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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jonathan Ong12.02St Francis Episcopal
2.8Hayden Sneed12.39First Baptist Academy
3.8Shaun Duggan12.56St Francis Episcopal
4.8Patrick Flam12.60River Oaks Baptist
5.8Travis Guantt12.72River Oaks Baptist
6.8Joshua Windslow12.76St John's
7.8Nasir Shuja12.78The Village
8.8Trey Soape12.84Second Baptist
9.8Colin Murdock13.15River Oaks Baptist
10.12Timm Wooten13.20Kinkaid
11.8Jordan Foy13.54First Baptist Academy
12.8Luca Mariotto13.55Annunciation Orthodox
13.8Tyler Look13.71First Baptist Academy
14.8Naseeb Nuseibeh13.87St Francis Episcopal
15.8Jack Peterman14.36St John's
16.8Grant Raun14.61St John's
17.12Walt Mayfield14.91Kinkaid
18.8Sunil Pai15.47The Village
19.8Nash Reeves16.54St Michael
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Simon Redko12.09Kinkaid
2.7Kevin Pisters12.21St Francis Episcopal
4.7Hammer Adam13.02Second Baptist
5.7Jeremiah Briscoe13.23First Baptist Academy
6.7Hanson McKinney13.27First Baptist Academy
8.7William Gifford13.32St Michael
9.7Sam Caspary13.51St Francis Episcopal
10.7John Sanders13.60Second Baptist
11.7Jon Brueggeman13.83St Francis Episcopal
12.11Jonah Roettele13.92Kinkaid
13.7Bill Munson14.25River Oaks Baptist
13.7Jonathon Bradford14.25St John's
16.7Nick Howard14.55Second Baptist
17.7Dylan Shofner14.64First Baptist Academy
18.7Robert Burton14.78St Michael
19.7Barry Smith15.71St Michael
20.7Jonathan Cohen15.78Annunciation Orthodox
21.7Timothy Hawkins15.83Annunciation Orthodox
22.7Donald Birnbaum16.32Annunciation Orthodox
23.11Enrico Silva16.54Kinkaid
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Blake Henningsen13.47St Francis Episcopal
2.9Robert Hatter13.76Kinkaid
3.6Stephen Consoli14.06First Baptist Academy
4.6Charles Onyekwelu14.14River Oaks Baptist
5.6Matt Ellis14.21St Francis Episcopal
6.6Sumant Agrawal14.48The Village
7.6Nathan Avery14.60St John's
8.6Jackson Jhin14.81St John's
9.6Sam Oliver14.86St John's
10.6Chambers Swiggart14.94First Baptist Academy
11.6Cooper Loposer15.20St Francis Episcopal
12.6Sam Kelly15.23River Oaks Baptist
13.6Marcus Burton15.29St Michael
14.9John Burman15.40Kinkaid
15.6Karim Nabulosu15.46The Village
16.6Matthew Griffin15.72Annunciation Orthodox
17.6Andrew Ruddy15.82St Michael
18.6Zack Minnis15.95St Michael
18.6Christian Hill15.95Annunciation Orthodox
20.6Aroosh Mody16.10The Village
21.9Hunter Hartwell17.02Kinkaid
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8James Rushing25.81The Village
2.8Hayden Sneed25.85First Baptist Academy
3.8Travis Guantt26.00River Oaks Baptist
4.8Shaun Duggan26.36St Francis Episcopal
5.12William Reade26.38Kinkaid
6.8Nasir Shuja26.98The Village
7.8Joshua Windslow27.65St John's
8.8Mason Strange27.71St Francis Episcopal
9.8Tyler Look28.52First Baptist Academy
10.8Luca Mariotto28.61Annunciation Orthodox
11.8Matt McKinney28.87St John's
12.12Lorenzo Jones29.31Kinkaid
13.8Matt Williamson29.57St Francis Episcopal
14.12Andy Schirrmeister30.60Kinkaid
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Simon Redko24.78Kinkaid
2.7Kevin Pisters25.17St Francis Episcopal
4.7William Gifford27.75St Michael
5.7Jeremiah Briscoe28.17First Baptist Academy
7.7Hanson McKinney29.05First Baptist Academy
8.7John Sanders29.19Second Baptist
10.7John Bilek32.49St Francis Episcopal
11.7Dylan Shofner33.07First Baptist Academy
12.7Timothy Hawkins33.10Annunciation Orthodox
13.7Ben Carter33.89St Francis Episcopal
14.7Kyle Samson37.11St Michael
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Sumant Agrawal29.69The Village
2.6Robbie McPherson30.03St Francis Episcopal
3.6Eric Ribbeck30.26The Village
4.6Ben Griffin30.67St John's
5.6Rhett Baker30.91River Oaks Baptist
6.6Stephen Consoli31.15First Baptist Academy
7.6Allen Ahn31.52The Village
8.9George Randt31.74Kinkaid
9.6Sam Kelly31.79River Oaks Baptist
10.9Blake Wilde31.86Kinkaid
11.6Sam Boyd31.92River Oaks Baptist
12.6Chambers Swiggart32.05First Baptist Academy
13.6Andrew McCleary32.13St Francis Episcopal
14.6Matthew Griffin32.95Annunciation Orthodox
15.6Noah Johannes33.08Annunciation Orthodox
16.6Cooper Loposer33.31St Francis Episcopal
17.6Harry Elkins33.45St John's
18.9Anes Cherif33.54Kinkaid
19.6Andre Gras33.71St John's
20.6Andrew Ruddy33.99St Michael
21.6Nathan Bishop34.67Annunciation Orthodox
22.6Marcus Burton35.15St Michael
23.6Zack Minnis36.18St Michael
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8James Rushing57.44The Village
2.12William Reade59.80Kinkaid
3.8Doug Patson1:00.96The Village
4.8Jordan Foy1:01.24First Baptist Academy
5.8Chase McArdle1:01.52St Francis Episcopal
6.8Alex Solis1:02.24The Village
7.8Kenny Wells1:02.88Annunciation Orthodox
8.8Corey Caron1:06.49Second Baptist
9.12Kevin Berman1:07.17Kinkaid
10.8Ben Pfeffer1:09.65Second Baptist
11.8Dale Wallace1:12.35First Baptist Academy
12.8Josh Ferguson1:14.97First Baptist Academy
13.8Benjamin Lyons1:23.32Annunciation Orthodox
14.8Nash Reeves1:29.63St Michael
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Will Fullenweider1:01.04Kinkaid
3.7John Mouton1:03.24St Michael
4.7Brant Minor1:03.49Annunciation Orthodox
5.7L.J. Rose1:06.13Second Baptist
6.7Hanson McKinney1:06.33First Baptist Academy
7.7Chris Hornung1:08.31River Oaks Baptist
8.7Jack Best1:08.38St Francis Episcopal
10.7DJ Jones1:08.90River Oaks Baptist
11.7Jeremiah Briscoe1:08.98First Baptist Academy
12.7Joshua Kee1:09.08Second Baptist
13.7Edward Taussig1:09.25St Francis Episcopal
14.7Ricky Zanelli1:09.28The Village
15.7Gus Hennings1:11.02St Francis Episcopal
16.7Steve Bonno1:11.08St Michael
