Shadyside Invitational

Saturday, April 14, 2007
  Shadyside, Shadyside - Map

  Field Events Start: 10:00 AM  Track Events Start: 10:00 AM
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Ohio - Division I
HATOHamilton Township
Ohio - Division II
MAFEMartins Ferry
STCSt Clairsville
UNLOUnion Local
West Virginia - AA
West Virginia - West Virginia
MDCMt De Chantal
THLIThe Linsly School
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nic Duty11.40aHamilton Township
2.11Zach Gust11.55aUnion Local
3.9Tyler Barnes11.70aBellaire
4.11Cameron Brown11.71aWeir
5.11Chris Martin11.84aWheeling Central Cat...
6.12Ricky Seneff11.93aBarnesville
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Zach Gust11.38aUnion Local
2.11Cameron Brown11.55aWeir
3.12Nic Duty11.61aHamilton Township
4.12Ricky Seneff11.76aBarnesville
5.9Tyler Barnes11.77aBellaire
7.10Jeremy Murray11.84aMartins Ferry
6.11Chris Martin11.89aWheeling Central Cat...
8.11Zach Azallion11.93aUnion Local
9.12Chris Trisler11.95aHamilton Township
10.12Brad Mitchell11.96aWellsville
11.9Jarrod Wallace12.32aBridgeport
12.11Jared Trifonoff12.36aRiver
13.11Jeff Hanselman12.37aWellsville
14.9Ryan Seneff12.39aBarnesville
15.11Jonathan Berher12.43aSt John Central
16.10Mark Sadler12.87aWeir
17.10Stacey Berry12.96aThe Linsly School
18.10Rawn Driver13.04aMartins Ferry
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Zach Gust11.41aUnion Local
2.11Cameron Brown11.80aWeir
3.12Nic Duty11.80aHamilton Township
4.12Ricky Seneff11.92aBarnesville
7.12Brad Mitchell11.97aWellsville
5.11Zach Azallion12.10aUnion Local
6.9Tyler Barnes12.11aBellaire
8.11Jeff Hanselman12.19aWellsville
9.10Jeremy Murray12.22aMartins Ferry
13.11Jared Trifonoff12.24aRiver
10.9Jarrod Wallace12.34aBridgeport
14.9Ryan Seneff12.43aBarnesville
15.10Stacey Berry12.50aThe Linsly School
16.11Jonathan Berher12.56aSt John Central
19.11CD Vinson12.63aBuckeye Trail
11.11Chris Martin12.64aWheeling Central Cat...
20.10David Davidson12.66aMonroe Central
17.10Mark Sadler12.73aWeir
12.12Chris Trisler12.77aHamilton Township
21.9Sean Britton12.86aSt Clairsville
22.10Brian Ruppel12.86aCaldwell
23.9Brandan Mistak12.92aSt Clairsville
24.9Matt Furbee13.01aShadyside
18.10Rawn Driver13.03aMartins Ferry
25.9Vincent Caruso13.18aThe Linsly School
26.11Michael Bogers13.72aSt John Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ricky Seneff23.30aBarnesville
2.12Stefan Neal23.58aHamilton Township
3.12Jayson Keyser23.66aBellaire
4.12Nate Belton24.09aSt Clairsville
5.12Chris Trisler24.69aHamilton Township
6.11Nick Liberati24.78aBellaire
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Stefan Neal23.64aHamilton Township
2.12Nate Belton23.65aSt Clairsville
3.12Jayson Keyser23.85aBellaire
4.12Ricky Seneff24.09aBarnesville
5.12Chris Trisler24.11aHamilton Township
7.10Tyler Shanks24.20aSt Clairsville
8.11Nathaniel Haney24.25aShadyside
6.11Nick Liberati24.33aBellaire
9.10Xavier Whetzel24.53aWheeling Central Cat...
10.12Andre Moore24.86aThe Linsly School
11.11Jared Trifonoff25.12aRiver
12.9Shawn Burns25.20aWeir
13.12John Martin25.43aMartins Ferry
14.9Luke Tacosik25.75aUnion Local
15.11Michael Rohrbaugh25.84aCaldwell
16.10Stacey Berry25.92aThe Linsly School
17.10Cory Clark26.50aCaldwell
18.9Ryan Seneff27.53aBarnesville
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Stefan Neal24.03aHamilton Township
2.10Tyler Shanks24.18aSt Clairsville
3.12Nate Belton24.31aSt Clairsville
7.11Nick Liberati24.44aBellaire
4.12Chris Trisler24.52aHamilton Township
8.12Ricky Seneff24.54aBarnesville
13.9Shawn Burns24.69aWeir
19.11Jeff Hanselman24.69aWellsville
5.12Jayson Keyser24.79aBellaire
9.11Nathaniel Haney24.95aShadyside
6.12Andre Moore25.03aThe Linsly School
10.12John Martin25.03aMartins Ferry
11.9Luke Tacosik25.43aUnion Local
14.10Xavier Whetzel25.77aWheeling Central Cat...
15.10Stacey Berry25.91aThe Linsly School
16.11Michael Rohrbaugh26.19aCaldwell
17.9Ryan Seneff26.58aBarnesville
20.12Kurtis Spratt26.65aBuckeye Trail
12.10Cory Clark26.78aCaldwell
18.11Jared Trifonoff27.92aRiver
21.9Nathan Bates28.97aMonroe Central
22.11Aaron Winland29.62aMonroe Central
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samson Gianessi51.30aWeir
2.11Nathaniel Haney53.74aShadyside
3.9Ross Fuller53.83aBellaire
4.12Chase Delman54.42aSt John Central
5.10Tyler Shanks54.54aSt Clairsville
6.10Xavier Whetzel55.33aWheeling Central Cat...
7.10Taylor Potts55.48aRiver
8.10Sam Falbo55.63aShadyside
9.11Jordan Lewis55.66aBarnesville
10.12Brian Yahn56.23aWheeling Central Cat...
11.9Tyler Arigoni56.24aUnion Local
12.11Matt Winston56.44aWellsville
13.11Dan Sansone56.48aSt John Central
14.10Mark Sadler56.87aWeir
15.11Austin Schott56.94aCaldwell
16.12Steve Jacobs57.04aCaldwell
17.9Brandan Mistak58.53aSt Clairsville
18.10Matt Fahey59.52aThe Linsly School
19.9Jesse Headley59.77aMonroe Central
20.10Jedd Beros1:00.46aBuckeye Trail
21.11Sean Hart1:01.21aHamilton Township
22.12Justin Allen1:02.42aRiver
23.9Ryan Hotlosz1:07.29aMartins Ferry
24.9Nathan Bates1:12.91aMonroe Central
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ron Shelton2:02.40aHamilton Township
2.12Kyle Crismon2:03.28aLibson (David Anders...
3.12Logan McLaughlin2:05.19aWeir
4.11Cameron Gasmire2:06.20aMartins Ferry
5.12Cameron Koehler2:06.69aWheeling Central Cat...
6.10Dan Starr2:08.76aRiver
7.11Nick Arnold2:09.61aUnion Local
8.9Josh Fitch2:09.64aUnion Local
9.9Ian Gulley2:14.59aSt John Central
10.12Phillip Clemens2:14.65aLibson (David Anders...
