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MV Icebreaker

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mt. View HS, Bend

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Neal Langston11.94aBend      
2.12Cody Buckendorf12.03aSummit      
3.12Kevin Gilbride12.13aSummit      
4.12Sean Johnson12.19aMountain View (OR)      
5.11Robin Miller12.25aSummit      
6.12Justin Mackenzie12.26aMountain View (OR)      
7.10Casey Evans12.34aHenley      
8.12Jesse Brewster12.42aHenley      
9.10Scott McCreery12.50aMountain View (OR)      
10.11Zach Gogenola12.59aBend      
11.9Deon McLaughlin12.60aKlamath Union      
12.-Sergio Jefferson12.65aKlamath Union      
13.12Carl Hinchman12.69aBend      
14.11Nathan Hernandez12.90aLost River      
15.10Shylow Chapman12.93aGilchrist      
16.12Justin Hoggarth13.02aHenley      
17.10Mike Erwin13.22aGilchrist      
18.10Riley Talbot13.27aLost River      
19.11Tyler Smith13.43aGilchrist      
20.12Eusebio Alonzo13.55aLost River      
22.-Ritch Hatcher14.70aGilchrist      
10Cody BogartSCRGilchrist      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Matson Hardie12.43aSummit      
2.12Ben Atchison12.52aMountain View (OR)      
3.10TJ Whitehall12.63aSummit      
4.11Dylan Woock12.65aSummit      
5.11Korey Halligan12.66aSummit      
6.9Sam Fowlds12.68aBend      
7.11Maurice Noland12.72aSummit      
8.10Conner Price12.76aMountain View (OR)      
9.11Corey Cahalane12.82aSummit      
10.9Matt Meagher12.85aSummit      
11.9Owen Quon12.87aSummit      
12.11Pierce Kennedy12.93aMountain View (OR)      
13.11Cody Hester12.98aSummit      
14.10Travis Cunningham12.99aMountain View (OR)      
15.11Ethan Caudle13.07aBend      
16.11Brian Spaulding13.13aMountain View (OR)      
17.9Matt Curran13.15aMountain View (OR)      
18.9Brett Campbell13.18aSummit      
19.11Ash Gibson13.19aMountain View (OR)      
20.9Tyler Newsome13.20aHenley      
21.12Mario Amaral13.22aHenley      
21.10Doug Peterman13.22aMountain View (OR)      
23.10Kenny Echternkamp13.24aMountain View (OR)      
24.9Nathan Swan13.29aBend      
25.11Morgan Creason13.36aHenley      
26.9Nolan Bradley13.48aSummit      
27.10Robert Turner13.71aMountain View (OR)      
28.9Dylan Kretchmer13.95aSummit      
29.11Patrick Laubacher14.08aSummit      
30.9Kalani Kolii14.24aKlamath Union      
31.10Alex Langley16.82aBend      
32.12Joey Weldon18.93aMountain View (OR)      
11Michael WarsawSCRMountain View (OR)      
10Scott CollisterSCRMountain View (OR)      
11Jerry CasteelSCRMountain View (OR)      
10Joel StichlerSCRMountain View (OR)      
10Scott PlantsSCRMountain View (OR)      
9Paul PringleSCRBend      
9Cole JohnstonSCRKlamath Union      
X 100 Meters - Wheelchair - Junior Varsity - Finals
33.10Zach Cloud47.41aBend      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Buckendorf24.19aSummit      
2.11Mark Brooks24.37aKlamath Union      
3.12Matt Porter24.87aKlamath Union      
4.10Casey Evans25.09aHenley      
5.-Sergio Jefferson25.24aKlamath Union      
6.10Scott McCreery25.31aMountain View (OR)      
7.10TJ Whitehall25.59aSummit      
8.11Corey Cahalane25.69aSummit      
9.10Conner Price25.72aMountain View (OR)      
10.12Justin Hoggarth26.29aHenley      
10Riley TalbotSCRLost River      
10Cody BogartSCRGilchrist      
11Zach GogenolaSCRBend      
11Neal LangstonSCRBend      
12Justin MackenzieSCRMountain View (OR)      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Matt Meagher26.32aSummit      
2.10Doug Peterman26.88aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Wes Jordan27.02aMountain View (OR)      
4.10Geoffrey Zath27.52aSummit      
5.10Travis Cunningham27.65aMountain View (OR)      
10Byron RiemhoferNTMountain View (OR)      
11Jerry CasteelSCRMountain View (OR)      
11Nathan HernandezNTLost River      
12Mario AmaralNTHenley      
11Morgan CreasonNTHenley      
9Tyler NewsomeNTHenley      
-Ethan OlsonNTKlamath Union      
11Forest WillardNTKlamath Union      
10Devin WeeksNTBend      
9Andrew BlakeNTBend      
9Sam FowldsNTBend      
9Nathan SwanSCRBend      
9Matt CurranSCRMountain View (OR)      
11Brian SpauldingNTMountain View (OR)      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Matson Hardie54.97aSummit      
2.10Byron Riemhofer55.40aMountain View (OR)      
3.10Jon Amos57.80aKlamath Union      
4.-Justin Huckins57.84aSummit      
5.10Ben Morton59.97aKlamath Union      
6.10Raymond Klein1:00.90aBend      
7.12Matt Porter1:01.34aKlamath Union      
8.9David Hopkins1:03.84aSummit      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Wes Jordan58.53aMountain View (OR)      
2.9Andrew Blake1:00.00aBend      
3.11Daniel Curley1:00.70aMountain View (OR)      
4.10William Wyman1:00.94aBend      
5.10Doug Peterman1:01.87aMountain View (OR)      
6.12Kyle Darcy1:02.10aLost River      
7.9Christopher Harper1:02.39aSummit      
8.9Evan Malone1:02.99aMountain View (OR)      
9.12Gabe West2:12.00aSummit      
12Zack WebbSCRMountain View (OR)      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Robin Miller52.8Summit      
