Mt Skyline 1A District Championships

Saturday, May 10, 2008 - Meet History
  Rogue River HS, Rogue River - Map

  Field Events Start: 10:00 AM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Oregon - 2A
DCDays Creek
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sky Smith11.89aTriad Christian
2.10Chase Ellis11.92aButte Falls
3.12Corey Collins11.98aHosanna Christian
4.11Shylow Chapman12.05aGilchrist
5.12Chad White12.23aElkton
6.11Mike Erwin12.25aGilchrist
7.12Jeff Sizemore12.26aHosanna Christian
8.9Ethan Smith12.29aTriad Christian
9.10Jeong Lee12.39aNew Hope Christian
10.9Jeremy Johnston12.41aPacific
11.9Craig Garcia12.42aNew Hope Christian
12.9Trevor Schissler12.76aUmpqua Valley Christ...
13.12Tony Maddalena12.78aTriad Christian
14.11Tim Hillier12.87aNew Hope Christian
15.10Tyrel Ott13.05aDays Creek
17.10Joseph Carnes13.31aDays Creek
18.9Ethan Davis13.34aElkton
16.10Joe Dunn13.2hPowers
19.9Jackson Murphy14.12aElkton
X11Jimmy Jin14.1hNew Hope Christian
12Steven LungDNFPaisley
10Jake RalphDNFProspect
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sky Smith24.09aTriad Christian
2.10Michael Dannar24.25aGilchrist
3.10Chase Ellis24.29aButte Falls
4.12Corey Collins24.77aHosanna Christian
5.12Jeff Sizemore25.09aHosanna Christian
6.9Jeremy Johnston25.12aPacific
7.9Craig Garcia25.38aNew Hope Christian
8.12Rogier Dekkers25.42aPaisley
9.11Noah Cunningham25.46aNew Hope Christian
10.11Chris Greene25.63aPacific
11.9Andrew Quinn25.68aDays Creek
X9Albert Pinedo25.76aNew Hope Christian
12.10Loren Meeker26.35aTriad Christian
13.10Jeong Lee26.92aNew Hope Christian
14.10Tyrel Ott26.99aDays Creek
15.10Jacob Brint27.06aUmpqua Valley Christ...
16.10Joe Dunn27.54aPowers
17.9Ethan Davis28.69aElkton
12Steven LungSCRPaisley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sky Smith51.96aTriad Christian
2.12Ryan Garcia51.97aNew Hope Christian
3.11Jacob Bowdoin53.93aNew Hope Christian
4.10Michael Dannar54.28aGilchrist
5.11Chris Greene54.75aPacific
X9Albert Pinedo55.94aNew Hope Christian
6.12Rogier Dekkers57.41aPaisley
7.12Jae Kim57.61aNew Hope Christian
8.11Matt Zaiger58.29aTriad Christian
9.10Paul Justman1:04.45aHosanna Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shawn Elliott2:03.55aTriad Christian
2.12Willy Wayrynen2:08.52aPacific
3.12Ryan Garcia2:12.74aNew Hope Christian
4.11Travis Fuller2:16.12aDays Creek
X10James Rossiter2:22.00aNew Hope Christian
5.9Trevor Schissler2:22.47aUmpqua Valley Christ...
6.11Matt Zaiger2:23.02aTriad Christian
7.10Dong Ho Kim2:24.06aPaisley
8.9Ward Molthan2:30.20aNew Hope Christian
9.11Ryan Cheyne2:32.37aProspect
10.10Terry Redding2:34.05aPacific
11.11Jimmy Jin2:37.86aNew Hope Christian
X10Tyler Park2:38.11aNew Hope Christian
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Bowdoin4:20.70aNew Hope Christian
2.10Eli Cunningham4:29.44aNew Hope Christian
3.11Caleb Aguiar4:34.41aTriad Christian
4.9Kevin Payne4:51.17aNew Hope Christian
5.11Ryan Cheyne5:10.05aProspect
X11Brett Jaynes5:10.18aNew Hope Christian
X9Ward Molthan5:10.70aNew Hope Christian
6.10Jacob Brint5:10.87aUmpqua Valley Christ...
