christopher Pensa46-08.00St Anthony's
3.12Ryan Williams46-05.00Kellenberg Memorial
4.12Blake Walton44-11.00St Anthony's
5.12John Fives44-04.00Chaminade
6.12Jack Gamble44-00.00St Anthony's
7.11James Leddy42-08.00St Anthony's
8.10Oscar Frisby39-11.00St John The Baptist
9.12James Bartholomew37-01.00St Dominic
10.12Collin Stevens36-10.00St John The Baptist
11.9Robert Weissheier36-09.00Kellenberg Memorial
12.11Michael Levano36-07.00Kellenberg Memorial
13.12Matthew Simons36-02.00Chaminade
14.10Jamal Butler35-09.00St John The Baptist
15.11Daniel Pavacic34-02.00Chaminade
16.11Darryl Singleton34-01.00St Anthony's
17.12Andy Sanchez34-00.00Holy Trinity
18.10Juan DeJesus33-09.00St John The Baptist
19.12Christopher Bumbac33-08.00Chaminade
20.9John Rogers33-05.00Chaminade
20.10Patrick Ridings33-05.00St John The Baptist
22.11Ivan Carballude33-00.00Chaminade
23.10Chris Dubois32-08.00St John The Baptist
24.11Casey O'Regan31-11.00Holy Trinity
25.9Kenny Mulkeen30-06.00Kellenberg Memorial
26.11Liam Turner30-01.00Kellenberg Memorial
27.9Ray Stumpf30-00.00St John The Baptist
28.11Andrew Piracha29-00.00St Anthony's
29.12Anthony Aviles25-11.00Holy Trinity
29.12Zachery Odnoha25-11.00St Dominic
31.12Keanu Runice24-10.00Holy Trinity
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Blaise Casillo5-11.00Chaminade
2.12Tim Pamlanye5-11.00St John The Baptist
3.10Michael Rodriguez5-11.00St Anthony's
4.10Matthew Vandenburg5-06.00St Anthony's
5.11Kristian Green5-03.00Holy Trinity
6.10Harry Gregg5-03.00St John The Baptist
7.9Zuberi Symister5-00.00St Anthony's
8.10Baron O'Callaghan5-00.00St John The Baptist
--9Tomi'ichi HaydenNHSt Anthony's
--11Dylan BodoNHHoly Trinity
--11Trevor ShelleyNHChaminade
--11Quentin-Lavon HusbandNHHoly Trinity
--10Connor PowersNHChaminade
--10Nicholas McGahanNHSt Anthony's
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Doyle13-03.00St Anthony's
2.11Luke Schapfel12-06.00St Anthony's
3.12Michael Sabarese12-06.00St John The Baptist
4.12Tyler Denn-Thiele12-00.00St Anthony's
5.12Maximillian Schapfel11-06.00St Anthony's
6.11Breandan Cunningham11-00.00St Anthony's
7.11Jonathan Hoey10-06.00St Anthony's
8.10Matt Tessar10-00.00St Anthony's
9.11Joshua Barksdale9-06.00Chaminade
10.9Patrick Kawakami9-00.00St Anthony's
10.11Frank Dulko9-00.00St John The Baptist
10.10Philip Grieser II9-00.00St Anthony's
13.10Kyle Sheehan8-00.00Chaminade
--12Grant HynesNHChaminade
--12Antonio DeliseNHChaminade
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Skandal Delince21-04.75St Anthony's
2.12John Selle21-00.25St John The Baptist
3.10Michael Rodriguez20-04.75St Anthony's
4.10Reginald Verrier19-09.25Chaminade
--12Travis Volpe19-04.50St Anthony's
5.12Kyle Collins18-10.25St John The Baptist
6.10Matthew O'Reilly18-07.50St Anthony's
7.12Grant Hynes18-07.25Chaminade
--11Brandon Perpall18-02.75St Anthony's
8.11Andrew Buffalino17-10.75Chaminade
9.10Michael Cruz17-04.75Chaminade
10.10Gregory Adams17-00.00Kellenberg Memorial
--10Daniel O'Hare16-08.50Chaminade
11.10Brian Seidl16-08.50Holy Trinity
