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Cole Valley Christian Invitational @ Horseshoe Bend

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend

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Nevada - Division 4
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Shepherd11.56Horseshoe Bend
2.11Anthony Beskoon11.60Cascade
3.11Curtis Clagg11.72Council
4.9Austin Fricke11.90Nampa Christian
5.11Ethan Sauer11.97Marsing
6.12Wyatt Yates12.21Council
7.10Nick Campbell12.43Nampa Christian
8.10Antonio Ayala12.47Rimrock
9.9Sammy Olvera12.65Marsing
10.10Bo Green12.81Council
11.9Tyson Heller12.84Marsing
12.10Tyler Mick13.00Cole Valley Christian
13.-Jacob Booher13.12Cole Valley Christian
14.9Brandon Williford13.96Cole Valley Christian
15.9Billy Smith14.24Rimrock
16.9Tanner Sullivan14.31Horseshoe Bend
17.9Ty Shippy14.87Marsing
18.9Joel Acuna15.75Marsing
19.9Justin Black15.92Rimrock
10Dalton SullivanDNSHorseshoe Bend
12Philip HamiltonDNSNampa Christian
10James NederendDNSNampa Christian
9Hunter LambirthDNSCascade
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Nathan Shepherd11Horseshoe Bend
12Chad Coburn12Horseshoe Bend
11Taus Jorgensen12Horseshoe Bend
12Morgan Donaldson13Horseshoe Bend
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tommy Hickey23.25Nampa Christian
2.10Michael Siegersma23.94Nampa Christian
3.11Curtis Clagg23.97Council
4.12Mike Smith24.44Idaho City
5.11Nathaniel Preuss25.54Nampa Christian
6.10Anthony Paradise26.00Owyhee
7.11Jared Dimmett26.18Cascade
8.10Bo Green26.47Council
9.11Jesse Kesler26.59Council
10.11Zach Vandenburg27.15Cascade
11.9Brandon Williford29.00Cole Valley Christian
12.9Ty Shippy29.34Marsing
13.9Brandon Walgamott29.56Marsing
14.9Tanner Sullivan30.66Horseshoe Bend
12Morgan DonaldsonDNSHorseshoe Bend
9Dary LangfittNTRimrock
11Chris HipwellNTRimrock
10Nick CampbellNTNampa Christian
9John GieseDNSNampa Christian
9Sammy OlveraDNSMarsing
9Tyson HellerDNSMarsing
10Antonio AyalaNTRimrock
11Anthony BeskoonNTCascade
10Stuart McCuskerNTIdaho City
9Tony BerlinNTGreenleaf Friends
12Chad CoburnNTHorseshoe Bend
11Ethan SauerDNSMarsing
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Nathan Shepherd24Horseshoe Bend
12Morgan Donaldson25Horseshoe Bend
12Levi Kelley26Horseshoe Bend
12Morgan Donaldson27Horseshoe Bend
12Levi Kelley27Horseshoe Bend
11Taus Jorgensen27Horseshoe Bend
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tommy Hickey51.24Nampa Christian
2.11Nathaniel Preuss54.59Nampa Christian
3.11Kristian Brown55.62Cole Valley Christian
4.11Cole Merrick57.52Rimrock
5.12Zach Sheets58.90Greenleaf Friends
6.9Justin Weatherford59.25Nampa Christian
7.11Zach Vandenburg1:02.02Cascade
8.9Kody Schiermeier1:05.52Rimrock
9.10Michael Vance1:05.75Greenleaf Friends
10.10Dalton Sullivan1:07.40Horseshoe Bend
11.-Travis Goddard1:11.34Cascade
12.9Kevin Barroso1:13.94Rimrock
13.10Ethan Schimpf1:17.66Cascade
11Jesse KeslerDNSCouncil
11Garrett MeltonDNSCouncil
11Emile MillerDNSCascade
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Tommy Hickey51.7Nampa Christian
12Andrew VanderWoude52.9Nampa Christian
11Matt Arendse55.5Nampa Christian
11Nathaniel Preuss55.5Nampa Christian
10Nick Greiner58Horseshoe Bend
12Phillip Fry59Horseshoe Bend
12Phillip Fry1:00Horseshoe Bend