X10Tyler Park5:24.29aNew Hope Christian
7.12Sam Redding5:27.45aPacific
9Johnathan HollandSCRPowers
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Bowdoin9:18.4hNew Hope Christian
2.12Shawn Elliott9:23.6hTriad Christian
3.12Willy Wayrynen9:37.9hPacific
4.10Eli Cunningham9:45.7hNew Hope Christian
5.11Caleb Aguiar9:49.0hTriad Christian
9Kevin PayneDNFNew Hope Christian
9Johnathan HollandDNFPowers
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Isaiyah Kovachy17.16aDays Creek
2.12Maison Cay19.08aCamas Valley
3.10Marc Nicholes21.25aNew Hope Christian
4.11Caleb Aguiar21.59aTriad Christian
5.9Ryan Kleynhans21.98aNew Hope Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eli Cunningham45.32aNew Hope Christian
2.12Maison Cay45.57aCamas Valley
3.12Ben Eberhardt46.17aElkton
4.9Kasey Dunn46.84aDays Creek
5.11Isaiyah Kovachy48.19aDays Creek
6.9Peter Swenson48.76aPacific
7.11Travis Fuller50.15aDays Creek
8.10Marc Nicholes52.64aNew Hope Christian
9.10Skyler Peterson52.65aTriad Christian
10.9Ryan Kleynhans53.48aNew Hope Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Logan Trumbull
Sky Smith
Ethan Smith
Shawn Elliott
45.86aTriad Christian
2.-Tim Hillier
Craig Garcia
Ryan Garcia
Jeong Lee
46.89aNew Hope Christian
3.-Ransom Smith
Michael Dannar
Mike Erwin
Shylow Chapman
4.-Corey Collins
Andy Achleithner
Ryan Crenshaw
Jeff Sizemore
47.80aHosanna Christian
5.-Ethan Davis
Chad White
Ben Eberhardt
Mackenzie Smith
6.-Isaiyah Kovachy
Kasey Dunn
Andrew Quinn
Tyrel Ott
51.45aDays Creek
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Noah Cunningham
Craig Garcia
Eli Cunningham
Ryan Garcia
3:38.08aNew Hope Christian
2.-Tyler Smith
Ben Harris
Ransom Smith
Michael Dannar
3.-Shawn Elliott
Matt Zaiger
Tony Maddalena
Caleb Aguiar
3:48.97aTriad Christian
4.-Willy Wayrynen
Jeremy Johnston
Chris Greene
Peter Swenson
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chad White45'06.25Elkton
2.12Willy Johnson44'01.00Days Creek
3.11Garrett LoVerde43'04.75Hosanna Christian
4.10Skyler Peterson40'11.50Triad Christian
5.12Andy Achleithner40'04.75Hosanna Christian
5.12Eli Fisher40'04.75Camas Valley
7.10Logan Trumbull39'09.50Triad Christian
8.12Mason Lieuallen36'10.00Powers
9.10Ronald Pelroy36'06.00Paisley
10.11Drew McDermott36'04.50Gilchrist
11.10Loren Meeker34'11.75Triad Christian
12.11Sean Clark34'01.00New Hope Christian
13.12Jerry Montes32'04.00Gilchrist
14.10Tory Franklin31'10.50Paisley
15.11Tim Hillier31'07.00New Hope Christian
16.9Jackson Murphy31'05.50Elkton
17.10Ken Shemel31'02.00Elkton
17.11Cody Bogart31'02.00Gilchrist
19.10Nathan Janecke30'01.75Hosanna Christian
X10Nathan Nilsson29'04.50Triad Christian
20.9Daniel Schuman29'04.50Paisley
21.10Aaron Stotler28'02.25Camas Valley
22.9Michael Parry27'08.50Pacific
23.9Oh Joon Kwon24'04.50New Hope Christian
X9Ryan Kleynhans22'05.75New Hope Christian
24.9Jorden Unicome21'08.50Camas Valley
25.9Matt Brady21'03.75Pacific
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Willy Johnson156'10Days Creek
