Edgewood ISD

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
  Southside ISD Stadium , San Antonio - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Texas - Region 4
SVCBBoerne Champion
Texas - Region 4
BPSICibolo Steele
Texas - Region 4
WJBNNorthside Brennan
Texas - Region 4
HOLMNorthside Holmes
JOMANorthside Marshall
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justin Stockton10.90aCibolo Steele
2.10Makai Green11.01aNorthside Brennan
3.10Travis Posposil11.39aBoerne Champion
4.12Moses Berrones11.60aNorthside Holmes
5.12Erik Kamanski11.65aNorthside Marshall
6.11Alvin Johnson11.90aCibolo Steele
7.12Joshua Clark11.94aNorthside Marshall
7.12Christian Perez11.94aNorthside Brennan
9.11Kristian Carmona11.95aSchertz Clemens
10.10Jaylen Harris11.99aCibolo Steele
11.12Scott Braud12.03aSchertz Clemens
12.11Fabian Flores12.11aSan Antonio Kennedy
13.11Jared Entler12.13aBoerne Champion
14.12Chris Aguilar12.29aSan Antonio Memorial
15.11Sebastian Garces12.32aBoerne Champion
16.10Tre Scallion12.43aNorthside Marshall
17.10Mario Juarez12.53aSan Antonio Kennedy
18.12Marcus Wright12.65aSchertz Clemens
19.12Daniel Ramirez12.70aSan Antonio Kennedy
11Asa TaylorNTNorthside Brennan
12Quincey JacksonNTNorthside Holmes
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Christian Edmondson11.90aCibolo Steele
2.10Matt Morris12.03aBoerne Champion
3.11Marquise Morton12.09aNorthside Brennan
4.10Stephen Irby12.11aNorthside Brennan
5.9Josh Green12.15aBoerne Champion
6.9Devontre McGarity12.28aNorthside Brennan
7.11Darius Pettaway12.29aCibolo Steele
7.10Josh Smith12.29aCibolo Steele
9.10Omar Rodriguez12.36aNorthside Holmes
10.11Jacob Mejia12.42aNorthside Marshall
11.9Sean Tarver12.62aBoerne Champion
12.10Montrel Bennett12.83aSchertz Clemens
13.9Chris Casias13.04aSan Antonio Kennedy
14.11Kristian Long13.09aSchertz Clemens
10Kevin EvansNTSchertz Clemens
11Fabrice BereNTNorthside Holmes
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Dean22.97aCibolo Steele
2.12Dillon Gatian23.16aNorthside Brennan
3.10Uchenna Nnaji23.72aNorthside Marshall
4.10Shawn Santiago24.03aSchertz Clemens
5.12Ryan Hayes24.28aCibolo Steele
6.10Eben Dunlap24.36aBoerne Champion
7.10Devante Carmona24.38aSchertz Clemens
8.11Alvin Johnson24.91aCibolo Steele
9.11Preston Bass25.03aSchertz Clemens
10.12Joshua Clark25.07aNorthside Marshall
11.10Alex Hill25.23aNorthside Brennan
12.10Mario Juarez25.69aSan Antonio Kennedy
13.-Mr Carmona26.58aNorthside Marshall
14.10Alfred Ramos26.68aSan Antonio Memorial
12Isaac KillgoreNTBoerne Champion
11Sebastian GarcesNTBoerne Champion
10Raul HaleNTSan Antonio Kennedy
11Richard CasarezNTSan Antonio Memorial
12Daniel RamirezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
11Fabian FloresNTSan Antonio Kennedy
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Eric Dargan24.90aNorthside Brennan
2.11Billy Gonzales25.02aNorthside Marshall
3.11Jacob Mejia25.31aNorthside Marshall
4.11Trevor Lubianski25.33aBoerne Champion
5.10John Wingate25.40aNorthside Holmes
6.11Jeonghan Ha25.73aNorthside Brennan
7.10Tony Medrano25.85aNorthside Holmes
8.9Christian Edmondson26.13aCibolo Steele
9.11Brandon Redding26.13aCibolo Steele
10.10Mark Jimenez26.19aSan Antonio Memorial
11.11Asa Taylor26.25aNorthside Brennan
12.11Adam Witek26.32aSchertz Clemens
13.9Devante Warren27.04aNorthside Brennan
14.10Montrel Bennett27.18aSchertz Clemens
15.11Ben Herr27.36aBoerne Champion
16.10Cesar DeLaCruz30.69aBoerne Champion
9Chris CasiasNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Kevin EvansNTSchertz Clemens
10Juan MartinezNTNorthside Holmes
10Chris CasanovaNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Isiah SanchezNTNorthside Holmes
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Hayes51.96aCibolo Steele
2.10Derrick Hill53.86aNorthside Brennan
3.11Desmond Edmondson54.32aCibolo Steele
4.12CJ Schaefer54.64aBoerne Champion
5.11Chase Dixon55.02aCibolo Steele
6.12Isaac Killgore55.37aBoerne Champion
7.11Christian Dillard55.46aNorthside Brennan
8.12Isaac Simmons56.30aNorthside Brennan
9.11Shane Starnes56.35aBoerne Champion
10.10Sean Thompson56.36aNorthside Marshall
11.10Jared Reyes57.13aNorthside Marshall
12.11Alec Gonzales59.52aSan Antonio Kennedy
13.10Raul Hale59.60aSan Antonio Kennedy
10Mario JuarezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Hunter AndersonNTSan Antonio Kennedy
11Preston BassNTSchertz Clemens
10Thomas HildNTSchertz Clemens
12Joshua PadillaNTNorthside Holmes
11Cameron RamirezNTNorthside Holmes
10Ryan PetersonNTNorthside Marshall
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Jalen Wilkerson56.23aNorthside Marshall
2.10Mark Jimenez57.07aSan Antonio Memorial
3.11Roque Ortiz57.16aNorthside Holmes
4.10Jason Ralston57.50aNorthside Brennan
5.11Freddy Morris58.13aSchertz Clemens
6.12Jalen Foy58.51aCibolo Steele
7.11Matthew Hall58.82aNorthside Brennan
8.11Beau Garrett58.98aSchertz Clemens
9.9Alexander Rodriguez59.09aNorthside Brennan
10.11Chris Ranguette1:00.31aCibolo Steele
11.11Julian Campos1:00.70aNorthside Holmes