10Derek Flake1:01Horseshoe Bend
11Taus Jorgensen1:02Horseshoe Bend
10Michael Carter1:05.1Nampa Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Moughamian2:06.43Idaho City
2.12Jeric Vinson2:07.21Horseshoe Bend
3.11Dustin Moore2:14.56Garden Valley
4.10Chris Stipa2:20.50Idaho City
5.10David Silva2:21.08Nampa Christian
6.12Hugo Araujo2:25.52Rimrock
7.9Kody Schiermeier2:29.50Rimrock
8.11Tyler Barnes2:29.74Cole Valley Christian
9.11Garrett Melton2:36.21Council
10.10Michael Carter2:38.50Nampa Christian
11.9David Post2:39.56Greenleaf Friends
12.10Jonathan Lewellyn2:43.31Nampa Christian
13.10Keegan Brown2:45.08Greenleaf Friends
14.12Don Galligan3:27.90Marsing
15.9Brian Galligan3:47.90Marsing
9Jacobly SimsDNSOwyhee
10Dion SmithDNSOwyhee
10Michael VanceDNSGreenleaf Friends
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jeric Vinson2:13Horseshoe Bend
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Towery4:53.52Nampa Christian
2.11Luke Hetrick5:10.58Greenleaf Friends
3.12Paul Moughamian5:21.71Idaho City
4.11Cole Merrick5:28.33Rimrock
5.12James Burke5:30.68Idaho City
6.9Brian Simper5:32.30Rimrock
7.11Tyler Barnes5:33.77Cole Valley Christian
8.11Chris Hipwell5:42.83Rimrock
9.12Leigh Martin5:47.69Rimrock
10.10Chris Stipa5:48.36Idaho City
11.12Bob Jackson5:49.04Rimrock
12.9Justin Weatherford5:51.14Nampa Christian
13.10Dion Smith5:54.58Owyhee
14.11Brian Meyers6:05.05Rimrock
15.10Keegan Brown6:09.45Greenleaf Friends
16.10Michael Carter6:17.98Nampa Christian
17.10Mitchell Kelly6:21.36Greenleaf Friends
18.9Billy Smith6:27.93Rimrock
19.10Jonathan Lewellyn6:28.86Nampa Christian
20.11Zech Stephens6:34.36Greenleaf Friends
21.9Justin Black7:12.14Rimrock
22.9Travis Jackson7:12.90Rimrock
10Michael VanceDNSGreenleaf Friends
12Hugo AraujoDNSRimrock
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Towery10:29.96Nampa Christian
2.11Luke Hetrick10:58.16Greenleaf Friends
3.12James Burke11:51.00Idaho City
4.12Leigh Martin12:05.01Rimrock
5.12Bob Jackson12:40.09Rimrock
6.10Michael Vance12:43.00Greenleaf Friends
7.10Chris Stipa12:55.34Idaho City
8.10Jordon Hush14:02.18Cole Valley Christian
9.10Mitchell Kelly14:20.56Greenleaf Friends
10.9Travis Jackson16:45.25Rimrock
9Brian SimperDNSRimrock
12Matthew ChoateDNSGreenleaf Friends
11Brian MeyersDNSRimrock
10Jonathan LewellynDNSNampa Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mitch Simmonds15.46Cole Valley Christian
2.11Matt Arendse15.87Nampa Christian
3.12Andrew VanderWoude16.21Nampa Christian
4.11Anthony Beskoon16.81Cascade
5.9John Giese19.64Nampa Christian
6.10Nick Greiner19.90Horseshoe Bend
7.9David Forester20.72Idaho City
8.9Tanner Sullivan22.12Horseshoe Bend
9.9J.D. Noffs22.43Idaho City
10.10Derek Flake22.90Horseshoe Bend
11.9Brandon Walgamott23.37Marsing
10Dalton SullivanDNSHorseshoe Bend
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mitch Simmonds42.31Cole Valley Christian
2.12Andrew VanderWoude43.21Nampa Christian
3.11Matt Arendse43.22Nampa Christian
4.10Nick Greiner46.62Horseshoe Bend
5.9Tony Berlin47.34Greenleaf Friends
6.9John Giese51.18Nampa Christian
7.10Derek Flake51.59Horseshoe Bend
8.9J.D. Noffs53.52Idaho City
9.9David Forester59.07Idaho City
10.9Tanner Sullivan59.62Horseshoe Bend
9Brandon WalgamottDNSMarsing
11Zach VandenburgDNSCascade
