ISL/MAC Championships

Saturday, May 12, 2007 - Meet Website
  Holton Arms School, Bethesda - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:30 AM  Track Events Start: 10:00 AM
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District of Columbia - MAAC
GDSGeorgetown Day
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bobby Innocent11.37aFlint Hill
2.9Spencer Stebbins11.78aSidwell Friends
3.11Stephen Johnson11.82aSidwell Friends
4.10Logan Meltzer11.83aGeorgetown Day
5.9Alex Gorton11.90aGeorgetown Day
6.12Rotimi Oyewole11.97aSidwell Friends
7.9Ezekiel Adigun12.10aGeorgetown Day
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Bobby Innocent11.62aFlint Hill
2.10Logan Meltzer11.81aGeorgetown Day
3.9Ezekiel Adigun12.02aGeorgetown Day
3.11Stephen Johnson12.02aSidwell Friends
5.9Spencer Stebbins12.06aSidwell Friends
6.9Alex Gorton12.10aGeorgetown Day
7.12Rotimi Oyewole12.21aSidwell Friends
8.12Greg Hall12.51aPotomac School
9.11Matt Vaveris12.82aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
10.10Alex Ohmes12.88aFlint Hill
11.10Jonathan Burket13.20aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
12.12Patrick Carr13.40aMaret
13.9Peter Carr14.05aMaret
14.11Brian Armstrong17.27aFlint Hill
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Hall23.17aSidwell Friends
2.12Bobby Innocent23.37aFlint Hill
3.12Delano Meriwether23.74aSidwell Friends
4.12Jason Campbell23.83aGeorgetown Day
5.9Spencer Stebbins24.33aSidwell Friends
6.9Ezekiel Adigun24.35aGeorgetown Day
7.10Teddy Watson24.45aPotomac School
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Delano Meriwether22.58aSidwell Friends
2.10Jordan Hall23.36aSidwell Friends
3.12Bobby Innocent23.44aFlint Hill
4.12Jason Campbell23.96aGeorgetown Day
5.10Teddy Watson24.06aPotomac School
6.9Spencer Stebbins24.11aSidwell Friends
7.9Ezekiel Adigun24.18aGeorgetown Day
8.10Logan Meltzer24.49aGeorgetown Day
9.12Greg Hall24.90aPotomac School
10.10Greg Long25.12aPotomac School
11.10Elante Moore25.57aFlint Hill
12.9Isaac Sorenson25.75aMaret
13.10Jonathan Burket26.13aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
14.9Max Laponsky26.81aMaret
15.11Matt Vaveris26.97aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
16.10Henry Carr27.74aMaret
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Campbell51.40aGeorgetown Day
2.10Teddy Watson51.82aPotomac School
3.10Eric Saleh52.54aFlint Hill
4.11Duncan Belew52.80aGeorgetown Day
5.10Jordan Hall53.70aSidwell Friends
6.10Greg Long55.05aPotomac School
7.12Delano Meriwether56.28aSidwell Friends
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Delano Meriwether51.20aSidwell Friends
2.12Jason Campbell51.48aGeorgetown Day
3.10Teddy Watson52.22aPotomac School
4.10Jordan Hall52.32aSidwell Friends
5.10Eric Saleh52.49aFlint Hill
6.11Duncan Belew52.90aGeorgetown Day
7.10Greg Long54.70aPotomac School
8.9Ian Blades55.21aPotomac School
9.9Brad Bainum57.45aMaret
10.9Noah Nichols58.11aGeorgetown Day
11.10Mohamed Osman1:02.27aFlint Hill
12.10Henry Carr1:03.67aMaret
13.10Asa King1:06.25aMaret
14.9Mike Edmundson1:07.02aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
15.10Alexander Glassman1:09.80aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
16.10Zack Atchinson1:16.96aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Peterson1:59.75aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
2.12Jason Campbell2:00.50aGeorgetown Day
3.11Stephen Serene2:01.93aPotomac School
4.12Zach Needell2:03.52aGeorgetown Day
5.11Johns Ross2:03.69aPotomac School
6.12James Moss2:04.41aGeorgetown Day
7.12Vincent Parenti2:05.05aPotomac School
8.10Eric Saleh2:05.39aFlint Hill
9.10Jake Gadbaw2:07.18aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
10.11Trevor Halstead2:09.36aFlint Hill
11.12Ethan Waxman2:14.44aSidwell Friends
12.11Alex Massey2:23.33aSidwell Friends
13.11Colin Barbalace2:25.35aFlint Hill
14.9Peter Carr2:26.68aMaret
15.10Asa King2:43.92aMaret
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johns Ross4:25.10aPotomac School