17.7Kenyon Agrons1:13.10River Oaks Baptist
18.7Andrew Hill1:18.59St Michael
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Macan Wilson1:04.01Kinkaid
2.6Austin Davison1:08.65First Baptist Academy
3.6Eric Ribbeck1:09.70The Village
4.6Yusef Chabayta1:10.90St John's
5.6Kevin Kontchou1:12.34The Village
6.6Andrew McCleary1:13.68St Francis Episcopal
7.6Hunter Flemming1:13.86River Oaks Baptist
8.6Larry Wilkins1:14.40St Francis Episcopal
9.6Aria Sabbagh1:15.89Annunciation Orthodox
10.6Andrew Chennissi1:16.84St John's
11.6Caid Pickle1:16.86River Oaks Baptist
12.6Andre Gras1:17.98St John's
13.6John Buckley1:18.67River Oaks Baptist
14.6Karim Nabulosu1:21.78The Village
15.6Declan Mawer1:24.37Annunciation Orthodox
16.9Nate Freeman1:28.10Kinkaid
17.9Max Scheinin1:28.37Kinkaid
18.6Christian Hill1:29.90Annunciation Orthodox
X 600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Grayson Crady1:49.06St John's
2.6Austin Davison1:49.74First Baptist Academy
3.6Yusef Chabayta1:51.24St John's
4.6Sam Vallance1:54.92First Baptist Academy
5.6Hunter Flemming1:57.45River Oaks Baptist
6.9Harris Green1:58.84Kinkaid
7.6Austin Wadkins1:59.41River Oaks Baptist
8.6Rick Gordon1:59.77River Oaks Baptist
9.6Ryan Beckner2:03.42St John's
10.6Ryan Bennett2:06.98Annunciation Orthodox
11.6Noah Johannes2:08.89Annunciation Orthodox
12.6Nathan Bishop2:09.32Annunciation Orthodox
13.6Oscar Truong2:09.76The Village
14.9Benjamin Thomas2:11.41Kinkaid
15.6Harrison Vaporciyan2:12.12The Village
16.6Mason Hale2:12.48St Francis Episcopal
17.9Barrett Mize2:13.77Kinkaid
18.6Stefan Grasu2:26.26The Village
20.6Taylor Gutierrez2:40.60St Francis Episcopal
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abe Matamoros2:13.20St Francis Episcopal
2.8Kenny Wells2:20.09Annunciation Orthodox
3.8Doug Patson2:22.60The Village
4.8Vince DiMichele2:26.91St Francis Episcopal
5.8Philip Grove2:30.45River Oaks Baptist
6.12Jared Dawson2:33.47Kinkaid
7.8Logan Elliott2:37.37St John's
8.8Jack Stewart2:41.44The Village
9.8Jonathan Shultz2:45.07St John's
10.8Cameron Longer2:46.74St Francis Episcopal
11.12Andy Schirrmeister2:47.76Kinkaid
12.8Alex Liso2:52.08The Village
13.8Ben Riggle3:14.00Second Baptist
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brant Minor2:28.35Annunciation Orthodox
2.7Will Tosch2:32.98St Francis Episcopal
3.7Zachary Byers2:40.93The Village
5.7Dillon Briscoe2:44.07River Oaks Baptist
7.7Harris Brooks2:53.34St Francis Episcopal
8.11Sadi Moradi2:55.43Kinkaid
9.7Jonathan Stine2:58.47First Baptist Academy
10.7John David Link3:09.53Second Baptist
11.7Billy Cohen3:25.62River Oaks Baptist
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brant Minor4:12.58Annunciation Orthodox
3.7Will Tosch4:17.10St Francis Episcopal
4.7Zachary Byers4:17.89The Village
6.7Clay Spence4:49.96Annunciation Orthodox
7.11John Adkins4:50.82Kinkaid
8.7Austin Porter5:05.86St Francis Episcopal
X 1200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Sam Vallance4:17.63First Baptist Academy
2.6Yusef Chabayta4:19.84St John's
3.6Rick Gordon4:28.66River Oaks Baptist
4.6Austin Wadkins4:32.89River Oaks Baptist
5.6Andrew Chennissi4:41.55St John's
6.6Joe Kimbrell4:42.79Annunciation Orthodox
7.9William Berry4:46.80Kinkaid
8.6Nathan Bishop4:47.73Annunciation Orthodox
9.6Caid Pickle4:48.60River Oaks Baptist
10.9Jacob Thomas4:50.25Kinkaid
11.9Hutch Oelman4:53.46Kinkaid
12.6Harrison Vaporciyan4:53.76The Village
13.6Jack McKay5:15.26St John's
14.6Cody Schwarzburg5:17.55The Village
15.6Connor Qualls5:25.90First Baptist Academy
16.6Zaid Alattar5:28.22The Village
17.6Mason Hale5:45.70St Francis Episcopal
18.6Taylor Gutierrez6:11.79St Francis Episcopal
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Philip Grove5:35.77River Oaks Baptist
2.8Vince DiMichele5:37.95St Francis Episcopal
3.8Spencer Quisenberry5:43.18First Baptist Academy
4.8Jack Stewart5:44.98The Village
5.8Ryan McCleary5:53.64St Francis Episcopal
6.8Jonathan Shultz5:53.95St John's
7.8Logan Elliott5:54.48St John's
8.8Jack Schubert5:58.48First Baptist Academy
9.8Cameron Longer6:15.30St Francis Episcopal
10.12William Montgomery6:18.31Kinkaid
11.8Alex Liso6:22.05The Village
12.12Glen Allen Wind6:35.94Kinkaid
13.8Sunil Pai6:42.70The Village
14.8Ben Riggle6:47.05Second Baptist
X 80m Hurdles - 39" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Zach Rosenthal15.57Kinkaid
2.6Eric Hobby15.81St John's
3.6Sarhaan Cox16.06River Oaks Baptist
4.9Anes Cherif16.31Kinkaid
5.6Josh Thomas16.38St John's
6.6Marcus Burton16.78St Michael
7.6Matthew Reasoner16.79St John's
8.6Austin Wadkins17.09River Oaks Baptist
9.6Zack Minnis17.19St Michael
10.6Ryan Bennett17.93Annunciation Orthodox
11.6Timothy Pierce17.96River Oaks Baptist
13.6John McWhorter19.73Annunciation Orthodox
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Harlan Lawal16.18Kinkaid
2.8Patrick Flam16.73River Oaks Baptist
3.8Colin Murdock17.85River Oaks Baptist
4.12Rob Thomson18.73Kinkaid
5.12Glen Allen Wind18.74Kinkaid
6.8Will Strom19.33St Francis Episcopal
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Forbes Dumas17.54Kinkaid
2.7Sam Jamison17.98River Oaks Baptist
3.7David Bonno18.23St Michael
4.7Mac Cady18.53St Michael
7.7Howard Cheng20.94St Francis Episcopal
8.7Bobby Heston21.85St Francis Episcopal
9.7Forrest Surles22.45St Francis Episcopal
10.7Kyle Samson22.64St Michael
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Harlan Lawal29.01Kinkaid
2.12Rob Thomson31.63Kinkaid
3.12Timm Wooten32.93Kinkaid
4.8Garrett Luce34.28Second Baptist
5.8Charlie Caplan36.42St John's
6.8Brian White37.18St John's