12.11Daniel Lang1:01.18aBoerne Champion
13.11Maurice Tawil1:02.21aBoerne Champion
14.10Michael Lee1:02.63aNorthside Marshall
15.11Kristian Long1:02.64aSchertz Clemens
16.10Nathan Torres1:02.77aSan Antonio Kennedy
17.10Juan Martinez1:04.73aNorthside Holmes
18.11Hunter Roe1:06.99aCibolo Steele
19.9Garrett Richard1:32.95aBoerne Champion
10Chris CasanovaNTSan Antonio Kennedy
12Roland BenavidesNTNorthside Marshall
10Isiah SanchezNTNorthside Holmes
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jack Monday2:01.45aBoerne Champion
2.11Conrad Carbaugh2:05.37aNorthside Brennan
3.11Trennon Cavanagh2:06.03aSchertz Clemens
4.12Sergio Alva2:07.82aBoerne Champion
5.11Miles Aguirre2:07.90aNorthside Marshall
6.10Ryan Peterson2:07.93aNorthside Marshall
7.11Khristopher Ladner2:09.45aNorthside Holmes
11Eliseo CuevasNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Noe MedranoNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Steven HernandezNTSan Antonio Memorial
10Addison UlvelingNTSchertz Clemens
10Kenley UlvelingNTSchertz Clemens
12Daniel MercadoNTNorthside Marshall
10Raul HaleNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Aaron LinkNTNorthside Holmes
11Travis MillerNTBoerne Champion
12Joshua CharoNTNorthside Holmes
11Tarec GonzalezNTCibolo Steele
11Zach GaitanNTNorthside Brennan
12Joshua MartinezNTNorthside Brennan
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kory Carnett2:08.08aBoerne Champion
2.10Marcus Martinez2:11.06aNorthside Brennan
3.11Donald Manuszewski2:12.83aCibolo Steele
4.11Isaac Davila2:13.24aNorthside Brennan
5.12Kyle Thompson2:16.36aBoerne Champion
6.11Jake Holland2:16.48aBoerne Champion
7.9Tyler Schycker2:16.53aSchertz Clemens
9Max StoffelNTSchertz Clemens
10Martin PatinoNTNorthside Holmes
10David PerezNTNorthside Holmes
10Connor TurkNTNorthside Marshall
10Alex TelloNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10William ChapmanNTNorthside Brennan
9Thomas DunlapNTNorthside Holmes
10Matthew SchweigerNTNorthside Marshall
10Alec RiveraNTSan Antonio Kennedy
11Cortney CharonNTNorthside Holmes
11Jordan FernandezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shane Kreidel4:37.46aBoerne Champion
2.11Michael Russell4:38.65aBoerne Champion
3.10Garett Cortez4:38.82aCibolo Steele
4.12Jacob Ryan4:39.11aBoerne Champion
5.11Nicolas Cortez4:39.26aNorthside Holmes
6.11Javier Garza4:42.89aNorthside Marshall
7.10Evan Valdez4:48.91aSchertz Clemens
8.11Zach Davis4:50.63aSchertz Clemens
11Chris VangundyNTSchertz Clemens
12Julian GarciaNTCibolo Steele
11Conrad CarbaughNTNorthside Brennan
11Miles AguirreNTNorthside Marshall
12Irvin TristanNTNorthside Holmes
12Manuel CardenasNTNorthside Holmes
11Zach GaitanNTNorthside Brennan
11Noe MedranoNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Tarec GonzalezNTCibolo Steele
12Joseph LaraNTNorthside Marshall
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kory Carnett5:00.62aBoerne Champion
2.11Garrett Flores5:01.53aBoerne Champion
3.9Skye Knight5:04.71aNorthside Holmes
4.9Samuel Buske5:04.90aCibolo Steele
5.10Patrick Bousselot5:20.30aCibolo Steele
6.11Nicholas Sanchez5:20.45aCibolo Steele
7.9Nahum Pineda5:20.50aNorthside Holmes
9Tyler SchyckerNTSchertz Clemens
9Max StoffelNTSchertz Clemens
9Louis RiojasNTNorthside Holmes
10Andrew GrayNTBoerne Champion
12Oscar QuirozNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Donald ManuszewskiNTCibolo Steele
10Alec RiveraNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Buck MedleyNTNorthside Holmes
11Eric HuizarNTNorthside Brennan
10Victor BernalNTNorthside Brennan
10Sam RandallNTNorthside Marshall
10Christian HoseNTNorthside Brennan
11Henry MatasNTSan Antonio Memorial
12Felipe ReyesNTNorthside Holmes
11Jordan FernandezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Ben KogerNTSchertz Clemens
10Alex TelloNTSan Antonio Kennedy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shane Kreidel9:47.47Boerne Champion
2.12Jacob Ryan9:57.30Boerne Champion
3.10Andrew Tankersley10:00.00Boerne Champion
4.10Garett Cortez10:09.37Cibolo Steele
5.10Evan Valdez10:32.50Schertz Clemens
6.10Josh Uzelac10:36.56Schertz Clemens
7.12Daniel Arias10:38.55Schertz Clemens
10Ruben TrejoNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Steven GlattNTNorthside Brennan
12Julian GarciaNTCibolo Steele
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Calvin Doswell10:48.03Boerne Champion
2.9Samuel Buske11:03.53Cibolo Steele
3.11Nicholas Sanchez11:07.10Cibolo Steele
4.11Diego Sandoval11:09.88Northside Brennan
5.10Patrick Bousselot11:11.35Cibolo Steele
6.11Ian Baker11:27.78Schertz Clemens
7.10Yael Viniegra11:39.93Boerne Champion
11Austin GillNTNorthside Brennan
11Montgomery BertschyNTBoerne Champion
10Aaron LongoriaNTNorthside Brennan
10Nathan TorresNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Ben KogerNTSchertz Clemens
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Norman Reeves16.02aSchertz Clemens
2.11Austin Ley16.06aBoerne Champion
3.10Cameron Ley17.11aBoerne Champion
