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New Plymouth vs Nampa Christian,Cole Valley, Vale

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Plymouth , New Plymouth

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trevor Goodman12.46New Plymouth
2.7Michael Braun12.55Cole Valley Christian
3.8Luis Juarez12.60New Plymouth
4.8Cody Lazowski12.90New Plymouth
5.7Josh Kurth13.01New Plymouth
6.7Austin Greenleaf13.13Cole Valley Christian
7.8Devin Barker13.16New Plymouth
8.8Adam Sweet13.17Cole Valley Christian
9.8Peter Bosch13.20Cole Valley Christian
10.8Tylor Colson13.31New Plymouth
11.8Andrew Bertram13.49Cole Valley Christian
12.8Brian Stillman13.84Vale
13.8Andrew Harmon13.86Nampa Christian
14.7Jake Cleverley14.08New Plymouth
15.8Michael VanderHoek14.09Nampa Christian
16.7Austin Dayton14.87Vale
17.7Derek Burkhardt14.97Vale
8Kyle BarrasNTVale
7Levi MaagNTVale
8Chance SayerNTNew Plymouth
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Shields25.18Nampa Christian
2.7Michael Braun26.11Cole Valley Christian
3.8Paul Spivey26.28Vale
4.7Josh Kurth26.46New Plymouth
5.8Levi Russell27.52New Plymouth
6.8Austin Tolman28.01Vale
7.8Will Devos29.30Vale
8.8Tylor Colson29.32New Plymouth
9.7Tim Eicher31.10New Plymouth
10.8Ryan Arendse31.92Nampa Christian
11.7Nick Freeman34.84Cole Valley Christian
7Carson WhiteNTNew Plymouth
8Andrew BertramNTCole Valley Christian
7Levi MaagNTVale
8Kyle BarrasNTVale
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Shields58.62Nampa Christian
2.8Chance Sayer1:01.34New Plymouth
3.8Seve Yraguen1:03.46Vale
4.8Mat York1:05.93New Plymouth
5.8Crispin Valdez1:07.26New Plymouth
6.8Will Devos1:07.72Vale
7.8Bryant Haueter1:08.03Vale
8.8Luis Morales1:09.17New Plymouth
9.7Nick Weeks1:09.39New Plymouth
10.8Andrew Bertram1:11.71Cole Valley Christian
11.7Andrew Bennett1:11.86New Plymouth
12.7Drew Ellis1:19.85Cole Valley Christian
13.7Jay Armstrong1:28.96Cole Valley Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Seve Yraguen2:32.83Vale
2.7Jacob Mellenthin2:34.39New Plymouth
3.7Tim Eicher2:38.74New Plymouth
4.7Tyler Applegate2:43.10Vale
5.8Jace Skyles2:48.29Cole Valley Christian
6.7Jake Cleverley2:53.76New Plymouth
8Josh FisherNTNew Plymouth
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Crispin Valdez5:41.99New Plymouth
2.7Jacob Mellenthin5:44.31New Plymouth
3.7Grant Moore5:52.06Nampa Christian
4.7Tyson Eddy5:52.26Vale
5.8Jace Skyles5:52.77Cole Valley Christian
6.7Brandon Hardin6:57.55Vale
7.7Sam Read6:58.11Nampa Christian
7Jacob MillerNTNampa Christian
7Jaron HushNTCole Valley Christian
8Austin TolmanNTVale
7Garth ClineNTNew Plymouth
8Kyle BarrasNTVale
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Shields17.58Nampa Christian
2.8Cody Lazowski19.28New Plymouth
3.8Oscar Banuelos19.54New Plymouth
4.8Adam Sweet20.32Cole Valley Christian
5.8Garrett Mick21.51Cole Valley Christian
6.8Ryan Arendse21.86Nampa Christian
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Oscar Banuelos29.25New Plymouth
2.8Kapena Ho29.90New Plymouth
3.8Cody Lazowski30.04New Plymouth
4.8Taylor Wabel32.14New Plymouth
5.8Andrew Harmon34.81Nampa Christian
6.8Ryan Arendse35.46Nampa Christian
7.7Austin Dayton36.60Vale
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Lazowski