12Stephen CampbellDNSRimrock
11Marcus MillerDNSMarsing
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Siegersma
Matt Arendse
Tommy Hickey
Austin Fricke
45.44Nampa Christian
2.-Nathan Shepherd
Taus Jorgensen
Morgan Donaldson
Chad Coburn
47.84Horseshoe Bend
3.-Curtis Clagg
Bo Green
Jesse Kesler
Wyatt Yates
4.-Mike Smith
Josh Ptak
Dirk Anderson
Nate Bailey
48.56Idaho City
5.-Relay Team 50.15Marsing
--Steven Jim
Darin Gallordo
Anthony Paradise
Dion Smith
--Dary Langfitt
Billy Smith
Alex Meyers
Kody Schiermeier
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew VanderWoude
Philip Hamilton
Nathaniel Preuss
Austin Fricke
1:39.34Nampa Christian
2.-Nathan Shepherd
Levi Kelley
Taus Jorgensen
Morgan Donaldson
1:41.75Horseshoe Bend
3.-Relay Team 1:41.94Council
4.-Antonio Ayala
Brian Simper
Chris Hipwell
Dary Langfitt
5.-Mike Smith
Tyler McFarlain
Nate Bailey
Dirk Anderson
1:46.40Idaho City
--Relay Team DNSCascade
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew VanderWoude
Tommy Hickey
Matt Arendse
Nathaniel Preuss
3:36.14Nampa Christian
2.-Mike Smith
Josh Ptak
Nate Bailey
Tyler McFarlain
3:53.15Idaho City
3.-Tony Berlin
Zach Sheets
Shane Sheets
David Post
3:59.96Greenleaf Friends
4.-Nick Greiner
Derek Flake
Taus Jorgensen
Phillip Fry
4:01.24Horseshoe Bend
--Jacobly Sims
Dion Smith
JJ Kelly
Tyrill Knight
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
-Levi Kelley
Morgan Donaldson
Phillip Fry
Jeric Vinson
4:05.62Horseshoe Bend
1.-Relay Team 4:08.21Idaho City
2.-Relay Team 4:22.28Nampa Christian
3.-Relay Team 4:31.31Cole Valley Christian
4.-Relay Team 4:34.22Rimrock
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tyson Heller43'02.50Marsing
2.11Matt Paradis40'06.50Council
3.11Bryce May38'06.00Nampa Christian
3.9Tyler Shelton38'06.00Council
5.12Scott Brothers36'08.00Horseshoe Bend
6.11Tyler McFarlain36'06.00Idaho City
7.10Tyrill Knight35'07.50Owyhee
8.12Will Knight35'07.00Owyhee
9.-Jacob Booher34'07.00Cole Valley Christian
10.11Frank Knight34'05.00Owyhee
12.10Orrin Burger33'04.00Nampa Christian
13.9Ethan Standlee32'11.00Rimrock
14.12Zeke Loseke32'03.00Cascade
15.11Steven Jim32'01.50Owyhee
16.12Don Galligan31'08.50Marsing
17.9Calab Robbins29'04.00Greenleaf Friends
18.9Joel Acuna29'02.50Marsing
19.10Josh Cook28'11.50Council
20.10Joseph Morrison28'02.50Rimrock
21.9Ty Shippy27'08.00Marsing
21.11Mike Vanderburgh27'08.00Idaho City
23.12Phillip Fry27'07.00Horseshoe Bend
24.11Brent Page27'06.00Council
25.11Bret Gordon27'03.00Idaho City
26.9Brian Galligan26'07.00Marsing
27.11Daniel Dellamater26'03.50Idaho City
28.11Zech Stephens23'08.50Greenleaf Friends
29.10Jordan Bolton22'01.00Idaho City
30.11P.J. Forester20'03.50Idaho City
-Sam RozeboomDQNampa Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Scott Brothers128'02Horseshoe Bend
2.11Matt Paradis127'09Council
3.9Tyson Heller123'04Marsing
4.9Tyler Shelton115'09Council
5.11Bryce May114'09Nampa Christian
6.10Joseph Morrison107'09Rimrock
7.12Wyatt Yates103'01Council
8.10Orrin Burger102'08Nampa Christian
9.11Marcus Miller102'00Marsing
11.11Bret Gordon95'09Idaho City
12.10Josh Cook92'07Council
13.11Tyler McFarlain92'02Idaho City
14.12Don Galligan91'00Marsing
15.12Zeke Loseke90'07Cascade
16.-Jacob Booher85'09Cole Valley Christian