4.11Deshaun Holdipp17.51aNorthside Brennan
5.12Brendon Huron17.64aNorthside Brennan
6.11Patrick Garr18.02aBoerne Champion
7.12Robert Smith18.25aCibolo Steele
8.12Justin Narvaez18.49aNorthside Marshall
9.11James Hamilton18.76aNorthside Brennan
10.12John Zamago19.68aNorthside Marshall
11.11Marshall McCumber19.99aSan Antonio Kennedy
12.11Jonathan Hillman20.44aCibolo Steele
11Matthew SimmonsNTCibolo Steele
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10George Green17.37aNorthside Brennan
2.11Kenny Britton18.13aSchertz Clemens
3.11Kris Crews19.18aSchertz Clemens
4.11Sean Fehrenbacher19.56aNorthside Brennan
5.11Arthur Johnson19.66aBoerne Champion
6.9Anthony Smith19.86aCibolo Steele
7.11Trevor Sealy20.03aCibolo Steele
8.11Matt Black20.15aBoerne Champion
10Jacob WeissmannNTCibolo Steele
10Benigno TrevinoNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Donovan EllisNTNorthside Marshall
10Jon-Luc BryantNTNorthside Marshall
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Austin Ley40.25aBoerne Champion
2.11Patrick Garr43.16aBoerne Champion
3.12Brendon Huron44.26aNorthside Brennan
4.10Cameron Ley44.37aBoerne Champion
5.11James Hamilton45.31aNorthside Brennan
6.11Jack Pollentier46.45aCibolo Steele
7.12John Zamago47.23aNorthside Marshall
8.12Justin Narvaez47.59aNorthside Marshall
9.11Jonathan Hillman50.96aCibolo Steele
10.11Marshall McCumber54.67aSan Antonio Kennedy
11Deshaun HoldippNTNorthside Brennan
12Robert SmithNTCibolo Steele
10Norman ReevesNTSchertz Clemens
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Jon-Luc Bryant45.56aNorthside Marshall
2.11Kenny Britton45.85aSchertz Clemens
3.11Matt Black47.39aBoerne Champion
4.11Kris Crews47.73aSchertz Clemens
5.10Jacob Weissmann47.76aCibolo Steele
6.10Benigno Trevino48.27aSan Antonio Kennedy
7.9Anthony Wiltse48.47aNorthside Brennan
8.11Sean Fehrenbacher48.54aNorthside Brennan
9.9Anthony Smith48.72aCibolo Steele
10.11Trevor Sealy49.14aCibolo Steele
11.10George Green53.25aNorthside Brennan
10Chris RobertsNTBoerne Champion
10Donovan EllisNTNorthside Marshall
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Derrick Hill
Llandre Mitchell
Dillon Gatian
Makai Green
43.20aNorthside Brennan
2.-Justin Stockton
Nick Dean
Jaylen Harris
Malik Perez
43.74aCibolo Steele
3.-Kristian Carmona
Scott Braud
Ka'jyah Russell
Shawn Santiago
44.59aSchertz Clemens
4.-Quincey Jackson
Xavier Barkley
Moses Berrones
Demario Moore
44.74aNorthside Holmes
5.-Relay Team 44.99aNorthside Marshall
6.-Jared Entler
Alex Flores
Travis Posposil
Eben Dunlap
46.20aBoerne Champion
7.-Alfred Ramos
Noe Medrano
Chris Aguilar
Richard Casarez
49.18aSan Antonio Memorial
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Smith
Matthew Valentine
Christian Edmondson
Darius Pettaway
45.16aCibolo Steele
2.-Nathaniel Wells
Stephen Irby
Devante Warren
Marquise Morton
46.22aNorthside Brennan
3.-Omar Rodriguez
Yukash Yussufu
Chris Sauseda
rene Ortiz
46.81aNorthside Holmes
4.-Relay Team 48.02aNorthside Marshall
5.-Ben Herr
Josh Green
Matt Morris
Sean Tarver
49.12aBoerne Champion
6.-Cody Carranza
Michael Patronis
Ben Ivery
Adonis Johnson
50.01aSchertz Clemens
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alex Hill
Llandre Mitchell
Dillon Gatian
Makai Green
1:32.77aNorthside Brennan
2.-Devante Carmona
Shawn Santiago
Ka'jyah Russell
Kristian Carmona
1:33.35aSchertz Clemens
3.-Relay Team 1:34.40aNorthside Marshall
4.-Quincey Jackson
Joshua Charo
Moses Berrones
Xavier Barkley
1:36.15aNorthside Holmes
5.-Richard Casarez
Steven Hernandez
Eliseo Cuevas
Alfred Ramos
1:36.48aSan Antonio Memorial
6.-Shane Starnes
Sebastian Garces
Alex Flores
Eben Dunlap
1:45.31aBoerne Champion
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Wiltse
Devante Warren
Marquise Morton
Nathaniel Wells
1:37.93aNorthside Brennan
2.-Ben Herr
Josh Green
Chris Roberts
Jake Gum
1:38.12aBoerne Champion
3.-Relay Team 1:40.53aNorthside Marshall
4.-Omar Rodriguez
Chris Sauseda
Tony Medrano
rene Ortiz
1:41.30aNorthside Holmes
5.-Matthew Valentine
Josh Smith
Brandon Redding
Darius Pettaway
1:41.50aCibolo Steele
6.-Michael Patronis
Cody Carranza
Ben Ivery
Adonis Johnson
1:44.38aSchertz Clemens
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Hayes
Nick Dean
Desmond Edmondson
Chase Dixon
3:35.79aCibolo Steele
2.-CJ Schaefer
Shane Starnes
Patrick Garr
Isaac Killgore
3:39.22aBoerne Champion
3.-Cameron Ramirez
Joshua Charo
Xavier Barkley
Joshua Padilla
3:39.73aNorthside Holmes
4.-Ka'jyah Russell
Thomas Hild
Preston Bass
Devante Carmona
3:41.34aSchertz Clemens
5.-Alec Gonzales
Fabian Flores
Raul Hale
Mario Juarez
3:47.78aSan Antonio Kennedy
6.-Isaac Simmons
Llandre Mitchell
Christian Dillard
Derrick Hill
3:48.58aNorthside Brennan
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Alexander Rodriguez
Jason Ralston
George Green
Marcus Martinez
3:47.76aNorthside Brennan
2.-Daniel Lang
Chris Roberts
Jake Gum
Trevor Lubianski
3:51.41aBoerne Champion
3.-Relay Team 3:57.10aNorthside Marshall
4.-rene Ortiz
Chris Sauseda