11Dylan Woock56.1Summit      
12Antwan Johnson56.4Summit      
12Kevin Gilbride56.8Summit      
11Corey Cahalane57.2Summit      
11Maurice Noland57.6Summit      
11Dillon Caldwell57.9Summit      
10TJ Whitehall58.0Summit      
11Drew Rivera58.1Summit      
11Hunter Phillips58.8Summit      
-Justin Huckins58.9Summit      
9Brett Campbell61.2Summit      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Carruth2:12.04aHenley      
2.12David Butler2:12.74aHenley      
3.12Forest Smith2:13.04aHenley      
4.11Andrew Benton2:13.84aMountain View (OR)      
5.12Kevin Brown2:15.84aMountain View (OR)      
6.11Austin Goebel2:17.64aKlamath Union      
7.12Zack Webb2:32.14aMountain View (OR)      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Garret Wallace2:17.24aHenley      
2.11Ethan DeVoll2:17.94aBend      
3.11Chad Carlson2:20.24aMountain View (OR)      
5.9Giancarlo Caccamo2:33.24aSummit      
10Taylor BrownSCRMountain View (OR)      
10William WymanSCRBend      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Reed4:24.04aKlamath Union      
2.10David Carruth4:30.44aHenley      
3.10Alex Peterson4:30.84aKlamath Union      
4.11Andrew Jensen4:33.40aBend      
5.9Jed Tolbert4:35.04aHenley      
6.12Nick Wenner4:39.84aKlamath Union      
7.12Kevin Brown4:41.94aMountain View (OR)      
8.11Scott Gage4:45.84aBend      
9.10Salvador Ulloa4:55.54aMountain View (OR)      
10.11Chad Carlson4:55.74aMountain View (OR)      
11.12James Condon4:58.74aMountain View (OR)      
12.11Ethan DeVoll4:59.34aBend      
13.12Zack Webb5:00.64aMountain View (OR)      
14.11Scott Edwards5:01.94aBend      
15.11Steven Reed5:13.14aKlamath Union      
17.11Dillon Caldwell5:14.34aSummit      
18.11Nicholas Dasen5:16.54aSummit      
19.9Cody Collins5:18.94aBend      
20.9Daniel Miller5:22.14aSummit      
21.9Kale Barton5:30.94aSummit      
22.9Javier Aguirre5:31.14aLost River      
23.10Kyel Beezley5:34.84aKlamath Union      
24.9Forrest Ingalls5:35.24aBend      
25.10Matthew Trono5:36.24aSummit      
26.10Brenden Westfall5:49.74aKlamath Union      
10Jordan WolfeSCRMountain View (OR)      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Reed9:30.14aKlamath Union      
2.10Alex Peterson9:55.04aKlamath Union      
3.11Andrew Jensen9:56.44aBend      
4.10Nick Anderson9:57.84aKlamath Union      
5.9Jed Tolbert10:17.04aHenley      
6.11Scott Gage10:18.44aBend      
7.12Jacob McDaniel10:34.44aKlamath Union      
8.10Salvador Ulloa10:42.74aMountain View (OR)      
9.10Brian Bailey10:53.24aHenley      
10.9Shaun Carter10:54.14aHenley      
11.9Nicholas Lane11:06.94aSummit      
12.12Tyler Ketcham11:18.24aKlamath Union      
13.9Daniel Marsden11:37.94aKlamath Union      
14.9Andrew Stork11:51.84aKlamath Union      
15.9Giancarlo Caccamo12:16.64aSummit      
16.12Carlos Guerrero12:21.04aKlamath Union      
10Jordan WolfeNTMountain View (OR)      
9Javier AguirreNTLost River      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
2.11Derek Woodland16.51aHenley      
3.11Trevor Williams16.67aBend      
4.12Tory Snyder17.13aKlamath Union      
5.11Joe Cullen17.54aHenley      
6.11Jason Moore17.64aBend      
7.11Ryan Theiss17.96aBend      
8.11Kyle Criss18.96aMountain View (OR)      
9.11Hunter Phillips19.18aSummit      
10.10Jordan Brewster19.36aHenley      
11.12Michael McDonnell19.90aKlamath Union      
12.11Dylan Woock20.06aSummit      
13.11Charlie Webb20.20aMountain View (OR)      
10Justin Rick20.0Klamath Union      
14.10Brock Perry21.20aLost River      
15.12Antwan Johnson21.53aSummit      
16.9Evan Malone21.68aMountain View (OR)      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Drew Rivera18.95aSummit      
2.9Solomon Helms19.21aMountain View (OR)      
3.11Jed Bellefeuille19.24aBend      
5.11Ian Coen21.15aKlamath Union      
6.9Tommy Barquinero22.25aBend      
7.9Ryan Johnson23.55aBend      
10Seth HallmanSCRBend      
11Dean DutroSCRBend      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
2.11Robin Miller42.74aSummit      
3.12Parker Pratt43.76aHenley      
4.12Tory Snyder44.51aKlamath Union      
5.11Dean Dutro45.14aBend      
6.11Trevor Williams45.53aBend      
7.11Ryan Theiss46.84aBend      
8.9Tiger Larson47.21aSummit      
9.12Michael McDonnell48.06aKlamath Union      
10.11Charlie Webb48.14aMountain View (OR)      
11.11Hunter Phillips48.64aSummit      
12.11Kyle Criss49.04aMountain View (OR)      
13.9Evan Malone53.08aMountain View (OR)      
11Joe CullenSCRHenley      
11Jason MooreSCRBend      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jed Bellefeuille45.93aBend      
2.9Brett Campbell49.24aSummit      
3.9Ryan Johnson53.28aBend      
4.9Tommy Barquinero54.14aBend      
5.9Giancarlo Caccamo1:04.39aSummit      
11Ian CoenNTKlamath Union      
10Seth HallmanSCRBend      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Buckendorf
Robin Miller
Kevin Gilbride
Antwan Johnson
2.-Derek Peters
Zach Gogenola
Neal Langston
Carl Hinchman
3.-Sean Johnson
Mitch Martini
Joey Weldon
Justin Mackenzie
45.41aMountain View (OR)      
4.-Relay Team 45.63aKlamath Union      
5.-Casey Evans