2.11Garrett LoVerde124'02Hosanna Christian
3.12Eli Fisher122'02Camas Valley
4.12Chad White117'10Elkton
5.12Ransom Smith111'03Gilchrist
6.10Skyler Peterson111'00Triad Christian
7.10Logan Trumbull108'06Triad Christian
8.12Mason Lieuallen106'09Powers
9.11Drew McDermott97'02Gilchrist
10.12Jerry Montes83'01Gilchrist
11.9Andrew Quinn83'00Days Creek
12.9Tommy Ryan81'00Prospect
13.11Sean Clark80'06New Hope Christian
14.9Jackson Murphy76'08Elkton
15.10Nathan Janecke73'07Hosanna Christian
16.10Nathan Nilsson73'06Triad Christian
17.9Michael Parry71'09Pacific
18.9Jeremy Johnston67'01Pacific
19.9Oh Joon Kwon65'02New Hope Christian
20.10Thanawit Duangjan64'01Paisley
21.10Ken Shemel60'08Elkton
X9Ethan Davis55'01Elkton
22.9Matt Brady51'00Pacific
23.9Albert Pinedo36'07New Hope Christian
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Logan Trumbull154'09Triad Christian
2.10Loren Meeker153'07Triad Christian
3.11Mackenzie Smith149'00Elkton
4.12Craig Hibbs146'03Gilchrist
5.12Jeff Sizemore141'09Hosanna Christian
6.10Ryan Crenshaw132'05Hosanna Christian
7.10Skyler Peterson131'04Triad Christian
8.9Peter Swenson131'00Pacific
9.12Mason Lieuallen121'04Powers
10.11Tim Hillier118'06New Hope Christian
11.10Aaron Stotler113'05Camas Valley
12.10Joe Dunn107'09Powers
13.9Kasey Dunn107'07Days Creek
14.11Sean Clark106'04New Hope Christian
15.11Rob Martinez102'10New Hope Christian
X10Nathan Nilsson102'09Triad Christian
X10Nathan Janecke100'06Hosanna Christian
16.10Joseph Carnes97'04Days Creek
17.10Paul Justman97'02Hosanna Christian
X11Brett Jaynes97'01New Hope Christian
18.9Robert Ferren93'09Elkton
19.9Tyler Premo91'03Days Creek
20.9Daniel Schuman91'02Paisley
21.9Jorden Unicome55'09Camas Valley
22.9Nathan Swearengin51'01Paisley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Smith6'04.00Gilchrist
2.11Travis Fuller5'10.00Days Creek
3.12Corey Collins5'08.00Hosanna Christian
4.12Andy Achleithner5'04.00Hosanna Christian
4.10Ryan Stinson5'04.00Gilchrist
6.11Mackenzie Smith5'02.00Elkton
7.9Ethan Smith5'00.00Triad Christian
8.9Robert Ferren5'00.00Elkton
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ransom Smith14'01.50Gilchrist
2.11Ben Harris11'02.00Gilchrist
3.10James Rossiter8'06.00New Hope Christian
4.10Tyler Park7'06.00New Hope Christian
5.11Jacob Bowdoin7'00.00New Hope Christian
10Ryan StinsonNHGilchrist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Smith20'07.25Gilchrist
2.11Shylow Chapman19'10.50Gilchrist
3.12Ben Eberhardt19'03.75Elkton
4.11Noah Cunningham18'11.75New Hope Christian
5.11Mike Erwin18'07.00Gilchrist
6.9Ethan Smith17'06.75Triad Christian
7.11Ryan Cheyne17'06.00Prospect
8.12Jae Kim16'09.00New Hope Christian
9.12Tony Maddalena16'08.75Triad Christian
10.10Chase Ellis16'08.50Butte Falls
11.11Rob Martinez16'05.00New Hope Christian
12.9Andrew Quinn16'03.50Days Creek
12.10Jake Ralph16'03.50Prospect
X10Jeong Lee16'02.00New Hope Christian
14.9Trevor Schissler16'01.75Umpqua Valley Christ...
