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Senior - Catholic Elementary Track

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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Adam Drees12.93aCETL Blue      
2.7Alex Fortier13.56aCETL Green      
3.7Nick Bollman13.84aCETL Green      
4.7Nathaniel Mitchchell13.93aCETL Green      
5.7Stephen Woodruff14.01aCETL Blue      
6.8Grant Gayan14.26aCETL Blue      
7.8Landen Nash14.29aCETL Green      
8.7Joe Borgia14.33aCETL Green      
9.7Tony Nikodemski14.65aCETL Green      
10.7Brendan Slocom14.68aCETL Green      
11.7Sean Kosnik14.79aCETL Green      
12.8Liam Perdue14.82aCETL Blue      
13.7Max Serra15.12aCETL Blue      
14.7Payton Wooten15.20aCETL Green      
15.7Hendrick Jannega15.25aCETL Blue      
16.7Aidan Champion15.26aCETL Blue      
17.8Matthew Sullivan15.63aCETL Blue      
18.7Billy Cloon15.73aCETL Green      
19.7Cam Patin16.04aCETL Blue      
20.7Reid Misner16.09aCETL Green      
21.7Malik Haywood16.11aCETL Blue      
22.7David Schumuker16.20aCETL Green      
23.7Austin Heitzman16.32aCETL Green      
24.7Trent Woodman17.08aCETL Blue      
X 200 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Adam Drees26.83aCETL Blue      
2.7Alex Fortier27.34aCETL Green      
3.7Nathaniel Mitchchell28.43aCETL Green      
4.8Matthew Batchelder28.46aCETL Blue      
5.7Joe Borgia30.14aCETL Green      
6.7Jarod Sironen30.25aCETL Green      
7.7Max Serra30.74aCETL Blue      
8.7Nate Galen30.80aCETL Green      
9.7Corey Stein30.91aCETL Green      
10.7Tony Nikodemski31.10aCETL Green      
11.7Brendan Slocom31.17aCETL Green      
12.7Hendrick Jannega31.43aCETL Blue      
13.8David Luczyk31.63aCETL Blue      
14.7Nick Iacavoni31.85aCETL Green      
15.7Aidan Champion31.90aCETL Blue      
16.8Tom Buursma32.25aCETL Blue      
17.7Lucas Bowe32.86aCETL Green      
18.7Alex King32.99aCETL Green      
19.7David Schumuker33.39aCETL Green      
20.7Eric Lastfogel33.45aCETL Blue      
21.7Matthew Stanford34.49aCETL Blue      
22.7Reid Misner34.73aCETL Green      
23.8Andrew Bridge34.81aCETL Blue      
X 400 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.7Josh Brodi59.08aCETL Green      
2.7Nick Bollman1:03.81aCETL Green      
3.8Noah Greenway1:04.42aCETL Blue      
4.8Quin Cowen1:07.42aCETL Blue      
5.7Ben Green1:11.71aCETL Green      
6.7Isaac Allen1:12.85aCETL Green      
7.7Alex King1:12.97aCETL Green      
8.7Sean Smith1:13.28aCETL Blue      
9.8Kyle Finn1:16.90aCETL Blue      
X 800 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Dylan Sykes2:24.37aCETL Blue      
2.8Quin Cowen2:36.70aCETL Blue      
3.7Jason Bhaskaran2:42.95aCETL Green      
4.8Eli Katt2:46.39aCETL Blue      
5.7Ben Green2:50.71aCETL Green      
6.7Gabe Bennett2:52.04aCETL Green      
7.7Slava Trumbul2:52.79aCETL Green      
8.7Sean Smith2:59.53aCETL Blue      
X 1600 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Dylan Sykes5:07.93aCETL Blue      
2.8Zane Timmer5:34.02aCETL Green      
3.7Jacob Schantz5:34.37aCETL Green      
4.8Zander Jacobson5:39.54aCETL Green      
5.8Noah Greenway5:40.31aCETL Blue      
6.7David Jamet6:06.52aCETL Blue      
7.7Connor O'Brien6:08.62aCETL Green      
8.7Jason Bhaskaran6:15.32aCETL Green      
9.7Gabe Bennett6:27.30aCETL Green      
10.7Slava Trumbul6:27.62aCETL Green      
