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Crook County Breaking the Ice Icebreaker

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stadium, Prineville

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Parks11.407aCrook County
2.11Michael Gruber11.607aCrook County
3rd12Jeremy Killoran11.67aMadras
6th10Reade Griebel12.37aLa Pine
6th10Andrew Swayze12.37aLa Pine
5.11Tom Leavitt12.370aCrook County
9Jordan Reeher12.379aCrook County
11Doug Hall12.411aCrook County
11Allen Kirkpatrick12.49aLa Pine
5.12Lucas Schaefer12.508aBurns
10Jake Logan12.56aLa Pine
11Leander Smith12.59aMadras
4.11Shylow Chapman12.341Gilchrist
11Justin Wiese12.80aLa Pine
9Jake Zeigler12.813aCrook County
10Miguel Ortiz12.831aCrook County
11Scott Young12.870aLa Pine
9Sean Wilson12.937aCrook County
9Mitch Van Domelen13.180aCrook County
11Tyler Bruck13.24aMadras
10Ryan Stinson12.903Gilchrist
10Tucker Fahlgren13.313aCrook County
10Philip Kness13.398aBurns
11Ben Harris13.131Gilchrist
9Jared Warren13.631aCrook County
12Tyler Fording13.67aMadras
11James Taylor14.48aLa Pine
9Beau Schwenke14.505aBurns
11Roy Bradley14.98aLa Pine
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Gruber24.30aCrook County
2.12Nick Harding25.07aCrook County
3rd12Jeremy Killoran25.11aMadras
4.11Doug Hall25.30aCrook County
5.-Tim Kloepping25.77aCrook County
10Andrew Swayze25.88aLa Pine
3.11Shylow Chapman26.02Gilchrist
10Jed Ellenburg26.45aMadras
12Lucas Schaefer26.47aBurns
10Garrett Bentz26.35Burns
11Leander Smith26.72aMadras
9Jake Zeigler26.98aCrook County
9Garrett Durheim27.01aCrook County
10Miguel Ortiz27.14aCrook County
11Allen Kirkpatrick27.24aLa Pine
11Justin Wiese27.54aLa Pine
4.11Ben Harris27.41Gilchrist
9Jared Warren28.91aCrook County
7.10Ryan Stinson28.85Gilchrist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Harding56.0aCrook County
2.11Ethan Bentz56.1aBurns
3rd10Jed Ellenburg57aMadras
4.9Garrett Durheim1:00aCrook County
6.10Kraig McCanna1:05aBurns
9Jorden Noyes1:18.0aCrook County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1st11Andrew Flu2:15aMadras
2nd12Alexis Anguiano2:18aMadras
3.12Nathan Henry2:19Crook County
11Cody Viescas2:26Crook County
5.11Korbin Buchheit2:30Crook County
6th12Nygil McCune2:31aLa Pine
7.10Ralph Caldwell2:31.95aBurns
9Cody Cross2:32Crook County
11Nils Hauy2:39Crook County
10.9Anthony Frail2:44.34aBurns
9Jason Tufti-Danzuka2:45aMadras
13.10Michael Dannar2:48Gilchrist
11Nicoles Cerkez2:52Crook County
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Morrell4:26.95Crook County
2.12John Gillem4:28.02Crook County
3rd12Atcitty Begay4:34:45aMadras
4th11Andrew Flu4:35:72aMadras
5th11Spencer Miller4:43.35aLa Pine
6th12Freddy Hernandez4:49:75aMadras
7th10Alex Durham5:02.46La Pine
11Kelsey Haywahe5:05:14aMadras
9.11Devan Attleberger5:17.89aBurns
10.9Seth Ryder5:18:96Gilchrist
10.9Seth Ryder5:18.96Gilchrist
11.9Anthony Frail5:23.02aBurns
12.10Ralph Caldwell5:25.6aBurns
10Dylan Joseph5:27:43aMadras
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1st12Atcitty Begay10:11:39aMadras
2nd12Freddy Hernandez10:32:18aMadras
3rd11Kelsey Haywahe11:37:55aMadras
4th10Dylan Joseph12:25:62aMadras
5.9Landon Hannaford12:47.08aBurns