11.11Bradley English2:15.35aBarnesville
12.11Brad Becca2:15.91aMartins Ferry
13.10Ethan Snyder2:16.13aBuckeye Trail
14.9Shane Sheuer2:16.71aSt Clairsville
15.11Josh Ralston2:19.50aBarnesville
16.11Matt Winston2:19.80aWellsville
17.9Luke Holubeck2:19.85aSt John Central
18.9Carl Gavlik2:21.71aShadyside
19.11Jordan Palmer2:23.37aWheeling Central Cat...
20.9David Watkins2:24.41aSt Clairsville
21.11Charlie Underwood2:24.44aHamilton Township
22.10Shon Leasure2:25.03aCaldwell
23.9Patrick Ruskowski2:32.33aThe Linsly School
--9Josh ParisNTWeir
--9Ben WarnerNTCaldwell
--10Eric NicholsNTBuckeye Trail
--10David NeavinNTShadyside
--9Nathan BatesNTMonroe Central
--9Brent StimpertNTMonroe Central
--9Bobby ThompsonNTBridgeport
--11Logan MeyerNTRiver
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stewart Jones4:31.18aWeir
2.12Kyle Crismon4:33.00aLibson (David Anders...
3.12Nick Moscato4:42.99aSt John Central
4.9Josh Fitch4:43.47aUnion Local
5.9Alex Thornburg4:43.67aSt Clairsville
6.10Jonathan Ebbert4:44.22aSt Clairsville
7.12Zach Yereb4:45.89aSt John Central
8.10David Crumley4:49.56aHamilton Township
9.11Troy Tollett4:50.05aShadyside
10.10Ryan Herron4:52.80aWheeling Central Cat...
11.9Tyler Cordell5:01.08aCaldwell
12.10Robbie Chilson5:05.64aBellaire
13.10Justin Stellfox5:06.54aCaldwell
14.12Jacob Wade5:07.47aBuckeye Trail
--10Ryan HeskettNTBarnesville
--11Josh CusickNTMartins Ferry
--11Ryker HillNTMartins Ferry
--9Bobby ThompsonNTBridgeport
--11Brandon AltizerNTHamilton Township
--10Pat GingNTBellaire
--9Greg CarettiNTRiver
--9Journey WaytsNTRiver
--9Billy PadgelekNTUnion Local
--9Clay HuntsmanNTBarnesville
--11Tyler FreelandNTLibson (David Anders...
--11Jordan TollettNTShadyside
--10Rob BonenbergerNTWheeling Central Cat...
--11Strider BabinchokNTWeir
--10Sameer GuptaNTThe Linsly School
--9Brent StimpertNTMonroe Central
--11Vincent DeemNTWellsville
--12Levi MorrisNTMonroe Central
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stewart Jones10:08.35aWeir
2.10Sam Foster10:12.67aSt John Central
3.9Alex Thornburg10:16.55aSt Clairsville
4.10Rob Bonenberger10:22.43aWheeling Central Cat...
5.10Jonathan Ebbert10:31.97aSt Clairsville
6.12Cody Morrison10:37.35aCaldwell
7.10Marty Swartz10:40.56aSt John Central
8.12Dennis Spicer10:45.53aCaldwell
--9Journey WaytsNTRiver
--9Billy PadgelekNTUnion Local
--9Kody CrooksNTBarnesville
--10Robbie ChilsonNTBellaire
--10Cedrick RobinsonNTMartins Ferry
--11Justin RuppNTLibson (David Anders...
--10Pat GingNTBellaire
--11Brandon AltizerNTHamilton Township
--11Ronald ThomasNTMartins Ferry
--10Paden StewartNTRiver
--10Dustin HessNTUnion Local
--11Aaron BurgaNTBarnesville
--10Dallas AmicoNTThe Linsly School
--9Patrick RuskowskiNTThe Linsly School
--12Sean DroginskeNTWheeling Central Cat...
--11Strider BabinchokNTWeir
--12Levi MorrisNTMonroe Central
--11Vincent DeemNTWellsville
--10David CrumleyNTHamilton Township
--11Troy TollettNTShadyside
--11Adam AmatoNTShadyside
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Belcher15.31aHamilton Township
2.12Michael Sells15.54aBarnesville
3.12John Krupa15.55aShadyside
4.11Chris Martin16.18aWheeling Central Cat...
5.11Sam Nardo16.66aUnion Local
6.12Derek Gaudio16.98aSt Clairsville
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12John Krupa15.99aShadyside
2.12Michael Sells16.19aBarnesville
3.12Daniel Belcher16.26aHamilton Township
4.11Chris Martin16.40aWheeling Central Cat...
5.11Sam Nardo16.50aUnion Local
6.12Derek Gaudio16.57aSt Clairsville
7.12Derek Ensinger16.59aRiver
8.11Michael Bigelow16.81aSt Clairsville
9.10Carl Piper17.56aSt John Central
10.9Marty Zangus17.58aWeir
11.11Dale Marling17.82aShadyside
12.11Deleioun Jackson17.89aThe Linsly School
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Daniel Belcher16.63aHamilton Township
2.12Michael Sells16.71aBarnesville
5.12Derek Ensinger16.73aRiver
3.11Sam Nardo17.15aUnion Local
6.11Dale Marling17.20aShadyside
4.12John Krupa17.33aShadyside
7.11Chris Martin17.43aWheeling Central Cat...
9.11Michael Bigelow17.46aSt Clairsville
8.12Derek Gaudio17.64aSt Clairsville
10.9Marty Zangus17.74aWeir
11.10Carl Piper17.91aSt John Central
13.9Trevor Bobka18.17aBellaire
14.11Michael Dugas18.31aThe Linsly School
12.11Deleioun Jackson18.52aThe Linsly School
15.9Kyle Jarrett18.59aUnion Local
16.10Keith Kisner19.87aBuckeye Trail
17.9Dustin Russell20.06aSt John Central
18.11Cameron Lowe21.22aHamilton Township
19.9Tyler Jeffers22.21aRiver
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Martin41.83aWheeling Central Cat...
2.12Michael Sells42.15aBarnesville
3.11Sam Nardo42.20aUnion Local
4.12John Krupa42.57aShadyside
5.10Joey Woodland43.41aBarnesville
6.11Deleioun Jackson45.36aThe Linsly School
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Chris Martin42.05aWheeling Central Cat...
