Preston IV

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - Meet Website
  Dr. Trenton Track Complex, Kingwood - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Maryland - Class 1A
SGCSouthern Garrett Co
West Virginia - AA
EAFAEast Fairmont
NOMANorth Marion
West Virginia - AAA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Necko Fanning11.83aPreston
2.10Kevin Eisentrout11.93aPreston
3.11Chaz Wise12.21aUniversity
4.12Chris Reaville12.37aMorgantown
5.12Travis Orange12.46aAllegany
6.12Will Ruark12.48aAllegany
7.12Steven Viola12.48aUniversity
8.12Sean Hanlon12.49aPreston
9.12Alan Gnegy12.51aSouthern Garrett Co
10.9Kenneth Nestor12.69aNorth Marion
11.11Tyler Milton12.78aPreston
12.10Tyler Maust12.83aPreston
13.10Dustin Wharton12.84aAllegany
14.11Craig Pritt12.95aPreston
15.9Zachary Smith13.00aNorth Marion
16.12J.R. Ford13.09aPreston
17.11Sterling Snyder13.19aPreston
18.9Austin A White13.49aEast Fairmont
19.10Tyler Hensley13.72aSouthern Garrett Co
20.10Michael A Pool13.74aEast Fairmont
21.9Faiz Ahmed14.16aMorgantown
22.11Lucas Pammer14.21aNorth Marion
23.11Caleb Aites20.37aEast Fairmont
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Jones23.76aNorth Marion
2.11Chaz Wise24.03aUniversity
3.10Nathan Tauger24.39aMorgantown
4.11Bradley Pell24.57aPreston
5.12Will Ruark24.67aAllegany
6.9Nathan Vehse24.75aMorgantown
7.12Sean Hanlon24.80aPreston
8.12Steven Viola24.96aUniversity
9.10Miles Helmick25.14aPreston
10.12Vince Harman25.24aSouthern Garrett Co
11.11Ethan Elliott25.30aUniversity
12.9Zachary Smith25.40aNorth Marion
13.10Dustin Wharton25.46aAllegany
14.12Jon Ross25.48aSouthern Garrett Co
15.9Kelechi Ejimofor25.56aMorgantown
16.10Tyler Maust25.68aPreston
17.11Tyler Milton25.69aPreston
18.12J.R. Ford25.71aPreston
19.12Daniel Hunter25.85aNorth Marion
20.11Jeff Hammack26.49aPreston
21.10Hunter Wood26.87aEast Fairmont
22.10Michael A Pool27.68aEast Fairmont
23.10Christian Harmon29.25aAllegany
24.9Austin A White30.72aEast Fairmont
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kevin Eisentrout54.12aPreston
2.10Ryan P Sevier55.38aEast Fairmont
3.11Bradley Pell56.18aPreston
4.10Tilmon Goines56.63aNorth Marion
5.12Chad Shade57.16aUniversity
6.12Eddie Adams57.32aPreston
7.12Mike McConnell57.40aSouthern Garrett Co
8.9Zachary Smith57.44aNorth Marion
9.12Garrett Rowan58.38aUniversity
10.10Oliver Miltenberger58.54aAllegany
11.9Devon Dent58.83aEast Fairmont
12.10Nathan Tauger59.12aMorgantown
13.11Tyler Milton59.19aPreston
14.9Scott Fetsko59.27aMorgantown
15.11Tony Parker59.84aPreston
16.10Tyler Maust59.97aPreston
17.12Andrew Rhodes1:00.12aUniversity
18.10James Mayes1:00.30aNorth Marion
19.11Billy Donne1:00.32aSouthern Garrett Co
20.11Nolan P Harvath1:00.86aEast Fairmont
21.9Ethan Harsh1:05.76aAllegany
22.10Colton Silcott1:07.22aPreston
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Tennant2:02.07aNorth Marion
2.11Craig Pritt2:05.71aPreston
3.12Aaron Stroup2:11.49aAllegany