15.11Isaiyah Kovachy15'09.00Days Creek
15.11Kurt Dever15'09.00Camas Valley
17.11Matt Zaiger15'01.25Triad Christian
18.9Tommy Ryan14'07.25Prospect
19.10Tyrel Ott13'11.50Days Creek
20.9Robert Ferren13'05.50Elkton
X9Tyler Premo13'05.00Days Creek
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shylow Chapman41'07.50Gilchrist
2.12Ben Eberhardt41'03.00Elkton
3.12Tyler Smith39'03.75Gilchrist
4.11Noah Cunningham39'02.00New Hope Christian
5.9Kasey Dunn38'02.75Days Creek
6.11Travis Fuller37'02.00Days Creek
7.11Mike Erwin37'01.00Gilchrist
8.11Kurt Dever36'09.00Camas Valley
9.10Ryan Crenshaw36'00.50Hosanna Christian
10.12Jae Kim35'09.00New Hope Christian
11.9Peter Swenson35'07.75Pacific
12.10Jake Ralph34'01.50Prospect
13.12Maison Cay33'07.75Camas Valley
14.10Paul Justman33'03.50Hosanna Christian
15.11Ryan Cheyne33'02.25Prospect
X11Cody Bogart31'07.75Gilchrist
16.9Tommy Ryan30'04.50Prospect
17.11Jimmy Jin28'08.50New Hope Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maddie Parsons12.95aTriad Christian
2.11Katie Anderson13.61aHosanna Christian
3.9Clare McKay13.67aPaisley
4.9Kamryn Sinclair13.99aProspect
5.11Jessica Stanfill14.27aDays Creek
6.12Jessica Ruble14.29aElkton
7.10Hannah Kirby14.36aHosanna Christian
8.12Martty Slater14.52aTriad Christian
9.9Bonnie Brint14.56aUmpqua Valley Christ...
10.9Rachel Winslow14.68aElkton
11.11Jessica Heryford14.83aNew Hope Christian
12.10Kayla Pulley14.89aProspect
13.10Skylar Anderson15.00aProspect
14.11Makaila Pickett15.20aDays Creek
15.9Taylor Stallard15.67aPowers
16.9Rachael Tillman16.07aUmpqua Valley Christ...
17.10Kali Smith16.20aGilchrist
18.9Josie Baker16.25aElkton
19.12Jessica Odson16.32aPacific
X9Brandi Gardner16.44aElkton
20.10Tasia Nilsson16.61aTriad Christian
21.10Jihye Jung16.72aGilchrist
22.9Grace Snyder16.91aUmpqua Valley Christ...
23.9Alex Dannar17.28aGilchrist
9Taylor RonnanderDNFHosanna Christian
11Chelsie StandleySCRPowers
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maddie Parsons27.21aTriad Christian
2.9Taylor Ronnander28.45aHosanna Christian
3.9Kamryn Sinclair29.11aProspect
4.12Martty Slater29.89aTriad Christian
5.10Kayla Pulley29.92aProspect
6.12Jessica Ruble29.93aElkton
7.9Bonnie Brint30.22aUmpqua Valley Christ...
8.10Alexis Zeller30.43aProspect
9.9Rachel Winslow31.53aElkton
10.9Lizzie Goss32.21aElkton
11.9Rachael Tillman33.12aUmpqua Valley Christ...
12.10Tasia Nilsson35.48aTriad Christian
13.10Helen Na35.86aNew Hope Christian
14.10Jihye Jung36.22aGilchrist
15.9Grace Snyder36.71aUmpqua Valley Christ...