Luis Juarez
Oscar Banuelos
Devin Barker
50.87New Plymouth
2.-Josh Kurth
Taylor Wabel
Chance Sayer
Kapena Ho
51.40New Plymouth
3.-Grant Moore
Sam Read
Kevin Kamper
Jacob Miller
59.06Nampa Christian
4.-Jace Skyles
Garrett Mick
Nick Freeman
Sawyer Williams
59.17Cole Valley Christian
5.-Tyson Eddy
Levi Maag
Brandon Hardin
Brian Stillman
--Zach Hunter
Ty Huff
Andrew Bertram
Will Meier
DQCole Valley Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Bennett
Chance Sayer
Crispin Valdez
Mat York
4:32.88New Plymouth
2.-Andrew Harmon
Grant Moore
Sam Read
Joey Hendershott
4:43.09Nampa Christian
3.-Will Devos
Tyson Eddy
Brandon Hardin
Bryant Haueter
4.-Jaron Hush
Drew Ellis
Sawyer Williams
Jace Skyles
5:48.55Cole Valley Christian
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Applegate
Bryant Haueter
Paul Spivey
Seve Yraguen
2.-Trevor Goodman
Nick Weeks
Luis Juarez
Mat York
1:57.19New Plymouth
3.-Peter Bosch
Ty Huff
Will Meier
Adam Sweet
2:00.37Cole Valley Christian
4.-Joey Hendershott
Michael VanderHoek
Jacob Miller
Kevin Kamper
2:13.34Nampa Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Trevor Goodman36'11.00New Plymouth
2.8Michael VanderHoek33'01.00Nampa Christian
3.8Joey Hendershott32'07.50Nampa Christian
4.8Jonathan Peden30'07.00New Plymouth
5.8Brian Stillman30'05.00Vale
6.8Austin Tolman30'04.00Vale
7.8Cody Hicks30'03.50Vale
8.8Jacob Souders28'10.00New Plymouth
9.7Derek Burkhardt28'06.50Vale
10.7Cory Erstrom27'08.00Vale
11.8Seth Gaskins27'05.00New Plymouth
12.8Kevin Kamper25'03.00Nampa Christian
13.8Luis Morales24'06.50New Plymouth
14.7David Elliott22'07.00Cole Valley Christian
15.7Michael Braun22'06.00Cole Valley Christian
16.8Robert Loose21'11.00New Plymouth
17.8Solomon Castro19'08.50New Plymouth
18.7Nick Freeman17'10.00Cole Valley Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Trevor Goodman99'09New Plymouth
2.8Cody Hicks90'06Vale
3.8Kevin Kamper83'00Nampa Christian
4.8Michael VanderHoek82'02Nampa Christian
5.8Seth Gaskins80'10New Plymouth
6.8Jonathan Peden80'08New Plymouth
7.8Joey Hendershott77'06Nampa Christian
8.7Cory Erstrom76'03Vale
9.8Daniel Peterson76'02New Plymouth
10.8Luis Morales69'09New Plymouth
11.8Brian Stillman67'10Vale
12.8Jacob Souders65'09New Plymouth
13.7Derek Burkhardt65'02Vale
14.8Robert Loose63'03New Plymouth
15.7Nick Weeks60'09New Plymouth
15.7Michael Braun60'09Cole Valley Christian
17.7David Elliott54'09Cole Valley Christian
18.8Solomon Castro52'08New Plymouth
19.7Nick Freeman45'10Cole Valley Christian
7Levi MaagNDVale
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Bryant Haueter5'04.00Vale
2.8Levi Russell4'10.00New Plymouth
3.8Taylor Wabel4'10.00New Plymouth
4.7Drew Ellis4'08.00Cole Valley Christian
5.8Devin Barker4'08.00New Plymouth
6.8Tylor Colson4'06.00New Plymouth
6.8Daniel Peterson4'06.00New Plymouth
6.7Carson White4'06.00New Plymouth
9.8Andrew Bertram4'04.00Cole Valley Christian
9.7Tyler Applegate4'04.00Vale
11.8Ryan Arendse4'02.00Nampa Christian
12.7Natalie Schmidt4'00.00Cole Valley Christian
8Adam SweetNHCole Valley Christian
8Kyle BarrasNHVale
7Brandon HardinNHVale
8Josh FisherNHNew Plymouth
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Tolman8'00.00Vale
2.8Daniel Peterson7'00.00New Plymouth
7Sam ReadNHNampa Christian