17.11Steven Jim85'02Owyhee
18.12Will Knight82'10Owyhee
19.9Joel Acuna82'05Marsing
20.9Ethan Standlee81'01Rimrock
21.12Phillip Fry79'07Horseshoe Bend
22.11Frank Knight75'09Owyhee
23.11Brent Page75'05Council
24.11Mike Vanderburgh75'00Idaho City
25.9Ty Shippy71'05Marsing
26.10Tyrill Knight66'06Owyhee
27.9Calab Robbins58'09Greenleaf Friends
28.11Daniel Dellamater57'06Idaho City
29.10Jordan Bolton55'10Idaho City
30.11Zech Stephens53'02Greenleaf Friends
31.11P.J. Forester47'11Idaho City
9Brandon WalgamottDNSMarsing
-Sam RozeboomDNSNampa Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Beskoon6'00.00Cascade
2.10James Nederend5'10.00Nampa Christian
2.10Stuart McCusker5'10.00Idaho City
4.12Stephen Campbell5'08.00Rimrock
4.10Anthony Paradise5'08.00Owyhee
6.12Dirk Anderson5'06.00Idaho City
6.12Mike Myers5'06.00Rimrock
8.12Zach Sheets5'04.00Greenleaf Friends
8.9Dary Langfitt5'04.00Rimrock
10.10Nick Greiner5'02.00Horseshoe Bend
11.10Shane Sheets5'00.00Greenleaf Friends
11.9Kyle Rice5'00.00Idaho City
11.9Sammy Olvera5'00.00Marsing
11.9Hunter Lambirth5'00.00Cascade
9David PostDQGreenleaf Friends
10Derek FlakeDQHorseshoe Bend
10Mitch SimmondsDNSCole Valley Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Philip Hamilton12'06.00Nampa Christian
2.12Nathan Kimmel12'00.00Cascade
3.11Jared Dimmett9'00.00Cascade
3.11Marcus Miller9'00.00Marsing
5.11Daniel McGinnis-Welsh8'06.00Cascade
5.9Justin Weatherford8'06.00Nampa Christian
5.9Hunter Lambirth8'06.00Cascade
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Shepherd20'02.50Horseshoe Bend
2.10Michael Siegersma19'06.50Nampa Christian
3.12Mike Myers18'10.50Rimrock
3.12Wyatt Yates18'10.50Council
5.10James Nederend18'07.50Nampa Christian
6.9Hunter Lambirth18'04.50Cascade
7.12Stephen Campbell18'00.50Rimrock
8.11Ethan Sauer17'09.50Marsing
9.11Daniel McGinnis-Welsh17'04.50Cascade
10.9Kyle Rice17'00.00Idaho City
11.12Josh Ptak16'11.00Idaho City
11Taus Jorgensen16' 9.5"Horseshoe Bend
13.10Anthony Paradise16'08.00Owyhee
14.12Levi Kelley16'06.00Horseshoe Bend
15.9Austin Fricke16'05.50Nampa Christian
16.9Sammy Olvera16'03.00Marsing
17.9David Forester15'08.50Idaho City
18.10David Silva15'07.50Nampa Christian
19.9Brian Simper15'07.00Rimrock
20.10Cody Myers14'10.50Rimrock
21.10Alex Meyers14'10.00Rimrock
22.11Brian Meyers14'08.50Rimrock
23.11Steven Jim13'05.50Owyhee
24.9Kevin Barroso11'03.50Rimrock
9Kody SchiermeierDNSRimrock
9John GieseDNSNampa Christian
10Shane SheetsDQGreenleaf Friends
9Jacobly SimsDNSOwyhee
12Alexander StanfordDNSCascade
11Emile MillerDNSCascade
10Ethan SchimpfDNSCascade
-Peter OlsonDNSCascade
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jared Dimmett39'04.00Cascade
2.12Mike Myers38'02.00Rimrock
3.12Stephen Campbell38'01.00Rimrock
4.12Zach Sheets38'00.00Greenleaf Friends
5.10Michael Siegersma37'08.50Nampa Christian
6.12Jeric Vinson36'10.00Horseshoe Bend
7.11Daniel McGinnis-Welsh35'09.00Cascade
8.10Tyler Mick34'06.00Cole Valley Christian
9.9Kyle Rice33'08.50Idaho City
10.9David Post33'00.00Greenleaf Friends
11.12Levi Kelley31'09.50Horseshoe Bend
12.10Cody Myers31'00.00Rimrock
13.10Alex Meyers30'07.00Rimrock
14.9J.D. Noffs28'04.50Idaho City
12Josh PtakDNSIdaho City
9Brandon WalgamottDNSMarsing
11Emile MillerDNSCascade
10Ethan SchimpfDNSCascade