4.11Garrett Saiko2:12.92aEast Fairmont
5.10Ronnie Cosco2:13.34aEast Fairmont
6.12Garet Bishop2:14.27aUniversity
7.11David Kover2:14.36aPreston
8.12Mike McConnell2:14.76aSouthern Garrett Co
9.12Mark James2:15.63aPreston
10.10Kari Selin2:16.33aMorgantown
11.10Ryan Alderson2:18.00aAllegany
12.9Devon Dent2:19.45aEast Fairmont
13.9Clint Bowman2:19.46aPreston
14.12Chad Shade2:19.64aUniversity
15.11Joseph Bezjak2:20.14aNorth Marion
16.11Luke Bowman2:20.47aPreston
17.10Earnest Scott2:20.87aEast Fairmont
18.12Andrew Rhodes2:21.97aUniversity
19.12Garrett Rowan2:22.34aUniversity
20.12Michael Lemine2:23.75aUniversity
21.11Tony Parker2:24.62aPreston
22.9Justin McDonald2:25.70aNorth Marion
23.12Alexander Seipp2:25.73aNorth Marion
25.11John Gates2:30.51aAllegany
26.10Tyler Clayton2:30.60aNorth Marion
27.10Josh Hamilton2:32.86aSouthern Garrett Co
28.9Tim Robinette2:38.20aAllegany
29.9Matt Class2:38.86aAllegany
30.9Matt Levitas2:39.17aAllegany
31.10John McGettigan2:40.51aSouthern Garrett Co
32.9Marvin Wright2:42.87aUniversity
33.10Mark Mattingly2:44.19aSouthern Garrett Co
34.10James M Beveridge2:45.88aNorth Marion
35.9Ethan Harsh2:52.48aAllegany
36.9Chris McKenzie2:57.75aAllegany
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trey Stoller4:51.99aEast Fairmont
2.9Ian MacFawn4:54.42aAllegany
3.11Michael Ebbert4:54.53aEast Fairmont
4.11Craig Pritt5:00.38aPreston
5.9Clint Bowman5:05.21aPreston
6.11Neil Bland5:07.08aNorth Marion
7.12Mark James5:08.78aPreston
8.11Luke Bowman5:14.10aPreston
9.11Joseph Bezjak5:23.59aNorth Marion
10.12Michael Lemine5:25.71aUniversity
11.12Chandler Stroup5:32.21aAllegany
12.11Colby Smith5:33.24aAllegany
13.11Lucas Pammer5:37.52aNorth Marion
14.12Andrew Sauder5:37.76aSouthern Garrett Co
15.9Tim Robinette5:42.29aAllegany
16.9Zachary Levelle5:43.16aNorth Marion
17.9Eddie Collins5:44.25aAllegany
18.9Justin McDonald5:45.07aNorth Marion
19.10John McGettigan6:02.96aSouthern Garrett Co
20.10Josh Hamilton6:08.63aSouthern Garrett Co
21.9Matt Levitas6:16.20aAllegany
22.9Chris McKenzie6:21.18aAllegany
23.10Tyler Hensley6:44.37aSouthern Garrett Co
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ian MacFawn10:35.28aAllegany
2.12Colten Kisner10:37.91aPreston
3.11Wesley McKinney11:03.69aPreston
4.11Lucas Pammer11:40.66aNorth Marion
5.11Joseph Bezjak11:43.63aNorth Marion
6.11Colby Smith12:00.29aAllegany
7.9Devon Dent12:02.76aEast Fairmont
9.9Eddie Collins12:20.89aAllegany
10.9Logan Moore12:22.03aMorgantown
11.10Earnest Scott12:35.67aEast Fairmont
12.9Ben Lee12:58.24aMorgantown
13.10James Mayes13:34.12aNorth Marion
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Delaney16.04aEast Fairmont
2.11Ben Hackett16.87aMorgantown
3.12Steven Groves17.28aPreston
4.12Stephen Hileman17.63aUniversity
5.12Alexander Seipp18.33aNorth Marion
6.10Justin Speelman18.34aEast Fairmont
7.12Andrew Dale19.15aSouthern Garrett Co
8.12Logan Neptune19.45aNorth Marion
9.12JR Roy19.52aAllegany