8Andrew HarmonNHNampa Christian
8Tylor ColsonNHNew Plymouth
8Josh FisherNHNew Plymouth
8Robert LooseNHNew Plymouth
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Seve Yraguen16'04.00Vale
2.8Paul Spivey15'07.25Vale
3.8Kapena Ho14'11.75New Plymouth
4.7Tyler Applegate14'10.25Vale
5.8Oscar Banuelos14'04.25New Plymouth
6.7Grant Moore13'09.25Nampa Christian
7.7Josh Kurth13'04.00New Plymouth
8.8Levi Russell13'03.50New Plymouth
9.8Luis Juarez13'03.00New Plymouth
10.7Tyson Eddy12'09.25Vale
11.7Carson White12'09.00New Plymouth
12.7Austin Dayton12'05.25Vale
13.7Natalie Schmidt12'01.50Cole Valley Christian
14.7Jacob Miller12'00.00Nampa Christian
15.7Jake Cleverley11'11.25New Plymouth
16.7Andrew Bennett11'09.00New Plymouth
17.8Garrett Mick11'08.00Cole Valley Christian
18.7Jay Armstrong11'02.75Cole Valley Christian
19.7Garth Cline10'02.75New Plymouth
7Tim EicherNDNew Plymouth
8Josh FisherNDNew Plymouth
7Austin GreenleafNDCole Valley Christian
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Shields35'02.50Nampa Christian
2.8Paul Spivey33'08.00Vale
3.7Carson White28'00.50New Plymouth
4.7Jacob Mellenthin27'09.50New Plymouth
5.7Drew Ellis27'04.50Cole Valley Christian
6.7Jay Armstrong26'03.25Cole Valley Christian
7.8Garrett Mick24'08.00Cole Valley Christian
8.7David Elliott23'08.00Cole Valley Christian
9.7Garth Cline22'09.00New Plymouth
10.7Jaron Hush20'07.00Cole Valley Christian
11.7Michael Braun20'02.00Cole Valley Christian
7Sawyer WilliamsNDCole Valley Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Daneka Johanek13.98New Plymouth
2.8Tiffany Lindstrom14.01New Plymouth
3.7Jeana Siegersma14.02Nampa Christian
4.8Kayla Pollock14.49New Plymouth
5.7Danielle Davidson14.53Nampa Christian
6.7Samantha Cooper14.62New Plymouth
7.7Karli Sexton15.20Cole Valley Christian
8.7Caleb Barnes15.30Cole Valley Christian
9.7Reanna Blake15.55Cole Valley Christian
10.8Amanda Otto15.67Cole Valley Christian
11.8Linnea Laird15.85New Plymouth
12.8Katelyn Dalton15.86Cole Valley Christian
13.8Charise DeVries15.93Nampa Christian
14.8Haley Dudley16.05Cole Valley Christian
15.8Taylor Knapp16.32New Plymouth
16.7Kyle Carter16.71Cole Valley Christian
17.8Aubrey Clowers16.74Nampa Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kayla Pollock30.14New Plymouth
2.7Reanna Blake31.48Cole Valley Christian
3.7Samantha Cooper31.83New Plymouth
4.8Amanda Yoder31.90Cole Valley Christian
5.8Jessica Hollopeter32.28New Plymouth
6.8Melissa Rowher32.37Nampa Christian
7.8Charise DeVries32.46Nampa Christian
8.8Linnea Laird33.22New Plymouth
9.8Amanda Otto33.62Cole Valley Christian
10.8Haley Dudley34.52Cole Valley Christian
11.8Katelyn Dalton35.05Cole Valley Christian
12.7Diana Carrillo36.85Vale
13.8Aubrey Clowers39.18Nampa Christian
8Tasha MurphyNTNew Plymouth
8Sarah DeLeonNTNew Plymouth
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tiffany Lindstrom1:06.84New Plymouth
2.8Jaimie Wheeler1:08.57Nampa Christian
3.7Jeana Siegersma1:11.05Nampa Christian
4.7Danielle Davidson1:11.94Nampa Christian
5.7Lindsey Wright1:12.01Cole Valley Christian
6.8Keesha Brown1:13.55Cole Valley Christian
7.7Melissa Woods1:19.02New Plymouth
8.7Ashley Brumet1:20.87New Plymouth
9.8Charise DeVries1:22.80Nampa Christian
10.7Caitlyn Verbance1:25.27New Plymouth