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Charles Elmer29.69St Francis Episcopal
2.7David Bonno30.39St Michael
3.7Sam Jamison30.44River Oaks Baptist
4.11Will Fullenweider30.95Kinkaid
5.11Forbes Dumas31.77Kinkaid
7.7Sam Caspary32.69St Francis Episcopal
9.7Kyle Samson39.92St Michael
10.7Austin Porter39.97St Francis Episcopal
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Grayson Crady31.81St John's
2.6Larry Wilkins33.52St Francis Episcopal
3.9Harris Green34.06Kinkaid
4.9Zach Rosenthal35.55Kinkaid
5.6Andrew Chennissi35.70St John's
6.6Cole Mueller36.50St Francis Episcopal
7.9Nick Whalley36.90Kinkaid
8.6Eric Hobby37.31St John's
9.6Win Holland38.33River Oaks Baptist
10.6Timothy Pierce38.88River Oaks Baptist
11.6Will Bomar40.73River Oaks Baptist
12.6Declan Mawer41.56Annunciation Orthodox
13.6John McWhorter48.36Annunciation Orthodox
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.05St Francis Episcopal
2.-Joshua Windslow
Charlie Caplan
Matt McKinney
Jack Peterman
56.29St John's
--Alex Liso
Nasir Shuja
Billy Simpson
Alex Solis
DQThe Village
--Lorenzo Jones
Harlan Lawal
William Reade
Timm Wooten
--Corey Caron
Garrett Luce
Ben Pfeffer
Trey Soape
DQSecond Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Forbes Dumas
Will Fullenweider
Simon Redko
Jonah Roettele
2.-Kevin Pisters
Jon Brueggeman
Charles Elmer
Jack Best
53.08St Francis Episcopal
3.-Jonathan Freeman
James Wang
Abolade Jebutu
Austin Tucker
54.29The Village
4.-Robert Burton
Mac Cady
William Gifford
John Mouton
55.54St Michael
--Hammer Adam
Nick Howard
Joshua Kee
L.J. Rose
DQSecond Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-James Britt
Robert Hatter
Sam Sands
Macan Wilson
2.-Matt Ellis
Blake Henningsen
Pierce Pontikes
Larry Wilkins
57.35St Francis Episcopal
3.-Ben Griffin
Jackson Jhin
Sam Oliver
Nathan Avery
58.92St John's
4.-Charles Onyekwelu
Sarhaan Cox
Rhett Baker
Thomas Norman
59.51River Oaks Baptist
5.-Will Johnston
Joe Kimbrell
Cal Bertron
Andrew Strait
1:03.97Annunciation Orthodox
--Aroosh Mody
Kevin Kontchou
Karim Nabulosu
Allen Ahn
DQThe Village
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:01.37St Francis Episcopal
2.-Billy Simpson
James Rushing
Doug Patson
Alex Solis
4:16.26The Village
3.-Jared Dawson
Rob Thomson
Walt Mayfield
Kevin Berman
4.-Corey Caron
Garrett Luce
Ben Pfeffer
Ben Riggle
5:00.74Second Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Abolade Jebutu
Henry Walker
Scott Walker
Cedric Ginestra
4:27.17The Village
2.-Charles Elmer
Edward Taussig
Will Tosch
Jack Best
4:31.22St Francis Episcopal
3.-Chris Hornung
Sam Jamison
DJ Jones
Bill Munson
4:37.20River Oaks Baptist
4.-David Bonno
Steve Bonno
Andrew Hill
Mac Cady
4:49.94St Michael
5.-Hammer Adam
Nick Howard
L.J. Rose
Joshua Kee
5:00.30Second Baptist
6.-Jonah Roettele
Enrico Silva
Sadi Moradi
John Adkins
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Robbie McPherson
Blake Henningsen
Andrew McCleary
Matt Ellis
2:09.83St Francis Episcopal
2.-Grayson Crady
Sam Oliver
Ben Griffin
Nathan Avery
2:10.34St John's
3.-Kevin Kontchou
Eric Ribbeck
Allen Ahn
Sumant Agrawal
2:12.68The Village
4.-Grant Adkins
James Britt
Sam Sands
Nick Whalley
5.-Hunter Flemming
Sarhaan Cox
Charles Onyekwelu
Rhett Baker
2:14.79River Oaks Baptist
--Relay Team DQAnnunciation Orthodox
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trey Soape40'09.50Second Baptist
2.8Lee Hanley39'03.75First Baptist Academy
3.8Hayden Sneed38'05.00First Baptist Academy
4.8Jason Blades34'02.50Second Baptist
5.8Matt Williamson34'02.25St Francis Episcopal
6.8Jonathan Ong33'06.50St Francis Episcopal
7.8Corey Caron31'07.75Second Baptist
8.12William Montgomery29'05.50Kinkaid
9.12Walt Mayfield28'09.50Kinkaid
10.8Parker Malone27'03.00First Baptist Academy
11.8Billy Simpson27'00.50The Village
12.8Brian White26'03.50St John's
13.8Nash Reeves24'05.00St Michael
14.8Dillon West19'09.00St Francis Episcopal
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.11Will Fullenweider37'07.00Kinkaid
3.7Kevin Pisters33'01.50St Francis Episcopal
4.7Jeremiah Briscoe32'10.00First Baptist Academy
5.7Doc Perrier29'11.50St Michael
6.7Joey Cowan29'07.75St John's
7.7Joel North27'10.25St Francis Episcopal
8.11Simon Redko26'00.75Kinkaid
9.7Mac Cady25'06.50St Michael
10.7Barry Smith24'08.00St Michael
11.7Marshall Baker24'01.50St Francis Episcopal
12.7Alexander Saucer22'02.50St John's
13.7Daren Napier22'00.50St John's
14.7Jonathan Cohen22'00.00Annunciation Orthodox
15.7Donald Birnbaum19'07.00Annunciation Orthodox
X Shot Put - 12lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Charles Onyekwelu37'07.00River Oaks Baptist
2.6Kevin Kontchou31'05.00The Village
3.6Allen Ahn29'11.50The Village
4.6Chambers Swiggart28'05.00First Baptist Academy
5.6Chris Chapin27'06.50The Village
6.6Tucker Sauer25'10.50St Michael
7.6Walter Baker24'10.00St John's
8.9Edward Wakefield24'09.50Kinkaid
9.6Mason Hale24'08.50St Francis Episcopal
10.6Garrett Geacone24'07.25Annunciation Orthodox
11.9James Mentz23'00.50Kinkaid
12.6Winston Cocke21'11.00River Oaks Baptist
13.6Trey Amatong21'09.00St John's
14.6Cooper Loposer21'01.00St Francis Episcopal
15.6Adam Bayley20'10.50River Oaks Baptist
16.9Pete Looney20'00.50Kinkaid
17.6Walter Moore2'10.00St John's
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trey Soape111'08Second Baptist
2.8Matt Williamson88'06St Francis Episcopal
3.8Parker Malone79'01First Baptist Academy
4.8Billy Simpson76'11The Village
5.12Walt Mayfield74'04Kinkaid
6.8Jordan Foy72'10First Baptist Academy
7.8Nash Reeves71'11St Michael
8.8Tyler Look71'05First Baptist Academy