2.12Jason Campbell4:27.86aGeorgetown Day
3.11Stephen Serene4:34.27aPotomac School
4.12James Moss4:37.14aGeorgetown Day
5.12Joe Peterson4:38.22aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
6.11Colby Miller4:38.27aFlint Hill
7.12Zach Needell4:53.93aGeorgetown Day
8.12Tanabe Kenzan4:54.06aPotomac School
9.11Chris Danello4:58.49aMaret
10.10Dylan Thayer5:03.15aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
11.10Pablo Galicia5:05.01aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
12.11Meth Gunasingha5:07.38aFlint Hill
13.9Lee Hager5:40.16aMaret
--10A.J. ParksDnfSidwell Friends
--9Ben ButlerDnfMaret
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johns Ross9:56.01aPotomac School
2.11Stephen Serene10:10.15aPotomac School
3.12James Moss10:13.02aGeorgetown Day
4.11Colby Miller10:26.97aFlint Hill
5.11Colin Whitmarsh10:41.19aGeorgetown Day
6.11Alex Muroyama11:06.06aGeorgetown Day
7.11George Zaras11:06.56aPotomac School
8.10Dylan Thayer11:22.93aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
9.11Chris Danello11:23.97aMaret
10.10Pablo Galicia11:37.56aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
11.9Kyle Wilson11:41.33aSidwell Friends
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ted Hall17.09aPotomac School
2.12Eric Salzberg17.93aSidwell Friends
3.10A.J. Parks17.94aSidwell Friends
4.9alexander kur18.21aPotomac School
5.10Hilton Augustine18.45aGeorgetown Day
6.10Hawk Glazier18.86aGeorgetown Day
7.12David Gold18.91aGeorgetown Day
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ted Hall16.82aPotomac School
2.10A.J. Parks17.92aSidwell Friends
3.10Hilton Augustine18.02aGeorgetown Day
4.12Eric Salzberg18.04aSidwell Friends
5.9alexander kur19.15aPotomac School
6.10Hawk Glazier19.37aGeorgetown Day
7.12David Gold19.93aGeorgetown Day
8.9Chen Kenneson20.37aFlint Hill
9.11Emil Verner20.72aSidwell Friends
10.9Bennett Varney21.14aPotomac School
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ted Hall43.40aPotomac School
2.10A.J. Parks43.55aSidwell Friends
3.12Eric Salzberg43.63aSidwell Friends
4.10Hilton Augustine43.77aGeorgetown Day
5.9Ian Blades45.09aPotomac School
6.9Isaac Sorenson46.80aMaret
7.12David Gold46.90aGeorgetown Day
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ted Hall43.91aPotomac School
2.10A.J. Parks44.58aSidwell Friends
3.10Hilton Augustine45.08aGeorgetown Day
4.12Eric Salzberg45.12aSidwell Friends
5.9Ian Blades46.08aPotomac School
6.12David Gold46.56aGeorgetown Day
7.9Isaac Sorenson47.23aMaret
8.10Hawk Glazier47.62aGeorgetown Day
9.9Max Laponsky51.53aMaret
10.11Emil Verner52.60aSidwell Friends
11.9Ben Butler53.78aMaret
12.10Jeremy Yu53.86aFlint Hill
13.12Benjamin Shambon56.49aPotomac School
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.62aSidwell Friends
2.-Relay Team 46.04aGeorgetown Day
3.-Relay Team 46.29aPotomac School
4.-Relay Team 47.13aFlint Hill
5.-Relay Team 49.31aMaret
6.-Relay Team 49.63aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.25aPotomac School
2.-Relay Team 3:37.96aGeorgetown Day
3.-Relay Team 3:41.45aSidwell Friends
4.-Relay Team 3:47.74aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.-Relay Team 3:54.69aFlint Hill
6.-Relay Team 3:56.41aMaret
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:43.83aGeorgetown Day
2.-Relay Team 8:49.00aPotomac School
3.-Relay Team 9:28.49aSidwell Friends
4.-Relay Team 10:22.86aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rotimi Oyewole40-10.00Sidwell Friends
2.12Jeff Nichols38-11.00Potomac School
3.12Sascha Bannon37-09.00Maret
4.12Patrick Carr37-03.00Maret
5.12Quinn Coleman37-01.00Sidwell Friends
6.10Andy Gradison36-05.00Georgetown Day
7.10Satchel Kaplan-Allen36-03.00Georgetown Day
8.12Walter Suskind35-04.00Sidwell Friends
9.11Kevin Kolesnikoff32-08.50Flint Hill
10.11Drew Singer32-08.00St. Andrew's Episcopal
11.12Benjamin Shambon31-09.00Potomac School
12.10Chris Earp31-06.00Georgetown Day
13.10Philip Roepers31-03.00Potomac School
14.9Billy Tellez - Mansey28-08.00Flint Hill
