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8 & Under9-1011-1213-1415-1617-18FinalsPrelims
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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Nathanael Chung16.87a (-2.1)Njia
2.2Marquise Dyson17.26a (-2.1)03-Unattached
3.7-8Ezkiel Green17.36a PR (-2.1)Njia
4.7-8Darell Murray17.70a PR (-2.1)Njia
5.7-8Max Headley17.80a PR (-2.1)Averill Park Road Ru...
6.2Sidney Jackson17.89a (-2.1)03-Unattached
7.1David Dunckel17.92a (-2.1)03-Unattached
8.7-8Kayden Julien-Brown18.50a (-2.1)Njia

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Gavin Warner14.91a (-1.8)Glencadia Bullets
2.4George Bryant15.12a PR (-1.8)03-Unattached
3.9-10Robert Danza III15.67a PR (-1.8)Delmar Track and Field
4.9-10Samir Gardner15.76a PR (-1.8)Njia
5.4Ian Oehlschlaeger15.93a PR (-1.8)03-Unattached
6.9-10Nathaniel Jackson16.09a PR (-1.8)Delmar Track and Field
7.3Julien Smith16.85a PR (-1.8)03-Unattached
8.9-10Christopher Chenette17.19a PR (-1.8)Averill Park Road Ru...

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Ja'Quare Jones15.03a PR (-1.9)Njia
2.11-12Ethan Narofsky15.09a PR (-1.9)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
3.11-12Nasir Smith15.49a (-1.9)Njia
4.11-12Deavion Springsteen15.70a (-1.9)Njia
5.11-12Dimitri Cerrone15.72a PR (-1.9)Averill Park Road Ru...
6.11-12Nehemiah Cooper15.82a (-1.9)Njia
7.11-12Justice Thomas15.93a (-1.9)Delmar Track and Field
8.11-12Matthew DeJulio16.07a (-1.9)Averill Park Road Ru...

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz12.25a (-2.2)Spa City Running
2.13-14Anthony Cozzy12.34a (-2.2)Averill Park Road Ru...
3.13-14Hayden Curley13.49a (-2.2)Spa City Running
4.13-14John Reynolds13.74a (-2.2)Spa City Running
5.13-14Andriew Garcia13.75a (-2.2)Njia
6.13-14Jamol Franklin15.45a (-2.2)Njia
7.13-14Colin Shea17.23a PR (-2.2)Chatham Gold/Morris ...

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jason Rappazzo11.96a PR (-2.3)Delmar Track and Field
2.15-16Zephaniah Jackson13.42a PR (-2.3)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
3.15-16Daniel Taylor13.55a PR (-2.3)Quicksilvers
4.15-16Samuel Kondracki13.71a PR (-2.3)Averill Park Road Ru...

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jhustin Cooper12.00a SR (-2.2)Njia
2.17-18Daniel Thomas13.08a PR (-2.2)Quicksilvers
3.17-18Matthew Wilson15.62a PR (-2.2)Delmar Track and Field

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Nathanael Chung16.81a PR (-1.7)Njia
2.2Marquise Dyson17.33a (-1.7)03-Unattached
3.7-8Ezkiel Green17.46a (-1.7)Njia
4.1David Dunckel17.71a PR (-1.7)03-Unattached
5.7-8Darell Murray17.83a (-3.2)Njia
6.7-8Max Headley17.92a (-3.2)Averill Park Road Ru...
7.2Sidney Jackson18.25a (-3.2)03-Unattached
8.7-8Kayden Julien-Brown18.36a (-1.7)Njia
9.2Connor Herbst18.73a PR (-3.2)03-Unattached
10.7-8Wyatt Carr18.90a PR (-3.2)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
11.7-8Kody Goodrich18.96a (-3.2)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
12.7-8Zachary Viccaro19.55a PR (-1.7)Chatham Gold/Morris ...