9.8Chase McArdle68'03St Francis Episcopal
10.8Benjamin Lyons65'06Annunciation Orthodox
11.8Brian White61'07St John's
12.12William Montgomery59'07Kinkaid
13.8Alex Solis59'05The Village
14.8Dillon West54'03St Francis Episcopal
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
4.7Doc Perrier78'08St Michael
5.7Zach Long76'01St John's
6.7P.J. Collier72'05St Francis Episcopal
7.7Daren Napier72'01St John's
8.7Nicky Cassata70'10St Francis Episcopal
9.7Andrew Hill67'10St Michael
10.7Joey Cowan64'01St John's
11.11Sadi Moradi63'03Kinkaid
12.7Timothy Hawkins61'06Annunciation Orthodox
13.7Gus Hennings59'10St Francis Episcopal
14.7Barry Smith59'08St Michael
15.7Brant Minor59'07Annunciation Orthodox
X Discus - 1.6kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Charles Onyekwelu75'02River Oaks Baptist
2.6Win Reynolds61'10River Oaks Baptist
3.6Walter Baker60'10St John's
4.6Erick Fiedorek58'07St John's
5.9Macan Wilson56'06Kinkaid
6.6Winston Cocke53'03River Oaks Baptist
7.9James Mentz52'06Kinkaid
8.6Tucker Sauer49'09St Michael
9.9Pete Looney49'04Kinkaid
10.6Declan Mawer44'08Annunciation Orthodox
11.6Cal Bertron40'04Annunciation Orthodox
12.6William Breckwoldt37'09St John's
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Colin Murdock5'00.00River Oaks Baptist
2.8Trey Soape4'10.00Second Baptist
3.8Abe Matamoros4'10.00St Francis Episcopal
4.8Patrick Flam4'10.00River Oaks Baptist
5.8James Rushing4'10.00The Village
6.12Harlan Lawal4'08.00Kinkaid
7.12William Reade4'06.00Kinkaid
7.8Jack Peterman4'06.00St John's
9.8Travis Guantt4'06.00River Oaks Baptist
9.8Shaun Duggan4'06.00St Francis Episcopal
9.12Jared Dawson4'06.00Kinkaid
8Chase McArdleNHSt Francis Episcopal
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Charles Elmer4'08.00St Francis Episcopal
1.11Will Fullenweider4'08.00Kinkaid
3.7DJ Jones4'08.00River Oaks Baptist
4.7Jonathon Bradford4'08.00St John's
5.7Jack Best4'06.00St Francis Episcopal
11Sadi MoradiNHKinkaid
7Dylan ShofnerNHFirst Baptist Academy
7Steve BonnoNHSt Michael
7Sam CasparyNHSt Francis Episcopal
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Blake Henningsen4'06.00St Francis Episcopal
2.9Macan Wilson4'04.00Kinkaid
3.6Grayson Crady4'02.00St John's
4.9Robert Hatter4'02.00Kinkaid
5.6Robbie McPherson4'00.00St Francis Episcopal
6Larry WilkinsNHSt Francis Episcopal
6Sam BoydNHRiver Oaks Baptist
6Hunter FlemmingNHRiver Oaks Baptist
6Timothy PierceNHRiver Oaks Baptist
9John BurmanNHKinkaid
6Eric HobbyNHSt John's
6Andrew StraitNHAnnunciation Orthodox
6Yusef ChabaytaNHSt John's
6Zack MinnisNHSt Michael
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Patrick Flam18'00.00River Oaks Baptist
2.8Shaun Duggan17'08.50St Francis Episcopal
3.8Travis Guantt17'05.50River Oaks Baptist
4.12Harlan Lawal16'09.00Kinkaid
5.8Jonathan Ong16'07.50St Francis Episcopal
6.8Abe Matamoros16'06.50St Francis Episcopal
7.8Luca Mariotto16'04.50Annunciation Orthodox
8.8Nasir Shuja15'09.00The Village
9.8Jason Blades15'08.50Second Baptist
10.12William Reade15'07.00Kinkaid
11.8Garrett Luce15'00.00Second Baptist
12.8James Rushing14'11.50The Village
13.8Alex Solis14'08.50The Village
14.8Dale Wallace14'08.00First Baptist Academy
15.8Matt McKinney14'02.50St John's
16.8Josh Ferguson13'00.00First Baptist Academy
8Colin MurdockFOULRiver Oaks Baptist
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kevin Pisters16'04.00St Francis Episcopal
2.11Simon Redko15'10.00Kinkaid
4.11Forbes Dumas14'05.00Kinkaid
5.7Jack Best14'05.00St Francis Episcopal
6.7John Mouton14'04.00St Michael
9.7Joshua Kee13'07.00Second Baptist
10.7Nick Howard13'05.50Second Baptist
11.7Jonathon Bradford13'05.00St John's
12.7DJ Jones13'00.00River Oaks Baptist
13.7Dylan Shofner11'03.00First Baptist Academy
14.7Mac Cady10'10.00St Michael
7Charles ElmerFOULSt Francis Episcopal
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Macan Wilson15'03.50Kinkaid
2.6Grayson Crady14'07.00St John's
3.6Blake Henningsen14'01.75St Francis Episcopal
4.6Larry Wilkins13'08.75St Francis Episcopal
5.9Robert Hatter13'08.25Kinkaid
6.6Joe Kimbrell13'05.00Annunciation Orthodox
6.6Eric Ribbeck13'05.00The Village
8.6William Barksdale13'03.00River Oaks Baptist
9.9James Britt12'11.75Kinkaid
9.6Stephen Consoli12'11.75First Baptist Academy
11.6Sumant Agrawal12'07.50The Village
12.6Austin Davison12'01.50First Baptist Academy
12.6Sam Oliver12'01.50St John's
14.6Cal Bertron11'11.00Annunciation Orthodox
15.6Marcus Burton11'09.00St Michael
16.6Ben Griffin11'05.00St John's
17.6Sarhaan Cox10'11.00River Oaks Baptist
18.6Zack Minnis10'10.00St Michael
19.6Stefan Grasu10'07.00The Village
20.6Andy Marymont10'02.00River Oaks Baptist
21.6John McWhorter8'07.50Annunciation Orthodox
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Patrick Flam35'07.00River Oaks Baptist
2.8Travis Guantt34'05.75River Oaks Baptist
3.8Jason Blades34'04.75Second Baptist
4.8Colin Murdock31'05.75River Oaks Baptist
5.8Corey Caron31'04.50Second Baptist
6.8Dale Wallace31'04.50First Baptist Academy
7.8Matt McKinney30'11.00St John's
8.8Garrett Luce30'05.50Second Baptist
9.12Jared Dawson27'04.25Kinkaid
10.12Walt Mayfield26'07.00Kinkaid
11.8Jack Peterman26'00.50St John's
12.12Timm Wooten25'10.50Kinkaid

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jennifer Orr13.01Kinkaid
2.12Mary Clare Bruce13.42Kinkaid
3.12Lauren Heyne13.53Kinkaid
4.8Allison McWhorter13.80DASH
5.8Sarah Caspary13.93St Francis Episcopal
6.8Errinn Ormand14.04St Francis Episcopal
7.8Jaclyn Poujol14.18St Francis Episcopal
8.8Eleni Stamatakis14.28The Village
9.8Jamie Manis14.38St Michael