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Senior - Finals
1.8Matthew Batchelder10.14aCETL Blue      
2.7Isaac Allen10.65aCETL Green      
3.7Nick Iacavoni10.66aCETL Green      
4.8Zander Jacobson10.78aCETL Green      
5.8Grant Gayan11.53aCETL Blue      
6.8Zane Timmer11.65aCETL Green      
7.7David Schumuker11.73aCETL Green      
8.8David Luczyk11.75aCETL Blue      
9.7Brendan Slocom12.15aCETL Green      
X 4x100 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Nick Bollman
Joe Borgia
Nathaniel Mitchchell
Landen Nash
54.05aCETL Green      
2.-Adam Drees
Liam Perdue
Grant Gayan
Stephen Woodruff
55.36aCETL Blue      
3.-Relay Team 59.85aCETL Green      
4.-Cam Patin
Malik Haywood
Oscar Hernandez
Matt Watkins
1:02.32aCETL Blue      
5.-Trent Woodman
Matthew Sullivan
Eric Lastfogel
Jackson Lenkiwicz
1:04.52aCETL Blue      
X 4x200 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Josh Brodi
Zander Jacobson
Jacob Schantz
Isaac Allen
2:03.25aCETL Green      
2.-David Luczyk
Max Serra
Matthew Batchelder
Aidan Champion
2:04.99aCETL Blue      
3.-Hendrick Jannega
Cam Patin
Matt Watkins
Tom Buursma
2:08.00aCETL Blue      
4.-Payton Wooten
Corey Stein
Sean Kosnik
Noah Wilsea
2:11.10aCETL Green      
5.-Matthew Stanford
Matthew Sullivan
Andrew Bridge
Jack Fix
2:26.76aCETL Blue      
X 4x400 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Noah Greenway
Eli Katt
Stephen Woodruff
Dylan Sykes
4:35.84aCETL Blue      
2.-Kyle Finn
Quin Cowen
Liam Perdue
David Jamet
4:56.22aCETL Blue      
3.-Relay Team 5:02.91aCETL Green      
4.-Jacob Schantz
Ben Green
Reid Misner
Alex King
5:09.00aCETL Green      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Senior - Finals
1.8Landen Nash36-00.00CETL Green      
2.8Tom Buursma34-08.00CETL Blue      
3.7Joe Borgia34-07.00CETL Green      
4.7Mateo Nelso32-10.00CETL Green      
5.7Nathaniel Mitchchell30-04.00CETL Green      
6.7Jack Fix30-02.00CETL Blue      
7.8Adam Drees29-11.00CETL Blue      
8.7Jacob Schantz29-10.00CETL Green      
9.7Nick Iacavoni29-08.00CETL Green      
10.7Jarod Sironen26-04.00CETL Green      
11.7Noah Wilsea25-03.00CETL Green      
12.7Lucas Bowe24-10.00CETL Green      
13.7Nick Klein24-04.00CETL Green      
14.7Aidan Champion24-03.00CETL Blue      
15.7Nick Novitsky23-02.00CETL Green      
15.7Jason Bhaskaran23-02.00CETL Green      
17.7Matt Parzych21-01.00CETL Green      
18.7Slava Trumbul20-11.00CETL Green      
X High Jump - Senior - Finals
1.7Josh Brodi5-00.00CETL Green      
2.7Nick Bollman4-08.00CETL Green      
3.7Max Serra4-03.00CETL Blue      
4.7Trent Woodman4-03.00CETL Blue      
4.7Alex King4-03.00CETL Green      
6.8Eli Katt4-03.00CETL Blue      
7.7David Jamet4-00.00CETL Blue      
7.8Quin Cowen4-00.00CETL Blue      
7.7Cam Patin4-00.00CETL Blue      
7.8Zane Timmer4-00.00CETL Green      
11.7Sean Smith3-09.00CETL Blue      
11.7Hendrick Jannega3-09.00CETL Blue      
X Pole Vault - Senior - Finals
1.8Grant Gayan8-00.00CETL Blue      
1.8Matthew Batchelder8-00.00CETL Blue      
3.7Sean Kosnik7-06.00CETL Green      
4.7Lucas Bowe7-06.00CETL Green      
5.7Nate Galen7-00.00CETL Green      
6.7Reid Misner7-00.00CETL Green      
7.7Thom Hourani6-00.00CETL Green      
7.7Noah Wilsea6-00.00CETL Green      
9.7Austin Heitzman5-00.00CETL Green      
9.7Tylerl Hofmann5-00.00CETL Green      