Justin Hoggarth
Danny Staats
Jesse Brewster
6.-Eusebio Alonzo
Riley Talbot
Nathan Hernandez
Cort Cox
48.31aLost River      
7.-Shylow Chapman
Mike Erwin
Ryan Stinson
Ritch Hatcher
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Huckins
Dion Roccasalva
Matt Meagher
TJ Whitehall
2.-Travis Cunningham
Conner Price
Joel Stichler
Brian Spaulding
48.37aMountain View (OR)      
3.-Relay Team 48.47aBend      
4.-Michael Warsaw
Scott McCreery
Wes Jordan
Pierce Kennedy
48.84aMountain View (OR)      
5.-Corey Cahalane
Brett Campbell
Matson Hardie
Nolan Bradley
6.-Relay Team 52.47aMountain View (OR)      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Winston Mueller
Danny Staats
Parker Pratt
Forest Smith
2.-Mark Brooks
Matt Porter
Aaron Foster
Jon Amos
3:41.74aKlamath Union      
3.-Cody Buckendorf
Robin Miller
Antwan Johnson
Kevin Gilbride
4.-Relay Team 4:01.04aMountain View (OR)      
5.-Dean Dutro
Scott Edwards
Carl Hinchman
Neal Langston
--Eusebio Alonzo
Cort Cox
Kyle Darcy
Nathan Hernandez
SCRLost River      
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Corey Cahalane
Brett Campbell
Korey Halligan
Drew Rivera
2.-Tiger Larson
Dion Roccasalva
Harlan Porterfield
Hunter Phillips
3.-Dillon Caldwell
Dylan Woock
Justin Huckins
TJ Whitehall
4.-Nathan Swan
Ethan Caudle
Andrew Blake
Raymond Klein
5.-Austin Goebel
Jacob McDaniel
Steven Reed
Nick Wenner
4:14.64aKlamath Union      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derek Peters48'05.50Bend      
2.12Jordan Fenters48'03.00Henley      
3.11Nick Brandt44'05.50Klamath Union      
4.12Kevin Weldon44'02.00Mountain View (OR)      
5.-Steve Butrick43'08.50Bend      
6.12Ben Atchison41'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
7.10Sam Moore40'01.00Klamath Union      
8.-Ryan Kelly39'04.00Summit      
9.11Ransom Smith37'10.00Gilchrist      
10.12Joe Townsend37'07.00Henley      
11.12Jesse Nork37'06.00Klamath Union      
12.12Alex Hamiltion37'03.50Bend      
13.10Caaleb Clayton36'11.00Gilchrist      
14.12Garrett Banton35'07.00Summit      
15.11Kyle Linehan33'03.00Summit      
16.10Jackson McKee30'04.00Lost River      
17.11Craig Hibbs29'09.00Gilchrist      
18.10Joe Fuentes26'06.50Lost River      
19.9Jose Valadez17'06.50Lost River      
9Austin EvansNDLost River      
12Justin CoutsNDHenley      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Olvera38'04.00Klamath Union      
2.-Sean Evert37'00.00Summit      
3.10Corey Amodeo36'07.50Mountain View (OR)      
4.10Tyler Ammann36'04.00Bend      
5.9Nate Goodwin34'10.00Bend      
6.10Luis Campos34'08.00Bend      
7.-Alex Wurm34'06.00Summit      
8.9Cody Rick34'02.00Klamath Union      
9.10Javier Herrera33'03.50Mountain View (OR)      
10.10Jeremy Hobbs32'08.50Klamath Union      
11.-Davis Resor32'07.00Summit      
12.9Dominic Zander32'00.00Bend      
13.9Tyler Martini31'10.50Mountain View (OR)      
14.9Andrew Warrenburg31'08.50Mountain View (OR)      
15.9Christopher Harper31'08.00Summit      
16.10Matt Ragen31'04.00Henley      
17.9Cody Harrold30'01.00Summit      
18.11Mackenzie Eberhard29'11.00Summit      
19.10Drew McDermott28'08.00Gilchrist      
20.9Liam Brown28'02.00Bend      
21.9Matt Funk27'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
22.9Dalton Scavinsky26'08.50Bend      
23.9Cody Schoenborn25'10.00Mountain View (OR)      
24.9Delaney Butler25'04.00Summit      
25.9Chris Beard25'01.00Mountain View (OR)      
26.12Steve Bateman21'02.50Klamath Union      
12Justin TiceSCRKlamath Union      
10Cody BogartSCRGilchrist      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Westerman132'07Bend      
2.12Derek Peters126'08Bend      
3.11Jason Moore120'08Bend      
4.11Sean Rush116'02Henley      
5.11Ash Gibson116'00Mountain View (OR)      
6.10Kenny Echternkamp115'10Mountain View (OR)      
7.12Jesse Nork115'04Klamath Union      
8.12Garrett Banton112'02Summit      
9.12Jordan Fenters105'06Henley      
10.11Kyle Linehan103'01Summit      
11.11Ransom Smith103'00Gilchrist      
12.10Sam Moore102'10Klamath Union      
13.12Ben Atchison102'01Mountain View (OR)      
14.10Matt Ragen92'00Henley      
15.12Stewart Briggs90'11Summit      
17.10Caaleb Clayton77'02Gilchrist      
18.10Jackson McKee61'10Lost River      
19.9Jose Valadez46'08Lost River      
9Austin EvansSCRLost River      
12John IvieSCRKlamath Union      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Hamiltion121'05Bend      
2.12Kevin Weldon103'10Mountain View (OR)      
3.9Matt Funk97'05Mountain View (OR)      
4.10Corey Amodeo95'00Mountain View (OR)      
5.9Kenny Ivie94'06Klamath Union      
6.9Dominic Zander90'03Bend      
7.-Ryan Kelly84'10Summit      
8.9Nate Goodwin84'07Bend      
9.-Sean Evert82'08Summit      
10.11Mackenzie Eberhard81'05Summit      
11.-Davis Resor80'08Summit      
12.9Chris Beard78'01Mountain View (OR)      
13.10Javier Herrera77'11Mountain View (OR)      
14.9Tyler Martini75'03Mountain View (OR)      
15.10Scott Collister73'04Mountain View (OR)      
16.10Luis Campos73'01Bend      
17.11Terrill Petersen71'03Summit      
