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Coastal Conference Finals

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego

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CA: San Diego - North County
Canyon Crest Academy
San Dieguito Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.12Alex Maire11.45aLa Jolla Country Day
6.11Christopher See12.02aBishops
7.12Victor Fimbres12.07aBishops
8.9Ross Lucier12.14aSanta Fe Christian
9.12Joel Broek12.27aCalvin Christian
11.11Eric Anderson12.29aSan Dieguito Academy
12.10Steven Kuzminsky12.30aCanyon Crest Academy
13.12Greg Palmer12.31aBishops
14.9Alistair Dobke12.43aLa Jolla Country Day
15.11Jake Rucker12.47aCanyon Crest Academy
10.9Deon Randall12.28Francis Parker
16.9Timothy Wang12.56aCalvin Christian
20.10David Johnson12.90aSan Dieguito Academy
23.9Nick Sarif13.20aCanyon Crest Academy
24.12Alexander Greenbaum13.39aSan Dieguito Academy
22.11Rahim Spencer13.18Francis Parker
26.9DeMaree Harris19.72Francis Parker
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.12Alex Maire23.03aLa Jolla Country Day
5.12Victor Fimbres23.86aBishops
6.11Saron Hood23.94aBishops
7.11Erik Anderson24.33aSan Dieguito Academy
8.11Christopher See24.47aBishops
9.11Eric Anderson24.50aSan Dieguito Academy
10.9Ross Lucier24.63aSanta Fe Christian
11.12Brandon Gregson24.69aSanta Fe Christian
12.12Joel Broek24.90aCalvin Christian
14.11Jake Rucker25.01aCanyon Crest Academy
15.10Christian Batch25.13aSanta Fe Christian
18.9Jordan Bousema25.39aCalvin Christian
19.9Alistair Dobke25.50aLa Jolla Country Day
17.11Rahim Spencer25.36Francis Parker
21.11Isaac Zafuta25.98aCanyon Crest Academy
22.9Nick Sarif26.07aCanyon Crest Academy
20.9DeMaree Harris25.88Francis Parker
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erik Anderson51.98aSan Dieguito Academy
2.11Josh Oldham52.88aCanyon Crest Academy
3.9Jason McCallum53.19aLa Jolla Country Day
4.11Saron Hood53.22aBishops
5.9Alfredo Corral53.69aBishops
6.11Sascha Fischer54.00aSan Dieguito Academy
8.10Trey Smith54.19aCanyon Crest Academy
9.12Reuben Faber54.33aCalvin Christian
7.11Rahim Spencer54.13Francis Parker
10.12Brandon Gregson54.57aSanta Fe Christian
11.10Christian Batch55.36aSanta Fe Christian
12.10Jacob Kelly55.37aBishops
13.9Adam Brouwer55.91aCalvin Christian
16.9Jordan Bousema57.34aCalvin Christian
19.12Marc Marino58.31Francis Parker
21.9Zach Cohen1:02.19aSanta Fe Christian
22.10Alejandro Quiroz1:07.96Francis Parker
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Adam Rolph2:03.91aCanyon Crest Academy
2.10Alex Poyhonen2:05.16aLa Jolla Country Day
3.12Brendan Bergsma2:07.7Francis Parker
4.11Evan Amano2:08.36aSan Dieguito Academy
5.12Matt Boyle2:09.16aBishops
6.10Marco Pallavicini2:09.89Francis Parker
7.12Nick Kramer2:10.93Francis Parker
8.9Nate Burns2:13.17aSan Dieguito Academy
10.12Stephen Migdal2:19.01aLa Jolla Country Day
11.10Murray Doig2:20.29aCalvin Christian
12.12Patrick Anderson2:20.40aBishops
13.10Matthew Wong2:20.65aLa Jolla Country Day
14.12Patrick Wemmer2:20.71aBishops
15.10Christian Batch2:21.09aSanta Fe Christian
16.12Dan McDermott2:21.34aSanta Fe Christian
17.11Michael Harrigan2:21.68aCanyon Crest Academy
18.10Arin Loudon2:26.38aSanta Fe Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Pederson4:35.17aSan Dieguito Academy