11.11Richie Laga16-08.50Chaminade
--11Thomas Maurice16-04.00St Anthony's
13.11Joseph Capobianco16-03.00Chaminade
14.9Justin Percival16-01.00St Anthony's
15.10Kevin Diaz15-03.50St Marys
16.10Anthony Clarke14-11.25St Anthony's
17.12Aaron Johnson14-10.50St Marys
18.12Estephan Morse13-06.75St Marys
--10Christian EveillardFOULSt Marys
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Reginald Verrier40-11.75Chaminade
2.12Dean Gaul40-08.00Kellenberg Memorial
3.12Josh Campbell39-05.25St John The Baptist
4.12David Campana39-03.75Kellenberg Memorial
5.10Michael Rodriguez38-04.75St Anthony's
6.11Blaise Casillo38-02.75Chaminade
--11Thomas Valerio35-04.75St Anthony's
7.11Andrew Buffalino35-03.50Chaminade
8.12Robert Cox35-03.00St John The Baptist
9.11Joseph Capobianco34-07.25Chaminade
10.11Richie Laga34-01.75Chaminade
11.10Brian Seidl32-10.50Holy Trinity
--10John Cunningham32-07.00St Anthony's

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.11Melissa June7.38aSt Anthony's
2.11Danielle Correia7.49aKellenberg Memorial
3.11Monique Richards7.55aSt Anthony's
4.10Michaela Mincone7.57aSt Anthony's
5.12Courtney Thomas7.59aKellenberg Memorial
6.12Sinclair Smith7.96aKellenberg Memorial
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Melissa June7.40aSt Anthony's
2.10Michaela Mincone7.57aSt Anthony's
3.11Danielle Correia7.63aKellenberg Memorial
4.11Monique Richards7.66aSt Anthony's
5.12Courtney Thomas7.88aKellenberg Memorial
6.12Sinclair Smith7.92aKellenberg Memorial
7.10Jeanine Perrelli7.94aSt John The Baptist
8.10Brigid Maelia8.01aKellenberg Memorial
9.12Natalie Jean8.15aKellenberg Memorial
10.10Kiara Powell8.16aHoly Trinity
10.9Aisling Fitzgerald8.16aHoly Trinity
12.11Rachel Luebke8.20aHoly Trinity
13.9Miranda Reale8.27aSt Anthony's
13.11Veictoria Rebollo8.27aOur Lady Of Mercy
15.12Melissa Stokes8.32aSt Dominic
16.11Sarah Mahon8.37aKellenberg Memorial
16.12Brianna Davis8.37aSt John The Baptist
18.10Queen-nzinga Alfred8.38aSt Anthony's
19.Not Registered 18.39aNot Registered
20.9Alexis Siegel8.44aSt John The Baptist
21.11Reggi Simmons8.48aSt Marys
22.10Danielle Carolo8.50aSt Dominic
23.9Darcel Demesyeux8.51aSt Dominic
24.11Amy Juliano8.57aSacred Heart Academy
24.12Mary Verhulst8.57aSt Anthony's
26.9Dorothy Daga8.60aKellenberg Memorial
27.11Jaclyn Hughes8.63aSt Anthony's
28.9Kellee Mello8.66aHoly Trinity
29.10Alayah Connor8.67aHoly Trinity
30.11Nina Bianco8.71aHoly Trinity
31.10Sarah Hands8.76aSt John The Baptist
32.10Ashely Brester8.78aSt Anthony's
32.11Emily Hayes8.78aOur Lady Of Mercy
34.10Sydney Cherkes8.80aSt Anthony's
35.9Jacqueline Pileggi8.86aSt Anthony's
36.9Giselle Barrios8.91aSt John The Baptist
37.9Garcel Demesyeux8.94aSt Dominic
38.10Jessica Brown8.98aSacred Heart Academy
39.10Stephanie Valenti8.99aSt Anthony's
40.11Samantha Lavano9.00aSacred Heart Academy
41.9Sophia Misiakiewic9.04aOur Lady Of Mercy
42.10Julia Annunziato9.10aOur Lady Of Mercy
43.9Smantha Paralikas9.17aOur Lady Of Mercy
44.9Kristina Linton9.18aHoly Trinity
45.11Kathleen Burpoe9.19aSacred Heart Academy
46.10Anna Daniels9.24aOur Lady Of Mercy