2.11Sam Nardo43.21aUnion Local
3.10Joey Woodland43.96aBarnesville
4.12John Krupa44.18aShadyside
5.12Michael Sells44.35aBarnesville
6.11Deleioun Jackson45.49aThe Linsly School
7.10David Davidson45.75aMonroe Central
8.11Michael Bigelow45.77aSt Clairsville
9.10Carl Piper45.93aSt John Central
10.12D.J. Watson46.31aHamilton Township
11.9Marty Zangus46.48aWeir
12.11Robert McClanahan46.73aWeir
13.11Michael Dugas46.82aThe Linsly School
14.9Kyle Jarrett46.98aUnion Local
15.9Matt Gibbs47.08aWellsville
16.11Daniel Connolly47.22aCaldwell
17.9Tyler Cline49.54aShadyside
18.9Dustin Russell49.74aSt John Central
19.11Cameron Lowe50.01aHamilton Township
20.10Keith Kisner50.21aBuckeye Trail
21.9Tyler Jeffers53.96aRiver
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Belcher
Chris Trisler
Stefan Neal
Nic Duty
44.27aHamilton Township
2.-Kyle Gallagher
Brian Grear
Ryan Seneff
Ricky Seneff
3.-Rawn Driver
Cameron Gasmire
Jeremy Murray
John Martin
46.42aMartins Ferry
4.-Trevor Bobka
Zach Manning
Ross Johnson
Nick Liberati
5.-Brandon Nicholes
Luke Tacosik
Joby Barr
Kyle Blackman
47.54aUnion Local
6.-Derek Gaudio
Brad Schrum
Wes Brothers
Caleb Lepic
47.93aSt Clairsville
7.-Robert McClanahan
Shawn Burns
Wesley Barnes
Marcus Washington
8.-Chidozie Oparanozie
Matt Fahey
Stacey Berry
CJ Goodwin
48.17aThe Linsly School
9.-Coty Lee
Taylor Potts
Tim Oldfield
Jared Trifonoff
10.-Mario Liberati
David Bonar
Sam Falbo
Johnny Merryman
11.-Jedd Beros
Jacob Wade
CD Vinson
Kurtis Spratt
49.51aBuckeye Trail
12.-Josh Billman
Levi Morris
Josh Duffy
David Davidson
49.59aMonroe Central
13.-Brian Ruppel
Michael Rohrbaugh
Jared Border
Cory Clark
14.-Michael Bogers
Lathan Lipperman
Jonathan Berher
Kellen Homer
52.67aSt John Central
---Matt Gibbs
Jeff Hanselman
DeShon Pullie
Brad Mitchell
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Azallion
Zach Delman
Devin Otto
Zach Gust
1:32.88aUnion Local
2.-Daniel Belcher
Stefan Neal
Ron Shelton
Nic Duty
1:34.26aHamilton Township
3.-Samson Gianessi
Dexter Hazel
Shawn Burns
Marcus Washington
4.-Kyle Gallagher
Chance Lucas
Brian Grear
Josh Wells
5.-Trevor Bobka
Zach Manning
Ross Johnson
Nick Liberati
6.-Coty Lee
Justin Allen
Adam McKee
Derek Ensinger
7.-CD Vinson
Brandon Ogden
Jacob Wade
Kurtis Spratt
1:43.34aBuckeye Trail
8.-Michael Rohrbaugh
Cory Clark
Jared Border
Steve Jacobs
9.-Josh Billman
Jesse Headley
Jacob Williams
Andrew Schumacher
1:48.83aMonroe Central
10.-Michael Bogers
Lathan Lipperman
Jonathan Berher
Kellen Homer
1:49.44aSt John Central
11.-Nick Garbark
Jamie Kish
John Belancic
Bradley McGraw
1:52.21aWheeling Central Cat...
---Justin Bernard
Caleb Lepic
Wes Brothers
Tyler Shanks
DQSt Clairsville
---Dale Marling
Matt Furbee
Sam Falbo
Nathaniel Haney
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Webb
Logan McLaughlin
Cameron Brown
Samson Gianessi
2.-Relay Team 3:38.34aHamilton Township
2.-Xavier Shelton
D.J. Watson
Ron Shelton
Stefan Neal
3:38.34aHamilton Township
3.-Jeremy Murray
Ryker Hill
Brad Becca
Cameron Gasmire
3:41.25aMartins Ferry
4.-Dan Starr
Tim Oldfield
Adam McKee
Taylor Potts
5.-Xavier Whetzel
Brian Yahn
Cameron Koehler
Chris Martin
3:43.18aWheeling Central Cat...
6.-Josh Fitch
Tyler Arigoni
Kyle Blackman
Nick Arnold
3:45.43aUnion Local
7.-John Krupa
Mario Liberati
Sam Falbo
Nathaniel Haney
8.-Austin Schott
Steve Jacobs
Daniel Connolly
Tyler Cordell
9.-Jordan Lewis
Joey Woodland
Stevie Schmidt
Chance Lucas
10.-Brandan Mistak
Justin Bernard
Shane Sheuer
Michael Bigelow
3:56.67aSt Clairsville
11.-Carl Piper
Ian Gulley
Dan Sansone
Chase Delman
3:59.22aSt John Central
12.-Jedd Beros
Isaac Snyder
Ethan Snyder
Brandon Ogden
3:59.99aBuckeye Trail
13.-Jesse Headley
Josh Duffy
Jacob Williams
Josh Yontz
4:11.67aMonroe Central
14.-Vincent Caruso
Dallas Amico
Stacey Berry
Brett Saltrick
4:14.07aThe Linsly School
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stewart Jones
Josh Webb
Logan McLaughlin
Samson Gianessi
2.-Ryker Hill
Shane Pamphilis
Brad Becca
Cameron Gasmire
8:34.56aMartins Ferry
3.-Sam Foster
Nick Moscato
Marty Swartz
Matthew Moscato
8:36.02aSt John Central
4.-Tyler Cordell
Austin Schott
Jordan Croucher
Cody Morrison
5.-Nick Arnold
Billy Padgelek
Tyler Arigoni
Josh Fitch
8:42.97aUnion Local
6.-Cameron Koehler
Rob Bonenberger
Sean Droginske
Jordan Palmer
8:52.50aWheeling Central Cat...
7.-Relay Team 8:56.59aHamilton Township
7.-Robert Aitkin
Brandon Altizer
Charlie Underwood
David Crumley
8:56.59aHamilton Township
8.-Bradley English
Ryan Heskett
Jordan Lewis
Josh Ralston
9.-Phillip Clemens
Tyler Freeland
Justin Rupp
Kyle Crismon
8:58.25aLibson (David Anders...
10.-Dan Starr
Tim Oldfield
Logan Meyer
Taylor Potts
11.-Ethan Snyder
Brandon Ogden
Isaac Snyder
Jacob Wade
9:08.40aBuckeye Trail
12.-Dallas Amico
Sameer Gupta
Nathan Sturm
Nader Sawtarie
9:24.45aThe Linsly School
13.-Shane Sheuer
Kyle Timko
Devan Timko
David Watkins
9:38.18aSt Clairsville
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Gallagher
Justin Kelly
Josh Wells
Michael Sells
2.-Sam Nardo
Brandon Nicholes
Kyle Jarrett
Zach Delman
1:02.62aUnion Local
3.-Mario Liberati
Dale Marling
Johnny Merryman
John Krupa
4.-Mike Giannangeli
Wes Brothers
Michael Bigelow
Derek Gaudio
1:05.52aSt Clairsville
5.-Coty Lee
Adam McKee
Justin Allen
Derek Ensinger
6.-Isaac Snyder
Dylan Keylor
Brandon Ogden
Ethan Snyder
1:06.24aBuckeye Trail
7.-Michael Dugas
Nathan Sturm
Deleioun Jackson
Chidozie Oparanozie
1:11.00aThe Linsly School
8.-Josh Yontz
Josh Billman
Jacob Williams
David Davidson
1:16.14aMonroe Central
---Dexter Hazel
Marty Zangus
Marcus Washington
Wesley Barnes
---Robert Aitkin
Chris Trisler
Richard Delozier
Daniel Belcher
DNFHamilton Township
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10DJ Duke51-03.00River
2.11Chidozie Oparanozi51-02.75The Linsly School
3.12Jacob Klug47-05.50Martins Ferry
4.11Anthony Skrabak46-06.75St Clairsville
5.11Nate Carman45-09.00Wellsville
6.12Jordan Traylinek44-03.25Bellaire
7.12Vinnie Ritchie43-10.75Shadyside
8.11Mike Reed40-03.50Bellaire
9.12Brian Grear39-11.00Barnesville
10.12Matt Frakes39-01.00Hamilton Township
11.10Vance Miller39-00.00Weir
12.11Richard Delozier38-04.75Hamilton Township
13.9Darius Jenkins38-03.50Barnesville
14.9Eric Dowling37-06.25Wellsville
14.12David Marinacci37-06.25Bridgeport
16.11Chris Hammond37-02.50Shadyside
17.12Vinnie Viola35-08.25Wheeling Central Cat...