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mark Flegel15.81aCrook County
2nd11Kelby Mills16.68aMadras
3.9Jordan Reeher18.55aCrook County
4th12Casey Lowe19.35aLa Pine
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mark Flegel44.0aCrook County
2nd11Kelby Mills45.0aMadras
12Casey Lowe46.60aLa Pine
4th10Isai Loza48.78aMadras
5.9Lee Nau57.1aBurns
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mark Flegel
Doug Hall
Michael Gruber
David Parks
45.735aCrook County
2.-Tim Kloepping
Zachary Lea
Miguel Ortiz
Nick Harding
49.372aCrook County
4th-Allen Kirkpatrick
Andrew Swayze
Scott Young
Reade Griebel
49.83aLa Pine
5.-Devan Attleberger
Garrett Bentz
Lee Nau
Ethan Bentz
3rd-Kelby Mills
Tyler Fording
Justin Brown
Jeremy Killoran
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Austin Morrell
John Gillem
Nathan Henry
Nick Harding
3:53Crook County
2nd-Alex Durham
Spencer Miller
Casey Lowe
Tony Thao
3:58.0aLa Pine
-Ryan Stinson
Mike Erwin
Ransom Smith
Michael Dannar
3.-Scott Elliott
G arrett Durheim
Korbin Buchheit
Cody Viescas
4:15Crook County
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1st12Ron Smith39'11.5Madras
2nd11Tyler Bruck39'5Madras
12Tyler Smith39'Gilchrist
4.12Steven Smartt38'Burns
5th10Henry Toribio37'6Madras
6.11Seth Tooley36'8"Crook County
11Casey Johnston35'7"Crook County
12Mark Blomquist35'5"Crook County
12Rollin Morningowl35'4Madras
11Tom Leavitt34'10"Crook County
11David Britner34'9"Crook County
10Ty Slater34'5.5La Pine
11Zach Krohnke34'3.5La Pine
10Arick Morrell34'0"Crook County
10Tucker Fahlgren33'1"Crook County
10Trevor Barrett32'10Madras
11John Vargas32'6"Crook County
11Trenton Maya32'6La Pine
10Carraig Colahan32'4"Burns
10Justin Fuller32'1.5Madras
9Alex Pierce31'11"Crook County
10Austin Avila31'7Madras
11James Taylor31'4.5La Pine
9C.J. Edwards31'4"Crook County
11Jordan Holliday30'8Madras
12Jerry Montes30'2Gilchrist
11Keegan Thompson29'9"Crook County
12Chris March28'11"Crook County
9Cory Lopez27'10"Crook County
9Cody Smith26'4 1/2"Crook County
11Roy Bradley25'4La Pine
9Josh Hayes24'7.5La Pine
8Emmanuel Pina24'5Madras
9Jorden Noyes22'7"Crook County
9Zach Flegel22'2"Crook County
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mark Blomquist139'0"Crook County
2nd11Tyler Bruck136'11Madras
3.10Arick Morrell124'8"Crook County
4.11Seth Tooley109'0"Crook County
6.12Tyler Smith106'1Gilchrist
7.12Steven Smartt105'4"Burns
10Ty Slater105'2La Pine
8.10Carraig Colahan105'2"Burns
11Casey Johnston104'9"Crook County
11Jordan Holliday101'1Madras
12Rollin Morningowl100'2Madras
9Jordan Reeher96'9"Crook County
11Keegan Thompson96'7"Crook County
12Ron Smith89'Madras
11John Vargas88'6"Crook County
10Trevor Barrett86'8Madras
11Trenton Maya86'7La Pine
10Austin Avila86'1Madras
9Zach Flegel84'8"Crook County
11Zach Krohnke82'2La Pine
11James Taylor79'11La Pine
10Tucker Fahlgren79'3"Crook County
9C.J. Edwards75'2"Crook County
12Chris March67'11Crook County
11Roy Bradley66'11La Pine
9Alex Pierce66'7"Crook County
9Cody Smith66'7"Crook County
9Cory Lopez63'10"Crook County
9Josh Hayes49'5La Pine
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1st10Ty Slater154'1La Pine
2.12Steven Smartt142'6"Burns
3.12Mark Blomquist139'11"Crook County
4.12Jorden Whitaker138'0"Crook County