47.11De'Zhane Bennett9.25aHoly Trinity
48.9Marissa Spivey9.45aSacred Heart Academy
49.9Maggie White9.50aSacred Heart Academy
50.10Nicole Rizzo9.55aOur Lady Of Mercy
51.9Gabrielle Puglia9.64aSt Anthony's
52.10Kayla DeCristofaro9.66aSt Anthony's
52.9Tiffany Mays9.66aSt Marys
54.9Caitlin Browne9.68aSacred Heart Academy
55.10Rebecca Reardon9.74aOur Lady Of Mercy
56.10Isabella Adams9.82aSt Anthony's
57.10Lara Carrion9.89aOur Lady Of Mercy
58.12Mary Kate Carroll9.95aHoly Trinity
59.12Amanda Alcamo10.00aSacred Heart Academy
60.9Elizabeth Levano10.07aSacred Heart Academy
61.9Jennifer LoCascio10.08aHoly Trinity
62.9Stefanie Montalbano10.11aOur Lady Of Mercy
63.10Rebecca Keenan10.68aOur Lady Of Mercy
--10Sara DemauraFSHoly Trinity
--10Danielle VitaleFSSt Anthony's
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Fiedler41.42aSt Anthony's
2.11Mary Kate Kenny43.18aSacred Heart Academy
3.11Kristen Lavallee43.38aSt John The Baptist
4.11Erica Goldman43.55aSt Anthony's
5.12Maria Alexander44.26aSt John The Baptist
6.10Bridget McNierney44.35aKellenberg Memorial
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Megan Fiedler41.70aSt Anthony's
2.11Mary Kate Kenny43.16aSacred Heart Academy
3.11Kristen Lavallee43.64aSt John The Baptist
4.11Erica Goldman44.16aSt Anthony's
5.12Maria Alexander44.18aSt John The Baptist
6.10Bridget McNierney44.35aKellenberg Memorial
7.12Kathryn Mazzucca44.43aSt Anthony's
8.9Sabrina McCarron44.58aSt Anthony's
9.12Carly Montgomery44.71aKellenberg Memorial
10.12Dorie Ervilus45.19aKellenberg Memorial
11.12Elizabeth Carlson47.24aOur Lady Of Mercy
12.10Aisling Sullivan47.90aOur Lady Of Mercy
13.12Melissa Stokes48.30aSt Dominic
14.11Kristin Krumenacker48.35aOur Lady Of Mercy
15.10Kiara Powell48.40aHoly Trinity
16.11Veictoria Rebollo48.97aOur Lady Of Mercy
17.11Emily Hargous49.12aHoly Trinity
18.12Gabrielle Manfredi49.52aSt Anthony's
19.12Erin Stackowitz49.72aSacred Heart Academy
20.11Anne Brozek49.73aOur Lady Of Mercy
20.10Kayla Debello-Hoffmann49.73aOur Lady Of Mercy
22.11Elizabeth O'Sullivan49.92aOur Lady Of Mercy
23.10Erica Waleski50.01aKellenberg Memorial
24.12Jamie Gordon50.03aKellenberg Memorial
25.11Sydney Grajeda50.10aSacred Heart Academy
26.11Christina Kitakis50.62aSt Anthony's
27.10Danielle Carolo51.19aSt Dominic
28.11Nina Bianco51.62aHoly Trinity
29.9Darcel Demesyeux51.64aSt Dominic
30.10Alayah Connor51.83aHoly Trinity
31.11Amy Juliano51.97aSacred Heart Academy
32.12Rebecca Vaeth52.02aSt Anthony's
33.10Stephanie Valenti52.09aSt Anthony's
34.9Elisabeth Moffitt52.76aOur Lady Of Mercy
35.9Jacqueline Pileggi53.09aSt Anthony's
36.11Emily Hayes53.31aOur Lady Of Mercy
37.9Garcel Demesyeux53.35aSt Dominic
38.12Kayla Ann Hall53.52aSt John The Baptist
39.9Sophia Misiakiewic55.97aOur Lady Of Mercy
40.12Emily Gricco56.06aHoly Trinity
41.10Ellen Moffit56.38aOur Lady Of Mercy
42.11Noelle Roberts56.44aHoly Trinity
43.11Kathleen Burpoe56.59aSacred Heart Academy
44.9Gabrielle Puglia56.96aSt Anthony's
45.9Smantha Paralikas59.38aOur Lady Of Mercy
