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Grandview, Prosser

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Art Fiker Stadium, Prosser

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Washington - 2A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Bruns11.67aProsser
2.11Aaron Galvan11.91aProsser
3.11Jacob Gonzales12.40aProsser
4.10Jordan Iwami12.74aGrandview
5.10Joseph Taylor13.18aGrandview
6.11Chris Vizcarra13.53aGrandview
11Keagan Christansen13.77aGrandview
9Travis Moar14.00aProsser
9Roy Charvet14.23aProsser
10Ivan Barbosa14.37aProsser
9Ryan Contreras15.62aGrandview
9Jason Babcock18.93aGrandview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cade Wandling23.58aProsser
2.11Cody Bruns23.66aProsser
3.11Drake Washington24.09aProsser
4.10Joseph Babcock25.26aGrandview
5.12Juan Razo25.28aGrandview
10Vi Perez26.06aGrandview
10Kirby Moore26.40aProsser
10Joseph Taylor26.93aGrandview
10Caleb Hayter27.58aProsser
11Chris Vizcarra28.23aGrandview
9Travis Moar28.77aProsser
9Roy Charvet28.95aProsser
10Ivan Barbosa30.17aProsser
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nectaly Barbosa49.69aProsser
2.11Cade Wandling53.50aProsser
3.12Kenton Childers54.45aProsser
4.10Vi Perez55.67aGrandview
11Steven Natho56.97aProsser
11Timo Wilken58.02aGrandview
10Kirby Moore58.18aProsser
10Caleb Hayter1:02.45aProsser
12Shan DeLeon1:05.13aProsser
10Ivan Barbosa1:07.02Prosser
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nectaly Barbosa2:01.92Prosser
2.12Calvin Clarke2:10.51Prosser
3.10Chris Hernandez2:18.60aGrandview
4.11Jordan Murataya2:19.60aGrandview
11Riley Frazier2:29.58Prosser
9Koty Kollmar2:32.02aGrandview
11Adam Trevino2:37.19Prosser
9Micky Moore2:39.89aGrandview
11Michael Case2:47.71aGrandview
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jose Mendez5:02.65aGrandview
2.9Jordan Sanchez5:03.09aGrandview
3.11Riley Frazier5:32.47Prosser
4.9Micky Moore5:38.56aGrandview
12Burke Burgett5:43.65Prosser
6.11Michael Case5:50.30aGrandview
10Kevin Brown5:54.44Prosser
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jordan Sanchez11:05.91aGrandview
2.10Jose Mendez11:14.85aGrandview
3.11Dustin Richman11:25.46Prosser
11Nathen Bauer11:28.29Prosser
9Koty Kollmar11:48.35aGrandview
11Chris Scott11:55.19Prosser
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Dylan Bolt18.02aProsser
2.10Storm Shea18.35aGrandview
3.11Matt Concienne18.48aGrandview
4.10Tim Taylor18.81aGrandview
10Dustin Crawford19.58aProsser
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Juan Razo41.82aGrandview
2.11Matt Concienne45.79aGrandview
3.9Dylan Bolt47.86aProsser
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aaron Galvan
Cody Bruns
Drake Washington
Cade Wandling
2.-Jordan Iwami
Timo Wilken
Ricky Gonzalez
Juan Razo
-Roy Charvet
Ivan Barbosa
Caleb Hayter
Jacob Gonzales
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Calvin Clarke
Kenton Childers
Cody Bruns
Nectaly Barbosa
2.-Matt Concienne
Vi Perez
Jordan Murataya
Chris Hernandez
-Riley Frazier
Chris Scott
Nathen Bauer
Dustin Richman
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Freddy Rodriguez40'10.5Grandview
2.11Keagan Christansen39'11Grandview
3.9Shane Blaine37'6.5Prosser
11Carlos Arroyo35'6Prosser
11Ivan Sandoval34'5.5Grandview
11Danny Fiedler34'1Prosser
11Derrick Esparza33'6.5Prosser
11Anthony Rocha32'3Prosser
9Zane Zocher32'1Prosser
11Will Tran30'6Prosser
11Robert Cardenas30'4Grandview
11Eric Charvet29'0Grandview
11Luis Gonzalez28'6.5Grandview
12Jeremy Blasdel28'2Prosser
9Taylor Ledgerwood26'5Prosser
9Guy Means26'3Prosser
11Albert Arreola25'6.5Grandview
9Jason Babcock23'3Grandview
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Freddy Rodriguez120'11Grandview
2.11Keagan Christansen113'7Grandview
3.11Carlos Arroyo105'9Prosser
12Burke Burgett101'1Prosser
11Luis Gonzalez94'10Grandview
11Robert Cardenas91'9Grandview
12Jeremy Blasdel83'6Prosser
11Danny Fiedler82'3Prosser
11Eric Charvet79'0Grandview
9Guy Means77'10Prosser
9Geoff Groenendale77'2Prosser
9Zane Zocher74'2Prosser
11Chris Vizcarra73'2Grandview
11Will Tran69'11Prosser
11Ivan Sandoval66'8Grandview
10Josh Smith66'3Prosser
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tim Taylor133'5Grandview
2.12Burke Burgett130'4Prosser
3.10Joseph Taylor130'1Grandview
4.11Chris Scott111'8Prosser
5.10Josh Smith106'8Prosser
11Steven McEvoy105'4Grandview
11Chris Vizcarra93'2Grandview
11Ivan Sandoval88'2Grandview
11Albert Arreola85'0Grandview
9Taylor Ledgerwood81'4Prosser
9Geoff Groenendale78'2Prosser
9Shane Blaine73'0Prosser
9Jason Babcock57'10Grandview
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joseph Babcock5'10Grandview
2.11Jacob Gonzales5'6Prosser
3.12Kenton Childers5'4Prosser
10Chris Hernandez5'2Grandview
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Storm Shea10'0Grandview
2.11Ezra Beck8'6Prosser
3.10Chris Hernandez8'0Grandview
4.9Daniel Hulse7'6Prosser
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Galvan19'10Prosser
2.11Matt Concienne19'2.5Grandview
3.10Jordan Iwami18'1Grandview
4.10Tim Taylor17'9Grandview
11Jordan Murataya17'7.5Grandview
10Vi Perez16'10Grandview
11Timo Wilken16'3.5Grandview
9Roy Charvet15'5Prosser
9Dylan Bolt14'11Prosser
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joseph Babcock41'7Grandview
2.11Jordan Murataya34'9.5Grandview
3.10Dustin Crawford34'1Prosser
4.10Kevin Brown31'1.5Prosser
5.12Shan DeLeon28'1Prosser