Julian Campos
Yukash Yussufu
3:57.22aNorthside Holmes
5.-Matthew Valentine
Hunter Roe
Jacob Weissmann
Chris Ranguette
4:03.37aCibolo Steele
6.-Cody Carranza
Kenny Britton
Kris Crews
Beau Garrett
4:05.19aSchertz Clemens
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mason Martinez47-08.00Cibolo Steele
2.11Jacob Gutierrez41-09.00Schertz Clemens
3.12Jack Tiller (Zachary)39-09.00Cibolo Steele
4.11Tomas Garcia39-08.50San Antonio Kennedy
5.11Evan Ferguson38-08.50Northside Brennan
6.12Matthew Rienstra38-01.00Northside Marshall
7.11Javier Garza37-10.00Northside Marshall
8.11Christian Desmond37-03.50Boerne Champion
11Joseph StrongNDBoerne Champion
11Sam Van NestNDBoerne Champion
11Duke AguirreNDSan Antonio Kennedy
11Grant WatanabeNDNorthside Brennan
12John RodriguezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
11Matthew SimmonsNDCibolo Steele
10Nick BrownNDNorthside Brennan
12Juan MedranoNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Andrew VillarNDSan Antonio Memorial
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephen Irby46-04.00Northside Brennan
2.11Ben Herr45-08.50Boerne Champion
3.11Ishmael Black41-01.50Northside Brennan
4.10Yousef Ghazawi40-08.00Boerne Champion
5.11Louis DelaVega39-11.00Northside Holmes
6.9Ty Cole38-11.50Northside Brennan
10Trey DriggersNDNorthside Holmes
11Jared AllmonNDCibolo Steele
9Kevin LavelleNDCibolo Steele
11John Briseno NDSan Antonio Memorial
10Oscar DeLunaNDSan Antonio Memorial
9Jeremy StruckNDBoerne Champion
9Chris CasiasNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Andres GarzesNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Rudy PenaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mason Martinez150-11Cibolo Steele
2.11Josh Malin130-05Cibolo Steele
3.11Vincent Perez126-06Northside Marshall
4.10Tim Gallego122-06Boerne Champion
5.12Jacob Kessler118-10Boerne Champion
6.12Ray Rodriguez117-09Northside Holmes
12Juan MedranoNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Andrew VillarNDSan Antonio Memorial
12Nick RamirezNDSchertz Clemens
10Nick BrownNDNorthside Brennan
11Pablo ChavezNDNorthside Holmes
11Matthew SimmonsNDCibolo Steele
12Alex Diaz De LeonNDBoerne Champion
12Orlando SalinasNDSan Antonio Kennedy
12John RodriguezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
11Brandon LochaNDNorthside Brennan
11Jacob GutierrezNDSchertz Clemens
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Billy HonakerNDSchertz Clemens
9Chris CasiasNDSan Antonio Kennedy
9Jeremy StruckNDBoerne Champion
9Colton HubbardNDBoerne Champion
10Andres GarzesNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Rudy PenaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Zach (Brain) EdwardsNDCibolo Steele
10JP FernandezNDCibolo Steele
11Abel AlcantarNDNorthside Holmes
10Mario CarreteNDNorthside Brennan
9Brian ZambranaNDNorthside Brennan
11Ishmael BlackNDNorthside Brennan
10Kendall TyusNDSchertz Clemens
11John Briseno NDSan Antonio Memorial
10Oscar DeLunaNDSan Antonio Memorial
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyus Milton5-10.00Schertz Clemens
2.12Dillon Gatian5-06.00Northside Brennan
3.11Jonathan Hillman5-06.00Cibolo Steele
10Mario JuarezNHSan Antonio Kennedy
11Marshall McCumberNHSan Antonio Kennedy
10Raul HaleNHSan Antonio Kennedy
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Caleb Bazil5-08.00Boerne Champion
9Alexander RodriguezNHNorthside Brennan
9Antoine Cox-WesleyNHCibolo Steele
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joe Kolling12-06.00Boerne Champion
2.12Robert Smith11-00.00Cibolo Steele
3.11Ryan Lynch10-00.00Boerne Champion
4.11Brian Basset9-06.00Northside Marshall
4.10Sean Thompson9-06.00Northside Marshall
12Chris AguilarNHSan Antonio Memorial
11Steven GlattNHNorthside Brennan
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Coleman9-06.00Cibolo Steele
2.10Alex Linton9-00.00Cibolo Steele
9Cory BeckNHBoerne Champion
9Jacob PrattNHBoerne Champion
9Bennett StewardNHBoerne Champion
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaac Simmons21-00.00Northside Brennan
2.10Jaylen Harris20-06.00Cibolo Steele
3.12Tyus Milton19-06.50Schertz Clemens
4.12Quincey Jackson18-10.00Northside Holmes
5.11Llandre Mitchell18-09.50Northside Brennan
5.10Thomas Hild18-09.50Schertz Clemens
12Marcus WrightNDSchertz Clemens
10Eben DunlapNDBoerne Champion
10Makai GreenNDNorthside Brennan
10Mario JuarezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Raul HaleNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Alex FloresNDBoerne Champion
10Hunter AndersonNDSan Antonio Kennedy
12Moses BerronesNDNorthside Holmes
11Sebastian GarcesNDBoerne Champion
10Xavier BarkleyNDNorthside Holmes
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Gary Hollins18-04.00Cibolo Steele
2.10Chris Roberts18-01.00Boerne Champion
3.9Antoine Cox-Wesley18-00.00Cibolo Steele
10Chris CasanovaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Noah MonetteNDCibolo Steele
11Adam WitekNDSchertz Clemens
11Rene OrtizNDNorthside Holmes