5.12John Curtis124'7"Crook County
10Zachary Lea122'8"Crook County
6.10Carraig Colahan122"8"Burns
10Trevor Barrett120'11Madras
10Arick Morrell120'0"Crook County
11Casey Johnston109'0"Crook County
11Zach Krohnke108'2La Pine
10Henry Toribio103'3Madras
9Cory Lopez98'9"Crook County
12Rollin Morningowl95'8Madras
10Justin Fuller87'9Madras
11Roy Bradley81'11La Pine
12Chris March81'4"Crook County
10Tucker Fahlgren77'9"Crook County
9Josh Hayes75'7La Pine
9Zach Flegel74'11"Crook County
9Beau Schwenke74'1"Burns
9Alex Pierce69'9"Crook County
8Emmanuel Pina66'5Madras
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Parks6'5"Crook County
2.12Tyler Smith6'2Gilchrist
3.12Shane Lusk5'8"Crook County
12John Curtis5'2"Crook County
4th11Evan Taylor5'Madras
9Alvis Smith0'Madras
9Nick Brown0'Madras
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Scott Elliott14'Crook County
2nd10Reade Griebel12'0La Pine
3.12Ransom Smith11'6Gilchrist
4th10Jake Logan11'0La Pine
5.10Ryan Stinson10'0Gilchrist
6th10Jose Orozco9'Madras
7.10Philip Kness8'6"Burns
8.11Devan Attleberger8'6"Burns
10Kraig McCanna8'Burns
11Ben Harris8'0Gilchrist
12Tyler Fording7'Madras
9Forrest Hirsh7'0"Crook County
10Justin Brown0'Madras
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1st11Kelby Mills19'11.25"Madras
1.12Tyler Smith19'5Gilchrist
2.11Shylow Chapman19'3Gilchrist
3.12Shane Lusk18'11 3/4"Crook County
5th12Jeremy Killoran17' 11.75"Madras
6th12Alexis Anguiano17'4"Madras
10Zachary Lea17'1"Crook County
11Evan Taylor16'8Madras
9Sean Wilson16' 1/2"Crook County
11Ethan Bentz16'1 3/4"Burns
10Justin Brown16'1Madras
11Scott Young16'.5La Pine
10Jose Orozco15'11.5Madras
12John Curtis15'10 1/2"Crook County
10Isai Loza15'5.5Madras
9Nick Brown15' 2"Madras
9Forrest Hirsh14'11 1/2"Crook County
11Leander Smith14'11Madras
-Justin Queaphama14' 7.5"Madras
9Alvis Smith13'11.5"Madras
9Landon Hannaford13'2 3/4"Burns
5.10Ryan Stinson5'0Gilchrist
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1st11Evan Taylor38'.25Madras
2.12Scott Elliott37'2"Crook County
3.12Shane Lusk36'10 1/2"Crook County
4th12Alexis Anguiano36'6Madras
5th10Justin Brown35'11Madras
6th12Nygil McCune33'5La Pine
10Philip Kness31'10"Burns
9Nick Brown31'8.5Madras
-Justin Queaphama29'9.5Madras

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jamie Higle13.439aBurns
2.11Nicole Ontko13.862aCrook County
3.9Jen Higle13.880aBurns
4.12Amber Binam14.129aCrook County
5th11Mariah Clark14.27aLa Pine
10Talea Struck14.307aCrook County
10Tasha Stever14.473aCrook County
10Karlen Yallup14.79aMadras
10Karlee Harris14.80aLa Pine
12Ashley Stahlnecker15.04aLa Pine
9Jennifer Brummett15.241aCrook County
9Jordan Wilcox15.282aCrook County
10Cortney Flu15.36aMadras
9Elizabeth Perales15.363aMadras
9Michelle Young15.66aLa Pine
9Savannah Michael15.81aLa Pine
9Caitlin Glenn16.00aLa Pine
-Shadoe Davis16.049aCrook County
9Faith Cox16.21aLa Pine
10Jordan Shockney16.609aCrook County
-Mikayala Collins17.818aMadras
9Alex Dannar18:41.8Gilchrist
10Jihye Jung16:431Gilchrist
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaela Dinsmore27.363aBurns
2.11Nicole Ontko30.06aCrook County
3.10Talea Struck30.399aCrook County
4.10Tasha Stever31.067aCrook County