9.7Eric Lastfogel5-00.00CETL Blue      
--7Stephen WoodruffNHCETL Blue      
X Long Jump - Senior - Finals
1.8Noah Greenway14-05.50CETL Blue      
2.7Isaac Allen14-01.50CETL Green      
3.7Nate Galen13-09.00CETL Green      
4.7Alex Fortier13-05.00CETL Green      
5.8Dylan Sykes13-04.50CETL Blue      
6.7Thom Hourani13-03.50CETL Green      
7.8Zander Jacobson12-11.00CETL Green      
8.7Nick Iacavoni12-02.00CETL Green      
9.7Matt Watkins12-00.00CETL Blue      
10.7Tony Nikodemski11-10.00CETL Green      
11.7Brendan Slocom11-07.50CETL Green      
12.7Jarod Sironen11-06.50CETL Green      
13.7Jack Fix11-04.00CETL Blue      
14.8David Luczyk11-02.00CETL Blue      
15.7David Schumuker10-10.00CETL Green      
15.7Ben Green10-10.00CETL Green      
17.8Andrew Bridge10-04.50CETL Blue      
17.7Austin Heitzman10-04.50CETL Green      
19.7Sean Smith10-03.50CETL Blue      
20.7Jackson Lenkiwicz10-00.50CETL Blue      
21.7Trent Woodman9-03.50CETL Blue      
22.7Billy Cloon8-11.00CETL Green      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.7Emma Clifford14.34aCETL Green      
2.7Mary Claire Mikolay14.40aCETL Blue      
3.7Megan Voigt14.41aCETL Green      
4.8MaryRose Cripps14.92aCETL Blue      
5.8Lindsey Smith15.04aCETL Green      
6.7Molly Kalinowski15.09aCETL Blue      
7.8Aliana Gork15.15aCETL Blue      
8.8Erin Feist15.55aCETL Green      
9.7Livia Walberer15.61aCETL Green      
10.8Natalie McDonald15.69aCETL Green      
11.8Katelyn Giambernardi16.03aCETL Blue      
12.7Odelia Mitchell16.03aCETL Green      
13.7Jessica McWatters16.32aCETL Green      
14.8Julia Walsh16.34aCETL Blue      
15.-Michaela Quam16.39aCETL Green      
16.7Abby Dood16.79aCETL Blue      
17.7Jenna Doyle16.84aCETL Green      
18.-Lauren Hathaway16.96aCETL Green      
19.8Baleigh Boni17.30aCETL Blue      
20.8Nikki Bolter17.90aCETL Green      
21.8Josie Krick18.94aCETL Blue      
22.7Hallie Sage19.97aCETL Blue      
X 200 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Landon Kemp27.18aCETL Blue      
2.8Lindsey Smith29.68aCETL Green      
3.8Tes Ens29.77aCETL Blue      
4.7Emma Clifford30.20aCETL Green      
5.8Aliana Gork32.02aCETL Blue      
6.8Katelyn Giambernardi32.70aCETL Blue      
7.7Livia Walberer32.84aCETL Green      
8.-Clare Faber33.20aCETL Green      
9.7Odelia Mitchell33.50aCETL Green      
10.8Olivia Gimborys34.08aCETL Green      
11.8Elana Trumbull34.62aCETL Green      
12.7Jessica McWatters35.47aCETL Green      
13.7Lydia Bender35.50aCETL Blue      
14.8Baleigh Boni38.25aCETL Blue      
15.8Nikki Bolter38.30aCETL Green      
16.8Josie Krick41.16aCETL Blue      
17.7Hallie Sage42.94aCETL Blue      
X 400 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Tes Ens1:08.40aCETL Blue      
2.7Mary Claire Mikolay1:09.57aCETL Blue      
3.7Anna Ockaskis1:10.35aCETL Blue      
4.8Malela Hartman1:19.18aCETL Blue      
5.7Annie Brooks1:22.60aCETL Blue      
6.7Lauren Snarki1:25.51aCETL Blue      
X 800 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.7Katey O'Brien2:51.01aCETL Blue      
2.8Kateri Mills2:51.77aCETL Blue      
3.-Abigail Duba2:55.34aCETL Green      
4.8Libby O'Brien3:00.89aCETL Blue      
X 1600 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.8Kateri Mills6:14.41aCETL Blue      
2.-Michaela Quam6:19.87aCETL Green      