10.8Alexa Galvan14.50St Michael
11.8Claire Colvill14.70St Michael
12.8Daniella Covarrubias14.71St John's
15.8Jessica Plank14.99The Village
16.8Ellie Quisenberry15.00First Baptist Academy
17.8Hannah Holmes15.30First Baptist Academy
19.8Shannon Rios15.57First Baptist Academy
20.8Ellen Geis15.82Second Baptist
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Meagan Johnson13.15River Oaks Baptist
2.7Ijeoma Okoro13.42DASH
3.11Katherine Heyne13.70Kinkaid
4.7Mary Katherine Payne13.78St John's
5.7Katy Wefelmeyer13.82DASH
6.7Sydney Dupre14.01River Oaks Baptist
7.7Calhan Hale14.19St Francis Episcopal
8.7Courtney Lewis14.40Second Baptist
9.7Laura Valby14.42First Baptist Academy
10.7Abby Schwing14.45St Francis Episcopal
11.7Emily Statham14.55St Francis Episcopal
12.7Annie Murchison14.57Annunciation Orthodox
13.7Alex Babec14.68The Village
14.7Beatriz Chiriboga14.75St Michael
16.7Kaitlyn Hirschbuehler15.08First Baptist Academy
17.10Sophie Weber15.10Kinkaid
18.7Brianna Sherman15.28St Michael
19.7Madison Gambrell15.40St Michael
20.7Candace Ting15.47St John's
20.7Nuwani Irizarry15.47DASH
22.7Elaine Lokken16.33Annunciation Orthodox
23.7Anna Lilly17.42First Baptist Academy
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jackie Manley13.85DASH
2.6Natalie Plummer14.24St John's
3.6Maddie Holmes14.29First Baptist Academy
4.6Carly Gamson14.33St John's
4.6Lizzie Russo14.33St Michael
6.6Caroline Fitzgerald14.39River Oaks Baptist
7.9Carolyn Dyer14.43Kinkaid
8.6Olivia Weiner14.45DASH
9.6Rachel Henry14.52First Baptist Academy
10.6Sydney Bobb14.64River Oaks Baptist
11.6Amber Ainsworth14.70St Francis Episcopal
12.6Robby Rybarczyk14.86St John's
13.6Artemis Nikolakis14.87The Village
14.9Ava McBath15.08Kinkaid
14.6Hannaka Spillman15.08St Francis Episcopal
16.6Molly Neyland15.10St Michael
17.6Francesca Sartori15.26Annunciation Orthodox
18.6Paula Inglis15.36The Village
19.9Aziza Rehtmulla15.37Kinkaid
20.6Natalie George15.50DASH
21.6Jenni Moseley15.56Annunciation Orthodox
22.6Lauren Reischman15.61The Village
24.6Mathilde Bowen16.00River Oaks Baptist
23.6Emily Entrekin15.98St Francis Episcopal
25.6Amber Johnson16.69St Michael
26.6Avery Bennefeld16.90Annunciation Orthodox
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jennifer Orr27.62Kinkaid
2.8Hannah Johannes29.26Annunciation Orthodox
3.8Sarah Hamilton29.46Second Baptist
4.8Eleni Stamatakis30.22The Village
5.8Ariel Malloy30.45St John's
6.8Diandra Breen30.46St Francis Episcopal
7.8Jamie Manis30.52St Michael
8.8Alexa Galvan30.68St Michael
10.8Lauren Graham31.78St Francis Episcopal
11.8Ellie Quisenberry31.88First Baptist Academy
12.8Jessica Plank32.27The Village
13.8Claire Colvill32.38St Michael
15.8Shannon Rios33.76First Baptist Academy
16.8Ellen Geis36.38Second Baptist
17.8Ashley McDonald36.57Second Baptist
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Meagan Johnson28.35River Oaks Baptist
2.7Alexa Mullins28.99River Oaks Baptist
3.11Katherine Heyne29.02Kinkaid
4.7Khortlan Patterson29.08St John's
5.7Mary Katherine Payne29.39St John's
6.7Ijeoma Okoro29.46DASH
7.7Katy Wefelmeyer29.55DASH
8.7Hannah Yeates30.13Annunciation Orthodox
9.7Annie Murchison30.80Annunciation Orthodox
10.7Courtney Lewis31.03Second Baptist
12.7Abby Schwing31.43St Francis Episcopal
13.7Laura Valby31.44First Baptist Academy
14.7Julia Nini31.61St Francis Episcopal
15.7Alex Babec31.67The Village
16.7Beatriz Chiriboga32.04St Michael
17.7Elisabeth Molloy32.25The Village
18.7Taylor Evans32.39Annunciation Orthodox
19.7Meagan Meeks32.52St Michael
20.7Ashley Brown32.93St Francis Episcopal
21.7Krissy Slaughter33.28Second Baptist
22.7Camille Pontikes33.49St Michael
23.7Emma Carnes34.70DASH
24.7Alex Courtney37.61First Baptist Academy
25.7Taylor Ratkiewicz38.59First Baptist Academy
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Anna Wittenmeyer28.97Kinkaid
2.6Leah Tholen30.40DASH
3.6Samantha Night30.64St John's
4.6Jennifer Harris30.67St Michael
5.6Caroline Fitzgerald30.69River Oaks Baptist
6.6Olivia Weiner30.78DASH
7.6Maddie Holmes31.13First Baptist Academy
8.6Anna Cain31.24River Oaks Baptist
9.6Robby Rybarczyk31.44St John's
10.6Emma Partridge31.67DASH
11.6Caroline Cowan31.75St John's
12.6Rachel Henry32.01First Baptist Academy
13.6Katherine Ebeling32.06Annunciation Orthodox
13.6Paula Inglis32.06The Village
15.9Emma Denson32.39Kinkaid
16.6Annie Schwing32.42St Francis Episcopal
17.9Carolyn Dyer32.61Kinkaid
18.6Artemis Nikolakis32.83The Village
19.6Lauren Reischman33.02The Village
20.6Lizzy Davis33.03Annunciation Orthodox
21.6Emily Entrekin34.38St Francis Episcopal
22.6Elizabeth Hughey34.42River Oaks Baptist
23.6Michele Meeks34.60St Michael
24.6Jennifer Jenkins35.50St Francis Episcopal
24.6Amber Johnson35.50St Michael
26.6Allison Shely41.73Annunciation Orthodox
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hannah Johannes1:08.41Annunciation Orthodox
2.12Lindsey Chew1:10.16Kinkaid
3.8Mariam Matin1:10.20St John's
4.8Saira Ukani1:10.43The Village
5.8Christy Lee1:10.50St John's
7.8Sarah Hamilton1:12.13Second Baptist
8.8Lauren Graham1:13.46St Francis Episcopal
9.12Alissa Redko1:13.66Kinkaid
11.8Elina Prakash1:13.85The Village
12.8Ally Manley1:14.02DASH
13.8Hannah Holmes1:15.99First Baptist Academy
14.7Hannah Tosch1:17.51St Francis Episcopal
15.8Priya Chacko1:17.97First Baptist Academy
16.12Madison Deal1:25.75Kinkaid
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ann Johnson1:07.17St John's
4.7Pooja Salhotra1:08.35St John's
5.7Hannah Yeates1:09.33Annunciation Orthodox
6.11Annie Stephens1:09.60Kinkaid
7.7Moriah Sells1:11.84River Oaks Baptist