46.9Jennifer LoCascio1:02.66aHoly Trinity
47.12Mary Kate Carroll1:03.30aHoly Trinity
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jazmine Fray1:39.46aKellenberg Memorial
2.11Kristen Lavallee1:41.38aSt John The Baptist
3.12Rosalie Caracciolo1:41.82aSacred Heart Academy
4.11Delaney Worth1:43.74aSt Anthony's
5.12Lauren Rivera1:44.29aSt John The Baptist
6.11Daniella Joyce1:46.10aKellenberg Memorial
7.11Danielle Buglino1:47.24aSt Anthony's
8.11Kristin Krumenacker1:47.68aOur Lady Of Mercy
9.12Elizabeth Gomez1:49.19aSt Anthony's
10.12Elizabeth Carlson1:49.71aOur Lady Of Mercy
11.12Kaitlin Skrypek1:49.90aSt Anthony's
12.10Aisling Sullivan1:51.92aOur Lady Of Mercy
13.10Veronica Muratore1:54.29aSt Anthony's
14.12Elizabeth Mastellone1:54.99aHoly Trinity
15.10Kelly Powell1:55.97aHoly Trinity
16.10Julia Petkevicius1:58.62aHoly Trinity
17.10Alexandra Hintz1:58.87aKellenberg Memorial
18.12Bryana Connors2:01.86aHoly Trinity
19.9Mia Dempsey2:03.01aKellenberg Memorial
20.11Ebony Liriano2:04.32aHoly Trinity
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jazmine Fray3:08.20aKellenberg Memorial
2.11Stephanie Leo3:11.74aSt Anthony's
3.12Elizabeth Magno3:13.75aKellenberg Memorial
4.9Erin Endres3:14.60aSt John The Baptist
5.12Rosalie Caracciolo3:16.17aSacred Heart Academy
6.11Charlotte Molloy3:17.17aOur Lady Of Mercy
7.11Gillian Sokol3:17.61aSt John The Baptist
8.11Marianne Bartolotta3:17.94aHoly Trinity
9.11Casey Pollock3:20.42aSt John The Baptist
10.10Teresa Kennedy3:27.16aSt Anthony's
11.11Brianna Stamm3:32.97aSt Dominic
12.12Shannon Bennett3:34.65aSacred Heart Academy
13.11Alexandria Skurka3:35.01aSt John The Baptist
14.9Kelly Fielder3:36.37aSt John The Baptist
15.11Tara Walsh3:38.00aOur Lady Of Mercy
16.9Ciara McMullin3:38.61aOur Lady Of Mercy
17.10Maria Molnar3:41.83aSt Anthony's
18.11Melanie Devlin3:42.03aHoly Trinity
19.11Emily Bensen-Abatangelo3:42.09aKellenberg Memorial
20.12Kathryn Lay3:49.78aKellenberg Memorial
21.11Emily Lorin David3:54.84aKellenberg Memorial
22.11Sarah Korchak3:56.70aKellenberg Memorial
23.9Hayley Cahill3:58.00aKellenberg Memorial
24.11Jenna Thillman4:08.02aKellenberg Memorial
25.12MaryElizabeth Koepple4:14.96aKellenberg Memorial
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caroline Brown4:51.08aHoly Trinity
2.9Deidre Lewin4:58.77aKellenberg Memorial
3.10Paige Duca4:59.15aSacred Heart Academy
4.10Kate McCormack5:00.72aSt John The Baptist
5.11Delaney Worth5:03.60aSt Anthony's
6.9Gianna Mincone5:11.27aSt Anthony's
7.11Charlotte Molloy5:14.49aOur Lady Of Mercy
8.10Tara Sweeney5:18.19aOur Lady Of Mercy
9.10Joanna Grueneberg5:30.59aSacred Heart Academy
10.9Kylie Roberts5:31.82aKellenberg Memorial
11.10Kathryn Elnick5:32.99aKellenberg Memorial
12.9Erin Byrne5:33.53aHoly Trinity
13.11Stephanie Locicero5:33.58aKellenberg Memorial
14.12Claire Martine5:36.75aSacred Heart Academy
15.10Madison Russ5:49.85aSt Anthony's
16.11Brianna Stamm5:52.45aSt Dominic
17.11Kaitlin Gallagher5:53.60aKellenberg Memorial
18.12Katie Stroble5:55.00aSt John The Baptist
19.9Ciara McMullin5:59.73aOur Lady Of Mercy
