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MV Icebreaker

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mountain View HS, Bend

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Nevin Lewis11.77aCulver      
2.12Andy Stahn12.14aSisters      
3.11Scott McCreery12.16aMountain View (OR)      
4.12Nathan Hernandez12.02Lost River      
12Thomas Griffin12.37aCulver      
1.9Austin Sears12.50aMountain View (OR)      
11Hayden Stein12.56aSisters      
1.10Cody Davis12.81aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Ash Gibson12.86aMountain View (OR)      
4.11Scott Plants12.93aMountain View (OR)      
6.11Riley Talbot12.70Lost River      
1.11David Porter12.98aMountain View (OR)      
2.11Joel Stichler13.03aMountain View (OR)      
2.12Michael Warsaw13.07aMountain View (OR)      
3.9Travis Pech13.10aMountain View (OR)      
11Jack Pratt13.21aCulver      
3.10Ryan Grantom12.99Lost River      
5.11Travis Cunningham13.24aMountain View (OR)      
4.9Christian Baker13.43aMountain View (OR)      
5.10Evan Malone13.47aMountain View (OR)      
10Jeremiah Stahn13.77aSisters      
6.9Anthony Little14.17aMountain View (OR)      
6.9Mike McCarthy14.23aMountain View (OR)      
9John Green14.24aSisters      
7.9Kyle Christensen14.50aMountain View (OR)      
11Brandon Williams15.01aCulver      
7.9Willie DeChant18.40aMountain View (OR)      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cory McCaffrey23.57aSisters      
11Nevin Lewis23.95aCulver      
2.11Scott McCreery24.76aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Andy Stahn24.87aSisters      
4.11Byron Riemhofer25.11aMountain View (OR)      
5.12Nathan Hernandez25.3Lost River      
7.11Hayden Stein25.65aSisters      
1.9Austin Sears25.67aMountain View (OR)      
10Cory Holt25.70aSisters      
3.11Scott Plants25.92aMountain View (OR)      
4.11Doug Peterman26.02aMountain View (OR)      
10Ryan Grantom26.45Lost River      
1.11Travis Cunningham26.82aMountain View (OR)      
5.12Michael Warsaw27.02aMountain View (OR)      
2.9Travis Pech27.05aMountain View (OR)      
4.9Christian Baker27.30aMountain View (OR)      
10Jamie Cobian27.5Lost River      
6.11Riley Talbot27.5Lost River      
6.10Evan Malone27.87aMountain View (OR)      
9Tyler Funk28.01aCulver      
6.12Andrew Benton28.11aMountain View (OR)      
10Jeremiah Stahn28.49aSisters      
9John Green28.69aSisters      
4.9Anthony Little28.86aMountain View (OR)      
11Brandon Williams29.82aCulver      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Byron Riemhofer52.92aMountain View (OR)      
2.12Max Gruettner52.99aSisters      
3.11Doug Peterman56.56aMountain View (OR)      
4.10Cory Holt56.62aSisters      
5.10Javier Aguirre1:00.3Lost River      
1.-Kyle Joens62.46aMountain View (OR)      
2.9Ricardo Cobian1:02.4Lost River      
6.12Gaston Chavarin1:04.7Lost River      
3.9Kyle Christensen65.23aMountain View (OR)      
9Chris Sledge65.77aCulver      
10Zander Albertson68.80aSisters      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jared Henderson2:10.76aSisters      
2.11Mike Calavan2:11.43aSisters      
3.12Andrew Benton2:12.03aMountain View (OR)      
4.12Andrew Legg2:14.99aSisters      
5.11Benton Urquhart2:17.43aSisters      