8.7Zoe Ansell1:12.73Annunciation Orthodox
9.7Anna Van Brummen1:13.70DASH
10.7Molly Tollett1:14.49Second Baptist
11.7Caroline Taylor1:15.83Annunciation Orthodox
13.7Kaitlyn Hirschbuehler1:16.13First Baptist Academy
14.7Olivia Tezel1:17.56St Francis Episcopal
15.7Samantha Houston1:18.76St Michael
16.7Kate Woodward1:19.58DASH
17.7Christina Eickenroht1:20.51St Francis Episcopal
18.7Ana Montross1:23.20St Michael
19.7Madison Gambrell1:28.12St Michael
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6BeBe Johnson1:09.33River Oaks Baptist
2.6Taylor Dickey1:09.88River Oaks Baptist
3.6Tess Gee1:10.40St Francis Episcopal
4.6Maddie Holmes1:10.99First Baptist Academy
5.6Rachel Henry1:13.88First Baptist Academy
6.6Emma Partridge1:13.88DASH
7.6Sarah Welter1:14.85DASH
8.9Dahlgren Baker1:15.25Kinkaid
9.6Janie Alcorn1:17.93St John's
10.6Kate Bres1:18.52St John's
11.6Jacqueline Jackie1:18.90St John's
12.6Carter Fitts1:20.12St Michael
13.6Marilyn Lovell1:20.73St Francis Episcopal
14.6Madison Rushing1:20.81The Village
15.6Jennifer Jenkins1:21.56St Francis Episcopal
16.6Emma Berno1:21.61St Michael
17.9Kate Fullenweider1:22.88Kinkaid
18.6Christiana Zgourides1:23.59The Village
19.6Emily Michaels1:27.82Annunciation Orthodox
X 600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Lexi Reamer1:51.75Annunciation Orthodox
2.6BeBe Johnson1:58.46River Oaks Baptist
3.6Lauren Resnick2:02.92River Oaks Baptist
4.9Emma Denson2:03.37Kinkaid
5.6Martha Daniel2:08.59St John's
6.6Cara Cancelmo2:10.94Annunciation Orthodox
7.9Jacqueline Jacobs2:12.46Kinkaid
8.6Jordan Comparin2:12.97First Baptist Academy
9.6Bianca Rombado2:13.36St John's
10.9Annie Roff2:13.71Kinkaid
11.6Meredith Lawrence2:14.90St John's
12.6Christiana Zgourides2:18.31The Village
13.6Amber Johnson2:19.11St Michael
14.6Katie Brennan2:40.41First Baptist Academy
6Rachel DriverNTFirst Baptist Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Torey Dierckman2:42.00St Michael
3.12Katherine Kirkland2:48.74Kinkaid
4.11Katy Broesche2:57.02Kinkaid
5.8Elina Prakash2:57.15The Village
6.8Priya Chacko2:57.57First Baptist Academy
7.8Reshena Liao2:59.90St John's
8.12Haley Lockwood3:03.43Kinkaid
9.8Allie Lovell3:04.04St Francis Episcopal
10.8Lauren Howell3:07.86Second Baptist
11.8Sara Blair Matthews3:08.69St Francis Episcopal
12.8Alaina Urbantke3:30.31First Baptist Academy
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Audrey Brook2:35.50St Michael
2.7Ann Johnson2:36.30St John's
5.7Margaret Watkins2:53.92St John's
6.7Valeria Chelala2:57.70The Village
7.7Megan Lillie2:58.21St John's
8.7Shelly Robertson3:00.31DASH
9.7Kendall Looney3:02.83Second Baptist
10.7Hannah Judd3:03.97DASH
11.7Katy Craft3:09.82First Baptist Academy
12.7Ana Montross3:14.56St Michael
13.7Jackie Diorio3:16.92DASH
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Megan Lillie4:38.00St John's
2.7Margaret Watkins4:38.93St John's
3.11Kate McMillan4:39.98Kinkaid
5.7Kate Woodward4:45.99DASH
6.7Anna Van Brummen4:54.03DASH
7.7Kendall Looney4:55.95Second Baptist
8.7Erica Reed5:07.38St John's
9.7Gabby Phi5:08.54The Village
X 1200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Lexi Reamer4:15.54Annunciation Orthodox
2.6Natalie Fry4:40.80River Oaks Baptist
3.6Rebecca Vanas4:52.59Annunciation Orthodox
4.9Katherine Drews4:53.28Kinkaid
5.6Jacqueline Jackie5:01.87St John's
6.6Meredith Lawrence5:04.33St John's
7.6Martha Daniel5:08.87St John's
8.6Mattie Van Gundy5:14.26River Oaks Baptist
9.12Carolyn Tucker5:15.77Kinkaid
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Torey Dierckman6:23.81St Michael
2.8Laura Sellingsloh6:24.00River Oaks Baptist
3.8Lizzie Spence6:30.38Annunciation Orthodox
4.12Haley Walker6:33.93Kinkaid
5.8Bekah Driver6:36.03First Baptist Academy
6.8Reshena Liao6:40.59St John's
7.8Teresa Lester6:44.78Annunciation Orthodox
8.8Sara Blair Matthews6:46.30St Francis Episcopal
9.8Lauren Howell6:51.38Second Baptist
10.12Haley Lockwood7:11.30Kinkaid
X 80m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Meryl Gibbs15.00St John's
2.7Meredith Viguet15.73St John's
3.7Emily Clark16.04DASH
4.7Zoe Ansell16.47Annunciation Orthodox
5.7Emily Statham17.12St Francis Episcopal
6.7Gioia Kabel17.42DASH
7.7Caroline Ciaccio17.80DASH
X 80m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Lauren Resnick15.34River Oaks Baptist
2.6Jackie Modesett15.61St John's
3.6Linsday Graham16.49St Francis Episcopal
4.6Marilyn Lovell17.05St Francis Episcopal
5.6Lillie Simons17.06River Oaks Baptist
6.6Natalie Fry17.64River Oaks Baptist
7.6Caroline Dew17.71DASH
8.12Carson James17.80Kinkaid
9.6Esther Huang18.12Annunciation Orthodox
10.6Elizabeth Langenstein18.16DASH
11.6Loren Thornton18.36St John's
12.12Lauren Rosen18.46Kinkaid
13.6Nicola Pereira18.97St John's
14.6Maria Ibrahim20.50Annunciation Orthodox
15.12Brianna Allen25.24Kinkaid
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sima Shalchi18.17St John's
2.12Sloan Childress18.25Kinkaid
3.12Josephine Overton18.95Kinkaid
4.11Isabel Ross19.34Kinkaid
5.8Kaitlyn Kellam19.93Second Baptist
7.8Margaret Warmington21.18St Francis Episcopal
8.8Carolyn Houren21.54St Francis Episcopal
9.8Emily McCarroll22.57St Francis Episcopal
10.8Kavita Sinha22.76DASH
8Vanessa VandenwormDQSecond Baptist
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josephine Overton31.35Kinkaid
2.12Sloan Childress32.68Kinkaid
3.8Sima Shalchi33.28St John's
4.8Kaitlyn Kellam34.88Second Baptist
6.12Adriuna Howard36.01Kinkaid
7.8Kavita Sinha36.06DASH
8.8Carolyn Houren36.89St Francis Episcopal
10.8Vanessa Vandenworm38.18Second Baptist