10.10Paris Winfrey19.87aEast Fairmont
11.10Greg Darnell20.08aMorgantown
12.11Ben Wilt20.12aPreston
13.10Oliver Miltenberger21.30aAllegany
14.10Andrew Riggs21.65aAllegany
15.11Ben Johnston21.68aPreston
16.9Matthew Cummings22.70aNorth Marion
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew L Hollandsworth41.68aNorth Marion
2.12Josh Delaney41.70aEast Fairmont
3.12Steven Groves42.55aPreston
4.10Justin Speelman43.50aEast Fairmont
5.12Brandon Stottlemire44.50aNorth Marion
6.12Jeremy Sidebottom45.69aPreston
7.9Nathan Vehse46.40aMorgantown
8.12Alexander Seipp48.30aNorth Marion
9.10Logan Forbes48.87aPreston
10.11Steven Vest49.18aPreston
11.12Andrew Dale49.74aSouthern Garrett Co
12.10Trey O'Baker50.00aAllegany
13.11Ben Johnston51.18aPreston
14.10Andrew Riggs51.50aAllegany
15.11Ben Wilt51.94aPreston
16.11Kurtis Wolfe54.70aPreston
17.10Ian Beck58.35aAllegany
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Deem
Travis Nicholas
Chris Reaville
Ian Locust
2.-Sean Hanlon
Necko Fanning
Kevin Eisentrout
Bradley Pell
3.-Drew Jenkins
Eric Morris
Paris Winfrey
Ryan P Sevier
47.34aEast Fairmont
4.-Travis Orange
Will Ruark
Aaron Smith
Dustin Wharton
5.-Alan Gnegy
Vince Harman
Jon Ross
Codie Beckman
47.89aSouthern Garrett Co
6.-Jaron Cordero
Corey Clayton
Brandon Riggs
Jason Jones
48.03aNorth Marion
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Eisentrout
Bradley Pell
Necko Fanning
Sean Hanlon
2.-Kelechi Ejimofor
Shawn Johnson
Travis Nicholas
Ian Locust
3.-Garrett Saiko
Eric Morris
Drew Jenkins
Paris Winfrey
1:37.23aEast Fairmont
4.-Matthew L Hollandsworth
Corey Clayton
Daniel Hunter
Jason Jones
1:38.96aNorth Marion
5.-Alan Gnegy
Vince Harman
Jon Ross
Codie Beckman
1:41.30aSouthern Garrett Co
6.-Chaz Wise
Stephen Hileman
Garet Bishop
Steven Viola
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Tennant
Tilmon Goines
Jason Jones
Matthew L Hollandsworth
3:39.27aNorth Marion
2.-Sterling Snyder
Craig Pritt
Miles Helmick
David Kover
3.-Eric Morris
Garrett Saiko
Ronnie Cosco
Ryan P Sevier
3:52.06aEast Fairmont
4.-Chandler Stroup
Aaron Stroup
Trey O'Baker
Ryan Alderson
5.-Codie Beckman
Bryan Hutton
Billy Donne
Mike McConnell
3:58.91aSouthern Garrett Co
6.-Zach Deem
Nathan Tauger
Kari Selin
Scott Fetsko
7.-Kurtis Wolfe
Luke Bowman
Tony Parker
Eddie Adams
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sterling Snyder
David Kover
Mark James
Miles Helmick
2.-Chandler Stroup
Ryan Alderson
Ian MacFawn
Aaron Stroup
3.-Joseph Bezjak
Neil Bland
Lucas Pammer
Tilmon Goines
9:39.09aNorth Marion
4.-Billy Donne
Andrew Sauder
Bryan Hutton
Mike McConnell
9:56.59aSouthern Garrett Co
5.-Andrew Licata
Hunter Wood
Nolan P Harvath
Bobby Barthalow
10:04.23aEast Fairmont
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paris Winfrey
Garrett Saiko
Justin Speelman
Josh Delaney
1:01.11aEast Fairmont
2.-Kenneth Nestor
Alexander Seipp
Logan Neptune
Matthew L Hollandsworth
1:04.65aNorth Marion
3.-Ben Wilt
Steven Vest