100 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Gavin Warner15.11a (-1.2)Glencadia Bullets
2.4George Bryant15.38a (-1.4)03-Unattached
3.9-10Robert Danza III15.79a (-1.2)Delmar Track and Field
4.9-10Samir Gardner15.89a (-1.4)Njia
5.9-10Nathaniel Jackson16.27a (-1.4)Delmar Track and Field
6.4Ian Oehlschlaeger16.47a (-1.2)03-Unattached
7.9-10Christopher Chenette17.22a (-1.4)Averill Park Road Ru...
7.3Julien Smith17.22a (-1.2)03-Unattached
9.9-10Vincent Coppola17.23a PR (-1.4)Delmar Track and Field
10.9-10Nicholas Bufi17.74a PR (-1.2)Averill Park Road Ru...
11.9-10Dillon Hoogkamp18.73a PR (-1.2)Delmar Track and Field
12.9-10Russell Viccaro Jr18.82a PR (-1.4)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
13.9-10Thomas Murray18.89a PR (-1.2)Averill Park Road Ru...
14.9-10Teddy Dangler19.48a PR (-1.4)Averill Park Road Ru...
15.9-10Matthew Cook20.10a PR (-1.2)Spa City Running
9-10Mekai MooreDNS (-1.4)Njia

100 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Deavion Springsteen15.11a (-2.2)Njia
2.11-12Nasir Smith15.26a PR (-2.9)Njia
3.11-12Ja'Quare Jones15.30a (-2.2)Njia
4.11-12Ethan Narofsky15.55a (-2.2)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
5.11-12Nehemiah Cooper15.67a PR (-2.2)Njia
6.11-12Justice Thomas15.75a PR (-2.9)Delmar Track and Field
7.11-12Dimitri Cerrone15.76a (-2.9)Averill Park Road Ru...
8.11-12Matthew DeJulio15.99a PR (-2.9)Averill Park Road Ru...
9.11-12Brendan Kasuba16.04a PR (-2.9)Averill Park Road Ru...
10.11-12Jonny Robles16.25a PR (-2.2)In a New York Minute
11.11-12Raigen Planavsky17.22a PR (-2.9)Spa City Running
11-12Christopher Brozowski JrDNS (-2.9)Delmar Track and Field
11-12Damani MurrayDNS (-2.2)Njia

100 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz12.19a PR (-2.6)Spa City Running
2.13-14Anthony Cozzy12.30a PR (-2.6)Averill Park Road Ru...
3.13-14Hayden Curley13.31a PR (-2.6)Spa City Running
4.13-14John Reynolds13.61a PR (-2.2)Spa City Running
5.13-14Andriew Garcia13.63a PR (-2.6)Njia
6.13-14Jamol Franklin15.18a PR (-2.2)Njia
7.13-14Colin Shea24.78a (-2.2)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Ethan WieseDNS (-2.6)Averill Park Road Ru...
8Jack FlowersDNS (-2.2)03-Unattached
13-14Kaliq BoykeDNS (-2.2)Njia

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Hunter Doolittle36.00a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2.2Marquise Dyson36.10a PR (-2.1)03-Unattached
3.7-8Ezkiel Green36.30a PRNjia
4.7-8Nathanael Chung36.50a PR (-2.1)Njia
5.7-8Osbert Boakye Jr38.10aNjia
5.1David Dunckel38.10a PR (-2.1)03-Unattached
7.7-8Darell Murray38.50a PRNjia
8.7-8Kayden Julien-Brown39.40aNjia
9.2Sidney Jackson40.20a PR (-2.1)03-Unattached
10.7-8Wyatt Carr40.50a PR (-2.1)Chatham Gold/Morris ...

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Gavin Warner29.90a (-1.6)Glencadia Bullets
2.9-10Neil Howard III30.30a PR (-1.6)In a New York Minute
3.4George Bryant32.70a PR (-1.6)03-Unattached
4.9-10Samir Gardner33.00a (-2.5)Njia
5.9-10Nathaniel Jackson33.60a (-1.6)Delmar Track and Field
6.9-10Robert Danza III33.70a PR (-1.6)Delmar Track and Field
7.9-10Jamel Franklin37.70a (-2.5)Njia
8.9-10Reid Binsfeld43.80a (-2.5)Quicksilvers
9-10Nicholas BufiDNS (-2.5)Averill Park Road Ru...
9-10Mekai MooreDNS (-2.5)Njia
9-10Zachary PotikDNS (-2.5)Njia

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.6Gabriel Sutton30.70a PR (-3.1)03-Unattached
2.11-12Matthew DeJulio32.77a PR (-3.2)Averill Park Road Ru...
3.11-12Deavion Springsteen32.80a (-3.2)Njia
4.11-12Ja'Quare Jones32.88a (-3.2)Njia
5.11-12Jonny Robles33.30a PR (-3.1)In a New York Minute
6.11-12Justice Thomas33.60a PR (-3.1)Delmar Track and Field
7.11-12Elijah Chung33.90a SR (-3.1)Njia
8.11-12Nasir Smith34.30a PR (-3.2)Njia
9.11-12Nehemiah Cooper34.55a PR (-3.2)Njia
10.11-12Adam Kohn34.60a PR (-3.1)Delmar Track and Field
11.11-12Tyler Sagendorph35.00a PR (-3.1)Delmar Track and Field
12.11-12Raigen Planavsky36.70a PR (-3.2)Spa City Running
12.5Aleksander Smietana36.70a PR (-3.2)03-Unattached