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Courtney Guess33.20St Michael
2.7Meryl Gibbs34.56St John's
3.7Meredith Viguet34.71St John's
4.7Reghan Gillman34.78River Oaks Baptist
5.7Zoe Ansell34.89Annunciation Orthodox
6.7Emily Clark36.50DASH
7.7Caroline Ciaccio37.18DASH
8.7Hannah Tosch38.36St Francis Episcopal
9.7Razan Beidas38.81DASH
10.7Elaine Lokken39.28Annunciation Orthodox
11.7Madison Gambrell39.61St Michael
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jackie Modesett32.37St John's
2.9Epiphany Fitzpatrick33.37Kinkaid
3.6Meredith Knight34.07DASH
4.6Katherine Ebeling34.28Annunciation Orthodox
5.6Lauren Resnick35.71River Oaks Baptist
6.6Emily Diaz36.01St John's
7.9Stephanie Guo36.03Kinkaid
8.6Tess Gee36.16St Francis Episcopal
9.6Tiffany Tuedor36.90DASH
10.6Linsday Graham37.41St Francis Episcopal
11.6Marilyn Lovell37.95St Francis Episcopal
12.6Annie Gocke38.32St John's
13.6Alexandra Cokinos39.30Annunciation Orthodox
14.12Carson James39.34Kinkaid
15.6Homa Salchi39.96Annunciation Orthodox
16.6Mathilde Bowen40.04River Oaks Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mary Clare Bruce
Lauren Heyne
Josephine Overton
Sloan Childress
2.-Sima Shalchi
Ariel Malloy
Daniella Covarrubias
Christy Lee
56.85St John's
3.-Errinn Ormand
Jaclyn Poujol
Diandra Breen
Sarah Caspary
56.87St Francis Episcopal
4.-Chelsea Berchon
Allison McWhorter
Mylena Caldera
Tati Angulo
5.-Eleni Stamatakis
Kristy Eng
Saira Ukani
Jessica Plank
58.14The Village
6.-Claire Colvill
Torey Dierckman
Alexa Galvan
Jamie Manis
58.40St Michael
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Julia Johnson
Meagan Johnson
Alexa Mullins
Sydney Dupre
53.80River Oaks Baptist
2.-Mary Katherine Payne
Khortlan Patterson
Meryl Gibbs
Candace Ting
57.42St John's
3.-Abby Schwing
Calhan Hale
Julia Nini
Emily Statham
57.92St Francis Episcopal
4.-Razan Beidas
Nuwani Irizarry
Ijeoma Okoro
Katy Wefelmeyer
5.-Meagan Meeks
Audrey Brook
Beatriz Chiriboga
Courtney Guess
58.73St Michael
6.-Alex Babec
Heather Rover
Lia Davis
Elisabeth Molloy
59.12The Village
7.-Relay Team 1:00.32Annunciation Orthodox
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Anna Wittenmeyer
Epiphany Fitzpatrick
Carolyn Dyer
Stephanie Guo
2.-Natalie Plummer
Carly Gamson
Sam Night
Robby Rybarczyk
57.85St John's
3.-Jackie Manley
Meredith Knight
Bridget Daly
Leah Tholen
4.-Molly Neyland
Jennifer Harris
Michele Meeks
Lizzie Russo
1:00.49St Michael
5.-Anna Cain
Taylor Dickey
Caroline Fitzgerald
Sydney Bobb
1:01.02River Oaks Baptist
6.-Amber Ainsworth
Linsday Graham
Annie Schwing
Hannaka Spillman
1:01.14St Francis Episcopal
7.-Frankie Demeris
Emma Morgan
Jenni Moseley
Francesca Sartori
1:03.24Annunciation Orthodox
8.-Artemis Nikolakis
Lauren Reischman
Paula Inglis
Madison Rushing
1:03.59The Village
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ariel Malloy
Mariam Matin
Christy Lee
Daniella Covarrubias
4:41.11St John's
2.-Jennifer Orr
Lindsey Chew
Katherine Kirkland
Alissa Redko
3.-Chelsea Berchon
Mylena Caldera
Frannie Edmundson
Ally Manley
4.-Lauren Graham
Allie Lovell
Jaclyn Poujol
Errinn Ormand
5:05.37St Francis Episcopal
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Ann Johnson
Pooja Salhotra
Candace Ting
Meredith Viguet
4:46.56St John's
2.-Relay Team 4:50.87The Village
3.-Meagan Meeks
Samantha Houston
Audrey Brook
Courtney Guess
4:54.20St Michael
4.-Julia Nini
Christina Eickenroht
Calhan Hale
Hannah Tosch
5:00.71St Francis Episcopal
5.-Courtney Lewis
Kendall Looney
Krissy Slaughter
Molly Tollett
5:01.26Second Baptist
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Anna Wittenmeyer
Epiphany Fitzpatrick
Kristen Cummins
Stephanie Guo
2.-Meredith Knight
Jackie Manley
Bridget Daly
Leah Tholen
3.-Jackie Modesett
Natalie Plummer
Caroline Cowan
Emily Diaz
2:12.80St John's
4.-BeBe Johnson
Taylor Dickey
Anna Cain
Sydney Bobb
2:15.87River Oaks Baptist
5.-Molly Neyland
Jennifer Harris
Lizzie Russo
Michele Meeks
2:17.75St Michael
6.-Tess Gee
Annie Schwing
Amber Ainsworth
Emily Entrekin
2:17.78St Francis Episcopal
7.-Alexandra Cokinos
Lizzy Davis
Frankie Demeris
Emma Morgan
2:32.38Annunciation Orthodox
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sarah Dunlap28'02.50River Oaks Baptist
2.12Kamala Watkins27'10.00Kinkaid
3.12Mills Stewart Witmer26'00.50Kinkaid
4.8Grace Frantz21'08.25St Francis Episcopal
5.8Daniella Covarrubias21'04.00St John's
6.8Giselle Rosenthal21'03.00The Village
7.8Christy Lee20'06.50St John's
10.12Avery Suber16'11.50Kinkaid
11.8Jessica Shelton16'02.50DASH
12.8Ashley McDonald15'04.25Second Baptist
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Khortlan Patterson35'06.00St John's
2.7Kaitlyn Hirschbuehler27'00.75First Baptist Academy
4.7Alexis Cunningham25'11.00DASH
5.7Krissy Slaughter25'10.50Second Baptist
6.7Alia Nazir24'05.00St John's
7.7Zoe Ansell23'00.00Annunciation Orthodox
8.7Annie Elliot21'07.50St Francis Episcopal
9.7Ana Montross21'06.75St Michael
10.7Clare Byrd20'07.75DASH
11.7Katherine Smith20'06.50St Francis Episcopal
12.7Sarah Scott20'05.75DASH
13.7Camille Pontikes17'11.00St Michael
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Maddie Holmes27'04.00First Baptist Academy
2.12Ellye Anderson24'02.75Kinkaid
3.6Lizzy Davis24'01.50Annunciation Orthodox
4.6Briana Williams24'00.25St John's
5.6Elise Foote22'10.50River Oaks Baptist
6.6Michele Meeks22'06.00St Michael
7.6Hannah Worscheh21'09.50St John's
8.6Jennifer Harris20'11.25St Michael
9.6Molly Neyland20'02.25St Michael
10.6Lauren McNamara20'02.00River Oaks Baptist
11.9Carroll Ison20'01.50Kinkaid
12.6Ali Ellul19'10.25DASH