10Tony MedranoNDNorthside Holmes
10Omar RodriguezNDNorthside Holmes
11Chris SausedaNDNorthside Holmes
11Freddy MorrisNDSchertz Clemens
10Alex TelloNDSan Antonio Kennedy
11Marquise MortonNDNorthside Brennan
11Beau GarrettNDSchertz Clemens
9Garrett RichardNDBoerne Champion
11Maurice TawilNDBoerne Champion
9Devontre McGarityNDNorthside Brennan
11Matthew HallNDNorthside Brennan
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaac Simmons41-09.00Northside Brennan
2.12Tyus Milton41-00.50Schertz Clemens
3.12Ka'jyah Russell39-00.00Schertz Clemens
11Jared EntlerNDBoerne Champion
10Hunter AndersonNDSan Antonio Kennedy
11Deshaun HoldippNDNorthside Brennan
12CJ SchaeferNDBoerne Champion
11Matthew SimmonsNDCibolo Steele
11Christian DillardNDNorthside Brennan
12Joshua PadillaNDNorthside Holmes
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Matthew Hall40-03.00Northside Brennan
2.9Antoine Cox-Wesley38-08.00Cibolo Steele
3.10Gary Hollins36-08.00Cibolo Steele
4.10Noah Monette34-07.00Cibolo Steele
5.11Julian Campos28-11.00Northside Holmes
11Roque OrtizNDNorthside Holmes
10Yukash YussufuNDNorthside Holmes
11Kristian LongNDSchertz Clemens
11Ben HerrNDBoerne Champion
11Nathaniel WellsNDNorthside Brennan
11Adam WitekNDSchertz Clemens
9Jake GumNDBoerne Champion
11Beau GarrettNDSchertz Clemens

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Typhanee Booker12.68aCibolo Steele
2.10Kiana Kelley13.74aNorthside Brennan
3.9Noelia Rodriguez13.93aNorthside Marshall
4.12Meagan Carreon14.35aBoerne Champion
5.10Carli Martinez14.38aNorthside Marshall
6.12Ashley Delgado14.68aNorthside Holmes
7.11Alexander Arizola14.96aSan Antonio Kennedy
8.9Makayla Sloan15.06aNorthside Holmes
9.10Jacklyn Gamboa15.62aSan Antonio Kennedy
10.12Miranda Garland16.03aCibolo Steele
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaliyah Pryor14.06aNorthside Brennan
2.9Savaun Paige14.12aCibolo Steele
3.9Brianna Lane14.15aNorthside Marshall
4.9Catherine Rogers14.56aBoerne Champion
5.9Autum Slaton14.60aCibolo Steele
5.9Taylor Smart14.60aNorthside Brennan
7.9Mariah Jackson14.64aSchertz Clemens
8.11Sarah Salinas14.70aSchertz Clemens
9.9Jenkins Alyssa14.88aNorthside Marshall
10.11Marlena Morris14.89aNorthside Holmes
11.10Crystal Alderman14.92aNorthside Brennan
12.9Mama Ngaima14.99aNorthside Holmes
13.10Marisol Lopez15.23aNorthside Marshall
14.9Alexis Alamillo15.36aBoerne Champion
15.11Clara Lopez15.43aSan Antonio Kennedy
16.9Destiny Gomez15.48aSan Antonio Kennedy
17.9Monica Mitchell15.95aCibolo Steele
18.9Julie Lopez16.04aSan Antonio Kennedy
19.9Clarissa Salaiz16.28aSan Antonio Kennedy
20.9Sarah Trevino16.45aSan Antonio Memorial
21.10Lauryn Gonzalez16.45aBoerne Champion
22.11Kayley Carter16.71aSchertz Clemens
23.11Lulley Waliyow17.69aNorthside Holmes
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Typhanee Booker26.46aCibolo Steele
2.9Noelia Rodriguez27.46aNorthside Marshall
3.12Ashley Santos27.47aCibolo Steele
4.9Norrelle Mitchell27.94aNorthside Brennan
5.11Brandi Williams-Beck28.53aNorthside Brennan
6.10Kayla Washington29.25aNorthside Brennan
6.10Shada Nathan29.25aNorthside Marshall
8.12Meagan Carreon29.26aBoerne Champion
9.10Alexis Jenkins30.07aNorthside Marshall
10.12Jorey Cline30.58aCibolo Steele
11.11Natalie Lumbreras30.90aNorthside Holmes
12.11Alexander Arizola31.49aSan Antonio Kennedy
13.10Jacklyn Gamboa32.75aSan Antonio Kennedy
14.12Brianna Martin38.58aNorthside Holmes
12Selena PetersonNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Kerrigan BishopNTSchertz Clemens
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Asya Harris29.36aCibolo Steele
2.11Tera Ashe29.47aCibolo Steele
3.9Caitlin Sexton29.55aNorthside Brennan
4.9Kirsten Hallmark29.96aBoerne Champion
5.12Natasha McLean30.08aNorthside Brennan
6.9Anna Perry30.26aNorthside Brennan
7.9Jenkins Alyssa30.34aNorthside Marshall
8.9Alexis Alamillo31.08aBoerne Champion
9.11Myranda Villanueva31.13aSchertz Clemens
10.10Marisol Lopez31.60aNorthside Marshall
11.9Cynthia Gentry31.85aCibolo Steele
12.10Juanita Jones31.91aNorthside Holmes
13.9Desiree Garcia32.34aSan Antonio Memorial
14.10Stephanie Merem32.49aNorthside Holmes
15.11Tramill Slaughter33.22aNorthside Holmes
16.9Brianna Lane33.28aNorthside Marshall
17.9Larissa Lopez33.50aSan Antonio Memorial
18.11Amanda Crownover34.41aSchertz Clemens
19.9Clarissa Salaiz34.59aSan Antonio Kennedy
9Lamia BarnesNTSchertz Clemens
9Errin PhouNTBoerne Champion
9Destiny GomezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Abigail GomezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
10Juliana GambleNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Clara LopezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tatyana Sabsook1:04.45aSchertz Clemens
2.9Noelia Rodriguez1:04.61aNorthside Marshall
3.10Kayla Washington1:04.68aNorthside Brennan
4.12Anna Rubio1:07.33aNorthside Marshall
5.10Carli Martinez1:08.48aNorthside Marshall
6.12Kirsten Curtis1:09.82aSchertz Clemens
7.11Sofia Cantu1:10.90aSchertz Clemens
8.12Jorey Cline1:17.08aCibolo Steele