2.11Josh Oldham4:35.38aCanyon Crest Academy
3.10Alex Poyhonen4:36.29aLa Jolla Country Day
4.9Dennis Roth4:44.85aLa Jolla Country Day
5.10Jake Greve4:45.82aSan Dieguito Academy
6.11Geoff Ainslie4:52.07aSan Dieguito Academy
7.12Andrew Kuntz4:55.86aBishops
8.9Alexander Fleischhacker4:57.22aLa Jolla Country Day
9.10Henry Su4:57.63aBishops
10.9Khashy Hakamian4:59.44aCanyon Crest Academy
11.10Marco Pallavicini5:02.68Francis Parker
13.12Brendan Bergsma5:12.78Francis Parker
14.10Murray Doig5:16.89aCalvin Christian
15.12Dan McDermott5:20.77aSanta Fe Christian
17.10Arin Loudon5:30.37aSanta Fe Christian
18.11Nick Hardisty6:32.99aBishops
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Poyhonen10:22.94aLa Jolla Country Day
2.11Travis Pederson10:28.08aSan Dieguito Academy
3.12Kent Morgan10:38.45aSan Dieguito Academy
4.10Henry Su10:39.62aBishops
5.10Jake Greve10:54.70aSan Dieguito Academy
6.9Dennis Roth10:55.16aLa Jolla Country Day
7.12Andrew Kuntz11:07.14aBishops
7.12Brendan Bergsma11:07.14Francis Parker
9Alexander FleischhackerNTLa Jolla Country Day
10Casey WuNTCanyon Crest Academy
10Thomas DialNTCanyon Crest Academy
9Arturo OrtegaNTCanyon Crest Academy
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
2.12Sean Ramey18.15aBishops
5.11Bryce Norton18.50aSan Dieguito Academy
7.10Trevor Moore18.66Francis Parker
8.10David Baker18.98aCalvin Christian
11.11Stephen Mendenhall19.28aBishops
9.10Jacob Harris19.08Francis Parker
13.10Rory Anderson19.80aSan Dieguito Academy
14.9Matthew Voss20.15aCanyon Crest Academy
16.10Adam James21.06aCalvin Christian
17.9Jose Torres-Torija21.63aBishops
18.10Greg Hooker23.99aCanyon Crest Academy
19.10Dominic Gerace25.72Francis Parker
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
3.12Sean Ramey43.54aBishops
4.11Isaac Zafuta44.03aCanyon Crest Academy
6.10Jacob Kelly45.77aBishops
8.10David Baker46.32aCalvin Christian
9.11Bryce Norton46.62aSan Dieguito Academy
10.10Rory Anderson46.82aSan Dieguito Academy
11.9Matthew Voss47.45aCanyon Crest Academy
13.11Stephen Mendenhall47.99aBishops
15.11Mark Hannum48.13aLa Jolla Country Day
14.10Jacob Harris48.12Francis Parker
16.10Steven Kuzminsky48.60aCanyon Crest Academy
18.10Adam James49.40aCalvin Christian
20.10Mason Boxer-Capitano50.57aLa Jolla Country Day
22.10Dominic Gerace58.46Francis Parker
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 44.42aBishops
3.-Deon Randall
Trevor Moore
Nick Kramer
DeMaree Harris
46.04Francis Parker
4.-Jordan Bousema
David Baker
Joel Broek
Kevin Veldkamp
46.24aCalvin Christian
5.-Eric Anderson
Erik Anderson
David Johnson
Bryce Norton
46.53aSan Dieguito Academy
6.-Steffen Chen
Steven Kuzminsky
Jake Rucker
Trey Smith
46.95aCanyon Crest Academy
8.-Brandon Gregson
Ross Lucier
Alex Ross
Travis Berglund
48.26aSanta Fe Christian
9.-Alberto Yanez
David Pinkney
Cameron Eibl
Alex Yanez
51.45aLa Jolla Country Day
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Josh Oldham
Adam Rolph
Trey Smith
Isaac Zafuta
3:33.68aCanyon Crest Academy
3.-Eric Anderson
Erik Anderson
Sascha Fischer
Bryce Norton
3:34.30aSan Dieguito Academy
4.-Relay Team 3:34.52aBishops
5.-Relay Team 3:45.01aCalvin Christian
6.-Relay Team 3:47.26aSanta Fe Christian
7.-Rahim Spencer
Trevor Moore
Marco Pallavicini
Nick Kramer
3:47.41Francis Parker