-Peter OlsonDNSCascade

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Barr13.11Nampa Christian
2.11JaniLynn DeGroot13.40Cole Valley Christian
3.10Kaitlin Troost13.46Nampa Christian
3.10Sharsti Goff13.46Horseshoe Bend
5.10Rachel Sheldon13.61Greenleaf Friends
6.10Kaycee Brunel13.80Nampa Christian
7.11Elisa Moreno13.87Marsing
8.12Jasmyn Bennett13.94Cascade
9.10Danielle Kleint14.02Cascade
10.11JulieAnne Chandler14.08Cole Valley Christian
10.9Rachel Endicott14.08Nampa Christian
12.11Paige Waggoner14.18Horseshoe Bend
13.9Morgan Wiedmeier14.40Cole Valley Christian
14.9Alyson Buell14.65Council
15.11CC Zanardi14.72Marsing
16.9Jessica Freeman14.87Marsing
17.9Monica Gallivan15.02Cole Valley Christian
18.10Kenzie Bertram15.27Cole Valley Christian
19.11Michelle Williford15.37Cole Valley Christian
20.10Shelby Koch15.38Greenleaf Friends
21.9Heather Douglas15.59Owyhee
22.12Khrystina Belling15.75Rimrock
23.11Ariel Johnson15.84Idaho City
24.12Dena Harry16.12Council
25.9Michelle Keen16.14Cole Valley Christian
26.11Chelsey Wilson16.44Rimrock
27.10Rachael Forestier16.47Marsing
28.9Janae Towery16.68Nampa Christian
29.12Erica Cook17.40Marsing
30.12Megan Miller17.65Idaho City
9Shakea PappasDNSOwyhee
9Jessica TorresDNSMarsing
11Liz MandujanoDNSMarsing
-Tiffany DenekaDNSMarsing
9Billie BachmanDNSCole Valley Christian
9Mercedes SwensonDNSHorseshoe Bend
11Holly HellerDNSMarsing
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Kayla Uptmor13Horseshoe Bend
10Kayla Uptmor14Horseshoe Bend
11Paige Waggoner14Horseshoe Bend
10Jessica Duran14Horseshoe Bend
9Kelsey Zimmerlee15Horseshoe Bend
11Paige Waggoner15Horseshoe Bend
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Barr26.94Nampa Christian
2.10Laura Pridgen27.37Nampa Christian
3.10Kaitlin Troost27.52Nampa Christian
4.9Lisa Hillbrands28.31Cole Valley Christian
5.11JaniLynn DeGroot28.68Cole Valley Christian
5.10Rachel Sheldon28.68Greenleaf Friends
7.11JulieAnne Chandler29.40Cole Valley Christian
8.10Kayla Uptmor29.78Horseshoe Bend
9.12Bethany Pete30.14Owyhee
10.9Kelly Sheets30.56Greenleaf Friends
11.9Alyson Buell30.81Council
12.9Monica Gallivan31.93Cole Valley Christian
13.11Michelle Williford32.72Cole Valley Christian
14.10Kenzie Bertram33.18Cole Valley Christian
15.12Mariah Blackhat33.65Owyhee
16.12Khrystina Belling34.03Rimrock
17.11Morgen Ellis34.24Cole Valley Christian
18.10Shelby Koch34.87Greenleaf Friends
19.9Brynn Allen35.09Idaho City
20.10Rachael Forestier35.37Marsing
21.9Janae Towery36.02Nampa Christian
22.12Megan Miller38.17Idaho City
23.12Dena Harry38.78Council
24.9Jessica Torres41.98Marsing
11Ariel JohnsonDNSIdaho City
9Heather DouglasDNSOwyhee
9Rachel EndicottDNSNampa Christian
9Danielle MaloneyDNSGreenleaf Friends
9Anna CantrellDNSRimrock
12Elayne TuckerDNSGarden Valley
10Danielle KleintDNSCascade
11Elisa MorenoDNSMarsing
11Amanda StaudenmeirDNSMarsing
10Kaycee BrunelDNSNampa Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Kayla Uptmor28Horseshoe Bend
10Jessica Duran28Horseshoe Bend
11Paige Waggoner30Horseshoe Bend
9Kelsey Zimmerlee31Horseshoe Bend
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaclyn Puga1:01.21Nampa Christian
2.10Sharsti Goff1:02.75Horseshoe Bend
3.10Jessica Aebischer1:07.50Greenleaf Friends
4.11Amanda Staudenmeir1:07.59Marsing