9.12Ariel Vassell1:18.23aCibolo Steele
10.12Miranda Garland1:27.27aCibolo Steele
10Esmeralda ManzanaresNTSan Antonio Kennedy
12Ashley DelgadoNTNorthside Holmes
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Savaun Paige1:06.22aCibolo Steele
2.9Caitlin Sexton1:07.26aNorthside Brennan
3.9Anna Perry1:08.95aNorthside Brennan
4.10Shauna Gaskey1:09.40aCibolo Steele
5.9Mariah Smith1:10.01aNorthside Marshall
6.11Clara Lopez1:10.58aSan Antonio Kennedy
7.11Brittany Verrett1:11.33aSchertz Clemens
8.9Abigail Gomez1:11.83aSan Antonio Kennedy
9.10Marisol Lopez1:11.94aNorthside Marshall
10.10Miranda Herrera1:12.15aNorthside Holmes
11.12Maria Mora1:15.85aSan Antonio Memorial
12.9Victoria Klebahn1:17.48aSan Antonio Kennedy
13.10Juliana Gamble1:22.67aSan Antonio Memorial
14.9Abigail Kleck1:22.93aNorthside Holmes
15.10Ana Pardo1:26.56aSan Antonio Kennedy
16.11Diana Maldonado1:28.55aNorthside Holmes
17.11Dezarae Tovar1:33.43aSan Antonio Memorial
18.9Felisa Torres1:43.44aSan Antonio Kennedy
19.9Tiara Tillman1:43.48aCibolo Steele
9Maranda SmithNTNorthside Marshall
9Larissa LopezNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Emily HowardNTSchertz Clemens
10Lauren RamonNTSan Antonio Memorial
11Deja AddieNTNorthside Brennan
9Taylor SmartNTNorthside Brennan
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Santos2:24.28aCibolo Steele
2.11Megan Briley2:27.31aBoerne Champion
3.12Anyssa Escalante2:27.82aNorthside Brennan
4.10Elisabeth Gonzalez2:41.24aNorthside Marshall
5.11Lindsey Dubbels2:43.94aNorthside Holmes
6.12Samantha Marquez2:49.45aCibolo Steele
7.11Breanna Lara3:10.09aNorthside Holmes
9Jasmine RobertsNTNorthside Holmes
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Sydney Melnar2:39.53aBoerne Champion
2.9Alexis Williams2:39.59aNorthside Brennan
3.11Ileah Zavala2:41.70aNorthside Brennan
4.10Lori Dennis2:46.08aCibolo Steele
5.11Amber Dunmire2:47.15aSchertz Clemens
6.10Elizabeth Gutierrez2:50.09aSchertz Clemens
7.9Leah Parada2:51.00aSchertz Clemens
9Felisa TorresNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Victoria KlebahnNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Shantel BelloNTCibolo Steele
10Alexandria WindrupNTNorthside Marshall
9Amanda VasquezNTNorthside Holmes
9Abigail KleckNTNorthside Holmes
10Ariel PelegreenNTNorthside Marshall
10Virginia RuizNTNorthside Marshall
9Valerie OrtizNTNorthside Holmes
10Kristine WilsonNTCibolo Steele
10Kate WashburnNTBoerne Champion
10Ana PardoNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Hoshannah TaylorNTNorthside Brennan
11Dezarae TovarNTSan Antonio Memorial
12Linda MorenoNTSan Antonio Memorial
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Barlow5:13.51aNorthside Holmes
2.12Mary Keenan5:26.06aBoerne Champion
3.12Anyssa Escalante5:42.71aNorthside Brennan
4.11Damallie Ortiz5:43.08aNorthside Holmes
5.11Vanessa Lerma5:49.03aNorthside Brennan
6.12Lauren Talley5:54.46aBoerne Champion
7.10Elisabeth Gonzalez6:02.00aNorthside Marshall
12Samantha GonzalezNTNorthside Holmes
12Samantha MarquezNTCibolo Steele
11Megan BrileyNTBoerne Champion
10Kirsten BonifacioNTNorthside Brennan
10Breanna VasquezNTSchertz Clemens
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Claudia Ramos6:04.79aNorthside Holmes
2.9Sydney Melnar6:05.13aBoerne Champion
3.9Melanie Furr6:11.67aBoerne Champion
4.11Dina Romero6:12.96aNorthside Holmes
5.10Hannah Barragy6:15.67aCibolo Steele
6.10Elizabeth Gutierrez6:16.93aSchertz Clemens
9Diamond FunariNTNorthside Marshall
10Ariel PelegreenNTNorthside Marshall
12Ashley KeenanNTNorthside Brennan
11Amber DunmireNTSchertz Clemens
9Hannah BernhardNTCibolo Steele
10Kristine WilsonNTCibolo Steele
9Sabrina TalleyNTBoerne Champion
9Victoria KlebahnNTSan Antonio Kennedy
9Leah ParadaNTSchertz Clemens
10Alexandria WindrupNTNorthside Marshall
9Juanita RodriguezNTSan Antonio Memorial
9Dalia VelizNTSan Antonio Memorial
12Elaine MartinezNTSan Antonio Memorial
9Victoria BergNTNorthside Brennan
9Caitlin GrecoNTNorthside Brennan
11Alexis PerezNTNorthside Holmes
12Jamie VaraNTNorthside Holmes
11Vienna GarciaNTNorthside Holmes
12Amber ReyesNTNorthside Holmes
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mary Keenan11:41.38Boerne Champion
2.12Lauren Talley12:20.28Boerne Champion
3.11Vanessa Lerma12:20.30Northside Brennan
4.10Kirsten Bonifacio13:02.85Northside Brennan
5.10Breanna Vasquez13:07.10Schertz Clemens
12Perla MaldonadoNTNorthside Brennan
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Veronica Baty13:15.68Northside Brennan
2.9Melanie Furr13:17.59Boerne Champion
3.9Sabrina Talley13:36.57Boerne Champion
4.10Hannah Barragy13:37.20Cibolo Steele
5.9Hannah Bernhard13:40.23Cibolo Steele
6.10Haley De la vega13:52.07Schertz Clemens
7.11Brittani Oliva14:05.25Northside Holmes
10Cierra KelleyNTSchertz Clemens
10Kate WashburnNTBoerne Champion
10Jaslyn Chavez-lepeNTNorthside Brennan
9Caitlin GrecoNTNorthside Brennan
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Keany16.58aSchertz Clemens
2.12Neka Dias18.14aNorthside Holmes