18.9Cody Schoenborn70'08Mountain View (OR)      
19.9Cody Harrold69'09Summit      
20.11Conner Duffy68'00Summit      
21.9Liam Brown66'03Bend      
22.10Joe Fuentes61'04Lost River      
23.11Craig Hibbs61'04Gilchrist      
24.10Drew McDermott60'07Gilchrist      
25.9Andrew Warrenburg60'02Mountain View (OR)      
26.9Alvin Smalley57'04Klamath Union      
27.9Dalton Scavinsky56'04Bend      
-Steve ButrickSCRBend      
10Tyler AmmannSCRBend      
10Cody BogartSCRGilchrist      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Mackenzie180'00Mountain View (OR)      
2.12Shane Cunningham154'08Bend      
3.12Kyle Sayeg149'08Summit      
4.10Caaleb Clayton142'10Gilchrist      
5.11Kyle Westerman138'01Bend      
6.12Eric Schneider134'08Henley      
7.12Kraig Kessler134'03Henley      
8.12Cameron Jalbert132'00Mountain View (OR)      
9.11Tyler Smith119'02Gilchrist      
10.10Richard Williams118'08Bend      
11.12Jesse Nork118'02Klamath Union      
12.11Ransom Smith112'10Gilchrist      
13.10Robert Turner108'03Mountain View (OR)      
14.-Alex Wurm106'02Summit      
15.10Geoffrey Zath103'07Summit      
16.12John Ivie102'08Klamath Union      
18.10Ben Harris78'00Gilchrist      
12Colton HinesSCRHenley      
10Joe FuentesSCRLost River      
9Austin EvansSCRLost River      
X Javelin - 800g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Moore146'00Bend      
2.-John O'Hollaren124'10Summit      
3.10Kenny Echternkamp122'10Mountain View (OR)      
4.12Garrett Banton117'11Summit      
5.-Steve Butrick116'03Bend      
6.11Craig Hibbs114'07Gilchrist      
7.11Ash Gibson113'02Mountain View (OR)      
8.10Justin Rick106'01Klamath Union      
9.12Kyle Johnson105'08Bend      
10.11Terrill Petersen103'11Summit      
11.11Zach Gogenola101'09Bend      
12.12Joe Townsend99'05Henley      
13.11Ian Coen95'01Klamath Union      
14.12Stewart Briggs94'06Summit      
15.11Charlie Webb91'05Mountain View (OR)      
16.11Daniel Curley90'06Mountain View (OR)      
17.11Tyler Brewer89'02Lost River      
18.10Drew McDermott86'02Gilchrist      
18.11Zach Luther86'02Klamath Union      
20.9Cody Harrold82'00Summit      
21.12Nathan Carnahan77'04Summit      
22.9Dominic Zander71'10Bend      
23.9Dalton Scavinsky62'08Bend      
24.9Cameron Mackenzie49'01Mountain View (OR)      
9Tyler MartiniNDMountain View (OR)      
12Mitch MartiniNDMountain View (OR)      
11Kyle CrissNDMountain View (OR)      
11Jerry CasteelNDMountain View (OR)      
-Will BurksNDBend      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danny Staats6'05.00Henley      
2.11Kyle Westerman6'00.00Bend      
3.11Tyler Smith5'10.00Gilchrist      
3.10Harlan Porterfield5'10.00Summit      
5.12Jesse Brewster5'10.00Henley      
5.12Parker Pratt5'08.00Henley      
5.12Sean Johnson5'08.00Mountain View (OR)      
8.12Cameron Jalbert5'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
8.11Patrick Laubacher5'06.00Summit      
8.11Dean Dutro5'06.00Bend      
8.10Matson Hardie5'06.00Summit      
13.10Jon Amos5'04.00Klamath Union      
14.9Deon McLaughlin5'02.00Klamath Union      
14.10Shylow Chapman5'02.00Gilchrist      
10Ben HarrisNHGilchrist      
9Ryan StinsonNHGilchrist      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Davis5'08.00Summit      
1.11Cody Hester5'08.00Summit      
3.-Will Burks5'06.00Bend      
4.10Zane Cable5'04.00Bend      
4.10Micah King5'04.00Summit      
4.9William McLain5'04.00Summit      
7.9Nicholas Lane5'02.00Summit      
7.11Conner Duffy5'02.00Summit      
7.9Kevin Hoffheins5'02.00Klamath Union      
11Cort CoxSCRLost River      
10Brock PerryNHLost River      
10Ben MortonNHKlamath Union      
-Dallin WilcoxSCRMountain View (OR)      
10Richard WilliamsNHBend      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Johnson13'00.00Bend      
2.11Ransom Smith12'00.00Gilchrist      
2.9Owen Quon12'00.00Summit      
4.11Drew Rivera11'00.00Summit      
5.10Ben Harris9'00.00Gilchrist      
5.12Sean Roland9'00.00Henley      
11Jordan GoodNHMountain View (OR)      
10Taylor BrownNHMountain View (OR)      
10Jesse BuckleyNHMountain View (OR)      
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Solomon Helms10'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
2.10Kyle Lincicome9'00.00Bend      
2.10Robert Turner9'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
4.9Ian Pihl8'06.00Bend      
5.11Ross Studwell8'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
6.9Cameron Mackenzie7'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
7.9Thomas Hamlik7'00.00Summit      
7.10Matthew Trono7'00.00Summit      
7.9Ryan Stinson7'00.00Gilchrist      
9Thomas EdmundsonNHBend      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Will Burks20'05.00Bend      
2.12Kevin Gilbride19'06.50Summit      
3.12Jesse Brewster18'11.50Henley      
4.11Tyler Smith18'07.00Gilchrist      
5.9Deon McLaughlin18'05.00Klamath Union      
6.9Dion Roccasalva18'04.50Summit      
7.11Aaron Foster18'00.50Klamath Union      
8.10Shylow Chapman17'11.50Gilchrist      
9.10Casey Evans17'10.50Henley      
10.11Cort Cox17'08.00Lost River      