20.10Antonia Palazzolo6:03.01aSt Anthony's
21.12Allison Hands6:03.37aSt John The Baptist
22.10Marissa D'Alonzo6:06.52aSt Anthony's
23.10Bianca Caceres6:51.42aSt Anthony's
24.11Jennifer Munoz7:45.85aSt Anthony's
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caroline Brown10:20.60aHoly Trinity
2.10Paige Duca10:26.20aSacred Heart Academy
3.12Mia Imbesi10:56.07aKellenberg Memorial
4.9Gianna Mincone11:00.36aSt Anthony's
5.11Gina D'Angelo11:03.23aSt Anthony's
6.12Kerri-Anne Flynn11:17.58aSt Anthony's
7.10Tara Sweeney11:21.63aOur Lady Of Mercy
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Melany Belot8.60aKellenberg Memorial
2.11Nicole Anderson8.87aSt Anthony's
3.11Danielle Correia8.95aKellenberg Memorial
4.12Mary Camarano8.98aKellenberg Memorial
5.10Bridget McNierney9.18aKellenberg Memorial
6.11Brittany Coscio9.53aSt Anthony's
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Melany Belot8.81aKellenberg Memorial
2.11Danielle Correia8.87aKellenberg Memorial
3.12Mary Camarano8.94aKellenberg Memorial
4.10Bridget McNierney9.12aKellenberg Memorial
5.11Nicole Anderson9.41aSt Anthony's
6.11Brittany Coscio9.57aSt Anthony's
7.10Kayla Challenor10.01aSt John The Baptist
8.10Shannon Costello10.20aSt John The Baptist
9.10Margaret McDevitt10.81aKellenberg Memorial
10.12Victoria Krause10.83aSt Anthony's
11.9Katherine Stallone11.44aSt Anthony's
12.9Kaila Tait-Bosques12.04aKellenberg Memorial
13.9Brooke Butler12.59aKellenberg Memorial
14.10Christina Pedra15.09aSt Anthony's
--12Dorie ErvilusDNFKellenberg Memorial
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sabrina McCarron
Melissa June
Michaela Mincone
Kathryn Mazzucca
1:49.15aSt Anthony's
2.-Danielle Correia
Carly Montgomery
Courtney Thomas
Dorie Ervilus
1:49.73aKellenberg Memorial
3.-Keryann Ladoceur
Gabrielle Schreib
Mary Camarano
Brigid Maelia
1:52.64aKellenberg Memorial
4.-Nichole Anderson
Erica Goldman
Grace Tonna
Megan Fiedler
1:55.98aSt Anthony's
5.-Celeste Corcoran
Maria Alexander
Gillian Cutolo
Lauren Rivera
1:57.31aSt John The Baptist
6.-Erin Hegarty
Antonella Cotilletta
Gia Medayil
Mary Kate Kenny
1:59.77aSacred Heart Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Sabrina McCarron
Melissa June
Michaela Mincone
Kathryn Mazzucca
1:48.83aSt Anthony's
2.-Nichole Anderson
Erica Goldman
Grace Tonna
Megan Fiedler
1:50.67aSt Anthony's
3.-Danielle Correia
Carly Montgomery
Courtney Thomas
Dorie Ervilus
1:50.84aKellenberg Memorial
4.-Keryann Ladoceur
Gabrielle Schreib
Mary Camarano
Brigid Maelia
1:51.43aKellenberg Memorial
5.-Erin Hegarty
Antonella Cotilletta
Gia Medayil
Mary Kate Kenny
1:52.01aSacred Heart Academy
6.-Celeste Corcoran
Maria Alexander
Gillian Cutolo
Lauren Rivera
1:53.45aSt John The Baptist
7.-Aisling Fitzgerald
Kiara Powell
Kristal King
Rachel Luebke
1:54.74aHoly Trinity
8.-Asia Taylor
Kaitlin Skrypek
Elizabeth Mazzucca
Taylor Conroy
1:55.31aSt Anthony's
9.-Natalie Jean
Cariesha Cameau
Christie Catterson
Neo Douyon
1:57.61aKellenberg Memorial
10.-Brianna Hargrove
Shannon Costello
Paige O'Neill