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz24.80a (-3.4)Spa City Running
2.13-14Anthony Cozzy26.20a (-3.1)Averill Park Road Ru...
3.13-14Hayden Curley27.80a (-3.4)Spa City Running
4.13-14Adam Borland28.20a PR (-3.4)Averill Park Road Ru...
5.13-14Crawford Green30.90a PR (-3.1)Njia
6.13-14Jamol Franklin32.20a (-3.1)Njia
7.13-14Kevin McNamara33.80a (-3.1)Spa City Running
8.13-14Andriew Garcia35.20a (-3.4)Njia
9.13-14Samuel Binsfeld35.30a PR (-3.4)Quicksilvers
13-14Kaliq BoykeDNS (-3.1)Njia

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jason Rappazzo24.20a (-2.3)Delmar Track and Field
2.15-16Caleb Jeralds29.30a (-2.3)Chatham Gold/Morris ...

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Syeed Holtzclaw22.90a (-3.0)03-Unattached
2.11Easton Reagan24.20a PR (-3.0)03-Unattached
3.17-18Jhustin Cooper25.00a (-3.0)Njia
4.11Keegan Cochrane25.20a (-3.0)03-Unattached
5.17-18Daniel Thomas26.40a PR (-3.0)Quicksilvers
11Nicholas StantonDNS (-3.0)03-Unattached

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Hunter Doolittle1:21.95aAverill Park Road Ru...
2.2Marquise Dyson1:25.32a03-Unattached
3.7-8Osbert Boakye Jr1:31.98a PRNjia
4.7-8Koen Schwartz1:33.35a PRSpa City Running
5.7-8Gabriel Calnan1:35.20a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
6.2Sidney Jackson1:38.14a PR03-Unattached
7.7-8Bailey Berg1:44.35a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
8.7-8Benjamin Coonradt2:09.17a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2Connor HerbstDNS03-Unattached

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.4Ian Oehlschlaeger1:15.89a PR03-Unattached
2.9-10Amos Stack1:16.06a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
3.9-10Alexander Goodrich1:24.20a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.9-10Jamel Franklin1:24.24aNjia
5.3Julien Smith1:24.34a PR03-Unattached
6.9-10Samuel Calnan1:35.33a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
7.9-10Zachary Potik1:44.60a PRNjia

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.6Gabriel Sutton1:08.70a PR03-Unattached
2.11-12Elijah Chung1:13.70a SRNjia
3.11-12Cade Allen1:15.20aDelmar Track and Field
4.11-12Timothy Jeralds1:19.00aChatham Gold/Morris ...
5.5Aleksander Smietana1:20.30a03-Unattached
6.11-12Matthew Binsfeld1:24.00a PRQuicksilvers
7.11-12Cody Hosgood1:27.20aDelmar Track and Field
8.11-12Luke Calnan1:34.20a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
11-12Covenant AkinwaleDNSNjia

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Adam Borland1:06.20a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2.13-14Crawford Green1:09.00a PRNjia
3.13-14Yann Gaudin1:14.40aSpa City Running
4.13-14Kevin McNamara1:15.20a PRSpa City Running
5.13-14Samuel Binsfeld1:18.40aQuicksilvers
13-14Ethan WieseDNSAverill Park Road Ru...

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

15-16Daniel TaylorDNSQuicksilvers
15-16Michael SweeneyDNSQuicksilvers
15-16Caleb JeraldsDNSChatham Gold/Morris ...