17.10Courtney Henry35-08.25Martins Ferry
19.10Jordan Marchiano33-10.25Buckeye Trail
19.10Ryan Brown33-10.25Caldwell
21.11Aaron Winland33-07.25Monroe Central
22.12Kurtis Spratt33-04.00Buckeye Trail
23.10Eric Abboud32-10.75Union Local
24.12Nathan Crozier32-06.50St John Central
25.10Jacob Granato32-05.50Weir
26.11Harold Earley32-03.00River
27.10Josh Yontz29-03.00Monroe Central
28.12Ian Jones28-09.25Wheeling Central Cat...
--12Neil MartinNDThe Linsly School
--12Jeff LyonsNDSt Clairsville
--10Sean WestNDBridgeport
--12Shane SableNDSt John Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Traylinek136-03Bellaire
2.12Vinnie Ritchie133-08Shadyside
3.11Nate Carman129-04Wellsville
4.11Harold Earley129-00River
5.12Jacob Klug127-01Martins Ferry
6.11Anthony Skrabak126-01St Clairsville
7.12Shane Sable125-02St John Central
8.11Sam Cecil123-08The Linsly School
9.12Todd Boyer114-11St Clairsville
10.12Matt Frakes114-06Hamilton Township
11.10DJ Duke112-01River
12.12Vinnie Viola110-05Wheeling Central Cat...
--11Jake KirkpatrickNDWheeling Central Cat...
--10Vance MillerNDWeir
--10Jacob GranatoNDWeir
--11Jonathan SquibbNDThe Linsly School
--9Eric DowlingNDWellsville
--11Richard DelozierNDHamilton Township
--10Josh YontzNDMonroe Central
--10Andrew SchumacherNDMonroe Central
--10Courtney HenryNDMartins Ferry
--10Jordan MarchianoNDBuckeye Trail
--9Dustin RussellNDSt John Central
--10Alex SpiczenskiNDBarnesville
--9Erik NeilsonNDUnion Local
--10Eddie MehlmanNDBellaire
--10David VaughnNDShadyside
--12John ShafferNDLibson (David Anders...
--10Eric AbboudNDUnion Local
--12David MarinacciNDBridgeport
--11Dylan KeylorNDBuckeye Trail
--11Todd RichieNDBridgeport
--12Brian GrearNDBarnesville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dexter Hazel6-00.00Weir
2.12Ron Shelton6-00.00Hamilton Township
3.12D.J. Watson6-00.00Hamilton Township
4.11Deleioun Jackson5-10.00The Linsly School
5.10Isaac Snyder5-08.00Buckeye Trail
5.11Dale Marling5-08.00Shadyside
7.10Kyle Blackman5-06.00Union Local
7.9Luke Tacosik5-06.00Union Local
7.9Ross Fuller5-06.00Bellaire
7.12Marcus Washington5-06.00Weir
7.9John Belancic5-06.00Wheeling Central Cat...
12.12Brad Schrum5-04.00St Clairsville
12.11Josh Wells5-04.00Barnesville
--12Justin KellyNHBarnesville
--9Derek-London DierkNHMonroe Central
--11Alan DavisNHMonroe Central
--10Chad PottsNHRiver
--10Rawn DriverNHMartins Ferry
--9Tyler JeffersNHRiver
--9Dustin RussellNHSt John Central
--10Keith KisnerNHBuckeye Trail
--12Brian YahnNHWheeling Central Cat...
--9Vincent CarusoNHThe Linsly School
--9DeShon PullieNHWellsville
--9Matt GibbsNHWellsville
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joby Barr12-06.00Union Local
2.11Dan Sansone12-00.00St John Central
3.10David Bonar12-00.00Shadyside
4.12Andrew Varlas11-06.00Wheeling Central Cat...
4.11Aaron Porter11-06.00Bellaire
6.12Coty Lee11-00.00River
7.10Johnny Merryman11-00.00Shadyside
7.9Cody Blacker11-00.00Bellaire
9.10Jon Miller10-06.00Hamilton Township
10.10Matt Przybysz10-00.00Wheeling Central Cat...
11.10Jedd Beros9-06.00Buckeye Trail
12.10Chad Potts9-00.00River
--10Carl PiperNHSt John Central
--10Nathan SturmNHThe Linsly School
--11Chase ClarkNHUnion Local
--9Tim WelchNHBarnesville
--11Jonny MillerNHBarnesville
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cameron Brown20-07.50Weir
2.11Nick Liberati19-07.25Bellaire
3.12Nic Duty19-04.50Hamilton Township
4.12Brian Yahn19-02.25Wheeling Central Cat...
5.11CJ Goodwin18-11.50The Linsly School
6.12Andre Moore18-10.00The Linsly School
7.9Matt Gibbs18-04.50Wellsville
7.12Dexter Hazel18-04.50Weir
9.12Michael Sells18-03.50Barnesville
10.10Joby Barr18-01.00Union Local
11.9Brandon Nicholes17-11.50Union Local
11.11Jeff Hanselman17-11.50Wellsville
13.12Brad Schrum17-10.50St Clairsville
14.10Xavier Shelton17-07.00Hamilton Township
15.11Jared Trifonoff17-06.50River
16.9Chance Lucas17-04.50Barnesville
17.10Rawn Driver17-01.50Martins Ferry
18.9Jesse Headley17-00.00Monroe Central
19.10Brian Ruppel16-06.50Caldwell
20.10Kasey Perkins15-10.50Caldwell
21.9Greg Caretti15-07.00River
22.9Matt Furbee15-05.50Shadyside
23.12John Martin14-10.50Martins Ferry
24.9Tyler Kirk14-08.50St Clairsville
25.11Kevin Tyler11-09.00Shadyside
--12Steve TsilimosNDLibson (David Anders...
--12Jacob FisherNDBuckeye Trail
--12Chase DelmanNDSt John Central
--9Roderick JonesNDBridgeport
--9Derek-London DierkNDMonroe Central
--9Tyler BarnesNDBellaire
--10Jedd BerosNDBuckeye Trail

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alexis Campbell12.96aSt John Central
2.11Lindsey Neavin13.10aSt Clairsville
3.11Renee Bettinger13.21aRevere
4.11Jazmine Shaw13.42aHamilton Township
5.10Gabrielle Taylor13.44aWellsville
6.10Kristen Saggio13.62aWeirton Madonna
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.9Alexis Campbell12.92aSt John Central
4.11Lindsey Neavin13.19aSt Clairsville
2.10Gabrielle Taylor13.36aWellsville
3.11Renee Bettinger13.40aRevere
5.10Kristen Saggio13.49aWeirton Madonna
6.11Jazmine Shaw13.75aHamilton Township
7.9Jalynn Keyser13.80aBellaire
8.10Ashlei Beiswenger14.01aRevere
9.9Kaitlyn Wolfe14.04aBuckeye Trail
10.12Eva Smith14.06aWeir
11.11Mikelle Williams14.12aWellsville
12.9Gabby Dean14.31aWheeling Central Cat...