3.11Desirae Friesenhahn18.68aSchertz Clemens
4.10Mahogani Frazier19.43aCibolo Steele
5.12Ariel Vassell20.51aCibolo Steele
6.12Ilana Dancel20.63aNorthside Marshall
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kaitlyn Andrews18.52aNorthside Marshall
2.9Aryn Lind19.10aCibolo Steele
3.9Katrina Herrington20.10aSchertz Clemens
4.9Rachel Mapa20.14aNorthside Marshall
5.10Dru Valentine20.16aCibolo Steele
6.9Hayli-jordyn Mcclain20.57aNorthside Brennan
7.9Mia Pierson20.68aNorthside Marshall
9Cristal EllisNTCibolo Steele
9Julie LopezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
11Desiree YbarboNTNorthside Holmes
11Samantha HolmanNTNorthside Brennan
10Kayla AguilarNTNorthside Brennan
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Neka Dias49.29aNorthside Holmes
2.11Ricki Evans49.84aCibolo Steele
3.12Jesenda Villarreal50.38aCibolo Steele
4.12Ilana Dancel58.66aNorthside Marshall
5.9Makayla Sloan1:00.34aNorthside Holmes
11Desirae FriesenhahnNTSchertz Clemens
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Aryn Lind53.55aCibolo Steele
2.10Maddie Starks53.82aBoerne Champion
3.9Kaitlyn Andrews54.87aNorthside Marshall
4.9Hayli-jordyn Mcclain57.79aNorthside Brennan
5.9Katrina Herrington58.71aSchertz Clemens
6.11Samantha Holman1:00.42aNorthside Brennan
7.11Desiree Ybarbo1:01.13aNorthside Holmes
8.10Kayla Aguilar1:03.46aNorthside Brennan
9.9Rachel Mapa1:04.11aNorthside Marshall
10.10Amber Simpson1:04.22aCibolo Steele
11.9Cristal Ellis1:04.24aCibolo Steele
12.10Hope Samuelson1:04.85aSchertz Clemens
13.9Mia Pierson1:04.92aNorthside Marshall
14.10Savannah Gonzales1:06.38aSchertz Clemens
9Julie LopezNTSan Antonio Kennedy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Courtney Johnson
Kerrigan Bishop
Aliyah Warren
Rachel Keany
52.00aSchertz Clemens
2.-Norrelle Mitchell
Deana Richardson
Brandi Williams-beck
Kenya Payne
52.48aNorthside Brennan
3.-Cinthia Cuevas
Ireneta Warlo
Laraysia Hall
Neka Dias
54.22aNorthside Holmes
4.-Anna Rubio
Dominique Brown
Alexis Jenkins
Carli Martinez
54.34aNorthside Marshall
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Mckenna Ayers
Elizabeth Flora
Alia Griffin
Dasia' Robinson
53.40aNorthside Brennan
2.-Sarah Salinas
Kayla Vaca
Aislynn Heaston
Mariah Jackson
54.67aSchertz Clemens
3.-Jasmine Segrest
Mama Ngaima
Valerie Villarreal
Kendell Barber
56.12aNorthside Holmes
4.-Marisol Lopez
Alyssa Anaya
Eshana Watson
Erica Schultz
56.63aNorthside Marshall
5.-Catherine Rogers
Maddie Starks
Lauryn Gonzalez
Kirsten Hallmark
57.79aBoerne Champion
6.-Maria Mora
Sarah Trevino
Desiree Garcia
Lauren Ramon
1:00.44aSan Antonio Memorial
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Norrelle Mitchell
Kiana Kelley
Brandi Williams-beck
Deana Richardson
1:50.21aNorthside Brennan
2.-Courtney Johnson
Aliyah Warren
Kerrigan Bishop
Rachel Keany
1:53.43aSchertz Clemens
3.-Anna Rubio
Shada Nathan
Carli Martinez
Alexis Jenkins
1:54.25aNorthside Marshall
-Relay Team NTSan Antonio Kennedy
-Makayla Sloan
Laraysia Hall
Cinthia Cuevas
Ireneta Warlo
NTNorthside Holmes
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Mckenna Ayers
Elizabeth Flora
Dasia' Robinson
Alia Griffin
1:54.39aNorthside Brennan
2.-Jasmine Segrest
Marlena Morris
Valerie Villarreal
Kendell Barber
1:57.26aNorthside Holmes
3.-Sarah Salinas
Aislynn Heaston
Kayla Vaca
Mariah Jackson
1:59.41aSchertz Clemens
4.-Marisol Lopez
Alyssa Anaya
Eshana Watson
Erica Schultz
2:02.18aNorthside Marshall
5.-Catherine Rogers
Alexis Alamillo
Kirsten Hallmark
Errin Phou
2:06.29aBoerne Champion
6.-Relay Team 2:07.88aSan Antonio Kennedy
7.-Maria Mora
Sarah Trevino
Desiree Garcia
Lauren Ramon
2:08.90aSan Antonio Memorial
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Santos
Jesenda Villarreal
Typhanee Booker
Ricki Evans
4:24.22aCibolo Steele
2.-Anyssa Escalante
Deana Richardson
Kenya Payne
Kiana Kelley
4:24.29aNorthside Brennan
3.-Kirsten Curtis
Tatyana Sabsook
Aliyah Warren
Sofia Cantu
4:27.25aSchertz Clemens
-Ireneta Warlo
Natalie Lumbreras
Stephanie Barlow
Lindsey Dubbels
NTNorthside Holmes
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Deja Addie
Alia Griffin
Dasia' Robinson
Alexis Williams
4:30.31aNorthside Brennan
2.-Relay Team 4:45.84aCibolo Steele
3.-Jasmine Segrest
Valerie Ortiz
Jasmine Roberts
Latasia Brewster
4:48.23aNorthside Holmes
4.-Kayla Vaca
Savannah Gonzales
Aislynn Heaston
Katrina Herrington
4:51.55aSchertz Clemens
5.-Kaitlyn Andrews
Ariel Pelegreen
Virginia Ruiz
Eshana Watson
4:52.18aNorthside Marshall
-Relay Team NTCibolo Steele
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Ritenour31-00.00Northside Marshall
2.12Barbara Lynch30-07.00Cibolo Steele
3.10Dominique Jenkins30-06.00Northside Brennan
4.11Natalie Lumbreras29-10.00Northside Holmes
5.11Amy Cluck27-05.50Northside Marshall
12Nicole HazelwoodNDNorthside Marshall
10Victoria SalinasNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Tauryn DarganNDNorthside Brennan
9Zania StevensNDNorthside Brennan