16.9Alex Dannar38.92aGilchrist
11Chelsie StandleySCRPowers
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lisa Ferrara1:06.30aCamas Valley
2.10Emily Assavapisitkul1:07.51aTriad Christian
3.12Stephanie Rogers1:08.13aDays Creek
4.10Alexis Zeller1:08.75aProspect
5.12RaeJeanne Evoniuk1:11.41aElkton
6.10Yoonie Chung1:17.05aNew Hope Christian
7.10Tasia Nilsson1:21.81aTriad Christian
8.10Helen Na1:26.87aNew Hope Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erin Kroeker2:30.22aTriad Christian
2.9Mary Matchett2:32.21aHosanna Christian
3.9Wren Carter2:34.92aPacific
4.12RaeJeanne Evoniuk2:44.27aElkton
5.11Sarah Landenberger2:46.26aPaisley
6.12Pauline Jacques2:50.67aPaisley
7.11Kristina Hale2:51.02aDays Creek
8.10Chelsie Anding2:57.33aGilchrist
9.10Miriam Wickman2:58.92aProspect
10.9Alese Kester3:09.51aNew Hope Christian
9Meranda MauchSCRPacific
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachael Estabrook5:11.09aTriad Christian
2.12Erin Kroeker5:29.88aTriad Christian
3.11Kristina Hale6:07.48aDays Creek
4.12Julia Kehoe6:11.99aDays Creek
6.10Nicole Murray6:21.56aNew Hope Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachael Estabrook11:14.9hTriad Christian
2.9Wren Carter11:43.2hPacific
3.9Alese Kester15:28.7hNew Hope Christian
4.9Adri Mundy15:44.3hNew Hope Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maddie Parsons17.64aTriad Christian
2.10Olivia Golemon18.66aDays Creek
3.11Abiyah Watkins19.45aDays Creek
4.11Sarah Lundsberg19.62aNew Hope Christian
5.9Lizzie Goss20.36aElkton
6.10Brittony Seyboth21.87aNew Hope Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachael Estabrook50.56aTriad Christian
2.11Sarah Lundsberg54.92aNew Hope Christian
3.11Abiyah Watkins57.98aDays Creek
4.10Yoonie Chung1:00.13aNew Hope Christian
5.10Brittony Seyboth1:00.41aNew Hope Christian
6.10Olivia Golemon1:01.71aDays Creek
7.9Rachael Tillman1:03.70aUmpqua Valley Christ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddie Parsons
Rachael Estabrook
Britt Weidman
Tess Parsons
52.79aTriad Christian
--Katie Anderson
Mary Matchett
Taylor Ronnander
Hannha Kirby
53.29Hosanna Christian
2.-Kayla Pulley
Alexis Zeller
Kamryn Sinclair
Skylar Anderson
3.-Jessica Stanfill
Abiyah Watkins
Olivia Golemon
Stephanie Rogers
56.27aDays Creek
4.-Rachel Winslow
Theresa Dunas
Jessica Ruble
Robin Whipple
5.-Jessica Heryford
Sarah Lundsberg
Nicole Murray
Alese Kester
58.33aNew Hope Christian
6.-Jessica Odson
Meranda Mauch
Jesse Culley
Natalie Manning
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erin Kroeker
Tess Parsons
Martty Slater
Emily Assavapistkul
4:33.40aTriad Christian
2.-Skylar Anderson
Kamryn Sinclair
Alexis Zeller
Kayla Pulley
3.-Jenna Chiono
Clare McKay
Sarah Landenberger
Rina Miyanomae
4.-Cassie Pierce
Christina Carter
Lisa Ferrara
Corinne Kievit
4:48.56aCamas Valley
5.-Yoonie Chung
Alese Kester
Nicole Murray
Sarah Lundsberg
5:15.84aNew Hope Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jesse Culley33'05.25Pacific
2.10Christina Carter31'02.00Camas Valley
3.10Tess Parsons30'07.75Triad Christian
4.10Kendra Page30'06.00Gilchrist
5.11Rachel Simonson28'06.25Paisley
6.10Britt Weidman27'10.50Triad Christian
7.10Lizzi Pannel27'03.75Gilchrist
8.11Jenna Chiono27'03.25Paisley
9.12Jenny Bruzda26'09.50Triad Christian
10.11Jessica Heryford25'08.00New Hope Christian
11.9Tessa Weems25'03.00Paisley
12.12Samantha Stine24'05.00Gilchrist
X12Kimberly Fields24'04.25Triad Christian