13.12Kelsey Lafferre14.55aMonroe Central
14.11Justina Martin14.58aMartins Ferry
15.10Symone Smith14.58aHamilton Township
16.9Lia Capito14.63aWeirton Madonna
17.11Katie Jochum14.67aThe Linsly School
18.9Katie Parks14.82aMonroe Central
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Alexis Campbell13.43aSt John Central
2.10Gabrielle Taylor13.70aWellsville
7.9Kaitlyn Wolfe13.78aBuckeye Trail
3.11Renee Bettinger13.79aRevere
4.11Jazmine Shaw13.85aHamilton Township
5.10Kristen Saggio13.90aWeirton Madonna
6.11Lindsey Neavin13.96aSt Clairsville
8.9Jalynn Keyser14.16aBellaire
9.10Ashlei Beiswenger14.16aRevere
10.11Mikelle Williams14.17aWellsville
13.12Eva Smith14.43aWeir
14.12Kelsey Lafferre14.59aMonroe Central
15.9Gabby Dean14.59aWheeling Central Cat...
16.10Symone Smith14.60aHamilton Township
11.11Justina Martin14.72aMartins Ferry
19.12Chelsey Pritts14.75aWeir
20.12Lindee Wisvari14.83aRiver
17.11Katie Jochum14.93aThe Linsly School
21.10Caitlyn Tobin14.95aUnion Local
22.9Desiree' Hinkle14.96aRiver
23.10Amalee Jackson15.08aBarnesville
12.9Lia Capito15.15aWeirton Madonna
24.9Emily Tennant15.28aSt Clairsville
25.9Samantha Monroe15.47aMartins Ferry
18.9Katie Parks15.54aMonroe Central
26.9Adrionna Dickerson15.73aSt John Central
27.10Sammie Grady15.94aCaldwell
28.9Sommer Hans16.15aShadyside
29.10Brittani Fogle16.17aBuckeye Trail
30.9Francesca Giavonno16.48aWheeling Central Cat...
31.10Anna Simmons16.57aThe Linsly School
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsey Neavin26.90aSt Clairsville
2.11Jazmine Shaw27.19aHamilton Township
3.11Renee Bettinger27.30aRevere
4.11Sharron Gianessi27.60aWeir
5.9Kaitlyn Wolfe28.09aBuckeye Trail
6.12Ashley Stevens28.87aHamilton Township
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Jazmine Shaw27.22aHamilton Township
4.11Renee Bettinger27.31aRevere
2.11Lindsey Neavin27.65aSt Clairsville
3.11Sharron Gianessi28.11aWeir
5.9Kaitlyn Wolfe28.12aBuckeye Trail
6.12Ashley Stevens28.48aHamilton Township
7.10Gabrielle Taylor28.73aWellsville
8.10Caitlyn Tobin28.97aUnion Local
9.9Arika Urbauer29.21aBuckeye Trail
10.9Lacey Neavin29.24aMartins Ferry
11.11Mikelle Williams29.63aWellsville
12.10Amalee Jackson30.07aBarnesville
13.9Samantha Monroe30.51aMartins Ferry
14.10Ashlei Beiswenger30.63aRevere
15.12Chelsey Pritts30.67aWeir
16.12Krista Kent30.71aWheeling Central Cat...
17.11Katie Jochum31.85aThe Linsly School
18.9Nicole Peklinsky32.40aWheeling Central Cat...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Lindsey Neavin27.90aSt Clairsville
2.11Sharron Gianessi28.11aWeir
3.11Jazmine Shaw28.17aHamilton Township
7.10Gabrielle Taylor28.33aWellsville
4.11Renee Bettinger28.54aRevere
5.9Kaitlyn Wolfe28.62aBuckeye Trail
6.12Ashley Stevens28.70aHamilton Township
8.11Mikelle Williams28.74aWellsville
13.9Arika Urbauer29.09aBuckeye Trail
9.9Lacey Neavin29.21aMartins Ferry
14.10Ashlei Beiswenger29.60aRevere
19.10Shae Earnest30.05aShadyside
10.10Caitlyn Tobin30.27aUnion Local
15.10Amalee Jackson30.34aBarnesville
16.12Krista Kent30.39aWheeling Central Cat...
11.12Chelsey Pritts30.50aWeir
17.9Samantha Monroe30.61aMartins Ferry
20.9Emily Good30.67aShadyside
12.11Katie Jochum31.46aThe Linsly School
21.9Blair Burger31.50aSt John Central
22.10Steph Jones31.93aMonroe Central
18.9Nicole Peklinsky32.16aWheeling Central Cat...
23.10Olivia Archer32.22aCaldwell
24.9Lindsay Hendershot33.45aRiver
25.10Olivia Guiler33.63aMonroe Central
26.10Karli Niswonger33.70aCaldwell
27.11Maria Rivas33.76aRiver
28.10Anna Simmons33.92aThe Linsly School
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jazmine Shaw1:00.96aHamilton Township
2.9Alexis Campbell1:01.23aSt John Central
3.10Chalana Chambliss1:03.26aMartins Ferry
4.10Justene Delman1:03.43aSt John Central
5.9Kaitlyn Wolfe1:03.95aBuckeye Trail
6.12Katie Tadolini1:04.69aSt Clairsville
7.9Kate Hodgson1:06.27aSt Clairsville
8.9Arika Urbauer1:06.69aBuckeye Trail
9.10Kelley Mortakis1:08.03aWheeling Central Cat...
10.9Katie Parks1:08.06aMonroe Central
11.10Landyn Lucas1:08.59aRiver
12.10Ashley Watson1:09.06aShadyside
13.9Mariah Miller1:10.08aBarnesville
14.9Nikki Padgett1:10.53aBellaire
15.12Mindy Andrews1:10.63aHamilton Township
16.10Laila Najjar1:10.69aRevere
17.10Abbey Smith1:10.89aWeirton Madonna
18.10Lindsey Houck1:11.21aRevere
19.10Aubrianna Saracco1:11.36aWellsville
20.9Mariah Schoeppner1:11.39aCaldwell
21.10Amalee Jackson1:11.55aBarnesville
22.9Citasia Tisdale1:12.03aWellsville
23.10Megan Barries1:12.27aMartins Ferry
24.9Morgan Breyer1:12.51aShadyside
25.9Danielle Weimerskirch1:15.12aWeirton Madonna
26.10Olivia Archer1:15.64aCaldwell
27.9Nicole Peklinsky1:16.35aWheeling Central Cat...
28.10Bre Archer1:18.52aMonroe Central
29.9Brittany Rife1:19.26aBellaire
30.9Blake Huggins1:27.57aMt De Chantal
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephanie Morgan2:20.59aBarnesville
2.9Kelly Perzanowski2:24.29aSt John Central
3.11Natalie Perzanowski2:25.99aSt John Central
4.12Lauren Bauer2:28.36aWheeling Central Cat...
5.9Karly Jones2:33.75aBarnesville
6.9Alex Pokas2:40.05aSt Clairsville
7.9Denerica Curry2:41.45aHamilton Township
8.9Jamie Garbash2:41.61aSt Clairsville
9.11Megan Reeve2:41.62aHamilton Township
10.10Lindsey Houck2:47.48aRevere
11.10Alischa Earnest2:48.74aShadyside
12.10Vanessa Heslop2:51.19aBellaire
13.9Dawn Spicer2:52.42aCaldwell
14.9Kara Bobka2:52.97aBellaire
15.10Megan Barries2:53.62aMartins Ferry
16.10Olivia Hayes2:54.50aCaldwell
17.10Karissa Brown2:55.33aShadyside
18.9Alehna Nickol3:02.80aRevere
19.10Aubrianna Saracco3:06.59aWellsville
--11Madison AndreiniNTThe Linsly School
--10Brenna BurkhartNTThe Linsly School
--9Suzanna CampbellNTMt De Chantal
--12Stephanie CarusoNTWheeling Central Cat...