5th10Karlee Harris31.21aLa Pine
6th11Mariah Clark31.38aLa Pine
9Jennifer Brummett32.199aCrook County
10Brittney Devore32.264aMadras
9.9Stefani Sanders32.29aBurns
9Taylor Lopez32.733aCrook County
9Elizabeth Perales33.367aMadras
9Savannah Michael33.970aLa Pine
9Faith Cox34.73aLa Pine
-Shendell Rodriguez35.487aCrook County
9Caitlin Glenn35.63aLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaela Dinsmore1:04.035aBurns
2.10Cater Lopez1:15.280aCrook County
3.-Shendell Rodriguez1:22.787aCrook County
4th10Cortney Flu1:24:356aMadras
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1st11Maria Ramirez2:30aLa Pine
2.10Jamie Higle2:41.02aBurns
4th 10Karlen Yallup2:51aMadras
3.12Sienna Benton2:51Crook County
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kellie Foley5:21.30Crook County
2.10Leslie Foley5:43.04Crook County
3.12Louisa VanBatavia5:48.53aBurns
4th10Karlen Yallup6:05:76aMadras
5th10Vicki O'Halloran6:54.97aLa Pine
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelly Foley11:04.55Crook County
2.12Louisa VanBatavia12:28.85aBurns
3rd10Brittney Devore13:09:38aMadras
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessi Lea17.60aCrook County
2.10Breanna Ribeiro18.10aBurns
3rd11Megan Brown19.76aMadras
4th9Megan Light20.8aMadras
5.11Izzy Bonanno21.03aCrook County
5th9Larissa Moon21.13aMadras
9Michelle Young21.26aLa Pine
9Tatiana Bonanno21.63aCrook County
10Daniell Bronson25.67aCrook County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessi Lea52.36aCrook County
2.10Breanna Ribeiro53.49aBurns
3.10Leslie Foley55.63aCrook County
4th9Larissa Moon57.8aMadras
5.9Tatiana Bonanno59.4aCrook County
11Izzy Bonanno1:01aCrook County
9Allison Kovari1:03aMadras
12Alex Bonanno1:05aCrook County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Breanna Ribeiro
Jaela Dinsmore
Jen Higle
Jamie Higle
3rd-Mariah Clark
Michelle Young
Ashley Stahlnecker
Karlee Harris
58.01aLa Pine
4th-Megan Grieve
Allison Kovari
Brittney Devore
Cortney Flu
5th-Faith Cox
Savannah Michael
Maria Ramirez
Caitlin Glenn
61.25aLa Pine
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2nd-Savannah Michael
Vicki O'Halloran
Maria Ramirez
Karlee Harris
4:50.0La Pine
-Kellie Foley
Michelly Foley
Sienna Benton
Leslie Foley
4:53Crook County
-Relay Team 4Gilchrist
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1st10Kassi Conditt33'9La Pine
2.10Jessica McDonald29'5"Crook County
3.10Taylor Lee28'8"Burns
4.9Chelsea Siegner28'4"Burns
5.11Kady Stafford28'2 1/2"Crook County
6th11Megan LaVine28'1La Pine
9Megan Grieve27'6.5Madras
12Cecillia Mazzulli27'4"Crook County
12Tristyne Slater26'11La Pine
10Kendra Page26'4Gilchrist
10Courtney Lindgren26'3.5Madras
10Lizzi Pannel24'9Gilchrist
10Alisha Moore23'7 1/2"Crook County
10Kim Dixon23'1"Crook County
11Jessika Cooper22'8 1/2"Crook County
10Sonya Perez22'3Madras
9Lindsey Clark22'1La Pine
9Alex Dannar21'9.5Gilchrist
9Kylee Thompson21'3"Crook County
-Heather Hogeland20'7"Crook County
9Courtney Lusk20'1 1/2"Crook County
-Cheynell Johnson20'0"Crook County
12Samantha Stine19'11.5Gilchrist
10Sabrina Martin18'11 1/2"Crook County
9Chelseann Tripplett18'8"Crook County
9Brandy Ketcher17'5"Crook County
11Rachel Woods17'5Madras
10Jihye Jung12'1Gilchrist