11.8Aubrey Clowers1:25.90Nampa Christian
7Lindsey LutjensNTVale
7Emma ArcheyNTNew Plymouth
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kassie Anthony2:39.78Vale
2.7Alissa Weatherford2:44.83Nampa Christian
3.7Megan Forsberg2:48.60New Plymouth
4.7Aubrie Young2:52.05Vale
5.7Emily Howe3:06.89New Plymouth
6.7Ashley Brumet3:11.20New Plymouth
7.8Samantha Moscrip3:16.36New Plymouth
8.7Caitlyn Verbance3:25.00New Plymouth
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Megan Forsberg6:25.39New Plymouth
2.7Cassandra Killion6:27.00New Plymouth
3.8Melissa Rowher6:41.01Nampa Christian
4.8Miranda Bollinger6:41.57Nampa Christian
5.7Emily Howe6:45.71New Plymouth
6.8Kendra Garrick7:13.02New Plymouth
7Aubrie YoungNTVale
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Summer Downs16.34Nampa Christian
2.8Courtney Schroeder16.75Nampa Christian
3.8Amanda Browen17.80Vale
4.8Nicole Roberts18.43Cole Valley Christian
5.8Brenda Ross18.64New Plymouth
6.7Ducki Mason19.27Vale
7.8Jaimie Wheeler19.37Nampa Christian
8.8Karli Wilson19.87Vale
9.7Caleb Barnes20.16Cole Valley Christian
10.7Krista Bailey20.56Vale
11.7Whytnee Towel20.80New Plymouth
12.7Kayla Bailey21.65Vale
13.8Dashanna Cureton22.64New Plymouth
14.7Kristine Simonsen22.96New Plymouth
8Keesha BrownNTCole Valley Christian
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Summer Downs31.37Nampa Christian
2.8Courtney Schroeder33.49Nampa Christian
3.8Amanda Browen34.53Vale
4.7Krista Bailey35.26Vale
5.7Kayla Bailey37.21Vale
6.7Cassandra Killion37.72New Plymouth
7.7Whytnee Towel38.38New Plymouth
8.7Taylor Petterson39.24Vale
9.8Dashanna Cureton40.11New Plymouth
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Boone
Daneka Johanek
Tiffany Lindstrom
Kayla Pollock
56.67New Plymouth
2.-Lindsey Wright
Amanda Yoder
Keesha Brown
Nicole Roberts
59.74Cole Valley Christian
3.-Diana Carrillo
Missy Hull
Karli Wilson
Ashlee Munden
4.-Keiko Fujii
Alaina Bredy
Karli Sexton
Haley Gochnour
1:05.20Cole Valley Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Alissa Weatherford
Courtney Schroeder
Jeana Siegersma
Jaimie Wheeler
4:45.27Nampa Christian
2.-Brook Hawkins
Lindsey Lutjens
Aubrie Young
Ashlee Munden
3.-Lindsey Wright
Nicole Roberts
Keesha Brown
Amanda Yoder
5:00.00Cole Valley Christian
4.-Kadee Bonds
Jessica Hollopeter
Emily Howe
Caitlyn Verbance
5:46.39New Plymouth
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brook Hawkins
Ducki Mason
Kassie Anthony
Aubrie Young
2.-Relay Team 2:11.03New Plymouth
3.-Danielle Davidson
Summer Downs
Miranda Bollinger
Alissa Weatherford
2:12.67Nampa Christian
4.-Relay Team 2:20.89New Plymouth
5.-Lindsey Wright
Amanda Yoder
Nicole Roberts
Amanda Otto
2:22.19Cole Valley Christian
6.-Haley Dudley
Katelyn Dalton
Reanna Blake
Karli Sexton
2:30.58Cole Valley Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Kadee Bonds28'09.00New Plymouth
2.7Kristine Simonsen25'03.50New Plymouth
3.7Missy Hull24'08.00Vale
4.7Hailee Henggeler24'07.00New Plymouth
5.7Alissa Weatherford24'03.50Nampa Christian
6.8Jaimie Wheeler23'07.00Nampa Christian
7.7Lindsey Lutjens22'08.00Vale
8.7Melissa Olson20'10.50New Plymouth
9.7Nicole Bathurst20'02.50Cole Valley Christian
10.7Maggy Tolman20'01.50Vale