--10Mari KolankoNTWeirton Madonna
--9Rachael KrustenNTWeirton Madonna
--11Janelle JonesNTWeir
--9Taylor BiedenbachNTBridgeport
--10Desiree PiattNTMonroe Central
--10Brittani FogleNTBuckeye Trail
--11Alex PanasNTMartins Ferry
--9Marley MarconiNTRiver
--10Katie HoblickNTUnion Local
--10Mandi KrivenkoNTBridgeport
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephanie Morgan4:55.79aBarnesville
2.11Natalie Perzanowski5:17.99aSt John Central
3.12Stephanie Caruso5:27.95aWheeling Central Cat...
4.9Karly Jones5:37.34aBarnesville
5.12Claire LeMasters5:39.49aSt John Central
6.11Michelle Hardy5:49.76aHamilton Township
7.9Kyla McLaughlin5:55.91aCaldwell
8.9Jamie Garbash6:04.15aSt Clairsville
9.10Adriane Steed6:07.93aCaldwell
--10Kelsey PonzaniNTBellaire
--10Skyler VanGosenNTBridgeport
--10Laura DunlapNTBuckeye Trail
--9Alonna AckermanNTMartins Ferry
--12Marissa MelankoNTShadyside
--9Alehna NickolNTRevere
--9Marley MarconiNTRiver
--10Mandi KrivenkoNTBridgeport
--12Tabitha McCrackenNTMartins Ferry
--12Liz WatsonNTBuckeye Trail
--10Cara HaganNTThe Linsly School
--10Jennifer KachelNTThe Linsly School
--12Danika AmicoNTMt De Chantal
--9Liz TurakNTMt De Chantal
--10Mariah MisselwitzNTWeirton Madonna
--9Michaela BraggNTWeirton Madonna
--11Desiree DennisNTWeir
--11Jessica YoungNTHamilton Township
--12Kaila RuminskiNTSt Clairsville
--9Claire SasowskyNTRevere
--9Lauren StevensNTShadyside
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Perzanowski11:24.46aSt John Central
2.9Kelly Perzanowski11:26.51aSt John Central
3.12Stephanie Caruso11:27.77aWheeling Central Cat...
4.12Alanna Seamon11:45.39aSt Clairsville
5.11Michelle Hardy12:24.93aHamilton Township
6.10Sarah Crum12:50.21aCaldwell
7.9Laura Mason12:56.74aRevere
8.10Amelia Troutman13:16.52aRevere
9.10Laura Dunlap13:16.95aBuckeye Trail
10.9Dawn Spicer13:17.89aCaldwell
11.12Marissa Melanko13:26.84aShadyside
12.11Alysia Scott13:32.28aBellaire
13.11Desiree Dennis13:52.12aWeir
14.9Alonna Ackerman13:53.32aMartins Ferry
15.11Jessica Young14:26.80aHamilton Township
16.10Shaila Meeker14:27.04aMartins Ferry
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kylie Kidder15.63aSt John Central
2.11Ali Bobalik16.18aWeir
3.9Rebecca Haney16.74aShadyside
4.9Brooke Cenkus16.83aSt Clairsville
5.10Kayla Abrams17.03aCaldwell
6.11Abigial Bishop17.05aBarnesville
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Kylie Kidder16.03aSt John Central
2.11Ali Bobalik16.70aWeir
3.11Abigial Bishop16.83aBarnesville
4.9Brooke Cenkus16.92aSt Clairsville
5.10Kayla Abrams17.02aCaldwell
6.9Rebecca Haney17.20aShadyside
7.12Katherine Maurer17.20aWeirton Madonna
8.10Ashley Greyson17.67aRevere
9.10Kandis Castelli17.91aWeir
10.9Arika Urbauer18.23aBuckeye Trail
11.10Bianca Biondillo18.45aWeirton Madonna
12.12Kelly Jo McIntosh18.91aMartins Ferry
13.12Megan Arman18.91aRiver
14.10Leah LaFollette19.02aMonroe Central
15.9Mallory Pamphilis19.07aMartins Ferry
16.9Kaitlynn Napolhz19.29aRevere
17.10Alecia Keyser19.77aBellaire
18.9Sarah Drysdale20.83aWellsville
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kylie Kidder16.79aSt John Central
2.11Ali Bobalik16.88aWeir
3.9Brooke Cenkus17.16aSt Clairsville
4.11Abigial Bishop17.50aBarnesville
5.9Rebecca Haney17.67aShadyside
7.12Katherine Maurer17.73aWeirton Madonna
6.10Kayla Abrams17.80aCaldwell
8.10Ashley Greyson17.97aRevere
9.10Kandis Castelli18.37aWeir
10.10Bianca Biondillo18.61aWeirton Madonna
11.9Arika Urbauer18.65aBuckeye Trail
12.12Megan Arman18.77aRiver
13.10Leah LaFollette19.24aMonroe Central
14.9Kaitlynn Napolhz19.24aRevere
15.9Mallory Pamphilis19.52aMartins Ferry
19.9Katie Clark19.55aUnion Local
16.12Kelly Jo McIntosh19.57aMartins Ferry
20.11Lindsay Huntsman19.63aMonroe Central
21.11Stephanie Mattern20.08aSt Clairsville
17.9Sarah Drysdale20.36aWellsville
22.10Brytney Winderl20.59aHamilton Township
18.10Alecia Keyser20.75aBellaire
23.9Jacque Flowers20.89aSt John Central
24.11Andrea Hinkley22.31aBuckeye Trail
25.11Tegan Thalman23.57aWheeling Central Cat...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kylie Kidder48.24aSt John Central
2.11Allie Doan49.41aBarnesville
3.10Kandis Castelli50.57aWeir
4.12Sabrina Weigand51.53aRevere
5.9Rebecca Haney52.65aShadyside
6.10Amanda Wahl53.58aBarnesville
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kylie Kidder47.04aSt John Central
2.11Allie Doan48.45aBarnesville
3.12Sabrina Weigand50.01aRevere
4.9Rebecca Haney50.53aShadyside
5.10Amanda Wahl50.70aBarnesville
6.10Kandis Castelli50.97aWeir
7.9Brooke Cenkus51.17aSt Clairsville
8.9Benita Gallagher54.89aBuckeye Trail
9.9Katie Clark55.09aUnion Local
10.10Brenna Burkhart55.69aThe Linsly School
11.10Ashley Greyson55.74aRevere
12.9Jacque Flowers56.24aSt John Central
13.11Megan Aftanas56.38aWeir
14.10Leah LaFollette56.86aMonroe Central
15.10Brianne Lucas57.34aMartins Ferry
16.11Lindsay Huntsman57.83aMonroe Central
17.11Stephanie Mattern57.89aSt Clairsville
18.10Kayla Abrams59.11aCaldwell
19.9Mallory Pamphilis59.51aMartins Ferry
20.10Brytney Winderl59.75aHamilton Township
21.10Brittney Knellinge1:11.03aBuckeye Trail
22.11Natali Coyne1:11.18aWheeling Central Cat...