15.10Reed Gorsage25-01.00St. Andrew's Episcopal
16.12Daniel Khan24-02.00St. Andrew's Episcopal
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Walter Suskind115-04Sidwell Friends
2.12Patrick Carr109-07Maret
3.9Spencer Stebbins102-10.50Sidwell Friends
4.12Rotimi Oyewole99-08Sidwell Friends
5.11Drew Singer95-10.50St. Andrew's Episcopal
6.12Sam Lewis95-07Maret
7.12Zach Ghannam94-04.50Flint Hill
8.12Jeff Nichols89-10Potomac School
9.10Philip Roepers89-09Potomac School
10.11Kevin Kolesnikoff88-01.50Flint Hill
11.10Satchel Kaplan-Allen81-11.50Georgetown Day
12.9Jack Overstreet80-04.50Potomac School
13.12Patrick McKelvy79-01.50St. Andrew's Episcopal
14.10Chris Earp78-01.50Georgetown Day
15.10Will Moodie74-05.50St. Andrew's Episcopal
16.10David Lanpher70-02Maret
17.9Tayo Jimoh60-03.50Georgetown Day
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Delano Meriwether5-08.00Sidwell Friends
2.10Greg Long5-06.00Potomac School
3.12Eric Salzberg5-02.00Sidwell Friends
4.9Brendan Evans5-00.00Potomac School
5.9Ezekiel Adigun4-10.00Georgetown Day
--10Andy GradisonNhGeorgetown Day
--10Hilton AugustineNhGeorgetown Day
--9John BennettNhPotomac School
--9Trent CummingsNhSidwell Friends
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brendan Evans19-10.00Potomac School
2.11Duncan Belew19-02.00Georgetown Day
3.10Sam Beder18-11.00Georgetown Day
4.10Logan Meltzer18-03.50Georgetown Day
5.9alexander kur17-09.00Potomac School
6.12Eric Salzberg17-06.00Sidwell Friends
7.10Greg Long16-10.00Potomac School
8.11Tony Shi16-06.00Sidwell Friends
9.11Alex Massey15-10.50Sidwell Friends
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brendan Evans42-00.00Potomac School
2.11Duncan Belew41-00.50Georgetown Day
3.10Hilton Augustine38-05.25Georgetown Day
4.9alexander kur37-03.00Potomac School
5.9Ian Blades36-10.75Potomac School
6.10Andy Gradison36-04.00Georgetown Day
7.10Nicholas Smith-Herman34-03.50Sidwell Friends
8.9Spencer Stebbins33-08.00Sidwell Friends

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Olivia Hooper12.98aSt Stephens and St A...
2.12Morghen Johnson12.99aNational Cathedral f...
3.11Elisabeth Warren13.05aConnelly School Of T...
4.9Jordan Verrilli13.13aSidwell Friends
5.12Raecine Williams13.14aEpiscopal
6.11Katy Turner13.18aBullis
7.11Victoria Strickland13.43aMaret
8.11Ashley Mitchell13.70aHolton-Arms
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Elisabeth Warren12.91aConnelly School Of T...
2.12Morghen Johnson13.13aNational Cathedral f...
3.11Victoria Strickland13.21aMaret
4.12Raecine Williams13.23aEpiscopal
5.9Jordan Verrilli13.29aSidwell Friends
6.11Katy Turner13.31aBullis
7.11Olivia Hooper13.32aSt Stephens and St A...
8.11Ashley Mitchell13.47aHolton-Arms
9.10Alexandra Owens13.48aGeorgetown Day
9.11Karima Holmes13.48aEpiscopal
11.9Sequoia Austin13.51aHolton-Arms
12.9Neah Morton13.55aFlint Hill
13.9Erin Cross13.56aSidwell Friends
14.9Patricia Brandt13.63aPotomac School
15.12Gena Turner13.75aConnelly School Of T...
16.9Chloe Grishaw13.78aPotomac School
17.9Bria Beddoe13.83aNational Cathedral f...
18.10Ashley Bazzzrone13.90aFlint Hill
19.11Kelly Onyejiaka13.91aEpiscopal
20.12Robia Smith-Herman13.98aSidwell Friends
21.10Vaughan Knouse14.08aHolton-Arms
22.9Awa Goodwin14.10aNational Cathedral f...
23.9Asia Booker14.15aBullis
24.10Julia Fortkort14.17aFlint Hill
25.10Gabby Biskaduros14.24aGeorgetown Visitatio...
25.11Maureen Perry14.24aConnelly School Of T...
27.10Lisa Rokoff14.36aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
28.12Bree Hollinger14.39aMadeira
29.9Sharon Kasasa14.43aBullis
30.10Leah Thomas14.65aMaret
31.10Kirsten Aebersold15.01aMadeira
32.9Maggie Nelsen15.12aPotomac School
33.9Zainah Gilles15.15aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
34.9Mia Feller15.71aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
35.9Katherine Black16.17aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lola Adetu25.00aSidwell Friends
2.11Elisabeth Warren26.38aConnelly School Of T...