11.11Ethan Caudle17'06.50Bend      
12.10Carson Baxter16'08.50Bend      
13.10Mike Erwin16'04.00Gilchrist      
14.10Ben Morton16'00.50Klamath Union      
15.10Riley Talbot10'04.00Lost River      
16.11Derek Woodland7'04.50Henley      
12Mitch MartiniSCRMountain View (OR)      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Rau18'05.00Summit      
2.10Scott McCreery18'04.00Mountain View (OR)      
3.11Mike Davis17'11.00Summit      
4.11Kyle Westerman16'10.50Bend      
5.11Forest Willard16'07.00Klamath Union      
6.11Jordan Good16'05.00Mountain View (OR)      
7.10Brock Perry16'04.50Lost River      
8.10Joel Stichler16'01.00Mountain View (OR)      
9.-James Carranza14'08.00Summit      
10.11Nicholas Dasen14'05.50Summit      
11.12Kyle Darcy14'01.00Lost River      
12.9Dylan Kretchmer13'09.00Summit      
13.12Qitan Cui13'05.00Klamath Union      
13.10Oscar Villavicensio13'05.00Bend      
15.9Ryan Stinson13'03.00Gilchrist      
17.9Tyler Harden11'09.00Summit      
18.11Conner Duffy11'05.50Summit      
10Jesse BuckleySCRMountain View (OR)      
10Kenny EchternkampSCRMountain View (OR)      
-Ritch HatcherSCRGilchrist      
10Zane CableSCRBend      
9Cameron MackenzieSCRMountain View (OR)      
11Pierce KennedySCRMountain View (OR)      
12Parker PrattSCRHenley      
12Colton HinesSCRHenley      
11Morgan CreasonSCRHenley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Pierce Kennedy36'05.00Mountain View (OR)      
12Mitch MartiniSCRMountain View (OR)      
11Cody HesterSCRSummit      
10Harlan PorterfieldSCRSummit      
9Dion RoccasalvaSCRSummit      
11Derek WoodlandSCRHenley      
10Jordan BrewsterSCRHenley      
9Tyler NewsomeSCRHenley      
11Kyle WestermanSCRBend      
10Carson BaxterSCRBend      
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Davis37'05.50Summit      
2.10Joel Stichler35'04.00Mountain View (OR)      
12Nathan RauSCRSummit      
10Oscar VillavicensioSCRBend      
10Devin WeeksSCRBend      
11Jordan GoodSCRMountain View (OR)      
10Jesse BuckleySCRMountain View (OR)      
11Korey HalliganSCRSummit      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kellie Schueler12.85aSummit      
2.10Sara Steria13.45aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Sara Amos13.88aKlamath Union      
4.10Katey Choukalos13.91aKlamath Union      
5.12Linnae Roland13.92aHenley      
6.10Callie Greenleaf13.93aBend      
7.12Susie Whitehall13.98aSummit      
8.10Erica Cardwell14.12aBend      
9.12Kaitlyn Tebbs14.15aBend      
10.9Cori Wallace14.16aHenley      
11.11Stacee Wells14.38aMountain View (OR)      
12.9Rachel Slater14.49aSummit      
13.12Jordan Wendt14.81aKlamath Union      
10Katie WaughSCRHenley      
11Michelle CarlsonSCRGilchrist      
9Chelsea WilcoxSCRMountain View (OR)      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Janci Schell14.13aHenley      
2.11Devinne Fagen14.16aBend      
3.9Kailee Poetsch14.40aHenley      
4.10Casey Anderson14.64aBend      
5.9Breanna Munsell14.68aSummit      
6.10Katelyn Cooley14.78aMountain View (OR)      
7.10Betsy Gascon14.84aSummit      
8.9Breanna Wilson14.90aSummit      
9.10Miranda Paul14.93aMountain View (OR)      
11.10Angela Green14.96aMountain View (OR)      
12.10Ashley Wildman15.06aBend      
12.9Lela Baley15.06aLost River      
14.11Carleigh Spencer15.07aBend      
14.10Shelby Cummins15.07aMountain View (OR)      
16.10Amanda Lambert15.31aBend      
17.11Courtney Fujishin15.33aHenley      
18.11Kinsey Ross15.42aBend      
19.9Jessica Reid15.51aSummit      
20.9Callie Cattell15.54aSummit      
21.9Ashley Crawford15.58aMountain View (OR)      
21.9Mariah Gilbert15.58aBend      
23.9Katie Pfeil15.61aBend      
24.9Katrina Roberts15.68aKlamath Union      
25.9Hayley Cogburn16.25aMountain View (OR)      
26.10Courtney George16.30aMountain View (OR)      
27.10Julia Orellana16.81aMountain View (OR)      
28.10Shelbi VanSise17.08aSummit      
29.9Caitlin Young17.15aSummit      
30.9Crystal Jimenez17.59aSummit      
31.11Katelyn Hartman17.77aHenley      
32.9Kelse Budden18.25aKlamath Union      
9Kelsey CurrierSCRMountain View (OR)      
-Ssummer GrigsbySCRMountain View (OR)      
9Kristen LinckSCRMountain View (OR)      
-Amanda YankovichSCRMountain View (OR)      
12Kirsten CumminsSCRMountain View (OR)      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kellie Schueler26.43aSummit      
2.12Sara Amos28.01aKlamath Union      
3.11Marissa Berg28.16aSummit      
4.12Linnae Roland28.53aHenley      
5.9Ellie Pohl28.56aKlamath Union      
6.10Alison Flaherty28.80aSummit      
7.10Janci Schell29.00aHenley      
8.10Callie Greenleaf29.20aBend      
9.9Kailee Poetsch29.26aHenley      
10.12Kaitlyn Tebbs29.27aBend      
11.9Chelsea Wilcox29.43aMountain View (OR)      
12.10Awbrey Gould29.63aBend      
13.10Katelyn Cooley30.40aMountain View (OR)      
14.10Jo Heater32.50aGilchrist      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Devinne Fagen28.84aBend      
2.12Jordan Wendt29.20aKlamath Union      
3.9Catherine Theobald29.46aBend      
5.9Lindsey Langer29.98aSummit      