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sara Galliway14.74aProsser
2.11Jessie Reynolds14.76aGrandview
3.10Krystal Martinez14.93aGrandview
4.9Kayla Smasne14.99aProsser
5.9Kelli Wilson15.19aProsser
9Marlee Andrews15.74aGrandview
7.9Mariah Watts15.83aProsser
8.11Rachel Pearson16.13aProsser
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Brown27.83aProsser
2.11Bailey Dezellem30.40aProsser
3.11Mari Cruz31.17aGrandview
4.11Rachel Pearson33.62aProsser
9Marlee Andrews33.64aGrandview
6.12Rebekah Hulse35.64aProsser
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Concienne1:06.14aProsser
2.12Anastasia Andrews1:06.47aGrandview
9Giovani Gomez1:16.05aGrandview
4.9Josie Harrington1:20.05aGrandview
11Nicole Andrews1:21.37aGrandview
11Khadi Zamora1:24.28aGrandview
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittnee Sanchez2:42.52aGrandview
2.10Silvia Razo2:49.83aGrandview
3.11Alexandrea Gates2:53.29Prosser
4.10Kara Johnson2:57.61Prosser
5.9Katie Smith3:08.72Prosser
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittnee Sanchez5:43.06aGrandview
2.10Sarah Freepons6:14.56Prosser
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Claire Raap16.95aProsser
2.10Shelby Moore17.90aProsser
3.10Haley Saam18.93aProsser
4.9Marlee Andrews22.53aGrandview
5.12Rebekah Hulse23.50aProsser
9Marissa Trevino27.27aGrandview
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessie Reynolds51.15aGrandview
2.10Sara Galliway52.94aProsser
3.10Haley Saam56.39aProsser
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Breanne Wilson
Jordan Brown
Sara Galliway
Claire Raap
2.-Giovani Gomez
Anna George
Krystal Martinez
Jessie Reynolds
3.-Mariah Watts
Rachel Pearson
Kelli Wilson
Kayla Smasne
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Boge
Kayla Smasne
Kelli Wilson
Breanne Wilson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anastasia Andrews
Krystal Martinez
Kealey Johnston
Brittnee Sanchez
2.-Alex Gates
Sarah Concienne
Haley Saam
Sara Galliway
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna George36'11Grandview
2.10Ana Zapien30'9Prosser
3.9Giovani Gomez24'2.5Grandview
10Kelsey Evans23'5.5Prosser
10Kelly Tebb22'10Prosser
10Cheyen Schenck21'2Grandview
9Chelsea Meyer20'9.5Grandview
10Shelby Moore19'9Prosser
-Ceann Cherry16'6Prosser
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna George89'9Grandview
2.10Ana Zapien80'7Prosser
3.10Kelsey Evans73'0Prosser
12Kass Stearns67'4Prosser
10Cheyen Schenck66'9Grandview
9Rachel Anderson56'5Prosser
10Kelly Tebb56'1Prosser
-Ceann Cherry49'0Prosser
9Chelsea Meyer48'7Grandview
12Maggie McKinney46'0Prosser
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna George116'6Grandview
2.12Hilary Moore107'5Prosser
3.10Kelsey Evans88'11Prosser
4.10Desi Tolcacher77'10Prosser
5.10Ana Zapien72'4Prosser
11Jessie Reynolds72'1Grandview
11Mari Cruz67'3Grandview
9Marissa Trevino59'3Grandview
9Chelsea Meyer47'7Grandview
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Claire Raap4'8Prosser
2.9Rachel Anderson4'2Prosser
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hilary Moore10'6Prosser
2.10Shelby Moore7'6Prosser
2.11Bailey Dezellem7'6Prosser
4.10Desi Tolcacher6'0Prosser
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Breanne Wilson16'2Prosser
2.11Kealey Johnston14'11Grandview
3.12Claire Raap14'5Prosser
4.11Ashley Boge13'10.75Prosser
5.9Kayla Smasne13'9.75Prosser
6.12Maggie McKinney10'7Prosser
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kealey Johnston32'2Grandview
2.12Kass Stearns28'9Prosser
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