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TH North/TH South/North Vermillion

Monday, April 29, 2013

Terre Haute North, Terre Haute

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Indiana - Evansville Central
Terre Haute North
Terre Haute South
Indiana - Lafayette Jefferson
North Vermillion
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Moothery11.53aTerre Haute North
2.11Ricky Brookins11.76aTerre Haute North
3.10Dominick Farr11.86aTerre Haute North
4.9AJ Smith11.87aTerre Haute North
5.11Logan Deady11.87aTerre Haute South
6.11Ian Newton11.97aTerre Haute South
7.11Brayden Woodard11.99aNorth Vermillion
8.10Montae Shepard12.04aTerre Haute South
9.12Derrik Large12.29aTerre Haute North
10.10Justin Quinn12.36aTerre Haute North
11.-Rehema Brown12.47aTerre Haute South
11.-Rehema Brown12.47aTerre Haute South
12.10Aaron Amerman12.49aTerre Haute North
12.9Jacob Earl12.49aNorth Vermillion
14.10Floyd Johnson12.61aTerre Haute North
15.12Chris Knight12.83aTerre Haute North
16.11Johnathan Rogers12.84aTerre Haute South
17.9Alberto Piloni12.87aTerre Haute South
18.10Jonathan Brinsfield12.88aTerre Haute South
19.12Jon Sagarsee12.89aTerre Haute North
20.10Austin Barushak13.00aTerre Haute North
21.9Justin Cornelous13.27aTerre Haute South
22.9Kelland Sloan13.52aTerre Haute North
23.11Carson Brown13.56aTerre Haute South
24.9Andrew Paauwe14.15aTerre Haute North
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Moothery24.04aTerre Haute North
2.9AJ Smith24.36aTerre Haute North
3.11Ricky Brookins24.45aTerre Haute North
4.11Ian Newton24.50aTerre Haute South
5.11Kai Stratten24.62aTerre Haute North
6.11Brayden Woodard24.98aNorth Vermillion
7.10Dominick Farr25.16aTerre Haute North
8.12Derrik Large25.57aTerre Haute North
9.10Floyd Johnson25.63aTerre Haute North
10.9Jacob Earl25.81aNorth Vermillion
11.10Jonathan Brinsfield26.14aTerre Haute South
12.10Justin Quinn26.37aTerre Haute North
13.9Justin Cornelous26.63aTerre Haute South
14.12Jon Sagarsee26.67aTerre Haute North
15.10Austin Barushak27.37aTerre Haute North
16.9Alberto Piloni27.48aTerre Haute South
17.11Carson Brown27.70aTerre Haute South
18.9Kelland Sloan27.86aTerre Haute North
19.9Andrew Paauwe29.47aTerre Haute North
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Clapp54.27aTerre Haute North
2.10Nana Dadzia55.04aTerre Haute North
3.9AJ Smith56.08aTerre Haute North
4.10Floyd Johnson56.13aTerre Haute North
5.11Johnathan Rogers57.34aTerre Haute South
6.9Adam Wesley57.68aNorth Vermillion
7.11Dominic Fields58.09aTerre Haute South
8.10DaShon Heyen58.33aTerre Haute South
9.9Shane O'Neill58.49aTerre Haute South
10.10Tyler Turchi59.96aNorth Vermillion
11.10Ethan Moore1:12.91aNorth Vermillion
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Hambrock2:04.20aTerre Haute South
2.11Nate Moshes2:06.32aTerre Haute North
3.11Jack Harbaugh2:08.54aTerre Haute South
4.11Matthew Barley2:12.88aTerre Haute South
5.10Brice Snowden2:17.12aTerre Haute South
6.10Levi Elrod2:18.18aTerre Haute South
7.10Landon Turner2:18.73aTerre Haute South
8.10Andrew Major2:29.50aTerre Haute South
9.11Kyle Jackson2:30.26aTerre Haute South
10.12Alec Penry2:40.06aTerre Haute South
11.10Dreyson Smith2:42.20aNorth Vermillion
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Hambrock4:37.13aTerre Haute South
2.10Peter Davis4:38.41aTerre Haute North