9.-Relay Team 3:57.10aLa Jolla Country Day
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
2.11Andy Altman41'02.50La Jolla Country Day
3.12Colin Tuck40'01.75La Jolla Country Day
4.10David Stout39'04.50Calvin Christian
8.12Alex Yanez35'08.00La Jolla Country Day
9.12Max Moacanin35'05.75San Dieguito Academy
10.12Wells Lee34'08.50Bishops
11.11Sam Fiske33'08.00Bishops
12.10Spencer Broek33'07.50Calvin Christian
14.11Chris Pieronek33'03.00Canyon Crest Academy
17.12Jason Park31'00.75Bishops
20.10Andrew Taniguchi29'4Francis Parker
21.11Vanndon Maxwell-Miller28'05.75San Dieguito Academy
22.11Emilio Mitre28'04.50Canyon Crest Academy
23.9Travis Berglund27'02.50Santa Fe Christian
24.9Alex Ross26'04.50Santa Fe Christian
25.10Joseph Celentino26'1.25Francis Parker
26.9Zach Cohen25'01.50Santa Fe Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andy Altman132'10La Jolla Country Day
2.12Jason Park117'00Bishops
3.12Joel Broek114'03Calvin Christian
4.12Alex Yanez111'00La Jolla Country Day
7.12Wells Lee107'04Bishops
10.11Sam Fiske97'05Bishops
11.12Reuben Faber97'03Calvin Christian
12.10Steven Fackler95'03La Jolla Country Day
14.11Emilio Mitre91'07Canyon Crest Academy
15.11Chris Pieronek88'07Canyon Crest Academy
19.12Max Moacanin83'10San Dieguito Academy
23.9Casey Warren62'01Canyon Crest Academy
24.9Alex Ross59'06Santa Fe Christian
26.9Zach Cohen54'04Santa Fe Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Stout5'08.00Calvin Christian
2.10Kyle Jasperse5'04.00Calvin Christian
2.10Clinton Parker5'04.00Calvin Christian
4.10Mason Boxer-Capitano5'02.00La Jolla Country Day
4.12Nick Kramer5'2Francis Parker
4.11Brian Shimizu5'02.00San Dieguito Academy
4.12Ben Lacombe5'02.00Bishops
4.12Greg Palmer5'02.00Bishops
4.10Steven Kuzminsky5'02.00Canyon Crest Academy
11.10Joseph Celentino5'Francis Parker
11.10Marcus Molin5'00.00Canyon Crest Academy
9Gregory JacksonNHSan Dieguito Academy
9Jason McCallumNHLa Jolla Country Day
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Sarkaria12'06.00La Jolla Country Day
2.12Jon Volfson10'06.00La Jolla Country Day
3.10Kevin Veldkamp10'00.00Calvin Christian
3.9Jason McCallum10'00.00La Jolla Country Day
5.10Clinton Parker9'06.00Calvin Christian
5.10Steffen Chen9'06.00Canyon Crest Academy
7.9Timothy Wang9'00.00Calvin Christian
8.10Brandon Hnedak7'06.00Canyon Crest Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Maire19'11.50La Jolla Country Day
4.9Alistair Dobke19'01.50La Jolla Country Day
5.12Jonathan Altman19'00.00La Jolla Country Day
5.12Victor Fimbres19'00.00Bishops
8.12Mark Veldkamp18'07.50Calvin Christian
10.10Steffen Chen18'04.25Canyon Crest Academy
12.10Clinton Parker17'10.00Calvin Christian
12.9Ross Lucier17'10.00Santa Fe Christian
14.9Deon Randall17'9Francis Parker
16.10Mike Friese17'05.00San Dieguito Academy
18.12Alex Wong16'11.50Bishops
19.9Travis Berglund16'02.00Santa Fe Christian
21.10Arin Loudon15'05.50Santa Fe Christian
22.10David Johnson15'03.00San Dieguito Academy
23.12Marc Marino14'11Francis Parker
24.10Robbie Dunn10'04.00San Dieguito Academy
12Ben LacombeNDBishops
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Maire41'07.50La Jolla Country Day
2.10Kyle Jasperse41'03.50Calvin Christian
3.10Steffen Chen39'03.50Canyon Crest Academy
4.12Ben Lacombe38'01.50Bishops
5.10Clinton Parker38'00.00Calvin Christian