3.10Vicky Arthur26.67aConnelly School Of T...
4.12Bianca Williams26.70aHolton-Arms
5.11Olivia Hooper26.94aSt Stephens and St A...
6.11Skylar Fykes27.02aGeorgetown Day
7.11Rachel Karanian27.28aConnelly School Of T...
8.11Natalie Heintz28.12aPotomac School
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Lola Adetu25.26aSidwell Friends
2.11Elisabeth Warren26.19aConnelly School Of T...
3.10Vicky Arthur26.49aConnelly School Of T...
4.12Bianca Williams26.72aHolton-Arms
5.11Olivia Hooper26.85aSt Stephens and St A...
6.11Skylar Fykes27.12aGeorgetown Day
7.11Rachel Karanian27.34aConnelly School Of T...
8.11Natalie Heintz27.46aPotomac School
9.11Karima Holmes27.56aEpiscopal
10.11Leah Bailey27.57aGeorgetown Day
11.9Mya Reid27.61aSt Stephens and St A...
12.9Patricia Brandt27.62aPotomac School
13.11Ogechi Irondi27.69aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
14.9Chantay Donaway27.97aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
15.11Ashley Mitchell28.03aHolton-Arms
16.9Meghan Herlihy28.12aFlint Hill
17.9Naomi Bates28.27aNational Cathedral f...
18.10Ashley Bazzzrone28.36aFlint Hill
19.10Lashay Roper28.55aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
20.9Neah Morton28.63aFlint Hill
21.9Meghan Smith28.66aGeorgetown Visitatio...
22.10Vivian Butali28.72aNational Cathedral f...
23.12Robia Smith-Herman28.75aSidwell Friends
24.9Haley Leonard29.00aGeorgetown Visitatio...
25.9Lindsay Mcdonough29.01aPotomac School
25.9Awa Goodwin29.01aNational Cathedral f...
27.11Kelly Onyejiaka29.02aEpiscopal
28.11Danyelle Valentine29.15aHolton-Arms
29.10Gabby Biskaduros29.41aGeorgetown Visitatio...
30.11Erin Canady29.76aBullis
31.10Lisa Rokoff30.11aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
31.9Rebecca Rothfeld30.11aGeorgetown Day
33.11Anastasia Theoharis30.27aBullis
34.10Leslie Hendricks30.58aMaret
35.11Mariel Rezende30.60aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
36.9Erin Cross31.74aSidwell Friends
37.10Sameena Khan31.83aBullis
38.9Sarah Orloff31.99aMadeira
39.10Leah Thomas32.00aMaret
40.12Cameron Shaw33.56aFoxcroft
41.9Natalie Sweeney34.56aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lola Adetu55.91aSidwell Friends
2.11Victoria Strickland57.12aMaret
3.10Vicky Arthur58.80aConnelly School Of T...
4.10Elizabeth Evans1:00.09aGeorgetown Day
5.12Catherine Cook1:00.73aPotomac School
6.11Ashley Williams1:01.24aNational Cathedral f...
7.11Natalie Heintz1:01.43aPotomac School
8.12Samantha Adelberg1:02.05aPotomac School
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Lola Adetu57.40aSidwell Friends
2.11Victoria Strickland58.62aMaret
3.10Vicky Arthur58.67aConnelly School Of T...
4.12Samantha Adelberg59.05aPotomac School
5.10Elizabeth Evans1:00.13aGeorgetown Day
6.12Catherine Cook1:00.76aPotomac School
7.11Natalie Heintz1:01.36aPotomac School
8.11Ashley Williams1:02.16aNational Cathedral f...
9.11Rachel Karanian1:02.20aConnelly School Of T...
10.10Emily Wilde1:03.49aHolton-Arms
11.11Andima Umoren1:03.51aEpiscopal
12.9Meghan Smith1:04.13aGeorgetown Visitatio...
13.10Nicole Fossi1:04.35aNational Cathedral f...
14.12Emily Dick1:04.79aNational Cathedral f...
15.12Niki Herbert1:04.82aEpiscopal
16.12Kelly Kloster1:05.22aSt Stephens and St A...
17.11Bianca Peters1:05.26aHolton-Arms
18.9Mary Okoth1:05.44aFlint Hill
19.9Alaina Carr1:05.47aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
20.9Arianne Smith1:05.73aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
21.10Leslie Hendricks1:05.82aMaret
22.10Anisha Sharma1:05.86aFlint Hill
23.9Haley Leonard1:06.98aGeorgetown Visitatio...
24.10Lindsay Kelly1:07.00aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
25.12Zoya Aleem1:08.03aHolton-Arms
26.9Maritza Sanabria1:08.26aSidwell Friends
27.11Anastasia Theoharis1:08.61aBullis
28.10Kristina Burger1:08.72aFlint Hill
29.9Jackie Nolan1:09.17aConnelly School Of T...