3.11Jack Harbaugh4:44.18aTerre Haute South
4.12James Welch4:52.95aTerre Haute North
5.10Levi Elrod4:55.53aTerre Haute South
6.12Justin Clapp4:58.35aTerre Haute North
7.10Brice Snowden5:03.91aTerre Haute South
8.10Andrew Major5:09.40aTerre Haute South
9.9Cody Wright5:15.82aNorth Vermillion
10.11Kyle Jackson5:27.08aTerre Haute South
11.9Harrison Whitaker5:38.91aTerre Haute North
12.12Alec Penry5:45.47aTerre Haute South
13.10Coleman Robertson6:16.31aTerre Haute North
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devon Fuson10:25.18aTerre Haute South
2.12Jakob Decker10:31.49aTerre Haute South
3.12Isaac Wonderlin10:36.70aTerre Haute South
4.12James Welch10:55.39aTerre Haute North
5.10Blake England11:00.52aTerre Haute South
6.11Chase Cresgy11:39.33aTerre Haute North
7.9Tristen Holmes12:25.47aNorth Vermillion
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cameron Stewart15.75aTerre Haute North
2.12Cole Seward16.04aTerre Haute North
3.12Jeremy Patterson16.09aTerre Haute South
4.12Alex Cole16.75aTerre Haute South
5.9Bradley Davis18.37aTerre Haute North
6.11Lauren Kinneer18.96aNorth Vermillion
7.10Braeden Hollowell19.63aNorth Vermillion
8.9Coby Branam20.77aTerre Haute North
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cameron Stewart40.89aTerre Haute North
2.12Jeremy Patterson41.32aTerre Haute South
3.12Cole Seward41.93aTerre Haute North
4.12Alex Cole45.13aTerre Haute South
5.10Braeden Hollowell47.99aNorth Vermillion
6.9Alex Certain48.24aNorth Vermillion
7.9Bradley Davis48.42aTerre Haute North
8.9Coby Branam48.74aTerre Haute North
9.12Jon Sagarsee49.00aTerre Haute North
10.11Lauren Kinneer52.20aNorth Vermillion
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.67aTerre Haute North
2.-Ian Newton
Derik Whalen
Montae Shepard
Logan Deady
44.97aTerre Haute South
3.-Kody Zumwalt
Wade Harrison
Brayden Woodard
Braeden Hollowell
46.52aNorth Vermillion
---Relay Team 46.79aTerre Haute North
---Relay Team 48.44aTerre Haute South
---Jonathan Brinsfield
Carson Brown
Alberto Piloni
Rehema Brown
48.44aTerre Haute South
---Relay Team 50.33aTerre Haute North
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeremy Patterson
Ian Newton
Logan Deady
Logan Hambrock
3:38.91aTerre Haute South
2.-Relay Team 3:53.06aTerre Haute North
---Shane O'Neill
Alex Cole
DaShon Heyen
Johnathan Rogers
3:54.69aTerre Haute South
---Relay Team 4:02.62aTerre Haute North
---Relay Team 4:08.29aTerre Haute North
3.-Relay Team 4:09.32aNorth Vermillion
---Matthew Barley
Devon Fuson
Levi Elrod
Jack Harbaugh
4:18.40aTerre Haute South
---Relay Team DQTerre Haute North
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Potts
Cole Seward
Nathon Moshes
Peter Davis
8:20.62aTerre Haute North
2.-Matthew Barley
Devon Fuson
Logan Hambrock
Levi Elrod
8:48.18aTerre Haute South
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lee Davis51-03.50Terre Haute North
2.12Bobby Bennett46-09.00Terre Haute South
3.12Brandon Russell-Cherry42-11.50Terre Haute South
4.10Montgomery Jordon41-10.50Terre Haute South
5.12Nic Keller41-05.50Terre Haute South
6.9Mikey Hettinger41-05.00Terre Haute North
7.11Ricky Scank41-02.00Terre Haute North
8.10Nick Wiram40-02.00Terre Haute South
9.12Landon Worrell40-00.00Terre Haute South
10.10Ashaun Miller37-07.00Terre Haute North
11.11Sloan Purnell36-01.00Terre Haute North