6.9Chase Nachtmann2:22.97aMountain View (OR)      
7.12Chad Carlson2:27.24aMountain View (OR)      
11Jacob Shaw2:35.15aCulver      
9.9Kyle Christensen2:39.89aMountain View (OR)      
10.10Justin Holman2:41.09aMountain View (OR)      
11.10Brandon Mallea2:55.99aMountain View (OR)      
11Andrew Hawk2:57.26aCulver      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Wolfe4:27.86Mountain View (OR)      
2.11Mike Calavan4:32.85aSisters      
3.12Luke Glick4:35.11aSisters      
4.10Parker Bennett4:39.62aSisters      
5.11Jared Henderson4:46.34aSisters      
6.12Andrew Legg5:02.99aSisters      
7.11Jacob Shaw5:03.25Culver      
8.11Salvador Ulloa5:04.63Mountain View (OR)      
9.9Taylor Steele5:06.93aSisters      
10.10Justin Holman5:25.67Mountain View (OR)      
11.10Zander Albertson5:26.62aSisters      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Wolfe9:57.86aMountain View (OR)      
2.10Parker Bennett10:03.85aSisters      
3.12Luke Glick10:12.78aSisters      
4.9Taylor Steele11:05.48aSisters      
5.9Chase Nachtmann11:11.74aMountain View (OR)      
6.9Forrest Grenfell11:14.12aMountain View (OR)      
7.11Salvador Ulloa11:23.67aMountain View (OR)      
10Jose Valadez11:25.31Lost River      
11Jose Zavala11:27.8Lost River      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
12Thomas Griffin17.62aCulver      
11Colin Briggs19.09aCulver      
3.12Dane Moorehead19.69aSisters      
4.9Chad Cummings19.96aSisters      
5.9Jordan Rudinsky20.59aSisters      
6.10Evan Malone25.30aMountain View (OR)      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
12Gerald Speas45.81aCulver      
2.11Nick Head47.12aSisters      
3.12Dane Moorehead48.45aSisters      
4.9Jordan Rudinsky49.72aSisters      
5.9Chad Cummings50.54aSisters      
6.12Chad Carlson50.81aMountain View (OR)      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andy Stahn
Cory McCaffrey
Nick Head
Max Gruettner
2.-Travis Cunningham
Scott McCreery
Doug Peterman
Byron Riemhofer
46.23Mountain View (OR)      
-Ryan Grantom
Riley Talbot
Cort Cox
Nathan Hernandez
46.69Lost River      
4.-Cody Davis
Dallin Jones
Scott Plants
Michael Warsaw
48.73Mountain View (OR)      
3.-Kyle Christensen
David Gillespie
Anthony Little
Travis Pech
51.80Mountain View (OR)      
4.-Willie DeChant
Mike McCarthy
Austin Sears
Joel Stichler
52.09Mountain View (OR)      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Max Gruettner
Cory Holt
Cory McCaffrey
Andy Stahn
2.-Mike Calavan
Luke Glick
Nick Head
Jared Henderson
3.-Andrew Benton
Chase Nachtmann
Salvador Ulloa
Jordan Wolfe
3:57.47aMountain View (OR)      
4.-Travis Cunningham
Scott McCreery
Doug Peterman
Byron Riemhofer
4:01.17aMountain View (OR)      
-Nathan Hernandez
Ryan Grantom
Ricardo Cobian
Javier Aguirre
4:03Lost River      
6.-Kyle Christensen
Justin Hatch
Anthony Little
Travis Pech
4:13.65aMountain View (OR)      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ash Gibson42'1Mountain View (OR)      
12Gaston Chavarin38'9Lost River      
2.12Evan Eady38'9Sisters      
3.11Corey Amodeo38'6Mountain View (OR)      
11Austin Alley37'10Culver      
10Tyler Martini33'5Mountain View (OR)      
11Erwin Sanchez31'8.5Culver      
9Alex Hansen31'8Culver      
12Joseph Broussard31'5Lost River      