X9Alex Dannar24'03.00Gilchrist
13.9Brandi Gardner22'08.75Elkton
14.11Haley Patterson22'07.75Powers
15.10Skylar Anderson20'11.25Prospect
16.9Adri Mundy20'08.25New Hope Christian
17.11Jaden Morgan19'08.25Powers
18.12Catilin Malicki15'11.25Hosanna Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christina Carter90'00Camas Valley
2.12Shelby Scevers87'05Gilchrist
3.9Tessa Weems80'04Paisley
4.10Tess Parsons79'04Triad Christian
5.10Kendra Page78'10Gilchrist
6.11Jenna Chiono77'04Paisley
7.10Chelsie Anding76'01Gilchrist
8.12Jenny Bruzda74'03Triad Christian
X10Lizzi Pannel65'03Gilchrist
9.9Josie Baker61'03Elkton
X12Samantha Stine55'04Gilchrist
10.12Kimberly Fields54'01Triad Christian
11.11Jaden Morgan42'09Powers
12.9Meranda Mauch42'06Pacific
14.12Catilin Malicki36'02Hosanna Christian
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jesse Culley112'09Pacific
2.10Cerria Gibson103'09Camas Valley
3.10Christina Carter94'04Camas Valley
4.9Corinne Kievit92'08Camas Valley
5.12Jenny Bruzda89'09Triad Christian
6.11Haley Patterson87'02Powers
7.9Taylor Stallard84'07Powers
8.11Jenna Chiono84'05Paisley
9.11Jessica Stanfill77'07Days Creek
10.10Nicole Murray76'03New Hope Christian
11.10Britt Weidman71'07Triad Christian
12.12Jessica Odson71'02Pacific
13.12Kimberly Fields67'09Triad Christian
14.9Jenny Scevers67'04Gilchrist
X10Kali Smith65'02Gilchrist
15.10Kendra Page62'07Gilchrist
16.11Jaden Morgan62'04Powers
X12Samantha Stine61'01Gilchrist
17.10Courtney Negherbon60'00Days Creek
18.9Adri Mundy57'07New Hope Christian
19.12Hilary Negus56'07Paisley
20.11Makaila Pickett56'06Days Creek
21.10Brittony Seyboth56'04New Hope Christian
X11Sarah Noonan55'09Days Creek
X9Alex Dannar48'09Gilchrist
22.12Catilin Malicki34'04Hosanna Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Natalie Manning4'08.00Pacific
1.9Jenny Scevers4'08.00Gilchrist
2.10Kali Smith4'04.00Gilchrist
3.10Nicole Kandra4'04.00Hosanna Christian
4.12Stephanie Rogers4'02.00Days Creek
5.12Pauline Jacques4'02.00Paisley
9Clare McKayNHPaisley
10Brittony SeybothNHNew Hope Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Scevers6'00.00Gilchrist
2.10Chelsie Anding5'06.00Gilchrist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chelsie Standley16'00.00Powers
2.11Katie Anderson15'06.50Hosanna Christian
3.12RaeJeanne Evoniuk14'07.50Elkton
4.12Natalie Manning13'11.25Pacific
5.9Rachel Winslow13'10.50Elkton
6.10Hannah Kirby13'10.25Hosanna Christian
7.9Bonnie Brint13'07.00Umpqua Valley Christ...
8.12Theresa Dunas13'06.50Elkton
9.10Nicole Kandra12'05.75Hosanna Christian
10.9Rachael Tillman11'08.00Umpqua Valley Christ...
11.11Carita Matre11'06.50Paisley
12.10Helen Na11'06.00New Hope Christian
13.9Taylor Stallard11'02.50Powers
14.10Courtney Negherbon10'08.50Days Creek
15.10Tasia Nilsson10'00.00Triad Christian
16.11Makaila Pickett9'09.75Days Creek
17.11Sarah Noonan8'03.25Days Creek
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Olivia Golemon32'00.00Days Creek
2.9Mary Matchett31'05.00Hosanna Christian
3.12Natalie Manning29'06.50Pacific
4.12Cassie Pierce28'08.00Camas Valley
5.12Erin Kroeker28'07.00Triad Christian
6.11Jessica Heryford27'04.00New Hope Christian
7.9Jenny Scevers26'08.50Gilchrist
8.10Courtney Negherbon26'01.75Days Creek
9.10Jesse Culley25'09.50Pacific
10.11Carita Matre25'07.75Paisley
11.12Theresa Dunas25'00.50Elkton
12.9Bonnie Brint25'00.00Umpqua Valley Christ...
13.10Jihye Jung23'08.00Gilchrist
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