12.11Ethan Kunkle34-09.00North Vermillion
13.11Spencer Kunz34-08.00Terre Haute North
14.10Andrew Sheppard34-03.00North Vermillion
15.12Ridge Wise33-03.00North Vermillion
16.10Kalib Hill32-11.00North Vermillion
17.9Luke Keller32-03.00North Vermillion
18.10Tristan Wilson31-01.00Terre Haute South
19.10Zack Purdue30-10.50Terre Haute North
20.10Caleb Cox27-02.50Terre Haute North
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nic Keller154-02.50Terre Haute South
2.12Lee Davis150-07Terre Haute North
3.11Ricky Scank119-07.50Terre Haute North
4.12Landon Worrell113-09.25Terre Haute South
5.12Ridge Wise97-07North Vermillion
6.10Zeth Jumps95-10North Vermillion
7.10Ethan Barrett94-02Terre Haute North
8.10Nick Wiram89-08Terre Haute South
9.10Andrew Sheppard87-08North Vermillion
10.11Jacob Bennett85-05Terre Haute North
11.10Tristan Wilson84-09Terre Haute South
12.10Kalib Hill82-11.50North Vermillion
13.9Mikey Hettinger82-06Terre Haute North
14.10Ashaun Miller74-00Terre Haute North
15.10Zack Purdue59-04.50Terre Haute North
16.12Bryson Clarey42-11North Vermillion
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brayden Woodard5-08.00North Vermillion
2.10DaShon Heyen5-06.00Terre Haute South
3.9Jacob Earl5-06.00North Vermillion
4.11Matt Jenkins5-06.00Terre Haute North
5.11Nate Carson5-04.00Terre Haute North
6.9Vaughn Depugh5-02.00North Vermillion
7.9Coby Branam5-00.00Terre Haute North
8.11Dominic Fields5-00.00Terre Haute South
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Potter13-00.00Terre Haute North
2.12Derik Whalen12-00.00Terre Haute South
3.12Cam Diekhoff11-00.00Terre Haute North
4.10Tyler Nemeth11-00.00Terre Haute North
5.9Carson Thrift9-06.00Terre Haute South
6.10Tony Howard9-06.00Terre Haute South
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wade Harrison20-03.00North Vermillion
2.10Ethan Lee19-06.75North Vermillion
3.10Montae Shepard19-03.75Terre Haute South
4.11Nate Carson18-10.00Terre Haute North
5.11Dominic Fields16-06.50Terre Haute South
6.12Chris Knight16-05.50Terre Haute North

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9De'zhane Carter13.44aTerre Haute South
2.11Summer Scank13.46aTerre Haute North
3.11DaShana Johnson13.55aTerre Haute North
4.10Emani Tatum13.80aTerre Haute South
5.10Tamarrah Pitt13.81aTerre Haute South
6.10Daiju Rivera13.92aTerre Haute South
7.12Sarah Fears13.93aTerre Haute North
8.11Kelsey Thomas14.03aTerre Haute North
9.10Spencer Grim14.12aTerre Haute North
10.10Breelynn Barksdale14.35aTerre Haute South
11.10Baelee Stearley14.67aTerre Haute North
12.9Sierra Grube14.67aNorth Vermillion
13.9Lexus Dunbar14.71aTerre Haute North
14.12Aubrey Clark14.75aNorth Vermillion
15.9Kayla Decker14.75aTerre Haute North
16.10Michaela Schuld14.90aTerre Haute North
17.10McKayla Harrell14.95aTerre Haute North
18.10Jamaica Buckhoy15.07aTerre Haute North
19.12Lauren Bard21.92aNorth Vermillion
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Keeliegh Stigall27.86aTerre Haute North
2.9De'zhane Carter28.51aTerre Haute South
3.10Tamarrah Pitt28.65aTerre Haute South
4.10Spencer Grim28.70aTerre Haute North
5.9Hannah Van Bever28.95aTerre Haute North
6.10Emani Tatum29.42aTerre Haute South
7.10Breelynn Barksdale29.55aTerre Haute South
8.11Summer Scank29.59aTerre Haute North
9.9Kayla Decker30.62aTerre Haute North