10Lucas Dusatko31'3Lost River      
9Jerry Gregory30'4Lost River      
11Hesston Gallup30'4Lost River      
11Londel Lucas29'8Sisters      
9Mike McCarthy29'3.5Mountain View (OR)      
9Anthony Graham29'2Lost River      
9John Green28'10Sisters      
9David Schumacher28'5Culver      
-Kyle Joens27'3Mountain View (OR)      
9Willie DeChant26'8.5Mountain View (OR)      
9Nestor Ventura26'3Lost River      
9Cody Broussard23'11Lost River      
10Rex Young22'6Lost River      
9Mickale Hartley21'0Culver      
9Owen Lowrie20'5Lost River      
9David Johnson20'4Lost River      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ash Gibson127'5Mountain View (OR)      
2.11Kenny Echternkamp120'4Mountain View (OR)      
11Scott Plants108'6Mountain View (OR)      
11Erwin Sanchez98'2.5Culver      
10Matt Funk94'3Mountain View (OR)      
9Christian Baker83'3.5Mountain View (OR)      
9Willie DeChant82'7Mountain View (OR)      
9Jerry Gregory82'6 1/2Lost River      
11Corey Amodeo81'10Mountain View (OR)      
12Joseph Broussard80'2Lost River      
11Hesston Gallup76'2Lost River      
12Evan Eady71'6Sisters      
9Alex Hansen68'5Culver      
11Londel Lucas66'11Sisters      
11Andrew Hawk62'0.25Culver      
9Anthony Graham61'10 3'4Lost River      
10Jeremiah Stahn61'8.75Sisters      
9David Schumacher58'9.75Culver      
9Nestor Ventura56'5 1/2Lost River      
9Nick Webster55'6Culver      
9Mickale Hartley43'4.75Culver      
10Lucas Dusatko37'5 1/4Lost River      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
11Kenny Echternkamp154'5Mountain View (OR)      
11Austin Alley127'10Culver      
12Cort Cox123'2Lost River      
4.10Tyler Martini122'6Mountain View (OR)      
9Anthony Graham99'5Lost River      
11Jose Zavala99'2Lost River      
11Craig Prine88'6Sisters      
9Tyler Funk88'1Culver      
9John Green87'8Sisters      
9Owen Lowrie87'4Lost River      
9Alex Hansen86'6Culver      
12Tylor Brewer83'6Lost River      
-Kyle Joens79'0Mountain View (OR)      
9Cody Broussard76Lost River      
12Thomas Griffin74'11Culver      
11Erwin Sanchez72'10Culver      
10Sebastian Hruska65'7Mountain View (OR)      
9David Schumacher65'0Culver      
9Nestor Ventura64Lost River      
10Matt Funk58'9Mountain View (OR)      
9Nick Webster52'1Culver      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Nevin Lewis6'2Culver      
2.11Brady Brent6'2Mountain View (OR)      
12Gerald Speas5'8Culver      
8.9Chad Cummings5'2"Sisters      
11Brock Perry5Lost River      
9Jerry Gregory5Lost River      
10David Gillespie5'0Mountain View (OR)      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Brown10'6Mountain View (OR)      
2.11Nick Head10'0Sisters      
3.11Craig Prine9'0Sisters      
9Tyler Funk8'6Culver      
9Chris Sledge8'6Culver      
11Austin Alley8'6Culver      
11Colin BriggsNHCulver      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Cort Cox19'9 1/4Lost River      
3.11Scott McCreery19'1.5Mountain View (OR)      
12Gerald Speas19'1Culver      
11Colin Briggs17'9.25Culver      
11Brock Perry17'8 1/4Lost River      
11Joel Stichler17'4Mountain View (OR)      
8.11Hayden Stein17'2Sisters      
9.12Scott Salgado17'0Sisters      
11Jack Pratt16'8Culver      
9Quinn Jacobson16'7.75Mountain View (OR)      