11.8Dashanna Cureton19'05.00New Plymouth
12.8Haley Dudley18'07.50Cole Valley Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Kadee Bonds70'05New Plymouth
2.7Hailee Henggeler65'00New Plymouth
3.7Alaina Bredy64'08Cole Valley Christian
4.7Missy Hull62'04Vale
5.7Kristine Simonsen53'07New Plymouth
6.7Lindsey Lutjens51'05Vale
7.7Maggy Tolman49'08Vale
8.7Melissa Olson47'01New Plymouth
9.7Nicole Bathurst46'01Cole Valley Christian
10.7Melissa Woods45'10New Plymouth
11.8Dashanna Cureton44'08New Plymouth
12.7Brittanie Hart38'08Vale
7Ashlee MundenNDVale
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Summer Downs4'08.00Nampa Christian
2.8Courtney Schroeder4'06.00Nampa Christian
3.8Amanda Browen4'06.00Vale
4.8Jordan Boone4'04.00New Plymouth
5.7Danielle Davidson4'04.00Nampa Christian
6.7Reanna Blake4'02.00Cole Valley Christian
7.8Charise DeVries4'02.00Nampa Christian
8.7Alaina Bredy3'10.00Cole Valley Christian
8.7Cassandra Killion3'10.00New Plymouth
8.7Brittanie Hart3'10.00Vale
8.7Taylor Petterson3'10.00Vale
8.8Karli Wilson3'10.00Vale
8.7Emma Archey3'10.00New Plymouth
14.7Liz Fisher3'08.00New Plymouth
14.7Whytnee Towel3'08.00New Plymouth
16.7Melissa Woods3'06.00New Plymouth
8Brenda RossNHNew Plymouth
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Heather DeLeon6'06.00New Plymouth
2.7Megan Forsberg6'00.00New Plymouth
2.7Ducki Mason6'00.00Vale
4.8Amanda Browen5'00.00Vale
5.8Samantha Moscrip5'00.00New Plymouth
7Taylor PettersonNHVale
7Cassandra KillionNHNew Plymouth
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Brook Hawkins13'04.50Vale
2.8Brenda Ross13'02.00New Plymouth
3.8Melissa Rowher12'08.50Nampa Christian
4.7Jeana Siegersma12'06.75Nampa Christian
5.7Ducki Mason12'06.00Vale
6.8Tasha Murphy12'01.25New Plymouth
7.8Miranda Bollinger12'00.00Nampa Christian
8.8Jessica Hollopeter11'09.50New Plymouth
9.7Melissa Woods11'06.00New Plymouth
10.7Caleb Barnes11'05.25Cole Valley Christian
11.7Karli Sexton11'05.00Cole Valley Christian
11.7Liz Fisher11'05.00New Plymouth
13.7Heather DeLeon11'04.25New Plymouth
14.7Krista Bailey11'03.75Vale
14.8Linnea Laird11'03.75New Plymouth
16.7Kayla Bailey10'08.50Vale
17.8Kendra Garrick10'05.00New Plymouth
18.7Brittanie Hart10'03.50Vale
19.7Taylor Petterson10'00.50Vale
20.7Emma Archey9'10.75New Plymouth
21.8Taylor Knapp9'10.50New Plymouth
22.8Samantha Moscrip9'07.50New Plymouth
23.7Alaina Bredy9'05.75Cole Valley Christian
24.8Sarah DeLeon9'05.50New Plymouth
25.7Whytnee Towel9'04.75New Plymouth
26.7Kyle Carter9'02.50Cole Valley Christian
27.7Caitlyn Verbance9'02.00New Plymouth
28.8Aubrey Clowers9'01.50Nampa Christian
29.7Ashley Brumet8'07.50New Plymouth
30.7Melissa Olson6'03.00New Plymouth
7Samantha CooperNDNew Plymouth
7Ashlee MundenNDVale
7Diana CarrilloNDVale
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Brook Hawkins29'02.00Vale
2.8Miranda Bollinger28'02.50Nampa Christian
3.8Melissa Rowher27'11.00Nampa Christian
4.8Daneka Johanek24'11.50New Plymouth
5.7Hailee Henggeler24'03.00New Plymouth
6.7Diana Carrillo23'01.50Vale
7.7Kyle Carter23'00.50Cole Valley Christian
8.8Taylor Knapp22'02.50New Plymouth
9.7Mikaela Clark21'06.50Vale
10.8Brenda Ross21'00.50New Plymouth
11.8Linnea Laird20'11.50New Plymouth
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