--11Jessica MurrayDNFWeirton Madonna
--11Kam PinsuwanNTBridgeport
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashlei Beiswenger
Megan Slattery
Renee Bettinger
Sabrina Weigand
2.-Ali Bobalik
Jackie Kryaninko
Eva Smith
Sharron Gianessi
3.-Abigial Bishop
Lacy Butler
Allie Doan
Meliah Moore
4.-Lacey Neavin
Tallia Eason
Justina Martin
Chalana Chambliss
53.58aMartins Ferry
5.-Brooke Cenkus
Katie Tadolini
Jaclyn Dutton
Lindsey Neavin
53.68aSt Clairsville
6.-Courtney Liberatore
Alicia Yonyon
Lauren Doyle
Jalynn Keyser
7.-Sarah Drysdale
Mikelle Williams
Citasia Tisdale
Gabrielle Taylor
8.-Kimberly Lafferrre
Katie Parks
Justine LaFollette
Kelsey Lafferre
55.26aMonroe Central
9.-Lia Capito
Tasha Coleman
Jessica Murray
Kristen Saggio
55.57aWeirton Madonna
10.-Relay Team 55.83aHamilton Township
10.-Danielle Swell
Symone Smith
Paulena Bolin
Ashley Stevens
55.83aHamilton Township
11.-Gabby Dean
Jaclyn Niggemeyer
Krista Kent
Kelley Mortakis
56.24aWheeling Central Cat...
12.-Landyn Lucas
Lindee Wisvari
Megan Arman
Desiree' Hinkle
13.-Kaci Cunningham
Jessica Johnson
Tessa Vinson
Cassy Urbauer
56.93aBuckeye Trail
14.-Jacque Flowers
Mallory Zanke
Kayla Sharpe
Blair Burger
57.22aSt John Central
15.-Kayla Abrams
Mariah Schoeppner
Sammie Grady
Crystal Craycraft
16.-Kayla Stewart
Emily Good
Sommer Hans
Shae Earnest
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylie Kidder
Kayla Sharpe
Alexis Campbell
Justene Delman
1:48.62aSt John Central
2.-Ali Bobalik
Jackie Kryaninko
Janelle Jones
Sharron Gianessi
3.-Relay Team 1:51.65aHamilton Township
3.-Brenna Schmidt
Ashley Stevens
Danielle Swell
Jazmine Shaw
1:51.65aHamilton Township
4.-Lauren Harbath
Megan Slattery
Samantha Fouser
Sabrina Weigand
4.-Relay Team 1:52.68aRevere
5.-Lacey Neavin
Tallia Eason
Brynisha Griffin
Chalana Chambliss
1:52.86aMartins Ferry
6.-Olivia Pokas
Lindsey Neavin
Amanda Piccolini
Katie Tadolini
1:53.06aSt Clairsville
7.-Courtney Liberatore
Alicia Yonyon
Lauren Doyle
Jalynn Keyser
8.-Tasha Coleman
Lia Capito
Jessica Murray
Kristen Saggio
1:58.08aWeirton Madonna
9.-Rebecca Haney
Kayla Stewart
Ashley Watson
Shae Earnest
10.-Sharon Cain
Megan Arman
Landyn Lucas
Desiree' Hinkle
11.-Mariah Miller
Morgan Pryor
Kelsie Bahmer
Amalee Jackson
12.-Kelley Mortakis
Jaclyn Niggemeyer
Krista Kent
Nicole Peklinsky
2:03.47aWheeling Central Cat...
13.-Kaci Cunningham
Jessica Johnson
Tessa Vinson
Cassy Urbauer
2:04.13aBuckeye Trail
14.-Jerrica Kinney
Olivia Guiler
Steph Jones
Marsha Muntz
2:05.25aMonroe Central
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justene Delman
Kylie Kidder
Alexis Campbell
Kelly Perzanowski
4:18.32aSt John Central
2.-Amanda Wahl
Karly Jones
Allie Doan
Stephanie Morgan
3.-Alex Pokas
Kate Hodgson
Olivia Pokas
Katie Tadolini
4:25.65aSt Clairsville
4.-Laila Najjar
Ashley Greyson
Samantha Fouser
Sabrina Weigand
5.-Tallia Eason
Brynisha Griffin
Lacey Neavin
Chalana Chambliss
4:35.27aMartins Ferry
6.-Kaci Cunningham
Casey Frame
Benita Gallagher
Kaitlyn Wolfe
4:36.98aBuckeye Trail
7.-Courtney Liberatore
Alicia Yonyon
Nikki Padgett
Lauren Doyle
8.-Mindy Andrews
Brenna Schmidt
Megan Reeve
Denerica Curry
4:38.52aHamilton Township
9.-Kimberly Lafferrre
Justine LaFollette
Marsha Muntz
Katie Parks
4:39.75aMonroe Central
10.-Rebecca Haney
Shae Earnest
Kayla Stewart
Ashley Watson
11.-Crystal Craycraft
Kyla McLaughlin
Mariah Schoeppner
Sarah Crum
12.-Gabby Dean
Krista Kent
Jaclyn Niggemeyer
Francesca Giavonnone
5:05.54aWheeling Central Cat...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie Caruso
Lauren Bauer
Jaclyn Niggemeyer
Kelley Mortakis
10:26.01aWheeling Central Cat...
2.-Olivia Pokas
Kate Hodgson
Kaila Ruminski
Alanna Seamon
10:32.26aSt Clairsville
3.-Denerica Curry
Jessica Young
Megan Reeve
Michelle Hardy
10:36.27aHamilton Township
4.-Kyla McLaughlin
Crystal Craycraft
Megan McLaughin
Sarah Crum
5.-Claire LeMasters
Annie Holubeck
Kylee Longevitch
Christine Bowman
10:53.99aSt John Central
6.-Janelle Jones
Natalie Bohn
Liana Barnabei
Jackie Kryaninko
7.-Brenna Burkhart
Cara Hagan
Jennifer Kachel
Madison Andreini
11:31.79aThe Linsly School
8.-Relay Team 11:31.83aRevere
8.-Amelia Troutman
Claire Sasowsky
Laura Mason
Lindsey Houck
9.-Michaela Bragg
Dana Ballato
Abbey Smith
Mari Kolanko
11:48.77aWeirton Madonna
10.-Lauren Stevens
Karissa Brown
Jodi Gottardi
Alischa Earnest
11.-Jenna Miller
Kelsie Bahmer
Taylor Cameron
Tiffany Roberts
12.-Laura Dunlap
Casey Frame
Ellen Schott
Liz Watson
12:17.33aBuckeye Trail
13.-Marley Marconi
Tiera Brooks
Chacity Craig
Epic Wayts
14.-Liz Turak
Danika Amico
Blake Huggins
Suzanna Campbell
14:23.90aMt De Chantal
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kandis Castelli
Eva Smith
Liana Barnabei
Ali Bobalik
2.-Lindsay Huntsman
Leah LaFollette
Kimberly Lafferrre
Kelsey Lafferre
1:13.70aMonroe Central
3.-Mallory Pamphilis
Justina Martin
Dorthea Headley
Kelly Jo McIntosh
1:13.84aMartins Ferry
4.-Amanda Wahl
Morgan Pryor
Allie Doan
Abigial Bishop
5.-Bianca Biondillo
Jessica Murray
Dana Ballato
Katherine Maurer
1:14.28aWeirton Madonna
6.-Megan Arman
Lindsay Hendershot
Lindee Wisvari
Kelsey Krempasky
7.-Andrea Hinkley
Jessica Johnson
Benita Gallagher
Arika Urbauer
1:19.46aBuckeye Trail
8.-Kendra Thalman
Tegan Thalman
Brie Cowan
Natali Coyne
1:20.59aWheeling Central Cat...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Green36-05.25Bellaire
2.11Brittany Lucas33-04.75Barnesville
3.12Taijah Brooks31-08.25Hamilton Township
4.10Lauren Jenkins31-05.75Martins Ferry
5.12Kristene Tierney30-06.00St John Central
6.10Katie Ewan30-04.00River
7.12Mandie Wheeler30-02.50Union Local
8.9Kyle Fitch29-06.00Martins Ferry
9.10Elaine Mason29-00.75Revere
10.10Kayla Smith28-06.75Bridgeport
11.12Danyelle Tharp28-05.25River
12.9Rebecca Lowry28-01.25Barnesville
13.11Marissa Hendershot28-00.25St John Central
14.11Lauren Chmel27-05.00Wheeling Central Cat...