6.12Kalah Heacock30.51aMountain View (OR)      
7.10Kayle Fancher30.70aSummit      
8.9Rachel Slater30.72aSummit      
10.11Dana Fenster31.53aBend      
11.9Lela Baley31.73aLost River      
12.12Kirsten Cummins31.84aMountain View (OR)      
13.10Erica Marley32.05aSummit      
14.12Bailey Johnson32.35aLost River      
15.10Shelbi VanSise34.08aSummit      
16.9Kelse Budden37.13aKlamath Union      
9Andrea StrawSCRHenley      
10Amanda LambertSCRBend      
10Shelby CumminsSCRMountain View (OR)      
-Ssummer GrigsbySCRMountain View (OR)      
-Amanda YankovichSCRMountain View (OR)      
11Carleigh SpencerSCRBend      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ellie Pohl1:01.10aKlamath Union      
2.11Amanda Baker1:02.40aMountain View (OR)      
3.11Stephanie North1:03.77aHenley      
4.10Melanie Johnson1:05.17aHenley      
9Ally Herr66.33aMountain View (OR)      
5.9Hillie Teller1:06.35aSummit      
6.11Rachelle Wilson1:06.52aSummit      
7.10Chelsea Conklin1:07.99aSummit      
8.11Lisel Frazier1:09.05aHenley      
10Jori Umphress70.16aMountain View (OR)      
9.10Kristen Cerri1:19.27aLost River      
10Jo HeaterSCRGilchrist      
10Shey HaackSCRHenley      
11Dana FensterSCRBend      
10Deanna LundSCRBend      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Alison Flaherty65.6Summit      
12Susie Whitehall65.8Summit      
10Gabby Rivera65.9Summit      
9Breanna Wilson68.3Summit      
10Chelsea Conklin69.5Summit      
9Rachel Slater70.7Summit      
9Emily Hayes71.2Summit      
9Lourdes Valverde72.0Summit      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katie Waugh2:28.64aHenley      
2.9Mimi Seeley2:37.84aBend      
3.11Heidi Hanst2:44.14aKlamath Union      
4.10Emily Villano2:46.24aSummit      
5.9Lourdes Valverde2:47.04aSummit      
6.9Ana Valverde2:49.44aSummit      
7.9Chelsie Schoenborn2:55.64aMountain View (OR)      
8.10Darragh Hildreth2:56.64aSummit      
9.9Chelsie Anding3:04.84aGilchrist      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Hayes2:44.34aSummit      
2.9Matea Fish2:44.94aSummit      
3.11Lauren Sporck2:47.44aSummit      
4.-Caitlin McCabe2:50.54aSummit      
5.10Melinda Duran2:50.74aHenley      
6.9Katie Hatchet3:02.34aBend      
7.10Deanna Lund3:09.24aBend      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Wallace5:02.34aHenley      
2.9Kelly Hanson5:10.34aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Vanessa Fiedler5:24.14aBend      
4.9Mimi Seeley5:25.14aBend      
5.10MaCayla Claver5:30.44aLost River      
6.9Catherine Theobald5:43.54aBend      
7.9Ana Valverde5:44.94aSummit      
8.11Ashley Saenger5:49.14aHenley      
9.9Katie Hatchet5:54.14aBend      
10.9Maria Lorenz5:55.64aBend      
11.10Stephanie Machado6:15.44aKlamath Union      
12.10Kelsey Wickham6:19.74aKlamath Union      
13.10Megan Weitzal6:21.14aKlamath Union      
14.10Lacey Weddel6:21.44aBend      
15.-Julie Olson6:21.64aBend      
16.9Emilie Geis6:21.94aMountain View (OR)      
17.11Rosey Baber7:13.94aSummit      
18.-Heidi Gonzalez7:14.94aSummit      
19.9Kylie Cesena7:44.44aKlamath Union      
20.10Lizet Paez7:53.34aKlamath Union      
9Lourdes ValverdeSCRSummit      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kelly Hanson11:25.44aMountain View (OR)      
2.12Anna Gomez11:55.34aKlamath Union      
3.12Vanessa Fiedler12:08.74aBend      
4.10MaCayla Claver12:09.04aLost River      
5.10Cheyenne Walker12:48.84aKlamath Union      
6.11Cayla Hill13:00.94aHenley      
7.9Emilie Geis13:38.14aMountain View (OR)      
8.10Victoria Honzel13:39.24aKlamath Union      
9.11Gretta Gillas13:41.54aBend      
10.-Julie Olson13:48.04aBend      
11.10Lacey Weddel13:55.84aBend      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Christensen17.61aHenley      
2.11Holly Davis17.95aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Susie Whitehall18.32aSummit      
4.10Callie Greenleaf18.42aBend      
5.10Taylor Audia18.48aSummit      
6.9Lysandra Rudd19.70aKlamath Union      
7.12Heidi Price19.98aSummit      
8.11Michelle Carlson20.64aGilchrist      
9.10Kara Herron21.10aKlamath Union      
10.11Erin Hatlestad21.11aBend      
11.11Ang Hellar21.18aMountain View (OR)      
12.10Jo Heater21.24aGilchrist      
13.12Janelle Bailey21.89aHenley      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kristen Linck21.32aMountain View (OR)      
2.11Jessica Snow21.33aKlamath Union      
3.12Bailey Johnson22.32aLost River      
4.9Breanna Burns22.50aKlamath Union      
5.9Jazz Garrett22.56aBend      
6.9Autumn Daley22.94aKlamath Union      
7.9Katie Pfeil25.03aBend      
8.9Carey Rogers25.06aBend      
-Shirley ShortSCRBend      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Cori Wallace49.10aHenley      
2.12Susie Whitehall51.22aSummit      
3.12Jessica Mortenson51.70aHenley      
4.10Kara Herron53.84aKlamath Union      
5.12Cassie Hickey57.04aMountain View (OR)      
6.9Shelby Miller58.61aSummit      
7.11Erin Hatlestad58.78aBend      
9Jazz GarrettSCRBend      
10Tia IngramSCRHenley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Swingle52.71aLost River      