5.11Chelsea Roussopulos1:07.88Nampa Christian
6.10Danielle Kleint1:10.00Cascade
7.11Mindy Moulin1:14.24Cole Valley Christian
8.10Jessi Hosford1:15.97Greenleaf Friends
9.11Ariel Johnson1:16.02Idaho City
10.11Morgen Ellis1:17.14Cole Valley Christian
11.9Janae Towery1:19.65Nampa Christian
12.9Jordynn Eld1:20.65Cole Valley Christian
13.11Jessica Lakey1:23.50Council
11Michelle GoodingDNSGreenleaf Friends
9Anna CantrellDNSRimrock
9Marikate HulbuttaDNSOwyhee
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jaclyn Puga1:01.5Nampa Christian
10Laura Pridgen1:01.6Nampa Christian
10Sharsti Goff1:04Horseshoe Bend
10Jessica Duran1:06Horseshoe Bend
10Sharsti Goff1:07Horseshoe Bend
10Megan Bradley1:07.9Nampa Christian
11Chelsea Roussopulos1:08.1Nampa Christian
10Andrea VanderWoude1:08.4Nampa Christian
9Kylie Fenton1:13Horseshoe Bend
9Kelsey Zimmerlee1:14Horseshoe Bend
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tammy Parker2:39.75Greenleaf Friends
2.10Kamiah Stephens2:42.47Greenleaf Friends
3.12Lacey Mesia2:49.56Idaho City
4.12Hannah Lakey2:51.41Council
5.10Deidra Bowman2:55.25Nampa Christian
6.10Jessi Hosford2:55.62Greenleaf Friends
7.10Cierra Zeal2:59.13Council
8.10Stephanie Higley3:01.62Greenleaf Friends
9.12Erica Ambriz3:03.56Greenleaf Friends
10.12Lauren Pastoor3:11.25Nampa Christian
11.11Jessica Lakey3:18.62Council
12.9Danielle Maloney3:30.97Greenleaf Friends
13.12Alexxus Noffs3:31.21Idaho City
14.10Katelyn Kelsey3:45.50Horseshoe Bend
10Niabi DannDNSOwyhee
9Jayla PriceDNSHorseshoe Bend
9LaDawn VinsonDNSHorseshoe Bend
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaclyn Puga5:47.69Nampa Christian
2.12Lacey Mesia6:15.38Idaho City
3.10Tammy Parker6:23.62Greenleaf Friends
3.11Danielle Beesley6:31.4Nampa Christian
5.10Deidra Bowman6:51.3Nampa Christian
6.12Rubina Dann6:51.22Owyhee
7.12Lauren Pastoor7:16.06Nampa Christian
8.12Erica Ambriz7:16.06Greenleaf Friends
9.10Marliese Breuer7:16.44Horseshoe Bend
10.12Alexxus Noffs7:36.84Idaho City
11.9Mercedes Swenson7:53.28Horseshoe Bend
12.10Katie Camp8:34.93Greenleaf Friends
13.10Katelyn Kelsey8:35.91Horseshoe Bend
10Jessi HosfordDNSGreenleaf Friends
12Hannah LakeyDNSCouncil
9LaDawn VinsonDNSHorseshoe Bend
9Jayla PriceDNSHorseshoe Bend
10Cierra ZealDNSCouncil
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaclyn Puga12:06.37Nampa Christian
2.11Danielle Beesley13:47.18Nampa Christian
3.11Megan Oberst14:20.72Nampa Christian
4.12Alexxus Noffs18:05.52Idaho City
10Marliese BreuerDNSHorseshoe Bend
10Katie CampDNSGreenleaf Friends
12Lacey MesiaDNSIdaho City
12Erica AmbrizDNSGreenleaf Friends
11Mindy MoulinDNSCole Valley Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaycee Brunel16.65Nampa Christian
2.12Jasmyn Bennett18.14Cascade
3.11Nellie McGlashen18.84Cascade
4.10Megan Bradley18.87Nampa Christian
5.10Candace DeVries19.30Nampa Christian
6.11Frona Parrish19.62Idaho City
7.10Kamiah Stephens19.66Greenleaf Friends
8.11Chelsey Wilson20.15Rimrock
9.9Kylie Fenton21.75Horseshoe Bend
10.10Melissa Basey27.28Cascade
9Nykita BakerDNSCole Valley Christian
9Amelia McIntyreDNSMarsing
9Jessica FreemanDNSMarsing
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Pridgen47.75Nampa Christian
2.10Megan Bradley51.56Nampa Christian
3.11Nellie McGlashen52.37Cascade