Steven Groves
Jeremy Sidebottom
4.-Nathan Vehse
Ben Hackett
Shawn Johnson
Greg Darnell
5.-Oliver Miltenberger
Trey O'Baker
JR Roy
Andrew Riggs
6.-Colton Silcott
Ben Johnston
Jeff Hammack
Logan Forbes
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Lewis42'06.25Preston
2.12Brandon Link42'05.00Allegany
3.11Justin Hymes39'02.25Allegany
4.11Shawn Johnson39'00.75Morgantown
5.11Scott Bexfield37'07.50Preston
6.12Logan Neptune37'06.50North Marion
7.11Dan Shockey36'04.75Southern Garrett Co
8.12Erik Starcher36'02.50East Fairmont
9.12Cliff Herath35'00.50Southern Garrett Co
10.11JB Gnegy34'09.00Southern Garrett Co
11.10Jacob Hixenbaugh34'07.50North Marion
12.10Michael Kingston34'00.00North Marion
13.10Tyler Bowmar31'08.00Preston
14.11Craig Bernatowicz31'04.50Preston
14.12Ethan Wilson31'04.50North Marion
16.11Ethan Rosenberger31'01.50Preston
17.11Max Hofacker30'03.00Allegany
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Link117'02Allegany
2.11Scott Bexfield113'07Preston
3.11Justin Hymes109'05Allegany
4.12Sam Lewis107'02Preston
5.11JB Gnegy106'08Southern Garrett Co
6.12Cliff Herath102'10Southern Garrett Co
7.12Brandon Riggs100'00North Marion
8.9Reuben Bland97'02North Marion
8.12Chris White97'02Allegany
10.11Dan Shockey96'11Southern Garrett Co
11.12Erik Starcher91'05East Fairmont
12.10Jacob Hixenbaugh89'01North Marion
13.10Michael Kingston87'00North Marion
14.10Alan Parrish77'03North Marion
15.10Tyler Bowmar72'04Preston
11Ethan RosenbergerNDPreston
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Babich6'02.00Allegany
2.12Jaron Cordero6'00.00North Marion
3.12Steven Groves5'08.00Preston
4.12Andrew Dale5'04.00Southern Garrett Co
5.12Stephen Hileman5'04.00University
6.12Eddie Adams5'02.00Preston
7.10Ryan Alderson5'02.00Allegany
8.10Mark Mattingly5'02.00Southern Garrett Co
8.11Ben Wilt5'02.00Preston
8.12Zach Deem5'02.00Morgantown
10James MayesNHNorth Marion
10Tilmon GoinesNHNorth Marion
11Billy DonneNHSouthern Garrett Co
10Logan ForbesNHPreston
11Benedikt BehounekNHPreston
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Frist12'00.00Morgantown
2.11Jess Frasher11'06.00University
3.11Nathan Lafata11'06.00Morgantown
4.11Nathan Edwards11'00.00University
5.12JR Roy10'06.00Allegany
6.11Bryan Hutton9'06.00Southern Garrett Co
7.11Ben Hackett9'06.00Morgantown
8.12Vince Harman9'00.00Southern Garrett Co
11Jeff HammackNHPreston
9Peter EdwardsNHUniversity
10Oliver MiltenbergerNHAllegany
10Colton SilcottNHPreston
11Ethan RosenbergerNHPreston
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Babich19'09.00Allegany
2.12Zach Deem19'03.50Morgantown
3.12Josh Delaney19'02.00East Fairmont
4.12Brandon Riggs19'01.00North Marion
5.12Chad Shade18'02.50University
6.12Brandon Stottlemire17'10.00North Marion
6.12Stephen Hileman17'10.00University
8.12Jaron Cordero17'07.50North Marion
9.12Alan Gnegy17'06.00Southern Garrett Co
10.10Justin Speelman17'03.00East Fairmont
11.9Nathan Vehse16'11.00Morgantown