2.12Janelle Bailey58.88aHenley      
3.9Carey Rogers1:20.50aBend      
4.-Shirley Short1:23.14aBend      
9Ashley CrawfordSCRMountain View (OR)      
12Bailey JohnsonSCRLost River      
12Mikayla MorganSCRHenley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marissa Berg
Kourtney Parks
Rachelle Wilson
Kellie Schueler
2.-Jordan Wendt
Sara Amos
Ellie Pohl
Katey Choukalos
51.01aKlamath Union      
3.-Melanie Johnson
Janci Schell
Linnae Roland
Katie Waugh
4.-Kaitlyn Tebbs
Erica Cardwell
Callie Greenleaf
Awbrey Gould
5.-Stephanie North
Lisel Frazier
Cori Wallace
Kailee Poetsch
6.-Kayla Swingle
Caitlin Burch
Lela Baley
Bailey Johnson
54.59aLost River      
7.-Katelyn Cooley
Kirsten Cummins
Shelby Cummins
Jaime Faulkner
54.89aMountain View (OR)      
--Amanda Baker
Stacee Wells
Chelsea Wilcox
Sara Steria
DQMountain View (OR)      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Slater
Breanna Wilson
Betsy Gascon
Kayle Fancher
2.-Angela Green
Miranda Paul
Courtney George
Hayley Cogburn
59.52aMountain View (OR)      
3.-Shelby Miller
Kayla Elam
Maddie Yeakel
Brooke Bailey
4.-Kayla Morrow
Christina DeSouza
Ssummer Grigsby
Julia Orellana
1:02.16aMountain View (OR)      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie North
Melanie Johnson
Katie Waugh
Taylor Wallace
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christy Mosier32'11.00Summit      
2.12Ellie Lesueur31'10.00Henley      
3.10Audra Luther31'01.50Klamath Union      
4.12Kiara Fiegi30'11.50Klamath Union      
5.12Megan Christensen30'10.00Henley      
6.12Lindsay Renstrom30'07.00Mountain View (OR)      
7.10Kaelea Crosby29'04.50Klamath Union      
8.12Kirsten Gestvang29'02.50Gilchrist      
9.9Jourdana Schumaker29'01.00Bend      
10.9Gabby Zander28'07.50Bend      
11.11Alyssa Dewey27'04.50Mountain View (OR)      
12.10Sierra Smith26'10.00Henley      
13.11Melanie Gunderson25'09.00Summit      
14.-Erin Kelly25'07.00Summit      
15.9Lizzi Pannel25'04.50Gilchrist      
16.11Eva Silva25'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
17.11Samantha Stine24'00.50Gilchrist      
18.11Kinsey Ross21'08.50Bend      
19.10Awbrey Gould20'02.00Bend      
9Katie DexterSCRLost River      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Alena Martin28'03.50Summit      
2.9Naomi Wright27'10.50Summit      
3.11Angel Walker26'00.75Klamath Union      
4.11Heidi Hanst24'05.50Klamath Union      
5.12Kim Rajnus24'01.50Lost River      
6.10Katie Burnham23'05.00Summit      
7.9Rachel Logan22'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
8.9Hayley Cogburn22'00.50Mountain View (OR)      
9.10Kayle Fancher21'10.00Summit      
10.11Sara Smilie21'02.00Bend      
11.9Danielle Berg21'00.50Summit      
12.10Cally Modin20'01.00Mountain View (OR)      
13.9Shelby Miller19'08.50Summit      
14.10Lacey Reed19'08.00Henley      
15.12Adriana Castro19'07.50Lost River      
16.9Autumn Daley18'05.00Klamath Union      
17.12Jamie Gatliff17'02.50Lost River      
18.9Crystal Jimenez16'11.50Summit      
19.10Sarah Kennedy16'04.00Summit      
12Karina ZambranoSCRLost River      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
10Kaelea Crosby92'4Klamath Union      
11Heidi Hanst92'2Klamath Union      
11Shelby Scevers76'Gilchrist      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Kiara Fiegi94'00Klamath Union      
2.11Melanie Gunderson56'02Summit      
3.9Tasia Morrow52'08Mountain View (OR)      
4.11Sara Smilie50'09Bend      
5.9Naomi Wright50'04Summit      
6.-Alecsy Christensen45'09Summit      
7.10Katie Burnham44'10Summit      
8.-Cloe Boatman44'00Summit      
9.9Chelsie Schoenborn41'09Mountain View (OR)      
10.10Sarah Kennedy41'01Summit      
12Adriana CastroSCRLost River      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsay Renstrom105'09Mountain View (OR)      
2.11Melanie Gunderson100'09Summit      
3.12Megan Christensen99'11Henley      
4.10Kaelea Crosby92'11Klamath Union      
5.11Alyssa Dewey92'02Mountain View (OR)      
6.10Nikki Nygren90'11Henley      
7.11Stephanie North88'06Henley      
8.11Kayla Link88'05Gilchrist      
9.10Christy Mosier86'03Summit      
10.11Shelby Scevers76'03Gilchrist      
11.10Katey Choukalos72'01Klamath Union      
12.12Kaitlyn Gould71'00Bend      
13.11Devinne Fagen70'04Bend      
14.12Alena Martin66'08Summit      
15.12Kirsten Gestvang65'07Gilchrist      
16.10Tiana Cesena65'00Klamath Union      
17.11Patty Quick56'09Lost River      
18.11Eva Silva56'09Mountain View (OR)      
19.11Kinsey Ross52'04Bend      
20.11Samantha Stine52'02Gilchrist      
21.9Katie Dexter43'05Lost River      
22.12Jamie Gatliff43'00Lost River      
23.9Lizzi Pannel23'02Gilchrist      
9Alex DannarSCRGilchrist      
X Javelin - 600g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kylene Scott85'06Bend      
2.9Jordan Doke80'05Henley      
3.9Gabby Zander79'05Bend      
4.12Katy Nelson74'03Henley      
5.9Jazz Garrett72'09Bend      
6.9Jourdana Schumaker70'11Bend      
7.9Andrea Straw66'09Henley      
8.9Danielle Berg64'09Summit      
9.9Kirsten Tobey64'04Summit      
10.9Lindsey Langer61'01Summit      