4.10Melissa Basey57.28Cascade
5.10Janique Woods57.31Owyhee
6.10Candace DeVries58.34Nampa Christian
7.9Kylie Fenton1:00.52Horseshoe Bend
8.9Summer Manning1:01.72Owyhee
9.9Amelia McIntyre1:04.68Marsing
9Kelly SheetsDNSGreenleaf Friends
10Kamiah StephensDNSGreenleaf Friends
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-JulieAnne Chandler
JaniLynn DeGroot
Lisa Hillbrands
Morgan Wiedmeier
53.58Cole Valley Christian
2.-Rachel Endicott
Chelsea Barr
Kaycee Brunel
Candace DeVries
53.88Nampa Christian
3.-Rachel Sheldon
Kamiah Stephens
Jessi Berlin
Kelly Sheets
54.78Greenleaf Friends
4.-Kayla Uptmor
Paige Waggoner
Kelsey Zimmerlee
Jessica Duran
55.65Horseshoe Bend
5.-Relay Team 55.66Cascade
6.-Elisa Moreno
Amanda Staudenmeir
CC Zanardi
Jessica Freeman
7.-Kara Kreitinger
Frona Parrish
Lauren McFarlain
Brynn Allen
59.19Idaho City
8.-Shakea Pappas
Bethany Pete
Heather Douglas
Stephanie Tabibian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrea VanderWoude
Kaitlin Troost
Candace DeVries
Rachel Endicott
1:56.34Nampa Christian
2.-Jessica Duran
Kelsey Zimmerlee
Paige Waggoner
Kayla Uptmor
1:57.12Horseshoe Bend
3.-Frona Parrish
Kara Kreitinger
Brynn Allen
Lauren McFarlain
2:08.55Idaho City
4.-Shakea Pappas
Mariah Blackhat
Heather Douglas
Bethany Pete
--Kenzie Bertram
Allyssa Doubleday
Monica Gallivan
Michelle Williford
2:11.46Cole Valley Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrea VanderWoude
Laura Pridgen
Megan Bradley
Chelsea Roussopulos
4:26.59Nampa Christian
2.-Jessica Duran
Kelsey Zimmerlee
Kylie Fenton
Sharsti Goff
4:39.81Horseshoe Bend
3.-Jessi Berlin
Tammy Parker
Jessica Aebischer
Kelly Sheets
4:46.31Greenleaf Friends
4.-Kara Kreitinger
Lauren McFarlain
Brynn Allen
Lindsey Gilbert
5:25.84Idaho City
5.-Marikate Hulbutta
Summer Manning
Janique Woods
Hillary Ellis
--Mindy Moulin
Morgen Ellis
Morgan Wiedmeier
Allyssa Doubleday
DNSCole Valley Christian
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Uptmor
Paige Waggoner
Jessica Duran
Sharsti Goff
2:00.68Horseshoe Bend
2.-Jaclyn Puga
Chelsea Roussopulos
Lacey Bruner
Lauren DeVries
2:01.02Nampa Christian
3.-Kamiah Stephens
Rachel Sheldon
Jessi Berlin
Michelle Gooding
2:09.84Greenleaf Friends
4.-Frona Parrish
Kara Kreitinger
Lauren McFarlain
Brynn Allen
2:13.68Idaho City
5.-Alyson Buell
Hannah Lakey
Cierra Zeal
Dena Harry
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Kelly32'03.00Owyhee
2.11Megan Fox31'02.50Greenleaf Friends
3.10Andrea VanderWoude29'01.00Nampa Christian
4.10Julia Pastoor28'05.00Nampa Christian
5.11Holly Heller27'08.00Marsing
6.12Priscilla McKinney26'08.00Owyhee
8.11Amber Nelson25'05.00Cascade
9.10Christa Dixey25'03.00Owyhee
10.9Chantelle Chase23'11.00Council
11.10Anna Loseke23'08.00Cascade
12.12Karlee Ayers23'07.00Idaho City
13.10Porscha Moscrip23'04.00Horseshoe Bend
14.9Jessica Torres23'03.50Marsing
15.9Sarah Goodloe23'02.00Greenleaf Friends
15.10Kayla Hargis23'02.00Nampa Christian
17.9Mercedes Swenson21'05.00Horseshoe Bend
18.-Tamra Wiggins19'07.00Cascade
19.9Billie Bachman19'06.00Cole Valley Christian
20.11Liz Mandujano19'04.00Marsing
21.12Erica Cook18'11.00Marsing
22.9Jayla Price18'06.00Horseshoe Bend
23.10Katelyn Kelsey18'01.00Horseshoe Bend
12Lacey BrunerDQNampa Christian
11Elisa MorenoDQMarsing