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Keegan Cochrane52.60a PR03-Unattached
1.11Syeed Holtzclaw52.60a03-Unattached
3.11Easton Reagan53.10a PR03-Unattached
4.11Nicholas Stanton53.40a PR03-Unattached
5.12Michael Ganesh54.00a PR03-Unattached
6.17-18Daniel Thomas1:01.50aQuicksilvers

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Hunter Doolittle3:15.10aAverill Park Road Ru...
2.7-8Koen Schwartz3:28.89a PRSpa City Running
3.7-8Miles Flusche3:31.15aSpa City Running

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Jackson Doolittle2:45.70aAverill Park Road Ru...
2.3Joshua McNamara3:09.40a PR03-Unattached
2.9-10Reid Binsfeld3:09.40a PRQuicksilvers
4.9-10Alexander Goodrich3:50.90aChatham Gold/Morris ...
5.9-10Lucas Coonradt4:02.10a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
9-10Amos StackDNSChatham Gold/Morris ...
9-10Sean MeekDNSDelmar Track and Field

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Gordon Su2:33.70aDelmar Track and Field
2.11-12Tobias Jeralds2:38.10aChatham Gold/Morris ...
3.11-12Cade Allen2:53.30aDelmar Track and Field
4.11-12Timothy Jeralds2:53.40aChatham Gold/Morris ...
5.11-12Bodie Rocklein2:56.40aDelmar Track and Field
6.11-12Adam Kohn2:58.10a PRDelmar Track and Field
7.5Eamon Graves3:09.40a PR03-Unattached
11-12Covenant AkinwaleDNSNjia

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.George Atanason2:30.50a03-Unattached
1.13-14George Atanasov2:30.50a PR USATF Adirondack
2.13-14Aidan Stickan2:42.30a PRDelmar Track and Field
3.7Jeremy Smith2:59.50a PR03-Unattached
4.13-14Liam Kelley3:08.10a PRDelmar Track and Field
5.7David Thielke3:12.70a03-Unattached
13-14Hugh TalmageDNSDelmar Track and Field

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jacob Brass2:07.93aDelmar Track and Field
2.9Matthew Cavaliere2:09.66a03-Unattached
3.9Kyle Culley2:18.43a03-Unattached
4.15-16Michael Sweeney2:18.86a PRQuicksilvers

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

11Christopher MilitelloDNS03-Unattached

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Miles Flusche7:17.1hSpa City Running
2.7-8Benjamin Coonradt8:29.1h PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2Connor HerbstDNS03-Unattached

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Jackson Doolittle5:35.0hAverill Park Road Ru...
2.9-10Eli Russo5:41.8hIn a New York Minute
3.4Ian Oehlschlaeger5:53.4h03-Unattached
4.9-10Tyler Grossman6:20.9hDelmar Track and Field
5.9-10Sean Meek6:26.3hDelmar Track and Field
6.9-10Thomas Murray6:41.1h PRAverill Park Road Ru...
7.9-10John Sweeney7:12.8hQuicksilvers
8.9-10Teddy Dangler7:13.6hAverill Park Road Ru...

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Gordon Su5:02.8hDelmar Track and Field
2.11-12Tobias Jeralds5:10.7hChatham Gold/Morris ...
3.11-12Timothy Jeralds5:36.9hChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.11-12Matthew Binsfeld5:53.9h PRQuicksilvers
5.5Eamon Graves6:21.8h03-Unattached
6.11-12Nicholas Beacher6:40.5h PRSpa City Running
7.11-12Elan Schwartz6:49.1hSpa City Running
8.11-12Sean Black6:50.9hDelmar Track and Field

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Benjamin Guerin4:52.9hSpa City Running
2.George Atanason4:59.7h03-Unattached
3.13-14Aidan Stickan5:23.6hDelmar Track and Field
4.13-14Samuel Binsfeld5:29.3h PRQuicksilvers
5.13-14Gaven Planavsky5:38.6hSpa City Running
6.7Jeremy Smith5:42.7h PR03-Unattached
7.13-14Hugh Talmage5:44.8h PRDelmar Track and Field
8.13-14Jack Rath5:46.4h PRSpa City Running
9.7David Thielke5:57.5h PR03-Unattached
10.13-14Liam Kelley6:00.1h PRDelmar Track and Field
13-14Matthew de NoronhaDNSAverill Park Road Ru...

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Riley Grossman4:31.1h PRDelmar Track and Field
2.15-16Michael Sweeney4:40.5h PRQuicksilvers
3.SoJeremy Gundrum4:49.7h03-Unattached
4.15-16Leo Rosenblum5:00.1hDelmar Track and Field
5.15-16Daniel Taylor5:06.4hQuicksilvers

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Christopher Militello4:31.1h PR03-Unattached

1500m Racewalk  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Lucas Coonradt12:48.56a PRAverill Park Road Ru...