Kayla Challenor
1:58.47aSt John The Baptist
11.-Miranda Reale
Danielle Vitale
Shannon Gaffney
Hadley DelDuca
2:01.56aSt Anthony's
12.-Sarah Mahon
Kaila Tait-Bosques
Christie Catterson
Jamie Gordon
2:01.98aKellenberg Memorial
13.-Erin Stackowitz
Sydney Grajeda
Amy Juliano
Colleen Cass
2:02.79aSacred Heart Academy
14.-Kelly Powell
Alayah Connor
Emily Hargous
Kellee Mello
2:03.70aHoly Trinity
15.-Danielle Carolo
Darcel Demesyeux
Garcel Demesyeux
Melissa Stokes
2:05.01aSt Dominic
16.-Brianna Davis
Sarah Hands
Shannon Tapia
Giselle Barrios
2:06.20aSt John The Baptist
17.-Samantha Lavano
Jillian Spivey
Meghan Bennett
Marissa Spivey
2:14.96aSacred Heart Academy
18.-Caitlin Browne
Elizabeth Levano
Jessica Brown
Maggie White
2:18.06aSacred Heart Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grace Tonna
Erica Goldman
Michaela Mincone
Megan Fiedler
4:06.52aSt Anthony's
2.-Melany Belot
Daniella Joyce
Devon Irene O'Shaughness
Jasmine Fray
4:10.00aKellenberg Memorial
3.-Kristen Lavallee
Maria Alexander
Lauren Rivera
Gillian Cutolo
4:15.73aSt John The Baptist
4.-Marianne Bartolotta
Caroline Brown
Aisling Fitzgerald
Rachel Luebke
4:21.25aHoly Trinity
5.-Mary Kate Kenny
Erin Hegarty
Antonella Cotilletta
Rosalie Caracciolo
4:24.86aSacred Heart Academy
6.-Breanna Lyn
Elizabeth Mazzucca
Savannah Bitzas
Asia Taylor
4:29.62aSt Anthony's
7.-Colleen Cass
Grace Graham
Shannon Bennett
Gia Medayil
4:35.13aSacred Heart Academy
8.-Brianna Hargrove
Paige O'Neill
Sarah Hands
Alexis Siegel
4:35.79aSt John The Baptist
9.-Sarah Newman
Keryann Ladoceur
Alexis Morales
Carly Montgomery
4:36.86aKellenberg Memorial
10.-Alexis Morales
Katelyn Barrett
Emily Baldassare
Erin Croutier
4:44.63aKellenberg Memorial
11.-Nika Mias
Hadley DelDuca
Shannon Gaffney
Kimberly Jean-Raymond
4:47.39aSt Anthony's
12.-Claire Martine
Josephine Colucci
Joanna Grueneberg
Erin Pfail
4:57.87aSacred Heart Academy
13.-Relay Team 5:02.33aSt Anthony's
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie Leo
Shea Bohan
Gianna Mincone
Delaney Worth
9:57.08aSt Anthony's
2.-Elizabeth Magno
Emily O'Hara
Deidre Lewin
Mackenzie Freeman
10:00.02aKellenberg Memorial
3.-Erin Endres
Gillian Sokol
Casey Pollock
Kate McCormack
10:05.57aSt John The Baptist
4.-Celine Gellineau
Mia Imbesi
Emily Gomez
Raquel Lopez
10:21.29aKellenberg Memorial
5.-Elizabeth Gomez
Veronica Muratore
Danielle Buglino
Kaitlin Skrypek
10:43.56aSt Anthony's
6.-Kerri-Anne Flynn
Gina D'Angelo
Ekaterina Meringolo
Teresa Kennedy
11:04.39aSt Anthony's
7.-Paige Duca
Erin Pfail
Joanna Grueneberg
Grace Graham
11:09.49aSacred Heart Academy
8.-Christa Accardi
Elizabeth Mastellone
Jessica Tuckruskye
Kelly Powell
11:33.78aHoly Trinity
9.-Melanie Devlin
Jamie Kimelstein
Julia Petkevicius
Ebony Liriano
11:45.81aHoly Trinity
10.-Madison Russ
Alyssa Ison
Bianca Caceres
Antonia Palazzolo
13:07.38aSt Anthony's
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Natalie Jean38-04.00Kellenberg Memorial
2.12Michelle Rispoli33-11.00Kellenberg Memorial
3.12Lindsay McErlean31-04.00St John The Baptist