30.11Janine Joly1:09.55aGeorgetown Visitatio...
31.12Marian Herbick1:10.21aBullis
32.12Sarah Smith1:17.53aFoxcroft
33.10Sameena Khan1:17.92aBullis
34.12Rebekkah Easley1:24.77aSt Stephens and St A...
35.10Moogie Scott1:25.94aMadeira
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Adelberg2:19.08aPotomac School
2.12Michaeline Nelson2:20.11aPotomac School
3.12Melisa Krnjaic2:26.88aNational Cathedral f...
4.10Yaa Addison2:28.91aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
5.10Taylor Baskin2:29.11aNational Cathedral f...
6.10Libby Ulman2:29.29aNational Cathedral f...
7.9Marisa Repka2:30.53aSidwell Friends
8.9Coles Lawton2:30.82aEpiscopal
9.11Sara Scheinsson2:30.84aHolton-Arms
10.10Mika Raab2:32.11aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
11.11Victoria Strickland2:32.58aMaret
12.10Emily Hatton2:32.75aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
13.10Melina Greene2:33.05aSidwell Friends
14.12Katie Grover2:33.98aEpiscopal
15.9Sarah Meyerhoff2:34.24aHolton-Arms
16.9Anneka Wilson2:34.52aPotomac School
17.11Grace Chesson2:36.99aEpiscopal
18.11Audrey Bowes2:37.73aGeorgetown Visitatio...
19.12Lucy Samperton2:38.81aHolton-Arms
20.9Mary Okoth2:39.77aFlint Hill
21.10Elaine Ogden2:40.37aGeorgetown Day
22.10Sarah Solomon2:40.90aGeorgetown Day
23.10Alyssa Cogen2:41.65aGeorgetown Day
24.12Rachel Fortier2:42.35aBullis
25.11Kelly Johnson2:43.00aConnelly School Of T...
26.10Kristina Burger2:44.01aFlint Hill
27.12Sara Levintow2:44.92aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
28.12Kari Putterman2:46.25aBullis
29.11Franny Tiadem2:49.53aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
30.11Ale Bennett2:50.50aMadeira
31.9Caroline Davidsen2:52.19aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
32.9Erin Norcross2:53.64aConnelly School Of T...
33.12Colleen Morrissey2:54.14aGeorgetown Visitatio...
34.11Ariana Tiwari2:54.80aSidwell Friends
35.10Lily Alverson2:57.81aMadeira
36.11Ilana Caplan2:59.70aBullis
37.10Elizabeth Baker3:01.41aMadeira
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michaeline Nelson5:19.96aPotomac School
2.9Lottie Hedden5:24.75aNational Cathedral f...
3.9Marisa Repka5:26.62aSidwell Friends
4.10Moira Ryan5:27.03aGeorgetown Visitatio...
5.10Abby Beehler5:29.51aHolton-Arms
6.12Molly Pritchard5:32.21aNational Cathedral f...
7.9Anneka Wilson5:32.56aPotomac School
8.9Coles Lawton5:35.31aEpiscopal
9.10Yaa Addison5:38.09aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
10.10Catherine Harrison5:39.18aEpiscopal
11.9Shivani Kochhar5:45.21aPotomac School
12.10Emily Hatton5:51.38aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
13.11Marina Leith5:51.73aMaret
14.12Annabel Rose5:52.95aEpiscopal
15.10Sara Putterman5:54.44aBullis
16.11Audrey Bowes5:55.23aGeorgetown Visitatio...
17.11Bianca Rahill-Marier5:57.47aNational Cathedral f...
18.11Katie LeDain5:58.58aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
19.11Lidia Jean Kott5:58.95aSidwell Friends
19.11LJ Kott5:58.95aSidwell Friends
20.9Caroline Inglesby5:59.37aHolton-Arms
21.10Courtney Sullivan6:03.04aBullis
22.10Allie Gottlieb6:04.17aGeorgetown Day
23.11Jamie Crumley6:09.33aSt Stephens and St A...
24.12Colleen Morrissey6:11.70aGeorgetown Visitatio...
25.11Tanu Kumar6:12.52aSidwell Friends
26.9Becca Gallahue6:19.88aMaret
27.12Connie Ciarleglio6:26.13aSt Stephens and St A...
28.11Chelsea Kelly6:28.38aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
29.12Katie Atha6:30.77aGeorgetown Day
30.10Monica Rodriguez6:36.20aMadeira
31.9Anna Gasaway6:38.64aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
32.10Lily Meyer6:40.35aGeorgetown Day
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Moira Ryan11:47.77aGeorgetown Visitatio...
2.12Molly Pritchard12:09.84aNational Cathedral f...
3.11Becky Durling12:12.23aNational Cathedral f...
4.11Kat Dougherty12:24.21aNational Cathedral f...