3000 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.6Ryan Bush11:00.21a03-Unattached
2.11-12Matthew Binsfeld12:08.29aQuicksilvers
3.5Graham Richard12:33.46a03-Unattached
4.11-12Nicholas Beacher13:52.47a PRSpa City Running
5.11-12Elan Schwartz14:13.94aSpa City Running
6.11-12Aiden Shea17:38.32aChatham Gold/Morris ...

3000 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Gaven Planavsky11:44.01a PRSpa City Running
2.7David Thielke12:31.47a03-Unattached

3000 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Christopher Militello10:00.10a PR03-Unattached
2.17-18Lucian D'Acchille10:13.67a03-Unattached

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Ethan Narofsky17.57a (-1.4)Chatham Gold/Morris ...

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Gabe Tucker21.17a (-1.6)Averill Park Road Ru...

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Finals

1.9Braden Jarosz20.71a (-2.8)03-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman22.65a (-2.8)Spa City Running

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Yann Gaudin32.79a PRSpa City Running

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Finals

1.9Robert Musante IV1:11.07a PR03-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman1:15.74aSpa City Running

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Finals

1.11Easton Reagan59.89a03-Unattached
2.12Michael Ganesh1:00.73a PR03-Unattached

4x100 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Nasir Smith
Nehemiah Cooper
Damani Murray
Deavion Springsteen

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Riley Willard
Hayden Curley
John Reynolds
Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz
53.33aSpa City Running

4x800 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Gaven Planavsky
John Reynolds
Jack Rath
Riley Willard
12:11.88aSpa City Running

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Tyler Skylstad3.71m PRSpa City Running
2.7-8Benjamin Coonradt2.63m PRAverill Park Road Ru...

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Christopher Chenette6.24m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2.3Joshua McNamara5.62m PR03-Unattached
3.9-10Matthew Cook5.52m PRSpa City Running
4.9-10Jack Barcomb4.20m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
5.9-10Alexander Goodrich3.67mChatham Gold/Morris ...
6.9-10Lucas Coonradt3.38m PRAverill Park Road Ru...

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.6Sean Willis9.64m PR03-Unattached
2.11-12Brendan Kasuba7.48mAverill Park Road Ru...
3.5Aleksander Smietana7.11m PR03-Unattached
4.5Landon Castine6.22m PR03-Unattached
5.11-12Liam Rounds5.97mAverill Park Road Ru...
6.11-12Adam Kohn5.83m PRDelmar Track and Field
7.11-12Noah Fowler5.71m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
8.11-12Robert Davis5.53m PRDelmar Track and Field

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Riley Willard8.10m PRSpa City Running
2.13-14Roy Jacobson III6.19mAverill Park Road Ru...
3.13-14Matthew de Noronha4.05mAverill Park Road Ru...
13-14Morgan MullerDNSChatham Gold/Morris ...

Shot Put - 12lb  13-14 - Finals

13-14Morgan Muller1 PR USATF Adirondack

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Marty Bond10.53mAverill Park Road Ru...
2.15-16Darnell Douglas Jr9.75mDelmar Track and Field

Discus - 1kg  11-12 - Finals

1.6Sean Willis20.36m03-Unattached
2.11-12Liam Rounds12.18mAverill Park Road Ru...
3.11-12Owen Warner10.73mGlencadia Bullets

Discus - 1kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Riley Willard27.61mSpa City Running
2.13-14Roy Jacobson III18.85mAverill Park Road Ru...

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jamie Cocca44.79mAverill Park Road Ru...
2.15-16Marty Bond30.69m PRAverill Park Road Ru...

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Zachary Viccaro11.40m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
2.7-8Kody Goodrich11.37mChatham Gold/Morris ...
3.7-8Tyler Skylstad8.10m PRSpa City Running

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Eli Russo27.26mIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Tyler Grossman22.93m PRDelmar Track and Field
3.9-10John Sweeney18.18m PRQuicksilvers
4.9-10Amos Stack17.90mChatham Gold/Morris ...
5.3Joshua McNamara16.33m PR03-Unattached
6.9-10Matthew Cook13.54m PRSpa City Running
7.9-10Gavin Warner13.08m PRGlencadia Bullets
9-10Teddy DanglerDNSAverill Park Road Ru...

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Tobias Jeralds36.68mChatham Gold/Morris ...
2.11-12Brendan Kasuba33.60m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
3.5Oliver Walters28.44m PR03-Unattached
4.11-12Bodie Rocklein24.90m PRDelmar Track and Field
5.11-12Robert Davis17.64mDelmar Track and Field
6.11-12Noah Fowler17.33m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
7.11-12Aiden Shea14.08mChatham Gold/Morris ...