9Berklee WilsonDQHorseshoe Bend
12Lindsey MackinDQIdaho City
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Kelly100'06Owyhee
2.11Holly Heller94'04Marsing
3.10Julia Pastoor92'11Nampa Christian
4.9Chantelle Chase86'07Council
5.12Lauren DeVries82'05Nampa Christian
6.11Amber Nelson81'09Cascade
8.12Karlee Ayers68'00Idaho City
9.11Lindsey Gilbert67'09Idaho City
10.12Priscilla McKinney67'00Owyhee
11.9Berklee Wilson66'05Horseshoe Bend
12.10Christa Dixey64'07Owyhee
13.10Kayla Hargis64'05Nampa Christian
14.10Porscha Moscrip63'07Horseshoe Bend
15.11Megan Fox62'07Greenleaf Friends
16.10Anna Loseke59'04Cascade
17.9Sarah Goodloe58'01Greenleaf Friends
18.11Liz Mandujano57'05Marsing
19.9Billie Bachman56'11Cole Valley Christian
20.9Jessica Torres53'01Marsing
21.9Jayla Price49'07Horseshoe Bend
22.10Katie Camp42'08Greenleaf Friends
23.10Katelyn Kelsey38'00Horseshoe Bend
24.-Tamra Wiggins35'00Cascade
12Lacey BrunerDNSNampa Christian
-Tiffany DenekaDNSMarsing
12Lindsey MackinDNSIdaho City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Anna Cantrell4'08.00Rimrock
2.10Tammy Parker4'06.00Greenleaf Friends
3.10Jessica Aebischer4'04.00Greenleaf Friends
3.12Lauren DeVries4'04.00Nampa Christian
5.10Stephanie Tabibian4'02.00Owyhee
6.9Michelle Keen4'00.00Cole Valley Christian
9Kylie FentonDNSHorseshoe Bend
9Shakea PappasDQOwyhee
12Lacey BrunerDNSNampa Christian
11Mindy MoulinDQCole Valley Christian
11Morgen EllisDQCole Valley Christian
12Elayne TuckerDNSGarden Valley
10Niabi DannDNSOwyhee
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Barr10'06.00Nampa Christian
2.11Nellie McGlashen8'00.00Cascade
3.10Melissa Basey7'00.00Cascade
10Stephanie TabibianDNSOwyhee
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.9Lisa Hillbrands15'03.50Cole Valley Christian
3.10Kaitlin Troost14'10.00Nampa Christian
4.10Megan Bradley14'08.00Nampa Christian
5.11JaniLynn DeGroot14'06.50Cole Valley Christian
6.11JulieAnne Chandler14'06.00Cole Valley Christian
7.10Andrea VanderWoude14'05.00Nampa Christian
8.12Bethany Pete14'04.00Owyhee
9.11Amanda Staudenmeir14'01.00Marsing
10.12Katie Clay13'00.50Nampa Christian
11.9Jessica Freeman12'11.50Marsing
11.9LaDawn Vinson12'11.50Horseshoe Bend
13.9Amelia McIntyre12'07.00Marsing
14.9Michelle Keen12'06.50Cole Valley Christian
15.11Michelle Gooding12'01.00Greenleaf Friends
16.10Shelby Koch11'11.50Greenleaf Friends
17.10Rachael Forestier11'10.00Marsing
18.12Megan Miller10'06.00Idaho City
19.12Erica Cook10'04.00Marsing
20.9Eden Wade9'10.00Idaho City
9Annie GordonDNSIdaho City
9Marikate HulbuttaDNSOwyhee
10Niabi DannDNSOwyhee
-Tiffany DenekaDNSMarsing
9Anna CantrellDNSRimrock
9Mercedes SwensonDNSHorseshoe Bend
9Berklee WilsonDNSHorseshoe Bend
11Chelsea RoussopulosDNSNampa Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Pridgen34'03.00Nampa Christian
2.12Jasmyn Bennett32'01.00Cascade
3.12Elayne Tucker32'00.00Garden Valley
4.11Amanda Staudenmeir29'06.00Marsing
5.9LaDawn Vinson28'01.50Horseshoe Bend
6.11Michelle Gooding26'07.00Greenleaf Friends
7.12Rubina Dann26'05.00Owyhee
8.12Katie Clay26'04.00Nampa Christian
9.9Berklee Wilson22'01.00Horseshoe Bend
10.9Eden Wade20'07.50Idaho City
9Annie GordonDNSIdaho City
9Amelia McIntyreDNSMarsing
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