12.12Jon Ross16'06.75Southern Garrett Co
13.10Nathan Tauger15'10.00Morgantown
14.11Steven Vest15'04.25Preston
15.10Trey O'Baker14'09.00Allegany
16.11Kurtis Wolfe14'06.00Preston
17.10Andrew Riggs14'05.50Allegany
18.11Benedikt Behounek13'07.00Preston

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryce Trott13.65aMorgantown
2.12Mandy Lundstrum14.09aMorgantown
3.9Emily Radabaugh14.34aPreston
4.9Deonna DeGross14.39aAllegany
5.12Chanda Remley14.68aSouthern Garrett Co
6.11Sierra Garza14.74aEast Fairmont
7.12Paula Wolfe14.95aPreston
8.9Summer Mossman14.98aSouthern Garrett Co
9.9Madison Whiting15.51aEast Fairmont
10.9Vanessa Cuppett15.63aPreston
11.10Rachel Flinn15.67aSouthern Garrett Co
12.9Hallie Hunt15.77aUniversity
13.10Olivia Boyce15.90aNorth Marion
14.9Alanah Calvert16.26aPreston
15.9Zoie Moore16.40aNorth Marion
16.9Frankie Wilson16.42aNorth Marion
17.9Holly Diggs16.52aAllegany
18.9Cindy Nichols16.58aUniversity
19.10Trisha Johnson16.93aPreston
20.9Kalayn Tenney17.28aEast Fairmont
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Radabaugh29.36aPreston
2.11Sierra Garza29.60aEast Fairmont
3.10Katie Hale29.67aUniversity
4.9Summer Mossman29.68aSouthern Garrett Co
5.9Laura Shaffer29.86aPreston
6.12Alix Wagner30.91aUniversity
7.9Brooke Wharton30.99aAllegany
8.10Paula Renteria31.49aSouthern Garrett Co
9.9Madison Whiting31.80aEast Fairmont
10.10Rachel Flinn32.23aSouthern Garrett Co
11.11Brittany Cogar32.29aEast Fairmont
12.9Zoie Moore32.74aNorth Marion
13.10Olivia Boyce32.93aNorth Marion
14.9Alanah Calvert33.33aPreston
15.10Trisha Johnson34.12aPreston
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Laura Shaffer1:08.15aPreston
2.11MacKenzie Stutler1:09.67aEast Fairmont
3.11Krista Hollingsworth1:09.99aSouthern Garrett Co
4.9Brooke Wharton1:10.18aAllegany
5.9Cherise Michael1:11.08aEast Fairmont
6.10Lora Ashby1:11.62aSouthern Garrett Co
7.10Kyleigh Bass1:12.62aUniversity
8.12Kambra Lantz1:13.70aPreston
9.9Gina Stuck1:14.50aSouthern Garrett Co
10.10Eliza Stoker1:15.96aUniversity
11.9Frankie Wilson1:16.62aNorth Marion
12.9Alanah Calvert1:17.53aPreston
13.10Shaylan Nuse1:18.86aPreston
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauryn MacFawn2:27.15aAllegany
2.10Cassy Menas2:29.21aNorth Marion
3.10Lydia Martinelli2:33.00aUniversity
4.12Lindsay Wyatt2:36.03aUniversity
5.10Megan Wilson2:38.33aEast Fairmont
6.10Alison Kimble2:40.17aUniversity
7.12Anna Dusenbery2:43.79aAllegany
8.10Maleena Gump2:44.23aNorth Marion
9.10Deborah Loughrie2:45.25aPreston
10.11Megan Radcliffe2:45.58aMorgantown
11.12Meredith Metheny2:46.65aPreston
12.9Lindsey Smith2:46.75aSouthern Garrett Co
13.9Julia Paladino2:47.50aUniversity
14.10Rebecca Verbonitz2:49.60aPreston
15.9Kaira Moore2:52.68aNorth Marion
16.11Kim Stephens2:53.62aSouthern Garrett Co
17.10Katie Gindlesberger2:54.17aSouthern Garrett Co
18.10Lora Ashby2:58.10aSouthern Garrett Co
19.9Brittinee Ridenour2:58.74aPreston
20.9Gina Stuck3:02.68aSouthern Garrett Co