13.6Avery Bennefeld19'07.50Annunciation Orthodox
14.6Natalie George18'11.25DASH
15.12Ellen Thanheiser18'10.75Kinkaid
16.6Katie Owens18'02.75St John's
17.6Kristen Pignuolo17'09.00DASH
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sarah Dunlap75'03River Oaks Baptist
2.12Kamala Watkins67'10Kinkaid
3.12Mills Stewart Witmer59'03Kinkaid
4.12Madison Deal57'05Kinkaid
5.8Christy Lee56'07St John's
6.8Margaret Warmington54'10St Francis Episcopal
8.8Grace Frantz49'08St Francis Episcopal
11.8Giselle Rosenthal40'01The Village
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Khortlan Patterson84'04St John's
2.7Meryl Gibbs69'04St John's
3.7Alia Nazir62'08St John's
3.7Krissy Slaughter62'08Second Baptist
5.7Alexis Cunningham62'02DASH
5.7Courtney Guess62'02St Michael
7.7Katy Wefelmeyer57'02DASH
9.7Annie Elliot48'01St Francis Episcopal
10.7Mead Baldwin43'01DASH
11.7Meagan Meeks41'10St Michael
12.7Courtney Lewis34'09Second Baptist
13.7Katherine Smith32'06St Francis Episcopal
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Elise Foote59'10River Oaks Baptist
2.6Briana Williams54'06St John's
2.9Carroll Ison54'06Kinkaid
4.6Tiffany Tuedor45'11DASH
5.6Annie Gocke45'03St John's
6.12Ellye Anderson45'02Kinkaid
7.6Leah Tholen44'10DASH
8.9Mirel Baysal44'09Kinkaid
9.6Katie Owens44'03St John's
10.6Lauren McNamara41'09River Oaks Baptist
11.6Michele Meeks40'07St Michael
12.6Molly Neyland36'00St Michael
13.6Natalia Baizan35'07DASH
14.6Allison Shely34'03Annunciation Orthodox
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sloan Childress4'04.00Kinkaid
2.8Sima Shalchi4'04.00St John's
3.12Jennifer Orr4'02.00Kinkaid
3.8Laura Sellingsloh4'02.00River Oaks Baptist
12Katherine KirklandNHKinkaid
8Ellen WitteNHDASH
8Sarah CasparyNHSt Francis Episcopal
8Margaret WarmingtonNHSt Francis Episcopal
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Judd4'06.00DASH
2.7Meryl Gibbs4'04.00St John's
3.7Hannah Yeates4'04.00Annunciation Orthodox
4.7Ann Johnson4'04.00St John's
5.7Audrey Brook4'02.00St Michael
6.7Caroline Ciaccio4'02.00DASH
7.7Olivia Tezel4'00.00St Francis Episcopal
7Hannah ToschNHSt Francis Episcopal
7Calhan HaleNHSt Francis Episcopal
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jackie Modesett4'04.00St John's
2.9Stephanie Guo4'02.00Kinkaid
3.6Maddie Holmes4'00.00First Baptist Academy
4.6Annie Bernica4'00.00St John's
5.6Lillie Simons4'00.00River Oaks Baptist
6.9Anna Wittenmeyer3'10.00Kinkaid
9Ava McBathNHKinkaid
6Bridget DalyNHDASH
6Jackie ManleyNHDASH
6Emma PartridgeNHDASH
6Linsday GrahamNHSt Francis Episcopal
6Jennifer JenkinsNHSt Francis Episcopal
6Natalie FryNHRiver Oaks Baptist
6Lauren ResnickNHRiver Oaks Baptist
6Cara CancelmoNHAnnunciation Orthodox
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josephine Overton14'08.00Kinkaid
2.12Mary Clare Bruce14'03.00Kinkaid
3.12Lauren Heyne14'02.50Kinkaid
4.8Ellen Witte14'01.50DASH
5.8Alexa Galvan14'00.50St Michael
6.8Sarah Caspary13'11.00St Francis Episcopal
7.8Sarah Hamilton13'05.50Second Baptist
9.8Diandra Breen13'03.00St Francis Episcopal
10.8Sima Shalchi13'01.50St John's
11.8Eleni Stamatakis13'00.00The Village
12.8Jaclyn Poujol12'07.00St Francis Episcopal
13.8Claire Colvill12'06.50St Michael
15.8Ariel Malloy12'03.00St John's
16.8Allison McWhorter12'00.00DASH
17.8Priya Chacko11'08.50First Baptist Academy
18.8Hannah Holmes11'07.00First Baptist Academy
19.8Mariam Matin11'05.00St John's
20.8Ellie Quisenberry10'03.00First Baptist Academy
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Audrey Brook14'08.00St Michael
2.7Calhan Hale14'06.50St Francis Episcopal
3.7Sydney Dupre14'06.00River Oaks Baptist
4.7Mary Katherine Payne14'02.50St John's
5.7Reghan Gillman14'01.00River Oaks Baptist
6.7Moriah Sells14'00.00River Oaks Baptist
7.7Ann Johnson13'08.00St John's
8.7Emily Statham13'05.00St Francis Episcopal
9.7Courtney Lewis13'01.00Second Baptist
10.7Hannah Yeates12'11.00Annunciation Orthodox
11.7Courtney Guess12'08.00St Michael
12.7Kaitlyn Hirschbuehler12'07.00First Baptist Academy
13.7Caroline Taylor12'04.00Annunciation Orthodox
14.7Katy Wefelmeyer12'02.50DASH
15.7Alex Babec12'01.00The Village
17.7Krissy Slaughter11'08.00Second Baptist
18.7Elaine Lokken11'00.00Annunciation Orthodox
19.7Julia Nini10'05.00St Francis Episcopal
20.7Madison Gambrell10'01.00St Michael
21.7Laura Valby9'09.00First Baptist Academy
7Anna LillyFOULFirst Baptist Academy
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Epiphany Fitzpatrick14'05.00Kinkaid
2.6Lizzie Russo14'02.25St Michael
3.6Jennifer Harris13'08.50St Michael
4.6Robby Rybarczyk13'04.25St John's
5.6Anna Cain12'10.50River Oaks Baptist
6.6Jackie Manley12'06.75DASH
7.6Janie Alcorn12'04.00St John's
8.6Meredith Knight11'09.75DASH
9.6Emma Partridge11'09.50DASH
10.6Jackie Modesett11'08.50St John's
11.6Lauren Resnick11'06.25River Oaks Baptist
12.6Lexi Reamer11'02.00Annunciation Orthodox
13.6Amber Johnson11'00.00St Michael
14.6Madison Rushing10'06.00The Village
14.6Jennifer Jenkins10'06.00St Francis Episcopal
16.12Lauren Rosen10'05.50Kinkaid
17.6Mattie Van Gundy10'00.75River Oaks Baptist
18.6Amber Ainsworth9'09.75St Francis Episcopal
19.6Paula Inglis9'02.75The Village
20.6Leslie Moseley8'05.50Annunciation Orthodox
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Isabel Ross30'07.00Kinkaid
2.12Sloan Childress29'09.00Kinkaid
3.8Ellen Witte29'06.00DASH
4.8Daniella Covarrubias28'10.00St John's
5.12Lindsey Chew28'07.50Kinkaid
6.8Sarah Hamilton28'06.75Second Baptist
7.8Mariam Matin27'02.00St John's
8.8Ariel Malloy26'04.50St John's
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