Javelin - 600g  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Morgan Muller20.54mChatham Gold/Morris ...

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jamie Cocca41.63m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2.15-16Donald Jones35.18m03-Unattached
3.15-16Zephaniah Jackson31.93mChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.15-16Marty Bond30.01mAverill Park Road Ru...
5.15-16Caleb Jeralds28.97mChatham Gold/Morris ...

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - Finals

1.12Michael Jeffers Jr46.65m03-Unattached

High Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Neil Howard III1.30mIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Vincent Coppola1.05mDelmar Track and Field

High Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Sean Black1.15m PRDelmar Track and Field
2.11-12Luke Calnan1.10m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2.11-12Dimitri Cerrone1.10m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
4.11-12Cody Hosgood1.00m PRDelmar Track and Field
11-12Christopher Brozowski JrDNSDelmar Track and Field

High Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14John Reynolds1.50m PRSpa City Running
2.13-14Gabe Tucker1.35m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
3.13-14Morgan Muller1.15mChatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Ethan WieseDNSAverill Park Road Ru...

High Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.9Braden Jarosz1.60m PR03-Unattached
2.15-16Donovan Brown1.55mGlencadia Bullets
3.15-16Zephaniah Jackson1.35m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
15-16Samuel KondrackiDNSAverill Park Road Ru...

High Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.10Josh Heintz1.55m PR03-Unattached

Pole Vault  13-14 - Finals

1.8Jack Flowers2.13m03-Unattached

Pole Vault  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Donald Jones4.09m03-Unattached
FrSamuel AbbadessaDNS03-Unattached

Pole Vault  17-18 - Finals

1.11Jacob Tyler3.79m03-Unattached
2.17-18Gregory Lenegar3.64m PRDelmar Track and Field
3.10Josh Heintz3.64m PR03-Unattached
12Casey WheelerDNS03-Unattached
SrElliot HustedDNS03-Unattached
11Alex FlowersDNS03-Unattached

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.1David Dunckel2.84m PR03-Unattached
2.7-8Kody Goodrich2.80mChatham Gold/Morris ...
3.7-8Wyatt Carr2.67m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.7-8Bailey Berg2.32m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
5.7-8Cameron Vining2.20m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
6.7-8Tyler Skylstad2.13m PRSpa City Running
7.7-8Koen Schwartz1.66m PRSpa City Running
7-8Max HeadleyDNSAverill Park Road Ru...

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Neil Howard III4.14mIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Eli Russo3.56m PRIn a New York Minute
3.4George Bryant3.40m PR03-Unattached
4.9-10Vincent Coppola3.19mDelmar Track and Field
5.9-10Jackson Doolittle3.16m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
6.9-10Dillon Hoogkamp2.75m PRDelmar Track and Field
7.9-10Nicholas Bufi2.55m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
8.9-10Jack Barcomb2.30m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
9-10Thomas MurrayDQAverill Park Road Ru...
3Julien SmithDNS03-Unattached

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.6Gabriel Sutton3.96m PR03-Unattached
2.11-12Jonny Robles3.89m PRIn a New York Minute
3.11-12Tyler Sagendorph3.37m PRDelmar Track and Field
4.11-12Ethan Narofsky3.35mChatham Gold/Morris ...
5.11-12Matthew DeJulio3.33m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
6.11-12Raigen Planavsky3.08m SRSpa City Running
7.11-12Owen Warner2.94mGlencadia Bullets
8.11-12Cody Hosgood2.63m PRDelmar Track and Field
11-12Noah FowlerFOULChatham Gold/Morris ...

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Anthony Cozzy5.00mAverill Park Road Ru...
2.13-14Adam Borland4.54m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
3.13-14Morgan Muller3.71m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.13-14Gaven Planavsky3.47m PRSpa City Running
5.13-14Kevin McNamara3.33m PRSpa City Running
6.7Jeremy Smith3.01m PR03-Unattached

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Donovan Brown4.75mGlencadia Bullets
2.15-16Caleb Jeralds4.29mChatham Gold/Morris ...

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Gregory Lenegar5.18m PRDelmar Track and Field
2.17-18Matthew Wilson3.20m PRDelmar Track and Field

Hammer - 16lb  15-16 - Finals

15-16Marty Bond1 PR USATF Adirondack

Decathlon Score  17-18 - Finals

17-18Sam Riva1000 PR USATF Adirondack

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