5.10Abby Beehler12:30.36aHolton-Arms
6.10Catherine Harrison12:35.54aEpiscopal
7.11Ellie Gass12:53.99aBullis
8.12Julia Riesenberg13:04.72aMadeira
9.11Jamie Crumley13:21.42aSt Stephens and St A...
10.10Charis Whitnah13:26.85aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
11.11Elly Montague13:27.92aEpiscopal
12.12Annabel Rose13:35.24aEpiscopal
13.12Katherine Kies13:36.27aMadeira
14.9Eleni Zaras14:09.54aPotomac School
15.11Emily Kelin14:14.52aGeorgetown Day
16.9Becca Gallahue14:22.26aMaret
17.9Margo Thronson15:00.19aPotomac School
18.12Kurumi Furusawa15:12.25aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
19.12Mimi Amore15:22.50aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
20.12Aja Ewing18:11.83aPotomac School
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morghen Johnson16.25aNational Cathedral f...
2.12Monica Pyles17.18aNational Cathedral f...
3.10Mimi Dwyer17.40aPotomac School
4.12Gena Turner17.42aConnelly School Of T...
5.11Gabriella DiMarco18.51aNational Cathedral f...
6.12Raecine Williams18.57aEpiscopal
7.10Rachel Schneider19.04aHolton-Arms
8.10Alexandra Over22.00aSidwell Friends
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Morghen Johnson16.35aNational Cathedral f...
2.12Monica Pyles17.27aNational Cathedral f...
3.12Gena Turner17.28aConnelly School Of T...
4.10Mimi Dwyer17.87aPotomac School
5.12Raecine Williams18.46aEpiscopal
6.10Rachel Schneider18.67aHolton-Arms
7.11Gabriella DiMarco18.87aNational Cathedral f...
8.10Alexandra Over18.99aSidwell Friends
9.12Annabelle Kilmer19.00aSt Stephens and St A...
10.12Brianna Evans19.03aPotomac School
11.10Veronica Kamkwlala19.04aHolton-Arms
12.12Taylor Foshee19.28aSt Stephens and St A...
13.9Rebecca Rothfeld19.30aGeorgetown Day
14.12Garret LaCivita19.63aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
15.12Chanel Jackson19.87aPotomac School
16.10Jordan Tillman19.97aGeorgetown Visitatio...
17.10Florencia Foxley20.14aSidwell Friends
18.11Leslie Martell20.31aFlint Hill
19.10Emily Wilde20.41aHolton-Arms
20.9Amanda Crocker20.87aConnelly School Of T...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Lewis45.18aSidwell Friends
2.11Rebecca Lindner45.66aPotomac School
3.12Morghen Johnson47.70aNational Cathedral f...
4.12Raecine Williams48.59aEpiscopal
5.10Mimi Dwyer48.93aPotomac School
6.11Gabriella DiMarco48.99aNational Cathedral f...
7.10Katie Schmitz50.33aGeorgetown Visitatio...
8.9Chantay Donaway51.16aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rebecca Lindner48.59aPotomac School
2.10Lauren Lewis48.75aSidwell Friends
3.12Morghen Johnson49.06aNational Cathedral f...
4.12Raecine Williams49.92aEpiscopal
5.10Mimi Dwyer50.17aPotomac School
6.11Gabriella DiMarco50.63aNational Cathedral f...
7.9Chantay Donaway51.11aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
8.10Katie Schmitz51.55aGeorgetown Visitatio...
9.10Emily Wilde51.92aHolton-Arms
10.11Bianca Peters52.55aHolton-Arms
11.12Gena Turner53.06aConnelly School Of T...
12.12Taylor Foshee53.23aSt Stephens and St A...
13.12Katie Kelly53.28aGeorgetown Visitatio...
14.12Brianna Evans53.31aPotomac School
15.12Monica Pyles53.38aNational Cathedral f...
16.10Alexandra Over54.09aSidwell Friends
17.11Maureen Perry54.12aConnelly School Of T...
18.12Garret LaCivita54.38aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
19.10Jordan Tillman55.72aGeorgetown Visitatio...
20.10Florencia Foxley57.06aSidwell Friends
21.10Rachel Schneider57.74aHolton-Arms
22.12Lauren Rarick58.04aMadeira
23.12Annabelle Kilmer58.25aSt Stephens and St A...
24.11Kim Pulford58.51aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
25.11Leslie Martell59.16aFlint Hill
26.9Amanda Crocker59.63aConnelly School Of T...
27.12Cameron Shaw1:00.93aFoxcroft
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.23aConnelly School Of T...
2.-Relay Team 50.84aPotomac School
3.-Relay Team 51.23aNational Cathedral f...
4.-Relay Team 51.39aEpiscopal
5.-Relay Team 51.50aGeorgetown Day
6.-Relay Team 52.00aSt Stephens and St A...