10.9Lexus Dunbar30.67aTerre Haute North
11.10Maria Forsythe30.93aTerre Haute South
12.10McKayla Harrell30.95aTerre Haute North
13.12Aubrey Clark31.56aNorth Vermillion
14.10Chyanne Embry31.90aTerre Haute North
15.9Chloe Guiliana32.77aNorth Vermillion
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Keeliegh Stigall1:01.59aTerre Haute North
2.11Jordan Gomes- Kuehner1:02.82aTerre Haute North
3.11Maddie Tetzlaff1:04.29aTerre Haute South
4.9Hannah Van Bever1:05.58aTerre Haute North
5.10Cassidy Wood1:05.71aTerre Haute South
6.12Taylor Turchi1:05.76aNorth Vermillion
7.11Kylie Fendrick1:05.98aTerre Haute South
8.9Sierra Grube1:09.09aNorth Vermillion
9.10Lizzie Berry1:09.64aTerre Haute South
10.-Cindy Jiang1:14.00aTerre Haute North
11.9Shannon Sullivan1:14.96aTerre Haute South
12.9Briana Keilly1:17.99aTerre Haute North
13.9Billie Jo Dowers1:32.53aNorth Vermillion
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sydney Dickerson2:22.03aTerre Haute North
2.12Chanli Mundy2:24.51aTerre Haute North
3.12Annie Mullican2:32.02aTerre Haute North
4.9Josie Rakes2:36.10aTerre Haute North
5.9Aydee Dalina2:37.89aTerre Haute South
6.11Katie Schmidt2:40.18aTerre Haute South
7.9Gretchen Vicars2:48.23aNorth Vermillion
8.12Emily Bell2:48.23aTerre Haute South
9.12Mackenzie Weir2:48.85aNorth Vermillion
10.10Emily Thornton2:50.33aTerre Haute North
11.11Sam Losier3:08.32aTerre Haute South
12.9Olivia Crowder3:26.95aNorth Vermillion
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Coletti5:33.62aTerre Haute North
2.11Katie Schmidt5:41.91aTerre Haute South
3.9Morgan Morris5:48.29aTerre Haute North
4.11Erin Buckallew6:11.08aTerre Haute North
5.9Katie Barton6:13.70aTerre Haute South
6.10Olivia Kissinger6:26.67aTerre Haute North
7.11Sam Losier6:45.70aTerre Haute South
8.9Paxton Axtell7:08.36aNorth Vermillion
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laura Johnson12:18.20aTerre Haute North
2.11Mallory Sanders12:29.49aTerre Haute North
3.9Morgan Morris12:33.78aTerre Haute North
4.12Rachel Stephens12:42.33aTerre Haute South
5.10Natalie Shanks13:02.93aTerre Haute South
6.11Sam Holmes13:05.91aTerre Haute South
7.9Paxton Axtell16:20.04aNorth Vermillion
8.11Whitney Wienke17:00.79aNorth Vermillion
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tasia Brewer16.86aTerre Haute South
2.10Nikki Keltey17.97aTerre Haute South
3.12Darby Martin18.88aNorth Vermillion
4.10Bailee Mayhew18.92aTerre Haute North
5.12Kara Weir19.52aNorth Vermillion
6.9Torri Brewer19.76aTerre Haute South
7.11Jordan Meng20.01aTerre Haute South
8.9Alexandra Hughes20.59aTerre Haute North
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tasia Brewer49.08aTerre Haute South
2.10Tamarrah Pitt53.29aTerre Haute South
3.10Allison Kittell53.70aTerre Haute South
4.10Nikki Keltey54.10aTerre Haute South
5.9Chloe Guiliana55.91aNorth Vermillion
6.11Jordan Meng55.99aTerre Haute South
7.9Torri Brewer56.50aTerre Haute South
8.10Bailee Mayhew58.00aTerre Haute North
9.12Kara Weir58.57aNorth Vermillion
10.11Whitney Wienke58.65aNorth Vermillion
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.51aTerre Haute South
2.-Keeliegh Stigall
Josie Rakes
Michaela Schuld
Spencer Grim
52.61aTerre Haute North
3.-Relay Team 55.51aNorth Vermillion
4.-Summer Scank
Keirra Porter
Sarah Fears
DaShana Johnson
56.52aTerre Haute North
5.-Kayla Decker