3.-Abigail Duba6:29.45aCETL Green      
X 55m Hurdles - 30" - Senior - Finals
1.8Landon Kemp9.02aCETL Blue      
2.8Natalie McDonald11.51aCETL Green      
3.-Clare Faber11.85aCETL Green      
4.8Elana Trumbull11.93aCETL Green      
5.7Odelia Mitchell11.94aCETL Green      
6.8Ellie Nguyen12.16aCETL Green      
7.7Aubrey Paganelli12.24aCETL Blue      
8.8Olivia Gimborys12.39aCETL Green      
X 4x100 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Mary Claire Mikolay
MaryRose Cripps
Anna Ockaskis
Tes Ens
1:23.27aCETL Blue      
2.-Lindsey Smith
Ellie Nguyen
Erin Feist
Megan Voigt
1:23.81aCETL Green      
3.-Emma Clifford
Abigail Duba
Rachel Heibel
Livia Walberer
1:25.42aCETL Green      
4.-Malela Hartman
Aubrey Paganelli
Baleigh Boni
Molly Kalinowski
1:29.45aCETL Blue      
5.-Abby Dood
Lauren Snarki
Lydia Bender
Julia Walsh
1:30.57aCETL Blue      
X 4x200 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Ellie Nguyen
Olivia Gimborys
Jessica McWatters
Erin Feist
2:14.85aCETL Green      
2.-Abby Dood
Molly Kalinowski
Lydia Bender
Lizzy Rott
2:15.69aCETL Blue      
3.-Aliana Gork
Katelyn Giambernardi
Aubrey Paganelli
MaryRose Cripps
2:17.18aCETL Blue      
4.-Natalie McDonald
Nikki Bolter
Elana Trumbull
Odelia Mitchell
2:24.18aCETL Green      
X 4x400 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Kateri Mills
Libby O'Brien
Katey O'Brien
Anna Ockaskis
5:13.16aCETL Blue      
2.-Lauren Hathaway
Clare Faber
Jenna Doyle
Alexis Lemire
5:25.43aCETL Green      
3.-Annie Brooks
Lauren Snarki
Malela Hartman
Lizzy Rott
5:26.38aCETL Blue      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Senior - Finals
1.8Libby O'Brien33-03.00CETL Blue      
2.7Emma Clifford27-07.00CETL Green      
3.-Lauren Hathaway26-04.00CETL Green      
4.8MaryRose Cripps26-03.00CETL Blue      
5.7Odelia Mitchell24-11.00CETL Green      
6.8Josie Krick22-06.00CETL Blue      
7.7Jenna Doyle20-08.00CETL Green      
8.7Hallie Sage12-10.00CETL Blue      
X High Jump - Senior - Finals
1.8Libby O'Brien4-00.00CETL Blue      
2.8Baleigh Boni4-00.00CETL Blue      
3.7Katey O'Brien3-09.00CETL Blue      
3.8Natalie McDonald3-09.00CETL Green      
3.8Olivia Gimborys3-09.00CETL Green      
6.7Mary Claire Mikolay3-09.00CETL Blue      
7.7Megan Voigt3-09.00CETL Green      
8.7Abby Dood3-09.00CETL Blue      
9.7Aubrey Paganelli3-06.00CETL Blue      
9.8Malela Hartman3-06.00CETL Blue      
9.7Jessica McWatters3-06.00CETL Green      
--8Nikki BolterNHCETL Green      
X Pole Vault - Senior - Finals
1.-Rachel Heibel8-06.00CETL Green      
2.7Livia Walberer7-06.00CETL Green      
3.-Abigail Duba6-06.00CETL Green      
4.8Erin Feist6-06.00CETL Green      
5.8Julia Walsh5-06.00CETL Blue      
--8Lizzy RottNHCETL Blue      
--7Lydia BenderNHCETL Blue      
X Long Jump - Senior - Finals
1.8Landon Kemp17-07.00CETL Blue      
2.8Kateri Mills13-04.00CETL Blue      
3.8Lindsey Smith12-06.00CETL Green      
4.-Clare Faber11-07.00CETL Green      
5.7Molly Kalinowski11-03.00CETL Blue      
6.8Katelyn Giambernardi10-08.00CETL Blue      
7.8Ellie Nguyen10-06.50CETL Green      
8.8Elana Trumbull10-04.50CETL Green      
9.-Michaela Quam10-03.50CETL Green      
10.7Anna Ockaskis10-01.50CETL Blue      
11.7Annie Brooks9-02.00CETL Blue      
12.7Lauren Snarki9-01.50CETL Blue      
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