7.-Relay Team 52.08aFlint Hill
8.-Relay Team 52.76aBullis
9.-Florencia Foxley
Rose Howell
Jordan Verrilli
Lola Adetu
53.80aSidwell Friends
10.-Relay Team 53.85aGeorgetown Visitatio...
11.-Relay Team 54.58aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
12.-Relay Team 55.13aHolton-Arms
13.-Relay Team 57.62aMadeira
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:02.67aPotomac School
2.-Relay Team 4:07.48aGeorgetown Day
3.-Jordan Verrilli
Rose Howell
Lauren Lewis
Lola Adetu
4:08.44aSidwell Friends
4.-Relay Team 4:09.25aConnelly School Of T...
5.-Relay Team 4:11.52aNational Cathedral f...
6.-Relay Team 4:15.45aHolton-Arms
7.-Relay Team 4:16.36aEpiscopal
8.-Relay Team 4:18.46aSt. Andrew's Episcopal
9.-Relay Team 4:19.96aGeorgetown Visitatio...
10.-Relay Team 4:21.16aSt Stephens and St A...
11.-Relay Team 4:21.80aFlint Hill
12.-Relay Team 4:24.10aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
13.-Relay Team 4:39.97aBullis
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marisa Repka
Melina Greene
Rose Howell
Lauren Lewis
10:01.94aSidwell Friends
1.-Relay Team 10:03.94aSidwell Friends
2.-Relay Team 10:11.92aNational Cathedral f...
3.-Relay Team 10:14.88aHolton-Arms
4.-Relay Team 10:17.12aStone Ridge Sch Of S...
5.-Relay Team 10:19.07aEpiscopal
6.-Relay Team 10:34.23aPotomac School
7.-Relay Team 10:35.25aFlint Hill
8.-Relay Team 10:38.46aBullis
9.-Relay Team 10:42.44aConnelly School Of T...
10.-Relay Team 10:44.57aGeorgetown Day
11.-Relay Team 10:58.54aGeorgetown Visitatio...
12.-Relay Team 12:04.24aMadeira
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Watts36-07.00Potomac School
2.9Sarah Dillard33-02.00Episcopal
3.10Vicky Arthur32-08.00Connelly School Of T...
4.11Ogechi Irondi32-06.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
5.9Simone Harris31-09.00Episcopal
6.12Miatrai Brown31-06.00St Stephens and St A...
7.9Maya Braxton30-05.00Georgetown Day
8.9Candance Johnson29-08.00Potomac School
9.12Shea Whittaker29-06.00Madeira
10.12Camille Collier29-05.00Sidwell Friends
11.10Alexandra Agiliga28-09.00National Cathedral f...
12.12Chrissy Whatley27-05.00Georgetown Day
13.12Ashleigh Bradshaw26-11.00St. Andrew's Episcopal
14.10Veronica Kamkwlala26-07.00Holton-Arms
15.9Sequoia Austin26-04.00Holton-Arms
16.10Constance Roberts25-10.00Foxcroft
17.10Tia Marston25-06.00Holton-Arms
18.12Christina Allen25-03.00Sidwell Friends
19.10Justine Davenport25-02.00Madeira
20.10Gabriella Lewis24-10.00St Stephens and St A...
21.10Kesia Ryan-Webster23-11.00Sidwell Friends
22.12Roz Fennell23-07.00Potomac School
23.11Taara Avery23-03.00National Cathedral f...
24.11Janine Joly23-00.00Georgetown Visitatio...
25.10Giorgia Howe20-01.00Madeira
25.11Victoria Willingham20-01.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
27.12Anna Gadala - Maria18-07.00Flint Hill
28.12Laetitia Ndri18-02.00Connelly School Of T...
28.10Adair Bender18-02.00Georgetown Visitatio...
30.12Jackie Harris16-09.00St. Andrew's Episcopal
--10Brooke O'ConnellNdGeorgetown Visitatio...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miatrai Brown102-05St Stephens and St A...
2.12Camille Collier99-03Sidwell Friends
3.12Morgan Watts92-04Potomac School
4.9Sarah Dillard91-06Episcopal
5.9Camylle Fleming87-08Sidwell Friends
6.9Simone Harris87-00Episcopal
7.10Alexandra Agiliga85-09National Cathedral f...
8.11Sarah Omenitsch80-09Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
9.12Roz Fennell76-03Potomac School
10.12Brittany Carroll74-07Potomac School
11.12Alicia Edwards74-06St Stephens and St A...
12.12Chrissy Whatley73-11Georgetown Day
13.11Taara Avery72-00National Cathedral f...
14.10Korama Danquah71-09Foxcroft
15.9Sequoia Austin68-09Holton-Arms
16.12Shea Whittaker67-03.50Madeira
17.12Laetitia Ndri65-09Connelly School Of T...
18.11Janine Joly64-11.50Georgetown Visitatio...