21.12Mariah Hamilton3:04.71aNorth Marion
22.10Rachel Weeks3:05.29aSouthern Garrett Co
23.12Kambra Lantz3:07.60aPreston
24.12Hannah Davis3:10.52aSouthern Garrett Co
25.10Virginia Byrne3:20.37aSouthern Garrett Co
26.9Cameron Stroup3:20.89aAllegany
27.9Ashley Crandal3:24.07aEast Fairmont
28.10Stephanie Gillespie3:28.09aEast Fairmont
29.11Brianne Zimmerman3:28.29aAllegany
30.10Jackie Fries3:32.16aSouthern Garrett Co
31.9Chole Anderson3:32.35aSouthern Garrett Co
11Ari KasprowiczDNFPreston
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauryn MacFawn5:21.00aAllegany
2.10Marcie Mason5:46.00aNorth Marion
3.12Anna Dusenbery5:52.00aAllegany
4.9Ashley Shultz5:53.00aPreston
5.10Sara Ray5:54.00aNorth Marion
6.10Katie Parker6:01.00aPreston
7.9Lindsey Smith6:08.00aSouthern Garrett Co
8.9Julia Paladino6:10.00aUniversity
9.11Sarah Martinelli6:14.00aUniversity
10.9Brittany Reynolds6:24.00aNorth Marion
10.11Kim Stephens6:24.00aSouthern Garrett Co
12.10Katie Gindlesberger6:25.06aSouthern Garrett Co
13.10Alexandra Arthurs6:27.00aMorgantown
14.9Rebecca Haught6:31.00aEast Fairmont
15.9Amber Gordon6:43.00aSouthern Garrett Co
16.9Ashley Gordon6:44.00aSouthern Garrett Co
17.9Brittinee Ridenour6:51.00aPreston
18.11Brooke Morris6:52.15aEast Fairmont
19.12Hannah Davis6:52.86aSouthern Garrett Co
20.10Emillee Bosley6:53.00aSouthern Garrett Co
21.12Ralin Pierce7:01.00aAllegany
22.9Katie Anderson7:16.00aSouthern Garrett Co
23.11Kelsie Umbel7:20.00aSouthern Garrett Co
24.11Kellie Friend8:03.00aSouthern Garrett Co
12Jordan HamricDNFPreston
12Ashley TeetsDNFPreston
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauryn MacFawn11:43.12aAllegany
2.10Jordan McDonald11:59.60aNorth Marion
3.10Sara Ray12:54.09aNorth Marion
4.12Anna Dusenbery12:54.75aAllegany
5.9Ashley Shultz13:13.83aPreston
6.10Katie Parker13:36.72aPreston
7.9Rebecca Haught14:17.70aEast Fairmont
8.10Kaitlyn Swift14:22.60aSouthern Garrett Co
9.11Morgan Anderson15:15.59aSouthern Garrett Co
10.11Emily Lipscomb15:21.95aSouthern Garrett Co
11.12Ralin Pierce15:24.40aAllegany
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Taylor17.27aSouthern Garrett Co
2.11Gwen Brand17.33aPreston
3.11Kristen Ramsey18.38aMorgantown
4.12Lauren Neville18.87aSouthern Garrett Co
5.9Courtney Ricer19.19aEast Fairmont
6.10Danielle Malcomb19.51aNorth Marion
7.9Rachel Montgomery19.62aMorgantown
8.12Melanie Stevenski19.77aNorth Marion
9.10Heather Koch20.08aPreston
10.12Allison Riddle20.41aEast Fairmont
11.11Seneca Fox20.85aNorth Marion
12.9Amie Brant21.27aAllegany
13.12Katie Elliot22.26aEast Fairmont
14.12Liz Church23.77aUniversity
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Moskal51.95aMorgantown
2.11Jenna Wood52.19aEast Fairmont
3.10Andrea Jones52.87aPreston
4.11Torie Bosley54.08aSouthern Garrett Co
5.9Courtney Ricer55.02aEast Fairmont
6.12Courtney Ray56.58aNorth Marion
7.9Amie Brant57.61aAllegany
8.11Rebekah James57.62aPreston
9.12Melanie Stevenski1:00.50aNorth Marion