11.9Matea Fish59'02Summit      
12.10Cally Modin57'06Mountain View (OR)      
13.11Heidi Hanst56'01Klamath Union      
14.9Rachel Logan53'09Mountain View (OR)      
15.12Glenna Donahue53'03Klamath Union      
16.9Naomi Wright52'07Summit      
17.10Amy Willhite50'09Klamath Union      
18.9Becca Hisel50'03Bend      
19.9Hannah Costa49'01Klamath Union      
20.9Desiree Ogborn46'11Klamath Union      
21.9Marina Fisher46'09Klamath Union      
22.12Tonja Winder37'03Klamath Union      
23.10Katie Burnham36'07Summit      
24.9Victoria Haley33'08Klamath Union      
25.9Micaela Hester33'05Summit      
26.9Autumn Daley26'07Klamath Union      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mikayla Morgan5'00.00Henley      
2.10Sara Steria4'10.00Mountain View (OR)      
2.12Heidi Price4'10.00Summit      
4.10Emily Villano4'08.00Summit      
4.11Ang Hellar4'08.00Mountain View (OR)      
4.10Kara Herron4'08.00Klamath Union      
7.10Janci Schell4'06.00Henley      
7.9Marina Fisher4'06.00Klamath Union      
7.10Katey Choukalos4'06.00Klamath Union      
7.12Jaci Smith4'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
11.9Kylene Scott4'02.00Bend      
11.12Kaitlyn Gould4'02.00Bend      
11.9Kali Smith4'02.00Gilchrist      
10Tia IngramSCRHenley      
11Michelle CarlsonNHGilchrist      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Miranda Paul4'08.00Mountain View (OR)      
2.10Maddie Yeakel4'06.00Summit      
2.10Kayle Fancher4'06.00Summit      
2.12Kalah Heacock4'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
5.9Ashley Crawford4'04.00Mountain View (OR)      
6.9Ana Valverde4'02.00Summit      
8.9Callie Cattell4'00.00Summit      
8.9Christina DeSouza4'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Holly Davis9'00.00Mountain View (OR)      
2.11Carleigh Spencer8'00.00Bend      
2.12Kayla Swingle8'00.00Lost River      
2.11Courtney Fujishin8'00.00Henley      
5.10Courtney George7'6.00Mountain View (OR)      
6.12Kayla Morrow7'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
6.11Katelyn Hartman7'06.00Henley      
6.11Lauren Tierney7'06.00Henley      
9.10Maddie Yeakel7'00.00Summit      
10.10Taylor Audia6'06.00Summit      
10.10Margaret Weller6'06.00Summit      
9Lela BaleySCRLost River      
12Sunny DayNHBend      
9Chelsie AndingNHGilchrist      
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashley Wildman7'06.00Bend      
2.9Tasia Morrow6'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
2.9Chelsie Schoenborn6'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
4.9Stephanie Stratton6'00.00Bend      
9Kelsey CurrierNHMountain View (OR)      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Swingle16'01.50Lost River      
2.10Katey Choukalos15'04.50Klamath Union      
3.10Sara Steria14'01.50Mountain View (OR)      
4.11Marissa Berg14'00.50Summit      
4.11Brooke Bailey14'00.50Summit      
6.9Ally Herr13'10.50Mountain View (OR)      
7.12Kaitlyn Tebbs13'10.00Bend      
8.10Erica Cardwell13'06.00Bend      
9.9Cori Wallace13'05.00Henley      
10.11Shelby Scevers13'02.00Gilchrist      
11.10Casey Anderson12'04.50Bend      
12.10Caitlin Burch12'02.50Lost River      
13.10Robyn Neimann12'02.00Mountain View (OR)      
14.10Miranda Paul11'09.50Mountain View (OR)      
15.11Michelle Carlson11'08.00Gilchrist      
16.9Lela Baley11'06.00Lost River      
17.9Kali Smith10'08.50Gilchrist      
12Mikayla MorganSCRHenley      
11Kayla LinkSCRGilchrist      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Alison Flaherty13'11.00Summit      
2.11Rachelle Wilson13'07.00Summit      
3.10Danielle Graham13'01.00Bend      
4.11Devinne Fagen13'00.00Bend      
5.10Betsy Gascon12'11.50Summit      
6.11Lauren Sporck12'06.00Summit      
7.11Elena Absalon12'03.50Summit      
8.9Emily Hayes12'01.00Summit      
9.10Ciarra Jones12'00.00Bend      
11.9Ashley Crawford11'07.00Mountain View (OR)      
12.10Erica Marley11'01.00Summit      
13.10Bailey Reynolds11'00.00Summit      
14.9Kristen Linck10'10.50Mountain View (OR)      
15.11Tara Russell10'10.00Summit      
16.-Alecsy Christensen10'08.50Summit      
17.10Angela Green10'04.50Mountain View (OR)      
18.9Kelsey Currier10'01.00Mountain View (OR)      
19.9Kirsten Tobey9'06.50Summit      
20.9Micaela Hester8'10.00Summit      
21.9Caitlin Young7'00.00Summit      
10Courtney GeorgeSCRMountain View (OR)      
12Jaci SmithSCRMountain View (OR)      
9Katie PfeilSCRBend      
12Karina ZambranoSCRLost River      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brooke Bailey31'02.50Summit      
2.10Robyn Neimann27'06.00Mountain View (OR)      
11Ang HellarSCRMountain View (OR)      
12Jaci SmithSCRMountain View (OR)      
10Caitlin BurchSCRLost River      
12Jessica MortensonSCRHenley      
10Taylor WallaceSCRHenley      
10Shey HaackSCRHenley      
10Danielle GrahamSCRBend      
10Ciarra JonesSCRBend      
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Elena Absalon27'04.00Summit      
2.11Tara Russell24'06.00Summit      
10Casey AndersonSCRBend      
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