11David Porter15'8.25Mountain View (OR)      
10Jamie Cobian15'1 1/2Lost River      
9Tyler Funk14'4.75Culver      
11Brandon Williams14'3Culver      
9Austin Sears14'1.75Mountain View (OR)      
9Ricardo Cobian14Lost River      
10Brandon Mallea13'10.5Mountain View (OR)      
9Owen Lowrie13'9 1/4Lost River      
10Antonio Cobian11'9 1/2Lost River      
10Justin Holman8'11.25Mountain View (OR)      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Gerald Speas39'10.75Culver      
11Colin Briggs38'4Culver      
4.11Joel Stichler37'4Mountain View (OR)      
12Cort Cox36'5Lost River      
5.11Hayden Stein35'2Sisters      
11David Porter34'9.5Mountain View (OR)      
9Quinn Jacobson33'6.75Mountain View (OR)      
11Brock Perry33'4 1/4Lost River      
11Jose Zavala30'11Lost River      
9Jerry Gregory28'10Lost River      
10Antonio Cobian26'3Lost River      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Roshak13.78aMountain View (OR)      
2.12Mackenzie Williams14.12aSisters      
3.12Brandi Palmer14.65aSisters      
4.10Cindy Steele14.82aSisters      
12Keeley Kinley15.02aCulver      
2.10Kristen Linck15.27aMountain View (OR)      
1.9Kiegan Sheridan15.4aMountain View (OR)      
7.11Aubrey Cretsinger15.49aSisters      
3.9Taylor Bundy15.76aMountain View (OR)      
2.9Kaylene Abbey15.78aMountain View (OR)      
4.11Jori Umphress15.85aMountain View (OR)      
4.11Courtney George15.88aMountain View (OR)      
10Hali Combs16.02aSisters      
10Em Moreland16.22aCulver      
4.10Angelica Lepe15.95Lost River      
9Kelly Cole16.47aSisters      
11Tayler Thompson16.56aCulver      
7.11Julia Orellana16.64aMountain View (OR)      
11Iorbelit Gutierrez16.85aCulver      
9Tori Deleone16.86aSisters      
6.10Stephanie Leon17.75Lost River      
12Megan Bean29.50aCulver      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ayla Rosen27.81aMountain View (OR)      
2.10Courteney Satko28.21aSisters      
3.12Brandi Palmer29.27aSisters      
4.10Jessica Head29.54aSisters      
5.10Cindy Steele30.27aSisters      
4.10Chelsea Wilcox30.50aMountain View (OR)      
5.10Lela Baley30.4Lost River      
12Keeley Kinley31.47aCulver      
11Lynsey Fisher32.14aCulver      
4.9Kaylene Abbey32.18aMountain View (OR)      
10Brittany Birkeland32.62aSisters      
9Kelly Cole33.21aSisters      
10Hali Combs33.58aSisters      
6.9Stephanie Aguirre34.Lost River      
4.10Angelica Lepe35Lost River      
11Iorbelit Gutierrez36.88aCulver      
5.11Julia Orellana38.19aMountain View (OR)      
12Megan Bean69.62aCulver      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mackenzie Williams1:04.24aSisters      
2.9Brianna Rosen65.85aMountain View (OR)      
3.10Jessica Head1:07.31aSisters      
4.9Larissa Stillinger1:07.5Lost River      
5.9Mikhaila Thornton69.34aMountain View (OR)      
11Lynsey Fisher1:13.21aCulver      
7.11Caitlin Burch1:14.7Lost River      
8.9Stephanie Aguirre1:18Lost River      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Baker2:42.94aMountain View (OR)      
2.11Julie Hackbarth2:47.92aMountain View (OR)      
3.12Cassie Lopez2:52.08aMountain View (OR)      
4.12Erin Kanzig2:55.26aSisters      
5.9Tia Berg2:58.0aSisters      
6.11Jori Umphress3:04.84aMountain View (OR)      