10.10Heather Koch1:01.36aPreston
11.11Seneca Fox1:03.02aNorth Marion
12.10Carly O'Dell1:05.52aNorth Marion
13.12Liz Church1:07.78aUniversity
10Erin KingDNSSouthern Garrett Co
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabrielle LaFata
Rachel Montgomery
Mandy Lundstrum
Ryce Trott
2.-Kasmira Kinzer
Cayla Parrish
Ashley Graham
Mackenzie Mullenax
54.48aNorth Marion
3.-Jennifer Cosner
Chanda Remley
Summer Mossman
Samantha Taylor
55.52aSouthern Garrett Co
4.-Alex Delaney
Kelsie Boone
Megan Wolfe
Sierra Garza
56.57aEast Fairmont
5.-Emily Livingston
Deonna DeGross
Holly Diggs
Brooke Wharton
6.-Vanessa Cuppett
Trisha Johnson
Rebekah James
Paula Wolfe
7.-Courtney Cassells
Hallie Hunt
Cindy Nichols
Katie Hale
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryce Trott
Gabrielle LaFata
Mandy Lundstrum
Cari Shaffer
2.-Kasmira Kinzer
Cayla Parrish
Ashley Graham
Mackenzie Mullenax
1:54.76aNorth Marion
3.-Gwen Brand
Meredith Metheny
Andrea Jones
Emily Radabaugh
4.-Kristen Talerico
Kelsie Boone
Jenna Wood
Lindsey Mills
1:59.60aEast Fairmont
5.-Brittany Cassells
Courtney Cassells
Alix Wagner
Katie Hale
6.-Rachel Flinn
Torie Bosley
Krista Hollingsworth
Lauren Neville
2:04.99aSouthern Garrett Co
7.-Emily Livingston
Deonna DeGross
Holly Diggs
Brooke Wharton
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mackenzie Mullenax
Cayla Parrish
Ashley Graham
Cassy Menas
4:31.47aNorth Marion
2.-Jennifer Cosner
Summer Mossman
Chanda Remley
Krista Hollingsworth
4:40.52aSouthern Garrett Co
3.-Emily Radabaugh
Laura Shaffer
Ari Kasprowicz
Gwen Brand
4.-Gabrielle LaFata
Elizabeth Duate
Derica Fletcher
Megan Radcliffe
5.-Kyleigh Bass
Hannah Vernon
Alison Kimble
Alix Wagner
6.-Cherise Michael
Courtney Ricer
Alex Delaney
Jenna Wood
5:05.27aEast Fairmont
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan McDonald
Marcie Mason
Sara Ray
Cassy Menas
10:27.80aNorth Marion
2.-Alix Wagner
Kyleigh Bass
Hannah Vernon
Sarah Martinelli
3.-Lindsey Smith
Katie Gindlesberger
Jennifer Cosner
Krista Hollingsworth
10:57.97aSouthern Garrett Co
4.-Andrea Jones
Deborah Loughrie
Meredith Metheny
Rebecca Verbonitz
5.-Megan Radcliffe
Alex Arthurs
Derica Fletcher
Elizabeth Duate
6.-Brittany Reynolds
Kaira Moore
Mariah Hamilton
Maleena Gump
11:53.80aNorth Marion
7.-Ashley Crandal
Rebecca Haught
Brooke Morris
Stephanie Gillespie
13:26.16aEast Fairmont
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Elliot
Jenna Wood
Courtney Ricer
Megan Wolfe
1:12.27aEast Fairmont
2.-Lauren Moskal
Elizabeth Duate
Rachel Montgomery
Kristen Ramsey
3.-Danielle Malcomb
Courtney Ray
Seneca Fox
Melanie Stevenski
1:16.24aNorth Marion
4.-Gwen Brand
Heather Koch
Andrea Jones
Rebekah James
5.-Samantha Taylor
Paula Renteria
Lauren Neville
Torie Bosley
1:17.75aSouthern Garrett Co
6.-Kristen Talerico
Sierra Garza
Ashley Crandal
Allison Riddle
1:23.45aEast Fairmont
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elsie Smith35'07.75Preston