6.12Mark Veldkamp37'10.50Calvin Christian
7.11Mark Hannum36'03.00La Jolla Country Day
9.10Mike Friese35'04.00San Dieguito Academy
10.11Jeff Wu35'02.50Bishops
11.9Alistair Dobke34'09.00La Jolla Country Day
14.11Peter Morrison32'09.50Canyon Crest Academy
15.9Travis Berglund32'09.00Santa Fe Christian
17.12Alex Wong32'06.00Bishops
18.12Marc Marino31'1Francis Parker
19.9Alex Ross30'07.50Santa Fe Christian
20.9Ben Brin29'10.50San Dieguito Academy
21.10Dominic Gerace29'5Francis Parker

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jenna Puterbaugh12.74aSanta Fe Christian
3.10Marjorie Lacombe13.25aBishops
5.12Whitney Henry13.48aSan Dieguito Academy
6.12Kiara Stinson13.52aLa Jolla Country Day
7.11Susanna Marshall13.67aCanyon Crest Academy
9.10Sarah Burks13.93aSanta Fe Christian
8.11Kathleen Finley13.72Francis Parker
11.9Carly Hayter14.34aCanyon Crest Academy
12.10Laura Dushkin14.35aSan Dieguito Academy
13.9Monica Reyna14.36aBishops
14.9Megan Melbye14.53aSanta Fe Christian
15.9Heather Vreeland14.56aCanyon Crest Academy
17.11Paige Blake14.93aSan Dieguito Academy
21.9RaMonda Harris15.06aBishops
22.9Julianna Cooper15.07aCalvin Christian
18.10Andrea Nissley14.95Francis Parker
23.9Kelsey de Valk15.44aCalvin Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jenna Puterbaugh25.81aSanta Fe Christian
2.11Kathleen Finley26.84Francis Parker
5.12Whitney Henry27.77aSan Dieguito Academy
6.10Marjorie Lacombe27.91aBishops
7.12Kiara Stinson28.25aLa Jolla Country Day
8.9Courtney Rockwood28.32aLa Jolla Country Day
9.10Sarah Burks28.53aSanta Fe Christian
10.9Nicole Appleton28.60aCanyon Crest Academy
12.11Laurel Casey29.45aBishops
13.9Megan Melbye29.54aSanta Fe Christian
14.12Elizabeth Mills29.60aBishops
15.10Laura Dushkin30.10aSan Dieguito Academy
16.11Nailah Spruill30.21Francis Parker
18.10Siya Graham30.63aCalvin Christian
19.9Julianna Cooper30.92aCalvin Christian
20.10Kayla Hindle30.97aCanyon Crest Academy
21.9Tanya Vos31.28aCalvin Christian
22.10Andrea Nissley31.44Francis Parker
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Mecke1:00.07aSan Dieguito Academy
2.12Kathleen Roehrkasse1:00.35aBishops
3.11Kathleen Finley1:01.61Francis Parker
4.9Alexis Samuels1:03.38aLa Jolla Country Day
5.9Nicole Appleton1:03.75aCanyon Crest Academy
7.12Elizabeth Mills1:05.37aBishops
8.11Nailah Spruill1:06.17Francis Parker
9.10Stevie Griglak1:07.16aBishops
10.10Siya Graham1:07.74aCalvin Christian
11.9Tanya Vos1:08.55aCalvin Christian
12.11Brooke Weisenberger1:09.34aSanta Fe Christian
13.9Monica Kozak1:10.06aCalvin Christian
14.9Rachel Hoffman1:10.98aCanyon Crest Academy
16.10Rachel Thompson1:14.41aCanyon Crest Academy
17.9Hannah Rigsby1:18.78Francis Parker
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Wyatt2:27.53aBishops
2.10Emily Mecke2:30.23aSan Dieguito Academy
3.12Lauren Pischel2:31.59aLa Jolla Country Day
4.12Christina Herron-Sweet2:37.34Francis Parker
5.9Alexis Samuels2:41.97aLa Jolla Country Day
6.11Laura Van Vranken2:42.47aSan Dieguito Academy
7.11Amanda Vos2:43.73aCalvin Christian
8.10Breanna Muir2:47.10aLa Jolla Country Day
9.9Kelly Scherer2:49.15aSan Dieguito Academy
10.11Brooke Weisenberger2:53.50aSanta Fe Christian
11.9Taylor Scott2:53.53aCanyon Crest Academy
12.10Meghan Roos2:54.39aCanyon Crest Academy
13.9Alia Kiran2:57.07Francis Parker