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Summer Spalding25-05.00Schertz Clemens
2.11Chloe Daniels24-09.00Northside Brennan
3.9Christianna Woodard24-08.50Northside Holmes
4.10Yulissa Pena24-05.00San Antonio Kennedy
5.9Jasmine Dears24-01.00Northside Brennan
6.11Crystal Rodriguez23-04.50Northside Holmes
9Ashley RodriguezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
9Bryanna MunguiaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Karen WellsNDBoerne Champion
10Mykl HatchNDNorthside Marshall
11Demi PuenteNDNorthside Marshall
11Mallory DunnNDNorthside Brennan
9Savannah LyonsNDCibolo Steele
9Clarissa LopezNDSan Antonio Memorial
10Claudia OrtegonNDSan Antonio Memorial
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Belko88-06Northside Marshall
2.11Natalie Lumbreras81-03Northside Holmes
3.9Zania Stevens77-08Northside Brennan
4.12Barbara Lynch77-04Cibolo Steele
5.12Nicole Hazelwood74-10Northside Marshall
6.10Gabriella Pedrin74-08Northside Brennan
10Victoria SalinasNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Tauryn DarganNDNorthside Brennan
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Tamara Thomas100-00Northside Brennan
2.11Summer Spalding82-00Schertz Clemens
3.10Kiana Johnson72-00San Antonio Memorial
4.9Jasmine Dears65-00Northside Brennan
10Presley CarrilloNDNorthside Brennan
9Christianna WoodardNDNorthside Holmes
9Savannah LyonsNDCibolo Steele
10Yulissa PenaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Shauna GaskeyNDCibolo Steele
11Crystal RodriguezNDNorthside Holmes
10Karen WellsNDBoerne Champion
9Bryanna MunguiaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
9Ashley RodriguezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Claudia OrtegonNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Alexis SalinasNDNorthside Marshall
11Demi PuenteNDNorthside Marshall
10Karly GuerreroNDNorthside Marshall
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Courtney Johnson5-02.00Schertz Clemens
2.10Mahogani Frazier4-08.00Cibolo Steele
2.11Chloe Beck4-08.00Boerne Champion
10Sarah TaylorNHNorthside Brennan
11Laraysia HallNHNorthside Holmes
11Natalie LumbrerasNHNorthside Holmes
12Ilana DancelNHNorthside Marshall
10Sara PittmanNHSchertz Clemens
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Hoshannah Taylor4-07.00Northside Brennan
9Latasia BrewsterNHNorthside Holmes
9Victoria KlebahnNHSan Antonio Kennedy
9Abigail GomezNHSan Antonio Kennedy
9Cristal EllisNHCibolo Steele
9Kendell BarberNHNorthside Holmes
9Jasmine RobertsNHNorthside Holmes
10Erica SchultzNHNorthside Marshall
9Maranda SmithNHNorthside Marshall
9Mariah SmithNHNorthside Marshall
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Weimer9-03.00Schertz Clemens
2.11Addelynne Craighead9-00.00Cibolo Steele
3.11Samantha Tobleman8-06.00Boerne Champion
4.11Karen Coleman8-00.00Cibolo Steele
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
11Caroline RussellNHBoerne Champion
11Viktoria NatalRomanNHCibolo Steele
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Neka Dias16-05.00Northside Holmes
2.10Kenya Payne16-00.00Northside Brennan
3.11Laraysia Hall14-06.00Northside Holmes
4.9Norrelle Mitchell14-03.00Northside Brennan
9Taylor SmartNDNorthside Brennan
10Cinthia CuevasNDNorthside Holmes
10Shada NathanNDNorthside Marshall
10Alexis JenkinsNDNorthside Marshall
12Jorey ClineNDCibolo Steele
12Selena PetersonNDSan Antonio Kennedy
11Alexander ArizolaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Jacklyn GamboaNDSan Antonio Kennedy
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Natasha McLean15-01.00Northside Brennan
2.9Mckenna Ayers14-07.00Northside Brennan
3.9Shanise Rover14-02.00Northside Brennan
4.9Savaun Paige14-00.50Cibolo Steele
10Dru ValentineNDCibolo Steele
9Kendell BarberNDNorthside Holmes
9Valerie VillarrealNDNorthside Holmes
9Tiara TillmanNDCibolo Steele
11Eshana WatsonNDNorthside Marshall
9Larissa LopezNDSan Antonio Memorial
9Abigail GomezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
9Felisa TorresNDSan Antonio Kennedy
9Destiny GomezNDSan Antonio Kennedy
10Jasmine SegrestNDNorthside Holmes
11Brittany VerrettNDSchertz Clemens
10Savannah GonzalesNDSchertz Clemens
11Sarah SalinasNDSchertz Clemens
12Maria MoraNDSan Antonio Memorial
10Ana PardoNDSan Antonio Kennedy
9Juanita RodriguezNDSan Antonio Memorial
9Clarissa SalaizNDSan Antonio Kennedy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Courtney Johnson34-08.00Schertz Clemens
2.11Desirae Friesenhahn32-08.00Schertz Clemens
3.12Jorey Cline31-06.00Cibolo Steele
4.12Ariel Vassell31-00.50Cibolo Steele
10Alexis JenkinsNDNorthside Marshall
10Kayla WashingtonNDNorthside Brennan
10Kenya PayneNDNorthside Brennan
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Autum Slaton30-09.00Cibolo Steele
2.12Aaliyah Pryor30-00.00Northside Brennan
3.10Dru Valentine28-10.00Cibolo Steele
4.11Kayla Vaca28-08.00Schertz Clemens
10Juliana GambleNDSan Antonio Memorial
11Eshana WatsonNDNorthside Marshall
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