2.10Jennifer Ullman28'07.00Preston
3.11Rebekah Wormack28'02.00Allegany
4.11Amanda Carpenter26'00.00North Marion
5.10Brittany Cassells25'11.75University
6.10Emily Bock25'10.50North Marion
7.9Miranda Cummings25'09.75North Marion
8.11Kaytie Riley25'04.00Southern Garrett Co
9.10Alexis Nicoletti24'11.50East Fairmont
10.12Katy Gall24'10.50Preston
11.9Jessica Starcher24'10.25North Marion
12.10Marcella Martinez24'02.50Southern Garrett Co
13.9Leah Wormack24'00.25Allegany
14.11Cathy Hughes23'07.50Southern Garrett Co
15.10Jenny Wilson23'07.00Preston
16.11Caitlin Libby22'10.50East Fairmont
17.9Tish Bombard22'04.50North Marion
18.9Samantha Fletcher21'03.75Morgantown
19.9Lacey Cypher21'01.00North Marion
20.9Ali Hollier20'10.75Preston
21.9Danielle Nehlen20'02.50University
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elsie Smith88'11Preston
2.10Jennifer Ullman88'11Preston
3.11Rebekah Wormack78'02Allegany
4.11Amanda Carpenter73'11North Marion
5.12Katy Gall72'05Preston
6.11Alyna Raynovich71'06Southern Garrett Co
7.11Cathy Hughes67'07Southern Garrett Co
8.9Samantha Fletcher62'09Morgantown
9.9Leah Wormack60'07Allegany
10.11Caitlin Libby59'10East Fairmont
11.9Ali Hollier59'00Preston
12.10Alexis Nicoletti55'09East Fairmont
13.9Jessica Starcher53'05North Marion
14.10Jenny Wilson52'00Preston
15.9Tish Bombard49'09North Marion
16.9Lacey Cypher46'11North Marion
17.9Miranda Cummings45'04North Marion
18.-Hannah Knight39'06East Fairmont
10Marcella MartinezNDSouthern Garrett Co
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Paula Renteria4'10.00Southern Garrett Co
2.9Jessica Starcher4'08.00North Marion
3.10Heather Koch4'06.00Preston
4.9Rachel Riddle4'06.00East Fairmont
4.9Natasha Anderson4'06.00East Fairmont
6.11Torie Bosley4'02.00Southern Garrett Co
6.9Vanessa Cuppett4'02.00Preston
8.11Rebecca Shriver4'02.00North Marion
12Kendra BooreNHNorth Marion
11Kelsie BooneNHEast Fairmont
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Flinn7'00.00Southern Garrett Co
2.12Paula Wolfe7'00.00Preston
3.10Samantha Taylor7'00.00Southern Garrett Co
4.9Courtney Cassells6'06.00University
5.9Laura Shaffer6'00.00Preston
6.9Sara King5'00.00Southern Garrett Co
9Rachel MontgomeryNHMorgantown
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cayla Parrish14'10.25North Marion
2.11Sarah Martinelli13'11.00University
4.10Brittany Cassells13'03.00University
5.11Jennifer Cosner13'00.00Southern Garrett Co
6.9Julia Paladino12'01.00University
7.11Rebekah James12'00.50Preston
8.10Olivia Boyce12'00.25North Marion
9.9Alex Delaney11'11.00East Fairmont
10.12Lauren Neville11'10.25Southern Garrett Co
11.9Rachel Riddle11'09.50East Fairmont
12.9Zoie Moore11'06.00North Marion
13.10Alexis Mundell11'04.00East Fairmont
14.12Derica Fletcher11'03.00Morgantown
15.11Morgan Anderson11'01.00Southern Garrett Co
16.9Jessica Zambreny11'00.00Allegany
10Kristen TalericoFOULEast Fairmont
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