Lexus Dunbar
Baelee Stearley
Lauren Comer
56.85aTerre Haute North
6.-Jamaica Buckhoy
Bailee Mayhew
Alexandra Bryant
McKayla Harrell
57.96aTerre Haute North
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Annie Mullican
Jordan Kuehner
Josie Rakes
Zoe Kidwell
4:20.32aTerre Haute North
2.-Cassidy Wood
Tasia Brewer
Kylie Fendrick
Emily Bell
4:20.37aTerre Haute South
3.-Sierra Grube
Taylor Turchi
Gretchen Vicars
Kara Weir
4:43.15aNorth Vermillion
4.-Relay Team 4:52.65aTerre Haute South
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydney Dickerson
Emily Thornton
Zoe Kidwell
Lindsay Welker
10:17.94aTerre Haute North
2.-Nikki Thiede
Nicole Howe
Emily Bell
Aydee Dalina
10:52.76aTerre Haute South
3.-Relay Team 11:37.23aNorth Vermillion
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alissa Turpin37-10.00Terre Haute North
2.11Kylie Fendrick33-07.00Terre Haute South
3.10Maria Forsythe32-02.00Terre Haute South
4.12Kylah Norris30-11.00North Vermillion
5.11Brianna Burgess30-09.50Terre Haute North
6.10Antoinette Harvey30-03.00North Vermillion
7.10Mandee Eberle28-09.00Terre Haute North
8.12Kaylee Axtell25-05.00North Vermillion
9.9Kaylee Parks25-03.00Terre Haute North
10.11Bailee Plecker25-01.50North Vermillion
11.10Kalynn West23-00.50North Vermillion
12.10Taylor Barnes22-02.50North Vermillion
13.9Skylar Dowers21-03.00North Vermillion
14.9Jessica Isles20-02.00Terre Haute South
15.12Audrey Allen19-00.00North Vermillion
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brianna Burgess107-01.25Terre Haute North
2.11Kylie Fendrick100-01.50Terre Haute South
3.12Alissa Turpin91-10Terre Haute North
4.10Mandee Eberle81-05.50Terre Haute North
5.10Antoinette Harvey80-00North Vermillion
6.10Maria Forsythe77-11Terre Haute South
7.12Kaylee Axtell73-10.50North Vermillion
8.10Carson Smith71-04.50Terre Haute North
9.10Kalynn West60-03North Vermillion
10.10Taylor Barnes55-02.50North Vermillion
11.9Jessica Isles51-05Terre Haute South
12.11Bailee Plecker48-00North Vermillion
13.12Audrey Allen39-09North Vermillion
14.9Skylar Dowers37-06North Vermillion
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Thomas5-00.00Terre Haute North
2.12Brittney Pink4-10.00Terre Haute South
3.10Carson Smith4-10.00Terre Haute North
4.11Jordan Meng4-10.00Terre Haute South
5.10Antoinette Harvey4-08.00North Vermillion
6.12Darby Martin4-06.00North Vermillion
7.9Maddy Jaeger4-06.00Terre Haute South
8.9Olivia Crowder4-00.00North Vermillion
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Gutish11-06.00Terre Haute North
2.10Spencer Grim9-00.00Terre Haute North
3.9Sarah Padan8-00.00Terre Haute South
4.11Tina Keilly7-06.00Terre Haute North
5.9Josie Rakes7-00.00Terre Haute North
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Keirra Porter17-09.00Terre Haute North
2.11Summer Scank15-04.00Terre Haute North
3.10Emani Tatum15-02.75Terre Haute South
4.11Jordan Gomes- Kuehner15-01.50Terre Haute North
5.10Daiju Rivera14-07.50Terre Haute South
6.12Sarah Fears14-00.00Terre Haute North
7.10Antoinette Harvey13-10.25North Vermillion
8.12Taylor Turchi13-09.00North Vermillion
9.11Lauren Comer13-02.00Terre Haute North
10.10Alexandra Bryant12-05.50Terre Haute North
11.12Darby Martin12-02.75North Vermillion
12.9Olivia Crowder11-06.00North Vermillion
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