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Scevers93'11Gilchrist
2.11Kady Stafford93'0"Crook County
3rd10Kassi Conditt87'11La Pine
4th12Tristyne Slater85'0La Pine
5th9Hannah Mikkelson83'8Madras
5.12Cecillia Mazzulli83'8"Crook County
6.9Chelsea Siegner82'10"Burns
9Megan Grieve75'3Madras
10Shandie Curtis74'11"Crook County
11Megan LaVine72'6La Pine
9Lindsey Clark72'1La Pine
10Jessica McDonald69'7"Crook County
10Courtney Lindgren69'Madras
10Lizzi Pannel66'5Gilchrist
9Kayla Struck66'4"Crook County
9Jordan Wilcox65'11"Crook County
12Samantha Stine65'11Gilchrist
9Kylee Thompson65'8"Crook County
10Kendra Page63'16Gilchrist
9Nikiya Kelly63'2"Crook County
10Taylor Lee62'11"Burns
9Allison Kovari59'11Madras
10Chelsie Anding59'8Gilchrist
10Sabrina Martin59'6"Crook County
10Alisha Moore59'6"Crook County
10Sonya Perez58'10Madras
-Heather Hogeland55'11"Crook County
11Rachel Woods54'10Madras
9Alex Dannar53'10Gilchrist
9Courtney Lusk53'6"Crook County
11Jessika Cooper52'7"Crook County
9Chelseann Tripplett50'11"Crook County
-Cheynell Johnson50'4"Crook County
10Kim Dixon48'10"Crook County
9Brandy Ketcher37'11"Crook County
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessi Lea96'11"Crook County
2.11Kady Stafford90'8"Crook County
3.10Shandie Curtis88'9"Crook County
10Kassi Conditt80'10La Pine
5.10Jessica McDonald78'4"Crook County
9Jenny Scevers78Gilchrist
6.9Chelsea Siegner76'9"Burns
11Megan LaVine74'10La Pine
10Kali Smith74' 1Gilchrist
10Courtney Lindgren70'9Madras
10Jordan Shockney69'9"Crook County
9Kayla Struck69'1"Crook County
9Courtney Lusk65'6"Crook County
10Alisha Moore63'11"Crook County
10Taylor Lee63'9"Burns
10Kendra Page63'4Gilchrist
-Heather Hogeland60'11 1/2"Crook County
12Samantha Stine59'11Gilchrist
9Lindsey Clark59'1La Pine
9Kylee Thompson58'7"Crook County
9Nikiya Kelly57'6"Crook County
10Sabrina Martin54'6"Crook County
10Natalie Wassom51'10"Burns
9Alex Dannar49'5Gilchrist
10Jihye Jung37'6Gilchrist
-Cheynell Johnson35'3"Crook County
9Brandy Ketcher34'8"Crook County
10Kim Dixon29'4"Crook County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cater Lopez4'10"Crook County
2.9Jenny Scevers4'10Gilchrist
3.12Jessi Lea4'8"Crook County
4.10Kali Smith4'6Gilchrist
5.10Tasha Stever4'0"Crook County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
2nd11Megan Brown8'Madras
3rd10Brittney Devore8'Madras
1.12Amber Binam8'0"Crook County
4th9Hannah Mikkelson7'6Madras
5.9Stefani Sanders6'6"Burns
10Chelsie Anding6'0Gilchrist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.11Nicole Ontko14'1"Crook County
3.10Cater Lopez13'8 1/2"Crook County
4th9Hannah Mikkelson13'6.25Madras
5th11Megan Brown12'11Madras
9Larissa Moon12'7Madras
9Chelseann Tripplett12'6"Crook County
-Shendell Rodriguez12'5"Crook County
10Cortney Flu12'5Madras
10Shandie Curtis12'4 1/4"Crook County
6.9Stefani Sanders12.17'2"Burns
10Sonya Perez11'4.25Madras
9Jennifer Brummett10'11 1/2"Crook County
-Shadoe Davis10'10 1/2"Crook County
10Daniell Bronson10'7 1/2"Crook County
9Taylor Lopez10'7 1/2"Crook County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1st9Hannah Mikkelson29'8Madras
2.10Talea Struck29'6"Crook County
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