15.9Hailee Parker26-04.25Mt De Chantal
16.10Chelsea Clayborn25-11.50Hamilton Township
17.11Heather Miller25-08.75Monroe Central
18.9Kelsie Leister25-04.25Caldwell
19.10Alanna Pritts25-01.75Weir
20.9Gabby Teasdale24-10.25Bridgeport
21.11Katie McIntosh24-04.25Wellsville
22.10Jamie Wheeler23-10.25Union Local
23.11Alison Garbash23-08.50St Clairsville
24.9Nikki Chirpas23-05.25Bellaire
25.11Chasiti Hoffman23-01.00St Clairsville
26.10Brittney Knellinge22-09.50Buckeye Trail
27.11Kelly Robinson22-07.75Buckeye Trail
28.12Julia Rine21-08.25Weir
29.9Megu Kolanko19-02.25Weirton Madonna
30.9Rebecca McClure18-01.00The Linsly School
--12Jessica BrownNDThe Linsly School
--12Laura BoniNDWeirton Madonna
--10Kristen RussellNDWellsville
--9Elizabeth StanleyNDMonroe Central
--11Shae GarvinNDCaldwell
--11Danielle NolesNDRevere
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Green110-08Bellaire
2.10Kayla Smith100-09Bridgeport
3.11Brittany Lucas97-10Barnesville
4.12Taijah Brooks95-06Hamilton Township
5.9Gabby Teasdale92-05Bridgeport
6.11Audra Macri92-05St John Central
7.10Elaine Mason89-10Revere
8.12Mandie Wheeler88-05Union Local
9.9Alexa Macri87-08St John Central
10.9Kyle Fitch86-11Martins Ferry
11.10Alanna Pritts84-07Weir
12.10Lauren Jenkins84-00Martins Ferry
13.11Samantha Strahler81-04Caldwell
14.12Danyelle Tharp77-02River
15.12Keri Jordan76-10Caldwell
16.9Rebecca Lowry76-07Barnesville
17.10Epic Wayts75-05River
18.12Julia Rine74-04Weir
19.11Heather Miller74-01Monroe Central
20.9Nikki Chirpas73-00Bellaire
21.10Pallavi Goswami72-08St Clairsville
22.11Kelly Robinson72-02Buckeye Trail
23.11Lauren Chmel71-08Wheeling Central Cat...
24.11Kyla Hubbard71-04Hamilton Township
--12Shauna JeffriesNDBuckeye Trail
--10Jamie WheelerNDUnion Local
--11Danielle NolesNDRevere
--9Hailee ParkerNDMt De Chantal
--9Megu KolankoNDWeirton Madonna
--10Mariah MisselwitzNDWeirton Madonna
--9Rebecca McClureNDThe Linsly School
--11Katie McIntoshNDWellsville
--12Jessica BrownNDThe Linsly School
--11Chasiti HoffmanNDSt Clairsville
--10Kristen RussellNDWellsville
--11Megan YontzNDMonroe Central
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Fouser4-10.00Revere
2.10Amanda Wahl4-10.00Barnesville
2.10Laken Gibson4-10.00Shadyside
4.11Megan McLaughin4-08.00Caldwell
4.12Kayla Sharpe4-08.00St John Central
6.12Amanda Piccolini4-08.00St Clairsville
7.12Danielle Swell4-08.00Hamilton Township
8.12Ashley Stevens4-06.00Hamilton Township
8.9Sarah Drysdale4-06.00Wellsville
8.11Madison Andreini4-06.00The Linsly School
11.11Olivia Pokas4-04.00St Clairsville
11.12Kelsey Lafferre4-04.00Monroe Central
11.11Crystal Craycraft4-04.00Caldwell
11.9Tara Regoli4-04.00Bellaire
11.10Laila Najjar4-04.00Revere
--9Dorthea HeadleyNHMartins Ferry
--10Chelsea LoweNHRiver
--11Kelsie BahmerNHBarnesville
--9Marley MarconiNHRiver
--12Shauna JeffriesNHBuckeye Trail
--9Stephanie TaylorNHBuckeye Trail
--9Citasia TisdaleNHWellsville
--10Olivia GuilerNHMonroe Central
--9Michaela BraggNHWeirton Madonna
--9Lia CapitoNHWeirton Madonna
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marie Minnich9-03.00Union Local
2.12Lacy Butler8-06.00Barnesville
3.10Connie Czekaj8-00.00Revere
4.10Kaci Cunningham7-06.00Buckeye Trail
5.12Ali Bellville7-00.00River
6.10Kelsey Krempasky7-00.00River
--9Deanna SteeleNHBarnesville
--12Mallory ZankeNHSt John Central
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Harbath16-04.00Revere
2.9Emily Tennant15-07.25St Clairsville
3.10Justene Delman15-07.00St John Central
4.9Alex Pokas15-06.00St Clairsville
5.11Megan Slattery15-01.00Revere
6.9Jalynn Keyser14-10.50Bellaire
7.12Alicia Yonyon14-10.25Bellaire
8.11Sharon Cain14-00.00River
9.12Chelsey Pritts13-09.75Weir
10.9Citasia Tisdale13-09.00Wellsville
11.12Becky Conner13-07.00Bridgeport
12.11Mikelle Williams13-04.50Wellsville
13.10Steph Jones13-04.00Monroe Central
14.12Danielle Swell13-02.50Hamilton Township
15.10Justine LaFollette13-01.75Monroe Central
16.11Lauren Bennett13-00.50The Linsly School
17.9Dorthea Headley12-11.50Martins Ferry
17.11Kelsie Bahmer12-11.50Barnesville
19.12Eva Smith12-09.50Weir
20.12Katherine Maurer12-02.25Weirton Madonna
21.10Laura Dunlap12-01.25Buckeye Trail
22.10Kelsey Krempasky11-11.00River
23.9Denerica Curry11-08.25Hamilton Township
24.11Justina Martin11-05.00Martins Ferry
25.9Liz Turak10-02.00Mt De Chantal
--12Krista KentNDWheeling Central Cat...
--9Breann JonesNDWeirton Madonna
--9Rebecca McClureNDThe Linsly School
--10Mandi KrivenkoNDBridgeport
--10Emily SimpsonNDUnion Local
--12Marie MinnichNDUnion Local
--11Abigial BishopNDBarnesville
--10Tessa VinsonNDBuckeye Trail
--10Ashley WatsonNDShadyside
--12Jodi GottardiNDShadyside
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