7.10Alexis Dosh3:06.00aMountain View (OR)      
8.10Tani Chick3:13.94aSisters      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelly Hanson5:23.34aMountain View (OR)      
2.11Julie Hackbarth5:40.37aMountain View (OR)      
3.9Mikhaila Thornton5:41.68aMountain View (OR)      
4.11MaCayla Claver5:48.43Lost River      
5.12Cassie Lopez6:02.75aMountain View (OR)      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11MaCayla Claver12:53Lost River      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Cooley18.59aMountain View (OR)      
1 .12Rachal Tenneson19.99aSisters      
2.9Larissa Stillinger19.9Lost River      
3.12Ang Hellar20.69aMountain View (OR)      
3.9Taylor Bundy20.96aMountain View (OR)      
4.10Kristen Linck21.19aMountain View (OR)      
5.9Brianna Rosen21.31aMountain View (OR)      
9.9Janelle Johnson21.46aSisters      
4.10Karri Heacock21.56aMountain View (OR)      
5.9Morgan Crabtree22.30aMountain View (OR)      
12Jennifer Bunch22.43aCulver      
7.9Marie Miller24.73aMountain View (OR)      
7.9Kiegan Sheridan27.73aMountain View (OR)      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachal Tenneson53.70aSisters      
9Larissa Stillinger54.15Lost River      
1.9Mikhaila Thornton54.81aMountain View (OR)      
3.11Katelyn Cooley54.84aMountain View (OR)      
4.10Kristen Linck56.97aMountain View (OR)      
5.11Julie Hackbarth59.27aMountain View (OR)      
2.11Jori Umphress59.84aMountain View (OR)      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Baker
Sarah Roshak
Sara Steria
Chelsea Wilcox
52.24Mountain View (OR)      
2.-Brandi Palmer
Courtney Satko
Cindy Steele
Mackenzie Williams
3.-Olivia Hood
Karri Heacock
Jaime Faulkner
Hopper Cashman
55.88Mountain View (OR)      
4.-Lynsey Fisher
Iorbelit Gutierrez
Keeley Kinley
McKaylee Speas
-Lela Baley
Caitlin Burch
Stephanie Aguirre
Angelica Lepe
59Lost River      
6.-Morgan Crabtree
Brianna Rosen
Ayla Rosen
Madison Seevers
63.14Mountain View (OR)      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Baker
Sarah Roshak
Sara Steria
Chelsea Wilcox
4:14.89aMountain View (OR)      
2.-Jessica Head
Courtney Satko
Rachal Tenneson
Mackenzie Williams
3.-Alexis Dosh
Kelly Hanson
Cassie Lopez
Mikhaila Thornton
4:59.64aMountain View (OR)      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brittany Birkeland31' 7"Sisters      
2.12Lani Ulmer30' 4"Sisters      
3.9Meghan Ridling29'11Mountain View (OR)      
4.12Rachal Tenneson28' 2"Sisters      
11Justine Lofting28'0Culver      
6.10Mindy Marr24' 10Sisters      
10Rachel Logan24'1.5Mountain View (OR)      
11Amelia Hansen24'1Culver      
10Shanna Cashman23'11.5Mountain View (OR)      
12Patty Quick22'9Lost River      
10Kait Gakstatter21'3Mountain View (OR)      
10Olivia Hood19'1Mountain View (OR)      
10Jessica Price18'7Mountain View (OR)      
9Cassie Mitchill18'5Culver      
10Katie Dexter18'3Lost River      
10Karina Aguirre15'36Lost River      
9Ana Baltazar15'4Culver      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
11Justine Lofting84'1Culver      
12Patty Quick78'2 1/2Lost River      
10Mindy Marr71'11.75Sisters      
9Hopper Cashman69'10.5Mountain View (OR)      
9Meghan Ridling57'1.5Mountain View (OR)      
10Kait Gakstatter57'.5Mountain View (OR)      