14.10Katie Shirley3:02.73aCanyon Crest Academy
15.9Hannah Rigsby3:13.11Francis Parker
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Wyatt5:15.96aBishops
2.12Lauren Pischel5:16.05aLa Jolla Country Day
3.10Elizabeth Schulze5:40.82aBishops
4.12Christina Herron-Sweet5:44.48Francis Parker
6.11Laura Van Vranken5:59.42aSan Dieguito Academy
7.9Kelly Scherer6:00.12aSan Dieguito Academy
8.10Alicia Triana6:00.40aBishops
9.11Amanda Vos6:06.11aCalvin Christian
11.11Lindsey Schwartz6:12.58Francis Parker
12.10Meghan Roos6:16.32aCanyon Crest Academy
13.10Sarah Rawi6:29.03aCanyon Crest Academy
14.10Katie Shirley6:39.26aCanyon Crest Academy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Pischel12:01.27aLa Jolla Country Day
2.10Elizabeth Schulze12:28.30aBishops
3.10Alicia Triana12:54.06aBishops
4.11Riley Scherer13:00.11aSan Dieguito Academy
5.9Alexis Samuels13:10.82aLa Jolla Country Day
6.10Naomi Wagner13:22.95aBishops
7.11Lindsey Schwartz13:23.70Francis Parker
8.12Joleen West13:36.26aCalvin Christian
9.9Alia Kiran13:45.38Francis Parker
10.10Sara Zlotnik13:54.50aCanyon Crest Academy
11.10Breanna Muir14:28.62aLa Jolla Country Day
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Susanna Marshall16.39aCanyon Crest Academy
2.10Jordan Orosz18.28Francis Parker
3.11Danielle Tucci18.72aBishops
4.11Jamesha Townsend18.73aLa Jolla Country Day
6.9Rachel Hoffman19.64aCanyon Crest Academy
7.10Angela Schopke20.13aBishops
8.11Olivia Ma21.11aCanyon Crest Academy
10.10Savanna Vrevich21.68aSan Dieguito Academy
11.12Tamara Louie22.10aLa Jolla Country Day
12.11Vanessa Hinkle22.80aSan Dieguito Academy
13.12Marites Villarosa22.96Francis Parker
14.9Kira Mesman-Hallman23.79aLa Jolla Country Day
15.12Andrea Marcus24.64aCalvin Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jamesha Townsend51.61aLa Jolla Country Day
2.12Andrea Marcus51.98aCalvin Christian
3.10Jordan Orosz51.99Francis Parker
5.10Nora Wallenius55.37aSan Dieguito Academy
6.9Rachel Hoffman55.75aCanyon Crest Academy
7.11Danielle Tucci57.05aBishops
8.10Angela Schopke57.15aBishops
9.11Olivia Ma58.08aCanyon Crest Academy
12.12Marites Villarosa1:01.19Francis Parker
13.9Alexandra Brunt-Pluta1:02.61aCanyon Crest Academy
14.9Jessica Wilson1:06.45aLa Jolla Country Day
15.11Vanessa Hinkle1:06.53aSan Dieguito Academy
16.12Tamara Louie1:08.16aLa Jolla Country Day
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.96aBishops
2.-Whitney Henry
Emily Mecke
Nora Wallenius
Laura Dushkin
52.36aSan Dieguito Academy
4.-Relay Team 53.92aLa Jolla Country Day
5.-Nicole Appleton
Carly Hayter
Susanna Marshall
Loren Thompson
54.26aCanyon Crest Academy
6.-Relay Team 57.14aCalvin Christian
7.-Alia Kiran
Jordan Orosz
Marites Villarosa
Andrea Nissley
59.37Francis Parker
--Sarah Burks
Lauren Marrs
Megan Melbye
Jenna Puterbaugh
DQSanta Fe Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:17.97aBishops
2.-Nailah Spruill
Christina Herron-Sweet
Jordan Orosz
Kathleen Finley
4:22.60Francis Parker
3.-Relay Team 4:27.97aLa Jolla Country Day
5.-Nicole Appleton
Rachel Hoffman
Sarah Rawi
Taylor Scott
4:34.75aCanyon Crest Academy
6.-Relay Team 4:35.09aCalvin Christian
7.-Relay Team 4:41.66aSanta Fe Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Vander Woude34'09.50Calvin Christian
2.9Melissa Brouwer28'04.50Calvin Christian