4.9Charlotte Campbell31-00.00St Anthony's
5.11Shannon Cellan29-09.00St John The Baptist
6.11Megan Nugent29-06.00Kellenberg Memorial
7.11Gloria Bauman28-00.00Sacred Heart Academy
8.10Lauren Williams26-07.00Sacred Heart Academy
9.11Paige O'Neill26-03.00St John The Baptist
10.12Casey McGlone25-02.00Kellenberg Memorial
11.10Fiona Palmer24-10.00Holy Trinity
12.9Oliva Seifert24-06.00St Anthony's
13.12Brianna Davis23-06.00St John The Baptist
14.11Jessica Zione23-04.00St Anthony's
15.11Kathryn Ambroze23-01.00St Anthony's
16.12Christine Flores21-09.00St John The Baptist
17.12Meghan Healy20-05.00St Anthony's
18.11Shannon Tapia19-09.00St John The Baptist
19.11Tara Monaghan19-06.00St Anthony's
--11Erin Macdonald18-00.00St Anthony's
20.11Gillian Hess16-10.00St Anthony's
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany LeJuan5-01.00Kellenberg Memorial
2.12Alexis Harrs5-00.00Holy Trinity
3.12Victoria Pileggi5-00.00St Anthony's
4.12Mary Beth Scott4-10.00St John The Baptist
5.11Brittany Coscio4-10.00St Anthony's
6.11Sarah O'Neil4-06.00St John The Baptist
7.11Marianne Bartolotta4-06.00Holy Trinity
8.11Sarah Agoglia4-06.00Kellenberg Memorial
9.10Shannon Gaffney4-06.00St Anthony's
10.12Jessica Tuckruskye4-06.00Holy Trinity
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jamie Kallipozis9-00.00St Anthony's
2.12Elizabeth Kelsch8-06.00St Anthony's
--11Mackenzie Freeman6-06.00Kellenberg Memorial
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bridget McNierney16-05.25Kellenberg Memorial
2.12Victoria Pileggi16-02.25St Anthony's
3.10Jeanine Perrelli15-08.50St John The Baptist
4.12Mary Camarano15-08.00Kellenberg Memorial
5.11Jessica Penna15-07.00St Anthony's
6.12Mary Beth Scott15-06.50St John The Baptist
7.10Elizabeth Camera15-04.00St Anthony's
7.9Gabrielle Noel Schreib15-04.00Kellenberg Memorial
9.11Celeste Corcoran15-00.50St John The Baptist
10.10Gillian Cutolo14-11.75St John The Baptist
11.10Nika Mias14-09.50St Anthony's
12.12Brittany LeJuan14-06.00Kellenberg Memorial
13.10Kayla Debello-Hoffmann14-05.75Our Lady Of Mercy
14.10Shannon Costello14-04.00St John The Baptist
15.9Miranda Reale14-03.75St Anthony's
16.11Sarah O'Neil13-06.00St John The Baptist
--11Elizabeth O'Sullivan13-04.00Our Lady Of Mercy
17.10Kayla Challenor13-03.50St John The Baptist
18.11Anne Brozek12-07.50Our Lady Of Mercy
19.10Elizabeth Gregori12-03.50St Anthony's
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Melany Belot35-04.25Kellenberg Memorial
2.12Breanna Lyn34-04.75St Anthony's
3.12Brittany LeJuan33-06.75Kellenberg Memorial
4.11Celeste Corcoran33-01.75St John The Baptist
5.10Elizabeth Camera30-04.50St Anthony's
6.10Margaret McDevitt30-00.25Kellenberg Memorial
6.11Alicen Tracie Re30-00.25Kellenberg Memorial
8.12Alexis Harrs29-04.25Holy Trinity
8.11Emily Hargous29-04.25Holy Trinity
--11Sarah Agoglia27-04.50Kellenberg Memorial
10.12Jessica Tuckruskye27-04.50Holy Trinity
11.10Elizabeth Gregori26-02.25St Anthony's
12.10Julia Petkevicius25-02.50Holy Trinity
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