10Shelby Broberg53'11.5Mountain View (OR)      
10Karina Aguirre51'1 3/4Lost River      
9Ana Baltazar48'8.75Culver      
10Katie Dexter44'5 1/2Lost River      
11Amelia Hansen37'8Culver      
9Cassie Mitchill34'2Culver      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alyssa Dewey99'2Mountain View (OR)      
2.10Justine Head80' 8Sisters      
3.10Shelby Broberg72'0"Mountain View (OR)      
4.10Rachel Logan70'10Mountain View (OR)      
12Lani Ulmer69' 5Sisters      
10Em Moreland66'8Culver      
10Jessica Price63'8Mountain View (OR)      
11Tayler Thompson61'0Culver      
10Erika Klyce60' 7Sisters      
10Brittany Birkeland59' 7Sisters      
10Katie Dexter57Lost River      
9Meghan Ridling56'10Mountain View (OR)      
10Shanna Cashman55'10Mountain View (OR)      
11Amelia Hansen55'4"Culver      
10Hali Combs49' 11Sisters      
9Hopper Cashman42'9Mountain View (OR)      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kali Ulmer5' 1"Sisters      
2.12Kelsey Neilson5' 1"Sisters      
3.12Ang Hellar4'10Mountain View (OR)      
4.11Sara Steria4'10Mountain View (OR)      
9Madison Seevers4'6Mountain View (OR)      
10Justine Head4' 6"Sisters      
10McKaylee Speas4'6Culver      
11Robyn Neimann4'4Mountain View (OR)      
9Kiegan Sheridan4'2Mountain View (OR)      
10Karri Heacock4'2Mountain View (OR)      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lani Ulmer8' 0"Sisters      
2.10Courteney Satko8' 0"Sisters      
3.11Courtney George7'0Mountain View (OR)      
10McKaylee Speas6'6Culver      
4.9Patience Pinard6' 6"Sisters      
9Tia Berg6' 0"Sisters      
12Jennifer Bunch6'0Culver      
9Kaylene Abbey6'0Mountain View (OR)      
9Madison Seevers6'0Mountain View (OR)      
10Lela Baley6Lost River      
10Jordyn Blackwell5'6Mountain View (OR)      
9Morgan Crabtree5'6Mountain View (OR)      
9Janelle Johnson5' 6"Sisters      
10Tani Chick5' 6"Sisters      
9Lauren White5' 6"Sisters      
11Katelyn CooleyNHMountain View (OR)      
9Marie MillerNHMountain View (OR)      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kali Ulmer14'6Sisters      
2.11Aubrey Cretsinger14'3Sisters      
3.12Kelsey Neilson14'0.5Sisters      
4.9Ayla Rosen14'.25Mountain View (OR)      
11Caitlin Burch13'3 1/4Lost River      
5.9Madison Seevers13'.25Mountain View (OR)      
10Lela Baley12' 9 1/2Lost River      
7.11Robyn Neimann12'8.75Mountain View (OR)      
8.9Kelly Cole12'8.75Sisters      
10Olivia Hood12'6.25Mountain View (OR)      
9Taylor Bundy11'10.75Mountain View (OR)      
10Shelby Broberg11'1.5Mountain View (OR)      
10Lucy Baley11'1Lost River      
11Courtney George10'9Mountain View (OR)      
10Beth Halderman10'6Sisters      
10Hali Combs10'2.25Sisters      
9Marie Miller8'5.5Mountain View (OR)      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aubrey Cretsinger32' 3.5"Sisters      
2.12Kali Ulmer31' 10.5"Sisters      
3.12Kelsey Neilson31'6"Sisters      
4.11Robyn Neimann31'2Mountain View (OR)      
9Larissa Stillinger28'3 3/4Lost River      
11Caitlin Burch28 1 1/4Lost River      
12Ang Hellar27'8.75Mountain View (OR)      
10Lucy Baley25'7Lost River      
11Courtney George23'5.5Mountain View (OR)      
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