3.10Kelsey Gold26'03.75Bishops
4.11Juleane Johnson26'00.50La Jolla Country Day
5.12Julie Vaccaro25'09.50San Dieguito Academy
7.11Kassandra Lee24'9Francis Parker
8.11Tiffany Hoffman24'07.00La Jolla Country Day
9.9Jessie Altman24'04.75La Jolla Country Day
10.9Lindsay Powell24'03.50Calvin Christian
12.12Kristie MacLeod23'08.00Bishops
14.11Claire McKinley21'11Francis Parker
16.11Stephanie Lee19'11.75Bishops
17.10Chelsea Dale19'11.25Canyon Crest Academy
18.10Sarah Rawi19'07.00Canyon Crest Academy
19.9Katie Brown18'08.00Santa Fe Christian
20.9Alexandra Brunt-Pluta17'04.00Canyon Crest Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Juleane Johnson85'03La Jolla Country Day
2.10Kelsey Gold83'06Bishops
3.11Kassandra Lee81'9Francis Parker
4.12Nicole Vander Woude81'05Calvin Christian
5.9Melissa Brouwer81'03Calvin Christian
6.9Jessie Altman79'06La Jolla Country Day
7.11Claire McKinley78'10Francis Parker
9.9Lindsay Powell77'07Calvin Christian
10.12Kristie MacLeod77'05Bishops
11.11Stephanie Lee75'04Bishops
12.12Julie Vaccaro72'04San Dieguito Academy
14.11Alexandra Schibanoff69'11Francis Parker
16.11Tiffany Hoffman63'01La Jolla Country Day
17.9Katie Brown57'00Santa Fe Christian
18.10Sarah Rawi50'08Canyon Crest Academy
19.10Chelsea Dale49'00Canyon Crest Academy
20.10Katie Shirley36'01Canyon Crest Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alekz Reyes5'03.00Calvin Christian
2.12Aubrey Doede5'01.00Bishops
3.9Kira Mesman-Hallman4'06.00La Jolla Country Day
3.9Courtney Rockwood4'06.00La Jolla Country Day
3.12Morgan Effron4'06.00La Jolla Country Day
6.9Megan Melbye4'04.00Santa Fe Christian
6.9Jackie Moseley4'04.00Santa Fe Christian
6.9Taylor Scott4'04.00Canyon Crest Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tricia Decker9'00.00La Jolla Country Day
2.9Melissa Brouwer7'06.00Calvin Christian
3.9Kelsey de Valk7'00.00Calvin Christian
3.12Morgan Effron7'00.00La Jolla Country Day
5.11Loren Thompson6'00.00Canyon Crest Academy
5.9Annabelle Kraus6'00.00Calvin Christian
12Michelle WolfeNHLa Jolla Country Day
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marjorie Lacombe16'03.00Bishops
2.12Kathleen Roehrkasse15'10.00Bishops
3.12Kiara Stinson15'09.25La Jolla Country Day
4.10Tricia Decker15'00.00La Jolla Country Day
5.9Courtney Rockwood14'10.50La Jolla Country Day
6.12Whitney Henry14'02.00San Dieguito Academy
7.10Bertie Magit14'01.50Canyon Crest Academy
8.12Emily Taylor14'01.00Bishops
9.9Mieu Bry13'08.25San Dieguito Academy
10.12Christina Herron-Sweet13'6Francis Parker
11.9Lauren Marrs12'06.50Santa Fe Christian
12.9Kelsey de Valk12'04.00Calvin Christian
13.10Natalie Wentworth12'03.50Canyon Crest Academy
14.9Hannah Riegler11'09.00Calvin Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kathleen Roehrkasse35'03.00Bishops
2.9Kira Mesman-Hallman30'09.00La Jolla Country Day
3.11Susanna Marshall30'07.00Canyon Crest Academy
4.12Cameron Bell29'10.00La Jolla Country Day
5.10Bertie Magit29'02.00Canyon Crest Academy
6.11Nailah Spruill27'11Francis Parker
7.12Emily Taylor27'09.50Bishops
8.10Bianca Padilla27'06.00Bishops
9.9Mieu Bry27'00.00San Dieguito Academy
10.10Hannah Choi26'08.00Santa Fe Christian
11.9Jackie Moseley25'09.50Santa Fe Christian
12Andrea MarcusNDCalvin Christian
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