19.9Maya Braxton64-10Georgetown Day
20.10Courtney Galloway63-10St Stephens and St A...
21.12Ashleigh Bradshaw61-11St. Andrew's Episcopal
22.10Tia Marston61-04.50Holton-Arms
23.10Justine Davenport60-05.50Madeira
24.12Mimi Amore60-04.50Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
25.10Giorgia Howe54-11Madeira
26.10Brooke O'Connell51-07Georgetown Visitatio...
27.10Adair Bender49-01Georgetown Visitatio...
28.11Danyelle Valentine46-04Holton-Arms
29.12Jackie Harris45-07.25St. Andrew's Episcopal
30.10Mattie Snider41-00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
--10Kesia Ryan-WebsterNdSidwell Friends
--10Yasmine EvansNdFlint Hill
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Mya Reid5-00.00St Stephens and St A...
2.12Melisa Krnjaic4-10.00National Cathedral f...
3.12Bree Hollinger4-08.00Madeira
3.12Bianca Williams4-08.00Holton-Arms
5.12Katie Moxter4-08.00St Stephens and St A...
6.12Catherine Coley4-06.00Episcopal
7.11Kim Pulford4-06.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
8.12Lucy Samperton4-04.00Holton-Arms
8.9Eliza Sherman4-04.00Potomac School
9.9Jessie Egan4-04.00Georgetown Visitatio...
11.12Gena Turner4-02.00Connelly School Of T...
11.11Maureen Perry4-02.00Connelly School Of T...
11.12Kelly Kloster4-02.00St Stephens and St A...
11.10Jordan Tillman4-02.00Georgetown Visitatio...
11.11Ariana Tiwari4-02.00Sidwell Friends
11.9Camylle Fleming4-02.00Sidwell Friends
11.11Ally Hemler4-02.00Foxcroft
--10Ana Christ Gadala-MariaNhPotomac School
--9Jordan VerrilliNhSidwell Friends
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laura Saleh16-08.00Flint Hill
2.12Morghen Johnson16-06.00National Cathedral f...
3.9Naomi Bates15-07.50National Cathedral f...
4.11Elisabeth Warren15-05.50Connelly School Of T...
5.9Meghan Herlihy15-03.50Flint Hill
6.10Vivian Butali15-02.50National Cathedral f...
7.11Kelly Onyejiaka15-02.00Episcopal
8.11Karima Holmes15-01.50Episcopal
8.11Natalie Heintz15-01.50Potomac School
10.10Katie Schmitz14-09.50Georgetown Visitatio...
10.9Rose Howell14-09.50Sidwell Friends
12.9Jordan Verrilli14-08.50Sidwell Friends
13.9Chloe Grishaw14-07.50Potomac School
14.12Katie Moxter14-06.00St Stephens and St A...
15.9Saarah Abdur-Ra'oof14-05.00Holton-Arms
16.12Caitlin Nickens14-04.50Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
17.10Louisa Cannell14-04.00Potomac School
18.10Tia Marston14-03.50Holton-Arms
19.12Katie Kelly14-02.50Georgetown Visitatio...
20.12Bree Hollinger14-02.00Madeira
21.12Zoya Aleem14-01.00Holton-Arms
22.9Sharon Kasasa13-07.00Bullis
23.11Talyne Derderian13-03.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
24.9Camylle Fleming13-02.50Sidwell Friends
25.10Lashay Roper13-00.50St. Andrew's Episcopal
26.9Asia Booker12-05.00Bullis
27.11Victoria Lopiano12-03.00Connelly School Of T...
--10Mika RaabNdStone Ridge Sch Of S...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bianca Williams38-05.00Holton-Arms
2.9Saarah Abdur-Ra'oof33-00.50Holton-Arms
3.9Chloe Grishaw32-11.00Potomac School
4.11Natalie Heintz32-10.00Potomac School
5.12Katie Moxter32-08.50St Stephens and St A...
6.10Vivian Butali32-05.50National Cathedral f...
7.12Kara Miller31-03.00National Cathedral f...
8.12Zoya Aleem31-01.50Holton-Arms
9.9Meghan Herlihy31-00.50Flint Hill
10.11Talyne Derderian30-02.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
11.12Katie Kelly30-00.00Georgetown Visitatio...
12.10Abbott Matthews29-07.50Episcopal
13.12Catherine Coley29-03.50Episcopal
14.10Katie Schmitz29-01.00Georgetown Visitatio...
15.9Blythe Roberts28-09.00Potomac School
16.12Caitlin Nickens28-05.50Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
17.11Gabriella DiMarco27-08.00National Cathedral f...
18.9Jackie Nolan27-05.50Connelly School Of T...
19.9Jessie Egan27-02.50Georgetown Visitatio...
--11Rachel KaranianNdConnelly School Of T...
--12Vivian TyabaNdStone Ridge Sch Of S...
--9Erin NorcrossNdConnelly School Of T...
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